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Found 134 results

  1. After Ra'sh Fforh Whord had taken the Desert King's shilling and had joined the Mounted Ostrich Archers (MOA) TM - the Desert King's elite forces - life was not so easy for him: Riding an ostrich was a difficult thing to do... requiring a lot of training lessons... His first major task in the Kaliphlin Civil War was to guard a very important piece of the desert: ... he did reasonably well. Then Ra'sh's military career started to blossom. He became the best archer of the MOATM and received a prize, that was given to him by General Ra himself. The precious moment was captured on canvas: Later that day, a Ulandus spy was captured with the help of the painter - but that is a different story to be told on a different occasion. The civil war raged on. Ra'sh was freeing prisoners of war... ... and he was there when they stormed Xersia and Petraea (Ra'sh was highly impressed by the city's archicture) ... After the war had ended Ra'sh left the army highly decorated and with all the pay he had been saving throughout the time. He proposed to the King's Sorceress Nofrepatra and they got married. With their savings they opened up a carpet trader shop (The "Rug'N'Roll") in Petraea, thus continuing the business his father had started long ago. Ra'sh took a liking to dressing in light green, his wife kept her infamous sorceress wardrobe. Many friends from the times of the war came by to buy one of his precious carpets - the finest ones in all of Kaliphlin. Ra'sh was happy to see his old sergeant again. They all lived happily ever after. This closes the story of Ra'sh Fforh Whord and the Kaliphlin Civil war. (I've been using 3 MOCs from CAT C together with 3 new ones). @Ska: If you need to pick one pic for the voting, pls take the first one with the rug shop on it. C&C welcome!
  2. Ra'sh Fforh Whord had grown up from a boy to a young man. He found that the village he was living in did not offer much to him His father kept saying that it was not time to make a change, he should take things slowly. But Ra'sh was determined and he knew in his heart that adventure lay in store for him. But how could he try to explain? When one day a troop of Mounted Ostrich Archers came into his village to seek for young recruits, he jumped for the opportunity. His father was sceptical, his mother unsure of what the future would bring, when Ra'sh took the Desert King's Shilling to become a Mounted Ostrich Archer. And you could hear them singing: Left a good job in the city Workin' for the man every night and day I never lost one minute of sleeping Worryin' about the way things might have been We are strong and we are cunning Ostriches keep on running Running, running, running through the desert Gladly he accepted the Desert King's shilling. Little did Ra'sh know what would lie ahead of him. His little sister wondered what a mighty warrior Ra'sh might become. (I was asked to highlight the following detail:) Ra'sh left his home town - would he ever come back to his home and family? Later that day, a High Council spy was found and captured in the village. But that was another story to be told on a different day. C&C welcome.
  3. The liberation of Petraea would long be remembered in the historical annals of Kaliphlin. The High Council was the first to violate the capital's neutrality, occupying the city in an attempt to secure its support in the Civil War. As the war raged on, the occupying troops were siphoned off for High Council campaigns in other regions of Kaliphlin. Desert King spies embedded in the city watched closely as the city guard dwindled in number, and informed their masters of the city's growing weakness. They also fomented revolt among the city populace, which wasn't difficult as residents resented their forced involvement in the war. Civil unrest raged in protest of draft orders mandated against the city's male population. Insurrection hit a boiling point after the city's granaries were earmarked by the High Council for its military campaigns. The Desert King's spies knew there would be no better time to strike the city. One quiet evening, the soldiers guarding the city's main gate were bribed into taking an early break. Several sympathetic residents raised the great gate, allowing a large Desert King contingent waiting secretly nearby to enter the city unopposed. By the time the city guard knew the city had been infiltrated, it was far too late. The High Council troops fought with distinction but stood little chance against the numerically superior and seasoned Desert King soldiers. The High Council received no support from the city's residents, who locked their doors to the fleeing soldiers and pointed out High Council strongpoints to the Desert king liberators. When the sun rose the next morning every district of Petraea was under the Desert King's control. Recognizing the city's desire for normalcy, Desert King commanders ordered cart loads of food to be distributed to city residents. Residents who had been forced into the High Council army were released and returned to their families. Damage to the city during the battle had fortunately been light, but Desert King soldiers were quick to help clean the streets and repair people's homes. The battle was declared one of the Desert King's greatest victories, but his commanders knew this action would not be the last conflict Petraea would see in the war. The city had to be held against a High Council counterattack, and there was no doubt that the Ulandians also had their eyes set on the capital. But the Desert King's army had won the hearts and minds of the Petraea's population, and, unlike the High Council, the new occupiers bolstered the city's defenses. With the Desert King in control, Petraea would not fall again. In fact, the city would eventually see a new era of prosperity and serve faithfully as an ally to the Desert King. Desert King troops capture Petraea's administrative district from the High Council: Some close ups of the fighting: A member of the High Council occupational government watches from high up as the Desert King forces capture the city: A soldier waves the Desert King's flag from one of the city's government buildings, signaling the city had been captured: Desert King soldiers hand out food to Petraea residents, while others clean debris and repair damage caused during the fighting: ---------------------------------- Hello again! This is my entry for the WZ10 minichallenge which takes place in Petraea. A very early entry considering the June 1 deadline, but you guys have no idea how glad I am to be finished with this one. I've been working on it very slowly for the past month and a half, mostly because I had to keep stealing parts to use in other civil war builds. Now that you've seen it, I can finally tear it apart for good and use the parts without feeling bad! Anyways, I've been wanting to build a large Kaliphlin urban scene ever since seeing Gideon's wonderful Streets of Barqa MOC, and obviously he is a lot of inspiration behind mine. I tried to stick closely to Ska's description of the city, with the tall buildings and lushness that characterize the city. I might have gone overboard I suppose with the greenery, but I really liked the idea of a major urban center filled with vegetation. Also, I haven't yet chosen a next WZ for this build since whatever I pick may be obsolete by the time the June 1 deadline rolls around. I'll update this post once we get closer to then. I also want to note that I'm as stumped as you may be over why the tan bricks do not have the same hue in the photos I took. I used the same lights and general light direction, so I'm not sure why some of the tan came out more vivid in some pictures than others. Well, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!
  4. ... a noisy parade had sneaked into the city, only to run into an unexpected halt. Nelly Wilson, the grand old man of the Kaliphlin musicians guild, stepped forward, accompanied by soldiers. "May I see your Musicians Guild Membership Cards", he demanded. The intruders collapsed in dismay. The MGMCs... they had forgotten to forge them. All their plans, all their preparation now in vain... Soon, they ended up in prison. Nelly Wilson was not the man to mess with. He never knew that he had in fact prevented a terrorist attack... This is a counter on B12 against Garmadon's GA.
  5. Petraea, golden jewel of the southern guild, and home to some of the most impressive gardens in the guilds. With the civil war coming to an end, all three factions found themselves facing off against each other. This part of the gardens was where Petraea portrayed the different agricultural differences from across the guilds. It housed some of the only man-eating pumpkins seen outside of Nocturnus. When the battle started, a music grinder and his monkey were caught up in the action. They fled as soon as possible, leaving the fighting to the soldiers. The troops from Ulandus had taken this part of the gardens first. But the forces from the High Council and the Desert King's men were coming at them from both directions, catching them in-between. The Desert King mummies thought they were out-numbered and didn't expect to get out of the battle alive, but then Charlemagne showed up on a wyvern of all things! He had been off in Ulandus and hadn't been seen for some time. But he showed up just in the nick of time to turn the tide of the battle in the Desert King's favor.
  6. As Xersia (some random city that was apparently attacked by the DK) burns and falls to the Desert King forces some of the Ulandian officers and wealthy citizens try to escape by sea, leaving behind their allies in a mad rush to esape to the next square. Unfortunately for them the Desert King had been expecting this and ships were stationed outside of the harbor to hunt down the fleeing Ulandians. Also the water shifts from dark to light but its hard to see There is also kind of a street system in the city( light bley= roads) but Its only really visible in a birds eye view C and C appreciated EDIT: I guess this has to be moved so now it will be at M18, not O18
  7. Warzone 18: The Battle For Eastgate Location: E2 Who Can Participate: High Council and Desert King (Unless Ulandus can get in range before the due date. ) Terrain: Eastgate sits on the Red River, and sits on a grassy plain, with the Wither Woods starting just north of the city. The Red River was named for its red water due to the color of the soil of the Wither Woods, which was the main sediment picked up by the stream. The river is mostly slow moving, making it easy to traverse the river northward. However, the entrance of the river is guarded by the fortified Great Bridge, which is almost flanked on each side by two massive towers called The Guardians. (they sit just to the north of the Bridge) Map here Eastgate is considered a safe harbor for ships traveling east from Avalonia into the coasts of the Badlands. (Also vice versa, but the winds are more favorable west to east.) Furthermore, it sits at the mouth of the Red River making it paramount to the great timber trade (live oak in large quantities, the finest in the world) and some river trade from upriver. It is a mix of styles, having some classic European architecture, mixed with Mediterranean and Arabian because it is a melting pot of cultures. The quarries to the east bring brown and tan rock, while the quarries up river bring red rock, with Avalonia so close, rock grey in color is also sold in the city. The city walls are mostly tan / brown in color, but some of the newer structures are the now cheaper Avalonian grey. They are often whitewashed to make them stand out in the inner city. Not only is Eastgate a port, but it also has some of the best ship building facilities in the known world (due to the large live oak supply that comes through its port) with a natural bay that has been artificially expanded around four hundred years ago. The inner city, The Old City, which held out during the War of the Brothers is mostly large and older buildings, while the New City is unwalled and more houses and buildings made of timber. History: The wiki link above has more about the city’s history. One note here is that the Greater Eastgate Article and Resupply Company owns most of the town, and elects its leaders. GEAR and Eastgate both have standing armies, although they were largely winnowed down through the War of the Brothers. The city is in good shape, despite being sieged, as Dugal’s forces controlled the New City and Petera’s controlled the Old City – neither side made a successful move on the other, leaving little collateral damage to their home town. Mini-challenge: The only way that Eastgate’s inner city falls is if the Eastern Guardian Tower is breached. While it stands, no ships may get out to the Inland Sea or up the river to the Wither Woods. DK builders, the task is simple, depict the great Guardian Tower, and show your forces breeching it. HC: Defend the Guardian to your last breath! Both sides should clearly depict the tower, which overhangs the Red River, and their forces should be winning the battle. Special: Whoever has the “best tower” as voted on in the voting thread will be known as “The Tallest man/woman in Kaliphlin.” Restrictions: 32x32 Due Date: May 31st
  8. MKJoshA

    [G:N18, DK v U]

    *edit* Can a moderator or regulator please add "Prison Doors Were Open Wide" to my title? Thank you! *DOULBE EDIT* Since N18 is already under DK control, can I have this moved to M16? The Scarlet Magnolia was not captured by Ulandian militia as was rumored. Someone else had stolen his cart and had gone about robbing people of their hard earned money. This perpetrator was caught, but meanwhile the Scarlet Magnolia was still on the lose. How, no-one knew, but he had snuck into a Ulandian prison and had freed all the Leanders wrongly being held prisoner there. He left behind his trade mark.
  9. "The Day the Music Died" The moment delegates from different parts of Kaliphlin were arriving with specialties for the gala diner, a group of terrorists had stormed forward shouting something like "Four You Land Us" and "Four Kai and Flin", which nobody understood. These armed lunatics had to be taken care of. The Desert King's sorceresses acted swiftly and ruthlessly. Cleotete created a shining blue shield of protection around the king while killing the first assassin with magical fire. Simultaneously Nofrepatra, the enchantress, stopped an attacker with a frightening blast of blue magical power. Al Giwemm Fahia appeared with his famous three-prong staff of flames and set the third assassin's crossbow on fire. Within a second an Ostrich Archer took care of the evil dwarf. The malicious plan had failed. Let's hear it for Al Giwemm Fahia... and Cleotete... as well as Nofrepatra and the brave Ostrich Archer The hideous assassin fell from the wall to his death soon after this magical picture had been taken: The guests arriving: This is a counter attack to [GA:B12 U vs. DK] The orchestra of Sultan's Gate @marcu22: Nice building style!
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ18] The Fall of Eastgate

    The Desert King has taken Eastgate! After a combined attack (unique in Kaliphlin's history) of air, ground and naval forces, the city has surrendered. The ground forces (supported by heavy catapults and ballista) were attacking from the North, breaking out of the Witherwoods. DK ships came from the sea and attacked the city where the red river waters mingle with the clear blue water coming in from the ocean. Finally the bombardment carried out by the Royal Flying Carpet Corps (RFCC) broke the resistance of the defenders. This is the aerial perspective: The "Guardian" took severe damage: Most of the city was saved from ruin as the attack had been quick and swift. Victory once more fell to the Desert King! C&C welcome.
  11. The setting sun blanketed the landscape in warm colors, making the ground appear to have twice as many colors as it did. Towering above the hills around it, a gatehouse stood solidly, it's ancient walls still standing firmly on the crest of a hill, high up in the Rakath mountains. Beneath it, clustered within a small vale, sat the small village of Estolad, the traditional holding of the Navabi family. Adira strode down the path leading to the gate of the castle, lost in thought. Beside her walked Mardil, a retired esquire to the house of Navabi, and keeper of the family Histories and Genealogies. Adira glanced at him, taking in his gray beard, his trim, healthy body, and his firm gray eyes. He walked purposefully, with the measured step of one who has been to both King's courts and pitched battles. He held his head high, as one who has nothing to be ashamed of, but one who was equally ready to give his respect to others, as long as they respected him. Adira turned toward him, and he stopped, his eyes focusing on hers. Adira paused, slightly uncomfortable under his piercing gaze. “So, I assume there is a reason you sent for me to aid you, instead of someone you had more ties to? I don't believe I have ever met you before...” She trailed off, unsure of what to say next. “Ah, but I have heard of you, even if we have not met.” The Historian said. “You are one of the few effective High Council Guerrillas known to me, and when I learned of the Desert King's plans to remove the Histories under my keeping to their capital, you were the first person I thought of. Does that explain things?” Adira wasn't quite convinced. “But if you wished merely for High Council protection, why did you not send to Berigora, or some other, nearer, High Council outpost? I was weeks away from you, while soldiers from Berigora could have arrived in half that time.” Mardil stared past Adira, lost in thought. Suddenly he turned and started walking down the path again, away from where Adira's troops were, along with the captured Desert King soldiers. Adira fell in next to him, and for a while there was silence. Finally Mardil looked up again, his eyes thoughtful. “I have decided to tell you something, something I vowed never to tell you, but that I can not in good conscience keep from you, especially with you in the midst of such a war.” Adira's palms began to sweat, and she stared at the older man's face. Apparently he knows more about me then I thought, she thought. Perhaps he can even tell me why my father was targeted... He turned, and his eyes were sad. “I called you here because you are the only remaining member of the Navabi family that supports the High Council.” Adira stood rooted to the ground, her mind reeling. I am a Navabi? That's who my true parents were? So that is why My adopted father would not tell me who my parents were! The Navabi House is one of the most ardent Desert King supporters of all the houses of Kaliphlin! Except for that one Ulandian raider, and myself, there is not a single Navabi known to be anti-Desert King. Adira hardly knew what to say. “How... how did you know?” “Simple, I was the one who gave you to Magdeburg. Or his deceased wife, to be exact.” Mardil, paused, as if unsure if he should continue. “You see, your parents were not interested in any female progeny, and they already had three heirs, so when I offered to “do away” with you, they didn't ask questions. Thus you came into Magdeburg's household.” Adira tried to take it all in. “So it was just luck that I came to the Magdeburgs?” “I have lived more then half a century in these lands of Historica, Adira, and I have yet to encountered such a thing as 'Luck'.” Mardil said. Adira didn't bother with a rebuttal. “So, how does this effect me?” “How does it effect you?” Mardil smiled widely. “You are now the rightful heir to the village of Estolad, as far as the elders, myself included, are concerned.” He turned, gesturing toward the castle. “This is the Navabi castle, and that,” he moved his hand in a general sweep toward the village, “is the holdings of the Navabi family, which have now come to you, under the direct decision of the Council of Elders, with general support from the inhabitants of the village.” Adira stared at the castle, her mind still trying to comprehend what she had heard. I am the Lord, or Lady, of a village! Granted, a small village in the middle of the Rakath mountains, but still... I wonder how my relatives will take this... Adira glanced at the smiling Mardil. “My parents won't like it, or my siblings.” “They are powerless without the support of the people, or without some external force,” the Historian answered confidentially. “And why would the Desert King bother sending a force here, when he has so many other things to worry about?” “I'm sure that, being out of the way, you are not as informed, but if you haven't noticed the Desert King is winning this war, despite anything we can do to stop him. If the rumors are true, then he has even conquered the capital of Ulandus! It is only a matter of time before he will be at the very gates of Eastgate, Barqa, Berigora... He has already taken Queenscross, and is fighting for Petrea. It will only be a matter of time before he will destroy us!” Adira didn't mean to say it that vehemently, but it only reflected the bitterness in her heart. Mardil's face grew serious, and his posture more stiff. “The Council would not have decided on this, if it were not for good reason.” He turned to Adira, and for a moment she thought she saw a glimmer of tears in his eyes. “I... I have seen what the Desert King does to 'insurgents' and 'law-breakers', especially when the executors of justice are people like your parents and siblings. Believe me, we of this village do not want our children growing up under such tyranny!” Adira nodded slowly. “So you are ready to endure any hardships that such a rebellion would entail? The destruction of war, starvation, death of loved ones?” She searched his face for any sign of hesitation, of unnerve. The Historian raised his chin, his jaw set. “We knew what we would have to face. We are not about to back down. There may be some still loyal to the Desert King*, but the rest of us will fight to the death for the sake of our liberty, and our children's liberty.” Adira paused. They can not know what they are getting into, all the suffering that will come upon them by their decision... but would it make a difference if I abandoned them? No, if the look on this man's face is any indicator, then they will not back down, whether I help them or not. Adira nodded. “Then I will help you, as best as I may.” A smile of pure joy spread across the older man's face. “I Can not thank you enough. The village can not thank you enough. I shall inform the elders immediately, and then we shall gather all able bodied men immediately!” Adira shook her head. “No. We can not defend this village in our present state. I must first go to Berigora and gather a sufficient force to defend this place, along with weapons for those of the villagers who wish to fight. You must lay low for a few a week, or several weeks, until I can get back. While I am gone, determine who is on your side, and who is not, and start stashing food away in this fortress, for the defenders, and in the hills, for the non-combatants*. I shall get back as soon as I am able.” Mardil looked slightly disappointed, but he nodded. “Bring back as many weapons as you can, and as much food as possible as well. I shall inform the village elders.” With that he turned and started off at a brick trot toward the road leading to the village. Adira frowned. Who do these people think I am? I am only human. The Desert King, on the other hand... But I can not leave them to their fate. If this is to end in blood, then we shall all bleed together! To be continued... The build. This is one of my larger (good) builds, about 48x48, as I really wanted to secure this one spot for future story. *notes: I would appreciate if anyone countering this would not do anything with my characters (Adira and her Guerrillas, and please don't kill off Mardil), so I included these to note possible ideas for counters. “Anyone with ears{/eyes}, let them hear!” The interior. I know the doors protrude a bit much, but it was the best I could do, seeing as they are plumb up against the inner workings of the round tower (see this:, and this:, to get the basic jist of how I did it, though it was tougher since it was a smaller size). Hope the doors don't mar the results too much. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the build, and if you didn't read the story, go and do it now, since it is definitely better then the build. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  12. My entry for WarZone 18. The mummies wanted to get in the eastern guardian tower, but they had no battering ram to break the door down with... So they used the next best thing; a sarcophagus! As the mummies were about to start battering the door in, Aymeri and his men showed up and ambushed them on both sides: More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C welcome
  13. When the peasants of Auner took the Desert King's men to the top of their tower and threw them over, what they didn't realize was that it was all part of the mummies' plan. The Desert King had sent his men to Auner to establish a trade route within the city. When the mummies applied a very lenient tax on all goods traded with them, the people of Auner rebelled and called them thieves. What they didn't remember was that you can't kill the undead. They are already dead. So when one of the mummies' wrappings got caught on the rough stone and a corpse started walking away, it gave the men of Auner quiet a fright! The mummies locked the rebels in their own tower and posted a guard to keep them in there until the war was over. OoC: I built the base using the same stud count, but arranged differently. Can someone official confirm that this is okay for this counter?
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [GA, E4, DK vs. HC] Offering Help

    The Desert King's troops are offering help to the people who have been left alone by the High Council. They bring food the people in need and are demonstrating, once more, the benevolence of the Desert King: Of course, HC agents claim that everything is poisoned, but ordinary men and women cannot be fooled that easily. Everyone is happy. Monkeys are happy too. (I'm switching to blue background - looks nicer in combination with tan.)
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ16 - DK] I Want To Hold Your Hand

    MAGE NETWORK NEWSFLASH! Lady Phlici engaged to Desert King Ambassador! Sands End is surprised and happy about this news! Read all about it! Yesterday, an official meeting with the ambassadors of the Ulandus, High Council and the Desert King took place in Sands End - accompanied by fine musicians. Lat’ve, the Ulandus ambassador, had been in the city for a while, trying to win Lady Phlici's heart. Hinz, the unshaven, ambassador for the High Council managed to arrive just in time, his attire slightly deranged by the plight of the voyage. Apparently, Lady Phlici was shocked by his appearence. See Lady Phlici being shocked: Luckily, the Desert King's ambassador was there to save the day. It soon became clear that Lady Phlici only had eyes for the DK ambassador. No big wonder though. The elderly High Council guy, hungry from his journey, was more interested in cake anyway. And Lat've, having been unable to get closer to Lady Phlici for weeks, took a fancy to the wine that was offered on the occasion. And so Lady Phlici fell in love with the charming young man from the desert - and she happily accepted his proposal. While Hinz was working his way through the cake... ... and Lat've was drunk and fast asleep. What a happy ending for Lady Phlici and Sands End! Here you can see both 16x8 MOCs side by side: I keep wondering where I've seen the face of the DK's ambassador before... (Not much space to do huge stories on 8x16 when you have to depict four different parties...) C&C welcome.
  16. Hooray! Desert King troops have managed to destroy the source of power of the First Centurion! In a fierce battle the defenders were defeated: A large part of the battle raged in the garden of the Celestial Palace: The brave DK fighters (supported by Mounted Ostrich Bowmen) were excited about their victory. The defenders (dis-)appeared in the usual way... Key to the victory was ... ... the Desert King's fire mage ... ... who destroyed the artefact of the First Centurion with his magic flame thrower . The magic monument, that had been beaming with yellow thaumaturgical energy, came crashing down in flames. When its magic died, a loud, unearthly scream was heard through the gardens of the palace... C&C welcome.
  17. The Desert King had sent in his reserve troops to attack Xersia, but that didn't mean they were the weakest. These mummies were highly trained in city combat. They were also armed with a special weapon from the Desert King himself, said to be able to penetrate any magical protection guarding the First Centurian's objects of power. When the mummies jumped through the portal, they found themselves immediately next to the first object. The Ulandians were quick to react, but the Desert King's mummies were even quicker at destroying the object of power.
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    [GA: D2, DK] We did start the fire...

    The much-feared Mounted Ostrich Archers have struck again! This oil pump will not be working any longer! Glory to the Desert King! This guerilla attack was brought to you by Captain Braunsfeld. C&C welcome!
  19. The people of Ulandus were starving. Their leaders had tied up all their resources in the way against the Desert King and the High Council. The result of this was that commoners were without even the most basic of necessities, like bread. A mysterious stranger appeared in the streets one day handing out bread to all who needed it. No one knew his identity, but when the guards came to try to arrest him, all they found was a bunch of scarlet magnolias. This led the people to call him The Scarlet Magnolia, and he became a symbol of freedom amongst the oppressed peoples of Ulandus. OoC: If you've ever seen The Scarlet Pimpernel, then you'll know my source material. Otherwise this will probably seem pretty random to you. If you are into witty, older dramas, I recommend the movie to you. I haven't read the book so I don't know whether I can recommend it or not.
  20. Captain Braunsfeld

    [GA: DK vs. HC, B3] Set Them Free

    A small troop of DK Mounted Ostrich Bowmen were able to ambush High Council troops that were guarding prisoners of war: The prisoners - rarely-seen monkey-ish beings from some stranger parts of Kaliphlin - were released and happy! The surprise of the HC men was so complete that no fighting was necessary. View from above: (... and this time I did not forget the palm tree...) ... another week, another GA made and the world goes round .... C&C welcome!
  21. [This build is for the Desert King] The Desert King supporters celebrate their victory at a temple in Qarkyr and wave the flag of the rightful ruler of Kaliphlin. Participants on both sides of the urban battle credited the Desert King's victory to the agents he inflitrated into the city. These capable saboteurs provided leadership during critical moments, and oversaw the partisan victory from the shadows and so instilled in the people a greater sense of their own triumph. And the whole moc, without figs: ----------------------------------------- Hello again! This is my WZ14 build and right at the last minute, again! I hope it is ok to update this entry in the morning with a bit more story and a couple of photos of the fighting near this temple. Due to events IRL, I only had last night and today to throw this together (and often only by candlelight, thanks to power outages caused by storms). I have more of a story in mind, but I'm so tired and mentally worn that it probably wouldn't make much sense at this point. Anyways, I really enjoyed this build, and it's my first pagoda. There's a few things I'd like to do with it given more time, so I'm sure you'll see some more of these Asian style buildings from me. Thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated!
  22. Warzone 14: The Battle For Qarkyr (or The Battle of the Partisans) Location: F14 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and Desert King (Unless HC wins Warzone 13) Terrain: Qarkyr, the gateway to the Rakath, the Eastern Emerald, The Protector of the Ocean Gate, and former Capital of the short lived Dwarven Empire of Varnforge, is the fourth largest city in Kaliphlin after Petraea, Barqa and Queenscross. It sits in the Rakath Moutains, within the Qar-Akhen River Valley. A wall stretches across the valley to stop movement East and West without paying the tolls at Qarkyr first. Long a defensive position, the city has magnificent walls. The architecture is a mixture of Eastern Kaliphlin, and Far Eastern Kaliphlin, the two cultures merged along the most common pathway through the Rakath Mountains that separated them. The Far Eastern Kaliphlin architecture relies heavily on pagodas, hip and gable roofing, enclosures within large buildings, and wood is the main building material. The classic Kaliphlin architecture of East Kaliphlin (the land between the escarpment and the Rakath Mountains) is also prevalent here with domes, arches, towers, stone and mud buildings. The town is somewhat divided between the two cultures, with “The Ocean District” representing a large concentration of people of Far Eastern culture, and the much larger “Trader’s Quarter” which is distinctly Eastern Kaliphlin traders, mostly from Petraea. The rest of the city is pretty much equally divided. There is not a water shortage in the city, and it is famous for its lush gardens and parks throughout the city. History: Despite having a great wall to funnel in all travelers east and west, Qarkyr is as porous as a net. The corruption within its walls is ancient, dating back to when the Dwarven King Archbeard claimed the city as his own a thousand years ago. It was under his rule that the modern blueprint for Qaekyr’s orderly streets and plazas was laid down. The city’s walls were built first by the dwarf engineers, and they have never been penetrated since. Unfortunately, the trader section of the city, humans who had sworn allegiance to Archbeard, made the walls unnecessary. Archbeard’s nemesis, the Sea Goddess Calif – or at least someone claiming to be her – had a mighty eastern seaborne empire growing on the Eastern coast of Kaliphlin. She wanted the Qar-Akhen River valley as a gateway into greater Kaliphlin in order to continue her conquest. When her armies came to the walls of the city, her spies found easy access by bribing the merchants. They betrayed their new king, and he was murdered in his bed by assassins. Calif’s army slipped in soon after and took the dwarves by surprise. They fought to the last man, and not one dwarf survived that night. Calif rewarded the traders by giving them a quarter of the city – the same quarter known as “The Trader’s Quarter” today. However, Calif would not go on to take over the middle of Kaliphlin, as she too was betrayed. One of her new supporters, a trader named Mors’Qo brought her an emerald from one of the nearby mines within the Rakath Mountains. It was the largest emerald anyone in the region had ever seen. It was placed in a necklace for her, but when she put it on she was instantly transformed into a emerald statue. Mors’Qo had bought the enchanted emerald from a dwarf and had intended to kill the Sea Goddess to avenge Archbeard. His plan worked but her supporters through him into the deepest well they could find and sealed it. Her army was stopped, and many settled in Qarkyr, creating a bicultural dynamic that exists today. More recently treachery has played a part in Qarkyr’s history. It has only recently become known how the mighty city fell into the hands of the Desert King early in the Civil War. Its representative to the High Council, Ageven Deraim, Lord of Auner, is a staunch supporter of Ulandus. Likely many of the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites living in the city would have supported their representatives loyalties, but the Traders took quick action at the beginning of the war. Ageven had been preparing defenses back in Auner, when the trade faction opened the gates for a small Desert King force led by Regi Bar’nol. Regi became Lord of the city, and by the time Ageven made it back, there was nothing he could do with his small force against the mighty walls of Qarkyr. Mini-challenge: Ageven and Ulandus were not going to give up the city without a fight. The porous walls would help them as well. He began by bribing Desert King supporters to let his spies within the walls of the city. His spies made contact with the Ocean District, and began to put together a strike force. Soon hundreds of fighters had been smuggled into the city, and finally Lord Regi had caught on. The war in the streets had begun. The challenge here is to build a scene where the two cultures collide – in fighting and in scenery. MOCs should show both types of cultures within the city, as these battles are all happening between the walls of Qarkyr. MOCs should also show the distinctly different peoples of both sides brawling in some manner. There are very few regular troops in this battle – perhaps just commanders and a few footmen. Once side should be winning clearly in your depiction. Supporters of DK should be depicting the rich traders of East Kaliphlin as their allies, while Ulandians have the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites as their allies in this battle. Story and Challenge Addendum if HC wins Warzone 13: Now with Aymeri’s breakout complete, the HC forces have turned their sights on Qarkyr. Knowing that they cannot get their army into the city in masse, Aymeri turned to the tried tactic of bribery to get some of his men into the city. Being the latecomer to the battle, it was easy to see the people most neglected in this war of neighborhoods were the poor and underclasses. The High Council spies noticed something interesting about the lower masses, they had started to pick up on the High Council rhetoric “Viva la Republic!” Although this chant was created by the more privileged lords of Kaliphlin, it has become the chant of the masses. High Councilor Aymeri saw this as an opportunity, albeit dangerous in a time of lords and kings, he would give these people democracy, and thus bring them into the High Council fold – after all, his advisor noted, it works in Queenscross. The High council builders in this challenge take the rabble as their soldiers. They should depict a similar scene as the mini-challenge details, their MOC should show both cultures, but also show the poor High Council supporters doing battle with one or both of the other factions. Special Category: Best Urban Trap! Although builders do not have to create a MOC that has a specific “trap” in it, the MOCer with the best trap will win the title “Trickster of Qarkyr” The trap should be evident just by looking at the MOC, but the story can definitely help explain it. Restrictions: 32x32, with limited overhang. Due Date: May 10th Special Consequences: If High Council Wins WZ 13 and WZ 14, they achieve “March to the Sea” Victory condition, where they are awarded Zone F15 and G15. If Ulandus Wins, they secure G14 as well. If Desert King wins, they secure G13, as Ulandus has overstepped in its attack on Qarkyr, and the counter attack was brutal enough that they lost a zone.
  23. A brave citizen of Esterbroke transports supplies sent by the Desert King to help the people of Esterbroke fight to free the island from the grip of the High Council, so that they may be reunited with their Avalonian brethren as citizens of Avalonia when the Desert King rules. EDIT: For countering all these fit onto 8 X 16 with a tiny overhang( so it could be 9X17 if you really want) C & C appreciated
  24. Spader

    [WZ14:F14, Ulandus]

    Battle raged. Lieutenant Dmitrius and I had led a small Ulandian force into Qarkyr, and were currently in a viscous fight for the Trade center. Unfortunately, the Desert King hadn't counted on the type of soldiers Dmitrius and I were. There was literally one mummy left, and he was being attacked on four sides. The civilians watched with hope, and a hope that would be rewarded. Ulandus would get re-take Qarkyr. Builder's notes; Another quick build, but I tried to add some nice details. But tell me what you think! For the praise of His glory! ~Andrew
  25. MassEditor

    [CG:A15, DK vs. U] Ante Up

    To the surprise of many, Ulandus had mustered enough men to commit a large army in the northeast corner of the Desert King's territory. The movement of such a large force, however, did not go unnoticed for long. One of the Desert King's crack units happened to be nearby and enjoying a respite after their recent victories. The unit, refreshed and re-equiped, was ordered out to meet the Ulandians and drive them back into the sea. Exhausted and under-supplied, the Ulandian force would likely stand little chance. A photo using Garmadon's mirror technique: And a photo of the MOC, with the troop commander: ----------------------------------------------------- Hello! As you can see, I tried my best to imitate Garmadon's mirror technique he used in his GA, To War! And wow, what a frustrating task it was! I'm sure I cursed Garmadon on more than several occasions as I tried to figure out that first photo. It's interesting how much the images are distorted as they are reflected between the two mirrors. I tried a few things to cut down on that but I didn't have much luck. It was definitely an interesting experiment though, kinda makes you think in multiple dimensions. And then, you know, your mind starts to wander to metaphysical properties such as our place in time and space, the truth of existence, quantum possibilities and what have you. Such is the effect of two mirrors with some LEGOs in between. Oh, I'm rambling now... A couple of other things I should note: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find two mirrors in a little podunk Arkansas town? Or the challenge of dodging the cashier's inevitable inquiry over why I need two mirrors? The answer is very! Also, I managed to crack one of the mirrors as I was trying to extricate it from its frame (the store only had two mirrors, each different. More headaches!). So, seven years of bad luck. Thanks a lot, Garmadon. Anyways, thanks for looking! Please don't make me do this again!