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Found 289 results

  1. The moonlit night was cold and icy. His horse had been shot underneath him and so he was carrying on through the snowy night. But wait: there was a shadow before him, surely one of his enemies. He readied his double-axe, preparing for battle. He did not see the other warrior, standing on higher ground... Some more shots to illustrate the scene: This picture gives a better view of the footsteps in the snow: C&C welcome! ...................................................................................................................................................................... It has occurred to me that I need to depict the late horse too. However, this seems to kill the mood of the scene...
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MRCA] A Drastic Change of Mood

    Happy times seem to be over for Eslandola. And due to the recent attacks by Mardier the mood of the members of the Eslandolean Council has changed drastically: Something must be done. Way back in happier times, even a painting of the Council had been comissioned: C&C welcome.
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    2001 secret revealed

    Humans find a strange obelisk on the Moon: They have no idea where it came from... Now secret footage of what happened a few weeks earlier has been found: C&C Welcome
  4. The "Orange Herring" is a famous tavern... .. and usually quite crowded. Thick smoke from many cigars is blurring the sight - of a poker game. That strange Marquis from Oleon was not much of a talker, but he could play extremely well. The dubloons were soon piling up next to the Marquis. Captain Cookie was watching in amazement... .. while cavern keeper Barry the Bald was eyeing whether a fight was about to break out - or not. Another view without the roof (left top: a lady of the night...) C&C Welcome! (I have not decided yet where the Orange Herring is located. Any suggestions? I might license it right there.) A few more pics and larger versions can be found in the corresponding flickr album.
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    We've been MUGGED

    Colonel Brickinson is happy to join the MUG-merrynight-fun: This is an answer to Kolonialbeamter's recent MOC. (Unfortunately a creation in yellow was not possible...) All the best for 2017!
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    Dodo Island

    I'd like to present a piraty island that ArchitectureFan and myself have created: "Dodo Island" was part of the pirate layout @ Brickmania Antwerpen in November. That is one of the Dodos (created by ArchitectureFan). Here are a few more from a WIP shot: I was quite happy with the waterfall: Some strange characters have appeared on the island: The island was huge when built at home (and we were not able to take decent pictures). As part of the pirate layout the island was small (and we were not able to take decent pictures). C&C Welcome! ArchitectureFan & Captain Braunsfeld
  7. The Pontellis are getting ready for the Merrynight celebration. That is Alberto, Natasha and George da Pontelli are exchanging presents, drinking hot spiced wine (one of them is drinking banana juice) and eat the traditional banana cake. And then they will relax by the light of their beautiful Merrynight Cactus: (As you may know, there are no fir trees on Nellisa.) This is an entry to the "Nellisan Merrynight Challenge" - Category B - Celebrations. C&C welcome!
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Red Hat Gang

    This is my entry to the mini challenge: The gangs of Charlatan Bay. These mean guys mean business: The Red Hat Gang. The boss: Big Red Riding Hood He is usually the one with a plan. His lieutenant: Harold Handbag. In battle, harold is wielding a loaded purse (containing a brick). Iron Carl - the problem solver of the gang. Guitar George - he knows all the chords. As well known amongst role players, bards perform an essential job as they keep up the gang's spirit. That is they sing and dance while the others fight. Dunno why. Must be a strange tradition. Smashed-Bottle Billie - always willing to fight for the right to protect the poor. Don't go looking for them. They'll find you! C&C Welcome!
  9. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL FB] Sandcastles

    .. after all the buckets had been filled the Colonel told his men to build: Sand Castles This is one of the small scenes that took place on "Dodo Island" (which actually seems to be a part of the beach next to Pontelli) "Dodo Island" was presented at Brickmania Antwerpen last month. C&C welcome!
  10. This is my entry for the Mini-Challenge: The Grand Road of Nellisa. "Action on the Road" Somewhere near the Terelli Hills things are going to be heating up very soon. The Corringtonean coach and the Eslandolean coach are facing each other. None of the drivers is willing to give way... the passengers are siding with them. Who will be the first one to steer the coach into the swamp? And what lies ahead? Some people on the side of the road seem to be waiting for their chance... [Build contains 8 minifigs and one monkey] The larger versions of the pictures can be found on flickr C&C welcome! [Number of studs: 48 * 81 = 3888] .
  11. With King Fernando gone, everyone was happy in the East Wind Trading Company. Colonel Brickinson found it cool to hang out with the gang and have a celebration This is my entry for the categories II and III: Category II: The Trade Companies’ Reactions Category III: Your Sigfig's Reaction
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    King of the Booze

    Things were going well for King Fernando. His dog had stayed true to him. Plus the coins that he found in his crown every night enabled him to keep up a decent level of booze-induced indifference every day. People passing by kept wondering about that strange drunken impersonator... This is an entry for the the "The King's Demise" challenge - Category I: King Fernando’s Reaction (And I need to mention that I used orange, dark orange, dark red, olive green and purple - otherwise this might have been a nice vignette )
  13. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL] The Bath of Pontelli

    Another attraction was built in Pontelli: A renaissance-style bath (sponsored by Colonel Brickinson). From Saturday to Wednesday this was a great place for everyone to go and have a bath... ... like this young musketeer who is about to jump into the pool. For some strange reason Brickinson had insisted on those reliefs that showed a crowned monkey head. Nobody knew why. (Except for the followers of Brickinson's adventures) On Thursdays, Brickinson was practising his swimming skills. On Friday evenings, Brickinson had reserved the bath for his wife and himself. On Friday mornings, Alberto and George da Pontelli carried out complex naval experiments in the bath. For some reasons, no Pontelli citizen entered the bath on a Friday the 13th... C&C Welcome
  14. The wild festivities of the Weelond Octoberfest also feature a Wet Corset Contest The contest was staged by "Shabby Boris" whose job it was to provide the required ballistic quantities of water. His friends were enjoying the show... ... and while the ladies, Penny and Amy were willing to join the frivolous activity ... ... Sergeant Filipe (member of the City Watch) was less amused. C&C welcome.
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL] Proclamation of Pontelli

    A large crowd gathered to hear what Mayor Alberto da Pontelli had to say after Nelissa had declared independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the former King Fernando Augusto has turned into a madman and that every Eslandolean citizen has certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." "We the People of Pontelli, in order to form a more perfect union with Nova Terreli, will join the Eslandolan Republic of Nelissa, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." "Every Oleander who shall come to us, be it a soldier or civilian, shall be welcomed as a friend." "Every ship sent by the former King Fernando shall be blown into pieces by our coastal artillery, if they do not declare themselves for the Eslandolan Republic of Nelissa." The crowd cheered. Behold this elite soldier. [Second Speaker] This is happening a bit too early according to our plan. [First Speaker] Yes, but madness of an individual will always disturb our calculations. In five years from now we will get Eslandola back into the overall plan. [Second Speaker] There is a guy in Corrington, called Hari Seldon. He claims that he wants to join our mathematical team. [First Speaker] Ok, let him become part of the team, but give him some of the easier calculations. He is a human after all and we should not challenge him too hard. [Second Speaker] Yes , Sir. C&C welcome - a bit of a rush build as things are developing so quickly.
  16. Captain Braunsfeld

    Cookie Monster Family

    There was a strange cave by the sea. A blue light shone... ... and a blue cookie monster appeared coming out of the cave. Then the light changed to grey: ... and a grey cookie monster emerged - just before the light changed again: to green: And there on the beach was a colourful family of cookie monsters: (I was toying with my new, compatible light bricks)
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Forbidden Island Revisited

    I thought it was time to revive something classical: Forbidden Island So I made my own - modernized and extended - version, based on the original base plate and including many original elements. And so this MOC brings us back to the days when water was plain blue and plane - and sand was yellow (there was no tan / dark tan). Monkeys were there, of course. ... and a pirate captain with his crew. Thanks for watching - C&C welcome!
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    Final Chapter (Brickinson)

    Shortly after arriving in Pontelli harbour, Brickinson's friends rushed to meet him. "What have you got there?" Alberto da Pontelli asked. "Some coloured glass I was given on some far away island", Brickinson replied. Toktawhoo raised his voice: "Bring this to a bank you must." Brickinson was tempted to disagree but he did not want to offend Toktawhoo who had brought him home to Pontelli. "Sure, sure", Brickinson said. "Now", Toktawhoo insisted. They saw him off at the Bank of Pontelli. "Well Toktawhoo, let me find out what this coloured glass is worth in silver." When Brickinson entered the hall no-one took notice of him. "Good man", Brickinson said handing the piece of glass to the man behind the counter. "Will you be so kind to give me its value in silver?" The man behind the counter stopped and stared. His eyes widened, his skin turned purple, red, white and then yellow again. "Certainly, Sir", the man stammered in panic, "certainly. We will do everything we can. The Bank of Pontelli is at your service." It dawned on Brickinson that the gem might be worth something. The clerk was shouting some orders to some men out of sight and started sweating. Two properly dressed employees appeared, carrying ingots of silver. They kept bringing new ingots for quite some time. Brickinson was watching with growing amazement. "I am rich!" While the silver was piling up in front of Brickinson, the man behind the counter was still sweating. The clerk cleared his throat. "Well, Sir, we are very sorry but we currently do not have the required silvery quantities." "Would you also accept some additional golden ingots? And we are awaiting a new delivery of silver next month. Would it be ok to you, Sir, to kindly wait so long until the payment is completed?" "I hate to wait", Brickinson replied (suppressing a grin). "But I am willing to make an exception." "How very kind of you", the clerk replied, almost fainting. Brickinson looked at the pile of silver. "I expect you to deliver this to my home." "Yes, Sir, it will happen immediately." "Great", Brickinson thought, "I am suddenly very rich. And I still have the second gem." Brickinson headed home. His wife opened the door, staring at him in surprise and happiness ... ... and then she saw the piles of silver and gold. Brickinson drew a deep breath. "Well, I'm back", he said. - - - The End - - - [Second Speaker] All is well that ends well. [First Speaker] Fortune favours the bold [Second Speaker] A single swallow doth not the summer make. [First Speaker] What? [Second Speaker] Sorry, I got carried away. [Voice] Will the two of you get back to work! [First and Second Speaker] Yes, Sir, immediately. Here is the Simian-Plan storyline: 1 MRCA Result April & May: Sunk and Taken by Pirates 2 Has Brickinson gone mad? 3 The End of a Pirate 4 Visiting a Pirate Island 5 A Dream Within A Dream 6 Pirate Hunter King Archibald 7 Woe is me! 8 The Black Moustache and his Green Flying Dutchman 9 ... but I have signed the contract .... 10 Now, what have we got here ... 11 The Great Escape 12 Please don't dive .... 13 The Brickinson Case 14 Island in the Sun 15 The Rescue Mission 16 Monkey Island 17 I am sailing 18 Final Chapter Soooo. The story has come to a conclusion. It has been quite a journey from May to October. Thanks for watching! Now Brickinson has to take a break. But there may always be a "volume two". The "Bank of Pontelli" is of course just a MOD of an official model. Could I still license it? And now you can see all of those pictures (in larger versions) and more in the corresponding flickr album. C&C Welcome!
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    Monkey Island

    After a good, healthy swim, William Oswald Brickinson reached the island: The mysterious island consisted of rocks – and strange spewing statues! While Brickinson stood still in amazement – looking at the spewing statue – he did not notice that he was not alone. Some islanders had been watching him for a while. But that was not the only shock for Brickinson: Right there behind the islanders rose the mighty statue of a monkey. The monkey's head was carrying a crown – and the left hand was holding a stone banana – or was it a long rock or a fossilized spear? Had the islanders built this massive statue? It was bigger than anything Brickinson had seen in all of Eslandola. It turned out that the islanders spoke the Eslandolean tongue reasonably well to allow for a conversation. Brickinson was introduced to the chief of the tribe, a guy called Toktawhoo. They sat down at the feet of the monkey statue and Brickinson told Toktawhoo what had recently happened to him. Toktawhoo was understanding and emphatic. A young island girl came and offered Brickinson a drink. He accepted gladly, being thirsty after his sea adventure. The drink was strong and strange. Somebody spoke and Brickinson fell into a dream. He felt like Brickinson in the Sky with Diamonds... .... and in his dream he started to see strange things... ... as if the true nature of the world was revealed to him .... ... and then: [First Speaker] I think he should be able to hear us now. [Second Speaker] Yes, hear - and understand. [First Speaker] Good. Listen, Colonel Brickinson. We made you perform many tasks for us, most of them quite dangerous. You have risked your life - and you have enabled us to achieve our goal. What was the total again? [Second Speaker] 23 pirate ships, 3 hidden islands and 2 pirate fortresses, [First Speaker] Not bad at all. Colonel, your service will not go without recognition. [First Speaker] So, please accept our gift as a compensation. Your good name in Pontelli has been restored. The dream seemed to come to an end. Strange colours and voices vanished. And when Brickinson awoke, he could not quite remember what he had dreamt, but inside he felt a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of happiness. He only had a vague sensation that something weird had happened. And he was holding two coloured glass pieces in his hands. Maybe something else had changed too. It felt like it was time to go home. Some more pictures of Monkey Island: I tried to build this as a reference to the classic islander sets. Albeit with some new elements: Here is the Simian-Plan storyline: 1 MRCA Result April & May: Sunk and Taken by Pirates 2 Has Brickinson gone mad? 3 The End of a Pirate 4 Visiting a Pirate Island 5 A Dream Within A Dream 6 Pirate Hunter King Archibald 7 Woe is me! 8 The Black Moustache and his Green Flying Dutchman 9 ... but I have signed the contract .... 10 Now, what have we got here ... 11 The Great Escape 12 Please don't dive .... 13 The Brickinson Case 14 Island in the Sun 15 The Rescue Mission Happy to see that Eurobricks is kind of running again. I had to pause for a week or so as I feared I would not get this picture-heavy chapter posted. Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!
  20. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL FB] Autumn of Discontent

    The shocking news about impending war with Oleon hit Pontelli. Within minutes the city was in uproar, the streets filled with citizens upset by the King's plans. All of Pontelli's citizens joined a pro-Oleon demonstration. They carried Oleon and Eslandolean flags and shouted: "We want peace!" The military did not interfere, nor did the Mayor of Pontelli - they had all joined the demonstration against King Fernando. Pontelli was no longer under the King's control. [First Speaker] That King is crazy. He is not following the plan. Stop the payments to King Fernando and call back our ambassador. [Second Speaker] It has been done. [First Speaker] .. and what about some rumours that King Fernando is broke and cannot pay his troops? [Second Speaker] I'll check what can be done. C&C welcome!
  21. Captain Braunsfeld

    I am sailing

    After some discussion the Islanders offered Brickinson to bring him home to Pontelli. It was a sunny day. Not a cloud was in the sky. Not a negative word was heard. While the catamaran was flying over the waves, Brickinson thought about what he had been given on Monkey Island. "Coloured pieces of glass" he thought. "Great". "I didn't even bring that when I came to these waters all these years ago" "And where am I now?" "In the middle of the ocean on a strange boat hopefully heading for Pontelli". What was puzzling Brickinson the most was not the islanders but the first mate The monkey operated the sails and seemed to give orders to the islander at the rudder. This was weird. But from what Brickinson could tell without proper instruments the course was alright. He smiled and relaxed while his newly found friends brought him home. [First Speaker] Everything is going fine. People are distracted by stories of an Eslandolean treasure fleet. [Second Speaker] Yes, they are talking about it everywhere. [First Speaker] Excellent. Banana shake? [Second Speaker] Yes, please. And some music by Bananarama. Here is the Simian-Plan storyline: 1 MRCA Result April & May: Sunk and Taken by Pirates 2 Has Brickinson gone mad? 3 The End of a Pirate 4 Visiting a Pirate Island 5 A Dream Within A Dream 6 Pirate Hunter King Archibald 7 Woe is me! 8 The Black Moustache and his Green Flying Dutchman 9 ... but I have signed the contract .... 10 Now, what have we got here ... 11 The Great Escape 12 Please don't dive .... 13 The Brickinson Case 14 Island in the Sun 15 The Rescue Mission 16 Monkey Island I came across bits and pieces of that catamaran and was able to reconstruct it. Then it was actually posted in the pirates forum! You can check flickr that my pictures were there first! When building the tiles I actually found an unexpected variation of blue. Something between the standard blue and dark blue. Or is it just ageing blue tiles? C&C welcome!
  22. Come to Isla de Victoria, bone-weary traveller and find peaceful days! As in every new settlement, the need for more residences is always a challenge. But wait: With the aid of Eslandolean PreFab Houses, everyone can live as happily und luxuriously as in Pontelli: At the moment, all new residences are given to military personnel only, but that will surely change over time. This was Eslandolean News, Fuerte Unido. C&C welcome!
  23. At the pier of Pontelli: Bernhard Bunsen has been charged to share the information about the Eslandolean treasure fleet with Major Woward Holowitz... Bunsen: "Hey, Major Holowitz, I've got something important to tell you!" Major Woward Holowitz: "WHAT? SPEAK UP SON, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Bunsen: "Curses. All this freight is blocking my way.." (louder) "We are sending the treasure fleet." Major Woward Holowitz:"WE ARE SENDING THE WHAT?" Bunsen: "WE ARE SENDING THE TREASURE FLEET FROM NELISA TO TERRELI!" Major Woward Holowitz: "WE ARE SENDING THE TREASURE FLEET FROM NELISA TO TERRELI?" Bunsen: "YES!" Bunsen: "BUT THAT IS A SECRET!" Major Woward Holowitz: "UNDERSTOOD! SO KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT, SON!" C&C Welcome.
  24. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Brickinson Case

    The courtroom in Pontelli was filled to the last place. Judge Enrico Fineman opened the hearing: "Eslandola versus Colonel William Oswald Brickinson". "I understand that Brickinson will be defended by the Mayor of Pontelli, Alberto da Pontelli". Judge: "Ah, I see you have brought your pet." Alberto & George: (both nodd) Judge: "Attorney van Dyke, read the charges". van Dyke: (clears his throat) "Well, Colonel Brickinson has flown a monkey flag on one of our fortresses." "Then he has - in total - sunk 12 pirate ships, has taken or blown up 7 pirate islands and fortresses and freed 14 hostages that had been captured by pirates." (after a pause and applause from the audience) "Wow, that was pretty impressive. That Colonel has served Eslandola well." Major Mistaek jumped up in rage. "You must not forget that the man is hopping mad. He has flown a monkey flag in one of your fortresses." Alberto: "When excactly was that?" Mistaek: "On the first of April, 616" (Laughter in the audience) Alberto: "Well, than this is settled." Mistaek: (to the audience) "But you must plead guilty!" At this very moment George da Pontelli leapt up and teared at Mistaek's impressive beard .... ... which came off quite easily - revealing the well-known face of the evil pirate Gisberth! Brickinson's female crew member reacted immediately, drew her saber and rushed towards Gisberth. Everyone in the audience jumped to their feet. Gisberth turned to follow George... ... who found a safe place ... .... Gisberth was too slow in the end. "But they have captured my daughter" the Judge exclaimed. "We will surely find and rescue your daughter, your honour." Judge Enrico Fineman: "Case dismissed." Morale: If you follow the monkey you will lose your head. (but where is Brickinson?) [First Speaker]: You need to practice your pistol skills. [second Speaker]: Yes, I am sorry. But all is well that ends well. [First Speaker]: This has not ended yet. [First Speaker] (to himself) : Now I need a banana rum! Here is the Simian-Plan storyline: 1 MRCA Result April & May: Sunk and Taken by Pirates 2 Has Brickinson gone mad? 3 The End of a Pirate 4 Visiting a Pirate Island 5 A Dream Within A Dream 6 Pirate Hunter King Archibald 7 Woe is me! 8 The Black Moustache and his Green Flying Dutchman 9 ... but I have signed the contract .... 10 Now, what have we got here ... 11 The Great Escape 12 Please don't dive .... 13 The Brickinson Case 14 Island in the Sun 15 The Rescue Mission 16 Monkey Island 17 I am sailing 18 Final Chapter C&C welcome
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    Island in the Sun

    Our hero, Colonel Brickinson was lost at sea and since we have not ... Wait! I can see him! Just a tiny figure swimming in the wild wild ocean. Brickinson was using his last strength to keep afloat.. Things could have been so easy if that shark had not decided to dive... He had seen an island in the sun distance and he was doubling his efforts to get there. When he would be there, he would sing in praise of the shining sand. And while he was struggling he had an idea: why not try backstroke? That turned out to be much easier - and (for the first time) we can see our hero smiling. In a strange vision that came to him, Brickinson saw himself as winner of an international swimming contest: [second Speaker] Brickinson has almost made it to the island. [First Speaker] Very good. That gives us new possibilities. [second Speaker] What do you have in mind? [First Speaker] You will see, my young padawan, you will see. [second Speaker] Ok. See I will. Here is the Simian-Plan storyline: 1 MRCA Result April & May: Sunk and Taken by Pirates 2 Has Brickinson gone mad? 3 The End of a Pirate 4 Visiting a Pirate Island 5 A Dream Within A Dream 6 Pirate Hunter King Archibald 7 Woe is me! 8 The Black Moustache and his Green Flying Dutchman 9 ... but I have signed the contract .... 10 Now, what have we got here ... 11 The Great Escape 12 Please don't dive .... 13 The Brickinson Case 14 Island in the Sun So that has resolved one cliffhanger (at least to some part) Stay tuned - C&C welcome!