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Found 97 results

  1. It has been five years ago since I had finished this hazmat truck. So I think, time for a make over. During the rebuild, the model got a longer wheelbase for more loading space, but tried to save the overall look. I had put on some new features like a more realistic hydraulic platform and a lamp post. This truck now features a lot of equipment for huge technical assistances and of course incidents with hazardous materials. It can also be alarmed by the municipal fire department in case of incidents thoughout the city area. In Europe, this treaty with municipal aid agencies is called TUIS. Which can be translated with Transport-, Incident- and assistance-System. Btw, the little red thing at the front end is a typical covered winch. Enough (in roughly English) said, let the photos speak... This is it. Hope you like this, too. Thanks for watching.
  2. woofmcmoose

    REVIEW: 6614 Launch Evac 1

    Launch Evac 1 Set #: 6614 Year Released: 1995 Piece Count: 119 Minifigs: 1 RRP: $9.25 Another throwback review as I continue to sort through my tubs of childhood LEGO. The space side of town in the 1990s was one of my favourite sub themes, though this is the only "Launch Command" set I owned. Interestingly whilst part of the "Launch Command" sub-theme the set include both the LC shuttle logo and the "V" logo from the earlier 6346 Shuttle set that was part of the "flight" sub-theme. So lets take a look at what the Launch Command fire department has to offer. The Box Unfortunately I no longer have the box for this set, so imagine the art from the front cover of the instructions with a thin blue border and a triangular "Launch Command" title and logo in the top right corner and you've pretty much got it! Instruction front cover: Being and early 90s set the box would also have had a few alternate builds on the back, one of which we see on this back of the instruction leaflet. Instruction back cover: The Instructions Well, I've already shown you the front and back, so what's inside? The pages feature a green, grey and blue background which seems to evoke a foreground of grass, background of hills then clear skies. Despite the many coloured background it does not interfere with the model, differentiation of parts and colours is good throughout. Being the 90s, they also happily throw on a good number of parts in most steps, though do provide call-outs when additions are hidden or easily missed: On this page you can see the biggest issue with 90s sets- the gauge sticker across multiple grey parts at the back of the engine. The Minifig We get a single minifig in a grey fire-fighter's uniform, which in contrast to the black town fire-fighter's uniform of the same era looks a lot more like actual crash kit worn by airfield fire-fighters. The torso print includes a contents gauge for his breathing gear which is a nice touch; no back printing of course. The fire helmet in black isn't as rare as I first though, having been the default for early 80s sets and used in 'specialist' fire sets (boats and airport) in the late 80s-early 90s. Our fig has also cultivated a very angular moustache. The Parts Here's the full set: Nothing that unique and all the patterns/details are stickered. This was my first encounter with the 1x4x4 doors though, and they do look pretty neat. The Build & Model It's the 90s, don't expect lots of SNOT or novel parts use. However there are some notable features; the wheel surrounds are all brick built (no mudguard parts) and the interior is somewhat asymmetric. The asymmetry is there to fit in the breathing apparatus behind the left hand door, the right side gets an axe and hammer. Note how the guage sticker at the back fits perfectly on the side of the 2x3 brick and thus can be saved when the model is later dismantled (thank you 11 year old me for realising this!). And finished: From this angle a good looking fire truck, though being only a 4-wide, it possibly looks a bit tall. Also notice there are no cab doors; a sign of things to come perhaps. The roof mounted monitor (water cannon) is a nice play feature, though there's not a lot of room in the chassis for a water tank to feed it- an issue I never even considered as a child. The utility lockers are also good play features: Oh No! I've lost my axe! Quick! Get the breathing gear on. Er...wait...I have to take my head off first? Finally, you get a rear mounted (string) hose for when you have to get up close and personal with the fire. Here saving 6673 Solo Trainer ( Having brought up 6673, I realise this is another set with naming issues "Launch Evac 1" It's not really an "evacuation" vehicle; perhaps "Launch Rescue 1" would have been better? And before the final verdict, a quick bonus shot of the alternate build from the back of the instructions: It's some kind of fire pick up truck? Whilst much less convincing as a useful fire-fighting appliance Its still good to see what can be accomplished with so few pieces. The Verdict Build & Model: 8 The end result is a nice little fire engine and getting there is not dull. Points are lost for the stickers across multiple parts, though as you saw this can be avoided. Fundamentally, it looks the part when sat next to similar era sets but would be dwarfed in today's 'city' scale. Parts: 7 A reasonable parts selection but nothing unique to this set. Figures: 8 For the era, this was a new and novel minifig, it still doesn't look terrible next to today's figs, aside from maybe the moustache! Playability: 9 As long as you have another set to go save from fire then plenty of playability here. The hoses, equipment lockers and monitor pack a lot into such a small set and it is fun just to vroom round the carpet. Value: 8 I certainly remember being happy spending my pocket money on this at the time! Overall: 8 A very good set in the context of the era. Good looks, plenty of play features, but urgh....stickers!


    In the fields the bodies burning as the war machine keeps turning So, as with most of the stuff I build, there isn't really a story behind this guy, I just wanted to use up a bunch of the big silver shells I had sitting around. making the figure look like it has a furnace inside, glowing with an inner flame was also a goal, I've wanted to do something like that for ages now. It mostly pulls inspiration from Privateer Press' Warmachine boardgame and it's Warjack units. I also wanted to experiment with proportions a bit, hence the whole top-heavy look tapering to tiny feet. Not really much else to say about it, he think the figure is pretty self-explanatory. Also, I think this guy is the first creation I've actually extensively used the new 2015 parts, having finally gotten some sets a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, thanks for taking a look, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello Community! It's been quite awhile since my last MOC. But I wasn't passive. In the meantime I've upgrated some of my models, especially the ones of my petroleum plant fire brigade "Jade Öl AG". So, let's start with a new special tanker equipped with a high reachable Turret, mobile water cannon and a heavy duty pump. It carries 7,000 liters of water and 3,000 liters of foam to the scene. You'll find a few more pics in the gallery on my blog. So, hope you like it. Comments and critics are welcome as usual. More MOCs to come. Regards!
  5. Counter to Garmadon's build Fortifying the Land The Ulandian soldiers were working hard to finish the stronghold and fortify the area. "It sure is getting hot out tod..." "AAahhh!!" A high shriek came from inside the fort. "Get me out!!! AAahhsssssssssssss..." And in mere minutes, days of hard work turned to ash. Well, it can certainly be said that Ulandian locksmithery is top notch... Thanks for having a gander
  6. Hello folks! Many people feel disappointed seeing newest incarnation of ToaTahu. Well, I can agree that some details could be made in better way (like arms) but overall I think he's a good set. Not perfect but good. Anyway I decided to give new Bionicle a chance and I bought Tahu. When I finally built him I felt that something is wrong with design - and I slowly began to improve him. And you know what? I really ejnoy this moment! So, here it is. My newest Tahu remake. Brickshelf (no collages) | DeviantArt| Flickr | Blog Don't worry if you feel that pictures are too small. If you go to my flickr/DA gallery (depending on what's your favourite) you should be able to see larger images. If you don't like collages - don't worry, you can still go to my Brickshelf gallery. I'm going to make a short video-presentation but I don't know when I'll finish it. Some details: As you can see his legs are now armoured not only from front but from behind too. I'm not sure about the side-panels but I'm afraid I don't have enough HF red parts. I decided to change his original hands into something a bit different. I came up with some new patents but finally I decided to use something simillar to MrBoltTron's concept because it looks much better. And yeah, he can hold his swords in hands! Last thing in this photo which I mention is armour which covers his gears. Don't worry, you can still rotate them (and arms) but more armour means reduced mobility. Fortunately on acceptable level :) Tahu can hold his swords on his back. The only disadvatage is that he's leaning little backwards but hey - these swords are little heavy! Anyway, for me it's still ok. Original model has a golden mask which makes Tahu more powerful. I made a collage with it: Still looks ok but I'm not sure if red one is better. You see, this construction has many golden parts (probably too much) and it needs some reds for contrast. And - what do you think about using this golden mask for Jaller remake creation? ;) Some extras: "Meet my new pet": Some of you may be wondering - what's happen to Tahu's surfing board? Well, I had so many pictures to process that I totally forgot about this :/ Anyway I hope you enjoyed my creation. And if you like you can ask me about it - I'll try my best to answer all your questions :) Best regards, ~ QQS EDIT Lava Board update:
  7. Hi everyone, this is my usual quarterly post here. ;-) Just kidding. Note to myself: Post more often on EB! Now to something completely different. I did a few new Mocs during the cold and dark december days. Let's start with something for my petrochemical refinery in my town: a dry powder fire truck with 6,000 kg of solid extinguishing agent in two huge tanks. The next one is also part of the petrochemical fire services. It's a huge tanker truck that brings 23,000 liters of foam to the scene. BTW, actual I'm not really happy with parts use of the ladder at the rear end. I have a few ideas, but the required parts are actual out of stock... As a feature it has a tiltable cabin. For those who wonder: the big pipe behind the cabin is part of a portable water/foam cannon. The third one replaces an old van used for technical assistances. This one features, beside an 4WD, a lot more space for equipment in the compartments. The volunteers of the municipal fire department features a special task force to light up scenes at night. Equipped with different floodlights, a power generator and portable lamp posts. The volunteers can be deployed all over the city and its surroundings. Another small truck of the logistics group And finally a small "Unimog"-look-alike truck that is now part of the FD's historical heritage. Built in the late 1960s (note the old paint scheme) to support the firemen in need of technical assistance, e.g. car accidents, incidents on and beside the water. The last point is the reason why it is equipped with wide sand tires. That makes the truck able to drive on loose terrain, like on sand, dunes or mud flat. Hope you like them a bit. Critics & comments are very welcome. Brit red regards!
  8. Siercon and Coral

    Fire Breathing Armored Dragon

    Here is our armored lego dragon. He is our final entry for our current Iron Builder which is centered around the metallic ribbed hose. We also used the ribbed hosing to go all the way through his body so we could hook him up to a propane torch! :D Here's a Video link to see him in action :) Thanks for stopping by!
  9. Hello everybody, i'd like to introduce my newest creation! This is my minfig-scale ladder truck, based on a Metz L32A on Mercedes Atego Chassis. I hope you enjoy! 1 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 2 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 3 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 4 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 5 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 6 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 7 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 8 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 9 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 10 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 11 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 12 by hypo_fire, on Flickr With kind regards, Heiko
  10. For Round 3 of the 2014-15 Middle Earth LEGO Olympics on MOCpages. My category was Pippin, so this is my interpretation of the scene in Return of the King when Pippin looks into the Palantír while in Edoras. I wanted to capture the emotion of the scene, rather than just recreating it. He feels trapped the Eye, consumed in darkness. And in the distance, he can see the Tree of Gondor burning, signifying the fall of the Minas Tirith.
  11. MOC. Built January the 21th-22nd, 2015. The challenge was to use ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY the Lego movie set 70813 "Rescue Reinforcements" and ONLY the pieces of the fire mech (bags 1,2 and 3). So please keep in mind that my options were limited. My inspirations were the Transformers Inferno from Generation 1, his Classics/Universe version, and the TF3 movie Sentinel Prime. The vehicle mode is a big fire truck with a ladder (360 degrees of rotation and goes up and down). Thanks to the good amount of joints the robot is well poseable. It doesn't have an head because is driven by a pilot sitting in the cabin (enough room inside for a minifigure). The transformation is simple and relatively fast. All the steps here.
  12. Hey guys, This build was just a redo of a castle set i wish i had when i was a kid. A friend told me to enter it into CCCXII so I did but it didn't really fit in to any categories so I entered it into miscellaneous - large. This would have been good in last years categories, as there was a category for a redo of and old set with new parts. But whatever I'm very happy with this build. (also the gate at the front can be raised and lowered by the chains attached and in the middle of the castle there is a trap door that falls down to imprison unwanted intruders) Enjoy guys and let me know what you think! Front view: Rear view Dragon close up:
  13. Hey everyone, been a member here for a few weeks, but haven't posted too much and would like to get involved in this forum a little more. I'm sure the same as many people, I have been building Legos since I was a little kid. I tend to build whatever I'm feeling like at the moment, but I usually stick to building fire apparatus since it's what I feel most comfortable with. Although, I would like to get into architecture and building design since I want to start up a city again and build some fire stations again. This is my website for me Lego Fire Department: A bulk of my creations can be found under apparatus. In real life I'm a volunteer firefighter and a full-time 911 dispatcher. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me! Thanks!
  14. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Firefly's Fire Lynx

    Hi everyone! It has been some time since my last creation, and now I am back on track! My first task is to expand my MOC in the superhero realm, and let's do something before the official Lego Justice League sets come in 2015! "Some men just wanna watch the world burn." - Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight (movie) Well, in the DC Comic world, Batman really needs to face a villain who only burns things. Firefly is a crazy man who knows all the pyrotechnics and explosive objects. This time, he comes back with even crazier toys: his new jet pack and the flame tank, Fire Lynx. Guess Batman will have a headache to capture him, as his usual suit is not ready yet for the heat! Firefly and his Fire Lynx Burn baby burn! Firefly and his Fire Lynx The Fire Lynx is a flamethrower tank, and it has four crawlers allowing it to run on different kinds of terrain. This is the overview from the front, showing the cockpit: Firefly and his Fire Lynx And the back overview, where you can see the cooling fan for the compressor area. Firefly and his Fire Lynx I also created the Firefly minifigure, which is slightly based on the game Batman: Arkham Origins. Firefly and his Fire Lynx Firefly and his Fire Lynx Firefly and his Fire Lynx Firefly's flamethrower gun can be clipped to the roof of the tank, while the jetpack can be stored at the back of Fire Lynx, between the two fuel tanks: Firefly and his Fire Lynx Firefly and his Fire Lynx I guess Batman needs to think about some special gadgets to capture Firefly. But more are coming against Batman! Stay tuned!
  15. happer

    10197 Fire Brigade Mod

    Hi, that's my Mod of 10197 set, i have some problems uploading several photos, so if you'd like to see full gallery in high quality go here
  16. Farnheim

    MOC - 4wide foam tanker truck

    Hello everyone, time for some retro again . I wanted to show you one of my latest creations. But it’s been a while since I completed it. Anyway. It’s a very special fire apparatus – a tanker truck. This one is in service for a refinery company fire brigade in the city of Farnheim. The trailer is filled with 23,500 liters of foam and serves as a logistic feeder or as a distributor into the water network at emergency scenes. This tractor-trailer is not able to start fire fighting operation on its own, because it hasn't any pump or a water cannon installed. You always need a pumper, too. I used the same building technique for the tank that I used for another small foam truck (shown below). It gives a sleek and clean design to the hull. It also allowes to put on a two-tone paint scheme with some intergrated details like lighting at the rooftop, flashlights a the rear end and side markers. As for a little personal touch I clipped on a german flag (a reminiscence of the Soccer World Cup back in July). And its little brother: Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Critics & comments are welcome as always. Regards!
  17. Smaug laying waste to Lake-Town. Another last minute entry for MEC category C.
  18. coghilla

    FDNY Rescue 3

    As a long time builder of fire stations and trucks i thought it was time to build some quality items. After building some stuff for the train group, I have headed towards the CC series of building. It'll be a while before i could afford the cost of an official set I'll continue to dabble. Anyway here is res3cue firehouse modified to suit the CC modular building series. Photos were taken at a Brick Expo I attended. I will complete the internals at some point. It will return to the Bricks'n'fun store for display on the major layout in a few weeks. FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr FDNY Rescue 3 by coghilla, on Flickr
  19. JoshMcCray

    MOC: LDraw Fire Engine

    I have a decent sized Lego fire department that I and supplementing with LDraw apparatus to fill in for missing trucks. My question is what is everyone's preferred angle to view these in LDview? Do most people just stick with the standard 2/3 view or change the lat/long of thier renders? This angle just seams unnatural to me. Maybe because when I shoot them, I shoot them like I would an actual fire engine, and expect that angle of view. Thanks.
  20. dr_spock

    MOC: Fire Fighting Train

    Presenting my Fire Fighting Train MOC. Fire fighting train is perfect for battling railway fires including in tunnels. It is equiped with dual high power nozzles, water and foam car, oxygen tanks, happy fire fighting crew. It is playable for ages 5 and up. Fire Fighting Train by dr_spock_888, on Flickr The equipment car has hose reel and cabinets for storage of oxygen tanks, masks, fire extinguishers, tools, etc. It is Power Function ready with space for IR Receiver and Battery Box. Battery box slots perfectly in between the storage cabinets. It is more capable than a CITY fire truck modified for rail service since the truck can't pull a passenger train out of a burning tunnel. Fire Engine MOD by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Don't forget to duck when going into tunnels. It doesn't look safe riding up there.
  21. dr_spock

    MOC: Rescue Train Car

    Presenting my Rescue Train Car MOC I made this on suggestion from Lightningtiger that my fire train needed more cars. Plus I like unique railroad equipment and am going through a "Train Age" in my LEGO life. zephyr1934 found a nice article on fire & rescue trains: This MOC is based off a Swiss tunnel fire rescue train. The rescue car is used for evacuating passengers and the injured to a safe location while the fire equipment and water cars stay behind to fight the fire. My MOC has room for one minifig on stretcher, 3 sitting and 6 standing. Play features include crane for lifting stretcher, openable doors, drop down ladders/steps, and removeable roof for accessing interior. There is a cabinet to store medical and other supplies. Rescue Train Car by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Crane to lift patient stretcher onto car: Car interior: Rescue Train Car Interior by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Smiley fireman says I am here to save you.
  22. Ben C

    New Brickwater Rigs 2014 Pierce Arrow XT which will be identical to all 6 Squads in the city Cummins Engine, Allison transmission, Whelen LED Lighting, Dual Q sirens, Martin Horns, 21" Grover Horns, EQ2B, Mars 888s, Roto-Ray, 1500 GPM, 500 Gallon tank 50 Gal of Class A&B foam, Full set of Hurst tools.. http://<a href="" title="Squad 1 drivers side by benjamin2051, on Flickr"><img src="" width="800" height="319" alt="Squad 1 drivers side"></a> 2013 Freightliner M2-106/ Pierce/ E-One Teleboom This is a one of a kind apparatus for Brickwater, The body was made by Pierce but the Pump, aerial device is made by E-One. STATMEDICS Ambulance 132 This State of the art Ambulance was built by International on a WorkStar chassis and Braun with a Chief XL 14ft box, this unit is classified as an MICU, This unit Features Heat, A/C, Headsets for all personal in the unit, Full Whelen LED lighting with Halogen Scene lights, a Federal Q2B siren, Federal PA300, with a Howler, Grover 21" Stuttertone air horns. Well the pictures didn't work -__-
  23. Ben C

    City.. Where do I start?

    Hi, Ive mostly been building Fire/ EMS/ Police MOCs, but I now want to start building a city with a Downtown, Midtown, Suburb and rural area, Could I please have some tips/ pointers on where to start and how to make it more realistic?
  24. Hello, I am new here on Euro Bricks, but I have been building for some time and I have started a Fire dept. I was wondering what I could improve on and what is liked/ disliked. There are more, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of them..
  25. Here is my latest Modular MOD. It is the sixth modular that i made an XL version of. I take two sets of the original and then MOD it into one large building. Hope you like it. The interior is also adapted to the larger space inside that is available....