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Found 183 results

  1. J3D1-T

    LEGO DC Comics Discussion

    This is a forum where you can discuss multiple topics on DC and upload an MOCs, leaks, rumours and more. Is anyone doing the Rebrick competition
  2. I can`t imagine that i`m the only one who is wondering about this. I know that some of the newer Lego Games have quite a nice Array of brickbuild Ingame Objects and Vehicles and i`ve always wondered if there is someone or a Group that collects Infos about them and try to build them in LDD or physical Bricks. So,anyone can lead me to some Infos?
  3. In contrast to my last topic, this one is about your LEAST favourite Super Heroes set and why. Mine would probably be the Spider-Copter, since apart from Power Man and MJ, there isn't a whole lot of appeal (unless you like the Ultimate GG). As usual, this does not include the old Batman or Spiderman themes, but only the Super Heroes theme from 2012 onwards (or 2011, speaking technically.)
  4. Duncan Young

    The Moth-Cave!

    Where do those foul bugs Firefly and Killer Moth kick back? At the Moth-Cave of course! But what's this?! Our daring caped crusader has arrived to run these pests out of Gotham Below is the Moth-Cave's power generator designed by the villain K.M himself! Now the Dark Knight has happened upon the duos laboratory (with table shamelessly stolen from the Batman's own cave!) But the crooks guard their trophy room with Freeze guns, Joker cards and Riddler Canes Finally lies the Moth-Computer- used to commit unspeakable evils! Can Batman defeat the dasterdly duo of Moth and Firefly?! Well yeah- it's Killer Moth :p Please tell me what you think :)
  5. 1980-Something-Space-Guy

    History behind Marvel and DC licenses?

    I remember that glorious day in 2011 when it was announced both Marvel and DC licenses for Lego. It was my greatest Lego dream come true (although still a lot of the minifigs I want to see in Lego form haven't been made, looking at you FF and X-men). However, there were a lot of things I didn't understand about how things went down, and I have never been able to find much by researching into this. My understanding is that, initially, Lego had the license for Spider-man and Spider-man 2. How did they lose the license against the-brand-which-must-not-be-named for Spider-man 3? Was it because they wanted to pick up Batman? Or did they pick up Batman because they lost the Spider-man license? Why was the Batman theme discontinued in 2008? Did they lose the license for that? Then, what was the catalyst for Lego deciding to go for both of the licenses in 2011? How did they steal the Marvel license away from the-brand-which-must-not-be-named? How did they manage to get both Marvel and DC to be OK with Lego making toys for both under the "Super Heroes" theme? Finally, can we expect Lego to keep these licenses for many years to come, and never lose either to the-brand-which-must-not-be-named? It's funny, on the other side of this story, fans from the-brand-which-must-not-be-named regret the day that Lego got the Marvel license back, and dream of Lego losing the license again. My hope is that Lego's superior quality and status as the #1 toy maker in the world will allow them to keep both licenses for many years to come. 2011 was an incredible year for Lego. They managed to get licenses for Marvel, DC, and Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, which they added to their already existing Star Wars line! Clearly they started being more aggressive in their search for licenses, and luckily to this day it looks like they're succeeding. I'm curious to learn what brought this newfound competitiveness to Lego, especially when a little more than a decade before they made almost no licensed sets.
  6. Werlu Ulcur

    Vehicles: light mods

    Hey guys! I don't know about you, but sometimes I think Lego designers could have done a little better when it comes to some parts of some sets. Case in point, a few of the vehicles in super-heroes' sets. Sometimes I look at a vehicle and find that there's just a little detail that's off, that could have been better to my eyes. I'm sure that many people wouldn't mind, but sometimes just a simple part swap will make a big difference. I'm not talking about accuracy to the real thing, since in most of the super-hero sets that Lego produces the vehicles aren't supposed to be a replica of a vehicle seen in the movies or comics. I'm fine with that, since if you want, you can replicate anything to your heart's content, and I like to see the ideas that Lego designers come up with - I usually really like their models. But sometimes things can be made better. What made me come up with these photos and post was the Batmobile from "Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase" set (#6864). I loved the car, but something was off. And then I saw the problem: the yellow wheels. I swapped the wheels and the yellow headlights and changed a bit the fenders and voilà! The car shined: The same happened with "Kryptonite Interception" (#76045). Though I'm aware that the car in the movie was not black but a dark grey (bley?), and that the front wheels should have some sort of armor, but a few part swaps and to my eyes the Lego version now looks better: The Batbike (I don't know what to call it) from set "Gotham City Cycle Chase" (#76053) is a typical case of Lego's creativity IMO. As far as I know, there never was nothing similar to that in the movies or comics, but I really liked the model. However, the way Batman had to "hang on for dear life" to ride it bothered me, so using just a few parts from my parts bin it now looks nicer. I really like the "Full Throttle" (anyone remember that?) look of it. I've seen quite a few renderings of Ghost Rider's flaming motorcycle in comics and cartoons, and being honest, none look very much like what Lego delivered us. And that's because traditionally, what is on fire are the wheels, something you'll never be able to reproduce in brick form unless you resort to pyrotechnics. So considering that, I say that Lego did a nice job with what they did in set "Spider-man: Ghost Rider Team-Up" (#76058). BUT, once again, I thought I could make it a little better: As you can see, all the examples above are very slight modifications, what I call "light mods". Nothing major, just a few part swaps, but to my eyes the models look a little nicer now. One thing that I've noticed is that you have to have the model in hands and then, with your spare parts, start changing things to see what can be done. Sometimes what seems to be a good idea won't look very hot in brick form, so you have to try it out. These are just some really simple mods, basically cosmetic details, that usually requires just a few different parts that most of us will have in the bin. Right now I'm waiting for parts for the Batmobile from "Batman: The Riddler Chase" (#76012) and as soon as "Jokerland" (#76035) set arrives I'll also do a light mod to both of those Batmobiles. Can't show the #76012 Batmobile yet because I ran out of black wheels . So, anyone else in the light mod business ? Sometimes you just need to see a photo of a moded model/set for things to click and you'll notice what your model needs to get better.
  7. Should or will DC's Suicide Squad and the Justice League join Lego Dimensions next? It seems like a natural fit since Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, the Joker, and Harley Quinn are already in Lego Dimensions. What about Suicide Squad? A bunch of Oddballs wrecking chaos in Lego- that's a riot waiting to happen! Here's a video detailing their strengths/attributes and weaknesses- Cheers! BoB
  8. Lego Batman 3 teased a DC and Marvel crossover game. If Lego does eventually make this game what would you want it to be about. I would say maybe Darkside and Thanos team up? Share you'r thoughts.
  9. lyonfish

    [MOC] Batman's Bass Base

    This work was based on Batman's Image who loves beat box in Lego movie. Transforming his Bat-base into "Bass" box, and adding some scenes in the Batman's movie which will be released in 2017. So, I use "Bass Base" as its name. Just for fun. Internal scenes: DJ stand with the speaker wall, this might be Batman's favorite. Lift "Hey mom, Hey dad, I saved the city again today. I think you are really proud" And the dinning room here, "I deserve this today, today I deserve it" (Batman with Lobster) Weapons wall Central control room It's the most wonderful thing to wear the pajama after a long long day. Front: vehicle runway. Batman's Vehicle: According to the six-wheel vehicle in LEGO Movie, to re-modify the size into one seat vehicle You could see more pictures in my flickr, and my project in lego-ideas. If you like it, give me a support to make it real.
  10. badchriss

    [MOC] Batman`s Bat-Jeep

    We all know that the Dark Knight has a Vehicle for every Terrain and for each Environment. Now he also have one for Offroad Purposes.With those large Steel Panes he can plow through everything and the sharp Angles of the outer Shell was inspired by Stealth Bombers to obscure Batmans Ride from the Enemy Radar. Hope you like my newest Creation... I know,a Batmobile needs Fins,but i think they would just destroy the overall Look. I made the Car in yellow,black and grey to match the Microfighters Batman. Maybe the Roof will be switched one Day (because i need it for another MOC)
  11. Deadshot is Task Force X's greatest marksman, but is his skill great enough for his superiors to forgive his reckless actions? Created by Jack Rizzo. -Cast- Amanda Waller - Caitlin Buckley Deadshot - Jack Rizzo Check out the complete LDCU saga here! Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  12. The_Fiery_Rooster

    DC Super Heroes MOCs

    Inspired by the new Star wars figures, I took a shot at making DC figures in the same style. From Left to right: Joker, Robin, Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor. Although none of them are final, the one who will receive the most change is Batman, as I want to give him a grapple gun. Please, give me feedback on how to do better, or compliment me. The eight long shell, the 2-part chest plate, and the armor add-on pieces represent the new star wars pieces, The heads are just there to give them a head, since they would require new pieces. (and in Batman and the Joker's case, pieces that aren't in LDD at this point) Brickshelf folder when active (contains individual pics of each, along with Lex Luthor's build): http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558843 LXF file : Super Heroes.lxf
  13. After reading the fanstastic comics, I had to start building the Squad with Lego... This a quick and dirty 1st try:
  14. Actor Builder

    Cheesy DsCenes [MOC]

    I have started a Vignette collection for the DC Cinematic Universe, highlighting the cheesiest moments from the films. I plan to add on to this collection as films come in the future. First off is the scene from Man of Steel where Superman gets so mad that he snaps...Zod's neck. Man of Steel by Actor Builder, on Flickr He ends up killing more innocent people with Zod's laser beam, just so he can break Zod's neck. Poor Zod. He was bred to protect Krypton. He thought Superman wouldn't be willing to kill innocent people in order to kill him, but he was wrong. Superman is a monster. Why Superman didn't just snap his neck the other direction, I have no idea. I guess the "S" isn't for Super. On his planet, it means Stupid. Next up is this scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'll keep it in a spoiler tag until Suicide Squad comes out. And here is the two of them together because Technic pins are amazing: That's all for now. I'll probably make one for Suicide Squad, and then Wonder Woman, etc. Comments and criticisms, puns and witticisms welcome!
  15. Hello all, I have come here with deep regret today...I am planning a trip, to drive all of america aver several months, And I realize i will need some dosh, To do this i see no alternative but to sell my life's collection :( , Before i jump in to anything i wanted to share this to see if anyone had ideas about bulk sales/ big buyers or other stuff, So here is my collection, Any advice on sales/value would be great :D DSC00916 by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr The pictures really dont show the extent of the stuff here, It is almost all complete, and most boxes+instructions are around, Cheers guys, take care
  16. Ashnflash

    Worst LEGO Experience...

    So I went a few weeks back the LEGO Store and bought all the Civil War sets and a few Micro Racers sets. And well you know those horrible stories you hear about it LEGO mishaps in production. For example that one time Louis Lane's face was printed onto the wrong head. Anyways I think my experience was a nightmare. I open up the Micro Racers: The Flash vs. Captain Cold set I was astonished to find that the set had a lot of problems. As you can see the list of problems with the set. For the Flash: No head or helmet... And the Powerboltz can didn't have any printing.: For Captain Cold: This is much worse... No head or parka... They sent the wrong color legs. And the freeze gun... Much worse the blaster is a piece I've never seen before and does not exist in any set. But the most disappointing I think is they sent me a fire piece, HE'S CAPTAIN COLD!!! So I had to contact the Shop online and ordered the parts but they won't be coming for a long time because they don't have spare parts in stock... Ya so I just thought I'd share my experience with all you guys! (And if someone could help me post the images that would help a lot, thanks!)
  17. Hi, I'm new, so if this is not the correct type of post to make in this section, I apologize. Anyway, the most troubling thing to me, as someone who is trying to collect all the Marvel figures are the Comic-Con exclusives. As a Lego purist, I generally avoid buying any sort of custom pieces, but I eventually caved and started looking for replicas of the Comic-Con figures. I found the Decool Jean Grey online for like three bucks, and it looks surprisingly very nice and almost exactly like the original figure (definitely beats shelling out $200+ for the real thing). Generally speaking, though I have had a lot of trouble finding replicas accurate enough to meet my standards. This past weekend I was at BrickUniverse in Raleigh, NC and I found a vendor selling a Spider-Woman replica, which I bought (I believe I have his business card, so I can provide details if requested). Otherwise, though, I haven't had much luck. What is the general consensus on buying replicas over the real thing in extreme cases like this? Has anyone else found any good replicas of the Comic-Con figures that I haven't? If so, where did you find them?
  18. Im a brickmaster.

    Joint MOC- The Whirly Bat!

    Behold! The Dark Knights oldest and goofiest/awesome vehicle! I helped my friends brother build this awhile ago and mn I think it looks pretty cool. Enjoy! Whirly Bat (joint MOC) by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr Whirly Bat (joint MOC) by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr
  19. Mr Greeble

    Custom Joker

    Hello all, this is my custom figure of the Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. -Sculpted and painted hair -Painted torso, arms, hands and head -Custom decal for pants - Painted Brickforge knife As my first real custom, comments & criticism would be appreciated!
  20. Like most, I love LEGO Harley Quinn! But I do NOT love the way the official sets have implemented her trademark carnival mallet. In all of the versions released to date, the handles are too small, the hammer ends are too oversized, and the gaps in the middle are distressingly obvious. I decided to try and come up with something a little more aesthetically pleasing by following these steps: 1. Begin with a 1x1 brick, modified with four side studs. 2. Attach a longer bar for the handle, so that it can be more easily held with two hands. 3. Use three 1x1 tiles to fill out the center. 4. Instead of 2x2 round bricks, use 2x2 round plates for the hammer barrel. 5. Add the 2x2 tiles to the ends. This works for both the black/red color scheme AND the reddish brown/tan color scheme. As a nifty bonus, using round plates instead of bricks lets you change up the colors to give the appearance of those bands you frequently see on traditional carnival mallets! Here's classic-outfit Harley modeling four variations for you: Here's another angle for a better sense of scale. These mallets are, IMO, still comically oversized without being ridiculous: Personally, I'm partial to variation #4. Here's Harley posing with a few of her fellow DC rogues... ...and facing off with a handful of familiar heroes... Hope you enjoy! And if anyone else would like to share their own rethought mallets here, I'd love to see them!
  21. Has anyone noticed how Lego has so many obsessions when it comes to Super Hero sets. Besides the obvious with making most of the sets based on their favorite characters... Like Spiderman and Batman. For Spiderman there has been 8 Marvel sets based on him. 1 Juniors set, 1 Micro Racers, and 3 more sets to come in the summer with him potentially him in the 4th Civil War set. There has been 8 variants to the character but really a lot of them don't change too much. Out of the 45 Marvel sets (Up to Doctor Strange) he has been in 14 of the sets. Now Batman..... There has been 8 "DC SUPERHEROES that he is not in. 2 Juniors sets, 1 Micro Racers and 2 more sets to come in the summer with the potential R'as Al Ghul set. There has been 20 variants to the character. So out of the 36 DC sets he has been in 24 of the sets. So there are 81 Superheroes sets, they have been in 38 of them which is almost half.... For some reason there has been 4 Quinjet variants (Avenjet included) Also they have the weird tendency to put fire extinguishers in sets. Or maybe they've just been ketchup bottles the whole time! Anyways I just thought I'd everyone know and see these obsessions Lego has. Let me know if you guys have noticed anything!
  22. penpen2012

    Batwing 360

    BATWING 360 is a homage to the 1989 BATMAN Batwing with a few modifications. It's a two seater plane with an easy canopy access. The 360 name comes from the fact that the wings can rotate 360 degrees on its axis. Aside from that, said wings can flip up or down 90 degrees. All these allow for a variety of display or play set ups. This is my second build. Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome. Thanks and Happy Building. more pictures on this link
  23. Just found this info on Canadian website. I guess another exclusive minifigure is coming for DC collectors... • JUVENILE NONFICTION / Media Tie-In • 9781465444547 • English • Hardcover • Age (years) from 6 - 8, Grade (US) from 1 - 3 • 7.19 x 9.19 in • 176 pages • DK • DK Children DK Apr 05, 2016 Forthcoming $21.99 CAD With over 200 profiles on both rare and popular LEGO® DC Comics minifigures, LEGO DC Comics Character Encyclopedia is the must-have guide for young fans of the series as well as serious collectors. LEGO® DC Comics™ Character Encyclopedia is a comprehensive visual guide to the full range of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes minifigures, including Batman, Superman, and their friends and foes. Learn little-known facts and figures about all the characters from the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes universe including Green Lantern, the Joker, and Wonder Woman. Find out details on the various sets and where each minifigure appears, as well as their special weapons, cool gadgets, and amazing vehicles. Featuring an exclusive minifigure, LEGO DC Comics Character Encyclopedia is the must-have guide to the LEGO DC Comics minifigures.
  24. xmattwhitex

    Matt's Decals

    A while back I posted my first decal of the new Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I've spent a bit of my free time tweaking that first attempt and making some more. I'll probably add to this topic as I create them. Any feedback/criticism would be great. Enjoy! Suicide Squad (2016) The Joker Harley Quinn Final Fantasy Series Terra (Final Fantasy VI) Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) Zidane (Final Fantasy IX) TV Shows Ash (Ash VS Evil Dead)
  25. Hey everyone, I feel it is time to attempt to settle the age old debate of "are fake super-heroes worth it?" , To find out i purchased 4 lots of characters ranging from copies of official figures to SDCC fakes and even fakes of customs in order to provide a ranged view into the figures, now after just a mere month they have arrived in a lovely polystyrene box from china. Here is my little box of goodness Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Each figure comes in a little packet with readily assembled Head, torso and legs, It is your job to add accessories, a stand and hair. Unfortunately there were no instructions so after 16 hours and 195 wrong attempts i assembled my first figure. The figures are more or less the same as lego's with the main difference being the leg assembly Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr The legs will fit into official bodies and vica versa so the unprinted ones i have changed for officials Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr As you can see the connection is the same (i had to do this outside so you could see) Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr And HERE they are! with all those classic accessories such as Mr fantastics chainsaw and the things hammer.... ? Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr To be brutally honest im starting to like these guys.. There is a lot of decent back printing here, they seem to be more generous with printing than Lego themselves. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr A lot of these guys also have double faces or rear head prints, here are a few random examples. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr aaaaaaand Kablamo Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr All the parts interact perfectly well with official lego as shown here... Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Im not sure if you can tell but the arms are a Tiny bit less angled than official arms, Barely noticable though. And of course the other difference that can be seen here is the minor colour differences, I think they all look reasonable enough though. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Before i continue i would like to point out the problems i have encountered in these figures 1- Deadpool's head appears to be attatched to his body so will not budge or move, Meaning his sword holster cannot be attached. 2- Some head designs are c**p, I feel this is just due to shoddy workmanship rather than bad printing (namely the FF) 3- Batman's cowel is tight so once it's on don't expect to get it off easily. NOW for a test, Without looking at your official Deadpool figure tell me which is the official one, I will reveal it tomorrow Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr I tried this on one person already.... They got it wrong As this picture shows some are very good copies such as DP and venom, Others, well you can see for yourself... Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Most however are completely satisfactory and blend into your lego surroundings nicely, Here are some examples. Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr And with minor changes they can look pretty good Decool review by Legocollecter123, on Flickr And now for the conclusion, This could ed the war on fakes forever... let this moment be remembered by AFOLs forever, Now im just dragging this out... PRICE- Ok, so for all 19 of those awesome figures i paid £13.17 including post, Thats under 70p each, Where a normal figure would cost 10x that, Or in a SDCC case 300x that! So i would say these are very good value and provide a reasonable figure for your buck (or pound or yen or euro), so at that price i would grab a few just for the sake of it. 9/10 Quality- Surprisingly these are better than people say, The prints are reasonable, The plastic seems strong and the designs are good, except a couple of slight leg wobbles, Amazingly im going to give these a 6/10 Design, This is difficult seeing as they are all nicked designs, However they have been replicated well (except the FF faces) so i will give this a 7/10 Overall i give these 22/30, These really do fill the hole that lego has dug beneath us so i applaud Decool for there work. The quality is getting quite good now and is constantly improving so these really these will soon be lego standard. If you feel you are missing somthing that these figures provide just get one, Dont look back, its only a few quid after all. One other thing, It is difficult to pass judgment on the figures as a whole, As my GL is great quality, a great figure and looks awesome. However the Decool cap has a poor head design and looks generally bad. Hard to say people... Hard to say... I dont want to say these trump lego as they DO NOT, however they are providing what we want at a price we want so thats good enough for me! If anyone wants extra pics just let me know, Otherwise enjoy your day!