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Found 305 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ENTRY][SMALL] Steve's Arrival in Port Royal

    Steve was a happy merchant until that fatefull day when he arrived in Port Royal - and met the local colonial officer: Colonial Officer: Good day, Sir. May I have your name, please. Steve: My name is Steve. Colonial Officer: That rhymes with my sister's name. How funny. Steve: What's her name? Colonial Officer: Niamh. So I put down your name in this form: Stiamh. Steve: Oh, that is wrong. It is spelt with an "e". Colonial Officer: No, it is not. Since when do you spell Niamh with an "e"? Don't be ridiculous. Steve: I don't care how you spell Neave, but my name is S-T-E-V-E. Colonial Officer: That is a long name. I thought you said your name was Stiamh? Steve: Yes, yes, Steve. Colonial Officer: Then this is settled. Stiamh. And why are you here in Port Royal, Mr. Stiamh? Steve: (sighs) On business. I am a merchant. Colonial Officer: Mer-chant? Is that somebody who sings? Let me take a look, I have a list of all possible professions here. (browses through list) Farmer ... Fisherman ... Manservant ... Mermaid. I am sorry, there is no Merchant. Steve: But there must be. There are many like me. Colonial Officer: Are you sure you did not get the name wrong? I mean, you were not so good at spelling .... Maybe you are a mermaid? Steve: No, I got it right. But you got it all wrong! Colonial Officer: Are you threatening an officer of the crown? I shall have you arrested! And then Steve turned and fled. This was the beginning of his transition from merchant to pirate. This is my entry for the "small" category. Piece count: 37 pieces + 2 minifigures + 2 animals And I have redone the photos when I had finally found my Steve.
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

    As shown last week on Brickmania Antwerp, here is the Imperial Outpost Fortress: Of course, I had added some minifigs, etc.: ... and I am playing with artificial backgrounds: (pictures are linked to my flickr account)
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Eslandola Royal Horse Artillery

    The Royal Horse Artillery are practising. The guys are inspired by the British Royal Horse Artillery Helmets come via Shapeways and I had the torsos custom printed.
  4. (This is where we left our heroes) In a palace in Pontelli. Everyone is there: our heroes, Albert & George, Mayor Sally, Colonel Brickinson - and even Professor Thaum has found his way were (maybe to make sure that his evil twin is still imprisoned...) Mayor (Sally): “Herlock Sholmes, you and your friends have protected the gold of Pontelli. Therefore, the city of Pontelli would like to express our gratitude. Please accept this great golden goblet as our gift to you.” Mayor: “Without your initiative and courage the Bank of Pontelli would have been robbed and many rich people would have been quite upset…” Herlock: “Thank you, madam.” Mayor: “And now a toast! To our heroes! And may Pontelli's trade routes become even more lucrative in the future!” (Everyone cheers. Somehow Sholmes manages to be the only one without a drink in his hands…) Meanwhile Alberto, George and the Marquis seem to get along quite well with each other. Dr. Sonwat to Sholmes: "Did you hear that? The Marquis is funding the development of a new ball-hover." Sholmes: "Yes, I heard that. They want to call it 'Enterprise' and they want to boldly travel to islands where no Eslandolean has gone before." Dr. Sonwat: "They want to travel to Oleon?" Sholmes: "But... Dr. Sonwat: "Yes?" Sholmes: "Why is our Marquis so fascinated by bananas? I do not get it." Dr. Sonwat: "Nor do I. It is a mystery to me." Then they all pose for the obligatory painting for the newspaper.... ... but Sholmes still has no drink. The party later gets more tempo after the Marquis has discovered a drum set... Later in the "The Crab and the Lobster" club (in Belson, Corrington): (Lord Fortescue, Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell, Lord Rushinthought and our heroes) Sholmes: “Lord Rushinthought, we have good news: here is the Horse Race Money that was stolen from you!” Rushinthought: “Good Golly, Miss Molly, that’s what I call a nice surprise!” Rushinthought: "But how? Sholmes: "Later." Dr. Sonwat: "We also have the diamond that was stolen from Lord Fortescue!" Lord Fortescue: "Certainly, certainly. Amazing achievement. And I thought it was my butler Bean Sean." Dr. Sonwat: "Bauwn Shauwn?" Lord Fortescue: "Yes, Bean Sean. But I understand it wasn't him. Now whodunnit?" Dr. Sonwat: “Well, we took a ball-hover and then we hid in a gold depot that was about to get robbed and Hallcroft got painted, the Marquis fought with unbelievable speed and then suddenly it wasn’t the butler.” (Everyone looks confused.) Sholmes: "Let me summarize: The case was a bit complicated, I must admit. We caught the villain with the green mask who called himself 'Masfanto'. But he was in fact Wesbert Thaum, the evil twin-brother of Professor Thaum. But then again he turned out not be the main villain." Lord Fortescue (still slightly confused): "And who was the main villain?" Sholmes: "A woman." Lord Rushinthought: "That explains a lot. Thank you, my dear Sholmes." Lord Rushinthought: "Well, no good deed goes unpunished, err, I mean unrewarded. Here, have this diamond. And thanks a lot!" Lord Fortescue: "Certainly. And please accept this bag of money as my sign of gratitude." Sholmes (whispering to Dr. Sonwat): "We started with a bag of money and a diamond and we end up with the same." Dr. Sonwat (whispering to Sholmes): "Yepp, we could have skipped this part and just kept the loot. But that would have been indecent. We are after all honourable detectives." Finally, back at Quaker Street 9 ¾: Dr. Sonwat: "So what have you got, at the end of the day? What have you got to take away? Some money, a diamond and a glittering prize. Strange story behind us and confusion behind our eyes..." Sholmes: "Well, my dear Hisham. I see it clearly now. Patricia Sevenfish is the daughter of the infamous Ricau Fingergold. Just like him she has become obsessed with gold and this is why she planned to rob the Bank of Pontelli. After all, this is one of the largest gold depots in Eslandolea. I could have found out this earlier but I got confused by all those Celtic names." Dr. Sonwat: "Like Liamh Jeeves, spelt Leamh Jiamh?" Sholmes: "Yepp. Do not mention him again, the spelling gives me a headache." Dr. Sonwat: "We made a lot of money by solving these adventures." Sholmes: "Yes, but I will still send them my standard invoice." Dr. Sonwat: "Hallcroft Py would have loved that. Where might he and Patricia Sevenfish be right now?" Sholmes: "I don't know but I am still pretty sure about their coat of arms." THE END The story overview: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 (you are here)
  5. (This is where we left our heroes) Sholmes and his companions rush to Pontelli’s airfield to catch Ms. Sevenfish before she can escape through the air. When they arrive the ball-hover is already airborne. Some Pontellian crocodiles watch the scene from the side. Sholmes (shouting): “Miss Sevenfish. Give up. You are surrounded!” Patricia Sevenfish: “Oh, hello. I would be surrounded if I was on the ground, Mr. Sholmes: but it might have escaped your attention that I am already up in the air.” Sholmes: “Where are Alberto and George?” Patricia Sevenfish (raising the pistol): “They ran when I showed them my little friend here. And so I came into possession of this fine invention.” Patricia Sevenfish (now holding a diamond): “Is this what you are after, Sholmes?” Sholmes: “Lord Fortescue’s diamond, I assume?” Patricia Sevenfish: “The very same.” Ms. Sevenfish pockets the diamond and produces the pistol again. Sholmes: “This confirms my assumptions.” Dr. Sonwat: “You said, you had no idea…” Sholmes: “Miss Sevenfish. You might have a one-shot pistol but there is five of us. And we have the Marquis and he is armed!” Ignoring his wig, the Marquis leaps forward and grabs the mooring rope. Miss Sevenfish: “How amusing.” Miss Sevenfish (waving and then dropping a banana): “This will be an interesting test!” The Marquis reacts immediately: before the falling banana has passed him by, he lets go of the rope, grabs the banana and lands safely with it on the ground. The Marquis is very happy and seems less interested in the further development of the story. Sholmes: “What was that? What kind of magic are you capable of?” Miss Sevenfish: “Seeing and observing.” Before she can continue, Hallcroft Py has jumped forward and grabbed the end of the mooring rope. Patricia Sevenfish: “Hallcroft!” Hallcroft Py (pulling himself onboard): “Patricia.” Sholmes (to himself): “This is getting out of hand…” Sholmes (loud): “Hallcroft! What are you doing there?” Patricia Sevenfish (holding the diamond again): “Ah but Mr. Sholmes, now you disappoint me - isn't it obvious: he’s joined my side.” Dr. Sonwat (to Sholmes): “I think I can stop them. I had some special changes made to my hat.” Sholmes: “Like what?” Dr. Sonwat: “It now has an iron ring under the brim.” Dr. Sonwat: “I will throw it to disable the ball-hover.” Dr. Sonwat takes aim and throws his bowler hat! Sonwat’s hat hits Ms Sevenfish’s hand which is holding the diamond – … and knocks the diamond out of her hand. Patricia Sevenfish: “That was unexpected…" Hallcroft Py (shouting down): “Stop that! Somebody could get hurt!” Patricia Sevenfish: “Don’t worry. I am not injured – and this was not my only diamond…” The diamond has landed right in front of Herlock Sholmes. Sholmes: “Ok, now we’ve got all of your loot.” Patricia & Hallcroft remain quiet as if to say “We don’t care!” Dr. Sonwat: “All I wanna say is they don’t really care about us.” Sholmes: “Looks like it.” Hallcroft Py: “I don’t like sand.” Patricia Sevenfish: “Me neither.” They stare in each other’s eyes. Hallcroft Py (sighing): “Patricia!” Patricia Sevenfish (sighing): “Hallcroft!” Sholmes (shouting): “Hallcroft Py, think about your future! Do you want to become a criminal?” Hallcroft Py (shouting back): “I am sorry, Sholmes, especially after all you have done for me. But I will stay with Patricia.” Sholmes: “You will be found guilty. Isn’t that terrible for an upcoming accountant?” Hallcroft Py: “Most of today’s crimes are committed by bankers and accountants anyway…. It’s my destiny!” Hallcroft Py: “Farewell, Mr. Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat. And Marquis. Thanks for helping me. And Mr. Sholmes, one more thing!” Sholmes: “Yes?” Hallcroft Py: “Do not forget to enter your expenses in form XVa when you do your taxes!” Sholmes (speechless) The ball-hover starts to drift away in the breeze. Dr. Sonwat: “At least we have the complete loot from our last adventure.” Sholmes: “Yes. One more case closed. And they will marry.” Dr. Sonwat: “Their family-coat of arms will be a no-brainer.” Pontelli Guard: “Shall we round up the usual suspects now?” Sholmes: “No, not this time.” Dr. Sonwat: “Let’s return the stolen property to the rightful owners.” Sholmes: “Yes.” (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 (you are here) Chapter 14 (epilogue) Yes, there will be a closing chapter. But when you have come this far, you have essentially seen the story. And here you have the other Goldfinger-element that you have been waiting for: the dangerous hat! Except that it is used by one of the heroes and not by the villain. "I don't like sand" is of course the pinnacle of George Lucas' romantic writing. I just had to use it here. This chapter is actually quite long but I felt that we already had a suffient amount of cliff hangers, so I hope you will appreciate that!
  6. Lately in this adventure... Sholmes and company were in a back-room of the building of the “Fellowship of the Greybeards” and were forced to stand by and watch (and count to 100 precisely) as a criminal (Liamh Jeeves) was fleeing with a hostage (Ms. Patricia Sevenfish). When they finally reach the front room again after having counted to 100, they find their next surprise: It is not Miss Sevenfish who is tied up now but Liamh Jeeves! And Miss Sevenfish has disappeared! Sholmes: “What are you doing there?” Liamh Jeeves (says nothing) Dr. Sonwat removes the gag: “Now what has happened here?” Liamh Jeeves: "When I was a child I had a fever..." Sholmes (cutting in): "Don't give us that same old song. What happened here just now?" Liamh Jeeves: “Isn't it obvious? She tricked me. I shouldn’t have given her the pistol. That b...” Hallcroft Py: "Pardon me, but please reconsider your choice of words... she is the nicest young lady I've ever met...!" Sholmes (cutting in again): “I assume that Ms. Sevenfish had the idea that you tie her up and take her hostage?” Liamh Jeeves nods. Sholmes: "But that was just ... fake?" Liamh Jeeves nods. Hallcroft Py: “But Patricia…. She is so innocent. How dare you?" Liamh Jeeves laughs:” You have no idea!” Hallcroft Py to Sholmes: “What does he mean?” Sholmes: “Well, my dear Hallcroft. You had some feeling that there was something wrong with Ms Sevenfish – that she might be in danger.” Hallcroft Py: “Yes!” Sholmes: “Well, she is in danger. In danger of being caught by us because she is the head of this gang of criminals.” Liamh Jeeves: "Quite right, Airlock Shoumes! You finally got it." Hallcroft Py: “Patricia! Oh what a heart-breaking twist. And I thought she liked me….” Sholmes: “Well ... she might indeed like you.” Hallcroft Py: “But how?” Sholmes: “Well, look at the wall here. Your picture was up there – and now it is gone. Hallcroft Py: “Which means?” Liams Jeeves: “She took it, you megablok.” Dr. Sonwat: “Mind your language, you Celtic criminal!” Sholmes (to Hallcroft Py): “Think about it. Ms. Sevenfish does not have much time. After she has tied up Liamh Jeeves she urgently needs to get away from here. But she still takes the time to take your picture with her, which might cost her precious minutes. The picture will not have a lot of monetary value – so why on earth could she not leave the picture behind?” Hallcroft Py: “Because she likes me?” Sholmes: “Yes, I think so. She might be still loving you.” While Hallcroft Py turns red, a Pontelli Guard enters the room: “How can I be of help?” Sholmes: “Did you catch the woman that came out the building some moments ago?” Pontelli Guard: “That nice young woman told me to get in here to help Herlock Sholmes! So, here I am.” Sholmes (sighs): "I love to work with professionals." Dr. Sonwat: “I assume that the woman left immediately afterwards?” Pontelli Guard: “She sure did.” Dr. Sonwat: “And in which direction did the woman leave after she told you that?” Pontelli Guard: “She went eastwards as far as I could see.” Sholmes: “That’s just where we landed with the ball-hover. Pontelli’s airfield. It seems she wants to escape through the air! We must get there quickly!” They all rush out the door (except for Liamh Jeeves). (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 (you are here) Chapter 13
  7. Sholmes and his friends arrive back at the base of the “Fellowship of the Greybeards”. Being asked by Sholmes, the Pontelli guards who guard the building report that nobody has left the building Sholmes: “Let us – at least – recover the horse race money.” They are not prepared for what is waiting for them: Liamh Jeeves is holding Miss Sevenfish hostage! Hallcroft Py: "Patricia!" Liamh Jeeves: “Nobody move or I will shoot her.” Liamh Jeeves: “Let us through. And count to 100 before you dare follow us or she will die!” Hallcroft Py: “1….2….3….” Sholmes: “I have asked the guards whether somebody had come out. I also should have asked whether somebody had gone in!” Dr. Sonwat: “At least we have the horse race money.” Hallcroft Py: “51 …. 52 …. 53…..” Sholmes: “But we are missing the diamond, right? The one that was stolen from Lord Fortescue” Dr. Sonwat: “Right. Where could that be?” Sholmes: "No idea." Hallcroft Py: “99 ….100!” Dr. Sonwat: “Let’s go after them!” (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 (you are here) Chapter 12
  8. (Here is where we left our story last time) Sholmes: “Pull of the mask! Now!” Green-masked villain (“Masfanto”): “You’re a bonehead!” Sholmes (thinking): I have heard this before. But where? When? The Marquis raises his blade in a threatening gesture - and then the villain gives in and starts to pull of the ugly green mask. From underneath the mask appears the innocently looking face of Hallcroft Py! Marquis: “EEEEEK.” Sholmes: “Quiet, everyone. That is just another mask. The one that was created based on the painting of Hallcroft Py.” Dr. Sonwat: “Come on, pull of that mask.” Hallcroft Py: “That is Mr. Beeohasard Elventree. Or is he?” Dr. Sonwat: “It could be just another mask.” Elventree: “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk…” Hallcroft Py: “A walrus man?” Dr. Sonwat: “A woman’s man.” Hallcroft Py: “I always misheard that.” Dr. Sonwat: “He is just staying alive, I guess.” Elventree: “Ha!” Dr. Sonwat: “Ha!” Sholmes: "Ha!" Marquis: “Ha!” Elventree: “Staying alive…” Sholmes: “Stop that nonsense. No that is not his true self. It is just another mask. Off with it, or I will do it!” Then they all gasp. Finally, as the last mask is pulled away, they are staring in the face of Professor Thaum! Dr. Sonwat: “Professor Thaum? That cannot be.“ Sholmes: „No, this is not the Professor Thaum we know. This is his evil twin. He goes by the name of Wesbert Thaum.” Wesbert Thaum aka Masfanto aka …: “Ok, you caught me this time, Sholmes. But next time I won’t make it so easy for you!” The Marquis is getting angry again. Sholmes: “Guards, take this man and lock him away. And be careful, he can be quite evil.” Hallcroft Py: “I am confused. What was this all about? And why so many faces?” Sholmes: “Let me explain.” Sholmes: “Wesbert Thaum must have fantasized about being a master villain in a green mask. He taught himself how to create those masks and then started to imitate people. Now, he and his accomplice wanted to steal the gold from the vaults of the Bank of Pontelli. Therefore, he wanted to get access to the building next to it and dig a tunnel. He was looking for someone who would freshly join Easterhazy, Easterbunny and Santa just next door. This is where you come in, Hallcroft Py.” Sholmes: “He lured you away from your job at EE&S with that story of the “Fellowship of the Greybeards”. He painted your face so that he could create a mask. Then, disguised as Hallcroft Py, he turned up as accountant with EE&S. Remember, that he did not want you to inform EE&S that you would not start to work for them? That is because he did. He knew that he did not have much time until they discovered that he was a terrible accountant. But by then he wanted to have completed the deed. He started to work late hours. Together with Liam Jeeves they used the night hours and the weekend to dig their tunnel. And we came here just in time when they were about to achieve their goal.” Hallcroft Py: (staring at the mask) “This is the strangest thing that ever happened to me.” Sholmes: “It is not over yet. We still have to catch the assistant!” As they turn to head back up the stairs, the Marquis pauses for one moment, looking at the/his gold. He opens the door, quickly checks his gold, chuckles, closes the door again and leaves to catch up with Sholmes and the others. (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 (you are here) Chapter 11 There you have it. The big reveal! A big thanks to @Professor Thaum for pointing me to the evil twin brother.
  9. (We are deep in the vaults of the Bank of Pontelli, which are filled with gold. There was a crack in the wall...) … and a face appears behind the crumbling masonry … … the familiar face of Liam Jeeves! The assistant of the masked criminal whom they encountered in their last adventure. Sholmes and company are as quiet as a mouse. Liam Jeeves: “We made it!” Liam Jeeves: “The gold of Pontelli is ours!” A voice hisses: “Not so loud, you bonehead!” Liam Jeeves steps into the vault... He is awestruck by the riches he sees ... Who is that shady figure behind the evil servant? It is the green-masked villain indeed! “Get ready”. Sholmes whispers to his comrades. "We will catch them red-handed." Liam Jeeves: “Wow, it is more than I expected.” Masked villain: “You’re a bonehead, Jeeves. I told you the treasure would be enormous.” Sholmes (shouting): “Nobody move. You are surrounded.” Eslandolean Officer: “And arrested!” (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 (you are here) Chapter 9
  10. Our heroes quickly make use of the help they got in the last chapter: Herlock Sholmes and his friends – accompanied by four soldiers - enter the large vaults under the Bank of Pontelli Sholmes: “If you like gold, this is a stairway to heaven.” Marquis: (grins) Sholmes: "Except, of course, that it leads down instead of up." Marquis: “Vous vous vous!” Sholmes: “And, yes, Marquis, you are right. All that glitters here, is, in fact, gold.” Marquis: (nods) They stop in awe. The gold of Pontelli! Sholmes: “I think I know why the Marquis is so excited.” Dr. Sonwat: “Why?” Sholmes: “I assume that some of the gold ingots are his.” Marquis: (shakes his head) Sholmes: “I correct: most of the gold ingots here, are his.” Marquis: (nods) Dr. Sonwat: “Amazing. Is it really possible to make so much money from playing poker?” Sholmes: “a) Yes - if you keep winning, that is. b) It helps, if you do not spend much on the other hand.” Marquis: (nods) Sholmes: “Ok, but we are not here to admire the riches of the Bank of Pontelli.” Hallcroft Py: “Then why exactly are we here?” Sholmes: “We must hide behind the columns and wait in silence.” Hallcroft Py: “Wait – for what?” Sholmes: “For somebody we have met before.” And so they wait… … while the Marquis is jumping up and down and glancing at his gold occasionally... ... long minutes turn to hours... … when suddenly there is a noise… a pounding that is coming nearer… … until cracks start to appear in the wall … ... who can it be now? (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 (you are here) Chapter 8 Sorry about that cliffhanger. Usually they are intentional, but this time the chapter was getting way to long, I had to cut in in two parts
  11. On the way to the headquarters of Pontelli’s city guards they meet the Marquis: Sonwat to Sholmes: “How did he get here so quickly?” Sholmes: “He probably took his speedboat.” Sonwat: I thought he is rich. Why does he always wear that same brown fur suit? Sholmes: You know how the truely rich people are. They tend to dress more normal than the average guy on the street. They just don't need to show off. (to the Marquis) “My friend, Marquis. Would you like to join us? We are following an interesting lead.” Marquis: “Vous vous vous!” Sholmes: “That is fantastic.” (to Sonwat): “He has won his poker tournament.” They enter the city guard’s building and approach an Eslandolean officer sitting at his desk: Sholmes: “Good day, my good captain. I am Herlock Sholmes and these are Dr. Sonwat and the Marquis. Does my friend Colonel Brickinson happen to be around?” Officer: “Unfortunately not, Sir. What an honour to see you here, Mr. Sholmes. How can I help?” Marquis: “Est-ce que quelqu’un a vu une banane?“ Officer: „What did the nobleman say?” Sonwat: “He says we have evidence that a gang of criminals from Belson, Corrington is currently operating in Pontelli.” Officer: „Shocking! What can we do about it?” Marquis: “Je voudrais manger une banane.” Officer: „What did he say?” Sonwat (giving the Marquis a banana): “He says that a certain building has to be surveyed. And we probably need some soldiers.” Officer: “Which building. And why?” Marquis: “Et maintenant, j'aimerais boire quelque chose. Je prends de liqueur de banane.” Officer: “Pardon me?” Sonwat (handing the Marquis a bottle): “The building is in Merryweather Road – No. 10. We suspect that the loot is in the building and the criminals must not leave with it.” Officer: “I will send you six men to support your operation. They will follow your orders. And I will inform Colonel Brickinson as soon as he returns.” Marquis: “Oh, j'ai parlé Olean tout le temps. Je suis désolé.” Officer: „What did he say?” Sonwat: “He says that the guards of Pontelli are doing a great job again.” Officer: “Thank you, Sir! Always at your service, Marquis!” Sholmes: “We need two men to survey Merryweather Road #10. And four men must come with me at once.” Officer: “Where to?” Sholmes: “To the Bank of Pontelli, of course. That is what the criminals are after.” (to be continued) What does the Marquis actually say? The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 (you are here) Chapter 7 Of course, this was a strong simplification of the real scene, where Sholmes was talking in Corrington and the officer in Eslandolean. The complexity had to be reduced for the sake of the story. I hope you understand.
  12. Sholmes, Dr. Sonwat and Hallcroft Py are inside the building in Merryweather Road where the ‘Fellowship of the Greybeards’ used to meet. They are facing a door leading further into the building. Hallcroft Py: “The door is locked.” Sholmes: “Right. I have expected this.” Hallcroft Py: “And what is behind that locked door?” Sholmes: “I will find out.” Sholmes (to Sonwat): “After we got trapped during our last adventure, I decided to bring my ‘special key’ with me.” Sholmes quickly unlocks the door and they move on. Sholmes (surprised): “Hello. Who are you?” (no answer) Sholmes: “Oh, I see. This is just another torso-statue with a mask.” Hallcroft Py: “A mask?” Sholmes: “Yes. This is what I feared. Mr Py – the painting of yours was done to create a mask of your face afterwards. Then Mr. Elventree probably impersonated you to get access to the office building of EE&S.” Mr. Py: “I do not quite understand.” Sholmes: “You think that you have ghosted your job at EE&S. I think you did not.” Mr. Py: “But I never went there. As I was told by Mr. Elventree.” Sholmes: “Yes. You did not start with EE&S. Mr. Elventree masked himself as Hallcroft Py and took on the job.” Mr. Py: “But why?” Sholmes: “It must have something to do with the Bank of Pontelli, I guess.” Dr. Sonwat: “Look what I have found here!” (he holds a white bag). “This looks like what Lord Rushinthought had described – the bag with his horse race money.” Sholmes: “And – is there money inside the bag?” Dr. Sonwat (after checking): “Quite so.” Mr. Py: “What will you do now? And where is Miss Sevenfish?” Sholmes: “I do not know, unfortunately. We will leave everything here untouched. I do not want to inform the villains that we are up their trail.” Mr. Py: “But you need to do something.” Sholmes: “We will inform the officials of Pontelli at once. I know their Colonel Brickinson.” (They leave, leaving no trace of their presence.) (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 (you are here) Chapter 6 There is a lot of music in this chapter. So you know how I feel while I am writing this stuff
  13. Our intrepid air travelers have landed safely in Pontelli and are now heading for the centre of the city Dr. Sonwat: “So where can we find that mysterious “Fellowship of the Greybeards”?” Sholmes: “Wait. Actually, I would like to see the office building of Easterhazy, Easterbunny & Santa first.” Mr. Py: “Let me show you. Here we are.” Sholmes: “So this is the company where you initially applied and would have started on your new job two weeks ago?” Mr. Py: “Yes, that is correct, Mr. Sholmes.” Sholmes: “That is quite interesting.” Dr. Sonwat: “What, the yellowish colour scheme of the building?” Sholmes: “No. Its neighbourhood. You look, my dear Sonwat, but you do not observe. Behold!” Hallcroft Py: “The guards? We've done nothing wrong!” Sholmes: “No, the EE&S office building is just next to the Bank of Pontelli. Doesn’t that make for an interesting neighbourhood? Ok, let us move on to the building where the FotG used to meet.” Hallcroft Py (confused): “The FotG?” Dr. Sonwat: “The Fellowship of the Greybeards!” Hallcroft Py: “Right, of course, how stupid of me. This whole adventure is getting me confused. I am just an accountant after all - and I am worried about Miss Sevenfish." Sholmes: "I am sure we will find her. And you are doing great so far as adventure-accountant. Now, where do we have to go?" Hallcroft Py: “That building is located in Merryweather Road, not too far from here. Follow me, please.” (They arrive, quietly open the unlocked door and enter. ) (The first room is the one where Hallcroft Py had been working together with Patricia Sevenfish. Now, there is no one to be seen). Sholmes: “That is a fine painting of yours, Mr. Py.” Dr. Sonwat: “The painter, Mr. Elventree, has shown a very good understanding of the human face.” Sholmes: “Mr. Py, you have indeed been painted well. But not because of the reasons Mr. Elventree told you, I am afraid.” Hallcroft Py: “Oh. But then why?” Sholmes: “We will soon find out.” Sholmes: “In fact, the answer to your question might be just behind this next door.” (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 (you are here) Chapter 5
  14. A field outside of Belson, Corrington. A ball-hover is waiting. Sholmes: “Hello! My name is Sholmes. Herlock Sholmes – and you are?” Alberto: “We are Alberto & George da Pontelli. We operate this ball-hover, the 'Spirit of Eslandola'.” Sholmes: “Impressive! How fast can you get us to Pontelli?” Alberto: “If the winds keep blowing like they are now we should reach Pontelli in just a few hours.” Sholmes: “And if the wind changes?” Alberto: “Then it can take a few weeks. And we would see other places in the meantime.” Sholmes (shrugging): “Right. Let’s do this. No ship would offer a faster alternative.” Alberto: “Welcome on board the ball-hover to Pontelli. My first officer George and I will be at your service during the ride. Our cruising altitude will be around 100 meters or 347,5 Corrington feet.” Alberto: “Let me get you acquainted with the safety features of this ball-hover. In case of an emergency, you jump off the sides. If the ground is close enough, that is. And smoking is not permitted at all times during the voyage. Are you collecting miles?" Dr. Sonwat: "What?" Alberto: "Nevermind." George: "Oooh-ooh." Alberto: "Right, George, I was just about to mention it: In rare cases some passengers might not like the experience of turbulences." Sholmes (humming "Fly Like an Eagle"): “I think we will be fine.” (The ball-hover is shaking a bit in the wind) Dr. Sonwat: “Not so sure. Could we book a good-old-fashioned ship for the way back, please?” (to be continued) The story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 (you are here) Chapter 4
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  16. Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat are still sitting at Quaker Street 9 ¾ Dr. Sonwat: “And there is something else we need to do.” Sholmes: “Like what?” Dr. Sonwat: “Finding the one who stole the horse race money. The thief with the many masks.” Sholmes: “True. But we haven’t got a clue where he might be now.” There is a knock on the door. Sholmes (shouting): “Come in. The butler has his day off.” A grey-bearded man enters: “Good evening, Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hallcroft Py. I understand that you are solving strange cases?” Dr. Sonwat: “Yes. Well, most of them.” Sholmes (correcting): “I am of the opinion that the ones we did not solve are still ongoing.” Dr. Sonwat: “Right. So, we have a 100% success rate and some work in progress.” Hallcroft Py: “That is excellent. And I think I need your help, because I might have lost my job and something more.” Sholmes: “Sorry to hear that. Have a seat. Why do you fear that you have lost your job?” Hallcroft Py: “Because I did not show up for it.” Dr. Sonwat: “You have ghosted your job? That is not going to be a thing for the next 400 years! Why did you do that?” Hallcroft Py: “Let me explain. Until recently I was working as an accountant for Timid, Timid & Careless.” Sholmes: “Ah, the accounting company that bankrupted. Dr. Sonwat: “Yes. Apparently Mr. Timid was a bit too reckless with his stock market speculations.” Hallcroft Py: “Quite so. After they had gone out of business, I was looking for a new job, which was difficult in Corrington. Then I applied for Easterhazy, Easterbunny & Santa in Pontelli and was hired. I was supposed to start my job there two weeks ago.” Dr. Sonwat: “What happened then?” Hallcroft Py: “Approximately 10 days before the start of my new job, I got approached by a guy who had spotted my beard. He said that I would just look like a lucky fellow. Apparently, there was a newspaper advertisement out there offering highly-paid work to only grey-bearded male applicants. I was fascinated. So, I applied for the 'Fellowship of the Greybeards' in Pontelli.” Sholmes (yawning): “Fascinating.” Hallcroft Py: “When I arrived at the place where the Fellowship of the Greybeards convene, there were many other guys with grey facial hair waiting outside.“ “Finally, they called me in, and, when they saw me, they immediately stopped the application process, sent everybody else home and told me that I was the perfect Greybeard they had been looking for.” Dr. Sonwat: “Who are ‘they’?” Hallcroft Py: “That is Mr. Beeohasard Elventree and his assistant Liam Jeeves.” Sholmes and Watson exchange glances. Sholmes (awake): “Spelt Liam Jiamh?” Hallcroft Py: “Possibly. I am always confused with that Celtic spelling.” Dr. Sonwat (to himself): “So are they…” Sholmes: “Mr. Hallcroft Py, we are very interested in your case. Consider us hired. And please, go on.” Hallcroft Py: “Then Mr. Elventree spoke” Elventree: “We are acting on behalf of a rich grey-bearded businessman from Pontelli who had on his dying bed decreed in his last will that his company shall only hire grey-bearded men like himself from then on and that it shall be called “Fellowship of the Greybeards”. We would be very happy if you could sign up with us right now.” Hallcroft Py: “I feel a bit overwhelmed. And I have signed a contract with Easterhazy, Easterbunny & Santa.” Elventree (scoffs): “Easterhazy, Easterbunny & Santa? I know them. They can’t be trusted.” Sholmes, Sonwat and Hallcroft Py: “Why?” (to be continued) Link to the next chapter Herlock Sholmes is back! I hope you are as excited as I am
  17. (Still at South Cothelstone Hall – now at the main gate– Herlock Sholmes and friends have just caught the villains) A stand-off: The Marquis slowly moves towards the main villain, who is wearing a horrible green mask. …when suddenly the door is opened. Inspector Destrale: “Well, what’s going on here? The neighbours have complained that everything is too quiet here!” With a violent jump the villain knocks over Destrale and makes a run. The mischievous butler quickly follows. And as our heroes rush around the open door… … Destrale is just back on his feet and is blocking their way again! Sholmes: “Destrale – you picked the perfectly wrong moment…” Dr. Sonwat: “Now they have escaped.” Marquis: “Vous Vous Vous!” As our heroes finally stumble out of the main gate, all traces of the villains have disappeared. Sholmes and Sonwat plunge onto the stairs while the Marquis angrily shakes his sword at the distance. Inspector Destrale: “I am sorry, Sholmes…” Sholmes: “It’s fine. How could you know…” Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell (thinking slowly, says nothing) Dr. Sonwat: “At least we have driven the villains away from their lair. And…” Sholmes: “And?” Dr. Sonwat: “… and we will be back at Quaker Street in time for tea.” Epilogue (Back at Quaker Street 9 ¾ ) Dr. Sonwat: “What an exciting adventure.” Sholmes: “Yepp.” Dr. Sonwat: “But there are still things to be done!” Sholmes: “Like what?” Dr. Sonwat: “Finally naming the dog.” Sholmes: “Oh. No. That has been done.” Dr. Sonwat: “What’s his name then?” Sholmes: “Her name. You look, my dear Hisham, but you do not observe.” Dr. Sonwat: “Right, her name then. What is it?” Sholmes: “Her name is Keeva. Spelt Caoimhe.” Dr. Sonwat: “Why? Have you lost your spelling abilities?“ Sholmes: “I am sure that she is of Celtic origin.” (The End) (Or, is it?) The complete storyline: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 (you are here) Thanks for following this storyline so actively. The villain with the green mask is a nod to the old French "Fantomas" movies from the sixties, in which the villain also always managed to escape in the end. Maybe Herlock Sholmes will be able to catch him in a future adventure? We will see. Happy Easter!
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    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 10

    (Still at South Cothelstone Hall – still in the basement – Herlock Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat have just opened the mysterious massive doors.) Dr. Sonwat: “There is a cell down the hallway!” Sholmes: “With a prisoner in it!” Dr. Sonwat: “The real Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell, I assume. Yes, the real Dr. Thinkslow. The other Dr. Thinkslow is just imitating.” Sholmes: “Trapped in his own home! And we have been trapped by a false Thinkslow-Shootwell.” (They free Thinkslow-Shootwell and lead him into the basement room.) Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell (still shocked and shaken): “Who are you? What has happened?” Sholmes (deducting): “We are Herlock Sholmes and Dr. Hisham J. Sonwat, accompanied by the Marquis. We are here to solve the secret of the horse race money. You are Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell, captured here in your own home by a villain who is able to disguise himself as practically anybody with the help of rubber masks. He started with your likeness and then impersonated you at the “Crab and Lobster Club”, as you are probably someone who does not say much, where he overheard when Lord Rushinthought boasted with his win at the races and Lord Fortescue brought the diamond along. Then the villain disguised himself as Rushinthought and Fortescue and went into their homes to steal. We were hired to solve these crimes and came her only to be trapped by the villain who was wearing your mask again. I may assume that it all started when you hired a new butler?” Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell (still shocked and shaken): “Yes.” Sholmes (deducting): “I did not trust that Liam Jiamh. And then one day you encountered someone who looked just like you and who imprisoned you down here in the basement.” Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell (still shocked and shaken): “Yes.” Sholmes: “Normally I’d ask something along the lines of ‘what did he look like’ but that is not helping this time…” Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell (still shocked and shaken): “But how?” Sholmes: “Let me show you.” Sholmes: “This is the mask of Lord Rushinthought. You see how well this rubber mask has been crafted?” Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell (still shocked and shaken): nods Sholmes: “The other mask is showing Lord Fortescue’s face. The hairpieces for you are on the doll at the entrance of the basement. And Lord Fortescue’s moustache too. That means that the villain is no longer using your likeness. And he might still be around.” Dr. Sonwat: “Let’s get him!” They catch the pair of villains at the entrance as they are just trying to make their exit. Sholmes: “Not so fast! We got the Marquis and he is armed! He will cut you in two before you have drawn your blades!” Sholmes: “Now: where is the money and the diamond?” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song reference: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 (you are here) Chapter 11 (final chapter) We are getting towards the final chapter of the storyline. Should I post it on Easter Sunday?
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    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 9

    (Still at South Cothelstone Hall – still outside the room in which Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat are trapped.) The Marquis quickly grabs the key and snickeringly unlocks the door. Eager to save his friends, he rushes through the door. Marquis: “Vous Vous Vous!” Sholmes, relieved, jumps up in excitement: “Marquis! Just in the nick of time! Only you could climb the walls and sneak in through an open window.” The Marquis nods, grinning wildly, seeming equally happy to see them. Sholmes: “Let’s catch the false Thinkslow-Shootwell!” Dr. Sonwat also leaps up to his feet while the Marquis in a swift motion both drops the key and draws his sword – and rushes forward through the open door! Dr. Sonwat: “Let’s get him!” Searching for Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell our heroes finally arrive in the basement: Dr. Sonwat: “This is the strangest basement I have ever seen!” Sholmes: “Apart from the cellars in ‘The Secret of the Mysterious Bottle’ and ‘The Curse of Lady Flubber’ I agree.” Dr. Sonwat: “And what is this chemical apparatus for?” Sholmes: “Might have something to do with all the rubber here.” Dr. Sonwat: “Rubber?” Sholmes: “Yes, it is here in this bucket. And over there too. And there is a mirror, mirror on the wall.” Dr. Sonwat: “And what are those heads in front of the mirror?” Sholmes: “They are masks, my dear Hisham. This one on the right- that is not Lord Rushinthought’s real head – it is a mask.” (to the Marquis:) "Stop making funny faces!" Marquis: “Vous Vous Vous!” Dr. Sonwat: “So this is what was used to get into Lord Rushinthought’s home unnoticed.” Sholmes: “Yes. Someone wearing a mask of this quality could easily pass through as Lord Rushinthought himself. As long as he would keep quiet and not say a word.” (Sonwat opens the large door) Dr. Sonwat: “What will we find behind these mysterious massive doors?” Sholmes: “This is what I will soon find out!” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song reference: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 (you are here) Chapter 10 Special thanks to Fraunces for pointing me to that mirror piece!
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    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 8

    (Still at South Cothelstone Hall) Dr. Thinkslow-Shootfast quickly closes and locks the door to the room which Herlock Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat had entered. Dr. Thinkslow-Shootfast (or is he?): (to himself) “That was easy!” “That door will hold them for some time. Enough time for me to….” (leaves) (Cut into the room with our heroes) Dr. Sonwat: “Well here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” Sholmes: “That door is locked. And massive.” Dr. Sonwat: “Yepp.” Sholmes: “Surely you brought your pistol so that we can shoot our way out.” Dr. Sonwat: “Nope.” Sholmes (looks out the window): “We are high up in a tower. No way we could escape through the windows.” Dr. Sonwat: “Nope.” (Sholmes sits down) Sholmes: “I doubt that Dr. Thinkslow-Shootfast is himself. I guess he has been replaced by someone who just looks like him.” Dr. Sonwat: “Just as it happened with Lord Rushinthought and Lord Fortescue.” Sholmes: “The fake Dr. Thinkslow-Shootfast went to the ‘Crab and Lobster Club’. There he must have heard about the horse race money and the diamond.” Dr. Sonwat: “And then he changed his disguise and stole both of them.” Sholmes: “He must have prepared those disguises earlier on. We are dealing with someone who is quite clever.” Dr. Sonwat: “Yepp.” (Both pause to think) Dr. Sonwat: “So, we found that the key to this mystery is Dr. Thinkslow-Shootfast.” Sholmes: “Yes, but unfortunately what we need now is the key to this room.” Dr. Sonwat: “Which is just outside the room outside of our reach.” (They wait) Sholmes (tosses his hat on the floor): “We let ourselves get trapped. How could we be so stupid?” Dr. Sonwat: “Curiosity killed the cat.” Sholmes: “We did not even inform Inspector Destrale.” Dr. Sonwat: “Nope.” (They wait) Sholmes: “This time, I do not know what is going to save us. Do you?” Dr. Sonwat: “Nope.” (They wait) (Cut to outside the room) (to be continued) This episode's hidden quote: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 (you are here) Chapter 9
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    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 7

    South Cothelstone Hall. Sometime later on the same day. Our heroes Herlock Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat boldly approach the entrance. (But they could be heroes just for one day....) Dr. Sonwat: “Looks very peaceful to me.” Sholmes (preparing to knock): “Looks can be deceiving.” Voice from inside: “I hear you knocking but you can’t come in.” Sholmes: “That’s not very friendly!” Voice from inside: “Go back where you’ve been!” Sholmes: “We are here by recommendation of Lord Rushinthought.” (There is a pause, then the large door slowly opens. A man in a uniform appears.) Dr. Sonwat: “Are you Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell?” Man in uniform: “No, I am the butler. My name is Liam Jeeves. Spelt Liam Jiamh.” Sholmes: “Then you must be bad at spelling!” Man in uniform: “What in insult! I am but of Celtic origin!” Dr. Sonwat: “Our apologies for that. We are here to meet Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell.” Man in uniform: “I will check whether he wants to accept guests at this time of day. Whom shall I announce?” Dr. Sonwat: “Herlock Sholmes and Dr. Sonwat.” Man in uniform (with a grin): “Airlock Shoumes?” Sholmes: “No, it’s Herlock. Herlock Sholmes.” (The door closes but after a few moments it is opened again and our two heroes are invited in to meet the Dr.. They are led upstairs into a small room in the tower of the building.) Thinkslow-Shootwell: “You wanted to see me, Gentlemen?” Sholmes: “Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell?” Thinkslow-Shootwell: “Yes.” Sholmes: “I am Herlock Sholmes and this is my partner Dr. H. Sonwat. We have been asked by Lord Rushinthought to investigate the case of his stolen horse race money.” Thinkslow-Shootwell: “I see” Sholmes: “May we ask a few questions?” Thinkslow-Shootwell: “Yes, sure.” Sholmes: “I understand that you are part of the group that regularly meets at the ‘Crab and Lobster’”. Thinkslow-Shootwell: “Yes. I am.” Sholmes: “Where you present on the day when Lord Rushinthought came back from the horse races?” Thinkslow-Shootwell: “Possibly. I do not quite remember every occasion.” Dr. Sonwat: “And where you present when Lord Fortescue came by with the diamond he had bought for his wife?” Thinkslow-Shootwell: “Also possible. But maybe more will become clear to you once you have seen what is in this room.” (opens a door) Thinkslow-Shootwell: “After you, Gentlemen.” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song references: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 (you are here) Chapter 8
  22. Prelude: A man in his home. He hears a noise and turns. "Who are you?" (end of prelude) Chapter 1 An afternoon in Quaker Street 9 ¾. Dr. Sonwat enters Herlock Sholmes‘ living room: “Ah, I see you have solved the mystery of the vanished silver ingots”. Sholmes: “Yepp.” Dr. Sonwat takes a seat: “Still no sign of Lady Hemsworth’s tucan?” Sholmes: “Nope.” Dr. Sonwat: “Well…” But he stops as he is interrupted by an unexpected knock on the door. Who can it be now? Sholmes: “Who can it be knocking at my door?” Dr. Sonwat: “Make no sound! Tiptoe across the floor. If he hears he’ll knock all day!” Suddenly, the knocking ends and in comes the well-known figure of Lord Robert Rushinthought. Rushinthought: “My dear Sholmes, did you not hear me knocking?” Sholmes: “Nope.” Rushinthought – looks puzzled. Dr. Sonwat: “That means that he did hear you.” Rushinthought: “You did?” Sholmes: “Yepp.” Dr. Sonwat (coming to Sholmes' aid): “But the butler has his day off.” Rushinthought: ““Yes, yes. I see. I didn't even know you had a butler. Well, friends, let me take a seat.” Rushinthought: “I think I have a case you should start working on!” Dr. Sonwat: “Would you like to tell us some more?” Rushinthought: “Yes, yes. Well, in short,I had it, but when I came home, it was gone and I am very sure that it wasn’t me.” Dr. Sonwat: “Would it be possible for you to be a bit more specific, if you don't mind?” Sholmes: “Well, Sonwat, our friend, Lord Rushinthought went to the horse race yesterday where he won a large sum of money. But this money has now disappeared – am I right? Rushinthought: “Yes, yes. Quite so. Impressive deduction!” Sholmes: “Well, it’s all in a day’s work for a detective.” Dr. Sonwat spots the newspaper on the table that has the headline “Huge Win for Lord R. as Tempest Comes in First”. Sholmes: “Now, where exactly did you put the money and how did it disappear?” Rushinthought: “Yes, yes. Let me tell you the whole story. When I returned home yesterday evening, everything seemed normal. “ Sholmes: “But the money was gone.” Rushinthought: “Yes, yes.” Sholmes: “Where exactly did you put the money?” Rushinthought: “It was in my study, in a bag. When I came home, the bag was missing. I asked my butler about the bag, but he said something very strange indeed…” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song reference: The storyline: Chapter 1 (you are here) Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Here it is, the new storyline, playing out in Corrington. I had wanted to write something with Herlock Sholmes after the Marquis-storyline was finished and it took some time to develop the basic plot. I hope you will like it!
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    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 2

    Chapter 2: (Still at Quaker Street 9 3/4) - see previous chapter. Sholmes: “What exactly did your butler say?” Rushinthought: “He said that I had taken the bag with the money myself. But, of course, I hadn’t.” Sholmes: “I accept the case. Can we take a look at the crime scene?” Rushinthought: "Yes, yes, of course." (A few minutes later at the home of Lord Rushinthought) Sholmes: “Here we are now. Entertain us!” Rushinthought: "Yes, yes, certainly. This is my study. This is where it happened. When I came back from the horse races I put all the money on this table. Then I left to the city for further business . And when I came home, it was gone.” Dr. Sonwat: “I think we should talk to the butler.” Sholmes: “So you are the butler?” Butler: “Yes, Sir.” Sholmes: “What is your name? Butler: “My name is Thomas. I spell it Fdaines.” Sholmes: “I deduct that you must be from celtic origin.” Butler: “No, I am just bad at spelling.” Dr. Sonwat: “Tell us exactly what happened to the bag that Lord Rushinthought had placed here.” Butler: “Certainly, Sir. But that was very simple and straightforward.” (The butler describes in great detail what he had witnessed.) Butler: “Just a few minutes after he had left, the master returned. I was just cleaning the study.” Sholmes: “What happened then?” Butler: “The master gave me a nod so much as to appreciate my work, went to the table and took the bag that was lying there.” Dr. Sonwat: “And then?” Butler: “Then the master left again and I continued to clean the study.” Sholmes: “And what happened after that?” Butler: “Then the master returned home again and asked me where I had put the bag. But, of course, he had taken it away himself.” Rushinthought: “I most certainly had not!” Sholmes: “Fascinating. Robert, how long has Fdaines been in your service?” Rushinthought: “For more than 15 years now.” Sholmes: “And his service was always impeccable?” Rushinthought: “Yes, yes. But now he has gone mad, as you all have heard!” Sholmes: “Fascinating.” Dr. Sonwat (to the butler): “Did you know what was in the bag?” Butler: “Of course not. I do not spy onto my master.” Sholmes: “Robert, I think the bag with your money was stolen – but not by your butler.” Rushinthought: “But then how did it happen?” Sholmes: “This is what I will soon find out!” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song reference: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 (you are here) Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7
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    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 6

    Dr. Sonwat enters Quaker Street 9 ¾. Dr. Sonwat enters Herlock Sholmes‘ living room: “Ah, I see you have resolved the mystery of the missing goat.” Sholmes: “Yepp.” Dr. Sonwat: “That’s goat.” (Sorry for that bad pun. The author.) Sholmes: “Let’s talk about our other case. I think we need to talk to the other two members of the “Where Rich Men Meet”-Club, a.k.a. “The Crab & Lobster”. Dr. Sonwat: “Which one are we going to visit first? Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell or Mr. Winterbottom? Sholmes: “Let’s toss a coin.” (Sonwat tosses a coin and it lands on the edge.) Dr. Sonwat: “It’s one of these days…” Sholmes: “And, of course, we should determine first what the two different sides will mean.” Dr. Sonwat: “Ok, it’s heads for the Doctor and tails for the Mister.” Sholmes: “And if the coin lands on the edge again we will go to that club to meet all of them. What kind of coin are you using anyway?” Dr. Sonwat: “It’s a new gwuinee.” Sholmes: “Ah, so it is worth 13 ½ pnence.” Dr. Sonwat: “Precisely. And I’ve got lots of pnence at home that were sawn in two…” (Sonwat tosses the coin and it shows heads. ) Dr. Sonwat: “Heads – so we head for the Doctor.” Sholmes: “The game commences for the usual fees plus expenses.” (Both get up and leave Quaker Street 9 ¾ ) Voice: “Vous Vous Vous.” Dr. Sonwat: “Look who’s coming to see us – the Marquis!” Sholmes: “Good to see you, my friend. I had expected you.” Dr. Sonwat: “How come?” Sholmes: “There is a poker tournament here in the city, starting next week.” The Marquis: (nods) Sholmes: “Do you want me to look out for card cheats? Like when we caught Lesseriarty?” The Marquis: (nods) Sholmes: Ok, will do. Dr. Sonwat: “We are just on our way to … " (to Sholmes) "wait a second, where does Lord Thinkslow-Shootwell actually live?” Sholmes: “He has a mansion on a hill somewhere up Cliff Richard.” Dr. Sonwat: “Atomic!” Sholmes: “Elementary, my dear Sonwat.” Dr. Sonwat: “Right.” (to the Marquis) “So, that’s where we’re going.” Marquis: (nods and leaves) Dr. Sonwat: “Fine chap. So well-mannered. But what is that?” Sholmes: “Looks like our dog to me.” Dr. Sonwat: “How did it appear so suddenly?” Sholmes: “The dog was there the whole time, while we were talking to the Marquis. You look, Sonwat, but you don’t observe.” Dr. Sonwat: “I see.” Sholmes: “No, you don’t. That’s what I was saying.” Dr. Sonwat: “We should call it Ernest.” Sholmes: “Do you mean that in earnest?” Dr. Sonwat: “Maybe. So, where and what is that mansion on a hill exactly?” Sholmes: “South Cothelstone Hall? Not too far from here, actually.” Dr. Sonwat: “And what will we find there?” Sholmes: “This is what I will soon find out!” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song reference: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 (you are here) Chapter 7
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 5

    We meet the hero again at his home and headquarters. Dr. Sonwat: “Was there a mystery of a lost dog? I mean, who let the dog out?” Sholmes: “The dog has been around ever since Lord Rushinthought came to visit us. It sneaked in with him and has enjoyed sleeping under the table many a time since then.” Dr. Sonwat: “Oh, I never noticed.” Sholmes: “But have a seat. Let’s talk about our current case. What do you think?” Dr. Sonwat: “I think the dog should get a name.” Sholmes: “Right. Dr. Sonwat: “And I think that there must be a link between Lord Rushinthought and Lord Fortescue.” Sholmes: “Precisely. So what shall we do next?” Dr. Sonwat: “Call him Rex.” Sholmes: “I don’t think Lord Rushinthought would appreciate that.” Dr. Sonwat: “Then let’s talk to Rushinthought again.” (they leave) Sholmes: “We would like to clarify a few things about the missing horse race money.” Rushinthought: “Yes, yes. What do you want to know?” Sholmes: “After you had won the money, did you immediately go home?” Rushinthought: “No, no. Of course not.” Dr. Sonwat: “And where did you go?” Rushinthought: “To my club, of course. The “Where Rich Men Meet”-Club", a.k.a. "The Crab and the Lobster". I had to tell the lads about my good fortune." Sholmes: “And whom did you meet at the club?” Rushinthought: ”The usual suspects, so to speak.” Dr. Sonwat: “Which are?” (from left to right) Rushinthought: ”Dr. Thinkslow-Shootwell, Mr. Winterbottom, Lord Fortescue and myself, of course.” Dr. Sonwat: “Could any of them have stolen the horse race money and the diamond?” Sholmes: “This is what I will soon find out!” (to be continued) This episode's hidden song reference: The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 (you are here) Chapter 6