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Found 86 results

  1. To start off this topic, I will say this: this is a WIP, and as such digital screenshots and real pictures will not match 100% as some part have not been ordered yet, and some parts are not in LDD anyway so i used the best parts I could. I was inspired to do 10's (played by David Tennant) console by this build by LEGOGallifrey as seen here: link to his Flickr As you can see, I modified the outside to be shorter in order to better fit with my figures. Here we see the folded open TARDIS exterior walls. The walls have been changed from the grays of the original LEGO model to reflect 10's TARDIS. Here we see the console as it was in 10's time as the Doctor. This is still a WIP, as the tan parts that go between the console sections haven't been ordered yet. I used as many parts from different eras and themes as possible, such as adding the Lone Ranger pocket-watch to one area as a stand-in for 10's watch, while using a Alpha Team print in another spot representing the hatch to the time vortex "heart of the TARDIS". I even added the TV remote from the Simpsons Dimensions set to a third spot as a part of the telephone. Of course, the big lever that makes the ship move is included as well. Here is the other side of the console with the heart of the TARDIS and big lever. The outside of the TARDIS has been shortened from the original model from set 21304 (on the right) to make it more to scale with mini-figures. (My smaller version is on the left.) The inside of the TARDIS still hook into the the exterior in the same way, so you can rotate them out for different era Doctors.(my version of 10's console is on the right, while the left version is the original from set 21304. I got the original 21304 model from Eurobricks user KamalYmafi at the "Official LEGO sets in LDD topic".) Here is the LDD file for ONLY 10's version of the TARDIS (both inside and out): 10's TARDIS As usual comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome. Thank you for reading! (sorry about the lack of pictures, they aren't working right now... the forum keeps having issues with the up-loader) How wierd: the pictures work after you post the topic, but not before!
  2. The Librarian

    Marvel mecha plus one

    So the sun was shining this Bank Holiday and I took advantage of it to photograph (badly) some of the Marvel Comics mecha that have been cluttering up my living room for the past month. First: the Inevitable Iron Man Hulkbuster. Hulkbuster Iron Man by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Fits one smug playboy philanthropist and exists mainly to see if I could. Hulkbuster Iron Man by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr But what's a giant fighting robot suit without another one to beat the rivets out of? Cue the Crimson Dynamo! Iron Man Vs Crimson Dynamo by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Based on the idea that the Dynamo is an enormous spacesuit gone crazy, as seen in the not-exactly-good Armored Adventures cartoon. The Crimson Dynamo by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Based on the idea that he never likes to be out-done, here's Doc Ock's Spider-Buster armour. Doc Ock's Spider-Buster by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr A not-quite standard torso for the minifigure inside: Doc Ock's Spider-Buster by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Scaling it down again, here's Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6. Hiro and Baymax by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Somewhat ungainly flight: Hiro and Baymax by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr And lastly, a giant Cyber King based on Lego Dimenions and Jared If only I remembered . . .'s MOC of the same name. Cyber King by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr With Cybermen for scale: Cyber King by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr More pictures on Flickr- do drop in! Enjoy!
  3. Finally finished my Doctor Who TARDIS Interior Project. this version is based on the console room that appears in series 9 of the British Science Fiction Television show 'Doctor Who'. Finally, after a year of building (and more like 5 years of preparation) I have finished my dream project. It started back in 2011, and I had just stumbled across the most mind-blowingly unbelievable thing... LEGO Doctor Who, more specifically, I came across what, at the time, was the Holy Grail of LEGO creations, Mr. Xenomurphy’s (alias Thorsten Bonsch, alias Mr. Amazingly Talented Super Master-builder) LEGO TARDIS Console Room. A fire had been lit in my head, an obsession really. I knew that someday I had to build my own TARDIS. So, here we are, I humbly present to you my take on the the Twelfth Doctor's Series 9 TARDIS Interior. Logo. This console room is undoubtedly my favourite, although considering how incredible and unique the production quality of each individual one is, it's very, very difficult to pick, and given a 'real' choice I'd say they're all my favourites. This one just has this techno-organic vibe, but also very mechanical in structure, something I've always admired about the TARDIS. My only regret is that the center still can't spin yet, or have lights. I have a technique in mind, but being how difficult it is to install technic parts into such a small area, it's going to be a while before I figure this one out. Series 8 is by and far my absolute favourite of the show, but series 9 is really when the TARDIS has a chance to shine, hence why I picked it as the basis for my model. Also, more round things!! Come see it at Brickfair Virginia 2016! If you need references (because you've been living under a rock, I mean come on, Doctor Who is a worldwide phenomenon!), you can view the inside of the series 9 TARDIS here. Special thanks to here for the logo. Special credit to for his ingenious pillar/buttress structure design. A second huge shoutout to BoB and the Bricktime store for the extra moc support, without them this moc would not have been possible. Thank you! A timey-wimey thank you to for featuring my model in one of their videos a few months ago!Thank you to Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Pearl Mackie, and all the wonderful people who work on Doctor Who. My life would never be the same or what it is now without it, and the child-like excitement of imagining what whimsical adventures the TARDIS and Doctor Who will whisk me away to see each week on Saturday evening has been a deep comfort for all those horrible days I spend enduring 'adulthood'! As a final note, I would like to say thank you to Thorsten ‘Xenomurphy’ Bonsch, who has been, continues to be and will always be an inspiration to me (seeing as this design is basically stolen from him with a few elements modified ;o). Check out the whole thing on Flickr! Doctor Who, TARDIS and all related names, images, etc. are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved P.S. Keep brickin' friends! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to 'catch 'em all' ;D .... and a little bonus image to show you my photoshop skills are 'slightly' improving.... Allons-y!
  4. Pennas2000

    My Lego Dalek & Cybermen army

    Hey guys. Just wanted to show off my Dalek and Cybermen armies. I only bought a few Dimensions sets while the rest were Bricklinked.
  5. I`m no professional Photographer,so sorry for the lousy Pics.But i sure had some Fun with my Daleks and Cybermen.... Dark Water: Not from a particular Scene,just Daleks exterminating a Human in a Unit Storage Hangar.... Hey,it`s Rusty,the Dalek,blasting other Daleks into Pieces.......Daleks are bad,Daleks must be exterminated....!!!! These are the Daleks who survived me.
  6. UPDATE: Pictures of the final MOC/MOD diorama: (Image quality could still be better but it should do) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, I am totally new to this forum, and to adult lego as a whole. So the story is that I really wanted to have that Doctor Who set with such a cool Tardis and the Daleks and and and. I tought about some diorama without the interior, where one can present the figures + Tardis and to put it to good use, I came up with having a diorama that is at the same time a book stopper for my shelf. It does not exist yet, outside of LDD but I am just waiting for the bricks to get started. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts, just don't be too harsh with the work of a beginner... And here with mock ups for stuff from the Doctor Who Set and from the other (book) side
  7. ultron32

    Doctor Who Wishlists

    I've been having a lot of fun lately in the super heroes 'wishlists' threads started by Sir Gareth recently, I thought I'd start one for Doctor Who. We don't know that Doctor Who will become a full theme after the initial Ideas set but it seems very likely at this point. Given that we know LEGO has the license at least for Dimensions as well. I'll kick off the thread with my own ideal set list: As I see it there are not so many distinctive locations and vehicles in Doctor Who, besides the Tardis of course, but there are many interesting characters, so I've included in my suggested line a collectable minifigure series. I figure classic who isn't marketable for LEGO to put anything more than the Doctor and Sarah Jane in the CMF line, so no classic sets here. Another note: ideally each character would be wearing whatever outfit they were in the scene the set is based on. I've listed them in the order that the episodes premiered. 9: Dalek - 9th Doctor, Rose, Henry Van Statten - $20 - a playset with a Dalek which pursues Rose up a stairway, towards a shielded area where the Doctor and Van Statten wait. 9: Father's Day - 9th Doctor, Rose, Pete Tyler, Jackie Tyler, driver - $40 - section of church building with a time reaper, as well as a small car for the driver. 9: The Parting of the Ways - 9th Doctor, Rose (heart of the Tardis), Captain Jack Harkness - $20 - Dalek Emperor and a few Daleks. 10: The Girl in the Fireplace - 10th Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Madame De Pompadour, Clockwork marionette (x2) - $60 - Large playset with French ballroom and breakable mirror with spaceship interior on the other side; includes horse. 10: The Runaway Bride - 10th Doctor, Donna, Santa Robot - $20 - small piece of highway with a car and the Tardis (exterior). I presume that the Tardis exterior will look in sets like it does in Dimensions. 10: Gridlock - 10th Doctor, Brannigan - $13 - Brannigan's 'car'. 10: The Fires of Pompeii - 10th Doctor, Donna, Caecillius - $20 - main room of Caecillius' home with the Tardis in it. 10: The Unicorn and the Wasp - 10th Doctor, Donna, Agatha Christie - $20 - room with window with giant bee outside. I realize I use the $20/3 figure format a lot but I can't help it, perfect format and good price. 10: The Next Doctor - 10th Doctor, "Next" Doctor, Cyberman (x3) - $50 - giant brick-built Cyberman, "Tardis" (hot air balloon). 11: The Pandorica Opens - 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory (Roman), River Song - $30 - Stonehenge with trap door with staircase beneath and opening Pandorica and Cyberman head. 11: The Wedding of River Song - 11th Doctor, River Song, Rory, Amy, Madame Kovarian, Silence (x2) - $60 - Silence aquatic prison pods and large section of full building. 11: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, Nefertiti, Riddell, Brian Williams - $60 - Spaceship deck with triceratops and the two robots. 11: The Angels Take Manhattan - 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, River, Weeping Angel (x4) - $100 - simple model of the angel's hotel and giant brick built Angel statue of liberty. 11: Nightmare in Silver - Mr Clever, Clara - $13 - castle room with chess board on table. 11: Day of the Doctor - Osgood, Zygon (x2) - $13 - section of the undergallery. LEGO Ideas: Time of the Doctor - 11th Doctor, 12th Doctor, Clara, Seeping Angel - $60 - Tardis interior with attached exterior, with two daleks. This is based on the rumor of what the Ideas set is. 12: Robot of Sherwood - 12th Doctor, Clara, Robin Hood - $20 - forest area with fallen tree over river, and the Tardis. 12: Mummy on the Orient Express - 12th Doctor, Foretold, Perkins, Quell, Emile Moorhouse - $40 - two cars from the orient express (front car and laboratory). Doctor Who: Dalek Battle Pack - Human Dalek - $13 - includes one of each different (modern) Dalek color. This is here so that no one has to spend $4 on a dalek in the CMF series below. Doctor Who: Collectable Minifigures - $4 - this could include all classic doctors and variant costumes for modern doctors, companions, and villains (so as not to include any which would already be in the sets). Maybe a classic villain or companion or two, as well, like the classic Cybermen, which are still pretty cool for fans of the modern show. What do you think? leave your own wishlist below.... :)
  8. The Librarian

    Doctor Who Diorama

    So, a couple of months ago I started building a new TARDIS console room, just to see if I could get a working time rotor going up and down in the middle of it (turns out I can). And, well, the project . . . grew somewhat. I still need to invest in some proper lamps but I've done my best to photograph it with the current sunny weather (well, sunny intervals - it is a Bank Holiday) to share with you all. I do hope you enjoy it - I've thrown in as many references as I could fit to all sorts of Doctor Who stories in every medium. Doctor Who Diorama by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr You've had the place redecorated . . . by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Dress for the occasion by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Both the Doctor's and the Master's TARDISes are separate modules - took me a while to work out how best to fit them together. The Master's TARDIS by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr And to think it all started as a mild curiosity in a junk yard . . . Just a battered old Police Box by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr As a bonus, here's a little Cyber Tomb-ette using those lovely, lovely (seriously, I need more) Cybermen figures. Modular Cyber Tomb by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr More images and all Doctor Who related MOCs on my flickr can be found here. General housekeeping: I can't claim any credit for the 9th and 10th Doctor figs since I've seen some fairly similar combinations knocking around but I haven't seen the 7th and 8h done this way before. There are two modified pieces in this MOC - a Batman torso with the bat symbol markered over and a crowbar piece scarified for the sake of art. Do let me know what you think!
  9. Hey y'all. I am sorry for being away from EB for this long. not posting MOCs up and all. I've been busy with other things besides LDD building. But for now, I am back with a new MOC. This time, it is my interpretation of the TARDIS interior from the Doctor Who 1996 TV film. More photos can be found on my Flick page (Flickshot30). Keep in mind, this is not 100% accurate to the prop or set seen in the movie, but as close as I could build. The TARDIS console part of the model is based on designs created by mpathg7380 and daleksec from LEGO Ideas. There is also a telescope within this model, which is based on one built by TD Bricks on Youtube. Comments/suggestions welcome. Hope you enjoy. LXF file:
  10. Hello Eurobricks! My name is Isaac, I am a student living in England and have been playing with lego since I was 4, like many of you, i'm sure! I've been doing animations on Youtube sporadically for a good 6 years now, mostly related to the hit BBC show Doctor Who. However I don't like to feel limited to it. A lot of the lego creations that I share will be made as sets or props, like some train projects i am working on; but I will occasionally enjoy creating ideas for commercial sets. Who doesn't! I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and suggestions with everyone, and I hope I can be a help where I can! All the best, Isaac
  11. I made the Cyberking from LEGO Dimensions. Check it out on flickr. Cheers! *Doctor Who, TARDIS and all related names, images, etc. are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.* *Cybermen created by Dr. Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis.
  12. Pop Star c o

    Doctor Who Minifigure Series

    There's a rumors about new Minifigure Series based on Doctor Who TV Series in future. I think it will be released at May 2017 or 2018.
  13. Recently out of my dark ages, and got some nice Christmas gifts these holidays - the 75050 among it. However, the interior of the 75050 was... sparse. It needed some TLC. As luck would have it, I got the 21304 for Christmas as well - the two seemed like a match made in heaven!
  14. Ive been fooling around with the TARDIS from the LEGO Ideas set since i had a chance to assemble it after Christmas. This is the first version that im somewhat happy with, but it still needs a lot of work. First priority was to make it open in a better way due to the fact that it was driving me nuts, having to go through several steps getting it opened, and the roof had to come off. On top of it, if you open it a little to much you will have 1x1 plates and 1x1 tiled slopes flying around. A very bad design imo. Second thing, that im still working on is to make it a lot smaller. For now ive managed to take 1 stud of in height, and im feeling i got the idea to take even two more plates of in height, though that means that the sides of it will loose some of its graphics. But for now i present you with version 2.0 of my TARDIS design. Notice how much more it can be opened, and without having to take the roof off. Do not blink !!!! And it can still be connected to the TARDIS console . Ive mostly reused bricks freed up from the redesign of it, but a lot of tiles have gone into it and a few connectors to make it work. Whenever i get to a finished design that im happy with. I will make an overview of pieces used if anyone is interested. My goal is to make it open as the TARIDS does in the series, and make it a lot smaller, but im not close to that yet, have some ideas, but not the bricks to try it out yet. They wont be bricklinked till march as im low on cash. Now, im not sure about the way ive tiled the roof of the TARDIS. I will make a flat layout for my next go. For now ive uploaded these three pictures hoping to get some feedback on your thoughts, what looks awesome. What looks stupid. And give me some more ideas if any on your minds. Thanks in advance. KlodsBrik
  15. NOTE: these models are presented in comic format with comic captions in italics and notes on construction in these symbols: ( ), Also, please do NOT move this to the comic forum! After a long day outrunning Daleks and their creator, Davros, and loosing his TARDIS in the snowy drifts of some ice covered planet, the 11th Doctor finally finds the TARDIS and tries to open the door. "That's funny, I don't remember locking it" he says. He finds the door key in his coat pocket and unlocks the door. (This is the outside of set 21304, along with the 11th Doctor in yellow-skin form. Note the printed Saint John's ambulance part has been turned backwards to create a blank space) Stepping inside, the Doctor notices odd: the desktop scheme for the console room had changed in his absence, back to something he had not seen for a long time... (The inside is new: I changed the light gray, and silver with trans-blue to tan, and dark gray, with dark tan. "Who goes there?" says a familiar voice that seems like a page out of his (relatively) recent past. Suddenly, it occurs to the 11th Doctor that he has accidentally stepped into his predecessors life, also known as 10th Doctor and his TARDIS! He then responds "just an timey-wimey friend from a you yet to come." (This inside, apart from the 10th Doctor's console, is new and completely my design. If you look carefully you will see a certain special pocket-watch next to the sonic screwdriver under the screen. I finally found a use for that Lone Ranger part!) "oh, is that all?" says Doctor number 10. "I detected Daleks in the area, and assumed they would be attacking any minute now." A voice from the other side of the console replies "Affirmative". "Is that K-9?" says 11. "Yes, and he must have blown a fuse, as he was saying something about a talking cat-unicorn, cuckoos and a crazy land in the clouds." says 10. (K-9 is a cobbled-together copy of the one from the dimensions set, and I think some of you may realize where K-9 went and who he met!) Meanwhile, outside: "The TARDIS has been located!" says a Dalek. (These Daleks and Davros was inspired by EuroBricks user Deskp, who is also known as deskp1990 on Flickr) "Good, begin transport to Skaro at once!" Davros said, "and based on these sensor readings, we have two time lords to EXTERMINATE!" (Is this the end? Well, of the Doctor (s), no, they escapes in a spectacular scene full of expensive special effects, scary monsters and a great tear-jerking speech by the 10th Doctor. In fact, it is so expensive and lavish, that the entire budget went up in smoke by way of planning and staging it, plus non one bothered to buy the film to record it or tell Mr. Moffat that there was no film, so it was already over before it was realized there was no evidence of the finale! Oh well! )
  16. Let me start with a little confession: while I've stumbled upon bits and pieces of the Doctor Who series in the past, I never really watched a full episode until last summer, when a friend of mine managed to convince me. I started with season one of the 2005 reboot, and was not really thrilled with it. But I kept going, and things got a bit more engaging. Then, after the long drawn 10th Doctor-Rose affair found its conclusion, and Tennant said his final 'I don't want to go.', I found my Doctor. I know Whovians are forever debating about who the best Doctor is, and I do not want to start a debate here. I just love the fact TLG included Matt Smith's 11th Doctor in this set, instead of making it a Capaldi solo one. Smith's incarnation is the most captivating of the reboot, in my opinion, and watching him go around as the Doctor is like watching a fireworks' show, waiting for that moment when the big shot will be fired. Does the new 21304 Ideas Doctor Who set keep up with these expectation? Let's find out. Geronimo! Set Info Theme: LEGO IDEAS Set name: Doctor Who Set Number: 21304 Price: US $ 59.99, GB £ 49.99, EUR € 59,99 Pieces: 623 Figures: 4 + 2 brick built Daleks Year of release: 2015 Links: Peeron, Bricklink and Brickset. Disclaimer - As it is based on a product based on an ongoing TV series, this review will contain references and possible spoilers. I would advise you to get your bearings on Doctor Who (at least since the 2005 reboot) before reading it. I'll include links to external sources (wikia articles, images and even few YouTube videos) to help non-Whovians, but don't blame me for not using spoiler tags. The Box The box, as usual with LEGO IDEAS sets, is more compact than those of other themed sets of similar parts/price range. Its size is 26.3 x 19 x 7.3 cm, and the cardboard is sturdier than that used for common LEGO boxes, meaning it's meant to be a collection item in itself, instead of just a container for the parts and instructions. Front The front shows a picture of the complete set, with the console and open TARDIS connected and under attack by a pair of Daleks, while the 12th Doctor and Clara run around in circles trying to find a strategy, or perhaps to understand why there are Daleks inside the control room, or even where the walls have gone at all... Meanwhile, a Weeping Angel and the 11th Doctor serenely watch the scene from a small window-like panel in the middle of the right side. A draw of a flying TARDIS, the LEGO, BBC and Doctor Who logos complete the upper part of the composition, while the age and set number info are in the lower left corner. On the right, a LEGO IDEAS logo also informs us that this is the 11th (coincidence? Rule 8: Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you're busy, then always ignore a coincidence.) set in this line. The background is composed of dark blue hexagons with lighter blue lines and areas of yellow-orange to lighten it and give more visibility to the mainly grey/blue hues of the build. Back The back includes two 'play feature' panels, one which is very reminiscent of the last shots of Time of the Doctor, with Clara and the newly regenerated 12th Doctor in the control room, and the other showing the moves you need to perform to open the TARDIS walls and connect it to the console area, while Capaldi sternly waits to be able to step inside the control room. At the bottom, you can see the four minifigs and a side view of the brick-built DalekTM. Each character is identified by his/her/its name and a 'REGENERATION' notice explains that there is no mistake, but the blur indicates the transition between 11th and 12th Doctors; whether the fez also regenerated into a sonic screwdriver is unclear and will probably be the cause of everlasting debate for future generations. Finally, a blue panel on the left, including info in six languages about the LEGO IDEAS programme, and the LEGO, BBC and Doctor Who logos fill the rest of the space. Sides The top of the box shows a 1:1 size shot of the 12th Doctor, flanked by a menacing Weeping Angel about to attack the 11th and Clara, while Matt Smith is probably taunting it. LEGO logo and set number are on the left. If you look carefully, you'll also notice a strange crack on the upper left. I'm not really sure if it's just an accidental feature due to un-careful handling, or if someone is trying to enter this universe via this scar in space and time. The bottom side is covered in the usual LEGO legal warnings and copyright statements, plus the dedicated BCC ones this time around. Contents Inside Upon opening the box, we find six un-numbered bags, and the instructions manual. Following the IDEAS tradition (with few notable exceptions), the set does not make use of stickers. Recoloured parts This set makes large use of re-coloured parts, or as others could say, is has been a perfect excuse for TLG to start producing more parts in (mainly) Dark Blue. Therefore, we have 8 Dark Blue Tile 2 x 2 Corner, 6 Dark Blue Tile, Round 1 x 1, 2 Dark Blue Plate 6 x 6, 4 Dark Tan Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Clip Horizontal on End, 4 Dark Tan Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle on End - Closed Ends, 24 Dark Blue Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front, 14 Dark Blue Glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front, 4 Dark Blue Plate 3 x 3, 4 Dark Blue Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on 1 Side, 4 Dark Tan Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on 2 Sides, 4 Dark Blue Hinge Plate 1 x 4 Swivel Top / Base Complete Assembly, 2 Dark Tan Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Hole, 5 Dark Blue Tile 1 x 3 and 5 Black Plate, Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud. New pieces New pieces are equally as interesting. They include the two Dark Blue Tile 1 x 3 with decoration which form the POLICE BOX sign (4 of each), the Dark Blue Glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front with the St. JOHN AMBULANCE logo, the White Glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front with the Police Phone instructions, the 8 White Glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front with the windows pattern, the White Glass for Window 1 x 4 x 6 with TARDIS door interior pattern, 2 Dark Tan Dish 2 x 2 Inverted (Radar) with Dalek top dish designs, the Light Bluish Gray Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Gallifreyan symbols, the 2 Dark Bluish Gray Road Sign Clip-On 2 x 2 Square Open O Clip with Gallifreyan symbols, the 2 Pearl Gold Sonic Screwdriver, the Dark Bluish Gray Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Open Stud, the Trans-Clear Minifig, Neck Bracket with 2 Back Studs and the 3 Trans-Clear Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Pin. All printed parts are exceptionally good in quality and detail, and faithful to the source material. The only part which is slightly different from the original is the sonic screwdriver, not sporting the black on the handle and the chrome/metallic gray on the head. That is excusable, though, as the black part would be right where the minifig hand grasps the accessory, and a black paint there would be easily removed through use; moreover, it would probably be too difficult to have both the green and chrome/metallic paints on the head, and the printing process could turn the part into a mess all too easily. All in all, the part is readily recognisable, and works well as is. Rare pieces The set also includes a few rare parts, such as 10 Dark Blue Plate 2 x 2 Corner, a Dark Bluish Grey Minifig, Utensil Zip Line Handle, 3 Dark Bluish Gray Arm Skeleton, Bent with Clips at 90 degrees (Vertical Grip), 2 Light Bluish Gray Technic, Disk 3 x 3, 2 Trans-Light Blue Technic Wedge Belt Wheel (Pulley), 4 Light Bluish Gray Wedge 2 x 2 (Slope 45 Corner) and 4 Dark Blue Plate 1 x 3. Extras The extras include the usual assortment of small round plates, generic parts and tiles, cheese slopes and Technic bits. Of special interest is the second copy of the sonic screwdriver, which will allow both Doctors to carry theirs. Manual Front The front cover of the instructions manual has the same basic picture and composition as the front of the box. In addition to that, a link to the LEGO IDEAS website is provided, along with a note in 8 languages informing us that the same booklet is available in each respective language on the site. On the inside cover, we find a short text which gives us context and info about both the Doctor and the BBC TV show. The first page is dedicated to the 12th Doctor and Clara inside the TARDIS control room. This, along with providing a stylish start to the manual, gives us an idea of the material the set is based on. The main difference between the pic and the actual LEGO set is the orange colour of the tubes in the column you can spot right behind the Doctor. This difference seems to be related to the fact that the TARDIS control room scheme used in the set is that of the 7th season of the show, with Matt Smith's 11th Doctor's blue accents, while the photo is from the 8th season and sports Capaldi's orange. Here's a random page. As usual, pieces call-outs and step numbers help us during the build. The background is very similar to that behind the picture on the box and manual fronts, but with a more yellow-ish/tan hue. The manual, following the IDEAS sets' tradition, includes tons of info and details on both the source material and set design process. I limited the parts shown here to the above mentioned first pages and this, which is one of the last, giving us an insight on Andrew Clark, who submitted the original project on the LEGO IDEAS site, and his experience designing and finalising the set with LEGO designers. The very last pages are dedicated to the usual LEGO commercial ads, and since a LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack is about to hit the market, what better product to show on this manual? Minifigures Following the order in which the minifigures are shown on the back of the box, we start with the 11th Doctor. 11th Doctor This peculiar incarnation of the Doctor displays one of the most recognisable looks in the entire series, with his distinctive bow tie, and the iconic (since seasons 7, mainly) waistcoat. For this set, designers decided to use his brown coat from season 7 (though it could have been a bit darker), which is one of the main attires for the 11th Doctor, even if not the one he used in the episode Time of the Doctor the set is supposedly based on. All in all, I really like this version of Matt Smith's character, and I've even come to like the red stripped shirt, which I did not particularly appreciate in the first images. The head has a double expression: the stern but satisfied look the Doctor sports when dealing with important matters, and the smiling face he uses when happy/joking, or, sometimes, when taunting his enemies right in the middle of a crisis. I know some lamented a lack of precision in the hair piece choice for this minifigure. I must say I quite like this part for him (it is the one I used to use for my custom version up 'till now). What I'd personally change is the hue of brown: the set uses a Reddish Brown, while I prefer, as more accurate, a Dark Reddish Brown. 12th Doctor The post-regeneration 12th Doctor wears the purple coat mostly used by Smith in the end of season 7, and only worn by Capaldi in the final moments of Time of the Doctor and in the first episode of season 8. As you can notice, the bow tie is gone just before the regeneration (check ), and so is the smile. The 12th Doctor is a sterner man then his previous incarnation, and his smiles are quite seldom, and mainly meant to scare his enemies. Also because of this, the head only has one print. Since the 12th Doctor is dubbed 'eyebrows', LEGO designers marked the characteristic feature making for an unmistakable resemblance.The hair piece is a new mould, and looks very good on this figure. It is sculpted with lots of details, especially on the back. Since, as already mentioned, a LEGO Dimension pack including another version of the 12th Doctor is about to be available, I managed to get hold of that too, to be able to show you a comparison between the two figs. The Dimensions one sports the usual (as of season 8) attire of Capaldi's doctor, dark blue with crimson red highlights. I can honestly say that I like both versions and I would be hard-pressed to choose one as the best of the two. Head and hair pieces are the same for both figures. Clara Clara Oswald, being the companion who followed the Doctor in his transition between the 11th and 12th incarnations, was the natural choice for this set. Her minifigure is indeed spot-on. I like both the torso and leg pieces, with distinctive, yet generic enough designs to be used for other themes, too. I may be a bit out of date with minifigures' printing styles, but I'm sure this is the first minifigure I own with the back of the legs printed like the front and sides, which I largely appreciate. Just like the 11th Doctor, Clara's had has a dual face print: a serene look, and a more perplexed one (who wouldn't be perplexed after dealing with Matt Smith's Doctor for a bit?). The hair piece is a common one, but still a good choice for the character. Weeping Angel Warning: this picture could turn into an actual Weeping Angel, which could either break your neck, or send you back in time to an era without LEGO, and then feed on our AFOL's despair. That said, the Weeping Angel figure is quite a surprise. Not for its design, which works very well, but because Weeping Angels play a very minor role in Time of the Doctor, and in most of the Clara era. To be perfectly honest, I would have expected a Cyberman to be in this set in its place. To the figure itself, now. As you can see, the detail of the vest is really good, and very reminiscent of that used for the Statue of Liberty CMF. The back of the torso has a print which is normally covered by the Chima wings, which are attached with the new neck bracket. The head has two faces: the calm, statue-like one, and the aggressive, maniacal one, which is very fitting for one of the most frightful and relentless enemies in the Doctor Who universe. The choice of the hair piece seems very good, too. Build Getting started The build starts with the control room, and, specifically, with its base. As you can see, this portion makes quite extensive use of Trans-Light Blue parts; too bad the rest of the build will cover them and make it almost impossible to spot them. Step on it Just a few more steps, and we have the control room floor, entrance platform and stairs in place. The supports surrounding the platform will remain empty 'till the very last steps of this portion of the build. How to build an hexagon The central column is treated as a separate part for most of its build. The lower portion, made of mainly Technic parts, will allow us to build the hexagonal console, which is no easy task with the current LEGO palette of pieces. You can see through the Trans-Light Blue cylinders that the column is strengthened by the use of two Technic axle parts. Keen observers will also notice that those pieces are of two different colours, one black and one gray. Whether this is meant to represent the internal mechanisms of the TARDIS, or it is a simple strategy for kids to better tell the two apart is not clear to me. Few round plates and two radar dishes complete the top of the column with a really simplified version of the Time Rotors. Almost there With the console in place and all the controls ready to be used, we are almost at the last steps of this section. Watch where you go! The railings, external control panels and movable monitors, the control room is now complete. As-sem-ble! Next up are the two Daleks, which are not considered as part of the minifigures, due to their brick built nature. The build is pretty easy, and modular. Many fans will be able to build their army, with different colours. The only exclusive part is the printed dish, of course. Ex-ter-mi-nate! Once build, the Dalek is ready to do his job, which is to ex-ter-mi-nate all non-Dalek life forms in the universe. As one would easily assume, they are not the best species you could encounter in your time and space travels. These specific Daleks, given their colour, seem to be based in design on the Time War variant, as deduced from the Dalek Colour Schemes and Hierarchy map. You looked shorter on TV Though the original Dalek design marked them as circa 163 cm tall, these LEGO Dalek, probably on steroids, are taller than a minifigure, meaning they are somewhere around 2 meters in (LEGO scale) height. Laying foundations And now we get to the other star of the set, the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension In Space) herself, or, as the 11th Doctor calls her, Sexy! Of course, we start from the base, which is an unusual 7x7 studs. This size is reached by the use of a 6x6 plate, two 1x6 and a 1x1 additional plates, and kept together by the overlying layer of tiles and smaller plates. Through the door, or maybe not One of the most peculiar features of this set is the fact that the parts composing the exterior door of the TARDIS are those opposed to the part of the build that actually opens up to reveal the interior. As counterintuitive as that may be, the explanation is quite simple (as we'll see more clearly in as short while): the back of the 'door' must be completely visible in the assembled-with-the-control-room stage, so it needs to be a whole wall. Fans may still mod their TARDIS so that the front doors are on the split side, but the inner face door is opposed to them. It's just a matter of personal preference. Almost a cabinet The rest of the walls are built very easily, as the window parts must just be stuck one upon the other in a repetitive manner. Four walls and a roof By adding the POLICE BOX signs and the roof, we complete the build and are almost ready to start to investigate the play features. I'll just spend a few words on the signs themselves by saying that though the gap between the two parts looks a bit awkward, it is better looking in real life than you could expect from pictures. This thing is huge! Due to the fact that it includes a raised platform that must match up with the console room, and the strange height/width LEGO ratio, the closed TARDIS is huge when compared to a minifigure, way bigger than its real-life counterpart. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful build and a great model to display. Finished set All together Once we assemble the control room and the open TARDIS, we get the full set, complete with its minifigures and brick-built Daleks. The set has a satisfying size, which gives it importance, and the parts connect with harmony, both in size and colour scheme. Inside the TARDIS As mentioned, the inside of the TARDIS includes a raised platform which connects with the one at the back of the control room. This can also be used to place and store your favourite Doctor, or Clara (the winged Weeping Angel and the Daleks do not fit in) when travelling through the time and space continuum. Ready... Connect! The two parts connect via a combination of Technic axle (on the control room side) and brick (inside the blue box). This link will keep the two in place during play, but will not bear excessive roughness. While the TARDIS is pretty swooshable, the rest of the build isn't, and should not be used as an extended space-ship mid flight. Bonus Images How LEGO Weeping Angels earned their name Is this Trenzalore already? Trenzalore How I met your Dalek Finally! Final Comments Overall, this IDEAS set is very faithful to its source material and pretty rich in both details and minifigs (counting the brick-built Daleks in this category for once). The colour scheme, though guided by the original one, is well done and harmonic. Moreover, you get two models, which can combine into a bigger one or be used separately, for both play and display purposes, and also offer great potential for mod-ers and moc-ers. Design & Colour scheme – 10/10 (Very accurate to the source material and rich of well-finished details.) Minifigs – 10/10 (Though most Whovians will lament the lack of one Doctor or Companion or the other, the choices made for this set are very good, and the design and detail of the figures are great.) Parts – 9/10 (Great variety of useful parts, a reasonable amount of new pieces, and quite a few cool printed ones (no stickers!).) Playability – 10/10 (As a Doctor Who set, the only limit to playability is one's imagination, and both Andrew Clark and the LEGO designers did their best to add nice play features to the set. The one I find most entertaining is the 'regeneration feature' shown on the back of the box, though!) Build – 8/10 (Nothing too complex, but some efficient solutions are used, along with quite a bit of SNOT-ing for the TARDIS and the hexagonal console.) Price – 10/10 (For a set linked to a license, this one is extremely well priced, as you get 600+ parts for 60 €.) Overall: 9.5/10 Excellent As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome! If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=20631
  17. In my hype for the LEGO Doctor Who Ideas set coming out, I thought I would do some experimenting. Thanks to Artifex creation on youtube I was able to pause the video at certain points which allowed me to build the Police Box element. The thing I love about this is the playability in that you can disconnect the box from the interior. What it also did was inspired me. That TARDIS could also pass for the Series 5 and 6 version so I decided I would construct an interior in the same style as the Series 7/8/9 one that could be removed from the box. As you can see I have attached the box from the other set to this console room in the same style as the LEGO Ideas set. I've also managed to create the angular stairs going off in all directions design which I didn't think I'd be able to do. A lot of this model contains elements I have stolen from the official TARDIS build (The console for instance is built in the same way to make it 6 sided) and some I've designed myself. Of course I've used colours here that probably will never see the light of day with certain parts (The floor of the main console balcony being the main one. The only wall I've constructed so far is the one with that walkway at the top of those spiralling stairs. the jagged edge at the top of that wall is meant to represent where the ceiling meets the wall. Keeping with the roundel theme I've tried to replicate these as much as possible. I've still to work on the stability of the model as you can see the stairs are hanging in mid air at the moment. The console also needs the details added to it (going to try including the Sonic Screwdriver holder) Let me know what you think. If I manage to be successful with this one, I'm thinking about trying to make the 9th and 10th Doctor TARDIS in this same format.
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    Doctor Who 2016

    Hey guys! I've got some potential info regarding a new LEGO Doctor Who theme. I was at a LEGO Store today, and I was chatting with an employee. This man was a rather nice, old man, and he seemed very knowledgeable about some of the upcoming products that LEGO's gonna release. He mentioned the Ghostbusters HQ, the Disney CMFs, etc. He did bring up something about Doctor Who though. He said there were about 3-4 sets planned, and after I questioned him "Isn't there only one, the Ideas set?" he said yes, and a planned CMF line, but he doesn't know when it would come out. Now, even though this is coming from a LEGO Store employee, there are reasons why it might be false. He said that he knows about the online forums and that they don't usually know about new stuff until a few weeks before they're released, so he knows about it the same time we do, from these sites. Maybe he read this somewhere or something else, I never asked him where he got this info. He also called the TARDIS an opening telephone box (which I know it is), I'm assuming he didn't know the actual name of it. So, if he's wrong, I'm sorry, lock the thread, but if he's right, congrats Doctor Who fans!
  19. My dreams have come true. Today, November 3rd, 2015, I was able to get my hands on the first ever LEGO Doctor Who set (LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who level pack to be exact). Nothing can express how excited I am... except maybe this build I whipped up in a click. Based on the Doctor Who episode Flatline. Logo. *Doctor Who, TARDIS and all related names, images, etc. are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.* Flickr
  20. Eurobricks MCW Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher LuxorV has reviewed the latest LEGO Ideas offering: 21304 Doctor Who. Check out the in-depth review in the Licensed Themes forum.
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    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    21304 Doctor Who - $59.99 - Released December 1st Includes 12th Doctor, Clara, 11th Doctor, Dalek (x2), and Weeping Angel Minifigures Contains 632 Pieces This is the 11th released Lego IDEAS Set Press Release Blog Post Original post:
  22. (Yes, I just made a reference to the Wizard of Oz with Doctor Who characters. Mind blown yet?) Anyway, I created this topic to list out some creations inspired by the Doctor WHO Dimensions sets. I was inspired by EuroBricks user Deskp (also known as deskp1990 on Flickr) to re-create his Daleks and add some of my own touches, such as making them build-able right now, without waiting for the Doctor Who TARDIS set or it's LEGO Dimensions counterpart to arrive. Generic Dalek This Dalek takes his orders from the Supreme Dalek, who then gets commands from Davros. Supreme Dalek The Supreme Dalek wishes to EXTERMINATE(!) all other forms of life, as does every other Dalek... except for a few notable exceptions, of course. Davros, creator of the Daleks Davros, evil creator of the Daleks, in all his infamy. He is missing one part, and that is the printed torso. I will use this one when I build him: http://alpha.brickli...Buttons Pattern I haven't decided what head to use yet, though.... maybe the original Emperor Palpatine from the yellow-skin era? LDD file for Davros, the Dalek and the Supreme Dalek: http://www.mocpages....1445474385m.lxf K-9 K-9 is from Dimensions LEGO set 71204, which was recreated in LDD by Facebook user Mike MacMillian. I'm going to use printed black 1 x 1 tiles to say "K9" instead of buying the LEGO Dimensions level pack and using the parts there. The 10th Doctor (11th in you count the War Doctor) Here we see him with his Sonic screwdriver.... so much better than sunglasses! As a side note, the Doctor should be wearing this dark blue suit: http://alpha.brickli...b0899c01#T=S&O= LDD file for the Doctor and K-9: http://www.mocpages....1443557576m.lxf Also of note: I have designed a 10th Doctor TARDIS Console. It can even hook into the TARDIS just like the IDEAS set, though you will have to change out the two fold-out walls to match the tan and grays color scheme of Ten's TARDIS. (The outside portion was recreated by user CM4Sci and posted to the Dr. Who "Ideas" thread on Eurobricks.) This console has a big flip-able switch, a bunch of printed slopes and tiles, and even a Sonic Screwdriver holder, just in case they ever release an official sonic for the 10th Doctor. But for now I'll settle with my "gem and a light saber holder" screwdriver design. I am also including the Doctor in yellow skin form and K-9 (same design as the LEGO Dimensions one) By the way: The doctor's suit seen here is a stand-in for this dark blue one from Alien Conquest: http://alpha.brickli...b0899c01#T=S&O= The console features two staircases to access the floor of the TARDIS, and four chairs in corners spots. Here you can see how the console attaches to the exterior: a 1x4 Technic axle slides into a receiver on the TARDIS wall / front door. Here is the exterior of the TARDIS from Lego set 21304 (called Doctor Who), as reconstructed by Eurobricks user CM4Sci. When I get the set i'm going to remove one of the panels (the one with the St. Johns Ambulance cross) and replace it with a plain dark blue panel, as 10 didn't have that on his TARDIS. LDD file for K-9, the Doctor and the complete TARDIS and console: http://www.mocpages....1444163432m.lxf EDIT: added 10th doctor's TARDIS console and updated Dalek / Davros design.
  23. Hello, I have uploaded my Lego Ideas Doctor Who Review (21304). In German, right now. May be, I will upload a nother one in English, as well But I try to show you many details of this fantastic set with great colours and building technics. And many images, you can find right here. I have to tell you: This set is so much fun, but I don't know the BBC series. But now, I have to check it out soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me at any time. Have a nice weekend Andres
  24. This set has only been publicly view-able for about 24 hours and I have already designed a 10th Doctor TARDIS Console. It can even hook into the TARDIS just like the set, though you will have to change out the two fold-out walls to match the tan and grays color scheme of Ten's TARDIS. (The outside portion was recreated by user CM4Sci and posted to the Dr. Who "Ideas" thread on Eurobricks.) This console has a big flip-able switch, a bunch of printed slopes and tiles, and even a Sonic Screwdriver holder, just in case they ever release an official sonic for the 10th Doctor. But for now I'll settle with my "gem and a light saber holder" screwdriver design. I am also including the Doctor in yellow skin form and K-9 (same design as the LEGO Dimensions one) By the way: The doctor's suit seen here is a stand-in for this dark blue one from Alien Conquest: http://alpha.brickli...b0899c01#T=S&O= The console features two staircases to access the floor of the TARDIS, and four chairs in corners spots. Here you can see how the console attaches to the exterior: a 1x4 Technic axle slides into a receiver on the TARDIS wall / front door. Here is the exterior of the TARDIS from Lego set 21304 (called Doctor Who), as reconstructed by Eurobricks user CM4Sci. When I get the set i'm going to remove one of the panels (the one with the St. Johns Ambulance cross) and replace it with a plain dark blue panel, as 10 didn't have that on his TARDIS. The Doctor in his 10th (11th in you count the War Doctor) regeneration. K-9 is from Dimensions LEGO set 71204, which was recreated in LDD by Facebook user Mike MacMillian. I'm going to use printed black 1 x 1 tiles to say "K9" instead of buying the LEGO Dimensions level pack and using the parts there. LDD file for K-9, the Doctor and the complete TARDIS and console: http://www.mocpages....1444163432m.lxf
  25. So, despite all the Star Wars builds I've been posting recently, I am at heart a Whovian. And with the new series starting today (in two hours, forty one minutes to be exact), I thought it was high time I shared a few builds. Which are surprisingly numerous given I've been sick all week and have had plenty of time to distract myself with Lego. I decided, for no reason at all, to build a TARDIS console and while I could have built the Doctor's TARDIS, I don't really have the parts to build an appropriate minifig. So I turned to a few of the lesser known Time Lords . . . and it sort of spiraled into a series. So without further ado . . . The meddlesome Monk is an object lesson in why irresponsible use of a time machine is a very bad time. With his mark IV TARDIS (it's in show-room condition, you know), he knocks from one end of the history to the other looking for new ways to turn a profit or just have a good time, heedless of the consequences of interfering. Be it giving laser cannons to the Anglo Saxons, anti-gravity lifts to the ancient Britons or hyper-advanced medicine to the Holy Roman Empire, the Monk meddles just to see what will happen – and to see what trophies he can pick up along the way. Since I started building a traditional console, it was only natural that I'd chose the Monk to take the place of the Doctor. I wanted to capture the fairly plain design of the original TARDIS set, but add a few of the twists suggested by Big Finish's audio plays, which state that the Monk keeps a load of trophies hanging around. I'm very pleased with how the console came out here! Sideways in time and across the boundaries that divide one universe from the next is a world in which the reality of King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot was far closed to the legend than it is here. And in that world, where magic is advanced enough to be indistinguishable from technology, there exists a mysterious wanderer in time and space, who can change his face and traverses the stars in a ship of wonders. His name? Merlin! This started as a steam-punk console room in the vein of the Scream of the Shalka webcast but veered sharply into castle-punk instead. I'm very pleased with the time rotor on this one, and the downstairs area with its home comforts. Expelled from the Academy following that nasty incident with the giant mouse and the Lord President's cat, the Rani escaped into the cosmos with one purpose in mind: to further her scientific research. To her, the universe is one giant Petri dish and the people in it are just one long list of test subjects. She would be happy never seeing the Doctor ever again, but he keeps insisting on getting in her way and making long speeches about medical ethics . . . hopefully one day he and the Master will annihilate each other in an explosion of ego and she can get on with her work in peace. I've always liked the design of the Rani's TARDIS from Mark of the Rani, so much better than just redressing the normal console room. I wanted to capture the shape of the round console - and I just had to include the baby T-Rex! It is perfectly possible that Irving Braxiatel does not actually privately run the universe. But he definitely has the people who do on speed-dial. The proverbial man of wealth and taste, Brax is a collector par excellence, firmly of the opinion that the treasures of the universe would be far safer in his hands than left to the vagaries of time and chance. For all his charm, there is a darker side lurking under the urbanity – so it's a good job that Bernice Summerfield (archaeologist and professional drinker) is usually around to keep an eye on him! Brax is one of my favourite characters from the Bernice Summerfield series (of course he is, everybody loves Irving!) and I wanted his TARDIS to reflect his urbane, art-collector persona. I'm very happy with the bookshelf (though obviously I claim no originally on the build techniques here) and I'm quite pleased with his more advanced console design (his being a Type 70, it's way in advance of the Doctor's or the Monk's) When Professor Chronotis retired from the hurly burly of Capitol politics and settled down as the occupier of an obscure chair in a distinguished Cambridge college, he may possibly and quite by accident forgotten to tell anyone that he was taking his old Type 12 TARDIS with him. Fortunately, it is safely locked in the shape of his college rooms and will be no trouble to anyone. Now if he could just remember where he left the milk for his tea . . . A small build but satisfying nevertheless. I based the console on the BBCi webcast version, rather than on the original set from the lost story, Shada. Oh, I also built some Daleks (with the usual techniques!) Which leaves me with the dilemma of what to do with a horde of Daleks and no Doctor . . . but of course there's only one reasonable response to that . . . Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer! Here's a link to a slightly fuller gallery with a smattering of alternate views: link Enjoy!