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Found 4 results

  1. Haunted A-Frame Cabin While I'm looking forward to the see my A-Frame Cabin on the shelves of the LEGO stores worldwide as it has been chosen as one of the next LEGO IDEAS sets (I still can't believe it...), I built a spooky variation of the rustic house based on the 2012 LEGO Monster Fighters series. It is a kind of tribute to the MF Haunted House released in 2012 by TLG. Size and shape are basically the same as the A-Frame Cabin, colors, details, setting and Minifigures are completely different. If you take a deeper look, you can spot many references and Easter eggs directly related to the LEGO horror theme. The gramophone, the trunk with the top hat, the glass dome with a bone inside are all objects from the MF set. The gate is also a clear tribute to the Haunted House. And take a look at the zombie heads above the gate columns, do you remember where they were in the MF set? Last but not least don't miss the magic Bat Moonstone of Lord Vampyre, the villain of the series. Enjoy and happy Hall🎃ween!
  2. sander1992

    Pursuit through the asteroid field

    Hello everyone, This is the first time I managed to build fighters. I promised to someone to create my own vehicles. Normally I do landscapes and buildings. I created some asteroids with reddish brown and dark bluish gray elements. I used trans clear bricks as standards for the asteroids and fighters. Here is the link to the pictures. Feedback, comments and questions are welcome. Sincerely, Sander
  3. TenorPenny

    My Microspace Universe

    Someone recently asked me about whether my micro stuff is set in a universe, preset or otherwise. So I decided to bore you all with a topic about it..! [sorry. Part One Follows..] Précis Humankind (known as Earthlings to the other species of the Galaxy, mostly a derisory label) had colonised the Sol System by 2110. It was only then that breakthroughs were made with their faster-than-light systems, allowing them to progress and expand outwards from Sol. But humankind remained fractured by old divides and hatred, countries and nations. By 2195 there were several local colonies, American, British, European, Russian and a smattering of ground broken by smaller governments. Meanwhile, mega-corporations were quick to expand into the resource exploitation and manipulation made possible by so much new ground. Space became crowded around the human homeworld. Safe and secure and very bureaucratic. Humankind kept mostly cordial relationships with several alien cultures and organisations, remaining mostly neutral as they put toes into the waters of interstellar politics. FTL drives were invented with longer ranges, less restrictions. And human pioneers expanded ever outwards, into what was known as the Galactic Rim. Far away from the crowded, developed Core Worlds, many humans found their fortunes and opportunities farflung from Earth. The old Sol governments expanded cautiously, sensing the security risks involved. Individuals and smaller groups were joined by the resource and opportunity hungry Mega-corporations in setting up outposts and operations away from the stifling Core. Humans were less neutral out on the Rim, forced into conflict and alliances with new and dangerous species. Ship classes: -Fighters: The smallest fighters need one pilot and are equipped with cannons or forward firing missiles. They have no FTL capability of their own, so are used to protect static targets or need a large carrier craft to be deployed from. Pilots are easy to train and often quite disposable. Examples below: The Keepsake-class Fighter by TenorPenny, on Flickr F-12 'Swingwing' by TenorPenny, on Flickr FB-22 'Scimitar' by TenorPenny, on Flickr -Heavy Fighters/Couriers Capable of FTL travel, with more precious crew and usually armed with better weapons, this class of ship is less disposable and more adaptable to situations. Usually found in the possession of individuals or smaller groups. F41 'Cougar' by TenorPenny, on Flickr Skylark-class Courier by TenorPenny, on Flickr Widowson-class Courier by TenorPenny, on Flickr The Voidsbane by TenorPenny, on Flickr NV-2 [A reboot] by TenorPenny, on Flickr Gen-7 (landed) by TenorPenny, on Flickr AS-27 Escort Shuttle by TenorPenny, on Flickr Corvettes: The smallest class of ship able to equip weapons and armour of capital ship scale. Usually armed with turrets and crewed by many as opposed to a few, Corvettes are used as picket vessels and armed escorts to larger ships designed to transport goods and troops. Clan Gunship by TenorPenny, on Flickr The Blackjack by TenorPenny, on Flickr Tigerhound-class Corvette by TenorPenny, on Flickr The Red Wench by TenorPenny, on Flickr BB-22 Corvette by TenorPenny, on Flickr
  4. Hey all, this is my latest MOC of Mai Shiranui from the SNK Neo Geo Fighting series "King of Fighters" "Gals fighters" for the Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld system! This was my test mosaic for the even larger one I have built that will be seen at the Brickworld convention in a few weeks. That one will be unveiled at BW and posted online post unveil. But this one is for all of you to see right now! (and it will be at Brickworld too!) Mosaic: Mai Shiranui! From SNK's King of Fighters! by ChrisR18t, on Flickr Comments welcomed!