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Found 58 results

  1. The Second Legion of Ulandus was guarding the city of Northwall, but, although they were far above them, the Salamanders had long since discovered the mummies tunneling far beneath them... The extremely clever mummies - or at least so they thought themselves - had for weeks been tunneling under the walls, and, having now completed the passage, were going to take the Salamanders by surprise. However, to their own surprise and dismay, they found that the Second Legion had diverted the river and turned it into their tunnels - just one more reason why mummies can't stand water! An alternate view of the whole build: A pic of the tunnel, as you can't see it well with all the mummies in the way! I think this has been my biggest build for the challenge yet, and I don't know how I could make it bigger unless I had the Salamanders counter tunneling and blowing up the mummies' tunnel, but I figured we had seen enough flames and explosions for a while! This was also an extremely hinge-intensive build! I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques [3] I would choose J9 for the next WZ if I win. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. A normal day for the citizens of a Ulandian City... Until some magic user opened a portal to unleash a giant dog! More Pics: C&C wanted! Thanks for looking!
  3. After the wild shag-bull had driven off the terror-stricken Desert Kings troops, the Ulanders moved in and went to work... Here is a picture in the sunlight: I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Architecture - roofing This is my joint guerrilla with Kai on B8. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome! OoC: I have now built as many MOC's in the last three months (most of them this month) as in all of last year - thanks to Ska for this wonderful motivator!
  4. This post has been changed to a rules thread for Category C. Please ask your rules questions here. Here is a link to the "Game Thread" which has the links to the current mini-challenges / warzones. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ Change Log: Mar 3 -- Added that every build must have two approvals from seasoned builders. Any builder with a GOH Tag may give a thumbs up approval. Added Victory Points chart and map. Mar 5 -- Clarified rules about guerrilla and counter MOCs. Clarified rules about approval system. Thread Title Tags added. Mar 7 -- Clarified Guerrilla Building - you call the location, cities(spaces that have multiple victory points, even if the city name is not on the map) must have multiple attacks per week equal to their victory points in order to have a successful attempt. Naming convention added for Guerrilla and Counters. Mar 25 -- Guerrilla Rules fixed Mar 27 -- language about safe zones extended to successful GAs (as intended by language already in the document about failed counters later on) April 1st -- Clarified language changed pictures. April 2nd -- Clarified counters further (using rules discussed in the thread) April 6th -- reiterated approvals. And changed going forward. Category C – The Dynamic War and Map Challenge. Category A and B of the next challenge will be similar to the past, however Category C is all new. I think there is something here for everybody. Think of this challenge as Team Iron Builder + Historica + Wargame First I will give a quick version of the rules (for you who are tired of reading!), and then a detailed version. NOT THE OFFICIAL MAP, just for demonstration. warmap by skaforhire, on Flickr Step 1: Choose sides Step 2: mini - challenges on the map are declared, using the map grid. Sea above. Step 3: Each mini-challenge has parameters and last two or three weeks. Step 4: After the due date, the entries are put into a voting tab, and all of EBs can vote for which side won the battle. Step 5: Winner (except where noted) gets to choose the next battle site according to the rules. Step 6 repeat, and multiple mini challenges, with different due dates will be happening at once. Step 7: at the end of three months points are tallied. Each square is worth at least one victory point, squares with cities are worth 2 victory points, battles won are worth 1 victory point. Queenscross, Sultans Gate, Barqa, and Xersia are worth 3 points each. Petraea is worth 4 victory points. Step 8 – Winner is the side with most victory points. Caveat: There is another way to “win squares” called the personal challenge, this is described in the detailed rules. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ Category C The dynamic war and Map Challenges: Kaliphlin is divided by 3 powers, the High Council, The Desert King, and the Ulandians – Builders have a chance to declare for a side before the war begins. We may have to balance sides. As the war progresses, all late-comers are put on the weaker team. The map marks where the powers currently hold position. THE BATTLES Every week at least two zones will be up for grabs. (If it is popular, we will scale it up to 3 or 4 zones). I will put up a theme or mission, a little backstory, and a small geography lesson about the area so that the builds will have a general cohesiveness. Each challenge will be somewhat unique, but we will announce ahead of time “Major Battles” that builders have 4 weeks to prepare for. The minimum build time for a mini-challenge will be 2 weeks. Builders will make a MOC located in one of the zones (stated clearly in their post). Each builder may build one MOC per zone / per challenge. The build doesn’t have to be combat, it could be a supply train, or something else that fits into the theme given for the mini-challenge battle. JUDGING At the due date, I will compile all the builds in a voting thread, all EB members are welcomed to vote for which side won. People will be told to vote on their favorite build and which side won overall. They will be instructed to vote according to build and story, but not photography. Sometimes there may be certain judging qualifications needed specified. For example, if one side has an overwhelming amount of builds, we might ask that when judging, members should only consider the six best builds from each side. PERSONAL RANKS: On each side of the battle, winner, second, third, fourth, and fifth will receive points toward their “rank” in the war. All builders receive a base 2 points per build. There will be a rank system custom to each side. The ranks / point totals / will help determine a overall Winner of Category C. PICKING THE NEXT BATTLE ZONE When not stated otherwise, the highest scoring builder from the winning faction will decide which zone to move to the next week . It is advised that they coordinate with their team though. The wining builders should submit their target in the thread they post their build, so that we can immediately get started on the next mini-challenge if they win. They could move the battle to any “no-man’s land” zone, or any zone that directly touches their team’s territory that belongs to an enemy or to no-man’s land that their territory borders. For purposes of choosing, all nine squares around a zone are considered touching or bordering. warmap by skaforhire, on Flickr For example, if the red faction won the last battle, they could choose many different places on this map. They could pick H9, H10, J11, K11, or B10 for example because each of those spots fit the description of eligible battle zones. There are also many more on the map not named above that fit the parameters. The red leader could NOT pick I7 because it is not within one square of territory they own. (it is two no man’s land squares from Red territory. The red leader could NOT pick D5, because it is in the middle of Blue Territory. Lastly, some zones will be off limits, these zones will be marked in another color. Any zone in which a battle (Warzone or successful Guerrilla Attack) has just concluded, or concluded the week before is “Safe” from battle. This includes zones conquered through decisive victories, but not overwhelming victories (see special circumstances section below.) IF we get a situation where only two factions can reach a location (No no-man’s land to cross, or the third faction’s territory touching the warzone), then we may open up a “ flash war-zone”, where everyone can participate. This zone’s winner would not pick a new location. The challenge would continue, with most Sundays ending at least one mini-challenge. They will overlap one another, so that two challenges are going at all times. SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: If a side builds more MOCs than the other two sides put together, and they win the challenge, then the second place scorer from the side can pick an additional square worth only one victory point that borders the battle zone, and claim the territory as an “overwhelming” victory. If one side wins 60% of the popular vote in a three way battle, or 75% in a two way battle, the second place scorer from the side can pick an additional square worth only one victory point that borders the battle zone, and claim the territory as an “Decisive” victory. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ Hey, I don’t like making war MOC’s, this sucks! Well, there is a part of this challenge just for you! The Personal Challenge! (AKA Guerilla Phase) The Guerrilla Phase! This is worth 3 individual points in the rankings. Each builder can pick a location anywhere in a territory outside their faction and take a “guerrilla action.” Each builder can make one guerrilla action each week. It should be clear in the post where the action is happening. Guerrilla actions cannot happen in a zone that is off limits (Zones that recently changed hands will be off limits for two weeks, and will be clearly noted on the updated map.) IF attacking a city with a Guerrilla action, there needs to be at least the number of Guerrilla builders equal to the number of the Victory Points the city is worth. (IE: Queenscross is worth 3 VP, so in one week three MOCers from an enemy faction would need to coordinate their strike in order to make a valid attempt on the city) In a multiple Guerrilla Action against a zone, ALL GAs must win in order to turn the zone over to the attacker. (Personal ranking points are awarded no matter the outcome of the square.) The guerrilla action would be something to affect that area. It could be repairing a war-torn village, conducting a raid, a spy job, a hostage rescue, a mission to sabotage the other side, recruiting, anything that is not directly a battle between two sides. The builder would create this MOC, and then prepare for others to “Counter” it. 'Guerrilla Action MOCs require the same approval as battle MOCs. So make sure to have a good story, a well photographed build, and make it obvious that this isn’t a quick building with figs on a baseplate. It should be clear that effort was made in the build. At the end of the week, on the map I will mark where Guerrilla actions have been discovered. The counter-action – Each builder can make one counter-action a week, and this action is taken against any Guerrilla action in their territory. A counter-action is when a builder picks one of the sites of the last week’s guerrilla action that occurred in their faction’s territory, and builds a MOC to reverse it. This is worth 4 points. The challenge is, the build must be similar (think mirror building, but you can reinterpret the build) to the guerrilla attack. (IE: if the guerrilla builder made a farm, and set it ablaze, the counter attack should show the same farmstead [doesn’t have to be exact, but an interpretation of the farm] in transition back to working. Rebuild it, garrison it, etc…) Counter actors should make it known that they plan on countering a guerrilla in their territory so that there are only a few people working on a counter (that way your team can counter multiple threats). Counter builds cannot be larger than the Guerrilla build they are countering. The guerrillas build will be presented against the counter-builds in a general voting thread. If the guerrilla wins, that zone will turn over to their side and the builder earns an addition 6 personal points. All Guerrilla Builds should have their own thread, with a link posted in the Category C thread. The naming convention for Guerrilla builds from this point on should be: [G: Location, your faction vs the owner of the zone you are attacking] ie: [G:J13, DK vs U] Counter builds should look similar: [CG: location, your faction vs the guerrilla's faction] IE: [CG:J13, U vs DK], This naming convention will help us straighten out where things are happening. Counter-builders have at least a week to counter a guerrilla MOC. Their week starts the Monday after the Guerrilla MOC is posted and ends on the next Sunday. (IE: if the Guerrilla MOC is posted on Monday, the deadline to counter would be TWO Sundays from that Monday, whereas if the guerrilla MOC was posted on a Sunday, the deadline would be the NEXT Sunday) All counters should be posted to the Guerrilla Build's thread. The Guerrilla attack thread will be checked on Monday of the next week to compile all counter MOCs for voting. All cities (any place with multiple VP are cities on the map - check smaller Nice Marmot maps for details which city is where) have three weeks of counter time. Any zone deeply in enemy territory (More than two zones deep in all directions, including water) will have two weeks of counter time. Any zone in the "Special victory condition" area of the Desert King would also get two weeks to counter, since these are worth a lot at the end. GAs that go uncontested will be awarded to the attacker. This includes zones with multiple attacks. IE: If a zone is Guerrilla Attacked with two MOCs and the defenders only counter one of the MOC, the attackers win. Special rule: Failed Countered territories can immediately be guerrilla attacked the next week by the team that lost the territory. This gives the old team a second chance to get a valuable territory back. A failed counter is anytime the defender loses after a counter attempt is made. Uncontested GAs do not earn the same protection as a successful GA that was challenged and won. (IE: they are not protected from the third faction for two weeks) Attacks by all three factions -- In a 1 Guerrilla v 1 Guerrilla v defender zone situation there are two ways to resolve the outcome. If the defenders can create a counter MOC that takes care of both Guerrilla Attacks, then they can counter with just one MOC. In this case, the three MOCs will go head to head to head. If multiple "dual counter MOCs" are made, then the judges will be asked to apply the best counter (in their opinion) against the other two GAs in the head to head to head poll. If multiple single MOC Counters are made, and both Guerrillas win, then the next week both guerrilla action MOCs will go head to head, winner takes the square. If only one guerrilla MOC wins, the next week it will go head to head against the winning counter of the other GA. Personal points chart: Guerrilla Attack Build: 3 points. Requires 3 approvals Counter Attack Build: 4 points. Requires 4 approvals. Uncontested win by a Guerrilla Attack: 2 points. Contested Win by a Guerrilla Attack: 6 points. Best Counter (If the counter attackers win): 3 points +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ Finally, there will be a thread for each mini-challenge battle. This is where you report your separate thread that you posted your challenge entry in. Also, you should state where the next target is if you win. Again, teams should talk about possible targets so that they are declaring similar targets when they post their build. We will take whatever location the winning builder picked, even if their entire team picked another location. For Guerrilla actions, the builder should make a separate thread that displays their attack the thread should start with [Guerrilla] then title. Factions may want to start a general thread to coordinate their team for Category C, and even the other two categories. actions for points by skaforhire, on Flickr End game – at the end of the three months, the squares will be tallied, and this will go into deciding which side won the overall civil war. Each square is worth at least one victory point, squares with cities are worth 2 victory points, battles won are worth 1 victory point. Queenscross, Sultans Gate, Barqa, and Xersia are worth 3 points each. Petraea is worth 4 victory points. Below is a map with the locations that are worth more than one victory point. SPECIAL: Since the Desert King starts with a lot less victory points, they have a special condition. At the end of the war, if they control squares, A12, A13, A14, A15, and B12 they achieve a victory condition called "Keeping the Supply Line open" This is worth 15 points in the end of war tally. Victory Points Starting by skaforhire, on Flickr starting VP by skaforhire, on Flickr =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Approvals: Every MOC must have two approvals from seasoned builders. Any builder with a GOH Tag may give a thumbs up approval. Starting April 6th, all approvals must be made by a neutral or enemy party. An approval is given with a " " symbol. Once a MOC has two it is eligible to win its contest, and the builder will be rewarded their points for the build. To keep the process running, voting threads will have all available MOCs present, even if they have not received their two yet. By the end of the week, when voting ends, any MOC that does not have two will be disqualified from winning, and the MOCer will only receive 1 point. This is the easiest way to do this, there may be a few builders that do not have GOH tag.shield that I may ask to be an "Approver" if we need more. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Thread Title Tags: Tags for battlezone MOCs should look like this so that we can recognize them right away: MOC Title [Warzone number:grid location, faction name] it should look something like the following: Patrolling the Fields of the Arkbri Valley [WZ1: E7, High Council] =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Who will you declare for? The 1st Centurion by -Mike S-, on Flickr throneroom by skaforhire, on Flickrdesertking by skaforhire, on Flickr Petitioning the Kaliphlin Council by -Mike S-, on Flickr
  5. A Ulandian soldier ambushes a Desert King herald, who is cleaning his staff in the lava flow. Unfortunately he isn't quiet. Soldier: Die Mummy scum! Herald: Too bad! You will soon join the head of your companion in the lava flow. C&C appreciated! There was supposed to be light inside, but my light brick was too dim.
  6. Having heard that a man with a treasure chest wanted to talk to him, the Ulander official, who was working at his desk, was quite quick to admit him. "So," he asked, "you hope I will turn over my town in return for the contents of this chest?" "Precisely!" answered the other, opening the chest's lid and revealing a bunch of gold and sparkling diamonds. "Hmm," replied the official. "You know, though we have been separated for the mainland for two thousand years we still know your tricks... the good part is that you don't know ours! Goodbye!" The official pressed a button on his desk and the spy disappeared through the gaping hole in the floor. Walking over to the hole the Ulander laughed "Thanks for paying in advance again!" My counter to MKJ's guerrilla on G13. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  7. With the battle at Bella'Erezhi ragging around him, a Captian of the Thirteenth Ulandian Legion found himself trapped on a rock overlooking still boiling lava with Desert King mummies rushing at him from either side. That was no problem for a clever Ulander though! If I win I choose F14 as the next battleground. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  8. The forces of the Desert King have decided to use some unusual methods for the fighting in the Nestlands. Taming the wildlife happens to be one of them. Unfortunately for this High Council soldier, he's about to become the first test meal. My DK entry for Warzone 3. C&C appreciated!
  9. Guerilla attack on C9 Somewhere in the desert, a group of dwarves, supporting the High Council, have excavated an old shrine to the Desert King and his forefathers. Cutaway by Beorthan, on Flickr They are now distributing the wealth uncovered to the local populace, while asking the rhetorical question: "Would you rather have the toils of your hard labour hid away in shrines and temples to a self-styled god-king, demanding worship, or put into the betterment of your lives and welfare?" Close-up by Beorthan, on Flickr And an overview pic: Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr For the Republic!
  10. Fighting on the Ashes Warzone 4: "The Lonely Mountain Rumble", H9 Lutalo is a fierce warrior from the Spice Islands and a veteran from many battles including the Battle of Castle Zar in the Revolword war. He is fighting in the melee on the slopes of the volcano known as Erexhi (or "The Lonely Mountain") in Kaliphlin. As the mountain has recently erupted, the volcanic rocks and sand have been covered with a layer of pumice and ash. Lutalo's quick and advanced disarming moves have forced this Ulandian soldier into a very unfavorable fighting position... My entry to Warzone 4: The Lone Mountain Rumble in the Kaliphlin civil war. If I get a say in the matter by this build, I'd like D3 to be the next war zone.
  11. Nestlands Ambush Warzone 3: "The Nestlands Insurgency", G15 Forces from Ulandus are patrolling the jungles of the Nestlands. Troops loyal to the High Council, armed with weapons from Mpya Stedor, have staged an ambush here. Their prey, a pair of Leander heavy infantrymen in the Ulandus army patrolling along a small stream has walked straight into the trap. The peace and quiet of the forest will soon break as sharp bolts pierce the shiny Ulandian armor and color the stream with Leander blood... My entry to Warzone 3: The Nestlands Insurgency in the Kaliphlin civil war. If I get a say in the matter by this build, I'd like D3 to be the next war zone. The picture above was an experiment with a different lighting orientation with a more localized light source at an angle to give more distinct shadows and having it look like sunlight. Below is a picture with my normal diffuse lighting. What do you think? Does the upper picture look more sunny or just weird? C&C are welcome!
  12. Counter to Robuko's Guerilla against Everlast Besieged, surrounded, and blockaded by Desert King forces, the people of Everlast have been offered supplies and protection to give up control to the Desert King. However, on the town square, a group of strangers have drawn a crowd, handing out food and supplies to the people of Everlast... The Saviour by Beorthan, on Flickr On the podium, a noble-looking, charismatic gentleman is speaking in a booming, deep voice: "The socalled Desert King holds your town in an iron grip, cutting your supplies and starving your families. He claims to mean you no harm, and offers to feed and protect you for your allegiance. But from whom do you need protection? And why are you in need of food? This town has ever been able to support itself, and where it not for the troops of the false god-king, you would be in no need for his socalled gifts!" In the crowd, a low murmur of support is rising, people looking at each other, nodding in agreement, as the elderly gentleman proceeds, raising his voice: "It is said that you should not bite the hand that is feeding you, but are you to rely on this very hand for food, when it is the same hand that holds you in a stranglehold? Who is to say what the price of the next meal will be, should you give up your freedom for this? Will he, who styles himself a god, allow you to live as equals in his realm?" The People by Beorthan, on Flickr The orator looks around, meeting the gaze of many of the on-lookers, as his followers hand out large amounts of fish, meats, bread and other foods. A silence falls over the crowd under the man's serious gaze. Loudly, he continues: "The Desert King promises peace, security and an end to starvation, but at what cost? What sacrifice will this "God" require of you next? Will you give in to his demands for the scraps from his own table, or will you stand against him to preserve your freedom? The Republic of Kaliphlin stands with you, and thus, the people of all of Historica! We offer you supplies at no cost but our own peril. We require naught of you, but that you respect YOUR rights as FREE PEOPLE of these lands!" The murmur in the crowds resumes, slowly rising to a cheer... The Town by Beorthan, on Flickr "We have made it our undertaking to supply you with all you need. We have established secret, hidden routes of supply through the lines of the Foul Besieger. We have done so, not to ask for your support, but to show you that you have ours. The High Council stands as protector of the Republic, and as protector of its people. It stands as YOUR protector!" Silence falls over the plaza, as the orator pauses for a second. "So what will it be? Surrender or Stand Fast? Submission or Freedom?!? I shall leave it up to you and yours, but know that we will do our part in allowing you a free choice in this matter!" A loud cheer of support rises, and out of the noise a chanting emerges, increasing in volume, echoing throughout the valleys of Everlast: "Stand fast.... Stand Fast.... STAND FAST, STAND FAST, STAND FAST!" ____________________________________________________________________________________ That's my counter to Robuko's attempt to take over Everlast. I hope you like it :) I am quite happy with the idea, satisfied with the build and story, but somewhat dissapointed about the pics, though.
  13. Guarding the Dam Warzone 2: "Battle for the Reservoir", G12 Kaliphlin High Council soldiers are guarding one of the dams of Flagg's reservoir. Since the top of the dam is a good route for troop movements, a barricade has also been built to help stopping any attempt by either the Ulandians or the forces of the Desert King to circumvent the reservoir on this side. The capacity of the reservoir is at present not fully utilized, the highest level after the last rainy season can be seen on the face of the rocks and the dam. My entry to Warzone 2: Battle for the Reservoir in the Kaliphlin civil war. If I get a say in the matter by this build, I'd like D3 to be the next war zone.
  14. CHARGE! Warzone 2: "Battle for the Reservoir", G12 The pumping stations of the Flagg Reservoir are of great strategic importance, and the High Council have made them a prioritized target. The Aquaduct by Beorthan, on Flickr While Beorthan is ambushing Desert King Troops in the Arkbri Valley, his friend sir William Drake has led the main force of the Trifork towards the Flagg Reservoir. Flee! by Beorthan, on Flickr Upon reaching one of the pumping stations, they come accross an occupying troop of Ulandian mercenaries. Unprepared and outnumbered, they are quickly routed as Drake orders the charge and the might of Trifork falls upon them. "For the Republic, the People, and Kaliphlin!" The Charge by Beorthan, on Flickr This pumping station is located in one of the streams supplying the Flagg Reservoir with water, and the steady flow of the stream drives a waterwheel, which in turn drives the pumping mechanism. The water is then pumped into the two-level aquaduct for close and distant destinations, respectively. _______________________________________________________________ My entry to warzone 2. This warzone has really spawned a great number of amazing builds! Keep up the good work! My entry to Warzone 2: Battle for the Reservoir in the Kaliphlin civil war. If I get a say in the matter by this build, I'd like D3 to be the next war zone.
  15. Raiding in the Grasslands Guerrilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, zone J14 Light cavalry from a desert nomad tribe loyal to the Kaliphlin High Council. They are patrolling and raiding in the grasslands west of Mpya Stedor. For each raid, the Ulandians are finding it harder and harder to keep control of the area. And a closeup shot, can you feel some of how vast the grasslands of Kaliphlin are? Not all of Kaliphlin is sand you know! For the Republic!
  16. One of the Captains of the Thirteenth "Storming" Legion had undertaken the task of destroying a Desert King fort in the Siccus Badlands. Sneaking over the wall, the Ulander overheard a couple of mummies congratulating themselves at being posted at some distance from the river. "Ha! Those nasty high councilors keep running our forces down to the water's edge and cornering them there - at least we don't have to worry about that!" "Yep, the less water in sight, the happier I am. I'm glad there isn't any in or near the fort- hey, what's that red glare over there?" "Fire! Hurry, run for some water!" yelled the mummy. "What are you talking about? Water is awful!" replied the other. "Well it is, but we could still use some about now!" Meanwhile the Ulander made good his escape, laughing under his breath about mummies and water. I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques (2) My guerrilla build this week against the Desert King. C&C are appreciated!
  17. Marching rapidly, the Ulander thirteenth legion soon came into sight of the fortress they were after - a small castle some little distance from Ras-El-Akhen which supplied the city with grain and weapons. As the fiery bolts of Ageven's giant crossbow continued to play on the walls, the Ulanders begin to storm the breach through the cloud of arrows being shot by the defenders... A close-up shot of the build: And a bonus pic with part of Kai's crossbow: This is my joint guerrilla attack on K12 with Kai NRG I would like to receive UoP credit for: History 1 Military Science - siege Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  18. This is a counter to Kai NRG's build: link LittleJohn countered Garmadon's build here: link The design was based off of JKBrickwork's ballista and medieval ballista images. The ballista uses only official LEGO parts. Two twisted 'fishing pole' strings are what gives the ballista its shooting capability. The Ulander's fiery darts were proving rather devastating, punching a hole in the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen. But with each shot their ballista grew drier and more flammable, until as one of them lit the bolt for the next shot, the ballista burst into flame: Video: It shoots 18 inches, not counting the distance the bolt slides after it hits the ground . Otherwise, about 2 feet. I put K12 as the location in the title, to mirror Kai's post. I'm not sure if the attack was moved to a different location, as Ska has it listed for H5 in the guerrilla thread. If you see something out of order per the challenge rules, please let me know. C&C welcome
  19. In a small town a little below Mpya Stedor, a bit of shady business is taking place between a Ulander official and a High Council agent. Having bargained for exactly how much the town would be turned over, the agent was about to hand over the bribe money when it started raining- what!? Looking up (and getting more wet in the process), the agent saw a maid throwing water out of the window. "You could have warned me!" he exclaimed to the official, who had trouble controlling his laughter. "Alright hand it over," he replied. As he gave him the money the drenched agent failed to notice the official winking and nodding. "Ahem, sir, what is this?" queried the Ulander Captain of the Thirteenth Legion behind him. Looking quickly around the agent saw he was surrounded and decided to make a virtue of necessity and give in. "You may go, and tell your High Council never to bribe a Ulander - and thanks for paying in advance!" My counter to Bregir's guerrilla. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  20. Blocking the Road to Queenscross North of Queenscross, there is an isolated stronghold held by Ulandus forces. Aside from the Arkbri river which is usually the main route of transportation in this part of Kaliphlin, the only reliable route for any significant military force to cross the Westersands to Queenscross is along an ancient road through the desert. Because of the Ulandian threat to Queenscross, a force from the mercenary company called the Arkbri Falcons have been hired by members of the Kaliphlin High Council to sabotage the road. They are also creating barricades where an advancing enemy can be delayed or halted. Of course, they are not doing the hard labor themselves but are instead forcing captured Ulandian soldiers to toil in the desert heat. Any attempts by the Ulandian forces to repair the road will be met barricade by barricade by sharp arrows from the Falcon's accurate crossbows while they themselves are sheltering behind walls of gravel and broken flagstones. Guerilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, at square D7.
  21. Warzone 1: The Arkbri Skirmishes (E7) A vast network of irrigration canals are providing water to the food production in the Arkbri valley. Not all of the crops have failed, but the increasing presence of soldiers from all factions have caused many farmers to flee and abandon their fields. Here, patrolling soldiers from Barqa have encountered a scouting band of mountain mummies who have been cornered against an irrigration canal and quickly surrender when their leader has been killed. My entry for the High Council to Warzone 1: The Arkbri Skirmishes, in Guilds of Historica Book II, Challenge IV
  22. In the streets of a small town just south of Mpya Stedor, everyday life seems to continue unhindered, despite the civil war raging throughout the guild. Everyday Life by Beorthan, on Flickr However, in the shadows. something shady is going on. An official from the town council is being bribed by an agent of the High Council to allow ships, troops, and supplies to move in and out of Mpya Stedor. The Bribe by Beorthan, on Flickr Effectively, control of the town will be transfered to the High Council, together with the hinterland. Village square by Beorthan, on Flickr Guerilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, at square J15.
  23. My counter to Lord Dan's guerrilla: A couple of Ulandian soldiers were walking along a quiet street in small town just northeast of Ras-El-Akhen when suddenly a ridiculously loud screech issued out of the tavern they were passing. The screech was immediately followed by a person hurrying out of the door over which hung a sign with a dragon. The Ulanders, always ready for anything, nodded at each other and winked. "Going somewhere?!" The jester - for it was he, though he had quickly put on a hood and breastplate - desperately attempted to slid between them. However, his attempt was a signal failure. As one of the Ulanders tackled him to the ground the other commented, "I've always said that you should never get too close to a jester!" I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - roofing Anthropology - city scene Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  24. The Storming Legion: The new Thirteenth Legion of Ulandus is made up almost exclusively of heavy infantry, though there are a few cavalry and light troops sometimes used on scouting missions. There suits are dark brown and gold. Besides other exploits, such as capturing a High Council supply train, finding a Desert King spy, catching a jun-away jester, and taking a High Council fortress by storm, the Thirteenth Legion carried a strongly fortified stone wall held by the Desert King's troops, thereby gaining for themselves their title: "The Storming Legion!" A close-up: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  25. It began like this: The Ulandians had no realistic estimate about the population size of the Nestlands, therefore the Blazing Swords Legion was dispatched in full force for the invasion. That was their mistake. The Ghuin Nol High Guard at Skywatch Perch spotted the army weeks out, and were able to warn the Clans right away. Most of the non-combat citizenry (children, pregnant women, the aged and infirm) were evacuated to the deep hiding places south of the Nols. It was decided by the High Ministry that the defense would be a retreating line. Warriors were ordered to make only a token resistance, then to disappear into the forests. The main force of the Nestlands Clans would gather in the tunnels and caverns of Edst Nol and Dun Nol. From there they could send out raiding parties to strike back at the invaders, once the bulk of the Ulandians were forced to move on. The Blazing Swords did exactly as expected. Once the major towns were secured, the occupying Ulandians set about inventorying what remained. They found precious little food, and no drinkable water (all the water distillers had been dismantled and removed). There was no choice, but for the bulk of the Blazing Swords Legion to move on to a more livable location. Several small units remained, supplemented by a unit of Guardians of the Garden, to catalog and examine all the interesting little devices made by the Nestlands Clans. ------------------------ It was decided that Skywatch Perch had to be retaken. Ghuin Nol High Guard Captain Gorgd MkTavsh, the new commander of the late Hugh Hos' unit, and Olik Funrirr, Bloodmane's apprentice, were afforded the honor of first strike. Using secret tunnels that the Ulandians has missed in their search, Gorgd and Olik made it all the way to the cavern beneath Skywatch Perch without encountering a soul. There they found a fireplace with eagle feathers and bones littered about. This sent Captain Gorgd into a rage, causing him to rush up into the main outpost. There was only one Ulandian inside at the time. Restus Solus, a Guardian of the Garden officer, had only microseconds to respond by crossing his blades. This did little to deter the furious Captain, and with his first blow sent Restus' right arm and his blades into the outpost foyer. The rest of him was smashed backwards into the cavern below. Mitus Dolum foolishly left his pilum inside while he examined the skyviewers. Olik made his way quickly to roof. The Leoparder slave had no chance. Grhiishir didn't even manage a mewl before his treachea was severed. Olik takes a moment to wonder if Leoparder might taste like mountain cat. "Grabbagh na bollagh, Sassenuk!" roared Gorgd. A blast of pain. Mitus' screams could be heard for miles, as his wrist is shattered and his hand barely remains attatched. The major artery in the wrist bleeds profusely before Mitus falls down the mountain dead. Thus Skywatch Perch was secured. --------------------- Some overview shots. Detail shots: Architecture Skyviewers Plants and rocks ------------- I may do some figless and bloodless shots later. CCC