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Found 251 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    Visiting a Pirate Island

    Old Redbeard McDuff was sceptical: This mysterious new pirate who named himself "The Black Moustache" was visiting him, even offering to bring presents. Yet, still, when he saw Moustache's crew unloading a golden treasure chest he was determined not to trust the new pirate on the block. There was something strange about the crew but he could not put a finger on it. They sure looked like pirates. And they said they wanted to bring a treasure in exchange for information. That is why they came to White Skull Island. "Arrr. Hi there" said the Black Moustache. "We brought you something, Redbeard McDuff" "... first of all I'll give you this well-trained parrot." "Polly", the parrot exclaimed. "Jolly good", McDuff replied, thinking: And now I will hand you this cup of poisoned wine... Then things happened quite quickly. Ugly things, rather not shown here... (if you don't like scenes of violence please stop reading here.) The Black Moustache's gang fought in perfect unity, almost as if they were elite troops in disguise. "... and I thought it was my trap..." was the last thing that went through McDuff's mind. When the Black Moustache left the island, there was no-one left alive. [second Speaker] White skull island has been taken. [First Speaker] Good. Any casualties? [second Speaker] Not on our side. But I fear that rumours will start to spread. The operation was not as clean as the "Three skull trap". [First Speaker] Rumours are intended to spread! But wait, let us make the next operation look more like an accident again. The story is getting darker and my family has protested and complained about the pictures... So, most of the pictures are not here but in the corresponding album on flickr. C&C welcome!
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    Dancing Queen

    ... one two three four I just plain adore your ballroom dancing... It's time to play the music it's time to light the lights It is dancing time again in Pontelli. All the celebreties have gathered at this occasion. Colonel Brickinson was there too - in his usual good mood... Gangwolf Movaldi is playing the piano (he's presenting his latest hit: "Regina Danzante"). Alberto da Pontelli and his wife are happily joining the dance. .. while some more exhausted dancers are taking a break... A careful observer might catch the sight of Captain Cookie - but wait, isn't he a pirate? The ladies won't mind as he is a good dancer. I tried to include a spectator from the latest minifig series but he/it is not easy to see. Maybe you'll manage. C&C welcome - more and larger pictures on flickr.
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Church of Zeus - Pontelli

    There is a church in Pontelli they call the Church of Zeus. Church service starts daily at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The priest, Elwood Jake, is especially proud of the lead-glass windows... .. that make this church so beautiful inside (on a sunny day). It is 7 a.m. now and the priest is getting ready for the ceremony. More and larger pictures as usual on flickr. C&C welcome.
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    Eslandolean 8th Army

    .. an army figbarf in green: C&C welcome.
  5. News and excitement hath struck Pontelli! Members of the Royal Society have rushed to see the great discovery: While digging in the back of his garden, Alberto da Pontelli has actually found the complete skeleton of a unicorn! History of nature needs to be rewritten! All the Royal Society members are so excited! But wait, George da Pontelli is nowhere to be seen. Could this possibly be a prank set up by the clever monkey? I owe the house's design to Marcu22. The first version was built as a "counter attack" in the Kaliphlin Civil War - and I liked the design a lot, so I modified the MOC into a smaller version and added a bit of an interior. Then many months have come and gone. The build stayed in its box. And now I am happy to present the house to you (before I need to take it apart...) C&C welcome!
  6. April: "took too much water ... sank" What a blow for the EWTC. Colonel Brickinson was devastated. May: "Taken by the Dread Pirate LaColeon" Once again the EWTC is shocked: The Banana Boat is lost! And that pirate LaColeon was not alone - he was seemingly strongly supported by the infamous cunning Captain Cookie : Let us leave this sad scene, while Colonel Brickinson gently weeps , and follow a strange secret dialogue taking place shortly after these events: [First speaker] The pirate threat must be stopped. Our losses are inacceptable. The future of the Second Foundation is at stake. [second speaker] Should we continue to follow the S-Plan? [First speaker] The S-Plan will be carried out nevertheless. Yet all our control of Corrington, Oleon and Eslandola has proven to be insufficient. We need to take action against the pirates. [second speaker] It will be done. Through Colonel Brickinson. [First speaker] Good. Banana? [second speaker] Yes, thank you. (to be continued) C&C welcome
  7. Following his induction into the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, Alberto Antonio da Pontelli was invited to present and demonstrate his findings in Elysabethtown. So he jumped on board the next ship and arrived a few days later to be greeted according to his position as Mayor of Pontelli: Alberto was accompanied by his wife, who brought the cat, George da Pontelli and Colonel Brickinson. He was received by Elysabeth of Dondril. A few days later, Alberto traveled on to meet with Hawksbrugh in Port Raleigh: They met in the famous tavern "Three Cannon Balls". Alberto was once again joined by George da Pontelli (or was it the other way round?). Innkeeper Burbutter's beer is said to be of highest quality. C&C Welcome Larger and probably better pictures on flickr. (You will need to scroll down)
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    Knights in White sat in...

    Knights in white sat in Never rich in the end ... Those (poor) knights are living in this house: ... which was conceived as a modular build: Originally it was meant to be part of a castle but eventually it became a building of its own right. This guy is living upstairs. Pity, that we don't know what they are discussing. Maybe they have written some letters but not each one of them is comfortable with sending them. Who knows? C&C welcome!
  9. "Please don't take it apart, it is so well playable", was what my wife said when I announced that I would like to significantly modify this fortress: So I added a few Eslandolean touches to a build that I'm showing here for the first time (but it has been played with a number of times). Then an Admiral appeared, inspecting his soldiers... ... and some guy met up with another strange guy... And you can see on the sides that this was actually meant to be part of a larger layout. My problem is that I don't do those raised baseplates anymore ... and sand is now "tan" for me not "yellow". But as I have said, I cannot take it apart... As this is a modular build I can actually take it apart! And there you have it: An Eslandolean Fortress on Nelissa! C&C Welcome! More and larger pics can be found on flickr.
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB4] Industrialized Art

    In Pontelli's Baker Street, Enrico Quickwin is selling high-priced paintings and maps (mostly to gullible tourists). But these paintings aren't unique by any means. They are created by highly-skilled painters in an industrialized way in Pontelli's (secret) art factory. Their output is about 20 paintings/maps per day. Fresh paint and canvas are being delivered every hour. And in the evening Enrico Quickwin is generous in buying rounds of banana shakes. The rare cases of artistic fabrication failure exceptions (AFFE) are collected and shipped to Corrington at give-away-prices (like "Whistler's Father", "Loony Misa", "Golden Earring with Girl", "Darky Night" and others). I had to leave out the roof to allow a decent interior-view. C&C welcome.
  11. Mark, people out there, mark! The Mayor of Pontelli will grant the extraordinary sum of thirty gold dubloons to the first and second mercantilist, who dares to put up a new factory or manufacture in the fair city of Pontelli! Prithee, do not forget to record your build in the archive of the city. Yours most faithfully Alberto Antonio da Pontelli Mayor of Pontelli
  12. A favourite for all the children and for the grown-ups who managed to stay young inside: Paolo, the phenomenal puppet player of Pontelli! Paolo's tales of heroes, knights and villains are loved throughout the city... ... and his hat is usually well filled with coins. Paolo currently stages the story of a long forgotten civil war, including a mummy king coming from the desert. Wild! (And Alberto da Pontelli is a fan too) It was high time to add some "Art and Culture" to Pontelli! C&C Welcome
  13. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Mitgardia

    In times of danger a new hero is born. A Mitgardian dwarf, strengthened and lengthened by magic, is ready for the challenge (be it Algus or anything): CAPTAIN MITGARDIA He goes by the name of Stevor, son of Rogvor. (I thought of giving him a wooden shield first, but that might not have worked out ) C&C Welcome!
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB3] How to Steer (Comic)

    Here is the big question (and a possible answer to it) how to steer a Balloon/Phlogisphere/Ballhover - presented as a photo-comic: (Hawksbrooke is meant to spell Hawksbrugh but the painter did not know that) Prithee, here is a fine picture of the new Eslandolean Ballhover: I hope you find this enjoyable - C&C welcome!
  15. Everybody said it would happen, everybody feared it would happen: A great explosion has devastated the laboratory of Alberto Antonio da Pontelli. The monkey had escaped just in time after giving a cry of warning. Luckily Alberto was not seriously injured. .. but heartbroken ... The phlogiston experiments had turned out to be much more dangerous than initially expected. Alberto would need to send out a warning to the fellows of the Royal Academy. C&C welcome! (Also on flickr)
  16. Captain Braunsfeld

    It flyeth, it flyeth!

    (FB2, Eslandola, April 2016) Alberto da Pontelli was carrying out his experiments in the basement of his house, which functioned as his laboratory. He was experimenting with the hot phlogiston that was created by setting fire to what came out of a good bottle of old Oleon wine. He thought that this would be enough to make some old cotton underskirt fly (which he had borrowed from his fiancé). It worked! "It flyeth, it flyeth", Alberto exclaimed. "The ball of cotton flyeth". He and Natasha were delighted as the cotton-structure (weighted by a stick) hit the ceiling. .. and they were too happy and distracted to notice other, less important events in the laboratory. (Where would this invention [named: "The flying ball of cotton"] lead him? ) C&C welcome!
  17. "It carries a bucket of water", Alberto da Pontelli exlaimed! (Some parts of his laboratory looked a bit sooty as results of the previous experiments...) "And the extract of rat liver is also working as a possible replacement for the Oleon wine! Both produce fine phlogiston when burning" "And the Royal Society has invited me to Arlinsport. This is so exciting. I need to build something bigger out of this!" And so he created the first Eslandolean airship, the "Spirit of Eslandola", which spent some time hovering above his house. (The cat was needed for balance purposes) In fact, it was just hovering and Alberto realized that he just could not tell the thing where to go. He was completely depending on the winds. No way he could make it to Arlinsport with the "Spirit of Eslandola". He would have to take a (normal) ship. "How shall I name my creation?" he pondered. It is lifted by two cotton balls and it hovers above the ground. "I shall name this invention a Ballhover" He had also added a new element (a Phlogiston-Catcher) to ensure that none of the created phlogiston would be missed. After having parked the ballhover, Alberto returned to his basement laboratory to complete his letter to the Royal Society. Alberto would debate with the monkey later to find ideas how to make a ballhover dirigible. C&C welcome. (and the pictures are much larger on flickr) Builder's comments: As for the photography, the reflections on these hemispheres are terrible... And the whole thing is utterly fragile and broke down and crashed several times .... (for those who want to try for themselves). Otherwise this was fun
  18. ArchitectureFan and Captain Braunsfeld are closing their series with today's final chapter of the great saga: Golden Age of Chicken Aviation: We can only hope that this flight will end somewhat "ok" for those brave chicken. Thanks for joining us and the chicken on their long and difficult journey! Within the great saga of the "Golden Age of Chicken Aviation" you are here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 & 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 <-- closing chapter
  19. ArchitectureFan and Captain Braunsfeld will continue with the next chapter of the much feared loved saga: Golden Age of Chicken Aviation: (this has been re-used for the end of the daring flight ) Within the great saga of the "Golden Age of Chicken Aviation" you are here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 & 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 <-- (and it looks like we have one more to go - 12 would be a decent number for this series )
  20. Captain Braunsfeld

    House of the Scientist

    In a beautiful yellow villa there lived a young man by the name of Alberto da Pontelli. He had developed a liking for something that was frowned upon in Eslandola: science. His family strongly opposed his plans but Alberto was slowly but surely making progress: Having modern books sent to him from Corrington, he started to equip his home with devices that would allow him to experiment.... This is the start of a new character, but today I will only show the beautiful house he is living in. I'll add more pics of details and interior later (when the weather allows better photography again). When I started building this I wanted to find out how good or bad a yellowish building would look and I also had some ideas of how to apply bits and pieces in white and grey. Then some things turned out different than expected (I had planned for different corners of the building) but I liked it. (Some pics started to look like LDD but this is actually made of real bricks). As I said, I will add more detail photos at a later point in time. C&C welcome. Here are the detail pictures: The house can be opened at the back: (some interior has also been added)
  21. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOD] One More Brick Bounty MOD

    Ahoy, many people have already updated their Brick Bounty. Now, here is my modification (My Own MOD = MOMOD) of the Brick Bounty: Fully rigged, Three masts, 21A I have lengthened the hull to allow space for a third mast. The other modifications are minor. Carronades were added: And the cook is a friendly guy: Overall, I tried to keep style and design of the original. A compass was also added: More pictures and the larger versions can be found here. Have a nice weekend - C&C welcome!
  22. Colonel Brickinson was in a bad, bad mood. It was not that he was supposed to visit Major Capaldi and inspect the southern fort. He liked Capaldi and the fort was in great shape. It was the fact that they had made that scientist the Mayor of Pontelli. And that scientist had started to give him orders! Colonel Brickinson was in a bad, bad mood... Behold the bad tempered Colonel: and Major Capaldi: At least, Colonel Brickinson thought, they have a monkey... Modular build: (One attempt to do something with a raised baseplate) C&C welcome.
  23. ArchitectureFan and Captain Braunsfeld proudly present the next chapter of the Golden Age of Chicken Aviation: ... a peaceful auction is going on ... ... when suddenly: ... going, going, gone... Thanks for watching! Within the great saga of the "Golden Age of Chicken Aviation" you are here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 & 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 <--
  24. ArchitectureFan and Captain Braunsfeld proudly present the next chapter of the Golden Age of Chicken Aviation: Thanks for watching! Also to be found on flickr. Within the great saga of the "Golden Age of Chicken Aviation" you are here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 & 7 Part 8 Part 9 <--
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    Letter to Hawksbrugh

    Delighted by the success of his latest experiments, Alberto da Pontelli writes a letter: Dear Mr. Hawksbrugh, I am very thankful for the book you sent me on the possible existence of phlogiston. This has enabled me to achieve an unbelievable breakthrough: When you set fire to the gas that comes out of a bottle of old Oleon wine, the resulting phlogiston is powerful enough to lift objects. (edited) I can only encourage you to carry out some experiments for yourself. It would be interesting to find out whether other substances besides Oleon wine do also possess the same qualities. Your friend Alberto da Pontelli .. science has a tendency to spread ...