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Found 289 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    So Far Away From Home

    An ordinary afternoon in Puerto Desafio. A man outside a tent - and a visitor, looking much like Guy K. Wyndzon. Guy: Alberto da Pontelli? What are you doing here? Alberto: I live here now. Guy: In this lousy tent? What happened? Alberto: Well, it is all related to Asma April, the new Mayor of Pontelli. Guy: What did she do? (flashback) Asma April: We will put an end to all this monkey business. From now on, no pets will be allowed in public in Pontelli! Anyone seen with their animals will go straight to jail. Let's make Pontelli proud again! Syco the Phant: Very well, Madame. Asma April: And maybe we should break with the rest of Eslandola. Become independent again. Do a Pontellexit. Syco the Phant: But Madame, how shall we cope alone in a world of enemies? Asma April: It is more important to get rid of those who could possibly control Pontelli. Let us not forget that I am the elected Mayor of Pontelli. Syco the Phant: Erm, Madame, you have not been elected. You have ursurped power of this city. Asma April: One more reason to become independent! And don't keep reminding me. Use the phrase "Asma April's rightful claim to the throne". Syco the Phant: Yes, Madame. Asma April: And I want to win a beauty contest. We should do a beauty contest! Syco the Phant: Erm, Madame, this might become difficult... Asma April: Shut up! It is only a question of who the other contestants will be... (end of flashback) Guy: And so you are here all alone? Alberto: No, no. George is here. And my wife too. Guy (sad): And you have to live in this small tent... Alberto (laughing): Oh no, my friend. We live in the manor behind you. I bought it from the money I got for my house in Pontelli. But the weather was hot so George had asked whether we could stay outside in the tent for a few days until it gets colder again. Guy: .... and I thought .... Alberto: No worries. Come inside, we can have a warm beer and some cookies. There were some bananas too but they seem to have disappeared. (stay tuned for other events around Pontelli or Puerto Desafio)
  2. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 (you are here) In a new ETWC inn recently opened in Quinnsville... (Just one note about this inn - the reason it was such a success, I may as well say at once, was because of two things: one, it served a recently developed fizzling orange-flavored drink which was quite a hit, and two - a very strange thing for Quinnsville - it was a nice place to spend a quiet and peaceful time. With all their customers coming and going all the time nobody knows how they manage to do it, but they do.) Anyways, to return to the point, it was this inn that Colonel Greybeard went to whenever he was stressed or just wanted some of that orange juice. Today he was there with his aide, Lieutenant Stick. Some Corry lawyers (especially Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank and Wrzygrislovsky) had been getting on him again to pick up his chase of the notorious highwayman who had been attacking Corrington's travellers some time ago. Colonel Greybeard had managed to just recently find out that his real name was Flynn Stewart, but he hadn't figured out anything more than that. The Colonel began, Colonel Greybeard: This chap has an uncommon good knack at disappearing, old pal. We will need to recruit another regiment to chase him down, through thick and thin, cloud and fog. Lieutenant Stick: What, Colonel, has old Wrzygrislovsky been getting on you again? Colonel Greybeard: Just so, good chum. But jolly me, he isn't much help at actually helping us find the old chap. Just then Sergeant Salt burst in, confident as usual. Sergeant Salt: Well there, Major - pardon me, Colonel, I mean - I have found him! Colonel Greybeard jumped up. Lieutenant Stick: The Red Fandago? Sergeant Salt: Yes, yes, who else! I saw him on the docks just half an hour agone. Colonel Greybeard: But stop, my chap. You did catch him, right, at any rate, mate? Sergeant Salt: Oh no - that is, not yet. I was sure you would wish to do so yourself, good Colonel, so I dashed off here as fast as I could. Colonel Greybeard: Oh snap, old chap. Burst my buttons. Then let us go, on the double! He grabbed a cookie (oh yes, that was another reason the inn was so popular - they had George's excellent cookies there), and they all dashed out. Colonel Greybeard (muttering): Shiver me timbers, but a bird in the hand's worth two in the bush, or so they say. ... To be continued ... A couple more shots of the inn: A final overview: So yes, I am helping out with Captain B's awesome storyline again - hang in there for more to come soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Simian Space Ship LL 918

    Space. The place for the experienced traveller. Searching for bananarite the simian space ship with its one-monkey-crew is on a five-hour-mission to boldly go where no monkey has gone before. Here you can see how easy it is to manoever a space ship with four hands and a tail: Enjoy and have a nice weekend!
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    Lady Steamlove's Aerial Journey

    Lady Steamlove is undertaking an exciting aerial journey! More pictures on my flickr account. Have a nice weekend!
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    [TSotEP] 2 - Surprise

    (Episode 2) Lady de Summer was talking to the Captain who's ship she wanted to hire. Lady de Summer: Ok, Captain Blofeld, the conditions you have put forth are acceptable. Cpt. Blofeld: Very well, Mylady. By the way, you can call me Ernest. Lady de Summer: What a nice name, Ernest. Cpt. Blofeld: My other name is Stavro. How charming, Lady de Summer lied bravely. Hang on - wasn't there someone familiar hiding in the background? Indeed, Captain Cookie (brilliantly disguised as Corrington gentlemen) had followed Lady de Summer to the harbour and was listening to every word. Captain Blofeld continued: Well, Mylady, you will not regret your choice. The "Surprise" is one of the finest and fastest vessels this ocean has ever seen. I need to interrupt again: There is somebody else in the scene who seems to be eavesdropping. The Red Fandango had made it to the harbour as well! He was intrigued by what he heard. He would try to become part of Lady de Summer's crew. Captain Blofeld: I do not have a crew, and it is breaking my heart. Lady de Summer: Well, I found a captain, and that's a start. And so it came that several people made their plans on how to be on the "Surprise" or on how to follow her. (to be continued) Episode 1
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    [TSotEP] 1 - In a Corry Tavern

    In a Corrington tavern in Quinnsville some shady figures are playing a game of cards. The guy in the red clothes might not be unfamiliar to us. We've seen him before, often wearing a mask - not this time. He sure looks moody... .. when suddenly someone was mentioning that Lady de Summer was chartering a ship. He was brightening up. A ship? He thought. A ship is a chance. To get away from this miserable tavern, from the daily winning and losing at the card games. He would start a new life. He would be going out to sea again. "Hey, are you still playing?" the other guy asked, but Flynn Stewart's mind (he was formerly known as the "Red Fandango") was already somewhere else. Meanwhile at the harbour Lady de Winter, unharmed but not unarmed, was talking to a guy that had been recommended to her as a captain. He sure did not seem to look too friendly but he was said to have a fast ship. A ship. To get away from Quinnsville and search for a treasure. The lost treasure of the "8 Provinces". Little did they all know what was lying ahead of them. (larger pictures on flickr, as usual) ................................................................................................................................................................................ So, guys, the second part is finally starting. C&C welcome & have a nice weekend!
  7. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    Captain Cookie: This character has been a part of the "Brethren of the Brick Seas" but it seems that this is a little adventure aside from BoBS: With the help of two faithful companions Captain Cookie went ahead to hide some of his booty. Cookies and banana milk were at hand to ease the work. A mild breeze from the sea sent over a few white clouds. I wonder what is inside that treasure chest? Bananas? C&C Welcome!
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    Space Monkey

    ... to go boldly, where no monkey has gone before ... I have always loved those space baseplates. I wouldn't mind if they would be re-released - and I am happy that I got some that are acceptable through BrickLink. This is also on my flickr account.
  9. Somewhere in a far-away dungeon in Peru: WE HAVE FOUND THE DOCTOR! Yes, I am Dr. Jones. You may not call me Indy. YOU WILL BE UPGRADED I will become professor? Great! You might consider this a sequel to his meeting with the Daleks. Larger pictures on my flickr account. Thanks for watching!
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    Up, Up and Away

    Three balloons on a sunny day ... I am getting fond of these 3D clouds (if you have seen the pirate treasure MOC). The larger versions of the pictures (and one more) are on my flickr account. And as for the music I had this in mind. Have a nice weekend!
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    Modular Music Store

    There is a Modular Music Store in town where Jyff Lenne is selling records and musical instruments. The first floor contains a recording studio: C&C welcome.
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    Mage and Apprentice

    The famous mage Hokus returns from shopping with his apprentice Pokus: ... and this is the hut they apparently live in: (I found the little house not remembering that I had built it...)
  13. Captain Braunsfeld

    [Western] Buffalos

    Hi there, last weekend I was able to present my buffalos at BrickMania Antwerpen. They came across quite well.
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    A more elaborate Western House

    Hello, moving on with the development of Western City Houses: Now this house has been inspired by the lego ideas project of Marshal Banana. However, my version is more simplified - more Captain-Braunsfeld-ish. So, here you see the rich banker in his house. And below his wife.... fiancee.... mistress....? Enjoy the weekend!
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    Western MOC: Confederate Fort

    Usually people go for a cavalry fort and have those blue guys all over the place. This one is different: This is a confederate fort. This fort will be shown as part of the Western Layout in BrickMania Antwerpen next month! C&C Welcome!
  16. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Dalton Brothers

    Let's have a go at the famous Dalton Brothers: As you know, they usually end up in prison: C&C Welcome! .. adding some more: (as you can see I am running out of the original heads...) ... the "carrot version".
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    Pontelli Platoon

    Asma April, Mayor of Pontelli has decreed that more troops are required to protect the city. (The platoon has been registered.)
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    Western: A New Saloon

    Hi, here's my take at a saloon: The Lady is shocked at the sight of the gunslinger leaving the saloon... Inside some guys are playing poker... Have a nice weekend, thanks for watching!
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC - Western Laundry Shop

    Comic books have told me that there is a Chinese laundry in every Western City. So, here we go: Thanks for watching!
  20. Captain Braunsfeld

    Some More Western Houses

    You have seen the saloon and other stuff. Now, here are more western houses: The Sherriff is not sleeping - just resting! I don't know what she had said to him... And this is going to be the train station: Next train expected at noon. C&C welcome!
  21. Captain Braunsfeld

    BoBS CMF - Series 8

    Here are some of my favourite characters of BoBS so far: .... he is waiting for his storyline to continue... ... still searching for the Highwayman. ... I missed the Weelond Octoberfest this year. Pity. ... one of my favourite characters. ... also waiting for the story to continue... (and no, this is not the Highwayman) Have a nice weekend! (Now I need to go back to work on my Western City)
  22. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Bagpipe Factory in Pontelli

    Pontelli's Mayor, Lady Asma April, had emphasized the importance of tradition. Hence a new bagpipe factory has opened in Pontelli to produce a famous Eslandolean traditional instrument: the bagpipe. The factory itself is quite large. On a sunny day most workers prefer to carry out their tasks outside the factory buildings. The exact production recipe for bagpipes is, of course, a secret. However, it is clear that wood is required to prepare the pipes. And sheep skins are used to create the bags, which are then painted. The pipes are also painted in black. Hence the saying "I see a brown pipe and I want it painted black." All this is part of Lady Asma's aim to make Pontelli proud again. C&C welcome. (And you will never guess where I spent my holidays )
  23. Amongst the wonders of Brickwall Memorial Park the visitor finds the beautiful Crystal Caves. At several times a day the sun shines into the caves and makes the crystals, stalagtites, stalagmites, andyounameit glitter and explode with light. In any case the Brickwall Memorial Park is the attraction to see when you come to Fuerto Unido! C&C welcome!
  24. Captain Braunsfeld

    Silent Mary - MOD 1 + MOD 2

    Well, there is a new ship out by TLG, isn't it? The "Silent Mary" it seems. Seems to be well designed to look like the ship in the movie - still I felt intrigued to apply some modifications. Part 1 = MOD1 The masts were a bit too short for my taste. But still I had a ship that was not really usable for BoBS or other purposes. So I tried to turn her into a "real ship": Part 2 = MOD 2 I had actually started working on the hull with a different goal in mind - but then I acquired the SM and I found that she has some interesting elements (the castle towers, the sheer amount of gold, the guns/cannons (Kurrigan, help me out, is it "guns" or "cannons"?)) which I wanted to keep. Now I have named her "Cookie's Delight" and have used her as a starting point for a new storyline on BoBS. I have applied some new building techniques (that is, "new" for me) some of which turn the model into something quite fragile But these techniques allow for strange angles, etc. And the model is modular... The Future: The sails need some repairs, the captain's cabin is not done (there are actually two right now). The guns/cannons should be retraceable (is that the right term?). And a different gallion? Let's see. C&C welcome
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    Sauron Renovates: The New Black Gate

    A happy day for Mordor! The renovation of the "Black Gate" has paid off. Sauron is happy to receive the second prize of this year's "House and Garden Challenge". Behold the jury as they are passing the prize cup and some nice Gondorian flowers to Sauron's mouth. I am always surprised about the things that Tolkien did not tell us... Here is the "New Black Gate" without the minifigs: Constructive criticism is welcome.