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Found 40 results

  1. Hello, I have been designing some custom LEGO stickers lately and I'm really enjoying it, I have found this place near me that prints good quality vynil stickers. The problem is that these stickers are quite thick, so they won't work for example for the legs, cause they come off when the leg bends. Same for the heads when putting on hair. Is there thinner vynil sticker paper that would work for the legs? What's your experience? I'm also considering waterslide decals, I've read the tutorials here on the forums. I couldn't find any recent example of custom minifigures made using this technique, can anybody share some hi res photos? Also, is there any way to print light colors on dark pieces with waterslide paper? Thanks! ;)
  2. Can I get them by anyway? I tried with importing from sets but it didn'twork out. I could do with part designer if I had decals but I don't know where to find them.
  3. So I've felt inspired and decided to get back into making custom minifigure designs. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker More to come!
  4. I just picked up the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (10177-1) and the Silver Champion (8458) and was wondering how I can go about adding my own livery to each of them? or if at all possible? Such as getting custom stickers created? is there a website or program that would be helpful in creating custom stickers for these sets? **UPDATE COMPARISON BETWEEN SILVER CHAMPION 8458 AND MCLAREN MP4/14, MERCEDES MGP W01, F1 CARS** LEGO F1 SILVER CHAMPION 8458 1999 MCLAREN MERCEDES F1 MP4/14 2010 MERCEDES-PETRONAS F1 MGP W01
  5. meepinater

    My decals

    Hey, all! here is my collection of decals, i will add a reply with every finished decal. These are full minifigure decals only. If you want to use them, just let me know and make sure that the width and height stick in proportion when resising, and that the width is between 3 and 4. you may need to adjust according to the computer/ document program you use. Enjoy! also, luxor, if you could add these to the database. I will give a title for these and a genre, so yu can put them in the correct spot. Thanks!
  6. Hi I'm using lego digital designer and I hope I'm not the only one who does this, but I love making my own brick decals or "stickers" by using this method: or some other website I forget. But I cant add a decal to this door piece, (58381) I do what the instructions from the link above told me, It works for most pieces but not this one please help.
  7. Hi Over the course of the past month I've been learning the basics of LDD, LeoCad and Blender to make a Minifig portrait of friends. My first attempt turned out pretty good, so I've decided to do some more for other friends and family. I use LDD to make the models, then export to LeoCad to tweak and then export to Blender to render the final image. The first couple have gone okay, but I've hit a problem that I can't get around. I've searched the web and mostly this forum but as a novice I may be looking in the wrong place. Exporting from LDD there are some pieces that are not in the LeoCad library. I've tracked down some pieces and added to my library successfully, but it seems some head and torsos are missing and I can't find them anywhere. (See image below) How can I get around this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello Everyone ! Long story short : After i watched Lego Batman the movie i wanted to see if the robe was real or only virtual. It was only virtual. So i decided i was going to make it real. Here is the preview of the file opened in Inkscape : Result once on the minifigure : Progress from the prototype to the last version : And here is the PNG file to print in A4 format : It took some time and work to do, so i hope you will apreciate and enjoy it. Remember that it was not possible to have Batman's robe before i do it and post it online. Don't cut your fingers and have fun with it ! (tags: LEGO Batman the movie , LEGO robe de chambre , batman , fanmade , paper robe , printable robe for LEGO minifigure , non official )
  9. Update 2: grey lines and wrinkles for better visibility when printed, added binoculars. Update 1: Added face, back. Hi there, I am currently working on decals for Rogue One's Galen Erso and am finished for now with the torso, so I thought I would share my progress here in case anybody wants to use them, since there is no official minifig (yet). This is his farmer outfit from the trailers: This served as my template. I hope I can come up with a good face, too, and eventually post it here. Let me know what you think, c&c welcome!
  10. Hi guys~ I'm trying to customize my legos. but I'm having trouble to find minifig's legs dimension. I just found front and side dimensions of legs. I'd like to apply decals to back part of legs. however, I can't get the dimension.. does anyone know about this? or is there another way of solving this decal issue..?
  11. Nagol of Fortfield

    Clone Decals, Help!

    Hello custom-izers! I've been wanting to make some custom clones (or at least design some decals). Before I start, I'd like to know if anyone has, or knows, a good decal for this kind of clone: http://alpha.brickli...ode 2]#T=S&O={} That torso is used (I think) on all the new phase II clones as well. When I search the EU index, and the web I can only find decals for this kind: http://alpha.brickli... Wars]#T=S&O={} Also, which is you're favorite? Thanks!
  12. Kristof

    [help] CIS emblem sticker

    Hello, For my recently completed MOCs of Invisible Hand and Venator, I need two emblem stickers for each one. For Venator, I found matching sticker sheet from set 75038 that fits my needs perfetcly for 'Open Circle Fleet' emblem applied on 2x2 LBG tile. However, for Invisible Hand, I need very tiny 'CIS emblem' onto blue 1x1 chese slope and I wasn't able to find any matching sticker within SW sets. Is it possible that there is some existing that I missed? If not, I'd need some advice on how to print a custom sticker. I personally do only have black laser printer but I think I could get acces to color one. Unfortunately I have no idea about what paper/foil to use, whether there are some pre-glued sticker sheets to print on... lacking any knowledge in general. Thanks for any recommendation or advice :)
  13. Hello there, I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, but I am a brickfilmer, and few friends and I would like to create a Lego animation which features dialogue and also facial animation. In the past this has typically been done in post, but I would like to give it a try actually manipulating the faces. I came across some really terrific decal templates by Capt. Kirk a number of years ago, but they do not contain all of the basic mouth positions essential to animation: Just wondering whether there are any graphic designers out there who might like to help me out? And if you'd like to see the sort of animation my friends and I have done in the past, here is an example: Cheers, Jayko
  14. xmattwhitex

    Matt's Decals

    A while back I posted my first decal of the new Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I've spent a bit of my free time tweaking that first attempt and making some more. I'll probably add to this topic as I create them. Any feedback/criticism would be great. Enjoy! Suicide Squad (2016) The Joker Harley Quinn Final Fantasy Series Terra (Final Fantasy VI) Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) Zidane (Final Fantasy IX) TV Shows Ash (Ash VS Evil Dead)
  15. This took be about a week to make and get perfect. First up is regular Dr. Malcolm And the best version of him.... SHIRTLESS All the ladys want him. Hope u like them. fixed vertions
  16. So, I've seen people saying; "Man, I really wished I had a minifigure of Lowery, the cool guy with the Jurassic Park t-shirt in Jurassic World!" Well guess what. You can have him. That's right, for my first ever decal design, I have designed Lowery's torso! Below will be the torso decal for you; just copy it in to a word document and it should be the correct size. Print however you like to make your minifigure and you'll have your very own Lowery! Please post pictures if you do use it, and make sure to comment how I can improve my decal designs! ----- Here's my test with the decal! My printer is rubbish, so imagine what you could o if you have a quality printer!
  17. Just signed up today to post this. Decided to make a decal for Jared Leto's Joker as he's appeared in a few leaked photos from the film. This is my first ever attempt at making a decal so enjoy and feedback would be awesome :)
  18. Hi there, I've been looking everywhere for some high quality sticker paper for customizing minifigs. I'm seeing in videos and pictures everywhere that people are using clear sticker paper on minifigs, but they're not waterslide. I've searched all over the place, and I haven't found out anything about it. Not even the Eurobricks search function can shed some light on this! Anyways, I'm hoping to find some that are reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply, and work with an inkjet printer. I don't really like the idea of waterslide decals because it seems to take a lot of skill and time commitment, both of which I really don't have much of. While white paper seems to do well (especially since you can't print white), but I'd prefer to use transparent (obviously I'd need white paper when I would need to print bright colors also, so yes, I guess I am going to need both white and transparent). I have been hearing a lot more recently about "labels". What are they? Is it just another name for a decal or sticker? Or is it literally using the materials that were originally meant for labeling for minifigure customization? Or is it something different altogether? I've seen professionals online use transparent stickers amazingly. TheCooperWorks and those old BrickForge decals from a few years back have proven that sticker paper is a suitable alternative. So please, if there any reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply decals that work with an inkjet printer that you know of, I'd love to hear about it.
  19. pittpenguin123

    My first Decal

    any way here is my attempt at making a decal its the timer from the TV show sliders i hope you guys think i did good
  20. Hey Guys - Here is my first shot a making a couple of customs. I used the waterslide decal technique. I think these came out ok, but I am planning on doing a second draft to perfect them. Any feedback would be great so I can improve the second time around. Huge thanks to floed (Alfrid) and DarkKnight7 (Faramir) for the amazing decal patterns!! ALFRID FARAMIR
  21. Hi everyone, Here are some custom decals I created, based on the official LEGO Rohan Soldier design. Feel free to use (and modify them), but please give me credit if used for commercial purposes. Thanks, ~RBC MODS/ADMINS, FEEL FREE TO ADD THESE TO THE CASTLE DECALS INDEX. Thanks!
  22. kidrock

    Decal paper

    Hi all, My first post :) Where is the best place to buy inkjet decal paper or is there any brands to avoid on ebay??? Thanks Simon
  23. The newly discovered TASM2 Electro figure has inspired me to create one for the Green Goblin! Only torso done so far, but I'd like some feedback on that, I'm not sure about the lower section and whether I simplified that area too much. HQ reference pictures of the physical suit here: EDIT: Updated torso and added face! EDIT 2: Back decal and Gwen Stacy torso: Thanks!
  24. Here are decals of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members Toad, Mystique and Sabretooth, now you create a super-villain team to accompany Magneto and take down the x-men. Don't forget to download them on Flickr in full scale (300dpi). If you do use these decals, I would love to see how it turns out and where in the universe it ends up. So do send me a link to any pictures or MOCs you have either through Flickr or any of methods on the bottom of the image. Enjoy!