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Found 183 results

  1. Green Lantern assualt on the Yellow Lantern power battery! I know everyone has the stock outfits, but just pretend they don't guys cause I cant see lego making the full team anytime soon . More images here Thanks, Mightyslickpancake
  2. Marvelous Spidey

    Hello! Comic lover inbound!

    Hi, my name is Ian. I loved LEGO so much as a kid, but when I got to high school I went into my "Dark Ages". Fortunately, or unfortunately for my wallet, I started working at a local Toys R Us my second year in college and have fallen back in love. I've always loved Spider-man and Batman, so those are the sets I usually buy. I've managed to buy every Marvel set so far except the first Quinjet, so that's probably the line I love the most. I haven't done a lot of MOCs, but I do enjoy recreating people I know in LEGO form, that's me pre-beard as my pic. Glad to be a part of an AFOL community now!
  3. HI! My name is Robert and I am I a collector of legos, I have many sets and mini-figures, and always open to a conversation anytime! If you would like to buy or sell superhero related parts, figures or sets, please message me!
  4. I'm most excited for the new star wars sets and nexo knights.
  5. flailx

    [MOC] 1966 Batmobile

    I have always loved the 1966 Batmobile which is easily the best Batmobile of all time. I had the die-cast Corgi model when I was a kid and I just love this vehicle so I had to make one! I tried to capture the look and shape as close as possible to minifig scale. It's a 7-wide with a good amount of 1/2 stud offset throughout. I also added some custom stickers. I have a brick built front grill which I will probably share at some point but the stickers look better IMO. Pictures are here.
  6. Chilly_Productions

    LEGO Early Discontinuation?

    I have noticed that when I visited LEGO's shop@home to buy the Phantom set, it was discontinued, then I looked at a set released later on, the Wookiee Gunship, also discontinued. Is lego discontinuing sets early now?.
  7. Does anyone know how long usually a set from the beginning of being marked as "retiring soon" to completely retired? Because I want to purchase several sets from those which being marked but I also consider for the future promotional bonus if it is going for several months. Thanks beforehand :)
  8. Well since we know that we are getting one more D2C that is not a Super Hero set I thought I'd make this page so that we could stop cluttering up the DC page ! Here's just2good's quote about the "nostalgic" D2C: "Two d2cs = not both from DC Two d2cs = nostalgic Two d2cs = one is batcave" Possibilities: - Scooby Doo - Ghostbusters - Wizard of Oz - Back to The Future - Space - Pirates - Adventures
  9. vstat05

    New Robin Head?

    EDIT: FIXED! Images are now up on imgur! So I have a bit of a story: I have the Damian Wayne Robin minifigure and I thought it'd be nice if he smiled for once, so I decide to buy the Juniors Batcave set for parts, the bright blue Batman, and Robin's face that has a similar design to Damian's, except it has two new expressions. Of course, with my luck, the set I bought just so happened to be missing that Robin head, so I used the replacement parts service on LEGO's website, and within a few days, it arrived. However, I think I have a whole new face print. Normal face currently available to everyone Its unique alternate expression Comparison with other expressions, very bottom head is the unique expression. I like it. It reminds me of a scared Emmet, and It's very different to what I should have received. Here's a result from a quick search on Google, for those who either don't have the set or don't know what I'm talking about. I've heard of misprints such as designs on wrong colored pieces and designs printed with wrong colored inks, but not anything like this, as well as the fact that LEGO sent me this "misprint" through its replacement service So what do you guys think? A new print for next year accidentally released early? A rejected print? Has anyone else ran into something similar?
  10. I have started collecting every single minifigures produced by Lego for superheroes theme including the old Batman/Spiderman sets and exclusive minifigures from SDCC and ToyFair, etc. I think I am at around 98% complete. I wondered if anyone has done the same and how do you display them? Any advice on getting hard-to-find minifigures?
  11. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Clark Kent Phone Booth

    This is a MOC I have been meaning to make ever since I got Clark Kent but only got around to making it recently. It is a rather simple build; Clark with some accessories, and the phone booth. But I think it is nice all the same. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough clear 1x2 bricks to make it all around But besides that, I think this is a good MOC. But what do you think? C&C welcome.
  12. In this thread is all the information regarding 2016 DC and Marvel Superhero sets that we have collected. Discuss the 2016 sets here! This thread was created because of the pages upon pages being filled up with people's ideas and wishes. This is based off the Star Wars thread because their's seems to work really well, we're trying it with the Superheroes! Please read before posting: Stay on topic. Do not post fabricated information, which could lead to your account being banned. Remember that this topic is for discussing sets that are rumored to come in 2016. If it's something you wish to see or something you think that we'll see sometime in the future, but not something that's actually rumored to be a 2016 set, then it's pure speculation and it belongs in the Marvel and DC Wishlists created by Sir Gareth (Links below)! http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=113546 - Marvel http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=113545 - DC Also: Please do not repeat what other members have already posted when creating lists of set names and the figures you expect to be in upcoming sets! Thank you! As of right now we know that we are getting sets based off of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War! Promotional Posters released for Bats V. Supes First image released of the Batmobile that will appear in one of three BvS sets! DC Superheroes Set Names: - (76044) Batman V. Superman 1 - $14.99 - (76045) Batman V. Superman 2 (Batmobile) - $29.99 - (76046) Batman V. Superman 3 - $69.99 - (76052) Classic TV Series Batcave D2C (Direct to Consumer) ~ Name courtecy of CM4Sci - (76053) Gotham City Cycle Chase - $24.99 ~ Name courtecy of CM4Sci - (76061) Batman 1 - $9.99 New Racers - (76062) Batman 2 - $9.99 New Racers - (76063) Batman 3 - $9.99 New Racers Marvel Superheroes Set Names: - (76047) Captain America: Civil War 3 - $34.99 - (76048) Iron Skull Submarine Attack - $34.99 - (76049) Avengers Space Mission - $64.99 - (76050) Captain America: Civil War 1 - $24.99 - More Captain America Civil War sets according to just2good - (76064) Avengers 4 - $9.99 New Racers - (76065) Avengers 5 - $9.99 New Racers - (76066) Avengers 6 - $9.99 New Racers Rumors - The Racers are rumored to not have legs... - Gotham City Cycle Chase is rumored to have new Harley Quinn with Pigtails - Raven may come in 2017, the design is rumored to be based of the Teen Titans Go TV Series - The 1966 Batcave will feature "more" than just the Batcave Please let me know if I've missed anything!
  13. DigitalWizards

    Brick Flicks Marvel VS DC

    This is the closest thing to an arcade style Marvel VS DC game in LEGO. Would you play?
  14. This my first MOC I've posted on here. I have already posted this same MOC on Lego Ideas. The TV show Gotham on Fox is about Gotham City before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. The scene this Lego Creation shows is from episode 17: Red Hood. It shows how the Red Hood gang has robbed a bank, and Detective Gordon and Harvey Bullock are trying to stop them. I created minifigures versions of many important characters in Gotham. The minifigures not on the black stand are Detective Gordon, Harvey Bullock, a civilian, The Red Hood, and a member of the Red Hood gang. On the black stand, from left to right, the minifigures are Bruce Wayne (Batman), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Victor Zsasz, Johnathan Crane (The Scarecrow), and Jerome (The Joker?). Here are some more pictures. The Bank vault can open to reveal the money. If you want this to become a real Lego set, please support it at Lego ideas. Here is the URL Thanks for looking! Please support this creation at Lego Ideas so it can become a real Lego set!
  15. As soon as I saw the promo pic of Jared Leto this morning, I KNEW I had to make a minifigure of him! It's pretty much done, except I need to paint the hair piece and order (And then customise) a muscle torso. Here's a sneak peek for y'all...
  16. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] LexBot 2.0 vs Superman

    Lex Luthor has improved his LexBot and is ready to take on Superman again! With a fully loaded K-Cannon and a supply to last, he is ready to take on the alien once again! I did like the set from a while back, but mostly because it supplied some parts I could use to build something better. I can't recall if it stands taller than the original, but I have bulked it up and added armaments and armour. Then I swapped the figure from the set with the one from the promotional polybag from LEGO Batman 2. Comments, critique and etc welcome.
  17. The Flash can never catch a break. After an encounter with Captain Cold, the Flash must deal with the villainous Reverse Flash but not everything is as it appears to be. Why does the Reverse Flash need the Flash's help? Find out and as always be sure to stay after the credits! Thanks for watching!
  18. Please support me on Lego Ideas! Based on the super popular How It Should Have Ended videos, The Super Hero Cafe is the perfect place for super heroes to grab a cup of coffee and talk about their latest movies. Batman and Superman seem to be permanent fixtures at the cafe, but there is an extra set for a guest super hero. Today Nick Fury has dropped by to explain his obsession with fire extinguishers. I have lots of Super Hero minifigs, but this is one of the first MOCs I've done with them. I hope you like it.
  19. I'm not the best customizer but thought I would post my work anyway Bullseye Mk1 Ironman Mk5 Ironman Gambit Wolverine Superior Spiderman Karnak Black Bolt Cable Wip Groot Constantine Hulkbuster The Watcher
  20. The Fantastic Four must take down Dr. Doom before he can unleash an all out war against the world! Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Cliff Thompson as Reed Richards Josh Lambright as Dr. Doom, The Thing, and Stan Lee Billy Kingsley as Johnny Storm Tiffany Cushman as Sue Storm Neonicywings as Wolverine Bret Newton as The Collector Bill Karalius as Green Lantern Jack Rizzo as Epoch
  21. FinalFeature

    Deadpool vs Green Lantern

    The merc with the mouth gets in a fight with the law and not the normal kind either. Deadpool and Green Lantern duke it out in various combat styles from Giant Robots to 80's Arcade games to plain old pie throwing. If there's any one you don't mess with it's Wade Wilson. Starring Courtney Leacock as "Comedic" Deadpool NeonIcyWings as "Serious" Deadpool Jack Rizzo as Russian Mobster Bill Karalius as Green Lantern Cliff Thompson as Braniac and Braniac Drone 3 Thanks for watching!
  22. "Tell me... Do you bleed plastic? You will." I just finished remaking the new Batman vs Superman trailer in LEGO. Thanks for watching!
  23. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Batman Batsignal

    In Case anyone was wondering what my Batsignal Stand looked like with Batman I used my spare Batsignal and Batman The floor has slight modifications Overall, I believe this is a good way to display my Batsignal I hope you like it, and if you do, comments are always appreciated!
  24. FinalFeature

    Avengers Wrath of Ultron

    The world will witness Ultron's wrath. Meanwhile in Atlantis, two kings will clash for the throne. Things only get worse for Aquaman when Black Manta interferes. Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Coulter Rail as Aquaman Joe Newberry as Sub-Mariner Julian Smith as Orm and Atlantean Watchdog Sean Polite as Black Manta Mike Debonis as Iron Man Cliff Thompson as Ultron
  25. Here is my 'Harley Quinn's Pet Shop'. I copied some layout from [10218] Pet Shop. Front: Harley Quinn’s Pet Shop by Hay Core, on Flickr The Harley Quinn's motor bike is designed by LEGO video game. I copied it. 1st Floor: 2nd Floor: Roof: "Na na na na Come on Come on Come on I like it Like it" Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. The Street of Superheroes