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Found 97 results

  1. Hey! i just want to present you my entry for the [mini] technic build contest. It's my mini technic ladder, consisting of exactly 200 parts (199 ldd count, 200 because of turntable assembly) The functions are: steering stabilizers tilting the ladder turntable A picture of the parts will come soon. Greetz, Hypo
  2. These are the first two "completed" vehicles of my Copenhagen Fire Depatment project. If I ever get around to it I am going to change the white doors for a solution with grey tiles. I always kind of hated those white doors, but they were all I had. Also I need new stickers on plastic in stead of paper, they look horrible around the edges. The first one is the I3, a Mercedes Econic rescue truck. It has e crew of 4, 2 in the front cab and 2 in the back. I am pretty happy with the cab, I might change the bumper though, at least change the head lights to some trans clear ones. Doors open, and a little view to the crew compartment. I am happy with how the back end turned out. I haven't put the equipment in yet, but here you can get an idea of the interior of the compartments. Here is the I2, a MAN dive rescue vehicle. It too has a crew of 4, a driver and leader in the front cab and 2 divers in the back. I think the cab turned out pretty ok, but needs a little internal work for structural integrity Here is a little view of the crew compartment and the tool compartments. My planned reconstruction will fit about twice as much equipment, and look more realistic. I was never quite happy with the back half of the truck. Some more tool compartments. The reconstruction will move the stuff you see in the compartment furthest to the back and hopefully allow me to use the space for more equipment Here is the stuff you saw in the other picture, a hydraulic cutter and some jacks loaded on hand trucks. Please let me know what you think
  3. Here are some hydraulic tools for Fire & Rescue. First, the Jaws of Life, the hydraulic cutters. Not so much modification done on this one except for the tiny little piece of flex tube connecting the hose to the compressor. Next a large hydraulic ram. This time with a little bit more modding. The outer tube is obviously a 3.5L flex tube, The extension is a long grey antenna. Last we have a small hydraulic ram, perfect for a dash board lift Again a 2L flex tube and the top of the antenna Please let me know what you think
  4. Hello there Here is a sad one. Not the MOC but the story after. The Lighthouse of Grimmhavn Build up 2011 and shown on many events, especial in the LUG Show Case in Berlin, germany. About 8000 bricks and many hours of work were needed for this one. Its a pity, but the lighthouse crashed a few weeks ago, after an event in Berlin. Here is the last picture of it: Best regards BoB
  5. fasterthanlight

    Oshkosh TFFT

    Hey there, been browsing this forum for a lonnnnnnng time now - - posting every now and then Thought I'd give LDD a try, normally I freestyle build everything, and there are two large fire/rescue projects I've been working on a for a long time now (Which I won't post until they are done) But I don't mind sharing my progress with the stuff I'm trying out in LDD As such, here is an Oshkosh 8x8(x8) Tactical Fire Fighting Truck (IN PROGRESS!) The real truck doesn't have 8 wheel steering, however I decided to keep all the axle modules the same, and it will be that much more awesome The 15L crossed black lift arms on the wheels are a moc up of the size of the third party tires I'm going to put on this beast. It will have a water pump, bumper nozzle, roof nozzle, all remotely controlled 1L Motor for each axle (4 total, on one V2 receiver with dedicated battery pack) Servo for steering RC Buggy motor for water pump (x8 pumps) 1M motor for each nozzle rotation 1M for each nozzle elevation (Nozzle operation might be done with a fancy gear box to reduce amount of motors) Additional batter pack for steering, water pump and nozzles
  6. BrickmanJ

    [MOC] Fire Units

    Here are my current fire units. These are for the Brickshore Fire Rescue District, which is the main fire department in my county, Brickford. This is Engine 1, a 2013 Pierce Velocity side-mount pumper. It has a 500 GPM Waterous pump with a 2000 gallon polycarbonite tank. It is eqquipped with a Federal Signal Vsion SLR lightbar and a Federal Q siren. This is the second version of Engine 1. You can check out the new one here:, and the old one here: Up next is my Utility unit! This is the BFRD's Utility unit for Station 1. It runs with Engine 1 for MVAs, medical calls, and anything that involves a trailer. It is a Ford F-250, converted by KME into a small service unit. It has a hard bubble cover on the bed, but it doesn't hold anything. It has Whelen lighting, and as you will see, there is a traffic advisor in the back. The wheel are raised a stud, due to the trailer hitch, and I think that making it one stud higher makes it look a lot more like an F-250 than a 150. The truck is pretty much self explanatory; not much else to say. Check it out on MOCpages: Last but not least, the command car. This car is a 2013 Ford Interceptor used the BFRD for the chief. That they don't have. We have the car, but not the Chief. Anyways, same as the Sheriff cars, blah blah. There will be two more of these; one for each station. This one is driven by the chief, and the other two will be driven by assistant chiefs. It's on MOCpages here: Plus, the entire Brickford emergency fleet! Look below for 'Muricah pride! This is a car that would be, if you guys like it, more or less acuratly made into LEGO for the BCSD. I made this on Ford's Mustang Customizer. It is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that would be an unmarked pursuit unit for the Sheriff's Department. The reason why it would be a pursuit unit is because of the supercharged intercooled 5.8-liter 32-valve aluminum block V8 engine delivering 662 horsepower and 631 lb.-ft. of torque. Plus it just looks badass, hands down. Do you guys think I should go on a limb and try this? Post below!
  7. This build has been a slow "Labour of Love" since summer 2012. I have made many modifications to it throughout the past 18 months. And now that Brent Waller's Ghostbuster's 30th Anniversary Ecto-1 Cuusoo project won the latest Cuusoo review I thought now was a good a time as any to post this build. There are a few Lego Ghostbuster Fire House's on the web and I drew my inspiration from Sean Kenny's build which you will see some similarities. My intention is to have this as a "Working" Fire station as part of my Scotsburgh Fire Dept. The following pictures are of first version of building. The first photo is of the station footprint and street. This photo is of the ground floor Appliance Hall with appliance doorway. I then realised that the Appliance Hall wasnt going to be wide enough so, I took version 1 down and revised the footprint and changed the door at the back of the Applaince Hall to lead straight onto the pavement And completed Ground floor Appliance Hall with stairs leading to the First floor First Floor in Build Ground and First Floor together with Second Floor in build and roof As can be seen from this photo and the one above, the front and back and both sides of the First and Second floors are symetrical And this photo shows the size of the building with the Fire engine alongside. It does fit into the Appliance Hall under the Archway, just. Well that is version 1 and Version 2. More to follow.
  8. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide water rescue unit

    Hello all! The next one (of my 120+ firetrucks, containers and trailers ) I want to show you is a water rescue truck in combination with a boat on a trailer. This unit carries rescue divers and a lot specific equipment to the scene. The truck is highly recommend for rough and/or weak terrain. The boat (which features a solid aluminum hull) carries a powerful outboard motor and a lot of equipment for the first responders. It's quite basic-built, but features the typical bicolor paint scheme and the drive train as a little more detail under the car. Like every MOC of mine this truck also features some epuipment like the divers' suit, a respirator and a special platform to rescue people from thin ice. Finally a picture of the complete a water rescue squad that will be released when an incoming emergency call is indexed by the dispatchers with the word "water". It features from the right: incident command van, pumper (also equipped with stuff for the technical assistance, water rescue truck (divers truck), boat truck and a crane and a rescue van. Hope you like it. C&C are welcome as usual. Thanks in advance. Regards, Farnheim
  9. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide snorkel ladder

    Hello citizens, another 4wide MOC I've created a while back is this hydraulic platform. Many fire brigades here in Germany uses this kind of equipment instead of the regular turntable ladders and it is getting more and more common. Its flexibility especially in difficult terrain is a good reason to buy… So did the Farnheim Fire Department. This MOC features realistic arm movement, a bigger platform with a control panel, working lights and the possibility to mount a stretcher to the platform for the safe rescue of injured people from great heights. You can also expand a simple hydraulic stabilizer for a safe hold. A few details, like a small Generator, two compartments for equipment, a typical paint scheme with yellow markers and a lowered heavy-duty-cab. Enjoy! Hope you like it, even if you're more in 6w or/and 8w…. Regards, Farnheim
  10. Karimix

    Fire Truck

    I got this idea from the new 60061 set but other than that it is my own design. The truck was built of bricks which I bought from flea market. I used an old windshield in poor condition for modification. It was fun to build.
  11. BrickmanJ

    Modular Fire Station

    I am going to plan and probably make a MOC modular 2 bay fire station. It will be bigger and better than the Fire Brigade set, and it will have 2 units, probably from my volunteer fire department. Do you guys think that would be cool? Edit: I have decided on 1 of the two units, a Seagrave Maruader II Pumper. I just need an idea for the second unit. I'm thinking maybe a squad. Any suggestions? UPDATE: The two units will be this: A Seagrave Marauder II Pumper and a Pierce Arrow XT 85' Platfrom Aerial. I am not going to have plans out for this soon, as I am very busy with other things like my new business, my regular LEGO fire department, and a replica rig as a present. I am still thinking about this and working on it bit by bit, though. You will see the units first. UPDATE 2: The LDD rendering of the pumper is done, so I will have that here soon. I am working on the aerial rendering now. Pretty soon I will have LDD Manager. I switched back to LDD because of time and ease. MLcad doesn't work for me and LEOcad takes forever. I didn't get SR 3D. UPDATE 3: I got LDD Manager, so now I have a parts list for the engine. I am working on the aerial.
  12. For a long time, I've had half a fire engine sitting on the shelf. Finally, after finding (and buying.... ) the Lego Fire Station 60004 on sale, I got around to finishing it. (Pardon the quality of the pics) Its taken quite a few iterations to reach the end result, and I quite like it. Its a typical main fire engine - the backstay of any modern fire department. It carries pumps, ladders and breathing apparatuses, as well as its own water tank, used for first efforts until a fire hydrant or similar water supply can be hooked up. Front left view: Rear-right view: Cab: The cab easily seats three, and has rear sliding-doors for easier access. (Or alternatively, just a gimmick from the builders side... ). Fire-chiefs sedan and hose tender trailer: Originally, I wanted to include the hoses on the fire engine itself, but I found it took too much room. Therefore, I decided to design a small hose tender trailer. As the fire engine is already by far the largest truck in the city, adding a trailer seemed a bit over the top. Therefore, I quickly put together a small fire-chief's sedan to pull the trailer. And, for all its simplicity, I quite like it. The tender trailer has a diesel pump, to allow it to pump water from for instance a pond, over longer distances to the scene of the fire. Front-left view: Rear-right view: Comparison with the 60004 turntable ladder truck And a small "action-shot": Thank you all for watching. C&C are welcome, of course. On a side note, I am planning to convert the 60004 building to some sort of modular standard. /Bregir out
  13. Swords are for those who are intellectually-challenged. Lord of Lava in his new armor and Staff of Demon's Eyes The unfortunate intellectually-challenged lizardman who dares to oppose Lord Ssilyrrlith The magic seal for the Inferno spell I was going to enter Category C. But I don't know if I have time for that anymore. So a quick entry for Category A for now.
  14. Hello While watching 'the Hobbit' in the cinema i had it in mind to build this iconic scene. Check out all details on MOCpages Hope you like the scene. Feel free to comment. Jonas
  15. Veynom

    [MOC] Rings of Fire

    A small experimental vignette that allowed me to perform various testing. Rings of Fire by Veynom, on Flickr - First rock creation; - First flame attempt; - First use of my new photo studio. More pictures: Rings of Fire by Veynom, on Flickr Rings of Fire by Veynom, on Flickr Quite far from my usual comfort zone but I enjoyed it.
  16. Henchmen4Hire

    S&S Wildland Ultra XT 6x6

    ***Updated pictures ***Added .LXF file - http://www.mediafire...15pccqmlrfh27uw ***Updated .LXF file (changed non-existant pieces, replaced rear "storage boxes" with safes, strengthened some areas) Behold the second ever LEGO Ultra XT 6x6 built to date haha You've seen it in 6-wide, now let's see how it looks in the mighty 8-wide! Features: -Opening doors -Rolling wheels -Colors -Made of plastic lol -There's a hidden floor compartment to stash dirty underwear: -Just to add a play feature, I made the top hinged so it can easily be filled with "water". -Ideally I'd use a 2x2 manget plate with magnet for the rear dump valve, but I can't find the magnet plate in LDD. -There's a 10-stud long, 2-stud wide, 4-plate tall compartment running down the middle of the chassis, great for storing shovels, pulaskis, fishing rods, hot mermaids, etc. -Not exactly sure what's supposed to go in that empty section visible from the top -Could easily make it modular, it would just take some strategic placing of tiles on the chassis. You might also like: Type-2 Ambulance http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=77140 Vactor 2100 http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=66784 I got certified as a Wildland Firefighter last year, passed with flying colors, but couldn't keep going because my stupid deviated septum makes it impossible to breathe when doing heavy labor. Oh well, another crushed dream for the bucket. :(
  17. Brickington

    Review: 60000 Fire Motorcycle

    This year, The LEGO Group has came up with all new sets for their adored City line. One of these sets is 60000 Fire Motorcycle. This little set is a great addition to anyone's collection and a must-have for fans of the LEGO City Fire sets. So go ahead and read this review! BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Fire Motorcycle Set Number: 60000 Number of Pieces: 4 Minifigs: 1 Price: £4.99 / US$6.99 Theme: City (Fire) ​Year Released: 2013 RESOURCES: LEGO Shop @ Home Brickset Bricklink THE REVIEW: The Box Front: A typical looking LEGO City set box. Nice that The LEGO Group tries to make it look better than it is. With bright flames and cement on the ground. Side: I love the new Fire fighter! He looks a lot more realistic than the one before. But we will go into the minifig later on. Back: The back of the box shows all of the features of the set. You see the rockin' motorcycle and the recycling bin. You also see the set in action that it will probably never realistically see. Instructions Front: Just like the box, a typical scene. Again it shows the set in action. The sun looks like a flash from camera. Instructions Image: The instructions are made for young boys. Thus making them really easy. This set is not a challenge to build, but it is fun. To bad my instructions had a little smudge. Contents: What a variety! Here's the bricks, all forty of them. You can see that you get many different colors with set. I am loving the big red motorcycle piece. No printed pieces, only stickers. (Dreaded) Sticker Sheet: I don't have anything to say about stickers. Extra Pieces: After you are done with the build you will find your extra pieces. In this set you get lots of extra pieces, which you should at $6.99 for 40 pieces. Minifig Front and Back Comparison Shot: I just wanted to do a comparison to show you how much more realistic the fire fighter is. The old one looked like a Halloween costume while the new one looks like a real fire fighter. The back of this minifig is really good. It is nice see that The LEGO Group has taken care in the back of this guy's torso. The Fire Motorcycle Build Process The Motorcycle before the armor: This is a pretty neat little picture. It's the motorcycle before the spice. I think it is a ingenious idea for stands. And let's move on! The Finished Motorcycle: Here she is in all her glory. Isn't she a fine thing? The motorcycle looks very modern and slick. Although I usually don't like big molds, I think The LEGO Group did good here. Additional Shots of the Motorcycle: I really like how these photos came out. They give three different sides of the motorcycle. I'll start with the back. The back of the motorcycle looks simply like the back. It isn't fancy so I think a back is a back. The two side look lovely, however I do not like the stud above the back wheel. It makes it less realistic. Other than that it looks great and as I said, modern. Comparison Shot: Which one should he choose? I think the choice is obvious. LEGO has come a long way as you can see in this picture. The Recycling Bin: This is a nice little bin. The sticker ( ) is clear so you can use it elsewhere. The only bad thing is that the lid is the to long. The Full Set: All and all, it isn't a bad set. It comes with some really cool stuff. Different Full Shot: Here is a different shot of the full set. You see the nice little minifig on his sleek motorcycle. This shot also gives you a good image of the fire extinguisher. It is a good little tool, but I feel that TLG could put a round 1x1 stud on the bottom of it to cover the whole. But other than that it's great. So let's see how it adds up! Totals: Design: 7/10 I think the design is simple. It is a small set so I can't be to picky. The the recycling bin is pretty sad to be honest. But I think the motorcycle makes up for it. I can't get over how awesome it is. But again the recycling bin is to simple. Parts: 6/10 Not really much pieces to MOC with. Well then again there are only 40 pieces. But there aren't really any bad pieces. Build: 9/10 It is a easy build. The LEGO City theme is geared for kids so any AFOL shouldn't have any trouble building this set. It was a rather fun build, perhaps because it was so easy. Minfigs: 10/10 I love this new fire fighter! He looks realistic and cool. I love his head as it looks rather neat. For a small set like this, a great minifig! Playability: 10/10 This set was made for play ability This set is a great one if you want to play with it. It even comes with a fire! Price: 7/10 At a little over 12 cents per brick it's a little pricey. I think this set could easily be $4.99 or so. But it does come with a cool fig and motorcycle. Total: 49/60 As I have said, it's a good set, but not great. I think wouldn't hurt to go buy it, but you can't be expected lots. The set doesn't really come with some awesome pieces besides the big red motorcycle mold which some people wouldn't call awesome. I really enjoyed doing this review and I'll let you guys decide how good the set is.
  18. Horace T

    MOC crazy

    Hi Guys, Having put my first moc online (it's the 8280 B model) I'm now hooked on the chassis. It's got something land rover about it. i've googled land rover conversions and there are so many. I will try a six wheeled version, a military version and I will keep going and see what I can do. This design has got lots of potential. I will see what, if any, functions I can add to it. Maybe a small pnuematic. Thoughts, and your own mocs, more than welcome. H
  19. Darthluke824

    LEGO 60010 Fire Helicopter Review

    Hello all, I bring you a possible World Exclusive review of the 60010 Fire Helicopter. Shipped in from it arrived today, so sit back and lets commence the review! Description: Fight the factory fire with the LEGO® City Fire Helicopter! The factory is ablaze! Fly the LEGO® City Fire Helicopter in to bring it under control! Hover into position and lower the brave firefighter down with the LEGO Power Functions winch. Put out the flames with the onboard water cannon before the whole factory goes up in smoke! The LEGO City firefighters are always ready to save the day! Includes 2 minifigures: a pilot and a firefighter with fire extinguisher. The Box The box is a square box much like the Star Wars boxes for £20 sets. It features a brave firefighter putting out the burning oil containers possibly causing havoc for LEGO Cities oil supplies! The box also has a circle showing the winch which we will get onto later. Back The normal box with all the features and action shots of the set. Side The side with the Pilot and Firefighter once again tackling the burning canisters. Manuals Two manuals for this, with a total page count of 105. Basic piece callouts and general 2 parts per step. Inventory. Minifigs The 2 figures supplied are very nice. Two new torsos (Well to me) and some nice printing on the legs too! (Which seems to be more common now) The backs are printed too. Both are very similar which is good assortment for your army of firefighters. The set This is the so-called factory that is put in the description. It doesn't look like a factory more like a section of storage. I wonder how it could have caught fire? Knowing LEGO we would be seeing no smoking signs or don't go beyond here kind of signs. Oh well. It has a large flame piece from Space Police set.(Freeze Ray Freezy is the set.) and some smaller classic flames. It also has the large barrel pieces seen on the Wind Turbine Set from 2009. The Helicopter Now the reason why we want the set! At a quick glance it looks like a hybrid of the 2010 Fire Helicopter and the 2010 Cargo Train. It has however fit very well and looks neat without too many large pieces. The set resembles the Sea King helicopter as seen here: You can tell it is based of this beacuse of the cockpit and wide open side near the back. Front Features Well this is it. Pretty basic! A water cannon and a tow rope. The water cannon pivots not too well and is only for decoration. The other side is empty. So what did I buy this set for? Well a small piece of function last seen on the 2008 Coast Guard Helicopter (Which I own) It has a small orange button on the side. When you pull the rope down it winds it up. When you press the button it pulls it back up. Pretty cool stuff. So it goes from this: to this! Also I wouldn't miss a time to show you a video too! The usual opening cockpit with levers and a double cheese with sticker. The front seems to have some domes, possibly equipment for measuring things, or locating, tracking etc. Ratings and Comments This set is my first 2013 set. As my first I think it is a good set and worth the money.(£30, Can't find for other counties). The minifigs are good and the helicopter is not another boring helicopter. (Although LEGO do seem to love them!) Some nice parts and accessories and it fits in with the new sets. Ratings Parts- 9/10 - Good new colours and new parts all round. Minifigs- 7/10 - Would have been nice for a worker that is trapped or something of that sort. Build- 8/10 - Not boring but not fantastic. Overall a good: 9/10 A great set worth the money and one to be picked up. Notes: Brickshelf (When modded) Brickset: This Set - Freeze Ray Frenzy - Coast Guard Heli - Wind Turbine Thanks For Reading!
  20. scottwb2010

    MOD 10197 Fire Brigade - 2 bays

    Hi After taking a while to find a good time to upload this, as there have been a few good variations of this Modular plus the Coastguard version and after several requests, I thought now was a good at time as any to upload my version of a 2 bay MOD of the 10197 Fire Brigade. I built this over a year ago and realy only some internal details to finish it off. The building has been extended to the rear also to accomodate the fire engines based there. As my trucks are 23 studs long I needed 25 studs clearance and I wanted a bit of space all around so I built this station on a 48stud long baseplate and the applaince hall floor is 32 studs long using 2 x 16 stud tiles. There is even enough room for the engine from 7945 if it was stationed there. Front View - Date of when Station was extended Rear View - On roof you can see the enclosure for the pole drop from the room and this goes direct to the Ground floor. Side Side (Junior officers room) Side (Breathing Apparatus servicing room) Appliance Hall - Engine Room Upper Floor Rear (clockwise - Dorm, Pole Drop, Lecture Room, Senior Officer's office, Bathroom) Upper Floor Front - Not much different from the original but extra sofa and a table with chairs Hope you liked it and comments are always welcome.
  21. As part of SeTechnic's 16th Contest, PG52 / PG5200 posted this great Lego Technic Fire Truck which has both Lego Pneumatics and Linear Actuator mechanisms. His (narrated in French) shows it in action. Read more about it on SeTechnic (in the original French and in this English translation). One can change the Google Translate "To" language to match your native language for better understanding.
  22. Tereglith

    MSFC: Fire At AtmoTower 15

    It may be 2597, but the fastest way to change a planet's atmosphere to something more breathable is still using plants. That's not to say that plants can't get a little help though; for nearly two centuries the Federation has been using the venerable AtmoTower, a vertical farm filled with greenery genetically engineered to transform carbon dioxide into fresh, clean oxygen with the utmost efficiency. Carbon-saturated atmosphere flows in through the front of the tower, is cycled down and around, and wafts out the back as a breath of fresh air. Sadly, the tower was so ubiquitous and dependable that after a few generations engineers stopped bothering to check their parameters before plunking a few down on any new world that wasn't quite M-class. Such a mistake was made twenty years ago when setting up the new colony on Aranak VII, a barren world with a nasty oxygen deficit, little indigenous life, and, most importantly, slightly higher gravity than your average colony world. The machinery of the AtmoTowers strained against the slightly heavier air. Nobody noticed the operational shortfalls: the towers were all ensconced in a barren industrial park, surrounded by decaying fences and rusted-out machinery. They still worked dependably, but all the while a pocket of volatile pure oxygen too heavy to be lifted to the top vents was growing in the bowels of the tower machinery. All it took was a single spark to set off the conflagration. Fire vehicles from the nearby town were quickly dispatched, but could do little more than hold back the blaze. The next morning all the HyperPapers on the planet bore the headline: "Fire At AtmoTower 15!" MSFC above by Tereglith, on Flickr (Click on any pic to go to Flickr and see way more details) MSFC Front by Tereglith, on Flickr It was lucky that the nearby fire department had recently received a brand-new Elephant-Class Flying Truck able to combat the blaze from above. Its old fleet, merely a bog-standard Hovertruck retrofitted with a tank and an ancient FireTrike from the 2400s, would have been completely overwhelmed on their own. MSFC Light by Tereglith, on Flickr (That's right - this baby has a LIGHT BRICK!) I built this over about 36 hours in a fit of inspiration, after seeing the clear windshield of my Swarm Interceptor next to the smoky windshield of my new A-Wing. Sadly, my improptu photo studio works way worse in the winter than it does in the summer, so please excuse the obvious shadows. I'll try to take better pics before the contest deadline is up. This is one of those MOCs that works way better in person than in photos, where you can't really appreciate the three-dimensionality of it. I would recommend clicking on any of the photos to see the rest of the pics in my photostream, because there's a lot of details I put in that can't be seen here, especially on the backs of the AtmoTowers. Thanks for reading/looking! Any feedback is appreciated!