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Found 6 results

  1. Sorefame (an abbreviation of Sociedades Reunidas de Fabricações Metálicas) was a Portuguese manufacturer of railway rolling stock and industrial equipment, such as dam gates equipment. The company was established in 1943. From the 1960s the company specialised in the manufacture of stainless steel carriages, principally for the Portuguese Railways (CP). The stainless steel carriages were built at the company's factory in Amadora under licence from the Budd Company of the US. (By Wikipedia) In a perfect world, this should be built in Metallic Silver, But I'm not rich, so I use several shades of grey (LBG. old grey, burned by UV grey, vanish by age grey, etc.) to give an old aesthetics. Initially, I had planned to make interior details, but this coach has already 1 KG and will be part of a train with 6 coaches. so no more bricks on it I'm using bricktracks train wheels with bearings and neodymium magnets fun fact, most of the build is an upsidedown building :P (By Wikipedia)
  2. Hi guys. Some new stuff. Locomotive is an EuroSprinter from 2007 (pre-Vectron) the full name is Siemens ES46B1-A It has the Old CP Carga Livery before they change to Medway, I prefer this one. The most challenging part was making the big logo on the sides with bricks. The Lego model is based on Beck's with and TBX Nicolas Enhancements Vectron It has custom M-size wheels, actually, I have two packs, one 3D printed by Brickthebrick with the brake disc and another that is a Mold injection prototype from HA Bricks. I use the 3D printed ones for photos and static exhibitions and the mold injection ones for running, the 3D are OK for running as well, but the HA Bricks wheels are better for running 2 Powerfunctions L motors and a MouldKing Battery Hub (its more compact and versatile than the LEGO PU) but I will change to Buwizz as soon my wallet gives me permission :P Funny easter egg, most of the technical info on the decals are also in Scale as well :) The waggons are Portuguese hoppers TDGS used to transport Cereal/Grain Each waggon has around 800 parts, and they are small but with a lot of details, I made 8 waggons (the red wheels are not from Lego), the real train has 18 waggons, but I don't have more room, money or patience to make another 10 :P The Entire train has 2,20meters long
  3. Ages ago (or so it feels like) in 2016 I posted my build of an SD70 on this forum: With the build of the Union Station being at a halt for the moment (some other things that take precedence) and having a bit of a designers block since the start of the year (as in; really not finding engines I wanted to try and build) I started looking on my own Flickr account at the locomotives I used to own (used too but lost in the fire in 2020), just thinking if I'd actually would rebuild one. My last "recent" diesel was the ES44AC line I did and since then I haven't done any new other more recent diesel engines, that's mainly due to the M10005 and it's coaches that I've done (and still need to finish 4 to complete that consist). So, my eye dropped on my old SD70 version and I was thinking; "not going to rebuild that, better redesign her" and thus I started by choosing which SD70 version I'd want to do and settled on the Ace. First start was slow, I had the basic floor from the older model that I lengthened by 2 studs and then started tinkering with a nose setup. If I could get a good looking nose, I figured the rest would go easy. I had done a nose for a SD90MAC-H and wanted something in the same style, but obviously without the door. crazy nose by Barduck12, on Flickr The end result for that tinkering was this: UP SD???? by Barduck12, on Flickr and I knew I had to test build it first as there are a few things I wasn't really sure about if it would work SD70Ace WIP by Barduck12, on Flickr Even there I changed a few things later to give it a smoother look. It was going to work and all I had to do was choose the initial livery. At that time I was just chatting with someone from and decided to do a livery that would be unbuildable in genuine LEGO because of the colors used (bright light blue mostly and there's not much available in that color) so my initial design would become an exclusive for them (actually waiting on the parts to arrive to test build that and to see how decals can be done but that's another story for another time as she is still a secret). With the design in that livery ready I then began changing her in to 9 other liveries and those are the ones I'm showing here today. I intend to build at least the UP version for myself and then decide between the BNSF or the Virginian for a second, won't be doing all 9 myself. The designs (in alphabetical order): BNSF SD70Ace BNSF by Barduck12, on Flickr Conrail (I know they didn't have SD70Aces in their line up but what's not to like) SD70Ace Conrail by Barduck12, on Flickr Canadian Pacific SD70Ace CP by Barduck12, on Flickr Canadian Pacific #7021 Desert Sand (which is actually an SD70ACU) SD70Ace CP 7021 by Barduck12, on Flickr CSX SD70Ace CSX by Barduck12, on Flickr Norfolk Southern SD70Ace NS by Barduck12, on Flickr Union Pacific SD70Ace UP by Barduck12, on Flickr Virginian (NS heritage) (will need decals on the 2x6 tiles that hide the Buwizz 2.0) SD70Ace Virginian by Barduck12, on Flickr WABASH (will also need larger decals to hide some stuff) SD70Ace WABASH by Barduck12, on Flickr Depending on livery the models have 2200 to 2300 parts in them, are 66 studs long and 37 plates high (from top of rail to top of cabin). Scale used is 1/42 but I had to make 2 compromises as she's actually 1 or 2 studs to short and 1 plate to high. I tried to incorporate as many detail as possible and where possible not go for easy solutions, I wanted her to look complex and I think I did a decent job at that, but what do you guys think?
  4. Hi! I'm here to present more Orange stuff full of vitamin T I'm working on this model since September 2021, this is a 1:45 Scale Replica of the Portuguese Electric Locomotive CP2620, my favorite one.I did one 6wide model several years ago it was my first MOC as an AFOL in 2008.I Was a fan of the Raised NS1600/1800 model, so I contact him to ask if he doesn't mind if I use some of his ideas and design and applied them to my model since NS1600/1800 and CP2620 are descended from the French Nez Cassé BB7200, they are similar in size and shape, but in the same time very different in details, so I could not just do a copy and change the color. Raised agreed with my idea to replicate the Portuguese Nez Cassé, and this is the result: - It's a 1:45 scale (European standards) - 8 studs wide - 44 Cm long - Around 2000 parts - 2 Large Power functions motor - Buwizz 2.0 - Other custom parts like U-clip from brick arms, neodymium magnets, and non-LEGO micro LEDs - Custom Vynil stickers - Can make R40 Curves, but I don't use that curves but R120 from Bricktracks This Locomotive is part of a project where Raised, Erwin, Nicolas , and myself in a partnership with HA bricks will be released premium instructions for several Nez Cassé models based on the BB7200, and the first is scheduled for the end of this year and will be the Dutch version NS1600 I also made a video where you can see this Orange Loco move and pull the previous presented Arco Coaches
  5. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    CP 2600 - Portugal

    Hello everyone, as announced in the last few months I want to start this month with my European tour I wanted to complete my train collection by making at least one locomotive for each main European country, not yet covered by my MOCs. Today I will start from Portugal with a replica of Sergio Batista's CP2600 I have chosen this model because I've always liked the orange livery with white stripes and the particular upside-down windscreen The model is equipped with lights and a switch hidden under the body Here there are other pictures A new locomotive from another country in the next month ...stay tuned!
  6. Sérgio

    [MOC] Presidential Train

    hello my friends this is my recent creation made on LDD and render with Pov Ray its a 7wide train:) its another portuguese Replica, The "presidential Train" full size image: The project Presidential Tours - Tourist Travel Train in Historic Trains primarily aims at the conservation and restoration of the old Presidential Train - a special composition used by the Head of State and his Entourage between 1910 and 1970. In the year of the celebration of the Centenary of Tourism in Portugal, this emblematic train got back not only all its physical and functional capabilities, through a rigorous process of conservation and restoration, but also all its dignity as a patrimonial object of unique value. The key solution for a better understanding and interpretation of the Presidential Train was the full restoration of the six vehicles that comprides the Presidential Train, according to the look it would have on the 1970` s, wich is the last known image of the Presidential Train as such. In a unprecedent project in Portugal, the vehicles were recovered from the mechanical, technical and patrimonial point of view, in order to proceed with the reorganization of this special composition, according to its valences and historical-cultural values. Now its a long journey to make it in real bricks :)