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  1. In Qarkyr, there are two distinct cultures. In certain parts of the city these two cultures can be seen across the street from each other. When it became clear that their city was not only divided culturally, but only in which war-ing faction they supported, the merchants of the city took up arms against each other. Having only knives and their fierce passion to win whatever the cost, the fight promised to be a bloody one. The sultan of Budd-apest had heard about the coming conflict and had sent one of his men to help the western merchants in the defense of the Desert King's right to rule. A dwarven captain stood on the side of the eastern merchants, urging them on to fight for the freedom that Ulandus offered. OoC: So I found out I'm really bad at building Asian style buildings. This was the best I could come up with. I hope you all like it.
  2. As with most of the Desert King's campaigns, his forces hit the Great Loop with a swiftness and ferocity that left the defenders trembling in their foxholes. Those who were not felled in the initial fury of combat were so shocked that they surrendered quickly. Below, Desert King forces haul away High Council soldiers who, through a negotiated settlement with Ulandus, had agreed to bolster the Great Loop defenses. Having suffered several major defeats in recent weeks - and fighting far from their homes - the High Council soldiers were quick to give up their position around a series of steep rice terraces near the Qar-Akhen. The Desert King commander knew the terraces would pose a strong defensive position if garrisoned by trained troops, and ordered his soldiers to dig in and prepare for any High Council or Ulandus counterattack. And one without figures, and at a higher angle: --------------------------------- Hello! Here's my WZ12 entry. Work had me tied up most of this week and I'm away from the bricks for most of the weekend, so this ended up being much more of a rushed build than I had hoped. The terrain could use some finessing in my opinion, especially the rises between the terrace levels. I also had a nice irregular base built for this, but I just couldn't get it to fight in the size limit. Honestly, this one may be a bit over the limit, but I promise by no more than a few studs! Also, forgot to notice that this was a DK vs. U battle until just a few moments ago. Fortunately U and HC came to terms, or those HC troops would look awfully out of place! Anyways, thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated!
  3. If I were to win, I'd like to pick F2 as the next warzone. Aymeri's retreat from Katoren depended heavily on the use of mobile fortifications. While these lumbering defenses succeeded in repelling Ulandus and Desert King attacks on the well-maintained low roads, they fared poorly on the rugged mountainous paths and proved to be easy targets for enemy ambushes. Those driven by oxen were particularly vulnerable as the animals could not easily navigate the rocky terrain. One by one the fortifications fell, often to fire and landslides trigged by enemy forces. Below, a group of Desert King soldiers use a tree they dug up to destroy the advancing wagon: These High Council soldiers weren't given much time to duck: Somewhat of a transformable aspect to this build: The blood requirement: The wagon by itself: ------------------------------------ Phew, almost didn't have a build for this warzone. This was quite the challenging contest - I had plenty of fun ideas, but virtually none that would fit within the maximum footprint of this warzone! Finally threw this together, and it definitely isn't my most inspired build. Still, this was an interesting warzone and there's been some really neat builds enter it. Thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated!
  4. When Aymeri ordered that the buildings be turned into movable fortifications, not all of the soldiers correctly understood his order. One unlucky man, using what little brains he had, set to mobilizing the most needed building in the town. The outhouse. When his commanding officer found out his soldier's precious time had been wasted he wasn't to happy. Though, he was about to be less happy. What he didn't realize was that the Desert King troops were badly in need of re-leaving themselves and were tired of using cactus for toilet paper. They saw this movable outhouse as the most important fortification they could acquire! OoC: Sorry for the crummy photos. I'll take better ones tomorrow. But now, for bed. Pictures updated now.
  5. Deep in one of the strongholds of the Southern Dwarves a dwarves alchemist works feverishly on his experiments, mixing various chemicals to create all sorts of unique potions. After hearing that the Ulandian dwarves had created a metallic monstrosity using the souls of the fallen he had set to work to create a very special compound indeed. At last he was successful! "A-ha!" he exclaimed. "I have done it!" He quickly called his superior down to show him his creation. "This compound in my hand is just what we need to stop the metal monster the Ulandians have created! As you know, the Ulandians have utilized the souls of their fallen allies to power their creation. This compound, when splashed on one of their creations will seperate that soul from the physical suit, causing it to become a useless chunk of metal. but the best part is that it also drives the lost soul into a murderous frenzy. As soon as the soul is separated from the suit it takes on a ghostly form, which quickly begins to fade into nothing after a few minutes. But in the meantime the enraged apparition will be fully capable of physical mayhem, and this substance will cause it to forget all memory, loyalty, and thought except a raging desire to destroy! If we can unleash this on their prototypes while they are still inside A Ulandian facility it will create utter chaos! And the best part is, this uses common materials, so we can create a ton of this stuff! The Ulandian creation will be practically useless!" This is a counter to Goliath's GA EDIT: Updated the picture Here's the original picture
  6. The High Council's mobile fortresses are slowly but surely making their way across the desert, and pushed right through the Ulandians that tried to stop them. However the Desert King's men know that no matter how well built these wooden fortresses are, there is still one thing that can stop them...Dragon Fire! The Dragon quickly blasts the mobile fortress into splinters and races off to hunt down the remaining fortresses. Desert King troops quickly arrive on the scene to clean up the mess left behind by the dragon. Extra pics: Fire The Desert King troops arrive on the scene The High Council survivors fight desperately to hold of the Desert King troops Notes: This is definately not one of my best builds, but I think it turned out ok. C & C appreciated
  7. Captain Braunsfeld

    [GA: D2, DK] We did start the fire...

    The much-feared Mounted Ostrich Archers have struck again! This oil pump will not be working any longer! Glory to the Desert King! This guerilla attack was brought to you by Captain Braunsfeld. C&C welcome!
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ10;DK] Taking Petraea by Storm

    Mage Network Newsflash! Desert King troops have won the battle of Petraea and have marched into the city. See it all in your nearest magical orb! Our "News Mage" is directly reporting from the south gate of Petraea, near the famous Temple of Poh'Sai'Dhonn, where Desert King troops are advancing as we speak: We are standing in front of the famous twin stairs of the Temple of Poh'Sai'Dhonn which are paved with pure gold! Man, this city is gloriously rich! But the fleeing defenders have no time to stare at the beauty of the city... The victorious troops are more than happy to take a look while more and more Desert King soldiers are filing through the famous gates. (On the very left: famous Mounted Ostrich Archers (MOA)) So this is all pretty much settled here, no surprises to be expected. And the Desert King wins this exciting match in the second half. (Note: Blue sky background is not meant to be part of the MOC.) C&C welcome!
  9. River Gate The Second Battle of Queenscross (WZ7:E8) For the Desert King! In the seizing of Queenscross, a detachment of Desert King troops is sent to secure the docks along the Arkbri. Near one of the river gates, they quickly overcome a group of High Council soldiers. It is vitally important that trade and travel along the river remain safe, and, in spite of the increasing conflict in the area, the Desert King will do just that. Overall shot:
  10. The gardens of Petrea are surely a sight to behold. Containing a variety of plants from all over then land, the have had some of the most important present and historical figures in Historica walk through them. However today is a different story. All of Petrea is under siege from two invading armies. No section of the city is safe from the fighting, no matter how ancient and beautiful it may be. Some of the Desert King's forces are engaged in combat with the city's defenders in the beautiful gardens, while civilian casaulties mount up.
  11. A slow, warm, desert breeze floated past Adira's face, bringing a hint of the smell of the river with it. She inhaled deeply, letting the dank smell linger in her nose. Almost like the smell that hangs so thickly in the Nestlands... Opening her eyes, Adira surveyed the work site in front of her. Not very far, seeing what terrible selection of tools we have, but they should be done with the barricade by the time the Desert King forces arrive. “Captain, requesting permission to allow the civilians a rest-bit and have the soldiers take over for a while.” Adira turned to see Lieutenant Sirhan at attention. She sighed. “No, Lieutenant, we can not afford to leave the site unguarded. With the soldiers working we would be much more open to attack.” “What do we have to fear? The Desert King forces are hours away.” Sirhan responded, annoyance showing clearly in his voice. A smile played at the corner of Adira's mouth. “The Unexpected.” There was a thud then a gurgling sound behind them. Adira spun around just in time to see their sentry, one of her Guerrillas, fall to the ground, an arrow embedded in his throat. There was a thudding of mail-clad feet on the dirt road and an inhuman shriek as a party of orcs rounded a curve in the road and charged toward them, shrieking their war-cries. Adira's thoughts flew out of her head as a burly orc wielding a large war-club charged her. She was barely able to draw her sword before he was upon her, his war club descending. She raised her blade, barely deflecting his, and retreated a few steps. Think! Remember your training! Adira fell into a swordsman's stance, her mind searching for the next step. He will attack forcefully and with momentum, use that against him. The orc charged again, slicing toward her head. Adira ducked and sliced toward the orc's leg. Her blade bit into flesh. Pressing her advantage, Adira got side stepped the orc's flailing war-club and scored another hit on his chest, bringing him down. Stepping forward she plunged her blade into his neck, bring his war-shrieks to an abrupt stop. Adira stood and glanced around her. One of the villagers was down, and Sirhan had decapitated one of the orcs. The rest of the workers were falling back in disarray, tossing down their tools. We need to form up, fast. Adira raised her voice above the clamor of the skirmish. “Form a line atop the barricade, are the workers!” The orcs were temporarily stymied by the losses they had been dealt, and fell back several yards, giving the High Council troops time to gather their forces. Adira made her way back to the mound of dirt that would have been a barricade, her mind racing. How did the Desert King forces get behind them? They must have crossed the river, but how did they get past the guard we set there? Adira saw one of her sergeants giving orders on the other side of the mound and strode over to him. “How are our chances, Sergeant?” The man removed his helmet a ran a wiped the sweat from his forehead. “With this rabble? Slight. If they can just hold the line against the Desert King charge, then we will be fine. Other then that, we're as good as dead.” Adira nodded toward the building to their left, some shrine or burial chamber. “What if they send a force around the other side of that? Do you think we could withstand a two-pronged attack?” “No.” The man said flatly. “In that case we would have to put our chances behind one charge.” The workers, with a large amount of orders from various sources, had finally formed a line on the top of the mound. Adira motioned for Udgr and he came after launching a few parting orders at the line of workers. “Udgr, I want you to watch the other side of this building, make sure we are not surprised on that side. You may have to hold them off until we can send reinforcements.” Udgr saluted. “It shall hold.” He turned and trotted off toward his position. There was a sudden commotion coming from the Desert King lines. Adira glanced toward them just as their lines parted, allowing a hooded Mummy in black armor to pass through, along with several other hooded men. The mummy surveyed their lines until his gaze rested on her, then it stopped. Adira felt a prickle of fear run up her spine. He's here for me... The mummy finally turned back to his men and motioned for some of them to move around the building. Adira was about to send someone to warn Udgr when the mummy raised his sword... then let it fall. The orcs and Desert King soldiers charged like a body of water bursting through a dam, letting letting loose their collective war-cries. The mummy Commander charged strait toward Adira, dodging the spears of the workers and the bolts of the Council soldier's one crossbowman. Adira's palms began to sweat and she readjusted her grip on her weapon. He looks dangerous, I wonder how much so... A blur of black and dark green rushed past Adira as Sirhan charged the Mummy. The Mummy, surprise written on his face, was barely able to bring his sword up in time to block Sirhan's blow, throwing himself off balance. Sirhan pressed his advantage and put his weight behind the blow, throwing the mummy onto his back, where Sirhan leaped on top of him. There was a short scuffle and the mummy struggled out from under the soldier just as Sirhan's blade descended toward the ground where he had just been. The mummy retreated, limping slightly, back along the road. Adira just then noticed that the course of the battle had been in their favor. The line held! We beat them off! They had maintained a few losses, but the Desert King had taken more, and were now pulling back, their force greatly depleted. One of the Assassins took down a High Council pike-man before retreating, and then the fight was over, as quickly as it had started. A clash of swords came from Adira's left and she spun toward the noise to see Udgr and another of his kind, the short, mountain orcs, exchanging blows almost faster then her eye could follow. Another assassin was trying to circumvent them. There was a quick, high shriek and the other orc leaped back, his hand on his arm. At the same moment the High Council crossbowman shot a bolt over the other assassin's head, forcing him to retreat back behind the building. The wounded orc let out a strange hissing sound and then retreated as well. Udgr hissed back then turned, and his eyes quickly turned from fierce, animal eyes back to their almost-human form. Adira turned back to the road, just in time to see the last orc turn the bend farther up. We have this skirmish, the Desert King will not get to Queenscross this way. We may yet survive this war! Queenscross may hold... I hope. The build. I was originally going to have an irregular base, but it was getting so square do to the restrictions that I decided just to go with a normal, square base. This is my first time building a completely dark tan building, and I think it turned out well. Experimented with some Gothic architecture for the shrine thing as well. And count this as a parting shot, and the Main Pic I was not able to include anywhere else. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! _____________________________________________________ I would like to claim UoP credit for: Military Science: Battle Scene. And if I win, I would like to have F8 as the next Warzone.
  12. Having build a watch tower directly on the oil road, brave Desert King soldiers were able to defeat a non-surprise attack by Ulandus troops: Oil kept flowing throughout the skirmish... And the overview showing where the tower was built on the road: Thanks for looking! If I should win, I chose H6.
  13. My warzone pick, if I win, is O17. Compelled by their recent victories, the Desert King's forces marched day and night to reach Queenscross. They reached the great city just hours before the High Council army appeared. The Desert King's men swept aside the Queenscross city guard, and fortified favorable positions within the city to meet the coming High Council onslaught. One of these positions included the Well of Vlasik, named after one of the city's ancient kings. In Queenscross, where water is considered a precious commodity, officials went great lengths to accentuate its city wells. The structure around the Well of Vlasik, though completely ornamental, proved to be a valuable fighting position. A copse of blood ash trees, attracted to the well by its moisture, also provided cover for anyone occupying the small hill. A mixed squad of mummy regulars and Royal Warrioresses were tasked with the defense of the well, and pledged to hold the ground to the last soldier. When the battle finally erupted, High Council commanders were quick to target the well - with temperatures soaring above 40 C, the High Council realized water was as important to its troops as swords. But, despite possessing a numerical advantage, the High Council soldiers were unable to push through the defensive ring surrounding the well. The Desert King's troops proved their superior training and repelled wave after wave of enemy soldiers. Yet, with each wave they saw their small number reduced even further. After countering countless attacks, the defense finally cracked. True to their word, the Desert King troops fought until none survived. The High Council soldiers, fatigued and disillusioned by their heavy losses, were not able to celebrate the small victory. Its forces were meeting stiff resistance throughout the city, and the promised breakthrough would not be made. That evening the High Council collected their dead and wounded, and they abandoned the battle. Morale among the High Council soldiers sank, but their commanders knew they could not risk the obliteration of their army in Queenscross - larger battles were still to come. The Desert King soldiers were surprised to find themselves in sole control of the city the next morning. It had been a lucky turn of fate, for so battered were the Desert King defenders that another large attack by the High Council would likely have pushed them out of the city. Although bards would long write of the bravery demonstrated by the Desert King's soldiers at Queenscross, those who had fought there would remember only the brutality and death of that day, and how many others would be lost in this terrible conflict. A pic of the whole MOC, and some close ups: Sans-figs:
  14. Judge of the Wastelands

    [G:E9 U vs. DK] Protectors of the Earth

    (POV Amir Navabi) After traveling to the Ulandian Camp outside Petraea, I had been ordered to raid Desert King territory. The Northmen, like the mercenaries they were, refused to raid with us. They had agreed to help the siege of Petraea, nothing more, nothing less. But I was ready to serve my allies. We had found a Desert King Coal mine.....and we intended to destroy it. The Desert King's war machine ran on coal, and needed mines like this. The Desert King might well be able to rouse untold numbers.........but no matter how many soldiers, they needed swords. And swords required fires. Hot fires. After defeating the only warrior among them, I faced him down, but there was something familiar about him.......... "Amir!" He exclaimed. "Brother!" "Aram.....You support the Desert King?" "Indeed, Brother, and loyally so. Like my parents." Then the Lieutenant called out I turned my back- as my brother attempted treachery. I twirled around, and in so doing, cut off my brother's hand. He cried out in pain, and fell, having failed in his treachery. We set fire to the shaft, and within minutes, it would be no more. As the building fell apart. I was ready to leave.....then I heard a sound. I was brother's moaning. "What are you doing?" The Lieutenant asked, incredulously. I moved his body away from death, and wrapped his wound. I had honor, where my brother had none. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  15. Today an Avalonian is delivering a speech to the people of Esterbroke. " The High Counci claims this island for themselves, without the regard or consent of you, the people that live here! But this island does not belong to Kaliphalin, it is rightfully a part of the glorious guild of Avalonia! The High Council would drag you into this war and force you to obey their laws! You are Avalonians, and as such you should not be dragged into the wars of Kaliphalin! The High Council seeks to keep you from your birthright of Avalonian citizenship and as such, they cannot be allowed to rule! Unlike the High Council, the Desert King understands your plight and promises not to separate you from the guild you belong to! He promises to give the entire island to Avalonia and will allow all of those who live here to be reunited with their Avaonian brethren! This will benefit all the Kaliphalinites who live here too! When you are reunited with Avalonia, you will be free from the war! You will no longer have to face harsh rationing, and you will not be forced to fight a war in a guild you are not part of! Instead you will be able to enjoy the wonders of Avalonia! We offer you some of these wonders now, in the form of our finest apple cider, best blackberries, and tastiest fruits, all strait from the town of Araluen, the home of the renowned Lord Dan! We have also provided you with the means to take action! We will fight to free this land for the Desert King, but we cannot do it alone! So what do you say! Will you stand by helplessly or will you fight for a better life as a part of Avalonia!" Notes: I may try to take better pictures tomorrow, but I think this should be good for now C & C appreciated For Avalonia! ( and the DK too) Heres another picture: Figless pics are on my flickr
  16. The Wither Woods are a stunning sight; miles and miles of exotically colored trees; a place of great beauty and tranquility that is renowned as one of the wonders of Kaliphalin. Today, however, that tranquility is utterly shattered, as fierce screeches and harsh clangs echo throughout the forest. These sounds originate from a spot deep in the forest, in the territory of the Cresentthorn Elves, in the center of an ancient grove of trees. This is the Cresentthorn elves' ancient fighting arena, used for centuries to resolve conflicts in the forest. The elves fight here so often that the trees have become reliant on the steady supply of blood that seeps into the ground. This unusual diet has a strange affect on the trees, causing their leaves to change color, causing them to be known as blood oaks. Today a duel takes place between two female elves, one fighting for the High Council, another for the Desert King. Both elves fight fiercely, fighting on the same ground as their ancestors. A official watches from the side The fight rages back an forth, with neither elf able to gain the upper hand However the Desert King elf eventually takes the upper hand and defeats her opponent, watering the tree with fresh blood.
  17. The liberation of Petraea would long be remembered in the historical annals of Kaliphlin. The High Council was the first to violate the capital's neutrality, occupying the city in an attempt to secure its support in the Civil War. As the war raged on, the occupying troops were siphoned off for High Council campaigns in other regions of Kaliphlin. Desert King spies embedded in the city watched closely as the city guard dwindled in number, and informed their masters of the city's growing weakness. They also fomented revolt among the city populace, which wasn't difficult as residents resented their forced involvement in the war. Civil unrest raged in protest of draft orders mandated against the city's male population. Insurrection hit a boiling point after the city's granaries were earmarked by the High Council for its military campaigns. The Desert King's spies knew there would be no better time to strike the city. One quiet evening, the soldiers guarding the city's main gate were bribed into taking an early break. Several sympathetic residents raised the great gate, allowing a large Desert King contingent waiting secretly nearby to enter the city unopposed. By the time the city guard knew the city had been infiltrated, it was far too late. The High Council troops fought with distinction but stood little chance against the numerically superior and seasoned Desert King soldiers. The High Council received no support from the city's residents, who locked their doors to the fleeing soldiers and pointed out High Council strongpoints to the Desert king liberators. When the sun rose the next morning every district of Petraea was under the Desert King's control. Recognizing the city's desire for normalcy, Desert King commanders ordered cart loads of food to be distributed to city residents. Residents who had been forced into the High Council army were released and returned to their families. Damage to the city during the battle had fortunately been light, but Desert King soldiers were quick to help clean the streets and repair people's homes. The battle was declared one of the Desert King's greatest victories, but his commanders knew this action would not be the last conflict Petraea would see in the war. The city had to be held against a High Council counterattack, and there was no doubt that the Ulandians also had their eyes set on the capital. But the Desert King's army had won the hearts and minds of the Petraea's population, and, unlike the High Council, the new occupiers bolstered the city's defenses. With the Desert King in control, Petraea would not fall again. In fact, the city would eventually see a new era of prosperity and serve faithfully as an ally to the Desert King. Desert King troops capture Petraea's administrative district from the High Council: Some close ups of the fighting: A member of the High Council occupational government watches from high up as the Desert King forces capture the city: A soldier waves the Desert King's flag from one of the city's government buildings, signaling the city had been captured: Desert King soldiers hand out food to Petraea residents, while others clean debris and repair damage caused during the fighting: ---------------------------------- Hello again! This is my entry for the WZ10 minichallenge which takes place in Petraea. A very early entry considering the June 1 deadline, but you guys have no idea how glad I am to be finished with this one. I've been working on it very slowly for the past month and a half, mostly because I had to keep stealing parts to use in other civil war builds. Now that you've seen it, I can finally tear it apart for good and use the parts without feeling bad! Anyways, I've been wanting to build a large Kaliphlin urban scene ever since seeing Gideon's wonderful Streets of Barqa MOC, and obviously he is a lot of inspiration behind mine. I tried to stick closely to Ska's description of the city, with the tall buildings and lushness that characterize the city. I might have gone overboard I suppose with the greenery, but I really liked the idea of a major urban center filled with vegetation. Also, I haven't yet chosen a next WZ for this build since whatever I pick may be obsolete by the time the June 1 deadline rolls around. I'll update this post once we get closer to then. I also want to note that I'm as stumped as you may be over why the tan bricks do not have the same hue in the photos I took. I used the same lights and general light direction, so I'm not sure why some of the tan came out more vivid in some pictures than others. Well, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!
  18. The Old Oak The Battle for Cresentthorn's Favor (WZ11:C4) For the Desert King! Deep in the Wither Woods there is an ancient oak, so thick and gnarled that the elves have named it the Father of the Trees, believing it to have witnessed the dawn of the forest. The warrior Kauket had lived her entire life in the hot, sandy, desert lands – she had never seen any trees such as what was now before her. A voice called down from the ancient limbs, “The duel may now commence.” There would be time later to admire the forest, Kauket had a High Councilman to defeat. At the base of the ancient tree, Kauket swung her khopesh at the enemy and let the thrill of the fight carry her to victory. Thanks for having a look :)
  19. Judge of the Wastelands

    [G:F10, U vs. DK] The Road to Petraea.

    We had been Traveling through Kaliphlin for some time, and I was anxious to return home. Amir Navabi had promised a ship to take us when he could secure one. But we were caught up in the Civil War, and I feared I might never see my homeland again. But as we traveled, we had come upon an Ulandian Lieutenant, and he and Amir had decided to venture into enemy territory. I personally had no wish to fight, only to return. But if returning meant raiding traveling parties on the road, thus be it. And we had just stumbled upon such a party. I head the Desert King Commander disscussing options with his escort. But they would not be afforded the time to think. "Surrender," Amir called. One of the bandits protecting the caravan spat at him, initiating his own demise. "Attack!" Amir was always ready for battle, and wanted to spite the Desert King as much as possible I, on the other hand, while not exited about fighting the Desert King, felt the feeling all Vikings feel before battle. Warrior rage. Rollo and I engaged the DK forces on our side, and made quick work of them. They were bandits, not the Warriors fighting at the fronts of this terrible War. Amir was once again re-asserting his ability to fight with his sword. The man was a natural, I hadn't seen a swordsman like him in my life. While Rollo had speed and power, Amir had something more. His sword strokes somehow.....flowed, like a dance. His sword just seemed to weave in and out, doing it's deadly work. I doubted if anyone could defeat him in open confrontation. Meanwhile, I had seen the Escort Leader sneak up on Amir. With a bellow of rage to wake the dead, I charged. The force of my stroke was so powerful it sent the mummy warrior tumbling right past Amir and the DK Commander, running into one of the horses. Amir hadn't even had to use his sword on the poor leader, which was just as well. The person I though was the leader of this Caravan was a lass of no more than 17. "Last chance," Amir told her. "Surrender." And she did. We had won the battle, but much remained to be decided. "I snitched one of there," Lydia told us, holding out a ruby of outstanding quality. "So we can sail back to Mitgardia." "Yes," Rollo exclaimed. "Now we can go home!" "Not that simple, I'm afraid," I interjected, stopping their celebration. "If we try to re-cross the border, Desert King forces will surely capture us. It's a miracle they didn't on the way in." "Then how do we get out?" Lydia asked, crestfallen. "We'll help Ulandus win Petraea. if they win there, they'll give us a boat." "Very well," Rollo murmured, still angry at our predicament. And with good reason. As Amir and the rest of the raiding party moved forward, I pulled him aside. "Amir, you're heading to Petraea, aren't you?" "Yes, why?" He had been heading there from the start, after all. "We will help you take the city," I told him. He actually smiled, which was the equivalent of tears of joy from him. Then his face shadowed. "In return for what?" "Safe passage, and a boat back to Mitgardia after the battle." Amir frowned for a moment, then decided. "It's a deal," He told me. Parting shot............ and the build without figs (mostly, anyway) Builder's notes: So this was fun to build, and I really love the olive green and dk orange I got from BL. But tell me what you think! Author's notes: Not much story here ether, but oh well. I have a huge build planned for Petraea, and the story will get really interesting from there. Oh, and sorry I haven't posted in forever........But I have finals for school coming up, so I probably won't be that active again until May/June. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and did I mention? I would like to claim UoP credit for Geography: Desert Landscape. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  20. Patterns of light shifted over the surface of the ground as the branches above Adira's head waved in the wind. To her right a tall stone pillar stood solidly amongst the swaying trees. Letting her hand pass over it's rough, weathered surface, she let her mind linger on the story of it's beginning, of how it had been placed there by the ancient Cresenthorn elves and the men of the High Council to commemorate their alliance. Who would have known an alliance made by elves would be so fragile... “Captain, the dual is about to begin.” Adira turned to see Udgr standing in front of her, at attention. She returned his salute and looked past him to where the (very ugly) Cresenthorn elf was finishing up attempting to understand the half-intelligible grunts of the Desert King minotaur that made up the opposing party. Adira eyed his huge, spiked war-club nervously. “Do you have a strategy, Sargent Udgr?” The wiry orc broke into a wide grin, revealing two rows of yellow, cracked teeth. “Yes captain. Don't get hit, get in close, strike hard. From the look of him, he'll probably swing first, leaving himself open. If not, I'll find some other way.” Adira felt dubious, but she concealed her apprehension. “Ok, but if you have the chance, spare the Minotaur’s life. Our friends the Rudaur would appreciate that.” The elf put his book down and motioned Udgr to begin. The orc managed a quick salute to Adira before turning toward the Minotaur, sword drawn. The Minotaur, wearing only a pair of pants, stepped forward and took a defensive stance about fifteen paces away. For a few seconds neither moved. Just as Adira was beginning to think that Udgr's presumption would not come about the Minotaur let out a bellow and charged his footsteps shaking the earth as he neared. Udgr didn't flinch. Just as the Minotaur's war-club was about to hit the orc's head, Udgr ducked beneath it, letting it pass a mere few inches above his head, on of the spikes almost snagging on his hood. Fast as lightning, Udgr stepped in toward the Minotaur and sliced at his side. But as fast as Udgr was, the Minotaur was faster. Using his former momentum, he brought his weapon back just in time to block Udgr's blade with his handle. Then, while Udgr was still recuperating, he swung again at the orc, this time at his chest. Udgr leaped back, in a desperate attempt to dodge the blade. Adira shut her eyes, waiting for the sickening sound of cracking ribs. It never came. Adira opened her eyes just in time to see Udgr leaping through the air at the unbalanced Minotaur, blade raised. Surprise entered the Minotaur's eyes at seeing his opponent alive and at his throat. He made a move to bring up the handle of his war-club to block the incoming blade, but it was already too late. There was a thud as Udgr's legs slammed into the Minotaur's chest, sending him hurtling to the ground. The earth shifted underneath Adira's feet as the Minotaur landed, the orc astride him. For a few fateful seconds Udgr's blade hovered over the Minotaur's neck, then he slowly stood, sheathing his sword. The elf was running up now, waiving his hands, like that would make a difference. Udgr offered the Minotaur a hand, only to leap back out of the way as the creature nearly bit it off. He sidled over to where Adira stood, his eyes lingering on the red-eyed creature, which stared at the orc furiously, completely ignoring the outraged yelling of the elf official. “Poor creature. He has long been a slave of the Desert King, no doubt. I wish we could save him.” “We may yet, Udgr.” Adira answered her mind elsewhere. We may yet win this war, but it would be a miracle. Da build. Ok, so that tree trunk is weird, I get it, but it's the only full dinosaur tail I own, so... live with it. I'll put it under the “Exotic” category. The landscaping I like, though I couldn't do much with it because of the size. The Pillar... tell me what you think. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow, no new UoP claims... I need to branch out!
  21. This is a counter to Lord Dan's Guerrilla: http://www.eurobrick...96#entry2185522 POV: Adira Magdeburg. Shadows flickered across the walls, matching the flickering of the flames on either side of the door. Adira's footsteps echoed across the dimly lit hall as she, Sirhan, and an orc Sergeant named Udgr followed a nervous young fire priest toward a shallow depression in the floor in which was situated a low stone table. The man stepped swiftly down a short flight of steps leading to the table. Adira followed, along with Udgr, her hardened leather boots making strange notes on the alternating stone and metal steps. At the bottom a ring of the strange, green metal bordered the low table. “Where is the entrance to the crypt?” Adira asked, keeping her voice at a whisper. The priest removed a large golden key from beneath his mail and tossed it on the table. “You're looking at it.” After a few more moments silence he elaborated. “This key unlocks the door, which opens out of this table. The artifacts are down there.” “How do we know you are not going to shut us down in there as soon as we walk through?” Udgr demanded. “How do I know you will not turn me over to the Desert King's operative?” The priest asked. “Believe me, we the common priests are not so driven by greed as those traitors on the Council. We still maintain a sense of honor, and we will not be brought under the banner of an Undead Tyrant for the price of a few trinkets!” “Then show us where the key-hole is and get us out of here before your shift is done.”Adira said impatiently. “And remember to say everything we told you to say. The Desert King took back the artifacts at knife-point, and told you it was the High Council that did it.” “Do not worry about me, I have this covered. You do your part, I'll do mine.” The priest placed the key into a nearly invisible key-hole and then gave a mighty twist. A dull thud sounded and a slab of stone rose out of the middle of the table, as if by magic. Udgr leaped onto the table and stared down it a second before entering. Sirhan was about to follow but Adira signaled for him to stay up above and watch the priest. Scowling, he complied. Adira stepped up onto the table and followed Udgr down a long flight of stone steps into darkness. The build. If any of you thought “sci-fi” when you first saw this build, then congratulations! 1,000 kudos or something. This build is a convertible from a sci-fi build on Mocpages, so that explains the lack of good stonework and the ultra-smooth floor. I did have to add the wooden door, switch the profile bricks around, and make a more medieval style table, and I think it worked. Anyhow, please give me your critiques/criticisms. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to receive UoP credit for: 1. Architecture: Wall techniques: SNOTed tile stonework.
  22. Warzone 14: The Battle For Qarkyr (or The Battle of the Partisans) Location: F14 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and Desert King (Unless HC wins Warzone 13) Terrain: Qarkyr, the gateway to the Rakath, the Eastern Emerald, The Protector of the Ocean Gate, and former Capital of the short lived Dwarven Empire of Varnforge, is the fourth largest city in Kaliphlin after Petraea, Barqa and Queenscross. It sits in the Rakath Moutains, within the Qar-Akhen River Valley. A wall stretches across the valley to stop movement East and West without paying the tolls at Qarkyr first. Long a defensive position, the city has magnificent walls. The architecture is a mixture of Eastern Kaliphlin, and Far Eastern Kaliphlin, the two cultures merged along the most common pathway through the Rakath Mountains that separated them. The Far Eastern Kaliphlin architecture relies heavily on pagodas, hip and gable roofing, enclosures within large buildings, and wood is the main building material. The classic Kaliphlin architecture of East Kaliphlin (the land between the escarpment and the Rakath Mountains) is also prevalent here with domes, arches, towers, stone and mud buildings. The town is somewhat divided between the two cultures, with “The Ocean District” representing a large concentration of people of Far Eastern culture, and the much larger “Trader’s Quarter” which is distinctly Eastern Kaliphlin traders, mostly from Petraea. The rest of the city is pretty much equally divided. There is not a water shortage in the city, and it is famous for its lush gardens and parks throughout the city. History: Despite having a great wall to funnel in all travelers east and west, Qarkyr is as porous as a net. The corruption within its walls is ancient, dating back to when the Dwarven King Archbeard claimed the city as his own a thousand years ago. It was under his rule that the modern blueprint for Qaekyr’s orderly streets and plazas was laid down. The city’s walls were built first by the dwarf engineers, and they have never been penetrated since. Unfortunately, the trader section of the city, humans who had sworn allegiance to Archbeard, made the walls unnecessary. Archbeard’s nemesis, the Sea Goddess Calif – or at least someone claiming to be her – had a mighty eastern seaborne empire growing on the Eastern coast of Kaliphlin. She wanted the Qar-Akhen River valley as a gateway into greater Kaliphlin in order to continue her conquest. When her armies came to the walls of the city, her spies found easy access by bribing the merchants. They betrayed their new king, and he was murdered in his bed by assassins. Calif’s army slipped in soon after and took the dwarves by surprise. They fought to the last man, and not one dwarf survived that night. Calif rewarded the traders by giving them a quarter of the city – the same quarter known as “The Trader’s Quarter” today. However, Calif would not go on to take over the middle of Kaliphlin, as she too was betrayed. One of her new supporters, a trader named Mors’Qo brought her an emerald from one of the nearby mines within the Rakath Mountains. It was the largest emerald anyone in the region had ever seen. It was placed in a necklace for her, but when she put it on she was instantly transformed into a emerald statue. Mors’Qo had bought the enchanted emerald from a dwarf and had intended to kill the Sea Goddess to avenge Archbeard. His plan worked but her supporters through him into the deepest well they could find and sealed it. Her army was stopped, and many settled in Qarkyr, creating a bicultural dynamic that exists today. More recently treachery has played a part in Qarkyr’s history. It has only recently become known how the mighty city fell into the hands of the Desert King early in the Civil War. Its representative to the High Council, Ageven Deraim, Lord of Auner, is a staunch supporter of Ulandus. Likely many of the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites living in the city would have supported their representatives loyalties, but the Traders took quick action at the beginning of the war. Ageven had been preparing defenses back in Auner, when the trade faction opened the gates for a small Desert King force led by Regi Bar’nol. Regi became Lord of the city, and by the time Ageven made it back, there was nothing he could do with his small force against the mighty walls of Qarkyr. Mini-challenge: Ageven and Ulandus were not going to give up the city without a fight. The porous walls would help them as well. He began by bribing Desert King supporters to let his spies within the walls of the city. His spies made contact with the Ocean District, and began to put together a strike force. Soon hundreds of fighters had been smuggled into the city, and finally Lord Regi had caught on. The war in the streets had begun. The challenge here is to build a scene where the two cultures collide – in fighting and in scenery. MOCs should show both types of cultures within the city, as these battles are all happening between the walls of Qarkyr. MOCs should also show the distinctly different peoples of both sides brawling in some manner. There are very few regular troops in this battle – perhaps just commanders and a few footmen. Once side should be winning clearly in your depiction. Supporters of DK should be depicting the rich traders of East Kaliphlin as their allies, while Ulandians have the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites as their allies in this battle. Story and Challenge Addendum if HC wins Warzone 13: Now with Aymeri’s breakout complete, the HC forces have turned their sights on Qarkyr. Knowing that they cannot get their army into the city in masse, Aymeri turned to the tried tactic of bribery to get some of his men into the city. Being the latecomer to the battle, it was easy to see the people most neglected in this war of neighborhoods were the poor and underclasses. The High Council spies noticed something interesting about the lower masses, they had started to pick up on the High Council rhetoric “Viva la Republic!” Although this chant was created by the more privileged lords of Kaliphlin, it has become the chant of the masses. High Councilor Aymeri saw this as an opportunity, albeit dangerous in a time of lords and kings, he would give these people democracy, and thus bring them into the High Council fold – after all, his advisor noted, it works in Queenscross. The High council builders in this challenge take the rabble as their soldiers. They should depict a similar scene as the mini-challenge details, their MOC should show both cultures, but also show the poor High Council supporters doing battle with one or both of the other factions. Special Category: Best Urban Trap! Although builders do not have to create a MOC that has a specific “trap” in it, the MOCer with the best trap will win the title “Trickster of Qarkyr” The trap should be evident just by looking at the MOC, but the story can definitely help explain it. Restrictions: 32x32, with limited overhang. Due Date: May 10th Special Consequences: If High Council Wins WZ 13 and WZ 14, they achieve “March to the Sea” Victory condition, where they are awarded Zone F15 and G15. If Ulandus Wins, they secure G14 as well. If Desert King wins, they secure G13, as Ulandus has overstepped in its attack on Qarkyr, and the counter attack was brutal enough that they lost a zone.
  23. After helping Charlemagne through the desert, Cyprian traveled to the northern territory of the High Council. He had been tasked with poisoning the wells in that area with a poison that had been procured from Nocturnus. It was designed by a master poisoner to be able to contaminate a well for months on end with but a few drops.
  24. Manticore Last Stand of the Salamanders (WZ6:B7) For the Desert King! Having been summoned by the Desert King, the Great Manitcore travels north to help with securing the Northern corridor. The Salamanders are no longer safe behind the gates of Northwall with the manticore easily scaling the battlements and tossing down the cowering Ulandians to the Desert King’s troupes waiting below. The whole thing: The manticore didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped - his face is certainly a little odd, but I was running low on time and started smushing pieces together hoping that they would stay in place, lol. Thanks for looking, comments/critiques are always appreciated :) WZ pick: C7
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ6:B7] Diversion and Defeat

    The siege of Northwall took a surprising turn when Desert King forces managed to create a diversion that allowed DK forces to enter the city: Fatima the belly dancer was dancing so delightfully in the light of the evening sun that the guards could not resists and moved closer to watch her. And what a beauty she was! Unnoticed by the guards, mummy warriors rose from the sand and entered through the open city side gate. The happiness on the guards' faces was soon washed away... .. by midnight the city had fallen. I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques