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Found 174 results

  1. As can be seen in the movie, this screw can't be reversed - balls are always transported forward regardless of rotational direction. A very simple mechanism. The time consuming part has been making it sturdy. Had to rush the design at the end to finish before an exhibition, so some things will be adjusted later. I intend to post a picture of how it's constructed when the 3D model is finished. The switch is purely mechanical using regular transmission parts. Driven by a medium motor.
  2. here is an unfinished entry for the contest, photos to come soon 9v system
  3. Another GBC module from Akiyuki
  4. nxtstep101

    [GBC] Ski Lift

    Hey everyone! Here is my new GBC module, designed to operate similar to a ski lift. It uses a single L motor to operate the chain movement. The balls are loaded automatically into the chairs as they rotate around. The hopper can currently only hold five balls, but can be configured to hold more. Here is the video, the building instructions and a link to some additional pictures: Building Instructions: http://www.mediafire...bc_ski_lift.lxf Additional pictures: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=555913 Enjoy!
  5. Inspired by the recently posted video and build instructions here on Eurobricks for Akiyuki's Ball Factory, I have reverse engineered Akiyuki's Cup-to-Cup GBC. It has been built with parts which I had available at the time, so it is a mixture of colours at the moment; The next steps are 1) model it using MLCAD to produce an appropriate LDraw file 2) use BrickLink to obtain the appropriate parts (to reduce the colour mixture) 3) create build instructions using LPub and test them using the parts bought in step 2 4) make the build instructions available for others It will likely be a few weeks before I get to step 4 but once I get there, I will post appropriate links in this topic. Regards, David
  6. Hello, this is amazing: LEGO Great Ball Contraption Circuit - 60 Modules, GBC-Layout 2015: Skærbæk Fan Weekend, shown by Kris, BeLUG. Enjoy! Best wishes Andres
  7. Good day everybody ! Just found these wheels -{"color":11,"ii":1} and discovered that they can act as gears!
  8. Hi I've made a GBC ball counter which uses an android smartphone and an app I wrote in order to detect and count GBC balls. Iv'e done this before (here), but this time I tried something different: counting the balls directly from the GBC track, without a special module. The counter uses the phone's camera to scan a row of pixels (most of them positioned on the track itself). If it detects a drastic change in one of the pixels' colors, it registers a pass and does some calcucations (such as balls / second). It also waits 200ms before scanning for balls again, so the counter won't register the same ball twice. Also included is a small algorithm that will ignore changes in lighting, to prevent false positives. More information: - 100% accuracy rate - never misses a ball or counts the same ball twice - Can handle up to 5 (!) balls per second, which is 5 times more than the GBC standard - The app uses the camera preview mode (~20 fps) - Coded in Java for android devices. I hope you'll like it :)
  9. After months of building (well, life got in the way) I've finally finished building my biggest, most complex GBC module. It's a hybrid GBC (uses both mechanical and pneumatic functions) of a construction site-like-crane operation. Here's the video. A detailed description of how the crane works is written below The 6 step movement of the crane is done without using any sort of programming and no mechanical timers - it uses 3 differentials (one heavy duty) to power 4 outputs: 1) The crane rotation 2) The crane's claw (a pneumatic switch) 3) The crane's boom (a pneumatic switch) 4) The PF switch used to reverse the motion The 6 step movement: 1) Close the claw 2) Lift 3) Rotate 4) Release 5) Rotate back to original position 6) Lower So how does it work? Differentials send the power to the 'easiest' output. So the first, easiest function is to close the claw (rotating an axle which then changes the position of a pneumatic switch) -to grab the crate The second easiest is to open the boom's pneumatic switch -to lift the crate After that, the crane rotates until it's blocked at it's final position (the drop position). The power is then sent to the PF switch, which reverses the movement: -The claw opens -The crane rotates -The boom lowers Notice how the boom lowers AFTER the crane rotates back to it's original position (while it lifts BEFORE the crane rotates) - this is done so the boom won't lower in the wrong position (where it drops the crate) - a rubber band mounted on the boom's switch makes sure this happens: -It's easier to change the switch to it's lift position than it's to rotate the crane -It's harder to change the switch to it's lower position than it's to rotate the crane back. There are many (really, many) more small mechanisms in this module, but I think it's better to see those in the video :) Thanks for watching!
  10. Prune Face

    Brickworld 2015 Photo/Video

    Even though I'm there, there are so many great displays, I always miss things, so I'd like to see your photo albums and/or video collections. Flickr/Vimeo/Youtube/etc
  11. This LEGO great ball contraption consists of a module that sorts the balls by its color and a train module that returns the balls to the start. Both modules use Mindstorms EV3s to control the motors. The train EV3 controls and original LEGO RC Train motor using a DIY cable. Enjoy!
  12. torso

    [GBC] Cloud

    Finished my second module. Simpler mechanics this time, but I haven't seen this particular variation anywhere.
  13. I have just finished a pneumatic compressor but I need a gbc module that runs on pneumatics Anyone gots some instructions or cad files?
  14. Hello everyone! May I present to you my very first GBC which was built for the Brickvention in Melbourne. I made a short video about it (it is really simple). I had a lot of fun making it and look forward to next year's circuit! And here is a video of the whole contraption:
  15. hi guys I want to change the colour of one of my GBC balls so I can track it. what paint should I use?
  16. Here is my latest gbc modules, some were taken out because of problems or missing parts. EVERYTHING is 9v no power functions here at all and it will stay that way
  17. After a hectic summer and fall I have finally found time to build again. I decided to start building a GBC loop, and this is the first module that I came up with. I was slightly inspired by akiyuky's , but the concept is different. I also created building instructions for this module, the only wrong part in LDD is that liftarms holding up the hoppers aren't in place. LDD was being difficult and wouldn't allow me to place the liftarms correctly (even though they fit perfectly on the real module). Anyway, without further ado, here is the video: After Christmas and the New Year I plan on creating more modules, so stay tuned!
  18. hi all im looking for a ball counting program made with rcx code 2.0 its for a conveyor like this one
  19. Hi all here is my latest gbc if has about 12 modules including one that is based of the micro worl minecraft set. So what do u guys think should it be made into a set? 9v system
  20. I'm not sure whether to post this here in Technic/Mindstorms/Model Team or in the Events forum. On the one hand, it's clearly an Event, on the other hand, I need the exposure to the Technic community. I'll post it here, but I'll understand if a moderator wants to move it. My name is Owen, and I'm trying to get together a large GBC exhibit at next January's Brickvention in Melbourne, Australia. If you're able to get your modules to Melbourne, and are interested in helping celebrate 10 years of GBC, please email me at, or send me a PM with your email address. Thanks Owen.
  21. I displayed this GBC at an event a few weekends ago in Adelaide, Australia. The engine you see at ~48 seconds is a W16, but you can only see the top 8 cylinders because of the camera angle. Some questions to anyone who has participated in those large group GBCs that you find on YouTube, the ones with a hundred modules. Do they run the whole weekend non-stop? Or periodically (like, for 10 minutes every hour)? Or just once, for half an hour or so once it's all been put together? If it's not "just once", how do you manage modules that might not be quite as reliable as they should be? Or is it just me that has issues with reliability? Conversely, if it's not "non-stop" how do you manage crowd expectations? Is there one person who's in control, and can order a troublesome module to be removed from the Contraption? Or do all the builders need to be there the whole time in case something goes wrong with their module? Again, this is something of a moot point if making reliable modules is easier for everyone else than for me. Owen.
  22. Currently I am trying to build a pneumatic GBC module based on the videos of and .Somehow I keep having issues with a full 180 degrees turn. When not attached to the base, the turntable turns a full 180 degrees (like in the final part of Akiyuky his video). Once attached to the base my grabber does not turn fully, but only about 150-160 degrees. This way my version will not grab new balls but crash horribly due to not being aligned properly. Somehow the pneumatic piston does not push the turntable enough when fully extended. The only way it works ‘properly’ is when I operate the pneumatic pump as a madman so the swing speed turns the grabber fully but it should not have to operate on insane speed as shown in both linked videos. It might be that the module is not properly balanced but I copied most from Akiyuky and analyzed Michael Speelgoeds’ one too and they seem to work fine, although I must admit that the use of all the black pieces make it hard to see every detail so I might have missed something. Another reason might be the friction between the gear rack 1x13 and the outside of the module. As shown in the LDD file I made, there is a lot of free space between the gear rack and the outside of the module (all marked lime green) so I originally had a half bush on the lime green peg with cross axle closest to the grabbing arm so the gear rack would not ‘jump’ over the 16 tooth gear. LDD does not accept a half bush, due to not having enough free space which made me think maybe it gave too much friction. I removed it and pressed the lever 3M tight against the gear rack, but it does not stick so after a while the rack starts to slip on the 16 tooth gear. More importantly the grabber still will not turn a full 180 degrees. I am currently at a complete loss on what I can try next and was hoping someone had some pointers.
  23. Hello Eurobricks, I'd like to present you with a collaborative build that I made with BrickJunky for Brickworld Chicago. The idea was to present our interpretation of a themed GBC (Great Ball Contraption), though this build does not follow the established standards for a GBC. For those unfamiliar, a Great Ball Contraption is essentially a machine that moves balls from one place to another in creative ways. We were incredibly honored to be nominated for Best Mechanical build at Brickworld and I'd like to thank everyone who came up and talked to us at the event. It was my first Brickworld and I was blown away by the support from everybody! In particular I'd like to thank Steve Hassenplug and everyone from the GBC section for their help and support and we look forward to incorporating a similar build into the actual GBC layout! Be sure to watch the video! Enjoy!
  24. One for the structural engineers out there... I am building a structure to support my latest GBC module. I have vertical supports, and a horizontal cross-member. I am using a 12-long brick to form a 6-8-10 triangle to maintain the right angle between the support and the cross-member (thank you Pythagoras!). But which is the best way to do it? In the red version (on the left), the 6 side is horizontal, and the 8 side is vertical. In the blue version, it's the other way around. Which one should I use? Or are they equivalent? Under which circumstances should I use one over the other? In this case, the brace will be under compression (holdling something up). Would the answer be any different if it was under tension (holding something down)? Thanks Owen. P.S. The forces involved are not great, so I'm certain that either one would suffice. I'm just curious about whether one is better than the other. I'd settle for which one is more asthetically pleasing.
  25. I'm proud to present that the LEGO GBC Shooter module from GBC 5 has been digitized and ready for download. I also made the building instructions available in PDF format. Here is the file if you want it: