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Found 38 results

  1. In order to survive easily in the Desert the Desert King has outfitted some of his cavalry with Moles. The moles dig down to find water beneath the sands. While looking for water one unit finds a long buried shrine to the desert king. The Mole and rider My entry for WZ5. C&C appreciated! More pictures in my bricksafe:
  2. A Notice to all Ulandian Soldiers: Attention! Before hanging any spies or prisoners, please check and make sure the tree is not being used as storage by Osric Isentooth and his men. They tend to store their signature brand of torture tar there. C&C appreciated!
  3. Many people within the territory held by Ulandus enjoy a little entertainment every now and then. The Monkey Grinder was one such entertainer. He would turn his music box while his trained monkey danced around the courtyard. What the Ulandars didn't know was that the Monkey Grinder was a trained agent of the Desert King. While the people were distracted his monkey would steal coins from those most loyal to Ulandus. OoC: The 2nd to last picture with the monkey balanced on the pillar used no tricks. The monkey is actually balancing like that.
  4. The Salamanders of Ulandus were putting up a bold defense. The men of Budd-apest thought of a creative way to sneak into the city to take down the invaders. On a patrol some of the guards found a strange object in a field. They pulled it back to the city gate to bring it inside the city as a war trophy...
  5. When the Lonely Mountain erupted it left behind much carnage. Many building had been overtaken by the lava. The Mummy Captain found himself fighting in one such building. There were little battles taking place all over the city right now thanks to this hair-brained idea of Lord Abrim Kar'dani. The Captain had been walking through the archways of what had once been windows of a residence, but now acted as lonely sentinels of the former beauty that was now mostly hardened lava. A masked Ulandar leaped up to challenge him. A swift kick from the Captain and a fast slash of his sword and the fight was over faster than it took to begin.
  6. This is the counter against Bregir's guerrilla build. When the dwarves started pulling treasure from the tomb, what they didn't realize was that the hieroglyphics lining the courtyard held a curse for robbers such as them. With a rush, the hieroglyphics started moving and moved inwards towards the tomb entrance. Then the darkness came. An incarnation of Apep emerged from tomb, consuming the robbers.
  7. All through the forests of the Nestlands there are shrines and monuments dotting the landscape. The natives know how to navigate through the forest as if it were a talent they were born with. Visitors to the Nestlands though, found these monunments very helpful in finding their way through the bamboo forests. The Ulandus troops wandered the paths through the forest on regular patrols, watching for insurgents. The Desert King's men heard the call of the Nestlands clans and came to their defense. The Masketeers and the mummy guard learned the Ulandus patrol times and set up an ambush to take out the foreign invaders.
  8. The forces from Ulandus had taken as many aqueducts as they could, knowing that whoever controlled the water supply would be in the best position to continue their attacks. A small force of the Ulandans had decided that it would be faster to press-ganged some of the local farmers into hauling water for them to increase the flow instead of fixing the water-pump. The men of Budd-apest, fighting for the Desert King, saw the slavery in action and decided to do something about it. OoC: I originally wasn't going to build for this WZ. But then I got this idea in my head. I hope it works as a "medieval pumping station." The instructions just said to make it realistic based on what they had available back then. And what was more readily available than men?
  9. The banks of the Arkbri River were very muddy and sometimes it was hard to tell which way was the deeper water and which way was the bank. Some High Council soldiers had been spying on the men of Budd-apest who were traveling with the Desert King's emissaries. The High Council soldiers had been hiding in the rushes of the river and had heard enough so they turned around to wade away from the Desert King's campsite to find a safe place to climb out. They had been wandering for a half hour and both soldiers were worried that they may never find the bank when the Desert King's men found the spies. (I would like the next WZ to be D7 if I win)
  10. In many of the towns and cities that declared their support for Ulandas, there were those who disagreed with their leader's choices. One such official was Alshebalba. He was willing, for a price, to be convinced to slow down the war efforts as best he could in his village.
  11. Budd-apest, a city in the foothills of the Rakath mountains between Sultan’s Gate and Qarkura, is rich in Kaliphlinian history. Many decades ago the monks of Cedrica had proclaimed the need for a crusade to make holy the creatures of Nocturnus. Many minor lords saw this as an opportunity to claim new land in the name of the crusade. The forces gathered and marched for Nocturnus. They planned to travel through the Rakath mountains but found the way blocked by the Kelra Labyrinths. Many tried to brave the Labyrinth and were never seen again. Others headed south to attempt to cross the mountains closer to the Kaliphlin border. Few made it through the harsh mountains and those who did found the inhabitants less than happy about their reason for being in Nocturnus. The monks heralded the men as brave souls, but agreed that the venture should not be attempted again any time soon. A small band of these crusaders, as they headed south to avoid the Labyrinth, found themselves caught in a fierce sand storm. The sand storm raged for days and the small group of travelers found themselves thoroughly lost. They eventually found themselves at the Sultan’s Gate and, assuming they were still heading towards Nocturnus, climbed the path up the cliff. The traders at the top were more than happy to sell the weary travelers provisions at a marked up price and to direct them further into Kaliphlin knowing the next traders would be able to profit as much as they had from these crusaders. It wasn’t until the crusaders arrived at the little city of Budd-apest that someone honest told them how far from their destination they were. The travelers were broke and exhausted. Having pity on them, some of the town leaders opened their homes to the foreigners. The monks among the troop shared their beliefs in the sect known as the Way. Many natives of Budd-apest believed the monks and accepted their faith as their own. The knights among the crusaders saw first hand that sharing their beliefs through peace was far more effective than through conquest. So when a band of raiders attacked the city, these knights placed themselves in the front lines of the city’s defense. After their successful victory the Sultan gave all of the knights the honorary title of “The Red Guard” and told them they would always be welcome in Budd-apest. A few of the band decided to leave for home, but most of the troop stayed. A compound was built housing a church, barracks, and a few other buildings. The monks made it a welcoming place and the knights made it a place of safety. In Budd-apest today many of the original crusaders still live in the compound. New converts have joined their ranks, some opting to join the monks and others the knights. The city itself is divided between followers of the Way and the other predominate religion in the city, followers of the Destroyer. After the favor shown to the crusaders in allowing them to have the Red Guard, the leaders of the Destroyer sect demanded equal privilege. They formed a group known as the Masketeers because of their use of masks. The Red Guard and the Masketeers did not like each other, but they tolerated one another because they knew in-fighting would only cause problems for the city they loved instead of solving its problems. As war began in Kaliphlin, it was no secret that Budd-apest supported the Desert King. They knew that without the leadership of the Pharaoh all those years ago, Kaliphlin would probably be ruled by the Drow. They also knew that the Ulander’s promises were too lofty for them to actually keep. Promising the throne to Mitgardia alone proved that they didn’t know how things worked in Historica and that they were only interested in their own devices. Mitgardians were too focused on events within their own borders to care about ruling all 4 guilds. As for the council, they fought more than they accomplished anything of benefit. The Desert King was the obvious choice for the people of the city. The Desert King, knowing of the opportunity for alliance with Budd-apest, sent some of his eastern-mountain mummies to parlay with the city. Eastern-Mountain mummies are very different from desert or regular mountain mummies, preferring to use the katana over the khopesh. When the Desert King ruled, he was over those who used both the khopesh and the katana so when he rose, the eastern-mountain mummies heard his call and answered the same as their desert brothers. The Sultan, with representatives from the Red Guard, the Masketeers, and a half-Leander known as Charlemagne meet with the mummies at one of the city’s gates. The Sultan was agreeing to assist the Desert King with both supplies and men when an assassin attacked. Charlemagne was too quick for the assassin though, and dispatched him with ease. A note was found in the assassin’s pocket with details of a meeting of soldiers with plans to attack the Desert King's forces. A plan was quickly put into place for the men from Budd-apest to prove their worth to the Desert King. They marched out to meet the soldiers and managed to take most of them prisoner with minimal casualties. It was unclear whether these men were from the High Council or from Ulandas for none of them would talk. But the Sultan of Budd-apest knew that the prisoners would come in handy eventually. And as an added benefit his men had proven their worth to the Desert King.
  12. Hi, first: I hope this is the correct forum. I didn't know if I had to make 1 topic for all, or a seperate topic in each subforum for every book. Anyway, I found this PDF document showing the new DK Lego books for this year. It are: Amazing Minifigure Sticker Collection Legends of Chime Brickmaster The LEGO Play book (looks like an succesor of the LEGO Ideas book to me) Star Wars Brickmaster Lego Minifigure: Year by year Friends ultimate sticker collection LEGO hero Factory Ultimate Sticker COllection LEGO Legends Of Chime Ultimate sticker collection A bunch of children novels from DC Universe and Star Wars And, from this topic also new this year (picture here): Lego Minifigures Character Encyclopedia It will be a good Lego book year again
  13. Saw this at Smashing Bricks. DK is releasing a Minifigures Character Encyclopedia with Series 1-10 and an exlusive figure. It's due to release in May 2013, and I'm curious. What could this exclusive figure be?