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Found 137 results

  1. Hi Everybody, I build the new Lego Disney Frozen Elsa's Magical Ice Palace set 41148 And made a building review of it. For when you are interested, here is the link. And I wish everybody the best wishes for the holidays !! :) Enjoy :)
  2. There's a rumors that there will be an another Disney series in May 2018. If anybody has got some informations, please, write here.

    [MOC] Disneyworld Park

    Hi guys! I present my new MOC about a Disney park that covers several areas of the different Disneyland's around the world. Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid Attraction by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Pirates Area by Etel Enzos, en Flickr 8 by NEW FANTASYLAND by Disneyland MOC by Etel Enzos, en Flickr
  4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is my favorite movie from Disney since a very long time ago, and I recently feel he need of building something from this movie... ...So let me introduce you the Sub Pod Sub Pod are fast small attack submarines. The crew is composed of one driver and one "gunner" , who fire the torpedoes and the harpoons. I try to recreate the shape of the submarine but I look more like a oval than a cylinder I put a LifeLitesĀ© orange brick to reproduce the orange light emitted by the inside of the canopy (sorry for the quality of this pic) If you have advice of suggestions, you'r the welcome ^^'
  5. Ever wonder what those little voices inside your head are? Meet Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, the emotions that guide you through your daily life! Riley is a happy, hockey-loving 11-year-old girl who, like all of us, is guided by her emotions. The emotions live inside the control center in Riley's mind dubbed Headquarters. This is also where all of Riley's memories are created and where her core memories are stored. From here, the emotions advise Riley through everyday life, led by Joy. But Riley's world turns upside-down when she is uprooted from her Midwestern life and she and her parents move to San Francisco. Riley's emotions try to guide her through this difficult, life-changing event. However, the stress of the move brings Sadness to the forefront. Will the emotions be able to get Riley through this challenging part of her life? You decide! About this Project: This is a Lego Ideas project that I designed using LDD, POV-Ray, and Photoshop. Based on Pixar's 15th hit animated movie, Inside Out, this playset depicts the inside of Headquarters. It includes minifigures of all five emotions and several key features of Headquarters such as the control console, the memory recall system, the core memories container, the tower, the memory shelves, and a couch with two footstools. Play Features: Take control of the situation with the control panel! Propose an idea to Riley by placing an idea lightbulb from the shelves at the base of the tower onto the stud on the console! Place core memories into the spinning core container! Recall memories by placing them on the translucent pole over the tube. But watch out! Don't let Sadness touch them! Roll the memories down the shelves! Turn the knobs at the back to redirect them to the next lower shelf! Take a break on the couch and rest your feet on the footstools! When Riley goes to sleep, have the emotions rest in the room at the top of the tower! Accessories include a flame piece for Anger (for when he gets really angry!), a notepad for Fear, a newspaper, a mug, and several memory orbs in the colors of each emotion. This project has been selected as today's staff pick! If you would like to have a LEGO version of the emotions and headquarters from Inside Out in your home, please support and share this project. It would bring lots of Joy to me and many other Pixar fans if this becomes a real set! Support this project here: Thanks, and stay positive!
  6. Down The Rabbit Hole by Quentin Collins, on Flickr Down, down, down! Would the fall never come to an end? There was nothing else to do, so Alice soon began talking to herself. "Dinah'll miss me very much tonight, I should think!" (Dinah was the cat.) "I hope they'll remember her saucer of milk at tea-time. Dinah, my dear, I wish you were down here with me!" - Lewis Carroll - 1865
  7. TheBrickAvenger

    The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay

    Hi everyone I present you my last creation, the lighthouse of Whitecap Bay and its mermaids, I was inspired by this picture "Aye, Whitecap Bay! Every worthless seaman fears the name, and rightly so, though few know why or dare to ask." "Be the stories true?" "Say what robs you of your staunch heart Gibbs, or forever leave it to the whiter fields of fancy." "...Mermaids, captain?" - Hector Barbossa and Joshamee Gibbs The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay (Pirates Of The Caribbean : On Stranger Tides) by TheBrickAvenger, sur Flickr Don't hesitate to glance at pictures for more details! Deeplinks : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 Brickshelf Gallery It is undoubtedly the biggest MOC I have ever realized, the lighthouse is more than 35 cms (14 inches). I hope it will please you !
  8. My new MOC featuring some of the earlier released Disney castles. The overall view of the Park. You will be welcomed by the four lovely princesses at the entrance Ariel's residence under the pool Cinderella castle Rapunzel & Merida castle Elsa and Anna Castle The Princess Zeppelin Hope you guys enjoy the tour :)
  9. Admonisher

    [MOC] Disney CMF Mini-Vignettes

    I didn't pick up the entire Disney CMF line, or even most of it, but I couldn't resist snagging the minifigures from two of my favorite Disney movies: ALICE IN WONDERLAND and PETER PAN. My goal for these mini-vignettes was twofold: (a) showcase both minifigures in scenes evocative of their respective films, and (b) for each minifigure pair, take up a footprint no larger than two CMF bases (that is, 4x6). Here's what I came up with: Strictly speaking, of course, Alice did not have her bottle and cookie when she met the Cheshire Cat, and Neverland's Skull Rock was a lot larger -- but of course, I wasn't going for literal representations here. :) If anyone else has done Disney vignettes at this small scale, I'd love to see them!
  10. Disney Princess Sets being released in 2016: #41140: Daisy's Beauty Salon- $9.99 Pieces: 99 Includes Daisy, reflective mirror, bows, bath, Beauty Salon #41141: Pumpkin's Royal Carriage- $9.99 Pieces: 79 Includes Pumpkin (which is a dog apparently) and said Royal Carriage #41142: Palace Pets Royal Castle- $19.99 Pieces: 186 Includes Palace pets, castle, and tree #41065: Rapunzel's Best Day Ever- $19.99 Pieces: 145 Includes Rapunzel, horse, and tower #41066: Anna & Kristoff's Sleigh Adventure- $29.99 Pieces: 174 Includes Anna, Kristoff, Sven, sled and Oaken's Trading Post #41067: Belle's Enchanted Castle- $49.99 Pieces: 374 Includes Belle, the Beast, numerous enchanted characters, castle #41068: Arendelle Castle Celebration- $59.99 Pieces: 477 Minifigures: Anna, Elsa, Olaf Includes Arendelle Castle, slide, balloons and birthday cake #41069: Treasure's Day at the Pool- $5.99 Pieces: 70 Includes Treasure and pool
  11. Hello, all. I thought I'd share a creation of mine based on the Niceland Apartment from the Disney animated film, Wreck-it Ralph. This was made in LEGO Digital Designer and rendered with Bluerender. It consists of 2357 pieces, and can be taken apart for play on the bottom floor and the penthouse. The top floor features a multicolored dance floor, a DJ Booth, a potted plant, and a small stage with a green balloon on each side. The bottom floor features two crates to store ammo for a play feature, another potted plant, an abstract sculpture, a staircase, and the 30th anniversary cake. I also included three little catapults to put on top of the building, so Ralph can launch bricks at Felix to dodge. The set includes three minifigures: Wreck-it Ralph, Fix-it Felix, and Vanellope. This project can be supported at LEGO Ideas: Thank you for checking this out, and please don't hesitate to make suggestions for improvement, as I hope to make updates in the future! I rarely build original stuff, so I kind of new to this "MOCing" thing.
  12. DigitalWizards

    Finding Nemo

    We wanted to try to animate LEGO at a different scale, so we brick built fish puppets and created a mashup of Disney, Pixar, LEGO and Finding Nemo. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Our LEGO ideas project can be found here
  13. I've been meaning, since the Disney minifigures were first revealed, to make a few builds to go with them. Here is my first: The ticking crocodile. Never Smile At A Crocodile by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr More details on my Flickr page. Let me know what you think!
  14. Captain Nemo

    [MOC] And All the Powers of Hell!

    "Now, shall you deal with me, O Prince! And all the powers of Hell!" Herein lies proof that I don't just show up to adjust conversation discussions , but that I do, in fact, build things too! This Sleeping Beauty creation was built for, and displayed at, Brickworld Chicago 2016. At the convention it won the award for Best Vignette.
  15. CM4Sci

    Cars 3 2017

    There was a preview in the catalog apparently for next summer so it's happening! More to come.
  16. Stillinamerica

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    Hi, I have been working on a few additions to my Fairytale world that I posted in January. One of them is this Cottage that belonged to the 7 dwarves in Snow White. This is my first effort at a 'house/cottage' building and provided a few challenges. I based it on the Disney artwork of the cottage. There is not an interior to it, but I may put a room in it in the back for my daughter to play with. Thanks for looking, there are so many amazing creators out there who build incredible buildings and provide great inspiration and as I started working on this little project, I appreciated their skill an awful lot more. Thanks for looking. martinharrisharrissw-1 by Martin Harris, on Flickr
  17. I'm an old video gamer. I'm always playing with my old video games, such as Quackshot Starring Donald Duck, one of my favorite games on Sega Genesis. Today, I would like to present you a small MOC (Size 16x16) inspired from the game: MOC - Donald Quackshot by yannoch06, sur Flickr
  18. Get "a-head" in life with advice from Shrunken Ned. Let Esmeralda predict your future, or let Fortune Red direct you to your fortune. All three can be found in Disneyland. Disneyland Fortune Tellers by Karen Metz, on Flickr Fortune Red by Karen Metz, on Flickr Fortune Red by Karen Metz, on Flickr Esmeralda by Karen Metz, on Flickr Esmeralda by Karen Metz, on Flickr Shrunken Ned by Karen Metz, on Flickr image by Karen Metz, on Flickr I haven't built the buildings where these mechanical tellers are located but have plans to do so in the future.
  19. Hi. I'm new to this forum section, I usually read the Train Tech section. But this time I want present my small projects based on Disney Classics. I've added them on LEGO Ideas, but if they will reach 10000 supporters, the credit will be all to my children. They are dedicated to Pinocchio, The Sword In The Stone and Bambi. I hope You like and Support them on LEGO Ideas. LEGO Disney Pinocchio Ideas project by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr LEGO Disney Sword in the Stone Ideas project by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr LEGO Disney Bambi Ideas project by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr
  20. skcheung

    Frozen: Anna and Elsa

    This is half a new post. You may discover that I have finished Anna more than a month ago and have she posted then. Now, here comes Elsa and my set finishes as a duo. My work is not perfect but I have put great effort. There are many technical difficulties. Their braids are one thing, and thus special care is given to Anna's cloak. For Elsa, her dress is difficult. Basically there are three layers -- white/medium azure, trans-light blue, trans-clear. Another point which worths mentioning is that they are very costly. Rare colours used for Anna; and about 3000 parts for Elsa (more than 1500 of which are the trans-medium blue/ trans-clear plates)
  21. CM4Sci

    LEGO Frozen Shorts Discuss !
  22. caravancarlos

    Disney Minifigures Background

    Hi Can anyone supply the darkened Disney background please for a home made frame? Cheers
  23. This is my version of Donald Duck's car in LEGO. It was a challenge to build eventhough it is so small, but of course a fun challenge! I would appreciate if you also had a look at the LEGO Ideas-project here. Some history Donald DuckĀ“s car made its first appearence in the movie "Don Donald" from 1937, and in 1938 it was introduced in the newspaper comics by Al Taliaferro. The design is originally based on an "American Bantam 1938"-car, but has changed slightly over the years and varies from different cartoonists. Its name "The 313" comes from the license plate that has number 313, which also is the day when Donald Duck was born (13th of March). The design is mainly inspired by the original fictiv car "Belchfire Runabout", which you can see in the last photo.
  24. Donald only gets bills in his mailbox, and his neighbor Jones is standing in the background smiling scornfully. I tried to make the visual style similiar to the style I have seen in the Donald Duck comics I read during the 80s. The car is up as an LEGO Ideas-project, so I would appreciate if you had a look at that as well and gave it your support.
  25. Imgur gallery here!,FiQqKyo,JHIVTpf,fD2PQFF,kFDNazV,NE4T119,FsSolmO,NWsKFcU Comments? Criticisms?