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Found 289 results

  1. A little view inside life in Mitgardia while fierce fighting is going on in Kaliphlin... Unbenownst to most men in Mitgardia, coin minting is a core domain of the Mitgardian dwarves. And, before I forget it, I would like to claim UoP credits for: Trade and Law manufacturing Anthropology city scene Now, let us get back to the dwarves: Stage 1: melting of gold: Stage 2: gold is hammered into shape - using modern mechanics. Stage 3: gold is placed upon a belt Stage 4: the actual minting The finished coins are then assembled. Thanks for watching. C&C welcome.
  2. Hooray! Desert King troops have managed to destroy the source of power of the First Centurion! In a fierce battle the defenders were defeated: A large part of the battle raged in the garden of the Celestial Palace: The brave DK fighters (supported by Mounted Ostrich Bowmen) were excited about their victory. The defenders (dis-)appeared in the usual way... Key to the victory was ... ... the Desert King's fire mage ... ... who destroyed the artefact of the First Centurion with his magic flame thrower . The magic monument, that had been beaming with yellow thaumaturgical energy, came crashing down in flames. When its magic died, a loud, unearthly scream was heard through the gardens of the palace... C&C welcome.
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    [GA: D2, DK] We did start the fire...

    The much-feared Mounted Ostrich Archers have struck again! This oil pump will not be working any longer! Glory to the Desert King! This guerilla attack was brought to you by Captain Braunsfeld. C&C welcome!
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    [GA: DK vs. HC, B3] Set Them Free

    A small troop of DK Mounted Ostrich Bowmen were able to ambush High Council troops that were guarding prisoners of war: The prisoners - rarely-seen monkey-ish beings from some stranger parts of Kaliphlin - were released and happy! The surprise of the HC men was so complete that no fighting was necessary. View from above: (... and this time I did not forget the palm tree...) ... another week, another GA made and the world goes round .... C&C welcome!
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ10;DK] Taking Petraea by Storm

    Mage Network Newsflash! Desert King troops have won the battle of Petraea and have marched into the city. See it all in your nearest magical orb! Our "News Mage" is directly reporting from the south gate of Petraea, near the famous Temple of Poh'Sai'Dhonn, where Desert King troops are advancing as we speak: We are standing in front of the famous twin stairs of the Temple of Poh'Sai'Dhonn which are paved with pure gold! Man, this city is gloriously rich! But the fleeing defenders have no time to stare at the beauty of the city... The victorious troops are more than happy to take a look while more and more Desert King soldiers are filing through the famous gates. (On the very left: famous Mounted Ostrich Archers (MOA)) So this is all pretty much settled here, no surprises to be expected. And the Desert King wins this exciting match in the second half. (Note: Blue sky background is not meant to be part of the MOC.) C&C welcome!
  6. Having build a watch tower directly on the oil road, brave Desert King soldiers were able to defeat a non-surprise attack by Ulandus troops: Oil kept flowing throughout the skirmish... And the overview showing where the tower was built on the road: Thanks for looking! If I should win, I chose H6.
  7. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ6:B7] Diversion and Defeat

    The siege of Northwall took a surprising turn when Desert King forces managed to create a diversion that allowed DK forces to enter the city: Fatima the belly dancer was dancing so delightfully in the light of the evening sun that the guards could not resists and moved closer to watch her. And what a beauty she was! Unnoticed by the guards, mummy warriors rose from the sand and entered through the open city side gate. The happiness on the guards' faces was soon washed away... .. by midnight the city had fallen. I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Enterprise (second try)

    Following the creation of the first version of the USS Enterprise I have modified the MOC some time later (also some time ago): As you can see I have changed the overall structure to reduce the mechanical strain on the different parts. Of course, the drives are now less spectacular... The crew is happy nevertheless. .. that is how the ship is structured. It is possible to separate the ship in two parts. C&C welcome! Live long and prosper!
  9. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Greencoats on the March

    The new pirate sets give us great new possibilities. Here comes the army of Eslandola (is it?): Things you might be asking: - Bicorne: Was initially black and then painted by my wife (thanks!). - Tricornes: PoTC - Good pistols, rapier and musket: 3rd party pirate provider (3ppp).
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    Captain Braunsfeld Comics

    Comic This will make it easier to find things: The Curse of the Simian God The Curse of the Simian God (Part 1) The Curse of the Simian God (Part 2) The Curse of the Simian God (Part 3) The Curse of the Simian God (Part 4) The Visit The Visit (Part 1 & 2) (You will need to scroll down, comic starts after the harbour pictures.) The teaser:
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Medieval City House

    I was getting confused on whether I have posted this already or not - as I think I haven't, here are two medieval city houses: and, of course, they are modular: Thanks for watching! C&C welcome.
  12. My WZ 5 entry: A weary Desert King soldier guarding an important piece of the desert: ... while the sun is beating down on him ... I would like to claim UoP credits for: Landscape Design - sand dunes Geography - desert ... the lonely guard in the desert... I'm picking D2 as the next WZ if I win.
  13. Join me in welcoming Captain Braunsfeld as our new Pirate Regulator. He's going to be joining Mr. Phes, Capt. Stabbin, and myself as Pirate Staff.
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Custom Boat

    172D Inspired by "Shipwreck Defense" I have created a complete (custom) boat: C&C welcome!
  15. A nice Sunday to everyone! I am starting a new MOC series under the title "Updating the Classics". Having been inspired by a similar post in the "town" forum, I thought it would be interesting to apply modern bricks and building techniques to a few classic castle ships that we have seen in the 90s. The challenge for me in there is twofold: First I have to try to rebuild the original (which is not so easy due to lack of "historic" bricks), second part is to come up with a new version. 6018 Battle Dragon (Revisited & Original): 6018 Battle Dragon: The Battle Dragon is not one of the biggest ships for our knights... I was lucky - I (almost) had all the necessary bricks. In an updated version it might look like this: 6018 Battle Dragon (Revisited): The sail has the "dragon" on it. The dragon gallion is actually a very fine creation, so I kept it, just changing the colour and a few smaller parts. I thought that a sail and a rudder were useful additions. And that the crew could grow by 50%. More to come - C&C welcome! Edit: Part 2 can be found here: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager Part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited
  16. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Dunehill Castle

    Hi Everyone, I would like to present a recent project: "Dunehill Castle". Dunehill Castle is located in the northwest of the Siccus desert in Kaliphlin. The castle's guards have sworn to protect caravan routes through the desert against rogues and robber bands. Major Sirius Artanc leads his men into battle (if need be). You can find Sirius on the fourth picture, on the right. The idea to "Dunehill Castle" was threefold: First to create a cubic castle (similar to Coltherstone Castle Keep by frumpy), secondly to avoid my usual light grey/dark grey slopes but to use tan/dark tan for the rocky bits, thirdly to try some decent glass windows. And fourthly I needed to add a monkey because many people have asked me where my "iconic figures" have disappeared. So, let us move to the glass windows: I don't know whether you are familiar with "La Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona. I saw it a few months ago and was overwhelmed by the colours and lights. So this is why I used a red/orange and a blue window for the castle. .. and I have used all light grey legs I could find I hope you like this and I am awaiting your feedback! Edit: I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture wall techniques advanced windows and window frames Landscape Design sand dunes Anthropology life in Kaliphlin
  17. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited) part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager) Some of you may know the great "Sea Serpent". The set came out in 1992 and for some strange reasons, which I cannot reproduce, I happen to have bought the set (although that was the time of my dark ages). Therefore I was lucky to still find much of the original parts, including the sail. Some, of course, have disappeared over time. 6057 Sea Serpent (Revisited & Original): 6057 Sea Serpent: Once again, I have added Mitgardian colours. The gallion had to change from yellow to blue due to absence of the two smaller bricks. It is still a very charming ship. Small but efficient. 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited: My new version applies some of the new techniquesin hull design and my brick-sail-approach. Colour-wise I have tried to stick to the original. So far, this is the "revisited" version which I like the best. C&C welcome!
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Enterprise (first try)

    Hello Space-Travellers! The MOC I will present today was built some time back together with my children, who wanted to have a model of the USS Enterprise to play with: So we decided to re-use an old Millenium Falcon to build the main part of the space ship: We managed to get the basic shape alright, but in terms of stability the ship was a nightmare... The weight of the main part was a challenge. The ship was supposed to be able to stand on the ground without tipping over. (Don't worry, I'll show the crew in a later post) As counterbalance the back of the ship also had to become heavy. I.e. I had to use as many bricks as possible to add weight. (And this is why it does not look so good...) The front part of the ship could be separated from the back as you can see by means of technic bricks. That was reasonably stable. A lot of SNOT technique was used for the engine room. There was also room for a small shuttle: So, for a while, my kids were happy (and I had actually dreamt of a playable Enterprise since I was a kid myself). However, after a while I felt I had to redesign the ship because of the mechanical strain on several parts of the construction. (And I did not like the drives). This is why what I present to you is actually no more. Yet I thought it was worth while presenting (even if it has a kind of "this is not how to do it"-idea to it) as my 2000th post in this forum. Thanks for watching!
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] The Apple Watch - Freebuild

    The boy stood, watching, waiting. Autumn had come with a promise of ripe fruit and sweetness. The day passed by and so did grumpy carrot farmers from nearby Thorshaven. But the boy did not move. He stood in front of the tree and watched the apple. His apple. He waited for it to fall down. I would like to claim UoP credits for: - Anthropology: countryside scene. - Agriculture: harvest time. The scene is set in Mitgardia (when it is not covered with snow). Builder's note: I often struggle in finding good titles for my MOCs that help to draw attention to my creations. Maybe it will work out this time...
  20. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God (Part 4)

    Comic Hi, here is the fourth part of The Curse of the Simian God So, this part ends the "prelude" to the story. To continue I will have to build a lot of MOCs and to take a lot of pictures (which has not happened yet). BTW: "simia" is Latin for "monkey". Thanks for watching! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I hope you like it - C&C welcome!
  21. A New Hope Home for the City Watch Last week Samuel Marron and his men were able to move to a new headquarter: The captain was quite happy about this. The new place offered a secret exit through a rock piece in the foundation. Inside in the cellar were some installations said to be of "Elven origin". (Note: Well, it does not come out in this picture but it has got something to do with barrels...) C&C welcome!
  22. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God

    Comic Hi, I have been working on a new comic for the pirate section for some time and now I am able to start with the first part of The Curse of the Simian God (end of part 1) I hope you like it - C&C welcome!
  23. Hello, some time ago dwarven attack boats had been sighted in Tradewind Bay. Noone but the dwarves knew where they were heading. Their destination was a secret dwarf mine on a smaller island in Tradewind Bay. The mine was founded by Gangrosh (The Hammer). A statue of Gangrosh can be found near the entrance. A mechanism to open a secret door is included: What makes this mine special are the long railway paths leading into the mountain. This allows easy transport of mithril. ... and gold. Builder's notes: Building was fun, but photo-editing was an hour-eating nightmare. This is the largest display I have tried to capture. Was not so easy. So this is what has finally become of MOD: 7036 Dwarves Mine. C&C welcome!
  24. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God (Part 3)

    Comic Hi, here is the third part of The Curse of the Simian God What will they find behind the creepy passage through the giant monkey statue's mouth? (end of part 3) Part 1 Part 2 I hope you like it - C&C welcome!
  25. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God (Part 2)

    Comic Hi, here is the second part of The Curse of the Simian God (end of part 2) Part 1 I hope you like it - C&C welcome!