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Found 304 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 3

    Chapter 3: Another afternoon in Quaker Street 9 ¾. - see previous chapter. Dr. Sonwat enters Herlock Sholmes‘ living room: “Ah, I see you have solved the mystery of the vanished golden dragon.” Sholmes: “Yepp.” Dr. Sonwat: “Let’s talk about Lord Rushinthought’s case.” Sholmes: “Fine. My dear Sonwat we have the very detailed, almost graphical description that the butler gave. Did you notice that Rushinthought was wearing different trousers and boots when he came to pick up the money?” Dr. Sonwat: “I must admit that I did not notice that.” Sholmes: "And what do you think?" Dr. Sonwat: "Lord Rushinthought must have changed his trousers while being away from home." Sholmes: "Only to change them again after taking the money? Then the other trousers must be somewhere around." Dr. Sonwat: "That is indeed a mystery. Which we need to solve." Sholmes: “I conclude that we have to visit Lord Rushinthought’s home again. And search the surroundings.” (Later at the back of Rushinthought’s home) Sholmes: “What do we have here?” Dr. Sonwat: “A dustbin. Or a trash can, if you are from one of Corrington’s colonies.” Sholmes: “And there is something special in it... Wait for it!” Sholmes (pulls something red out of the dustbin): “Well, not exactly trousers, but this looks a lot like Rushinthought’s uniform jacket.” Dr. Sonwat: “But this must be a copy as we have seen him wearing his.” Sholmes: “Precisely.” Sholmes: “Does Rushinthought have a twin brother?” Dr. Sonwat: “Not that I know of.” Sholmes: “Then someone is impersonating Lord Rushinthought!” Dr. Sonwat: “But who? And how?” Sholmes: “This is what I will soon find out!” (to be continued) The storyline so far: (The Adventure of the Horse Race Money) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 (you are here) Chapter 4
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie's Christmas

    It was a family feast. Captain Cookie, Commodore T. Spoon were at their mother's for some tea and biscuits. Somehow they all felt that something was missing. But they could not exactly tell what that was. Suddenly there was a noise at the door... ... and a strange creature with a red and white hat came in, dragging something behind him. "Did you plan this", the mother asked? Captain Cookie shook his head, his brother did the same. Meanwhile the strange creature had rolled a cart into the living room, filled with nicely wrapped presents. "Did you plan this?" Cookie and Spoon asked simultaneously. Their mother shook her head. "I guess this is the famous Christmas Monkey that was often talked about in Pontelli." In the meantime, the Christmas Monkey had begun to distribute the presents. ... and he even had a nut for the squirrel! A splendid time was guaranteed for all. Happy holidays to all of you and all the best for 2023!
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Pharao Aapmosis I. (and his family)

    Pharao Aapmosis I. (and his family) Unbeknownst to many historians, during the time of Pharao Aapmosis I., there was huge demand for bananas in Egypt. He is the second one from the left. They don‘t like to talk about him in Egypt these days. But he looked just like this. This creation was a part of a larger Egypt display at Brickmania Antwerpen 2022. (and in Flemish, "aap" means "monkey").
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    Cathedral of Pontelli

    Finally the last touches have been applied to the great Cathedral of Pontelli: A lot of work went into this building and you can still spot the craftsmen around the mighty cathedral. Making those coloured-glass windows is really difficult! And these guys are probably just practicing... While the architect is happy with his finished work. Amazing, how many strange details such a cathedral has... Careful when you carry that! On the right: Some gargoyles are obviously being re-invented. "Verputzen" - what is that in English? I am planning to license this in some way Did anybody spot the monkey?
  5. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 12 - Showdown in Corrington The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships Chapter 10 - Even More Questions & Stranger Things Chapter 11 - The Past and the Present Chapter 12 - Showdown in Corrington (you are here) Interrogator: After all you have told me, Lady Bonny, I have come to the conclusion that the Marquis' claim to his title is legit! That is fantastic news. Corrington’s high society will be sooooooooooooo delighted to meet him. Interrogator: And I am a bit of a poker player myself. I sure would like to have a match with him some day! Lady Bonny (sighs) Some weeks later: Cut to a military reception in Belson, Corrington for a special guest. The Corrington Army never wastes an opportunity to boast some of their new uniform designs… The Marquis rushed past the guards and towards the officer in command, who had drawn his rapier. Obviously the Marquis was under the impression that the officer wanted to challenge him to a duel! Seeing that the Marquis was about to draw his sword and start a fight, the interrogator stopped him in the nick of time. Interrogator: No, he does not want to attack you. He has raised his rapier as a sign of honour! The Marquis calmed down again. (vous vous vous) Then they met in a fine hall in Belson for their grand match. Interrogator: Well, my dear Marquis, let me quickly recap the rules for our game today. We will play draw poker, as you seem to prefer it in Eslandola. Both players will be accompanied by a second of their choice who are going to survey the course of the match. You seem to have appointed Mr. Herlock Sholmes of Belson. I have chosen my friend Biff. Mr. Sholmes, is everything alright with the setup and the cards? Sholmes: Everything is perfect. I have checked the card decks personally before the game. Interrogator: And Biff, all clear from your perspective. Biff: Just fine. Had a nice wine. Was good. In the mood. Interrogator: Right, then let’s begin. We will play for exquisite gold doubloons. Marquis: (nods) The game commenced and both players won and lost small sums. Whenever a new deck of cards was opened, the Marquis had a tendency to lose – but he got better over time. Then – playing with card deck number three – the tension started to mount. The Marquis had already bet a nice amount of money and his opponent had not backed out. The gold coins were piling up on the table, besides that ugly vase that the interrogator had insisted on being there. It was a sure win for the Marquis. He had three of a kind and he was pretty sure that his opponent was bluffing, having nothing but four irrelevant cards of spade and one card of diamonds. All of a sudden the interrogator called out “Biff” and his friend Biff was surprised and reacted with a sneeze – which caught Mr. Sholmes attention … and the interrogator used this brief moment to slip the ace of spades from underneath the table! With his sight blocked by the vase, the Marquis could not notice this cheating move. So, when the interrogator raised the stakes again, he called. And suddenly they had both gone all in. The Marquis presented his three of a kind … … and with a malicious grin, the interrogator put down his cards one by one. Finally, the aces of spades. A flush. The Marquis had lost! The Marquis stared in quiet disbelief. - cliffhanger - - ok, let's go on - Just as the interrogator was about to collect the money, a sharp voice called out: “Not so fast, Lessiarty!” The interrogator, Mr. Lessiarty, froze instantly. Herlock Sholmes had risen to his feet and had fixed his eyes on the winning cards on the table: I knew that you would cheat at some point, Lessiarty! Lessiarty: How dare you! I have not cheated. I have not marked the cards! Sholmes: That is correct. You have not marked the cards. I have. Herlock Sholmes: You see, I had suspected you to try something sinister since I heard that you had been questioning Lady Bonny endlessly about my friend, the Marquis. I think you wanted to be sure that he would not cheat. And we all know that he doesn’t. Nor does he bluff. Before the game I have applied small markings to all of the card decks to be used. That is, every legitimate card on this table should now have a very small number “3” on its back, which can easily be seen using this magnifying glass here. Lessiarty (turns red) Sholmes: And if I start to examine those five cards now, I am quite certain that one of these cards will not have a mark on it. Which will make it evident that you have cheated! When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Elementary, Lessiarty! With an angry cry of “Eeek” and “Vous Vous Vous”, the enraged Marquis jumped up from his chair and drew his sword! Lessiarty also sprang up as the raging Marquis was approaching fast! Lessiarty raised his arms, shouting: "Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me!" But the Marquis was already upon him – and with one swift and well-placed blow he cut Lessiarty’s belt… His trousers fell down and an utterly disgraced Lessiarty left the place of his defeat running Herlock: No worries, inspector Destrale and my assistant Professor Sonwat are awaiting him outside. We have suspected Lessiarty to be a card cheat for some time. Now I could finally bring him down, thanks to you, my friend. The Marquis: (nods and grins) Biff (a bit belated): What has happened? Herlock (ignoring Biff): As one of the players was caught cheating, the pot goes to the remaining other player. That seems to make up a nice amount of money. I suggest we have some celebration, or say party. The Marquis: (nods and grins) (Destrale and Professor Sonwat enter with Lessiarty in chains) Sonwat: Party, I hear? Herlock: Yes, but do not let the Marquis find the drums! But it was already too late! The Marquis was drumming away enthusiastically - and he would not stop! The party lasted for three days … By the way, this is how Samba was finally introduced to Corrington. And also in Corrington, the Marquis was the talk of the town. (the end) Some drumming evidence: That was an enjoyable storyline and actually the first one that I had almost completely written and photographed before I started to post it.
  6. The Young Boys Pontelli have arrived at their destination - and they all stay at a youth hostel. Oh what fun they had! At least some time is devoted to football... ... but pranks were also happening .... ... but they had a splendid time! That's my Cat B entry.
  7. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 11 - The Past and the Present The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships Chapter 10 - Even More Questions & Stranger Things Chapter 11 - The Past and the Present (you are here) Interrogator: Does the Marquis have any family – or is he in some kind of relationship? Lady Bonny (sighing): I wish he were… Well, that is also a difficult story. He seems to have lived a life of solitude until recently. He still travels a lot. Lady Bonny: Every October he usually disappears from Pontelli or Oleon or wherever he is at that time of year. Nobody knows exactly where he is going... ... but it seems to be important to him. Lady Bonny continues: But to get back to your question - recently it seems, that the Marquis has met someone special Over in Eslandola’s colonies – in the city of Pontelli - there was a grand reception at the Mayor’s palace. For some reason the Marquis was also there, awaiting to meet his old friend Colonel Brickinson. Interrogator: His drinking buddy? Lady Bonny: The same. Brickinson arrived accompanied by a young lady from Terreli. Brickinson: Lucy, may I introduce you to a friend a mine, the Marquis Eek d’Ape. Lucy: Oh, a monkey. (Everyone, except Brickinson, looked a bit indignant at this unbelievable uttering) Lucy: Here, have a banana! Catch! (Everyone frowned upon this insult.) The Marquis, however, seemed to take no offense. Since then, Lucy and the Marquis have often been seen together. They seem to get along quite well. (sigh) Interrogator: Another of his platonic relationships? Lady Bonny: Yes. But why does he not go out with me? (sigh) In case you wondered what has happened to Lucy... That was my favorite chapter in this storyline.
  8. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships(you are here) Interrogator: I have more questions for you. Where were you on the night of the 9th two months ago? Lady Bonny: I don't remember. Interrogator: Was the Marquis involved in the Tulip Trade? Is it true that he made a fortune there? Lady Bonny: Hmm. Not that I know of. He has already made a lot of money just by winning poker games. Interrogator: Do you remember those strange events on Gunpowder Island? Lady Bonny: You mean the volcano eruption? Interrogator: Yes. And more. Lady Bonny: Dunno. Interrogator: Can you confirm that he has commanded a ship capable of coconut bombing? Lady Bonny: What? Interrogator: Nevermind. Interrogator: Has the Marquis ever been seen with Colonel Brickinson of Eslandola? Is it true that they are drinking buddies? Lady Bonny: Not that I heard of. Interrogator: Has he or has he not been in contact with Herlock Sholmes, the famous detective from Corrington? Has he been on a camping holiday with Herlock? Lady Bonny: Where do you get all these questions from??? (cut to a nightly scene) Herlock Sholmes: Why are you waking me? Marquis: (points to the stars) Herlock: You want to know what I see? Marquis (nods) Herlock: And what I conclude from it? Marquis (nods) Herlock: Well, astronomically there are millions of galaxies out there. And that there is a full moon. I also deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meterologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. And what do you conclude? Marquis: Vous vous vous! Herlock: Oh, I see. Someone has stolen our tent! Marquis (nods) (to be continued) If you want to take a look at the storyline about the Pontelli Tulip Trade, you find the start here  and all the chapters are listed there. Should you be interested in the events around the mysterious Gunpowder Island then look here. (at the end of each chapter is a link to the next one) And the joke about the tent is not mine. I just found and re-used it.
  9. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 10 - Even More Questions The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect Chapter 9 - Questions and Strange Relationships Chapter 10 - Even More Questions & Stranger Things (you are here) Lady Bonny: Are you finished? Interrogator: No, not yet. I have sooo many questions! Lady Bonny: Like what? Interrogator: Does the Marquis have any connection to the infamous Captain Cookie? Lady Bonny: Certainly not. Interrogator: Has the Marquis met with Dr. Thaum on the 15th last month and was seen singing and making music on the beach – despite the fact that he only knew three chords? Lady Bonny: Seems unlikely to me. Lady Bonny: Are there more than three chords? Interrogator: And you also do not know about any of his associations to secret organisations? Lady Bonny: I have no idea what you are talking about. I certainly did not expect a kind of Oleon Inquisition! (a door bursts open and a voice shouts:) “Nobody expects the Oleon inquisition!” “Bugger, wrong room...” (to be continued) That was fun!
  10. A glimpse of the future, once King Fernando has returned: Let's bathe again.... ... like we bathed last summer. Come on, let's bathe again, like we did last year. Do you remember when things were really hummin'? Come on let's bathe again, bathin' time is here! Challenge entry for King Fernando!
  11. The Marquis - Origins - Chapter 8: Practice makes perfect The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS Chapter 8 - Practice makes perfect (you are here) Having joined the Monkeys’ Secret Society, the Marquis spent considerable time on learning the control of animals Aided by a lengthy manual he set out to work with the rubber duck He whistled. Nothing happened. He whistled again. Nothing happened. He studied the manual. He whistled slightly differently Nothing happened. He looked at the duck and the duck stared back at him. “This will be more difficult than expected”, the Marquis thought Later that day, the Marquis was back at the Monkey Headquarters to start his language training course. Teacher: Let’s have a look at the Oleon language, shall we? Marquis (nods) Teacher: Now, how do you pronounce that word? Marquis (stays silent) Teacher: You probably need a sip of bananarite milk to get started! Marquis (takes a sip): Woo. Woo woo woo woo. Teacher: That is better, but pay attention to your pronounciation. Marquis: Vous! Teacher: Excellent. Now: Je ne suis qu'un pauvre garçon personne ne m'aime Marquis: I am just a poor boy, nobody loves me. (And from there, it just took off.) Teacher: He's just a poor boy from a poor family! Spare him his life from this monstrosity! Marquis: C'est juste un pauvre garçon d'une famille pauvre. Épargnez-lui sa vie de cette monstruosité! Teacher: Bismilla? Marquis (with determination): Bismilla! (Actually, later, when the Marquis was speaking, he often started with “Vous vous vous”, before turning into what he really wanted to say. Just because he had learned it that way.). (to be continued) On bananarite:
  12. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 7 - On the Monkeys' Secret Service The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis Chapter 7 - On the MSS (you are here) Interrogator: Is it true that the Marquis is also part of a secret organisation? Lady Bonny: Well, he is said to have joined an intelligence organisation, but that may just be rumours. I cannot really say anything about that. I have never seen him do anything strange in Oleon. Voiceover: But who knows what might have happened on a dark night in Pontelli? The Marquis is just leaving a tavern to go home. But – despite the late hour - the street is not empty. The Marquis suddenly finds himself approached by a dark figure wearing a cloak. Dark Figure: Would you like to buy an A? Marquis (looks like he would say: "An A?") Dark Figure: Shhhhh!!!! Don't spread it around, everyone will want one! Dark Figure: Well, that was just a distraction. Actually, I wanted to talk with you about something else. Dark Figure: Your services could be of great help. You see, I am part of an organization that could use your talents. And we are powerful. Marquis (waits) Dark Figure: Let me demonstrate, what we can do. (He whistles and a dog appears) Dark Figure: See? We can call animals to support us. Marquis (looks unconvinced) Dark Figure: Ok, with dogs it looks obviously looks too easy. But wait! (Stretching his left arm out, whistling again, but differently this time) After a brief moment a seagull suddenly lands on his hand. Marquis (is impressed) Dark Figure: Ok, now I can see that you want to hear more. We are the Monkey Society. And the Monkey Society wants you! Marquis (pauses, then nods) Dark Figure: Splendid. I will be your main contact. You will receive more information at the headquarters in some time. You are not much of a talker? Marquis (nods) Dark Figure: We will see to that and you will receive some language training. But in the meantime, let me give you this. Marquis (looks confused) Dark Figure: Yes, a trumpet. Use it in case of emergency. And you will be helped. Marquis (looks quizzical, but takes the trumpet) (and keeps looking quizzical) Dark Figure: I understand, that you want something to help you practice your control over animals? Marquis (nods) Dark Figure: Well, this is for starting with Level 0: Dark Figure: You will hear from us (disappears) (to be continued)
  13. The Marquis - Origins - Chapter 6: Dancing with the Marquis The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game Chapter 6 - Dancing with the Marquis (you are here) Lady Bonny continued: After becoming the Marquis d’Ape he was often seen at the King’s court. Being a very good listener, he was often seen in discussions with various noblemen and noblewomen One day he was invited to the King’s ball. A spectacular dance event – the highlight of the year. He was a quiet bystander in the crowd, when the dancers paraded into the ballroom, led by the unforgettable master of the Waltz Ed Frastaire. Just then a butler inadvertently stumbled into him, giving him a push, so that he touched the arm of the lady next to him to avoid falling over. Much to his surprise she – the Princess de la Rose – took this as an invitation to dance and quickly joined the parade of the dancers with him. Then another unexpected thing happened: the Marquis found that he could actually dance – dance quite well. It has been later described that he danced with an air of naturalness, almost instinctiveness – somewhat effortlessly, yet elegantly – the rhythm just was in his blood. And after a few minutes into the dance EVERYONE else had stopped dancing and EVERYONE’s eyes were on him and the Princess de la Rose. Even the King and Queen watched in astonishment. This event was long talked about in Oleon – at the court and in the streets. The Marquis’ fame rose significantly. But although he was now known for his exquisite dancing skills (you should have seen him when there were also drums!), he never accepted any of the many private invitations he received. He would dance with the ladies of the royal court until they were dizzy – but nothing more. Lady Bonny sighed. (to be continued)
  14. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 5 - The Poker Game The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm Chapter 5 - The Poker Game (you are here) Lady Bonny continued: After some time in solitude on the island, the First Mate gathered his courage and decided to leave the island. The boat was still in terrible shape – and he was no carpenter, he was a sailor. So, just because of his seamanship and navigation skills, he barely made it to Oleon. Interrogator: Yes, you have already mentioned that. Lady Bonny: And this is when I first met him, later that same day in October We were sitting in this smoke-filled tavern, playing cards. The Nobleman, the Admiral and myself. The First Mate stepped in, looking as if he would like to join the game. It was a good point in time as that was when the Admiral had just lost everything to the Nobleman. The Admiral offered his seat to the First Mate, but the Nobleman raised his eyebrows and complained: We are playing for money, my friend. What do you have to offer? That seemed to be something new to the First Mate. He had obviously only been playing for fun before. After a moment of hesitation and with a heavy sigh he offered his sword. Slightly frowning, the Nobleman accepted the blade. And so, the game began. After a slow start, where he obviously had to orient himself and was playing very cautiously, the First Mate started to win small sums. He was becoming more and more confident. As if he could memorize where every card was that he had seen before. And then I was out. The cards were not in my favour that day. I sat back and watched. It was only the First Mate against that grumpy Nobleman. And the stakes were high. The First Mate risked every piece of gold he had won so far. The Nobleman cursed: A mere sailor is challenging me? Alright, I offer my title, as I do not have enough gold any more – is that accepted? The First Mate nodded in silence. They were both going all in. The First Mate won with a Royal Flush. He raised his arms in triumph. The nobleman angrily threw his glass to the bottom, tore the wig from his head and threw it on the table. He paused for a moment, then he said: What a disgrace: the Marquis d’Ape beaten by a mere sailor. But I will stick to my word. Here, with this letter you will become the next Marquis d’Ape. Then he turned and left. The new Marquis celebrated. He removed his sailors hat and put on the wig. He has never been seen without it since that very day. Then he was off to make his new title official. We all cheered! Lady Bonny: What he soon learned was that he had got nothing more than the title. The previous Marquis had lost all his wealth and fortune before – he obviously was a frequent but not such a good poker player But the new Marquis seemed determined to restore the pride of his old title! (to be continued) The monkeys have begged me to release this next chapter earlier than usual - to get over the sad last chapter.
  15. The Marquis - Origins - Chapter 4: The Storm The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days Chapter 3 - The First Mate Chapter 4 - The Storm (you are here) Interrogator: What happened then? Lady Bonny: Well, one day in October they were on one of their …. merchant missions. Interrogator: … and then? Lady Bonny: Then the weather suddenly changed. The first mate urged his friends to return to their home port, but… Interrogator: .. but? Lady Bonny: Somehow, they hesitated. They lost time. Precious time. And then it was too late. Lady Bonny: They were hit by the full might of the storm. It was horrible. Wave after wave shook their boat. Then the waves started to roll over it. Interrogator (gasps) Lady Bonny continued: After what seemed an endless fight against the sea and the storm, the Marquis found himself washed on the beach of his home island. The ship was severely damaged – and his friends were nowhere to be found. It seemed he was the only survivor. He checked the island, he looked out to the sea but there was no one but him. He was alone. Completely alone. His friends were lost at sea. He never saw them again. Heartbroken, he set up two wooden crosses on the beach to commemorate his friends. Lady Bonny’s voice had gone silent. She paused for a long moment and the interrogator did not say a word. (to be continued) next chapter
  16. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 2 – Early Days The story so far: Chapter 1 - The Interrogation Chapter 2 - Early Days (you are here) Interrogator: Where does the Marquis come from? Lady Bonny: As far as I know, at the beginning of his career, he was part of a … ehm … team of ... ehm ... merchants. Interrogator: Merchants? No noblemen? Lady Bonny: No, just merchants. Probably linked to Eslandola. But that is unclear. Lady Bonny: He was skilled and cheerful. The other …ehm… merchants enjoyed having him around. It was there when he learnt many of his skills. They also trusted him with their … money. He became their quartermaster. So, this was how he was working his way up the ranks. (to be continued) next chapter
  17. The Marquis: Origins - Chapter 1 - The Interrogation The story so far: Chapter 1 - you are here Interrogator: So you can tell me about the Marquis? Lady Bonny: Yes. Interrogator: Everything? Lady Bonny: Almost, certainly a lot. Let’s see: When I first met the Marquis, he was just a simple sailor – or was he a first mate? - arriving at a port in Oleon His ship was apparently sinking fast and he barely made it to the pier – but he did. When asked, he gave his name as “Eeek” and so the arrival of Mr. Eeek Smith was documented by the harbour officials. Then later that day I met him at the poker table in this smoke-filled tavern: Interrogator (interrupting): Not so fast! I have so many questions before we can come to poker games: What did he do before he came to Oleon? Where is he coming from? What are the origins of the Marquis??? (to be continued) next chapter
  18. Kai NRG, Garmadon and Captain Braunsfeld are responsible for this mess proudly present: The story so far:Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9 Chapter 10 You are at Chapter 11: Women to the Power! Is there a power vacuum in Eslandola? Where is the King? Why are new political factions forming every day? Look here: A familiar place outside of Terelli - but this time it has a special flavour to it: Emmelyne Punkharst (the one on the stage): A spectre is haunting Eslandola - the spectre of women rising to power. All the powers of old Eslandola have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: The King, the Count, the Council, the Merchants and the Army. Emmelyne Punkharst: Two things result from this fact: I. Women are already acknowledged by all Eslandolean powers to be themselves a power. II. It is high time that women should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Women in Power with a manifesto. Emmelyne Punkharst: The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Kiera Nightly (the one with the black hat): A what struggle? Emmelyne Punkharst: A struggle of men against women! Kiera Nightly: Ah. Ok. Emmelyne Punkharst: But together we will end this struggle and when we win, we will finally be in charge! Crowd of women: Hooray! Emmelyne Punkharst: But first I will invite you to tea and cake. I have baked this myself this morning. Crowd of women: Hip Hip Hooray, long live Emmelyne, our general secretary! Kiera Nightly: Is that your gwuinnee over there? Emmelyne Punkharst: Yes, isn't it cute? I bought it for just two dubloons. Kiera Nightly: How much is that in Pnence? By now the reader should have many questions. Like where is the King. And where is Lucy - we haven't seen her for some chapters. And what about that Marquis? Where is he coming from? Why is he a marquis? What about life, the universe and everything? Well, be patient, because most of your questions are going to be answered soon in the upcoming parallel (monkey-driven) storyline: The Marquis: Origins To be continued...
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Cookie's Mother's Day

    A small Eslandolean village. Sunday afternoon. 2nd Sunday of May. An old woman is sitting alone at a coffee tea table. There is a knock on the door. "Who can it be now?" she thinks, before it is clear. In steps Captain Cookie, armed with a bunch of flowers: "Ahoy mom!" Captain Cookie's Mother: Cookie, fine that you found the time to visit your old mother. Cookie: Happy Mother's Day, mum. Mother: Thank you for the fine flowers. Sit ye down, have a cup of tea. How is your pirateering going, Cookie? Cookie (blushes): You mean, my various trade activities? Mother: I know what I meant to say. I am 64 years old, do you think you can fool me? And you forgot to take the pirate hat off. So? Cookie: It's going ok, mum. I have opened a school for pirates and won a prize in a sandcastle contest. Mother: Fine, fine. Good boy. (There's a knock on the door) Cookie: Someone's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing a bell. Mother: Do me a favour, open the door and let 'em in. In steps Commodore T. Spoon, Captain Cookie's arch enemy. Mother: Tibby, fine that you found the time to visit your old mother. T. Spoon: Happy Mother's Day, mum. Cookie (thinking): He bought the same flowers as me. Again. Why on earth?? Just like the cactuses last year .. that are actually doing quite well on the window ledge. And my cactus has grown bigger... hehe. Mother: Thank you for the fine flowers. Sit ye down, have a cup of tea with us. How is pirate hunting going these days? Cookie (aside): grrrrr T. Spoon: Pirates? There are no pirates, mum. The seas are peaceful and quiet. You don't have to be worried. Mother: I know what I meant to ask. I am 64 years old, do you think you can fool me? How is pirate hunting going these days? T. Spoon: Sorry mum. Everything is going ok. I am heading the academy of pirate hunters now. Mother: Fine, fine. Good boy. T. Spoon: Can I have a piece of cake? Cookie: You wait until mum offers you cake! Mother: (to T. Spoon) Yes, Tibby, go, help yourself. (to Cookie) Will you stop bossing your brother around? Cookie (to T. Spoon): You are teaching those mean pirate hunter guys to catch pirates? How dare you? T. Spoon (to Cookie): You are teaching those pirates how to escape us? How dare you? Mother: Will you two cut it out! Cookie & T. Spoon (quietly): Yes, mum. Mother: And how is your mediation course going? Cookie (smirking): Tibby didn't come, he was afraid T. Spoon: You mean liar! You sent me a parrot telling me that the mediation course was off! Mother: Will you two cut it out! Do you always have to fight? We'll do the mediation right here and now: So, each of you will now tell the other what he likes about him! Cookie & T. Spoon (as one): Likes? Mother: Yes, you heard me. Likes. Go ahead! Cookie & T. Spoon (mumbeling): Well I kind of like the colour of your coat. Mother: Was that so difficult? Cookie & T. Spoon (mumbeling): No. Mother: And promise me that you don't duel each other again! T. Spoon: Not even with pistols? Mother: No, not even with pistols! Promise? Cookie & T. Spoon (mumbeling): Yes, mum, we promise. Mother (sighing): Finally! Now, who wants another piece of raspberry cream tart? Cookie & T. Spoon (shouting): Me, me! Mother (sighing): Boys... Wishing all of you - and your mums - a nice weekend!
  20. Garmadon, Kai NRG and Captain Braunsfeld proudly present: The Story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: you are here - Title "For Fernando" The Eslandolean Royalists appeared to be a stronger faction than previously expected. Another royalist rallye took place just a little later (cf. Chapter 7) in Terreli: The message was clear: restore the power of King Fernando! Spectators and onlookers were flabberghasted! ... and then they all sang that song again: Can you hear the drums Fernando? There was something in the air that night The stars were bright, Fernando! They were shining there only for thee For royalty Fernando! The crowd cheered! (to be continued) This episode was brought to you by "Lewisham's finest ham"! What? You advertise for that mean Count Lewisham? That is impossible! And what's wrong with that? I need to know. 'Cos here I go again. We stand with King Fernando! Get thee hence to ... Alright, I am leaving. But don't underestimate us. The Republic is not dead! ... that was strange....
  21. Garmadon, Kai NRG and Captain Braunsfeld proudly present: The Story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 - check this out if you want to know where the letter has come from Chapter 5 Chapter 6: Chapter 7: you are here - Title "Rumours" You remember the end of Chapter 5 when the assassin had turned to Lucy and said: "you will wish you had not seen me"? Well, we take it up from there: Lucy Diamond: You are threatening me? Really? Assassin in the water: Yes (to himself) You have to do something to make a living... Lucy: Well, I see two reasons why this is not such a good idea. Assassin: Like what? Lucy: First: I am not alone up here. I am with the guys from the King's Guard Musketeers. Assassin: pah! Lucy: And secondly: I don't believe that you can swim! Assassin (defiantly): Yes I can! Assassin: No, I was lying, I can't Lucy (slightly shocked): Oops, I was right... Assassin (has disappeared. Only his hat is floating in the water) Musketeer: Was he a Big Love of yours? Lucy: No. He was not the one with whom I would Tango in the Night. Musketeer: When I See You Again you must tell me more. Lucy: Sorry, I have to fly now, you know. Musketeer: Like an Albatross? Where will I see you again? Lucy: Everywhere! (leaves) Some time later: After Lucy had gone home (the squirrel still following her), the King's Guard Musketeers stayed on the pier and started a debate. Don Ertegnen: Our beloved King has left the capital! What is he up to? Athen: Oh, Well that's Second Hand News now. Porthen: Maybe he Dreams of becoming the absolute King again? Eremin: Or maybe he is Never Going Back again? (pauses) Don Ertegnen: Don't Stop! Eremin: Well, then You Can Go Your Own Way, and me and the others too. Porthen: What's that? Did I hear something? Athen: Just a Songbird probably. Don Ertegnen: The King shall break free from The Chain that is holding him! Athen: I love our King. And don't You Make Loving Fun of! Porthen: I Don't Want To Know Eremin: Our King, Oh Daddy, shall return! All: For King and Country! Tusk! Porthen: By the way, who was that Gold Dust Woman that we have saved here? Athen: It seems you liked her. But you say "blonde haired" not "gold dusted". Although it might be considered poetic. Ermerin: She was just a brave Royalist, like all good Eslandoleans should be. Don Ertegnen: Let's call up other Royalists too. We will rally for our King Fernando! Tusk! I hope you enjoyed the current episode and please tune in again on 92,27 kHz.
  22. Captain Braunsfeld

    Shipwreck island revisited

    Once upon a time there was a fine set with a monkey: Here is my new impression of it: I am probably going to reuse this for some storyline in the BoBS subforum - some time later. Have a nice weekend! C.B.
  23. Captain Braunsfeld

    [Esl-FB] Support for Damaborg

    The 1.254th Eslandolean Pioneer Regiment made it to Damaborg! "Supplies, supplies", they shouted as they tried to supply Damaborg with some basic shelter. The regiment was sure that the houses they erected would be further improved over time... This will be licensed as desperately needed housing for Damaborg! Finally I managed to make something out of the new torsos. I'd be interested in your opinion about these greencoats.
  24. Garmadon, Kai NRG and Captain Braunsfeld proudly present: Chapter 5: (This is chapter 4 where we left last time) Terrelli harbour. The King Mr Smith has joined Captain Cookie on board of the Decennial Duck: King Fernando: Here we are now. Entertain us! Captain Cookie (to himself): I feel stupid... Wait, who is that? The Marquis passed them by in his speedboat, loaded with gold and other stuff... He seemed to be not only a card shark but a quite apt captain too, carefully checking his course with compass and sextant. King Fernando (to Captain Cookie): You said you had the fastest ship? Captain Cookie: The fastest ship that takes on passengers. King Fernando: When will that Marquis arrive in the colonies? Captain Cookie: Before sunset. King Fernando: And when will we arrive? Captain Cookie: That'll take a few days... oh, look! The shady green pirate character they had seen in the cantina came rowing by... ... and was soon out of sight. King Fernando: Why is everybody faster than us? Captain Cookie: Well, it seems, were are still towed to the pier... Captain Cookie: Let's cut that rope... Just as the Decennial Duck was cut loose and started to take up speed, the assassin suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rushed across the pier, the dagger raised high in his right hand - ready to jump! He was fast! ... but not fast enough. Just at that moment Lucy Diamond appeared on the pier in her search of the King. The assassin turned to her with a grim sounding voice: My young lady, you will wish you had not seen me. (to be continued) The Story so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 - you are here This episode of "The Return of the ..." was brought to you by "The Great Magini" Terrelli's first address for magical equipment.
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    Surprise Meeting in New Oleon

    The soldiers of the Foreign Legion encountered two other soldiers, that were seemingly coming straight from Corrington. "Friend or foe?" "What?" "I said, friend or foe?" "That sounds quite old-fashioned. Wouldn't you ask for a password or watchword?" "Why is service in the Foreign Legion always so difficult? Ok, give me the password!" "Don't you have to give your part of the password first?" "Could be...." "Well then...." "Ok, then I say Canberra." "No, no, unfortunately that is not the password. Today's password is supposed to be Colorado." "Hang on, you are getting it wrong. If I say Canberra, then you must reply with the matching password." "But Canberra is not the correct starting word. You should have said Colorado." "And then?" "I would have answered Duplo." "That does not make any sense to me." "It seems you are not with Colonel Wattington's 31st Rifle Regiment?" "No." "Ok, then I read the map incorrectly. We should have turned left at that barren hill outside of town. Sorry for having disturbed you." "No problem, but move along."