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Found 4 results

  1. Anders T


    Not really a pirate ship, but a ship nonetheless. From Wiki A dromon (from Greek δρόμων, dromōn, "runner") was a type of galley and the most important warship of the Byzantine navy from the 5th to 12th centuries AD, when they were succeeded by Italian-style galleys. It was developed from the ancient liburnian, which was the mainstay of the Roman navy during the Empire.
  2. Anders T

    Medieval Ships

    Lately I have made some ships from the Middle Ages. I am sharing them here as they could fit nicely with castles, knights, catapults and armor. The Middle Ages is a broad term, but according to Wikipedia, it is the period 500-1500. So far I have made: A Dromon, The Skuldelev Ships, A Cog, A Caravel, A Carrack and A Galley. All ships are minifig scale or approx. 1:40. Some models can altered in to waterline models, ie. the bottom can be removed so that they can stand on a "water surface". They are digital for now, but that may change. Here I confine myself to a picture of each ship. Some of them have additional pictures. These are in the pirate forum, where each ship has its own topic and on Flickr Dromon From Greek δρόμων, dromōn, "runner" was a galley and the most important warship of the Byzantine navy from the 5th to the 12th century. Length: 93 cm, Height: 43 cm, Width: 37 cm (with oars) Bricks: approx. 4350 Can be altered in to a waterline model. Skuldelev Ships 1-6 The Viking ships from Roskilde. Excavated in 1962. The largest model, Skuldelev 2, will have the following dimensions Length: 80 cm, Height: 40 cm, Width: 10.5 cm The smallest model, Skuldelev 6, will have the following dimensions Length: 29 cm, Height: 21.5 cm, Width: 7 cm Approx. 4900 bricks in all models combined. 2100 in Skuldelev 2, 1100 in Skuldelev 1 and 450-700 in each of the other ships. Skuldelev 1 A”large” cargo ship, Knarr, 1030 A. D. Skuldelev 2 (and 4) A warship, Skeid, 1042 A. D. Is so large that the excavation team initially thought it was two ships, hence 2 and 4 Skuldelev 3 A cargoship, Byrding, 1040 A. D. Skuldelev 5 A small warship, Snekkja, 1030 A. D. Skuldelev 6 A fishing boat or small cargo vessel, Ferje, 1030 A. D. Cog The cog is a ship type used from the 10th century to the 14th century. This model could represent a cog from from approx. 1270-1330. If anyone knows anything else, do tell. Length: 68 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 19 cm Bricks: approx. 4300 Can be altered to a waterline model. Caravel The caravel was developed in the 14th and 15th centuries. Shown here in both a lateen rigged and square-rigged version. With a length of 14 m (scaled), the model is roughly the same size as Niña (Santa Clara) and Pinta from the famous journey to Asia in 1492. Length: 40 cm, Height: 45 cm, Width: 10.5 cm Bricks: approx. 1300 (in one of them) Carrack Karrack, Caravela, Nau, Nao, Neef or Kraak., About. 1500 The ship type is a precursor to the galeon and builds on the cog, the holk / hulk and various Mediterranean ship types. When I researched this type of ship there were some very far-out versions of what it might look like. Maybe I will make some of them at some point, but here I have used different plans for Santa Maria and a lot of common sense. Length: 85 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 23 cm Bricks: approx. 6400 Can be altered to a waterline model. Galley This is a model of an Italian style galley. 14th century, 1571 or mid. 18th century depending on weight put on references or type. The main characteristics of the model are from La Capitana, a galley of Malta. The lines, armament, oars and overall arrangement follows the drawings of this ship. These are indexed in Architectura novalis mercatoria (published by Fredrik Henrik af Chapmann in 1768) as no.18 on plate LVIII Details, such as color, not provided by Chapmann, are from Real, the flagship of Don John of Austria in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. The details from this Spanish Real compared to the French La Réale from 1694; however, this ship is not a main reference. Length: 166 cm, Height: 113 cm (with stand), Width: 82 cm (with oars) Bricks: approx. 16200 Can be altered to a waterline model.
  3. After leaving the Healing House of Susanna, the brothers Alfrich and Gavin headed to the coastline of Avalonia. With their trusty pig and but a few belongings they made it to the town of Khandar, where Kha and his crew were helping to fight the plague. Kha had been sailing up and down the coast for most of the week keeping the shipping lanes clear and boats from making harbor where the plague may spread. Alfric and Gavin were desperate to make it to the city of Calder where the family has some extended relatives. Kha accepted their offer to work as deck hands in the hopes of making it south to the city of Calder later in the week. As the ship sailed around the corner of the bay, a member of the crew spotted a mysterious dark boat coming towards the city. Kha knew of the rumors of the 'black winged' ships spotted off the coast of Avalonia just before the plague broke out, and was determined to stop the ship from spreading further mayhem. As the boats approached each other, it became clear that the ship was not stopping, but seemed to be listing lazily through the waters. An oarsmen exclaimed in horror that the entire crew appeared to have died. It was then that they noticed movement on the deck.... So, here is the build for Category C for this Challenge. I was extremely over ambitious in how much time I had for this build and ran out this week! I ended up adding more foliage and less of the town than what I originally wanted, just to make sure that I could field an entry. Not super happy, but here it is. I would like to give some recognition to Zcerberus and Michael Rutherford for the inspiration on alot of this. Previous chapters: A Black Day http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96599 Quarantine http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96607 Evacuation http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96603 House of Healing http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96611 Overwhelming Susanna http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96628 Forest Refuge of the Order of Eden http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96660 The sanctuary of the Bloodleaf Shrine http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96644 Aiding the Refugees http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96658 Roadblock http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96672 Thanks to my teammates who have done an awesome job.....and stay tuned for the final couple of chapters!
  4. This is my entry for the "warship" GNAR category. The dromons are the heavy hitters of the Kaliphlin navy. Developed in Barqa, where the use of fire siphons was first employed in naval warfare, they are a devastating force, especially when deployed in formation. Thier heavy rams are proven ship-killers, and the prow siphon can throw a fire attack well over 30 metres. With the expansion of the fleet, construction of many of these intimidating ships have been contracted to the Peregrinus shipbuilders, who have been hard at work sourcing the finest timber from local and Mitgardian stocks to complete the order on time. Here, a newly built ship, The Kraken, is being sailed in convoy with others to join the rest of the fleet in Barqa. The Peregrinian shipwrights have also added thier own touch to the dromons - 4 mini catapaults to hurl pitch bombs at the enemy. Lord Sansael has taken the opportunity to deliver this batch of new ships personally - he also takes the time to discuss the latest developments in naval strategy with The Kraken's new captain. C&c welcome as always - thanks for looking peeps!