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Found 82 results

  1. The Flash can never catch a break. After an encounter with Captain Cold, the Flash must deal with the villainous Reverse Flash but not everything is as it appears to be. Why does the Reverse Flash need the Flash's help? Find out and as always be sure to stay after the credits! Thanks for watching!
  2. CorneliusMurdock

    Light-up TARDIS

    I had the Doctor in my Rio Bricko display for the past year and the most asked question about him was "Where's the TARDIS?" Here it comes now… Only one 2x2 jumper plate was harmed in the making of this MOC. The hole, along with a short length of fiber optic cable allowed the light from the main part of the model to make it up to the top light. The printed tiles I bought from Citizen Brick. They made tiles for the windows too, but as you can see, I made other plans.
  3. In honour of the latest and greatest announcement (in case you haven’t heard, it’s official), I just couldn’t wait and so I had to build my own. Peter Capaldi has definitely done an amazing job as Doctor Who, and I'm uber excited for series 9, as well as OFFICIAL LEGO® DOCTOR WHO!! Logo found here. Reference 1 and reference 2. 11th Doctor TARDIS reference here. *Doctor Who, TARDIS and all related names, images, etc. are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.*
  4. ScottishDave

    Doctor Who

    I've been building Doctor Who stuff lately. The first eleven Doctors plus War Doctor: Classic console room: There are more photos on my flickr album. If you want to make these minifigs yourself: I have listed the parts I used for each miniifig in the descriptions of the photos on flickr. I have also included links to the parts on bricklink. Have fun :-). Feel free to suggest better designs for any of the Doctors: and if anyone has a purist way of making ol' grumpy eyebrows (the 12th Doctor) I'd be very interested.
  5. The Chosen Minifigure

    Doctor who legacy app discussion.

    This topic is for discussion of Doctor Who Legacy, an app developed by Tiny Rebel Games. If what you are posting could be considered spoilers, please either mark clearly or post in spoiler boxes. Thank you! To get the ball rolling: Wow, that was a cool new expert level last week. Easy too, as I completed it with 2 rank 3 characters!
  6. eiker86

    MOC: Tardis - Police Box

    I'm not a Doctor Who fan or watched any of the series, but I made this tardis and are making 9 more to have in the layout in the Brick Show in London in November. This is just the prototype, so brick's with the correct color is on it's way =)
  7. Here are a couple of decals for the Twelfth Doctor portrayed by Peter Capaldi, don't forget to download them on Flickr in full scale (300dpi). The Decals are formatted in CYMK colour mode, the colours may look too saturated on-screen, but it will print correctly. (depending on your own printer settings) If you do use these decals, I would love to see how it turns out and where in the universe it ends up. So do send me a link to any pictures or MOCs you have either through Flickr or any of methods on the bottom of the image. Enjoy!
  8. vitreolum

    Allons-y Alonzo!

    Damn, it was impossible to take a good picture of this one. This was the best I could come up with and it pretty much fails to capture the size and depth of the build...
  9. The Master is the arch enemy of The Doctor, a fellow time lord, he has the ability to regenerate at the point of death and like The Doctor has been played by a number of actors. I present the 6 incarnations of The Master in minifigures form, hope you enjoy- all feedback welcome! The First Master The Master was first introduced during the Third Doctor era, an old friend turned enemy of The Doctor, the first Master was a shadowy and maipulative figure who often used others to do his bidding. The character was retired after the real life death of actor Roger Delgado.
  10. While looking over the parts list that would be required to build my Space Police I T.A.R.D.I.S., I realized that, although most of the parts exist/ed in the colors I used, there were two that do not. http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=60601 - Glass for Window 1x2x2 Flat Gront, I need 8 of them in Trans-Red. http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=43888 - Support 1 x 1 x 6 Solid Pillar, I need 3 of them in Blue. I was wondering if anyone could perhaps tell me what the best paint/dye for each of them would be, and what would be the best color to buy the parts that will be dyed in*? I want the window to stay transparent, even after having been painted/dyed. Reference Image: Thanks in advance! *I imagine that the best color for the window would probably be Trans-Clear and the Pillar White?
  11. “Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension? Have you? To be exiles? Susan and I are cut off from our own planet - without friends or protection. But one day we shall get back. Yes, one day….” The Doctor All four minifigures are custom designed to represent the first ever Doctor and companions. The featured models were created in Bricksmith, converted LeoCAD, and imported and rendered in Cinema 4d, these images are some of set for project over on LEGO Ideas, you can go further into the history and check out the full proposal, or if you want to see this as a set, please vote for it there.
  12. Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan [MOC] Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhatten by SandMirror38, on Flickr After many custom minifigures I finally made a scene from Doctor Who! This is based off the 5th episode of the 7th series of the show called: The Angels take Manhattan.. Dum Dam Duuuuuuhhh!! I noticed that in the actual episode the Tardis doors should be facing towards the Doctor and Amy but I haven't finished my Tardis yet so I just flipped it around... C & C welcome Also please favourite on Flickr as hard work has gone into this Now.... Don't Blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't Blink. Good Luck.
  13. APM PAPER MILL Lego 1990

    Lego Doctor Who

    I am starting some things on Lego Doctor Who. So far, i have made the TARDIS, a special type of Dalek i designed myself, called a Probe Dalek. I am hoping to make a Lego Cyberman, based on the ones seen in the episode 'Nightmare in Silver'. I also want to make some figures of the Doctors, all 13 of them, and all the companions, from Susan Foreman to Clara Oswin Oswald.
  14. Jason C. Hand

    LDD MOCs - Doctor Who TARDIS Collection

    Here once again to show off what I've been doing recently with LDD: I updated my TARDIS models because they still seemed too big to be truly minifig-scale. This time, I took cues from the models built by Mark Stafford over on MOCPages and this approach works better, even though the models do not have opening doors this go-round. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Comments/suggestions welcome. LXF coming later this evening ;)
  15. Yes, in celebration of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, I cooked up this thing in a few hours. Enjoy! And... to top it off.... my brick-built TARDIS! That is all for now. Thank you for viewing, C&C appreciated. Oh, and the LDD file! 50_doctor.lxf
  16. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this month, I decided to do some purist (well, other than 10's jacket) customs of the 10th and 11th doctors . Check out my FLICKR photostream for more photos!
  17. The scene from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, recreated in Lego! I'm quite proud of the animation in this one, it's pretty smooth. Enjoy :)
  18. LegoBenzine

    MOC: LEGO Doctor Who- Ood Bust

    I proudly present to you, my first MOC. A Bust of the Ood from Doctor Who. It's quite odd. It's an odd ood. See what I did there. No? Ok Anyway, i made this for a competition a few years ago and took out second prize. In case you were wondering, the tongues tentacles Red things, are just chopped up rubber bands Plese excuse the old LEGO sets in the corners of the photo.
  19. LEGO Family


    I have been working on this for quite some time now. I do not have much to show right now. ( edit, and especially after i accidentally deleted all the pictures of the first house i had just photoshopped :/ ). I got bored with building castle and had promised myself after having found all my childhood LEGO i wanted to build, first, Classic space ( my stepson voted for that. ) then castle, and then city. I had this idea for a city diorama when i saw the first trailer for the LEGO movie and that was what i wanted to build. However when i started on making the build i got in a LEGO state of mind i had never experienced before. City ( i thought ) have always bored me, and i got this idea that it was all about raising 4 walls adding a roof ... Job done. But i got pulled in and decided to make it modular because it really took me to a dimension of thinking in between putting bricks together of how i wanted it all to come together. Well, i bet all you city dudes know what im talking about. And now im so glad that i got this idea for the LEGO movie diorama. But that will not be finished quite yet. Now, first of all i want my city to take shape build by build as a lot of you guys do in this forum. ( Edit: Again, im so sorry for posting only one picture but i have to wait till tomorrow to make my whole light setup and once again edit the pictures). Some dudes came with this construction worker to a really abandoned part of Denmark shooting for a new movie. It was all about assembling the biggest event in history catching it on HB cameras to take it to the big screen. Offcourse exactly at that moment the dudes with the power and funds in the small community took advantage of this and almost immediately started to lay a ground plan for a new city. It was to be called Allbrickcity. And nothing should be spared ( except for what i can afford of new bricks each month :P ). Finally after several months of plannig and having the roadsystem functioning, building materials have started to arive at the center. And boy the workers look happy to finally being able to begin working on what will make the city attractive for newcomers. ( They got bored with making that first building. All it got for now is: First floor - BricksAreUs. Second floor - Two apartments. Top floor - Skyline buffet) ( Edit: These were all the pictures i was stupid enough to get deleted somehow ). 1. The exterior of this modular build is "finished" but ive been looking so much at all of the textures that im afraid ive gone blind with it and wanted some advice from you all of what to change and what looks good. That will have to wait for now till i get new shots. :/ Anyhow. I still wanted to start the topic. First of all my road system, im not quite happy with yet. Every module here ( Which offcourse is hard to differentiate from one picture only :P ) is diffrent. As i builded them i got new ideas and changed my design for the next and so on. Mostly the problems is with making the bricks add up in ratio to make them fit on a larger scale. I will add pictures again once i get them shot and put the rest of the text in here. I also want to keep a ratio for builds to a 8 - 16 - 32 studs. But since that wasnt my intention at first since i started all this to make the LEGO movie diorama, i will keep my "town square" a bit of ratio since i do love the building a lot. But who knows, i might rebuild it in the future. So the roadsystem as it is for now is an assurance for myself. Building bigger i would need more bricks. I just wanted to make sure that i didnt "overkill" myself thinking i got enough bricks to make it bigger. But i also wanted to have a layout since i mostly build on several ideas at once. Making it this way i both restrain myself and make sure i wont get to a hold not knowing what to do next. Ive noticed that building city really eats up bricks. I thought i had made some massive builds in the past, but i think that my first modular build is the heaviest ive ever made ( size compared) and i havent even added a lot of interior yet. But, next up for the first modular build for my Allbrickcity is interior and a whole lot of labels and decals. Ive just ordered the printing paper and i still need to photoshop a lot more of the decals before they are ready. Ive begun on the interior and also wanted some advice on design for the skyline buffet resturant. But no photos no advices i guess. :P Other builds ive planned for my city: The low left corner is the only base i havent build yet. Im in doubt of where to make an entrance to the beach im plannig. All the bases to the right will have houses and shops. Again. Since im not entirely sure where to place the beach i dont know where to place a hotel and swimmingpool design. But it could be placed on the right here, extending the baseplates already there. Otherwise the harbour will be located here along the whole lenght of the roadsytem. Im gonna incoporate my crypt from my castle build to fit in my city also ( Chronicle of dragon dent ). I offcourse have a lot of ideas to fill up remaining baseplates. But im trying to take it slow and only build when i get what i think is an awesome idea. Once again sorry for that lonely picture, but i had written so much text around all the pictures i was gonna upload and then screwed. So im posting this anyways. Good thing is that at least i get to start my city post. Ive been looking forward to this. So much more to come. Please do comment, ask questions, give advices and so on. Thanks in advance. :)
  20. Here are some Doctor Who minifigs I've put together, mostly purist with a few Character Building accessories here and there, plus the Character Building TARDIS The Second Doctor with Jamie McCrimmon: The Third Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith and the Master: The Fourth Doctor with the Second Romana and K-9: The Sixth Doctor with Peri Brown: The Ninth Doctor with Captain Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler: The Tenth Doctor with Captain Jack and Rose:
  21. LibraryBoy

    [MOC] TARDIS console room segment

    Started off the other night making these for something to do: And then of course I had to add to it: Pretty simple MOC, but I'm still pretty new to the whole AFOL scene and I was psyched to be able to put all this together without having to run to BrickLink or Shop@Home. The Dalek and K9 are based on designs I saw online but modified a bit based on looks and, of course, what I had on hand (it was so frustrating to not find a dome piece that was a solid dark gray!). The Doctor is cannibalized from a bunch of Hobbit and Harry Potter guys and a bad-but-I-hope-it-just-looks-like-its-wavy scarf decal. And it really should be white roundels on a light gray wall but I didn't like the look of that as much. I one day want to go back to this and try and figure a way to make the roundels look recessed into the wall, but for my first go at it I'm happy with the result.
  22. Bow ties are cool! Especially when they are made of LEGO. I've been a fan of Doctor Who since its re-vamp in 2005. So I just had to do something for the 50th anniversary. So here's my take on Matt Smith as the Doctor. It took me about a week and a half to build -- or two and a half months because I had to put the "blueprints" aside for a couple months while I was busy with LEGO Cons and commissions. Any how, enjoy! http://modelbuilding...17/11th-doctor/
  23. NoEinstein

    [MOC] Doctor Who

    It took me a while (I am somewhat a perfectionist even on such a small project), but my first MOC is ready for public viewing. I present to you my attempt to build a LEGO TARDIS accompanied by characters from the Doctor Who series from 2005 onwards. Due to the large range of faces introduced with the collectable minifigures I decided to go the classic LEGO look and only use yellow faces and hands for my minifigs. Where appriopriate I will deviate from this, e.g. a white statue with a yellow head and hands would be somewhat weird would it not? I got introduced to Doctor Who at the Eleventh Hour episode where the 11th Doctor and his companion Amy meet, so that will be the pictures I present in this post. My efforts on the 9th and 10th doctor, their companions (though not all) and some opponents can be found on my Flickr account. The 11th Doctor and young Amy The 11th Doctor, adult Amy in her kissogram outfit and Rory I used printed decals applied with magic tape while the stickers I used did not peel at the first try, thus destroying the black police box area. Amy's skirt is an inside out CMF bagpiper skirt combined with some black permanent marker handiwork. C&C appreciated. Thanks for watching.
  24. For all you Doctor Who fans out there! :D
  25. Legopard

    [MOC] Doctor Who - Father's Day

    Hello Two months ago I was infected by Thorsten with the “Doctor-Who”-Virus. In the last time he celebrates the 50. anniversary with several iconic MOCs of the different scenes and doctors. Because of the lack of time (preference on some other projects), he asked me if it could be of interest to me building a MOC of the series. Of course it was, so I searched for a iconic scene to materialize. My decision was the church from “Father’s day”. The hole MOC is build by me, minifigs and photos are from Thorsten. Thank you very much Murphy for this opportunity to be part of the great anniverary of Doctor Who and making this amazing pictures. Pictures on flickr and MOCpages. Or enjoy the atmospheric poster of Thorsten. I hope you like it. Jonas