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Found 40 results

  1. Location: A04 - Mynderis Tags: Science, Engineering Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my fifth weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to find out if we can improve our Awesomnium extraction from Mynderis. I have gone back to first principles and came up with a new extraction method taking advantage of the very high natural temperatures here on Mynderis. I have been assigned to work with Donald an Engineer to put my designs to work right away. Donald was initially skeptical of the design, but had suggested multiple improvements that will not reduce the effectiveness, but will reduce the required maintenance of the device. Donald is making the final adjustments and we are already getting spectacular results." With the light brick active the lava appears to glow Comments and criticism welcome
  2. Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Engineering, Structures, Military, Piracy Job: Engineer Engineer's Log: 26 Julali 3815 ORB and I have just finished with the new landing pad for an advanced light spacecraft currently under construction. Along with the landing pad, we were assigned the task of developing and building a deep space sensors piracy tower. Any data collected from any deep space sensors placed on this planet will now be automatically re-routed to a receiver inside the tower itself. Using the new advanced light spacecraft we can now fly in, download the data to on board computers and fly out in a matter of minutes. It gives us more information on the strange signals coming from the center of the galaxy. "Ok, ORB, hold that panel still while I finish securing it". "ORB"? "What is it, you seem ill at ease"? "My Lady, I don't know, something feels off". "Are your operating systems functioning properly"? "Yes, my Lady, I just ran a diagnostic and all is within normal range" "ORB, what you are feeling is us being watched, from a short distance by two of the local population". "We are being watched"! "Yes, ORB, by peaceful Terrrians". "I don't see them my Lady, all I see are strange plants". "Why do you think I had you wear plants you would appear peaceful as well". "Good thinking my Lady". Sorry about the poor lighting for the final photos, a storm was moving in. I hope you enjoyed your tour of Terrrial Minor. C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  3. 19 Julali 3815 C04 Aeristus Tag: Engineering, Military, Building/Structure Engineer: Lady Kianna and ORB Engineer's Log: The weather has been especially nice. Warm sunny days with a slight breeze blowing to the southwest of us, ORB has been proving his usefulness as a member of the team. With a new paint job and new attachments, removing obstructions is easy for him and he seems to be enjoying the work. After the success of my last mission I was chosen to design a very special structure for the planet Aeristus. Intelligence reports indicate a large presence of Kawashita members in the immediate area. Also included in those reports was the observation of them working with an alien race. The mission handed to me and my new assistant ORB was to establish a stealth listening post. Due to the large areas of grasslands, this was a major challenge that ORB and I were more than happy to take on. The results are very pleasing to the eye and to the ear....... "Ok, ORB we are finished here, what do you think"? "I think my grass trimming skills equal your engineering skills, my Lady"..... "You did a superb job my friend"! "As did you, my Lady, my friend"....."And now The Temple Of The Green Light is ready for any and all who wish to visit here". "ORB, I hope they do visit, and conduct secret business inside....where all that they say will monitored in the new forward base". "Come on ORB, lets get you some more training with your new attachments....." "I really like my new swords, my Lady, very useful......." "Useful indeed, ORB, useful indeed....." Hope you enjoyed seeing C04 Aeristus as much as I enjoyed building it! C&C Welcome!
  4. 12 Julali 3815 Planet (F02) Lesser Dringo Tags: Engineering, Building, Piracy, Military Engineer’s Log: Lady Kianna I have been sent to Lesser Dringo by The Council Of Five on a secret mission to evaluate a new water extraction research / research lab established by Octan. According to Intelligence reports, Dr. Long will be visiting to personally verify reports of an alien object discovered when the water extraction began. My assignment is to observe the water extraction process and bring back valid evidence of this alien discovery. I will record my observations as I go for a more detailed report. Meanwhile, in W.E.R. Lab Beta: Dr Long: “A cubicle, really? For someone as important as me!? Well at least I have a complete view of the whole lab and can watch all the workers from here…..and they need watching, bunch of lower pay grade technicians. And that ORB, really? I have been given an outdated and useless, repair bot! At least the strange alien artifact is something….I could write at least three scientific papers on it! Maybe more if I stretch out the research time……yes, I could do that! Oh great, now the large exhaust fans turn on….I can’t even hear myself think….breath, happy place, paperwork…….” Laughter could be heard from inside the building, as the three lab technicians Frank, Robert, and George were having a little fun with ORB, while Dr. Long was trying to find a happy place doing relaxing paperwork for Octan. Frank: “Hey any bot-y got a screwdriver to fix this”? George: “Nope, but I could sure use a hammer over here…..” Robert: “Yeah and I could use a crowbar…….but all we have out here is an outdated overworked and useless Obsolete Repair Bot”! Over in the corner poor ORB hid his single eye and drooped his antenna in extreme sadness. He was not useless, overworked yes, outdated….maybe but the newer models simply didn’t have what he did. He had what the humans called personality, he could think for himself and fix whatever was needed before being told to (well he really could if he still had all his tool attachments…all he had left were two wrenches attached on opposite sides of him). Outside the lab: (recording on)….“This is Lady Kianna reporting from the Octan Water Extraction/Research (W.E.R.) Lab Beta on Lesser Dringo. I have the building in sight, the lab really stands out with the bright white, red and green colors of the large building against the colors of the surrounding arid desert. I had no trouble finding it. No guards visible, the doors appear to be activated via a pressure plate. I am going in”. (pause) (resume).....“I have entered the building, note to self..these are really cool doors…I see three lab technicians and Dr. Long is in her….cubicle..?…(at least we give our scientists real offices)… she appears to be enjoying doing paperwork…the large wall fans seem to be providing excellent noise coverage…..My plan is to approach the lab techs (I will use the new tranquilizers Big Sal developed)…wait is that a Obstruction Removal Bot? I thought all corporations had phased them out by now. Wow, what a find, those Bots were the best! Very reliable, durable, and could handle any job. It looks like it is missing all but two of its tools, and appears to be leaning against a wall? Odd, never seen that before”. (pause) (resume)…..“All three went down without a struggle, one was mumbling something about woman in the desert, I’m sure that will go over real well with Dr. Long when they awake…the lab is clean and orderly, the work station can be overseen from the cubicle….the water extraction system is a good design, albeit a little unstable if there should be any shallow quakes due to magma moving close to the surface……” “May I help you’? “What? Who spoke? “I did my lady, I am ORB”. “Well I am pleased to meet you, why are you pointing a wrench at me”? “It is for you to shake, that is what friends do in greeting”. “I am shaking the hand/wrench of ORB, who is my new friend”. (pause) (resume)…”I have found the alien artifact just laying here all by itself….looking dangerous and lonely….I think I will just have to take it with me….Big Sal will love this… wait, ORB why are you following me”? “I want to go with you when you leave. You talked nice about me when you were hiding outside talking to yourself….I could hear you”. “You could hear,….. I wasn’t talking,….. oh never mind, yes you can go with me…..time to go ORB , the lab techs are waking up, good thing we placed them by the coffee machine….and Dr. Long is standing up……”(pause) (resume)….yeah, gotta love those pressure plate doors……now back to HQ to give a full report….I have the alien artifact and ORB with me. Lady Kianna signing out! (recording off) Back in the lab: Dr Long: “Why are those three sitting on the ground drinking coffee (storms down the stairs)….what are you three doing? Your last break was 4 hours ago and you don’t get another one for another 4 hours”! Fred, George, Robert (speak all at once): ….”Dr. Long there was this mysterious woman in the desert and…..” Dr. Long: “Wait stop right there….you expect me to believe a mysterious woman appeared out of nowhere? Really? Now get back to work on analyzing the alien artifact and fix the water extractor……And where is that obsolete bot”? Additional photos: Showing the water extractor The Lab The entire build Thanks and I hope you enjoyed your visit to (F02) Lesser Dringo. C&C Welcome. Sorry for the longer story full of pictures. It was my first time at a more in-depth build and character development.
  5. Open channel message #008 to Octan Corporation.. Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Exploration, land Vehicle,space ship, Engineering. Terrian:While dominated by volcanic activity, the deserts here hide vast water supplies. Meanwhile back in Farmolis in the Smith Lab. Mrs Smith is going over the results from the Awesomnium crystals found and gathered from E03 The crystals have since been hooked up to a power generator to be able to see what can be done from this power source. Then on the comlink “Mrs Smith are you there?” “that sounds like Dr. Long? Great now what did those boys get up to?” I need you to load up you equipment for some water collection on F02, Mr. Smith and Guy have seemed to have found a catacomb with water and have no way of extracting it.” “No Problem, Dr. Long, I thought something had gone wrong or the boys had gotten into trouble. I will get right on it. Some time passes Alright I need these sample containers and this tanker loaded onto F429 and I will be leaving for F02. BACK ON F02 “JS, you have to come see this!” “Alright so nothing to blow up?!?! bummer, ok one sec.” “the water seems prestine, I sent Dr. Long a pre-brief, she will be getting a hold of my wife.” INCOMING TRANSMISSION: “Mr.Smith, Guy, Mrs. Smith is coming to you and will be bringing supplies for you to collect samples then I need Guy back here on the O.C.S. Axle, there is Laundry to be done. “ Great, just when I thought I was finished with Laundry.” ”don’t forget to grab some more fabric softener on the way back… To be continued…. Pics of 429 And the Tanker
  6. Jody Meyer

    [O - F02] Lesser Drigo Catacomb

    Open channel message #007 to Octan Corporation.. Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Exploration, Mech,Engineering Terrian:While dominated by volcanic activity, the deserts here hide vast water supplies.” I finally had gotten back to my bay to do some work, it had been a while since Dr. Long had asked me to check out some planets...AHHh E02...I think I want to retire there...once MANTIS has been Engineering bay_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr anyways I had just started to get some work done on my new addition to my bay when a call came in. transmission_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr transmission_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr “Mr Smith, I need you to head out to F02 - Lesser Drigo, out scanners have picked up this stranger structure and I need you to check it out. Please take Guy Wind with you, he will be glad to go with you along the way, I know he enjoys doing the laundry but that is only his hobby, he needs to get back to exploring. “agreed, but he may also might be upset from me sending him to E02 just after MANTIS arrived, sounded like it was not really a vacation after all.” “Mr Smith, he will be fine, just give him time, over and out. “Guy, ready for another trip? I’ll go with you..Dr. Long would like us to check out a strange structure on there to pick you up in the way by the AXIS.” “Really? Last time you said it would be nice and relaxing…” “C’mon it will be alright, I bring my upgraded mech just in case…” ”fine... “ “ok these are the coords that were sent to me, yup that is a structure all right, kind of ancient looking… F02_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr F02_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr “ok you go in first and I will protect you with the mech” ] “um what?!?!?, ok..fine…” F02_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr F02_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr ] “well what do you see?” F02 ] "WATER!...A vast catacomb of water?!!!” TO BE CONTINUED….
  7. kabel

    [O-H09] Engineering SNAFU

    Location: H09 Wastyria Tags: engineering, mining rig, civil When Henry H3 Himmelmann was finally released from E01 he was sobered up enough to dutifully commence his next mission. This time mission objective was to see if he couldn't fix the problems a rookie engineer had run into setting up a mining rig on H09 ... Henry mumbled angrily: "Ah ya damn rookies fresh out of engineering school, ya know everything about electronics and biotics and what not. But it when it really comes down to fixing a mechanical problem you look like a whale stranded on a beach!" "Mr. H3" "Ya can call me Henry, I hate that damn H3 name" "Mr. H3 Sir, what are you doing there" "Well young fella, what d'ya think I'm doing?" "Er Sir, is that a hammer you've got in your hand there?" Henry started to laugh loudly: "Yeah a hammer, what else do you thing it is kiddo?" "Er Sir, yeah I think I'v read about hammers before but I don't really know what they do I have to admit!" "Well, let me show you!" And so without further explaination Henry took his hammer and swang it into the jammed structure. *clang* - the entire structure shook and they young engineer began to fear that it was going to collapse for good. But eventually the crane began moving again ... The reason why Octan had decided to place a mining rig on this tiny island in the first place was that around a small outcrop in the middle of a large ocean a whole series of black smokers had been discovered. Mission objective was to study if there were other rare minerals to be mined and to study if live out here was working under the same principles as on earth.
  8. [K - A06] Arrival at the Behemoth Kaiju So, you guys know the drill. I plan on doing something smaller for this week's build. I fail. This week I failed especially hard, considering that the Kaiju space station is ~6000 pieces (of which the space station itself is ~2500). However, I had great fun doing it, and I'm especially happy that everything could be done using legal techniques and pieces (so, if someone wanted to build it IRL, just contact me!). About the build; the base plate is 48x55 studs, no idea how tall. The high quality rendering took around 10 hours using LDD to POV-Ray (I should probably switch to Bluerender soon... I think some images would even look better using it, for example I'm not super-happy about the fourth rendered picture). After the "story", I included a little discussion regarding the size of the station, including calculations and assumptions, if anyone is interested. Also, when I edited everything together, I kinda noticed that the some of the parts resembles certain German WW1 and WW2 symbols. This is purely unintentional, so if anyone feel offended, I'm terribly sorry. C&C always welcome! --//Recording of a private conversation. Date: 2106(38)15. Scramble code: oaffalHLAkj2nj4lmkaa.//-- Narbilu: Hey, Q, everything okay with you? Q: Yes sir, everything is awsome. The new mines on Guinevere pump out gold at a steady pace, and our military bases should be able to keep M.A.N.T.I.S. at bay. Narbilu: Okay, that's great... how about... the wasps? Q: What do you mean sir? Narbilu: Well, you know, those private recordings we have... they aren't really private. See what I'm saying? Q: ... Narbilu: And, you know, as our chief engineer, you don't have to be at the front line all the time. Q: I don't? Narbilu: No. Q: ...but what about my awsome looking guns that I carry around with me all the time? Narbilu: You don't have to carry around them either. Q: I don't? But I thought they were standard requisition. Narbilu: *Sigh*, okay, first of all, you are a Colonel, and between you and me, soon to become a Brigadier General, so you don't have to use standard requisition. Second of all, have you ever seen any of our troops carrying around weapons like that? I mean, seriously, where did you even get them? And, I mean, you're an engineer, why would you even need those? Q: ...because they look awsome? Narbilu: *Sigh*, you know what. One of our Behemoth class space stations, the Kaiju, has arrived at Guinevere. You were in charge of designing them, so hop on the next Akena, take a tour around it, and see what can be improved. Since most of our gear is either manufactured there or ships via it, you will still have full control of our operations at Guinevere. Does that sound okay? Q: Sure, can I bring my guns? Narbilu: What, why wou... yes, fine, whatever, yes, you can bring your guns. The next Akena leaves from forward base 37/4-Gamma in 2 hours. Make sure you catch it. --//Recording of a private conversation stop. Scramble code: oaffalHLAkj2nj4lmkaa.//-- --//Private Log Begin. Date: 2206(38)15. Scramble code: 123StopListeningToMyPrivateStuff.//-- Heh, I love playing dumb with Narbilu. He gets riled up so quickly. Of course I know they are listening to all my private recordings. I generally like being on the front lines. Keeps you alert and makes sure you really understand what your men need. Not Guinevere though. Crappy piece of dust with those d*mn wasps. Guinevere is the 'Gates' equivalent to that place from those ancient Terran stories... Bruges, I think they call it. Anyway, it's good to be back on the Kaiju. Last time I saw her, she was in the space docks above Orinshi being built. Oh how far you have come my beautiful gargantuan lady. The Behemoth class space stations are truly the masterpieces of the Kawashita Group. Currently, there are two active; the Kaiju, and the Atlas, which is en route to Traig IV as I record this, with a third one, the Shiva, being built in the Orinshi space docks. The Behemoth class space stations are 100% modular and consist of three main types of parts; Residential, docks/engineering and science facilities. The residential areas are the big "rings". They have an independent propulsion system in order to create artificial gravity and super high speed MAGLEV elevators for transportation to the core. The Kaiju has two types of residential areas. The larger ring is configured for non military personel, i.e. science, engineering, miners, settlers, etc. The smaller rings are configured for military personel due to their proximity to the dock/engineering bays. The docks/engineering bays come in three different sizes depending on the type of ship. The largest host Ad Alpha class ships, including carriers, settlement, mining and maintenence vessels (in the docks closest to the largest ring), in addition to docking solutions for Dreadnaughts such as the Akena class. The second biggest host Alpha class ships and the smallest host fighters and bombers. Since gravity is not as important in the docks, it is simulated using directed magnetic fields. The dedicated science facilities on the Kaiju are fairly limited. There is an observatorium at the top of the station and a... sensor array on the bottom for... picking up signals? However, there are a lot of makeshift laboratories in the largest residential ring. Perhaps this is something that can be improved upon? Apparently there were some major destruction in one of the sectors after two junior researchers injected some sort of yellow reptilian creature with Awsomnium without the knowledge of their superiors. According to them, they had heard that "M.A.N.T.I.S. are doing it everywhere and creating a new breed of super-strong biological weapons". Seriously, why would anyone come up with an idea like that? It's just stupid. --//Private Log End. Signature: Q. Scramble code: 123StopListeningToMyPrivateStuff.//-- Discussion: 1. Regarding the size of the space station; when I decided to introduce the Akena class Dreadnaught to the build, my idea was that they were around 1.5 kilometers long (i.e. roughly the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer). This would make the bigger ring have a diameter of around 4.5 kilometers and a circumference of around 15 kilometers (D*Pi), and the smaller ones around 3/10 kilometers. Now, based on the Akena being 10 studs long, 1 stud is 150 meters. The rings are around 2 studs thick, i.e. 300 m. This would mean that the area for the big ring is (2.25 km ^ 2 - (2.25 km - 0.3 km) ^ 2) * Pi = 3.96 km^2 (and 2.54 km^2 for the smaller ones). The rings are 3 and 2 studs high respectively, i.e. 0.45 and 0.3 km, which yields a volume of 1.78 and 0.76 km^3 respectively, resulting in a total volume of ~3.31 km^3 in the residential area. If we assume that we are pretty generous with the space, for being a space station, and that each inhabitant would have 80 m^3 each (40 m^2 * 2 m), including all other area required, this would result in the station being able to host 3.31 / (80 / 1000 000 000) = 41.375 million people. If we assume the extra space takes up about twice as much as we initially thought, we'd still be able to host around 20 million people on the space station. Pretty nice. 2. Why are there no visible guns? Well, first of all, the base hosts an enormous fleet, which could take over an entire world by itself, so it doesn't really need that many guns. Second of all, even the biggest guns we have seen so far in AG are around 30 meters long (in my Polar Base), which would only be a fifth of a stud, so guns aren't really visible on this scale. Third of all, what's up with that absurdly huge sensor array which kinda looks like a doomsday device and is only close to military facilities? Wait, why did I bring that up when we were talking about guns? Nevermind. More pictures/comments under the spoiler button!
  9. LordDan

    [M-AO6] Communication Center

    Due to the strategic importance of Guinevere's vast deposits of gold and the numerous hostile Kawashita intruders on the planet Dan's superiors felt that establishing communication between all MANTIS forces on the planet was an essential step to conquering the planet. Dan was immediately sent out to construct a communication center. Unfortunately, the base took longer to construct than expected because all of the assistants sent to work under Dan turned out to be sick with some sort of stomach bug. The base is outfitted with several rooms full of holographic display screens, monitors, and many different buttons and keypads that allowed MANTIS supervisors do perform all sorts of tasks such as controlling drones, coordinating MANTIS counterstrikes against Kawashita operatives, analyze reports, access MANTIS records and operative's reports, remotely access MANTIS weapons platforms, launch missiles, and do all sort of other fun stuff. (Pictured is the main control room) ( Dan had a little fun testing out some of the systems before handing over control of the base to his superiors.) C & C appreciated
  10. Jody Meyer

    [O - H03] Getting settled

    Open channel message #005 to Octan Corporation.. Location: H03 Tags: Science, Exploration, Spaceship, Egineering Terrian: Rocks I have been given my marching orders to head over to H03, so I ordered on of those new fancy modules (wife wanted a new one) and had it sent to H03 for when we arrived. I also managed to get my mobile mineral sampling truck there as well. lots of room on the O.C.S. Mammoth. H03 seems rocky but has some nice water features, we were placed by a larger stream that seemed to supply raw Awesomnium. SO from our drone here is our settlement: h09.lxf by Meyerj, on Flickr A close up of the mobile Mining testing rig...prototype.. mobile miner.lxf by Meyerj, on Flickr A snapshot of our home away from home and our truck.. h09_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr of course the both of us hard at working scoping out the land.. h09.lxf by Meyerj, on Flickr h09_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Hail Lord Business Over and Out Mr. JS Smith. Special Thanks to Darkdruid for the modules and for the maker of Bluerender.
  11. C03-Torresta M.A.N.T.I.S. HQ Lady Kianna slowed her breathing and focused on the movement of the rivers of lava around her. Here in the Realm of Truth, as the lava garden just outside the HQ of M.A.N.T.I.S. is called, one is expected to focus on the upcoming mission. Maxx (Maxxenne) had insisted that she come here to ready herself mentally for all that was to come. As she watched the lava flow Lady Kianna remembered how she came to this moment in her life. Born in space to a military family, she grew up with all the daily discipline and ritual the lifestyle demanded. Her father was a leader and military tactician aboard the spaceship the Black Star where she and her family lived and worked. He knew both Maxxenne and Maxximus Corvus personally as he reported directly to both of them. Lady Kianna excelled at all her studies, showing great promise as someone who was willing take charge in the most hostile of situations remaining calm and focused, to be the first in volunteering for dangerous situation, and loved a good challenge. At the end of her formal schooling years, she was required to do a three year tour aboard the spaceship Obsidian. It was there that she learned much about mining and covert military operations. After settling on the planet Torresta and as the HQ began to take shape, Maxx (Maxximus) came directly to her father and recruited her to the engineering team. Having completed the first series of mission to planet B03 - Linopeia III she was now preparing for the next series of missions. With several choices to choose from Lady Kianna contemplated the challenges of each different environment for the engineering skills she would need to best support her team. Enjoy! C&C Welcome.
  12. Open channel message #004 to Octan Corporation.. I have been working on a new mining mech wondering if I get a chance to try it out, until just a few minutes ago I got my marching orders to head over to another realm..., so I get to pack it up along with my core cutting vehicle and see if can find any Awesomnium. by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr by Meyerj, on Flickr SO for now I am finished building my mining equipment and pack up my lab and head out to another realm... and see what it has in store for me and my crew. Over and Out Mr. JS Smith.
  13. Wedge09

    [K - C08] Building the docks

    Alexander "Wedge" Vandangant, a newly acquired engineer for Kawashita group, has been appointed to supervise the construction of new and wider infrastructures on Lorstan II for the further development of the planet. The docks on Lorstan II are progressing and will soon be ready... Enjoy!
  14. Jody Meyer

    [O - H06] Lab Update #2

    Open channel message #003 to Octan Corpotarion. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I have been busy getting my engineering bay up to speed, connecting new power sources as well as purchasing some new Octan issue robots for the help. More juice by Meyerj, on Flickr here is one from a different angle.... Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Say "got juice" by Meyerj, on Flickr I have to admit that the mech suit is useful but I am inthe process of upgrading it for mining purposes. I have also been side tracked and manage to construct a mining core vechile for those hard to extract places.. Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr one more for the lab. Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr as you can see Dr. Long, Ponytail has been set in the new guidelines here in my bay... a crude but useful video Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- That is all for this week, I have been busy in my real job...sorry.
  15. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Lab update

    Open channel message #002 to Octan Corpotarion. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Engineer J.S smith reporting from settlement on H06 - Farmolis, I have have finally secured a power source for my lab, let's not worry how I obtained this point. Work on my lab / workshop is coming along, my assistant Jeannie has set up the persuasion device for the other factions for just in case moments... Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr over and out j.s. smith Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Power source in action by Meyerj, on Flickr video to show working power source -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hail lord business End of message #002.