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Found 6 results

  1. I'm Tom Alphin, author of The LEGO Architect book. For the past 6 months, I've been working on a new in-depth guide exploring LEGO Storage topics. I'm pleased to announce that my LEGO Storage Guide is ready for people to enjoy (and give feedback.) The guide is extensive, with 10 chapters and around 50 pages of free content: Section I: Organizing, Sorting, & Storing LEGO Bricks — The guide walks you through the process of understanding your LEGO collection, exploring different ways to organize your collection, great storage solutions for a LEGO collection of any size, and additional tips and tricks. Section II: Displaying & Storing LEGO Minifigures — This section explores some of the best ways to show off and protect your favorite LEGO minifigures. The guide is informed by detailed surveys of around 200 LEGO enthusiasts. The data analysis helped me prepare LEGO storage recommendations based on the size of your collection and other factors. The guide is well researched... It contains results from a detailed LEGO Storage survey with about 200 responses, learnings from interviews with top LEGO builders from around the world, and recommendations based on numerous articles, books, and forum discussions on website. LINK: I hope you enjoy reading the guide, and I can't wait to hear your feedback! I will continue improving the guide in the coming weeks, and am tracking your suggestions for future improvements in the acknowledgements section. Sincerely, ---tom P.S. I'm eager to hear - what's your favorite LEGO storage product?
  2. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO City Sweeper

    Hello! Today I decided to make a new MOC. And this is what I have done. It's city sweeper! This MOC is build up with blue, yellow and black colored bricks. I like the result! I can make not only one, but a lot of street cleaners. When I look at my LEGO City, I feel the lack of cars, so now I am trying to build as many vehicles as I can. Do you like my new MOC? Do you have a sweeper car in your LEGO City? Have a nice day and a lot of LEGO bricks.
  3. Due to a large haul of Lego pieces I acquired from a friend, I took a look back at my collection of loose Lego parts to make some room for them. The problem is that I have an overabundance of tires which are very dirty. What should I do to clean them? If my childhood memories are correct, just washing or rinsing them in water alone was never enough; when left to dry, dust re-adhered to the tires in larger quantities -especially when dried off with a napkin. What must be done to get them looking and feeling like new?
  4. Hi dear forum! How do you display/store your models? Do you keep stickers on or off? I havent been collecting for too long, two years now, and I'm not sure wheather I should keep them on or just have the bricks plain. Bought some models new and seal and some are used. A bunch of them has really bad sticker quality while others are looking nice. I guess value wise it is better to have the stickers on, but the models are way easier to keep clean wihtout them, especially the ones where the stickers are starting to give in. I could not think of any better place to get my questions answere than here. Thanks. Edit: I know this is more of a general question, not specified for Star Wars, but this is the only forum I follow on Eurobricks.
  5. After a recent fire in my home, a large amount of LEGO sets and minifigures are now coated with a layer of black-ish residue, caused by the smoke. Does anyone have any tips, methods or previous experience with this? Keep in mind that many of these contaminated parts are printed and some have stickers.
  6. Hi guys: I am not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this topic, the admin ppl can move this wherever they see fit... The title says it all... how do you keep your lego sets clean? I hv dozens and dozens (in yr cases, i suspect a lot of you hv hundreds and hundreds) of lego set sitting on top of my bookshelves, TV sets, fridge, wardrobes etc etc.... it doesn't usually take long for them to be covered by dust... Who needs to create snow effects when the city airport or the castles are covered by dust? The most horrible experience i hv had is to hv an uninvited creature "constructing" spider web all over the two masts of my Black Seas Barracuda (i don't hv monkey jumping across the masts, i had real spider "travel" across them :oo I used to use wiper to clean the dust off my lego sets.... needless to say it's time-consuming and highly ineffective.... lately i hv been using my turbo hairdryer to blow the dust off the lego sets.... it's a lot faster (suit lazy ppl like me) n the result is a bit better any genius or expert ideas out there? thx guys ;)