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Found 82 results

  1. Leewan

    [MOC] Sonic Screwdriver

    Haha, hello everyone ! Guess who ! Last weekend, I was playing with parts, and decided to make a Sonic Screwdriver. My Sonic Screwdriver, inspired by the Eleventh Doctor's one. Unfortunately, it dosen't make any sound or light (if I had the needed stuff and the knowledge I could, I think there's enough space to fit batteries, a LED, a sound block, and wires). :/ Brickshelf The gallery is not public yet, I hope it will be soon, and I hope you will enjoy my MOC. C&C welcome, of course. :)
  2. SteampunkDoc

    The Fourth Doctor's TARDIS

    Here is the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS interior. Complete with K-9 and a bag of Jelly Babies. The design stayed fairly the same throughout the 70's and 80's, and only went through minor modifications until it was replaced in the TV Movie of 1996. The mix of old and new grays is due to lack of parts in the same color, and sadly couldn't be avoided. The console itself was fun to design, and went through several versions before I settled on this one. The angled walls were also 'fun', but in a slightly different way. Still, the final look was worth the effort. The walls are made with 1X4 arches and 2X2 Inverted disks. And they do in fact have a tendency to fall out as the space isn't that tight. As always, more pictures can be found via the links to my photostream. Fourth Doctor's TARDIS by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Fourth Doctor's TARDIS by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Fourth Doctor's TARDIS by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Comments/Critiques/Questions are more than welcome!
  3. Not my first MOC by far, but one of the first that I feel is worthy of this site. And yes, 90% of Doctor Who MOCs are posted in Sci-Fi, but this doesn't have the TARDIS or anything, so I felt it belonged here instead. (Although I am looking forward to the day when DW MOCs belong over in "Licensed" ) The Burning at Lake Silencio Lake Silencio, Utah, 2011 The Doctor has summoned Amy Pond, her husband Rory, and River Song via blue envelops to Lake Silencio. He told them not to interfere as an Impossible Astronaut rose from the lake. It shot The Doctor, he began to regenerate, but it continued it's assault. He fell, it returned to the depths as his three friends ran to help him. But it was too late, he was dead. They set his body on fire, and sent it out into the lake. They watched it burn as the sun set and the waters glowed red with the light from the flame. Because this event is a fixed point in time, there is nothing that they can do. The Doctor, who has cheated death for over a thousand years, has breathed his last. The scene is somewhat from The Impossible Astronaut. That being the opening episode to Doctor Who Series 6. And yeah, I kinda played a bit loose with the source material for this MOC, but I like the more dramatic lighting. A few wires have been photoshopped out, but the lighting effects are all in-shot. I used one red flashlight, and 16 Lifelites in this thing. Hope you like it! Oh yeah, for sake of simplicity, I left River out of this shot, and poor Canton out altogether. Sorry if that disappoints you. Comments and critiques are more than welcome! SteampunkDoc
  4. Lego Chris

    MOC Bessie and Her Doctors

    Here's a little thing I threw together since my obsession with Doctor Who began. I've been searching around and couldn't find a Bessie I liked so I made this one. I hope you enjoy. Bessie and Her Doctors by Brick Savage, on Flickr Bessie and Her Doctors by Brick Savage, on Flickr Bessie and Her Doctors by Brick Savage, on Flickr
  5. Lego Chris

    MSFC Gallifrey

    Here is my entry Gallifrey Microscale Gallifrey 1/3 by Brick Savage, on Flickr MIcroscale Gallifrey 2/3 by Brick Savage, on Flickr Microscale Gallifrey 3/3 by Brick Savage, on Flickr I've added the TARDIS, the red grasses, the silver leaves, the Mountains of Solice and Solitude and the Citadel of the Time Lords. I had originally thought of doing something, Wizard of Oz/ Emerald city thing but decided Doctor Who would work better. I hope you enjoy and good luck to all the contestants.
  6. Joff_Draeven

    MSFC: The TARDIS materialises...

    I'm new to building MOCs and this is my first ever mini MOC; to go along with the MSFC here. I chose one of my favourite sci-fi shows, Doctor Who - the story unfolds as follows: The TARDIS materialises over the rocky cliffs of Ganymede, where the human workers of Mining Outpost 617 are hard at work. A heavy driller trundles off over the surface of Jupiter's moon, hoping to find a rich source of ore. But what has bought the Doctor to this cold, desolate place? What waits for him under the surface of the moon? Only time will tell. Lucky for him, time is something the Doctor is only too familiar with... TARDIS materialising over Ganymede Mining Outpost 617 - with background and flashing blue light by mjfirefly, on Flickr Close up of TARDIS materialising over Ganymede cliffs by mjfirefly, on Flickr Close up side view of Driller by mjfirefly, on Flickr More images here:
  7. A school project my son made... A story combining the cold blood of the Silurians and the cybernetic conversion frenzy brought on by the cybermen locating a dormant colony. To say nothing about every bodies favourite Time Lord, and, of course, the Ponds... As a compromise between a tradition comic and animation (with the patience required that may not always be there...) we present a Motion Comic. Images brought into iMovie. sounds, dialogue and music added with garageband. All voices by the one kid, with different filters applied to each character's audio track Do you have 3 minutes 40 seconds to spare? I would like to apologise for the use of Character Building Figures to stand in for the main characters... Its the story that counts, Right? Please send us your feedback gasdoc oz