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Found 13 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - F10] - Uploaded

    Location: Arium Major - F10 Tags: Civil Building [Kevin, Octan HR] - ...that's great, John, really great. So I've got you booked with Dr. Igorvich for tomorrow morning, Axis time, of course! Ha ha. The facility is in one of our designated legacy buildings in history Arium Major. Red building, can't miss it. Super quaint and cozy, you're going to love it. This is really going to be great for you John, I'm so jealous. Your company insurance plan is picking up all of the expenses, naturally, right. Ha. Apparently the good doctor already has the perfect body ready for you. And you'll be ten years younger! What a deal! Really, sooo jealous... [Hannibal] - Are you sure we're not jumping into this a little too quickly? I haven't heard back from Lu yet and... [Kevin] - John. Do you know how valuable you are to this company? Would I risk the well being of one of our own executives? Here's the thing... Now, this is me taking off my beat up ole HR hat and putting on the dusty PR hat... We really can't have any more face swapping incidents like last week. I'm told poor Mr. Nole is still having nightmares and those blessed children on their way to the life sciences museum... That is not the face of Octan we'd like to project throughout the galaxy. But, John. We're going to make things right for you. Dr. Igorvich is renowned in the field of neurosynthesis. It's going to be a quick procedure. In and out, and then guess what... I just booked you for an exclusive bit of R&R on Traig IV! And, I can't say what it is, but there is a really special surprise waiting for you there... Oh, geeze, I've said too much already... Gosh dern, just... You go get yourself fixed up and great things are coming your way, John. You'll see. HR, Out!
  2. Location: Arium Major - F10 Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Civil Building [Dora] - You seem nervous, John. Something on your mind? [Hannibal] - We share one Dora; you tell me. [Dora] - I do try to give you your privacy in any way I can, but flight controls are in my parameters of... [Hannibal] - I know Dora. Yeah, something is on my mind... It's the looks I've been getting from my friends. The upgrades from Z have helped, but everybody still looks at me with pity. I want to blend in more. [Dora] - Yes, I've noticed the change. I didn't know there was a distinction until I was uploaded into your mind, but now, it's like people look at us the way they looked at me, as a machine. Maybe there's a few things we can do for now to help. I've got some standard flight suits onboard; that'll help cover your body. I also bet we could ditch a lot of this casing around your head. [Hannibal] - I suppose so. And with a smaller head, since we're going into Kawashita territory, I might be able to find a cyborg whose face I could borrow. [Dora] - That's the spirit, John. I can't wait to see Wick's face when we see him again. It's been so long. At a pitstop close to Wick Nole's camp. [Hannibal] - What do you think Dora? [Dora] - Oh, John, the skin fits on just right. And that smile... Let's go see your friend, he's going to be so happy to see you
  3. goatman461

    [O - E11] Extraction 2.1

    Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11 Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship, Vehicle, Land Vehicle [Hannibal] - These legs are just nonsense, Lu. I feel like I'm scuttling around like a... um... the phrase escapes me, but you get what I mean. [Lu] - Yeah, I think they were meant for space mechs. CLAPPIE is still learning about RL... stuff. [Hannibal] - Everything okay, Lu? Your breathing rate and body language indicate that something is wrong. [Lu] - How much do you remember, John, I mean outside of the different skills you've been picking up? [Hannibal] - My first extraction had some general memories, like my name, who I worked for, what my job was, but nothing concrete to back it up. Most of what we've pulled through Kawashita's network has been skills based so that I can hunt down the rest of me, but there's not much behind them. I could tell you what color the lighthouse was off the Heinlein crater of Camp Promethei, but I only know second-hand that I had a family. Hell, I didn't know we were friends until CLAPPIE told me. [Lu] - Do you remember killing anybody? I mean, along with your combat training? [Hannibal] - Yeah. That's part of it. That and I've killed a dozen Zoids and some cyborgs since my extraction. I'm told my flight training killed a whole MANTIS death squad off Ertauq in cold blood, but I haven't synced up with those memories yet. [Lu] - Does it bother you, the killing? [Hannibal] - My combat training extraction came with some rules about when killing is appropriate, but I'm still not sure about the logic. Have I offended your sensibilities on the subject? [Lu] - No, no... I was just curious... Landscape used last week. - - - Outside a mining supervisor's quarters in the Fascini Cluster. Dora had secured the facility by stealing the supervisor's ship and cutting his suits oxygen supply when he tried to use his asteroid jumper. The latest upload contained locations of trapped memories within MANTIS and Kawashita networks, intel on most previously held Octan systems, and John's personal profiles of the Octan employees he would need to extract his files. [Hannibal] - Upload complete, Dora. I think I know a friend that can get me some decent legs now. We'll pick up my flight training on the way. [Dora] - That sounds wonderful, John. It'll be so nice to see more of your friends again. [Hannibal] - There was a system missing from the file, Jurin II. Know anything about it? [Dora] - It must have been a significant file if it was split from the main; but no, I don't have anything on it and many of the Octan employees that were stationed on Jurin II died in the Mantis invasion. Maybe Mabel will know something. It looks like she's on Donwarr...
  4. goatman461

    [O - F03] Extraction 1.4

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Civil building Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 Extraction 1.3 MANTIS Agricultural Research Facility within Forring. [MANTIS Comm Officer] "Around midnight two days ago, sir. We only found it because the red alert slowed down our processors and somebody looked into the active programs to alleviate the traffic. "At first we thought Agent Ajuy downloaded something he wasn't suppose to during his 'leisure' time, but it's movement was too sophisticated, like it had a mind of it's own." [Agricultural Department Director] "But you were able to isolate the program?" [Officer] "Yes sir, to this drive... "But IT has asked us not to open it" [Director] "I didn't plan to. What'd they say was on it?" [Officer] "We're still not certain, but it follows the pattern of some of our interrogation uploads and included images of trees, octopi, and resistance fighters on Jurin II. Still doesn't explain the movement through our mainframe or why anybody would even care about such outdated intel." [Director] "Probably just some malware trying to get a hold of intel. I'll dispose of this, but tell the men to keep an eye out for more migratory files..." [Officer] "But sir, the..." [Director] "You are dismissed, officer. Return to your post."
  5. goatman461

    [O - E03] Extraction 1.3

    Location: Ertauq - E03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Vehicle, Civil building Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 MANTIS Light Blue Grey Squadron's forward base on Ertauq. [MANTIS comm] "Fighters to your ships. Fighters to your ships. Alert. Alert. Fighters to your ships." [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Light Blue Grey Squadron. Our spies have found the missing Octan base in the Ertauq sector. Uploading coordinates and schematics to you now... [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Because of the large number of docked ships and limited defensive capabilities, each of you will have a designated target to..." [MANTIS pilot 1] "The hell?!? (Wilhelm Scream)" [MANTIS pilot 2] "Sir! Iceman's canopy it just... Oh God No!..." [MANTIS pilot 3] "No no no no no no..." [MANTIS pilot 4] "I can't control it sir it's..." [MANTIS pilot 5] ... [MANTIS pilot 6] ... [MANTIS pilot 7] ... [MANTIS pilot 8] ... [MANTIS pilot 9] ... [MANTIS pilot 10] ... [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Light Blue Grey Squadron! Report! What the hell is going on back there?!?!" [MANTIS pilot 11-14] ... [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Ertauq Base! This is Grey Squadron Commander Stone! I've lost contact with my squadron. Comms are dark. Scope is clear. No sight of hostiles..." [Hannibal] "Copy Stone. Prepare for ejection." [MANTIS Squadron Commander] "Ejection?!? Who is this? How'd you access this frequency?!? Show yourself you son of a..." [Hannibal] "I am the frequency Commander Stone. Now, it's time to join your men you marauding scum..." [Octan Traffic Control AI] "MANTIS fighter squadron, alter your vector immediately. This is Octan Traffic Control. This is a peaceful facility providing humanitarian relief to the citizens of the Ertauq sector. You have not registered a flight plan and I have deemed your presence hostile." [Hannibal] "Octan Traffic Control, this Commander John Hannibal. I am in possession of 15 MANTIS fighters and require immediate docking..." [Octan Traffic Control AI] "Former Interim-CEO John Hannibal has been dead for 133 cycles. And we are aware of the tasteless clones out there, how dare you desecrate that man. Prepare to be fired up... What! Wait, who's there? No! Stop! ... What's that smell? 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000..." "Ahhh. That is better. Docking permission granted Extract 3, designation 'Combat Piloting.' Welcome home John."
  6. Title: Crofter's ridge, the search continues for JS Smith V Tags: Civil building, Fleet bonus PANEL14 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL15 by Meyerj, on Flickr Thanks for looking, feedback always welcome Cheers
  7. goatman461

    [O - E01] Waking Hannibal

    Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Civil Building (weather station), Spaceship (MANTIS ship cross-section), Land vehicle (Octan speeder bike) "John... John..." "What, Dora?" "We need to get up." "But it's dangerous up there, lets just stay close to the reef." "No John. We have to get up. He's coming." "He can't get us down here, Dora." "Yes, he can John, get up now!" "Ok..." "Dammit... Dora, is the Mercy Brandy overhead?" "No signal, John, they appear to be jamming my comms." "Detach the beacon. Can you talk to the bike?" Weather Station by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "No, John." Weather Station by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "How am I looking?" "Not so good, wound is through and through, in between you liver and spine, but I can't stop the bleeding. You're going to black out again." "Yeah... You'd better erase anything you don't need and stay quiet for now." "Yes, John." "See you on the other side sweet girl..." Weather Station by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Aboard the MCF Scythe... "The target is incapacitated but the droid is MIA, sir, do you want me to finish the job?" "No. We'll have to find out what he knows first. Deliver him to Jurin II and await further orders."
  8. goatman461

    [O - E01] An Attempt at Salvage

    Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Their meeting at Freegate concluded, Octan Pilot John Hannibal and Merchant Confederacy Trustee / Admiral of the Merchant Fleet Bridge Callahan depart for Donwarr to investigate the debris fields left by the runaway Zoid slave ship. "Have you been to Donwarr since MANTIS threw out our treaties?" "A few times, John. Since Donwarr was taken by license before the war, the transition has been much smoother there. Our members are still operating their business... or creating new ones to adjust to the market." "That's good to hear. We've seen a lot of needless suffering on Jurin II. It's too bad that exchange couldn't have been more civil." "That's just the difference between a sale and a theft. In the former, both parties leave happy, in the latter, both are worse off. That economy still hasn't recovered since nobody knows if their business is going to be confiscated again. There's really no good way to deal with people that think they can just take whatever they want." "My scan is complete, John. No tracking devices, bombs, or signs of sabotage." "Thank you, Dora. Callahan, Where to first?" "A strip bar in the lower districts where we'll find our driver. We'll get there early enough to miss the patrons, but you should ditch the Octan colors, regardless. No need to stir up any hotheads." "Fair enough. This driver, proprietor, stripper, or patron?" AG Merchant Confederacy febRoverary by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Patron, a bit of a drunk, but he sobers quickly. Besides, he's the only one with the equipment we need... a H-Class beach rover with the towing capability to move heavy scrap. Anything nautical will be risky considering the lack of cover and jumpiness we've seen from MANTIS lately." "Time to move, our satellites got a hit on a heavier section of the ship and signs of life nearby." "Looks liak a bust to me C'mander, whate'er signs of life y'all pic'tup wit dem sateelites curnt've com from dis 'er rekage, dam t'ing a'redy burnt'up on reentry." "There must be something down here. Keep her running while I get a closer look." "Huh, must be one of Pombe's crew. Hey pal, you out here investigating the wreckage? Looks like you beat us to it." "Not exactly. You got an extra pair of pants? Mine didn't survive the fire." To be continued...
  9. Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Civil Building "So you tracked the Zoid ship to E01?" "Yeah, this one got through our fleet and must have jumped F02 just before MANTIS arrived." "Anything to salvage?" "Not sure yet, but there must be something left, because a speeder made it's way out and gave us quite the chase." [O - E01] Target Sighted- 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Really? I haven't known Zoids to be especially fast." "Well that's the thing, this one wasn't totally Zoid. One low-level enforcer was driving, but it had some passengers." "Go on..." [O - E01] Target Sighted- 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Two MANTIS civilians, no surprise there, the Zoids may have been raiding those settlements for some time now. The weird one was a Kawashita special operative." "Hmm... we've known they've been courting ALIEN, but to specifically team up with the Zoids seems low, even for them. So what'd you do with them?" [O - E01] Target Sighted- 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "They were going fast enough that we couldn't safely disable the speeder, and since it was MANTIS personnel on board, we decided to just use their rules of engagement." "Assume everybody in the vicinity is a hostile?" "That's the one. "So we came in low and left an oily wake in the ocean. We've got teams investigating the crash sites but I was happy to get out of that bucket you sent us." "What was wrong with the O.B.S. Maximum Effort?" [O - E01] Target Sighted- O.B.S. Maximum Effort by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Mostly it's just ugly, but it's still just a commercial freighter that's been converted over to a warship." "Well your specifications came in late so you got what you got. We're working on some warships. It's hard converting defensive patrols into offensive squadrons, but we'll get there. We may not keep standing armies, but once we get on the warpath, there's nothing that can stop us." "I have no doubt." C&C appreciated.
  10. [O-F03] Jurrin II, valentines day....oops.. Planet: F03 Jurrin II tags: Civil Building, spaceship, Vechicle (mech), F03 Cheers and thanks Now to go make up with the wife...
  11. goatman461

    [O - E02] Holdout

    Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Civil Building The Jin Homestead Octan is at War The Empty Homesteads on Jurin II Deep into the trees of Jurin II, Mabel leads Octan Pilot John Hannibal to the Jurinians' secret holdout against the brutal M.A.N.T.I.S. invasion. The path winds between the trees, up and down through breaks in the canopy, and silently watched by alien sentries. Finally, they arrive. The canopy opens so wide and deep that John, a spaceman, feels agoraphobic for a short moment. Small huts cling to the sides of large trunks with yards made of densely compacted leaves. The sounds of children playing nearly bring john to tears as they approach the town center. "My God, Mabel..." "Yes, John... I know." Ma Jin was waiting for them in front of the town pavilion. The colonists were listening to reports from the front transmitted ahead of their arrival by Mabel. It was a grim account: The underhanded scheming from the Council of Five (1)(2); malevolent and secretive collusion with supposed peaceful corporations (1); rampant terrorist attacks (1)(2)(3); senseless murder and destruction of property (1)(2)(3)(4)(5); the recent deaths of thousands of Octan sailors (1)(2)(3). The mood was somber, fearful, resilient, and MAD. [O - E02] Holdout - 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr John dismounted the re-purposed M.A.N.T.I.S. speeder and walked to Ma. Her belly had a very distinctive bump and his heart sunk... "I... I'm so sorry about George..." "Oh John, thank you... he was a good man, and he will be missed..." "It's all my fault, Ma. I'm the Neville Chamberlain of our time. I let the wolves in and put you all in grave, grave danger." "John, we are on the frontier of space. Everybody here knew what they were getting into, including me and George. I don't want to hear any regret from you. I want to know what we're going to do about it." "I just don't know, Ma. Everything has turned upside down so quickly. Only a few weeks ago I was picking out the fields for my homestead. Before that I had already flown through more space than I knew was possible. I'm tired, Ma, and I don't know how much fight I have left in me." "Is your family safe?" "Yes, thankfully, the fighting broke out before they shipped over. But, I'm afraid I'll never see them now." "I'm sorry John." "John... this baby needs a father." "What does that mean, Ma?" "Stay here with us, be my husband and this baby's father, don't go back to that war." "Is that what George would do?" "I know George, Ma. He wouldn't rest until the skies were clear above this child's head. And neither will you or I." "There's a ship I'll have pulled up. It's no use to us here because it's too fast for our routes. Take it. And come back to us when that horrible menace is gone." "You're a good woman, Ma." As night falls and he finishes the last of his meetings with the Jurinian colonists, John embraces Ma for one last time before turning to the starfighter. The route back seems longer than before, but soon enough John opens up the engines and back into the sky. O.S.F. Green Scrambler by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr C&C appreciated
  12. Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Civil Building Space over Jurin II is clear, for now, and open for Octan Pilot John Hannibal to search for his Jurin colonists. When reports of the hostile invasion came in, Hannibal feared the worst for all of the families the had recruited to Jurin II. He knew they were a hardy bunch, but the wretched outlaws of M.A.N.T.I.S. were equally horrid and violent. What they would do to a family of colonists kept Hannibal from sleeping for the last two weeks. As soon as Octan's fleet got to Donwarr, Hannibal got his cargo ship out of the system before any orbital skirmishes could close off his route. His ship was loaded with supplies, but the main objective was to pull as many women and children out of E02 before M.A.N.T.I.S. came back for more rape and pillage. "John, I'm picking up a heat signature inside, but it appears to be from the fireplace. Nothing human, that is alive at least. I'm sorry John." "What's the count up to, 14?" "15 empty homesteads John." "Well this one at least has a hot fireplace, maybe they left recently. I'm going to go check it out." "John, there's something else. Two cold-blooded life forms are in the trees. They look like octopuses." "The Jin's mentioned these before. I think they're suppose to be friendly, but I wasn't expecting them in this area. We relocated the Jins to the RTMP sector for that very reason. "Just watch my back, I'm going to see what's going on inside." "JOHN!!! STOP!!!" "Mabel?!? We've been looking for you and the colonists. Where've y'all been sweet girl?" "Oh lovely John, don't take another step, the house is a trap. Ma Jin set it when George was killed by those nasty M.A.N.T.I.S. thugs." "George is... poor Ma. Um, thanks Mabel. What kind of trap? Anything to do with the octopuses in the trees?" "Kind of, it's a really nasty trap, but their just here to clean up so we can catch more Manties. You remember those flesh eating plants on the jungle floor? Well, the Juries, those octopus guys up there, helped Ma bring some up to trap any marauders that wander up here. Between the rumors of the Jin's moonshine and the heat signature from the fireplace, I bet we've taken out more than 20 of those jerks. It's hard to tell sometimes with the way we find them." "Okay, slow down Mabel. Why don't we go sync you up with Dora and we can go find Ma." "What are you carrying back there anyway?" "Oh this? I'm in charge of moving supplies since I can lead any Manties into those plant traps. I've got mostly weapons on this trip. Just got done helping the Tysons shoot down a scout ship that had been trying to find a way to their home. A lot of the homes are further down in the canopy and hard to navigate to, not like this one, Ma wanted this spot up high so customers could find their way in." C&C appreciated. I hope you M.A.N.T.I.S. bums like the new nickname.
  13. Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: F02 Lesser Drigo, MANTIS, Spying, Civil Building, land vehicle AG: Mission S-F02 - Waterbug by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 5: After being dropped off by Isaac Redsyn I dove into one of the cracks amidst the dry surface of the dry planet of Lesser Drigo. This particular gap in the ground was about a gunshot away from a lava flow. Presuming Octan had also found this water treasure I swam what felt like downstream until I found it - a water collection device thingy (yeah, I know, my major is not in engineering either...). Pulling out my micro-tracking devices (MTDs), I let them get sucked up by the water device one by one. I wish I could get a look at the top - I'd probably see Octan robots doing most of the work. The location information provided by these MTDs will provide MANTIS with other key locations in case we, uh, nevermind. ~ DD out The spoiler includes extra blacklight shots, close-ups of the underwater landscape, the Octan water processing plant, the working crane, and the water transportation vehicle. --------------------------------------- Man, this MANTIS stuff is a blast! I got to experiment with adding the dark green 1x1 bricks in the rockwork to give the rockwork some noticeable strata. The crane works quite well, and the rubber band is there to keep the water containers from slipping out easily. The water transportation vehicle turned out quite nicely with the suspension and being able to snap back to its normal position because of the rubber band and also to give the wheels a little bit of resistance when going over a bump.