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Found 12 results

  1. King Mathias and His Royal Guard by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "At long last, His Majesty is crowned! Long may He reign!" Initially built as a spiritual continuation of the Knights Kingdom 2018 collab, this build has now been assimilated into my UK 2022 convention lineup. My display was called: CCBS Kingdom Figures. The build started off with a janky looking prototype of King Mathias, where the challenge was to sort out the appearance of the shoulders. Once I had the concept figured out, I trialled several iterations before I was happy with the end result. The throne draft came together thanks to a spontaneous handful of visits to my local PAB wall and some yet-to-be-sorted BL orders. It was left at 70% done in early 2021, when I first posted an earlier version of this design. Then in 2022, in the week before my first UK Brick Festival (May 2022), I hashed out the Royal Guards, which I aimed to keep simple yet detailed. Finally, the base, initially coming together during one of the slower events I was displaying at, was used to incorporate the entire build. Again, another spontaneous PAB wall visit was the source of all the white tiles I came to possess. Overall I am quite happy with the end result, and will be taking this along to some more 2023 shows before retiring it for next year, but not before I've changed things up a bit with my new display (currently in the works). I would send it along to the US convention circuit but I don't think it's too feasible for me right now. Here's a link to an Instagram Reel to show you a full 360 view!
  2. To all AFOL friends! We're proud to announce our first International event in Croatia, "Kockice Convention" It will be held from 24.03. - 25.03.2018 (setup date is 23.03.2018) at lovely Sveti Ivan Zelina, 30km from Croatia's capital Zagreb. We wish to create an event that will be enjoyed by our local and international friends. We'll be providing space for all your amazing MOCs, a relaxing atmosphere with AFOL friends, super-duper AFOL dinner with all the games, fun and good food! Above all that you don't have to worry about anything once you are here, we'll be providing all accommodation and food for all three days including a goodie bag and some more surprises, for a small fee of 80€. Now... Are you ready for a Croatian adventure amongst friends? We're looking forward seeing you in March! Register here! Registration closes on 01.12.2017. Website and Forums
  3. Looking for a unique convention of LEGO fans held en français* ? CinéBrique is THE original event combining a convention of LEGO fans AND a brickfilms festival! The third edition of this already popular event in Quebec will be held on November 18-20, 2016, at Champlain College, in Saint-Lambert (South Shore of Montreal), Quebec, Canada. Attendees who register before September 1st will get a $10 discount. For more info: * Although the convention is held in French, most of the organizers and attendees will gladly translate anything you need to know in English.
  4. Hi All, I am thinking about going to Australia and wanted to know the best LEGO fan events for train heads down there? Can someone post a list of events and locations and dates? Any info would be appreciated. Steve
  5. Hyler Talliwell

    Brickworld Lafayette 2015

    Hey guys, it's a bit early, but there'll be a small-ish Brickworld expo event at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds on November 21st and 22nd. As the show is in my hometown, I will be bringing 4 tables of my own creations and know of quite a few other displayers who will be there as well. As this is an expo and not a convention, displays are by invitation only, but if any Euro-brickers are in the area feel free to stop on by and see the builds! Hopefully Bryan isn't sad that he didn't get to make this post but given the lack of posts for the other 2015 expos, I decided to just go ahead and do so myself. All pertinent info can be found here:
  6. Hi folks. I'm in the fortunate position of being able to fly pretty much anywhere in the world for a relatively cheap price (compensation for being seriously delayed on my most recent international flight). I am planning to travel to North America this summer for one of the large conventions that they do so well. I'm particularly keen to take part in a large GBC, having just coordinated one here in Australia. My question is, which convention has the biggest/best GBC setup? I've been told that Brickworld in Chicago is the one to beat - would that be a fair assessment? Is there anything else I should be considering when deciding which one to go to? To the mods: I wasn't sure whether this should go in the Events forum, or even the generic GBC discussion topic in this forum. Please move/merge as appropriate. Thanks. Owen.
  7. I've been attending the BrickCon Public Expo in Seattle for years, but had never displayed my models before or participated in the longer 4-day Private Convention. I just completed an in-depth write-up that goes "behind the scenes" at one of the largest and oldest LEGO conventions for AFOL's. Some of my highlights: Seeing large LEGO models get re-assembled was really interesting. I loved playing the LEGO games like the "Blind Build" shown here. Displaying my models for the first time to the Public was really cool. As always, there were impressive new models on display at the Public Exhibition. LINK TO LONGER ARTICLE AND MORE PHOTOS: I hope you find this behind the scenes look at BrickCon to be interesting. If you got to attend too, what was your highlight from the show? Sincerely, ---tom
  8. Greetings all, Last year at the Great Western Lego Show all Brickset users were given badges with their usernames to wear. Should we do this for EB members?
  9. BrickmanJ

    World War Brick

    Here's a topic I thought I would put in, just 'cause. World War Brick is the largest solely military LEGO convention in the world. Supposedly it is, that might not be true, but I'll believe them. It is in its third or fourth year, I believe, now, and it gets bigger every year. It is hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at Brickmania Toyworks. Apart from Brickmania, other vendors come, such as GI Brick, Brickstuff, and others. Will Chapman from Brickarms is also there. Some of the activites besides shopping are looking at Weekend Pass holders' MOCs, looking at the Greater Midwest and Twin Cities LEGO Train Club displays, see Brickmania's dioramas and other builds (Including the new-for-this-year Battle of the Black Sea (Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) diorama), or take part in the building of this year's mosaic. Last year it was the Iwo Jima Flag Raising, which turned out to be a resounding success. This year, they are doing the Cobra King picture. I could go on and on, but I have places to be, so I'll wrap this up. Weekend passes are still available for $60.00 for the complete devoters, but for the merely curious, you can buy a public ticket both in advance (it gets you in half an hour early) or at the door. You can buy them here: and here ia the website for WWB itself: I hope this sparks some interest!
  10. Bricknave

    Comic: Secure your load

    If only we had the power to teleport our MOCs from our homes to conventions.
  11. Hey all, One of these years I'd like to fly over the pond and visit one of the LEGO conventions in Europe. Which one of the European Conventions has the most Technic creations on display? I was just looking through pictures of the FanWelt Convention, and noticed pictures of Bricksonwheels's fantastic trucks, as well as Jennifer Clark's excavator. There were also a handful of Technic creations in the photo album I was looking at. Does FanWelt usually offer this level of Technic models, or should I try to attend some other convention? I just wanted to get you all's opinion. One of these years I'll make it over to meet all you fine European Technic builders. Thanks, Daniel
  12. Hi all! DarkDragon reporting from the 2012 New York Comic Convention Since we've all seen some wonderful images of the new sets and the exclusive TMNT minifig, I thought I'd show you some photos of the actual booth. The LEGO booth was huge and impressive. The first thing you see walking toward the familiar red cube is this giant screen showing LEGO animations and commercials. There was some really fun stuff going on there and I caught a few people just standing and watching the cartoons (especially the ice skating Star Wars figs ) As with most LEGO events, they had a cool mosaic going on. Everyone could help by building an 8x8 section (or two, or three...). Then they would hammer it into place (or take it apart if it was wrong). Throughout the booth there were building areas where you could stand and build all day if you wanted to! One guy built a cool small yellow castle. Not sure how he found so many yellow parts! I had trouble just building a blue brick. There was even a Duplo area for the really little kids. Lots of great sculptures thought the booth too. My favorites are this big Superheroes "poster" and the Darth Maul with light up lightsaber. There was a small store too. It didn't have much selection (though that didn't stop me from buying), but the cool thing was the display windows showing off the new sets and all the way around both sides and the back was more building area! That's all folks! DarkDragon signing off.