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Found 97 results

  1. Hey all! For a while, I've want to build something for the frozen beyond, but I never made time for it. When I was building for a contest, with a mage-battle category, I decided it was time for a build for The Frozen Beyond. For those that are wondering, no it doesn't have purple roofs, so this isnt located in Kyrrath. This build is located somewhere in the land in south of Kyrrath. The reason I didn't go for purple roofs(wanted to do so, at first) is that I didnt want to use black in my build, and I don't have enough purple wedges for all the roofs. So in the end I went for the blue-orange colorscheme, to make an unrealistic color-combination, although I didn't want it to look 'weird'. In the end I'm quite pleased with the result, so now it's up to you to make your own opinion at my build :) I didn't really make a story, but my build shows that the algus is still slowly spreading over the guilds... It has even reached one of the 'hottest' places, far into the nocturnus' lands... But although they come close to these places, the algus isn't strong enough to capture the house of the fire-mage... This far from the north, the power of the Algus isn't that big anymore, and the icemage gets blown away by the firespells, used by the fire-mage... Here are the pictures: The build itself: The fire-mage: The Algus-mage gets a 'warm welcome'..... And here some other views at the house: And finally a shot from above, that shows the different angles in the build quite nicely.. I hope you like my build, And feel free to share your opinion :) Jaap
  2. soccerkid6

    Unwelcome Tidings

    My 10th and last entry to the Colossal Castle Contest (small miscellaneous category). This was mainly a small fun build to mess around with new designs. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and that I was able to get every element actually attached, except the 3 logs which rest securely in the firewood bin. First installment in the story. After his first successful meeting with the Jarl of Balkr, Glorfindel had high hopes that he would meet with similar success when visiting other jarls and lords on the Nocturnus border. Dedan had set off for another clansman village, while Glorfindel's next trip took him to the medium sized town of Firoir. A single guard stood watch at the gate, or rather sat watch, as he was resting on a stool. "What's your business here?" He questioned, not bothering to stand. "I need to speak with Lord Tuinis," Glorfindel replied, taking in the somewhat disheveled uniform of the soldier. "Just straight on down the main road to his manor then, can't miss it." "Thank you, and good day," said Glorfindel, to which the guard merely grunted. Continuing on his way, Glorfindel saw that the guard was right and that it would be almost impossible to miss the large ornate manor. After an equally brief conversation with the steward, Glorfindel found himself face-to-face with Lord Tuinis in a lavish wood paneled room. "And what brings the esteemed Sir Glorfindel to the humble town of Firoir?" Asked Tuinis with a sneer. "Urgent orders from Elon Chorian no doubt, more men and supplies needed to defend our beloved capitol city?" Somewhat taken aback by the lord's belittling manner, Glorfindel tried to be diplomatic in his response: "It's always an honor to be received into any town of Mitgardia, and while the capitol is secure, I do bring word from Chorian that the villages, towns, and cities along the Nocturnus border should be fortified against a possible attack from the darklands. Tuinis jeered, "Of course! It's easy enough for him to order new fortifications and more soldiers to be trained, but we lords always pay the price for his petty concerns. Not a year ago, I was ordered to send troops and reserves of goods to the North for defense against the Algus threat. Yet this supposed threat to our existence was never even sighted by my scouts!" "Surely you don't mean to question the validity of the Algus attack?" Glorfindel asked incredulously. "Northern Mitgardia paid a dear price to keep the Algus from advancing to your doorstep! And if your scouts really never picked up on that threat, that only betrays their incompetence!" "You dare insult a lord of Mitgardia to his face at his own hearth?" spat Tuinis, "I know your kind, merely a lackey of Valholl, constantly sticking your nose into your better's business, and getting rewarded for it!" For a moment, Glorfindel could only consider the satisfaction a swift blow to the insolent face before him would provide, then with a great effort he controlled himself and turned from the room. Tuinis aimed one final insult at the retreating figure "That's right, crawl back to your fancy city and learn not to meddle. You have no authority here, boy." Another view of the build. I hope you're enjoying this storyline with Glorfindel, I'm having fun actually using my character for once Comments and suggestions always welcome
  3. Hi guys, I'm new here, and I want to present my newest MOC: Pierce Arrow XT "Tiller Truck" in colors of San Jose Fire Department A tiller truck, also known as a tractor-drawn aerial, tiller ladder, or hook-and-ladder truck, is a specialized turntable ladder mounted on a semi-trailer truck. Unlike a commercial semi, the trailer and tractor are permanently combined and special tools are required to separate them. It has two drivers, with separate steering wheels for front and rear wheels. One of the main features of the tiller-truck is its enhanced maneuverability. The independent steering of the front and back wheels allow the tiller to make much sharper turns which is particularly helpful on narrow streets and apartment complexes with mazelike roads. An additional feature of the tiller-truck is that its overall length, over 50 feet (15 m) for most models, allows for additional storage of tools and Equipment Some departments elect to use tiller-quints, which are tiller trucks that have the added feature of being fitted with an on-board water tank.[5] These are particularly useful for smaller departments that do not have enough personnel to staff both an engine company and a truck company. Real tiller truck responding: My Lego model has this functions: Hauler: - front axle steering "Hand of God" - movable engine pistons, wheel setup 6x4 - cab tilting - openable doors - lighting: 5x PF Lights, 6x Light brick 1x2 - (Lights & Sound) Ladder trailer: - wheels steering, (either with steering wheel in tillermans cab or through gearing on fifth wheel) - openable stowage compartments - sliding doors on tillerman`s cab - side outriggers - (hand operated) - ladder lifting - 2x linear actuator (hand operated) - ladder rotation - (hand operated) ,360° range - ladder boom (hand operated with string) - lighting: 5x PF Lights, Battery-Box, 1x PF Switch,+ 1x M-Motor & 2x PF Switch for flashing effect
  4. Dar2k

    [MOC] Ford E-450 US ambulance

    Updated November 2, 2016 : New version here : > click there ! < Ford E-450 Ambulance by Rastko, sur Flickr Original post : Hello everybody ! As I said in my presentation, I like building everything with wheels. So today, I am going to present you my newest MOC. It's an american Ford E-350 E-450 (thanks Only Sinner ;) ) ambulance, and I was inspired by the L.A. Fire Department one. The real ambulance : And my version : Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Rear doors can be opened Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr The top is removable, and the inside is also detailed : Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Thanks for reading me. Hope you like it, and don't hesitate to comment ! :)
  5. This model is basically two different "okay" fire boat sets smashed together to make a "better" ship. The features I'm talking about are modern upper decks with plenty of fire-fighting power (represented by CITY set 7207), and a brick built hull like from the early series of ships. (as seen on set WORLD City 7046) As a side note, The printed parts are from another Fire Station from the 4 Juniors theme. (4657) With that in mind, I built a whole new hull for the ship out of mostly 2 x 10 and 2 x 8 bricks with a few fancy bow parts from set 7046 thrown in. The rest of the ship comes from set 7207, but with a few tweaks here and there. (such as adding a smokestack and rear water tank) The rear of the ship features an extendable and rotatable water cannon arm to get deep inside the burning hull of the imaginary ship this vessel is fighting to save. You can also see the smaller cannons scattered around the ship in several locations. The top of the ship's bridge flips open to reveal the command center of the model, with the steering wheel and several computer readouts telling of power supplied to the engines and of radar detected objects in the ship's path. The lower deck consists of the galley (or kitchen) and a quite large computer terminal array. The forward flip-up section features water pressure monitor controls. NOTES: The upper deck (the bridge) is grouped separately in the file because it is removable to access the ship's lower level. Also, I originally made this for my brother, but he changed his mind on it, so I'll be (eventually) building it instead. And thanks to user BrickWild who provided the LDD file to begin this model in the "official sets made in ldd" topic: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=41226 LDD file: http://www.moc-pages...1470680805m.lxf PRINTED PARTS: The smokestack should have two of these: http://www.bricklink...Color=5#T=C&C=5 The water tank should have this print: http://www.bricklink...Color=5#T=C&C=5 The forward flip-up window section should be this part: http://www.bricklink...Color=5#T=C&C=5 As usual, comments, questions, and complaints would be very welcome! EDIT: ship majorly updated and LDD file amended as well. Enjoy!
  6. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Yacht fire

    Tuesday, early in the moring. The fire department recive a call of a yacht that's on fire. When the first engine arrives at the scene, the flames are coming out of the front. 2 Firefighters are getting a hose to fight the fire. 2 Other firefighters are looking for any victims. A second engine & a fire boat arrives at the scene to help. The boat is checking if nobody is in the water. The second engine helps with fighting the fire. The fire was under control in 20 minutes. The police is still investigating how the fire started. *Note: Maby some things in the text are not corrrect, English is not my main language The first engine just arrived. The fire boat is at the scene The fire is getting extinguished. The second engine just arrived. The fire is under control, 2 firefighters are checking. I hope you liked this MOC!
  7. I thought she deserved a vehicle of her own, but I couldn't really think of many vehicles that'd be useful for a spy, so I decided to go for the classics and build a mini-mecha. To access the mecha's interior, the hood folds up and the chest folds down. Since her Ultimate's main power is beetle bomb, I gave her a little pet beetle. It could be a plushie, but that'd make the launcher completely inexplicable, rather than merely mostly inexplicable. Sadly, I couldn't figure out a way to give it three pairs of legs rather than two. Thoughts? The red light inside the hood is supposed to represent some kind of heat ray device. The tr. red tiles are a stand-in for a Nexo Power shield inlay. When I build it in real life, I'm planning to replace the assembly connecting that little grappling hook to the rest of the mech with a stud launcher. Gallery. Comments and criticism appreciated!
  8. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] An Apartment fire downstown

    A fire has broken out downtown. In the garage, under the apartment a fire started in a car. In no-time the entire garage on fire. The resident of the apartment was in the room above the garage. When he heard a noise in his garage. To his surprise, there was a fire. But it was to late, he was closed in. There wasn't a way out. He called the fire department. When the Fire department was at the scene, 2 firefighters went inside to rescue the trapped man. 2 other firefighters were extinguishing the garage fire. The fire could spread to the BrickBank and 2 other building. More crews arrived at the scene, they were used to prevent the fires from spreading to the other buildings. The man was saved by the fire department. The ambulance taked care or him. The fire department prevented the fires from spreading. *Note: Maby some things in the text are not corrrect, English is not my main language The garage fire with the apartment above. The ambulance take care of the man. The first engine on the scene. Firefighers getting in a building near the fire to check if it is spread. The brick bank has been evacuated. I hope you liked this MOC!
  9. Severus A

    [MOC] Airport Fire Crew 4wide

    I've built these vehicles to be used for the town airport. It is a small unit containing a water (or foam) cannon, a tank with ladder, tools and hose and a paramedic vehicle. LEGO Fire Crew 1 by Severus A, on Flickr The water cannon: LEGO f.c. 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO f.c. 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO f.c. 4 by Severus A, on Flickr The paramedic unit: LEGO paramedics 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO paramedics 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO paramedics 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO paramedics 6 by Severus A, on Flickr The tank with ladder: LEGO f.t. 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO f.t. 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO f.t. 5 by Severus A, on Flickr
  10. sasbury

    MOC Snorkel Aerial Fire Truck

    Two of the the official Lego fire sets this year are based on a snorkel design. This inspired me to make my own. The boom is entirely self supporting at many angles. See more photos at . Let me know what you think.
  11. No relation to the boat. Really. TWO FIRE DEMONS Melty's on the left and Smashy's on the right. MELTY MELTY 2 SMASHY SMASHY 2 Yup, that's Batman's cape... Thanks for watching.
  12. Hello All, And here is the second upgrade to my town set, the fire station. Police station can be found here: So, once again the problem: (town sets don't really match the look of the new modular buildings) The plan! And the results: again from front From the back (this one I spent a bit more time on the interior as the fire station is the favorite of my son. And finally a zoom in on the living quarters: So there you go, one more left. Anyone else undertaking similar upgrades to their town sets?
  13. This is my try at making one of the new NZFS MAN fire trucks.
  14. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Airport Fire Truck no. 1

    Hi again, today I post my Airport Fire Truck, the model is from the 2013 set 60061 "Airport Fire Truck". I like the design and the model, so I decided not distorting it further. I added a fire hose on the right side, a fire spear in the front, more equipments and lights.
  15. I have been searching new MOC subject for some time, as I want a model to be good looking for display; to have enough features but not too complex; to well use of my inventory (major sets part out mostly from 2012 onwards), and to play with my kid reliably. The new PANTHER Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle by The Rosenbauer Group has caught my attention. It’s the 4th generation ARFF vehicle launched in mid 2015 and its futuristic appearance, 6x6 chassis, unique sliding doors and feasible color scheme fit my MOC wish list very well. I started from the bodywork by modeling the truck exterior features, for example , roof profile, back exhaust louvers, incline headlights, steep ramp angle at the front and the back, and spent quite some time adjusting the body shape from being too boxy. The design of the chassis is straight forward. Since the real PANTHER is supposed to be a fast rescuing machine, I made good use of the large interior to fit in 3 XL motors to ensure enough power for driving. One motor drive one axle at a time, instead of stacking all three motors in parallel. This will avoid too much toque applying on one single Lego element. Rear axles are modified live axle suspension ‘floating’ within a rigid frame, resulting similar effect as independent suspension. Front axle is simple live axle suspension with steer function. All axles are driven in 1:1 ratio. Similar to the real PANTHER engine location, an inline 6 cylinders fake Volvo engine is seated at the back and is geared up to 2.78:1. By using the rear axles as pivot, weight (battery boxes) is placed at the back to balance the motors weight applying to the front axle. Sides panels at both end can be opened manually for battery box access. It’s challenging to pack the door sliding mechanism under the cabin without interfering the steep ramp angle at the front. The test build is done during the Christmas holiday and the doors slide quite well after a few design attempts and I am quite satisfied with the result. I am still in the process of thinking whether to use a simple swinging turret as the forth function, or a more complex high reach extendable turrets that will require an extra 2 channels and a lot of design effort.
  16. The Steward

    A fiery Bandit (Free Build)

    Okay first off, this is my first Free Build, my first build for Historica period. So it might not be amazing but I don't think it's terrible. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. It features my character Dorshov the wizard, And yeah, on to the story: The wind rustled through the trees in one of the dense forests in Nocturnus. Step step clack, step step clack. The rhythmic sounds of foot steps and a walking stick echoed through the trees. An old man rounded the bend and started for the small bridge that spanned the small gorge cut by the creek that it surrounded. Ahead of him, on the opposite bank hidden behind a tree was a lone bandit. From his hiding place, he stared covetously at the large red jewel at the tip of the old mans walking stick. . As the old man stepped onto the bridge the bandit leapt out from his hiding place and charged forward! The old man (Dorshov), raised his staff and cried out a guttural word. And fire blasted from his staff, and the bandit screamed as he was consumed by fire.As the bandit crumbled to ash, Dorshov resumed his journey leaving the a mound of ash and a sword behind... finis (that's Latin for finish or end) As I said already compliments and criticism is welcome, thank you for taking the time to look at this. As requested I have added pictures of the entire build.
  17. Ninja8

    What to add to my city?

    Hello, I'm on a quest to build a completely custom city...and I need ideas from YOU. I have the following things already built Ems Police Trains but could add more Trash Truck Fire ​If you have any ideas please leave them below. Thanks mocpages link http://www.mocpages....home.php/122166
  18. LukeWarmTea

    Best of the best

    Howdy all! I'm in the middle of designing a MOD/MOC for my daughter's Christmas present based off of City Police Station 7498, which I always felt was the 'best' City Police Station in modern times. But my OH pointed out that others would totally see the play-ability options in 60047 as making that set superior, even though I always felt the building was a bit naff. So, I began wondering - what, of the major sets, are the best of the best? Which one if YOUR favourite, and why? Major sets would be Fire Station, Police Station, Garage, Hospital etc; I've noticed everyone says "we haven't had a proper hospital since Town's ETC 6380" and I'm wondering if the same thing has happened with other big sets, or if it's a matter of taste?
  19. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no. 2

    Hi mates, today I post my Fire Truck Ladder no. 2, the model is based on 2012 set 60002 "Fire Truck". I added two more big compartments and two small boxes, light, more equipments, two small fire hoses with control panel. Finally, I added more segments to the ladder and a chest.
  20. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no.1

    Hello, this is the time to post my Fire Ladder no.1. The model is based on 2004 set 7239 "Fire Truck". Now has a lot of equipments, more storage boxes and compartments, fire hoses and two control panel on the sides, lights, water spear and ladder with 7239 mechanism. This truck can tow a divers unit with dinghy. The divers unit:
  21. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Off Road Fire Truck

    Hello! I continue to post my creations on Fire Trucks theme. This is the time of the my Off Road Fire Truck. Is based on the model from 2012 set 4208 "4x4 Fire Truck". Over the standard set equipments, now has two more large compartments, more equipments as chainsaw, a fire hose with relative control panel and lights.
  22. SharpShot

    [MOC] NZ Type 3R Fire Engine

    Hello, This is my first MOC, which is based off of the only rear mounted pump truck in New Zealand, Sockburn 257, now Nelson 217. (Sorry about the large image size)
  23. I think this was my second mini movie. Camping in the wild and scary things will happen.with a twist (of course) in the end.
  24. rriggs

    MOC - New Fire Headquarters

    Hi all Time to rebuild the fire headquarters into a modular-ish style headquarters. Here the start of work: And the nearly finished exterior: The roof comes off and the floors come apart but at the moment there is no interior. I need to put in some interior walls, etc. The staircases and fireman's pole are there but that's it at the moment. The big opening at the bag will have hanger style folding doors when done. More soon... Cheers Rog
  25. talos

    Fire Prevention

    Its the 4th of July here in the USA, and here in California, there is an epic drought. So, the CalFire people used Lego to try to get the word out to not use illegal fireworks with the potential to cause a lot of damage if a fire starts because of it. I love how they put a CalFire logo on the fire truck in the background. Happy 4th, be safe!