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Found 14 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 4 XP* Imperial Network Report (OP33-7144): As a result of the increasing imperial presence in the core worlds, the Commenor Remnant will withdraw the majority of imperial forces from Molavar and leave administration of Molavar to the Imperial Triumvirate. Besides an increased focus corewards, this will significantly solidify the diplomatic relationship between the two imperial factions. Ambassador Zol: With your previous experience with Molavar I am sure the transition will be smooth. Cdr. Bannon: Thank you sir. The garrison outside Malcraan is already set up, and Administrator Goren has been briefed on all ongoing activities. You should have your remaining commanders back on Commenor in no time. Ambassador Zol: I appreciate that Commander. Cdr. Bannon: Let me once again express our gratitude for leaving the Incarcerator under Triumvirate supervision as well. Should you wish there will always be room for your scum and outlaws out here. /// A few detailed shots...
  2. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: As a part of establishing a diplomatic presence in the Core Worlds, the ISD Relentless is hosting a delegation of high standing members of the Chiss Ascendancy. Me and my crew have been tasked with showing our guests the inner workings of the Commenor Remnant fleet. We will do everything we can to display the hospitality, efficiency, and the supremacy of the Commenor Remnant. The Chiss is known for their skills in hand-to-hand combat. A skill also honored among us imperials. As I suspected they wanted to break the ice by testing ours against theirs. A test I looked very much forward too. Hopefully our guests will see the benefit in a strong alliance between the Chiss and us. /// Let me know what you think! ;)
  3. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Somewhere on the desert planet Molavar... Sr. Stormtrooper Sergeant, TK427: I don't get it son. Every night you clean that armor. Y'know the remnant ain gonna give two pieces of bantha pudu... Cadet, TK1144: I don't like sand. It gets in everywhere! /// Sorry for the quick build, I wanted to get something out before I go for a short vacation.
  4. *Your entry has earned 15XP* Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: Our second mission to Dennaskar was to regain control and if possible recover my former squad. We tracked the attackers to the back entrance of B Dock, an old imperial facility, where the outlaws had set up an ambush. We were prepared. Two squads of stormtroopers and an AT-ST neutralized the attackers. The survivors have either been captured, or escaped deeper into the forest. Our casualties have been minimal. No sign of the missing squad. These outlaws seems to be a breakout cell of the former rebellion against the empire. I will try to get more information out of the ones we captured. It will not be an easy task to get these scum to talk subjugated the Galactic Concordance. Hopefully they are not aware. Until the leadership advice I will continue my investigation from our new base of operation. Cpt. Bannon commands and leads his troops into battle... The outlaws are making a last effort... The first squad of stormtroopers supported by Cpt. Bannon's death troopers... Troops behind cover... Star Destroyers above Dennaskar... Some behind the scenes photos: Let me know what you guys think... :)
  5. *Your entry has earned 6XP* Mission Log from Comdt. Danus: The occupation of Uquine is going as planned. Most of the resistance has been pushed out of the cities. We have seized control over most former imperial assets in all major urban areas and established checkpoints at all spaceports. For a week I have personally inspected the checkpoints with great success. We have apprehended more than twenty individuals suspected of crimes against the Commenor Remnant. Latest a Twi’lek smuggler trying to get a crate of datachips through checkpoint 4227. I have yet to uncover all the data on the chips, but the initial sweep suggests connections to CorSec. I wonder what they are doing so far from Corellia. This is not the first time we incarcerate a member of their affiliation. Comdt. Danus: Miss. You are under arrest for trying to smuggle unregistered cargo of Uquine. You will be put befor a tribunal. They will decide your fate. Take her away. Cdr. TK-571: Yes ma'am. Sirs. I kindly ask you to remove yourselves from this sector. This is imperial business. Move along. A little peek behind the scenes:
  6. Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: Our mission to Dennaskar was simple. Reconnaissance and establish a temporary camp and base of operation to search for a location fit for a future outpost. After the depopulation of the planet it hasn’t been of much interest to anyone. We landed in sector 6-TE, 12 clicks east of the equipment drop from a few weeks ago. The cargo pilot missed the mark for the equipment and now we have to go and recover it before we can set up camp. Vascal: I swear this planet is haunted! Jayne: No wonder after what happened here... Cpt. Bannon: Cut the chatter. We’re almost at the drop site. Kelstrap: Captain! It’s here - and the equipment looks to be intact... Cpt. Bannon: Good. Let’s recover whatever we can move, establish a basecamp and contact High Command for further instructions.
  7. ~Man these guys are intense. Ever since the company broke up that cell on Kuat, we've been quite busy. It's been good for me; most of the squad has been so tired and busy that they've mostly forgotten about me, except they did make me the company guidon. I'm not sure if it's because I've finally been able to focus and get myself squared away, or if it's just an elaborate joke; either way, running with this thing SUCKS.~ ~Now, on Commenor, we've been called in by some scary dudes to help in the search for some other scary dude. I heard it's a suicide mission and that's why they called in my company of replacements to get killed instead of the locals, which is pretty much how it goes for us.~ ~Whatever it is, there are lots of spooky characters on this planet. Supposedly those older guys are clone troopers from the old days, not sure how they're even alive. Then theres all these white garbed assassins that either glare unnecessarily or weirdly smile at inappropriate times. The main creeper struts around like the emperor himself, pulling up in his private hover car.~ [ISB Officer] "Company! Your task on Commenor is crucial and failure will NOT be tolerated. Loose among these streets is one of the most ruthless killers employed by the anarchist trying to bring your beloved Empire to submission. His name is Goatm An..." ~Hey, I know that guy~ "...His ship was intercepted and shot down by brave Imperial officers, but the local garrison was too COMPLACENT to quarantine him in time. YOU are here to correct that mistake. Your company's reputation precedes you. I expect every corner of this forsaken town INSPECTED and CLEANSE of this unholy menace before he STRIKES AGAIN! The citizens of the Empire are counting on YOU. Do NOT fall prey to his tricks. Do not rest until this scourge is brought to IMPERIAL JUSTICE. ~Wow, that guy didn't seem that bad when I met him. I mean I can't imagine him stalking through these streets like some kind of deranged madman.~ [Goatm] Interesting. This is not a branch of the ISB I'm use to finding in the encoded Imperial transmissions. That kind of secrecy is commendable in it's own right. Oh well, I do love how these predictable officers are so intent on visiting my little war zones. Now, one last shot and I'm off this planet, and I know who will have an empty ship with lots of data...
  8. Previously... Destined to Hang (LucasLaughing) Hung Up on Commenor Commotion on Commenor Moonlit Takedown The Unfortunate Practice of Following Orders Race from Commenor It was always fun finding new friends in the ISB. This contingent on Commenor was especially appealing and would require more attention. They appear to be part of the Special Operations branch of the ISB and responsible for establishing Xenovet's current laboratories on Commenor. I'm still not sure what they're up to, but based on their treatment of Agent Kirana, they must have something off the books going on here. Commenor - Nightlife 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr If I was going to find out anything more (the type of intel I couldn't get from mining their transmissions and data files), I was going to have to get past some of those oversized Deathtroopers. Luckily I brought a big hammer. Commenor - Nightlife 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr to be continued...
  9. Previously... Destined to Hang (LucasLaughing) Hung Up on Commenor Commotion on Commenor Moonlit Takedown The Unfortunate Practice of Following Orders [Goatm] "Trust me Commandant, this is preferable to being found by Vader's death squads." [Race] "You're going to have to stop calling me that Goatm, Commandant Racyon Cotari is no more. Just call me 'Race' for now." [Rom Mohc] "Hold still Goatm, these scomp links aren't cheap." [Goatm] "Rom, you know I can cover your costs..." [Rom] "They're expensive because they're rare, Goatm; you can't solve everything by just throwing money at it. It would take me weeks to get another one of these shipped and I'm not interested in boarding you any amount of time while the white shirts are searching for your friend." Commenor - Meeting 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr [Race] "I'm sorry to be a hassle Herr Mohc..." [Rom] "You're not the hassle Commandant; it's this friend of your's that doesn't take proper care of my work..." [Goatm] "Just finish telling him how to get out of here Rom." [Rom] "Yeah, fine... So Engquay here will smuggle you inside a hover tank through the city to an old sanitation tunnel that leads to an abandoned treatment center. Submerged in tank 3H is a retired interceptor that should have enough fuel left in the hyper drive to get you into the next system. From there you're on your own." Commenor - Meeting 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr [Goatm] "That's not entirely true. I'll swing by and solidify your credentials on my way out, but I don't know when exactly that will be. There're plenty of old white-shirted friends running around Commenor that I've been wanting to 'catch up with' for a while. And who the hell knows when Rom is going to finish with all of his tinkering." [Rom] "Ungrateful son of a... You know I could shut you down right now." [Goatm] "Rom, you even do that in a dream you'd better wake up and apologize." Commenor - Meeting 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  10. During my vacation to Commenor I stumbled upon some interesting intel while tapping into the regular Imperial lines. One of my old colleagues and double agent with the Black Sun was on a hit list and would be quietly "disappeared" soon. As a commanding officer of a quiet rural garrison, he had provided an excellent safe house on a number of occasions in my ISB day; he had been a valuable asset to me. So, for the first time in two years, I decided it was time to follow orders and "disappear" him myself, but to somewhere safe and useful to me. SoNE XIII - Commenor - main by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The officer's lounge was just off the main plaza in the old part of Munto. I had assumed the identity of a docked ground commander on personal leave to maim Zaz Sikari, the bounty hunter that ruined my comfortable hideout on Naboo. Just as my friend was leaving, I was able to bag him and pull him back inside - narrowly avoiding the attention of the AT-ST unit down the road but requiring a few shots to the throat that would annoy my friend later. Getting him off the planet was going to be tricky, but I had some good contacts in Xenovet that should be able to fit the bill. SoNE XIII - Commenor - 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr To be continued...
  11. [Unknown Bounty Hunter] "...long story short, he had a thermal detonator in his pants the whole time..." [Cerean] "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I didn't do it I swear..." [Trooper] "Don't let that sick S.O.B. get away!" [Zaz Sikari] "Please excuse me for a moment, my appointment has arrived..." [phsump] [Trooper] "Target is down! Who gave the order to fire! Troopers, secure the scene!" [Trooper] "Who the hell did the shooting! We were 'posed to bring 'em in fr questioning. Damnit, this is going to be a mess." [Imperial Officer] "Nice shooting, bounty hunter. Step away from the table and pay your friend's tab; he can leave. Squad! I've got an assassin. Move in to apprehend." [Imperial Officer] "This is for Naboo, Zaz Sikari." [Pew] [Imperial Officer] "TROOPERS! THEY'RE RESISTING! TAKE THEM DOWN!"
  12. That ISB cruiser could not have been there for me. I've spent months setting up this bounty through Rebel back channels and getting Zaz Sikari to Commenor for some payback. But that ISB cruiser was waiting for me... or something else... X-Wing Crash 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Kirana... it was just a matter of time before he lost favor with the factions of the ISB trying to kill me. If it was a planned out hit, scout crews will be ready to examine the crash sites... AT-ST front by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Time to move. I've got a lot of catching up to do if I'm going to take care of Zaz... Story continues here
  13. For the better part of a year, I've been chasing a ghost. Always two steps behind former ISB agent Goatm An, arriving just after he's departed, sometimes close enough that there's still warmth in the bodies he's left behind. I'm getting better though. Closer. It's getting easier and easier to put myself in Goatm's head. This should probably worry me more than it does. I'm in the Commenor system now. After weeks of laying low, the bounty hunter who alerted us to Goatm's presence on Naboo registered to collect a bounty here. I have a feeling Goatm wont be far behind him. I used my ISB credentials to commandeer a ship and pilot. It's a system patrol vessel – basically a modified TIE boarding craft. It's smaller and less armed than I'd prefer, but it's perfect for keeping a low profile. There are about a dozen of these ships weaving through Commenor's busy space lanes at any given time. I'm in a jump seat behind the pilot, with strict orders not to touch anything. Pilot: Sir, I believe our target ship has just entered the system. Lucas: Good, let's see if he picks up any company. The ship belongs to a clawdite bounty hunter named Zaz Sikari. As a 'known operator,' he's given quick clearance to proceed to his landing zone on the night side of the planet, and as he leaves the lines of cargo ships behind, it becomes clear that he's no longer alone. Lucas: Bring us up behind that x-wing and get his ID. Pilot: Roger. X-wing fighter, this is Commenor system patrol. Transmit your ID and state your business. X-wing Pilot: Copy Commenor patrol. This is Sector Ranger Ky Prax, heading in to refuel and rearm. Sending credentials now. The credentials and clearance codes check out, and the pilot image that appears on my screen looks like a sector ranger, but I know that voice. How could I not? How many hours have I spent listening to intercepted transmissions and comms? Lucas: Bring us to firing range. Tell him you want to do a visual flyover. Pilot: Thank you Mr Prax. Due to your … unusual choice of craft, we're going to do a quick visual inspection. Maintain your current speed and heading. X-wing Pilot: Understood. Standing by. Pilot: Sir, he's in range. Shall I engage? My orders are clear. Kill Agent Goam An. This is the second time I've had him in my sights. Why am I hesitating? Is it because he's a fellow Imperial? Pilot: Sir? Is it because the more I study his dossier, the more similarities I see between us? Lucas: Ion cannons only. Fire to disable. Pilot: Whoa, what the hell?! Cruiser, cease fire, we are friendlies - Her voice is cut off by an earsplitting squeal; they're jamming our comms. It's an ISB ship - they must have been waiting just outside the system. Lucas: Stay close to the cruiser, it'll make us harder to hit. Pilot: Yeah, no sh*t. What the hell have you gotten me into? If I lose my flight status over this, I'm going to stick my boot so far up - Lucas: It's not my fault! Pilot: Dammit, that interceptor's right on my tail! This is the first time I've had a good look at a space battle. Usually, I'm either in a windowless troop transport or mustered at a damage control station. In a fight on the ground, blaster bolts seem to sizzle with malevolent energy. Up here, they pass us silently, seemingly harmless. The illusion lasts right up to the moment when the interceptor scores a lucky hit, and we're slammed sideways through space with a jolt that knocks the wind out of me. Pilot: Hey, dead weight – get on your console and plot us a course to Kaut. We should blend in there. Lucas: This thing has a hyperdrive? Pilot: Yes! It's so we can make micro jumps in system. Damn, that x-wing is coming around behind us – hurry it up! Red laser beams lance past our ship from behind. Lucas: Alright, got it! The last thing I see before the stars turn to streaks is the remaining interceptor scoring a hit on Goatm's X-wing. I can't tell how bad it is, but we have a saying on my home planet: a man destined to hang doesn't fear drowning. I don't think Goatm's going to die in space.
  14. View my cast of original characters here: Nar Eurbrikka Cast See the introduction of Cody Startale into the story here: Episode 0 – The Introduction The full story in images (it is recommended to read this first) Clear images of the build (for judgement) Thank you for your attention. I've had it in my head for weeks, and bringing it to life brick for brick has been a blast!