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Found 113 results

  1. cehnot

    Speed Racer Mach 5

    I finished this a few weeks ago and wanted to share with you my rendition of the classic 1967's anime show Mach Go Go, known in the USA as Speed Racer. I owned the movie version sets years ago and had to sell them off while paying for college. One of the things I hated was how simple the cars were made and hardly looked like the movie versions. Though I enjoyed the film, the Mach 5 was redesigned from the original anime to fit their needs. I had some issues with the body design and the back tail fins, but overall I enjoyed seeing them recreate my childhood cartoon into a live action film. I wish they did a better version of it, but frankly, I was happy it was a tricked out and colorful movie. Spent a lot of time looking at old cell frames from collectors of the original mach 5 design, as well as several blue prints made of the car over the years. All this made me adore the car more and become sorta emotional to know that so many slight changes took place between all the ERTL models, Hot Wheels, Johnny Lighting, and various toy sets. When you look back to the classic anime the car was actually quite hard to draw in various poses. There were several modern takes on the classic cartoon and only 1 faithfully recreated the mach 5 in CGI matching the anime, in all its glory. That show was called Speed Racer: The Next Generation. The car was seen in only 2 episodes and replaced by their version of the Mach 6. I loved how much detail they put in the vehicle and it was great to use for this car as reference. I have seen some high end metal replicas and only 1 car company did it, but never got it made because 4 or 5 years the license was taken away and they had to cease production of what was shown at a toy fair. That was one sweet car. A great article from Diecast Magazine showing various types of Mach 5 versions available for purchase. The ultimate Toy if they ever made it. Allegory premiered in 2012 SDCC a collector's dream car. They found the original blue prints, got the original cell art and recreated it on the computer. They shoed off videos of how accurate this thing was and nothing compares to its beauty. Check out this awesome video from the event they created showcasing this loved item. They would have created my most expensive and surely happiest toy ever. I love the show. THEN THEY LOST THE LICENSE RIGHT BEFORE ORDERS WENT OUT. Created a masterpiece and lost it. See the article below. Joyride recently created the car into a die cast 1/18 collectible and it is very close to the original specs. Its much cheaper and easily available to order. Resaurus The 6inch Resaurus toy set was closest to original anime. Bulky, but close. I liked how the anime by episode 50 actually slimmed down the car a bit and didn't keep it so round like this toy. Ertl This die cast replica has some awesome features. Its quite unique as it has all the weapons and actions features you would expect in a toy version. Otaku This is one expensive inaccurate replica. It looks like a real car, but shape is wrong. I would purchase this $800 replica if it was closer to the body I like. But if I cared little about accuracy, then this would be the ultimate toy! Enough of the reference. ONTO THE CARS I created 4 versions of the car. Each version has significant rear spoiler and muffler changes. I had to alter each rendering from the cockpit and back in order to make it closer to the anime and Allegory rendering. Photo 1 As you can see, the major difference between these two cars are the rear spoilers. The one on the left makes a great profile picture of the car and accurately matches the outline of the car. Unfortunately, the space between the spider and body is quite noticeable and disliked. This is why I kept all 4 models. I already ordered my parts off Bricklink to build these two versions and see if I could moved the spoilers to enhance the one on the left and rebuilt it in LDD. Photo 2 The lineup. Going from left to right, Car #2 fits the best overall shape and model of how protruded the mufflers need to be, unfortunately, based on how I built the models I used 2 binoculars attached to each other to get that length and you can see one of the binoculars behind the wheel well. Not too fancy. #1 fits the overall look and shape I wanted, minus the spoilers. I could merge #1 and #4 to create the correct under carriage and mufflers as well as correct spoilers, but again there is a gap in-between the fins and body. If LEGO created wedge plates without knobs I could make this work by double up the plates and use another technique to hide the gap. Photo 3 Car #3 and #4 both have the correct rear wheel cover angle like you see in the tv show. I may do a 5th version where I combine #1 and #3. The largest issue is when doing this, I had to heavily modify the framework underneath to get the wheel slightly inside and keep the shape the correct 8 stud width without rubbing against the wheel. I think the total width of the rear wheel is 7 to 7.5 studs wide. Photo 4 Seems easy, but these body frames were difficult to keep together. I had to reenforce each shape to make the rear work. These models do not have a working front hood and rear storage compartment. I may want to build 2 or 3 models first to see how durable they are, then try to create an opening hatch. I had an earlier version with this idea I kept in case it could work. I just don't want to chance it until I try to see how the real models work. SPECIAL NOTE: I wish LEGO Created 1x3 inverted transparent yellow slopes. I will use Transparent Clear for the real car build. Photo 5 A great profile on the car #2 where you see the binoculars behind the rear wheel. Not happy bout those. Photo 6 Shows you how the front looks. A bit hard to see without a blue render. There is an air intake below creating the "smile" like in the anime. The anime creators said they designed the car to have a smile underneath where the 2 buzz blades come out so that the car smiles as he zooms past his enemies. Simple old anime approach to comedy. Photo 7 A better angle of the car. Photo 8 This is Car #4, see how the spoilers create that awesome point just like the real car? Photo 9 Nice profile, great rear wheel well cover, terrible that the plate wedges don't offer the same shapes without knobs. Blue Renders This is my first attempt at doing these. Any suggestions on creating better renders or somehow getting better lighting to make the white easier to see, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
  2. Tobysan

    [MOC] Auto Garage

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share our Auto Garage MOC. I really wanted to build a nice service station/ auto garage for the kids and town so I decided to build the entire structure on an X-Large Baseplate. The use of the x-large baseplate meant I could really go large and wide giving the kids a chance to really get in a play easily. The fun (and toughest) part about this build was to get the wide custom Garage Doors working and folding with Technics. The Gas Pumps were also a fun little build, needed to keep them small and minimal to leave space for cars to move in and out. Here's a full overview video of the Auto Garage MOC Hope everyone enjoys it. UPDATE: We've just uploaded a Step-by-Step Tutorial of the Garage Doors used in the MOC.
  3. Hi everyone, Recently i stumbled across this topic started by fellow builder Kevin8. It was about building a minifig mini cooper, small and detailed enough to look good with modulars, yet containing 2 Minifigs, possibly next to each other for more realism. Since the classic cooper is a really small car, it has to be 5 wide (scales 1/36 - 1/42). I kinda wanted to try if its possible - and it is, if we trick around a little^^ See for yourselves and if you want, tell me what you think. LDD file attached. Cheers Side note: the roof kinda is unstable , yet it is connected, no floating parts! Also, there is no wigs possible for the figs :( The vehicles height is exactly as high as the fig itself, if you count the stud on top of its head (or add a wig), the fig is taller than the cooper Classic Lego Mini Cooper by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr NS classic mini cooper 2.lxf
  4. Hello to everyone... After some modular buildings i decided to concentrate on some cars to put inside my town. But now, after a few attempts, I'm almost stuck. I hate 4 studs-wide Lego cars, they are mono seater, and it make no sense to me as well as being out of scale with the buildings. However, even making them 6 studs wide then the trucks should be from 8 or 6. But if you want to put 2 minifigs inside the car you have to make it 6 studs wide. It's a big problem. So I tried to make a Mini 6 studs wide, obviously, but in the end what I got is not satisfactory because it is higher than a standing minifig and quite disproportionate to the measures of the minifigs. Even if I'm very fond of lego minifigs, I must say that often their proportions complicate all the job. :/ What did do when making cars, what's your decision?
  5. Only original Lego parts are installed on all vehicles. Volkswagen Golf MK1 from the 70's: BMW 2002 from the 70's: Porsche 911 from the 70's:
  6. Really enjoyed building the Technic Drag Racer but my favorite build is still the 24 hour race car. The 24 hour race car has more features such as the mechanical rear end left and doors that made it very fun to build! The Drag Racer doesn't have much mechanical features compared to the 24 hour race car but still enjoyed the build. Mechanical feature comparison: - 24 Hour Racer Detailed V8 engine with moving pistons Opening gull-wing doors all-round independent suspension working front steering, opening front trunk and engine hood. Upgrade with Power Functions motor - Drag Racer V8 engine with moving pistons, working front steering Raise the body shell to reveal the chassis Upgrade with Power Functions motor Overall the 24 hour racer is more customizable and has more realistic features to it! Video Cheers, Nitro
  7. mandylion7

    New from Croatia

    Hey there, I am from Croatia. I hope to meet some wonderful LEGO fans here and exchange ideas
  8. A Full Blown Engine, Visible Transmission, Retractable Hood, Adjustable Wheel, Repair Tools - these are just some of the specs of the new Hot Rod 27! If you enjoy my project and you'd like to see it on the shelves, please support it here: The Story: I've always loved inventing new Lego toys. A few years ago I began building a custom hot rod. I wanted to make a car that would not only look good, but that would also be realistic. That's how I gave it a transmission that goes from the full blown engine to the front wheels, as shown in the video: A few days ago I found out about Lego Ideas and I wanted to submit my car, but I had new ideas. I wanted to make it more playable. That's how I came up with the retractable hood and the adjustable wheel. I made it so that a minifigure is able to enter the cockpit and drive the car, and even wear a helmet. Furthermore, I added some tools near the cockpit, in case the engine malfunctions or there's a flat tire. It also has front lights and tail lights, a radiator in the front, lateral exhaust pipes, adjustable engine pistons, rear-view mirrors, a big gas tank and slick, wide tires in the back. Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4 cm ( approximately ) With about 140 pieces, the Hot Rod 27 can become an affordable and easy to build custom car!
  9. During the seventies, in the United States, an unusual car trend spread: the "Show Rods". This kind of cars, built from the ground up, were distinguished by an unconventional design, brilliant colors and amazing craftsmanship. Their engines were extremely powerful, yet they rarely touched the road. In other words, these cars were meant to be looked at, not driven. Yes, Show Rods were paradoxical. One of the most famous "Show Rod" designer was Tom Daniel who in 1967 designed the “Beer Wagon” for Monogram, the well known scale models manufacturer. Here my LEGO replica of the "Beer Wagon" based on antique Mack Bulldog chain drive rear end. My "Pilsner" yellow machine features: - fat drag tires on the rear; - chrome dog dish hubcaps; - eight chrome pipes thru the hood; - beer keg gas tanks; - beer keg between the seats; - wooden load compartment. Below the outline... Tom Daniel's Beer Wagon is for sure the wildest beer haulin' drag machine all around You can read the story of my "Beer Wagon" and my other Hot Rods, included many pictures, on the 2016 February issue of Brick Journal (# 38). All the best! Andrea Lattanzio - Norton74
  10. Take a classic '32 Ford Hot Rod, paint the whole machine in bright yellow, add a crane on the back and you've got the weirdest Tow Rod ever created! My latest work is based on my previous Ford Roadster cutomized with a classic LEGO crane from early era. I love using old pieces to build my models and the "string reel winch with metal handle and crane arm complete with string and metal hook" fits perfeclty on this crazy Tow Rod. Below the back with the vintage crane and the custmomized license plate The Green "T" seems having some troubles...the yellow machine tows the "T" at the Speed Garage for mixing up, soon it will be back fit. If you have a problem with your car, now you know who to call: Norton74 24 hr Towing Service. You call, we haul! Cheers Norton74 @ Facebook
  11. Hello, today I show you my latest MOC: the "Green T". Even if I don't live in "The Golden State" I love the strange vehicles called "T- buckets". Seeing these Buckets moving from a beach to another is very usual in California, where I live a little bit less... Anyway, the "Green T" is my last MOC and it's my pride and joy (especially photographed in my Speed Garage). This genuine T-bucket has the two-seater body of a Model T roadster with a little turtle deck in the backside. A full chromed Model T-style radiator is fitted. The big V8 sends power to the oversized rear wheels, with the typical dog dish hubcaps, through the strong drivetrain. A big charger is fitted on the top of the engine. This time I've used many chromed bricks and I think they look great on the "Green T". I love also the white-green color combo. Here few pictures: The front with the typical Model T-style radiator The back with the custom plate... Enjoy the "Green T" and discover the new equipments featured in the "Speed Garage" The "Green T" has been blogged by: The Brothers Brick Brick Nerd The Lego Car Blog More pictures and details on flickr Thanks for your attention. All the best and happy building! Norton74 - Andrea Lattanzio Norton74 @ Facebook Norton74 @ LEGO IDEAS
  12. Hello to everyone. Its winter time, and time for make something for driving on the snow. So I did some winter vehicle. Some kind of concept arctic racer, because I love the futuristic cars. In my mind the whole time Arctic Turtle. Because of his looks and speed. and a few pictures. Driven by the 2 xl motors. Connected together, without differentials. all-wheel drive without changing the gear ratio. 1 servo motor for steering. Font axle is independent suspension, rear axle is dragged axle. I made the body so that it can be separated from the chassis. I managed to make the body bent and stable, it was for me the biggest challenge. And the view from the bottom side And the video. thank you for watching. With best regards, Valter
  13. (This may apply to the Action & Adventure theme forum, but since it's just a bunch of vehicles I put it here. Sorry if this topic needs to be moved!) Tramp Steamer I built this ship from two Adventurers sets: I used the boat from set 5975 (T-Rex Transport) and modified slightly to resemble set 5976 (River Expedition). The ship features a boiler, steering wheel and a bigger smoke-stack. I have also added a complete bridge with removable roof instead of the open topped one on my previous version of the ship. The top floor of the ship is the bridge - this area contains a nautical telegraph (to control speed) and the wheel (to control direction)... and yes, there is a piece out of place. I fixed it after taking this photo. The lower floor features the boiler room. It is empty right now, but could be re-purposed into a captain's cabin. Island Hopper seaplane This is a seaplane based off 2008 Indiana Jones set 7628 (Peril In Peru), along with inspiration from 2000 Adventurers set 5935 (Island Hopper) thrown in for good measure. This part goes on both sides of the tail: http://alpha.brickli...=87079pb006#T=C The plane now has a interior that seats five people: 1 pilot and four passengers. Treasure Chaser - Johnny Thunder's ride This model was inspired by sets 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure, and 5918, Scorpion Tracker. Ford Model AA truck This one was heavily inspired by set 10222, Winter Village Post Office. I originally built it from the pictures before instructions came out. 1922 MOON Automobile This car was originally a Rolls Royce Phantom MKII first designed by Carl Greatrix that got transformed into a MOON Touring car. (no, the the jalopy from the Apollo Moon missions, but the car company from St. Louis MO!) once I realized how close they were to each other in style cues. I guess I did the usual car building process backwards: build the car, then find a real life counterpart, instead of building the car off a specific type. Roaring 20's Gangster Sedan This model was modified from set 7682, Shanghai Chase. Perfect for smuggling illegal alcohol or setting up a drive by for friendly meeting with the rival gangs. Gasoline tanker truck Built from set 7683, Fight on the Flying Wing and modified to have a radiator grille and a better fuel tank. Island Racer mark II I modified my copy of set 5920 to have a longer wheelbase and a spare wheel. I also modernized the engine area with special attention paid to the grille. Lord Sam Sinister's personal vehicle This model was inspired by the recent announcement of the Super Man "Action Comics Number 1" exclusive San Diego Comic Con 2015 LEGO set, which I then extended and improved into the model seen here. This part goes on the rear license plate spot: http://www.bricklink....asp?P=3069bpa1 and as a bonus here is my favorite picture: A Sinister Encounter In case you wonder what is so sinister about the picture, the name of the person who owns the house is Lord Sam Sinister, an evil man who hates the owner of the plane: Johnny Thunder and his friend and aviatrix of the seaplane, Pippin Reed.
  14. Nemo57


    I present you the model of the limousine. The image of a collective (both literally and figuratively), crammed God knows what with all brands of this type of machine, the height of the minimum possible to place minifigures, below and beyond can not be, then only without legs. Beauty is in the style of the Borgias, photo gallery, as always, a lot. Goodbye, we're on a party limousine is white !!! Thank you for watching.
  15. A Gallifreyan Cat

    [HELP] Wheel Arches

    Does anyone know of a rather good way to make wheel arches, specifically like on the back of a Ford F250, to go around a 6 stud diameter wheel? I have experimented with these, but either way I line them up the two-stud protruding bit ruins the curve. I plan on having the entire assembly stick out from the body by half a stud, using jumper plates. Thanks in advance!
  16. engineermax

    Vehicle Query

    For my latest project I wanted to make a MOC of the iconic Land Rover Defender in Minifig Scale. I looked to see if anyone else had attempted this but my searches came up nearly blank. Does anyone here have any pictures etc. of anyone's build in this area. Thanks,
  17. Hello, today I show you my latest MOC: The Roadster. My ’32 Ford roadster is probably one of the most classic and iconic “old school” Hot Rod around. Recently people has discovered again the old school Hot Rods with their smooth design, classic colors and without frills. Original and vintage Hot Rods are considered today as a treasure to conserve and preserve indeed they are sought after and very expensive. I'm fascinated by classic Rods and for this I built this Ford ’32 Roadster with the body of a Ford Model B, released by the American manufacturer from 1932 to 1934, painted in total black. The Roadster fits the V8 flathead with three carburettors and wheels are "oversized" respect to the original ones that were narrower (I didn’t find LEGO wheels that fitted well, at least to me). I used few chromed parts that I think look great on the car. I especially like the big rims with the chromed dish 4 x 4 inverted (Radar). The engine is made of light grey bricks with a touch of chrome. I like to imagine this Roadster racing at Bonneville Speedway in the fifties. Racing number: 74, of course! Below few pictures The Roadster in my garage, the engine has been overhauled and ready to be placed into the car The back: refined and graceful. The racing number on the doors The Roadster has been blogged by: The Brothers Brick The Lego Car Blog More pictures and details on flickr Thanks for your attention. All the best and happy building! Norton74 - Andrea Lattanzio Norton74 @ Facebook Norton74 @ LEGO IDEAS
  18. I recently bought the heavy haul train. apparently i'm addicted to Lego trains.... anyway I hate two of the cars that come with the train, the helicopter hauler and the backhoe hauler, so i was looking around for other cars to build with the parts... I was looking through the Lego section in the toy store, and i noticed the 60083 snowplow truck. the bed of that truck got me thinking about a car I could build from the parts. NOTE: this requires purchasing 2 sets at $20 each, but you get a second (less interesting to me) car as part of the bargain. you will, as always, have to provide the train parts yourself. These were built using mostly the parts available in the 60083 bags. this is the one i like best. i have two versions, with a few different details.I'm not entirely happy with the smooth pieces on top of the car, I wish they were grey. They add a little bulk, but are a little fragile. The bracing inside the car that needs a little more work to look right, but overall really nice, and it works out to $20 per car plus a what the train bogies cost.. this is the other style of car, sort of a tanker car. this one is a complicated build, and is pretty fragile. but you have the parts This one still needs a little more work but the car looks pretty nice I think. Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of building these, and I thought I'd share my ideas.
  19. NickRussia79

    MOC - Modular Car

    Hello everyone! Today I decided to give you a revolutionary idea in LEGO the automotive industry. This is a modular vehicle, its function in that it can from one base to make a few variations of body and lining. Look! Versions: Sedan Station Wagon Hatch Coupe The version number is limited only by your imagination. Limo, Pickup, Van, Hearse, caravan, Taxi, Police car, etc. Вe creative, I only will be glad! Here is a link to the .lxf file. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  20. Nemo57

    Buses - Nemo57

    Sorry, a lot of photos.
  21. Hi everyone, Im new here and must try out posting etc. But if you want, you can have a look at my stuff over at Many greets, Ron
  22. Thank you for watching
  23. skcheung

    Motorized Bumper Cars

    [This is a LEGO Ideas' project and it awaits your support: "]] Hello everyone, I have been away from LEGO Town for quite a long time. Here comes my MOC... not 100% a sort of new work but a refinement of my previous one: http://www.eurobrick...l=+bumper +cars (LEGO Friends' Theme Park (4): Bumper Cars) Since then, I was advised by a number of people that such a girly MOC was far less desirable than a boy one. That's why this comes out: It takes me for more than a year to make improvements -- virtually a new start except the use of magnets is retained. There are so many stages of transformation; there are simply many trials and errors I have experienced... The cars looks more resemblance to real ones. I use a tiled baseplate even though a normal baseplate with studs do not affect the smooth running of the cars. I also make the turntable much more handy, so that it require much fewer bricks. In the meantime, I still keep the delay function (In case you don't know what I am referring to, please check the video at the bottom of this page) In order to make the set more playable, there is a manuel mode: you can pick up the axles placed at the top of the set and use them to control a car and smash the others. Hope you enjoy my work and think this is much fun! A video is better than 1000 words. Most likely you will understand all my words above after watching it: Finally, yes, this is my project of LEGO Ideas. If you really want to own this set, please come to the following link and become one of the 10,000 supporters. Every vote counts! ^^ Thank you very much!!!
  24. Oh, hello there, internet! This is my first moc on this site, and I had problems with the uploader. I just could upload one picture. I just made a 6-studs wide car that is supposed to look like a Rolls Royce Phantom. An older one, of course. It uses a little bit SNOT on the front, but that's it. hope you guys like it!
  25. Hello, I wanted to upload my 15+ vehicles from the 1940's to today in a way that was quick and efficient, thus this thread is about getting the pictures out with side notes structured like this: (picture goes here) 19## yellow semi truck Built 20## Inspired by set ####, known as "Insert set name" LDD file: (if available) LDD missing parts / prints You are free to comment, but please note: the remaining 10 or so vehicles are (going to be) in another topic, because they are more Adventurer's / 1920's themed. I would also appreciate a mod indexing these MOCs in their respective topics. Also, please note these were taken by me and a family member with a cellphone camera, so please take that into consideration with the picture quality / cropping. I also only took one picture per vehicle. First up: 1950's Double deck bus - 7 wide Built 2014 Modified from Scotnick's UK Bridgemaster bus LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233991m.lxf LDD notes: Wrong wheels in the LDD file, but the ones in the picture are correct. 1960's Volkswagen Microbus Built 2012 Modified from a LEGO Rockband promotional build LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1416926983m.lxf LDD notes: LDD file missing rear view mirrors Money transport truck Built 2015 Built from set 76105 (Doc Ock's truck Heist) LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1411148366m.lxf LDD notes: There are some cosmetic changes from the LDD file to real life, but it's functionally the same. Classic Space themed car (Benny's ride) Built 2014 MOC model LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1408629670m.lxf LDD notes: his car has had one change to it since I took this picture! The wheel wells have been changed to the longer style because the short style does NOT exist. Sorry for any confusion on the matter. Also, the rear features the (printed!) classic space logo from Benny Spaceship, plus a license plate of your choice. 1950's Ford Anglia Built 2011 Inspired by set 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive) LDD file: Nexus Force themed car (Bob's ride) Built 2014 Inspired by AdamtheLEGOfanrutland's LEGO City Undercover cars LDD file: 1950's Fire Truck Built 2012 Built from set 9484, (Red's Water Rescue) LDD file: LDD Notes: 1x1 round print missing from file. Plumbing Van Built 2014 Stock set B model 70811, (Flying Flusher) LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233794m.lxf 1950's Ice Cream truck Built 2014 Built from set 70804, from a MOD by Rick C. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1416424243m.lxf Garbage truck Built 2014 stock set B model 70805, Trash Chomper LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233627m.lxf Police patrol car Built 2015 Almost stock model of set 70819, Bad Cop's Car Chase LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233428m.lxf 1950's Gasoline tanker Built 2012 Modified from set 10184, Town Plan LDD file: (none available) World War II American Jeep Built 2009 Inspired by set 6628, Peril in Peru LDD file: (none available) Modern Limo Built 2010 Inspired by set 3222, Helicopter and Limousine LDD file: (none available) 1980's Junk car Built 2012 Based off of set 9484, Red's Water Rescue LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1412897086m.lxf Bucket-lift truck Built 2010 Based off set 3179, Repair Truck LDD file: (none available) Front End loader Built 2009 Based off set 7630, Front-End loader LDD file: (none available) Dump truck Built 2010 Based off set 7789, Lotso's Dump Truck LDD file: (none available) Crane vehicle Built 2010 Based off set 7936, Level crossing LDD file: (none available) This concludes the post. I hope you enjoyed it, and comments are always welcome!