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Found 58 results

  1. Dayton

    [MOC] Flight 79

    Steven: Lets hope that cargo we sabotaged the plane for is still intact. Ian: Don't you worry about that....
  2. Christoph

    Road into darkness

    To those who stay at home: My mind cannot rest. I am on the road again ... looking for truth. But this time it won't be pleasant. This time dark shadows cloud my way. I do not know what I will find in the East. But I do know that I will go there. I am off to look for truth. Friends! Forgive me! - even though you cannot understand... Yours, Abū Alī al-Ḥusayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā
  3. Toltomeja

    [MOC] Route 66

    And here it is... Finally! I have the joy and honour to present you my last work. The legendary Route 66 connecting Chocago and Los Angeles, traversing wild deserts of Arizona. I tried to include everything that makes the US American - a bar, gas station, typical truck and Harley motorcyclits. Okay, enough words. Let's watch the pics: Some more photos will come as soon as Brickshelf staff removes all the naked women pics out of my gallery. And just as a fun-fact. It's actually the biggest MOC so far and te first attempt to build cars. So now I can finally get to do something else... Yay! Have a nice journey!
  4. This was built by my 11 year old brother. After being ambushed by outlaws, Kendrick and his companions were taken to the robbers hideout. Basil had managed to escape as the thieves didn't pay much attention to the goat. This proved to be a serious mistake as Basil followed the group to the outlaws lair. The captives were placed in the ruins of what seemed to be a tower: One of the outlaws prepared some food by the campfire while the other two made sure the prisoners were behaving themselves. As the two thieves headed back towards the campfire the one in the lead was head butted by Basil: The bandit eating by the fire was very surprised, and rather amused, to see his two companions knocked over by the goat: Picking up his sword he walked toward Basil, still snickering at his friends' embarrassing fall: When the first thieves had been knocked over, one of them had dropped his knife within reach of Kendrick. Kendrick quickly started to cut his bonds on the knife. Meanwhile Basil knocked the third thief right into the fire! By now the first two thieves to fall were back on their feet and going after the goat. The unfortunate fellow who had been knocked into the fire tried to smother his burning clothes: Kendrick had finished cutting his ropes now, and moved to free his friends: As he did so one of the thieves tackled Basil: The bandits were in for a surprise though: The outlaws were tied up then forced to walk with Kendrick and his friends as their prisoners: Thanks for looking, my little brother would appreciate any feedback on the build. The next scene of Kendrick's travels is coming soon and will be the biggest one yet!
  5. Legopard

    [MOC] KV9T9-B Wasp Podracer

    Hello I have some new Star Wars stuff for you. It's one of these non-known Podracers from the big Boonta-Eve-Classic. The KV9T9-B Wasp by Clegg Holdfast: Want more? Enjoy the details on flickr and MOCpages! Stay crætive! Jonas
  6. exis

    Winter Village: Dorp

    Hi all! Let me present my creations for winter village Expand Competition III. If it is cold, you want to be warm. Are always people who want to winter in the summer and vice versa. Probably the I am one of them... The next expedition is very taken a great interest a treasure hunt. Now is Having New Year's holiday in the hot desert. But this is not a reason to despair. Maybe it's just a big fridge and industrial ventilation system. But do you know a lot of people can not see the snow in the winter. And for a little girl is a real holiday miracle. View inside the house. more general view Photos can be found in my flickr gallery. Thanks for looking. Have fun!
  7. Legofin2012

    MOC: desert skiff battle

    Another quick build, I tried to fit as many moments in this scene: Skiff battle by Legofin2012, on Flickr
  8. potnoodlelover

    Never look back

    Never look back (Syndicate Sponsorship Contest Entry) by NOISY~BOY, on Flickr I havent posted on here in a while, so here's another FP for yall. Enjoy.