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Found 244 results

  1. A New Hope Home for the City Watch Last week Samuel Marron and his men were able to move to a new headquarter: The captain was quite happy about this. The new place offered a secret exit through a rock piece in the foundation. Inside in the cellar were some installations said to be of "Elven origin". (Note: Well, it does not come out in this picture but it has got something to do with barrels...) C&C welcome!
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God

    Comic Hi, I have been working on a new comic for the pirate section for some time and now I am able to start with the first part of The Curse of the Simian God (end of part 1) I hope you like it - C&C welcome!
  3. Hello, some time ago dwarven attack boats had been sighted in Tradewind Bay. Noone but the dwarves knew where they were heading. Their destination was a secret dwarf mine on a smaller island in Tradewind Bay. The mine was founded by Gangrosh (The Hammer). A statue of Gangrosh can be found near the entrance. A mechanism to open a secret door is included: What makes this mine special are the long railway paths leading into the mountain. This allows easy transport of mithril. ... and gold. Builder's notes: Building was fun, but photo-editing was an hour-eating nightmare. This is the largest display I have tried to capture. Was not so easy. So this is what has finally become of MOD: 7036 Dwarves Mine. C&C welcome!
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God (Part 3)

    Comic Hi, here is the third part of The Curse of the Simian God What will they find behind the creepy passage through the giant monkey statue's mouth? (end of part 3) Part 1 Part 2 I hope you like it - C&C welcome!
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Comic: The Curse of the Simian God (Part 2)

    Comic Hi, here is the second part of The Curse of the Simian God (end of part 2) Part 1 I hope you like it - C&C welcome!
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Monkey Statues on Pirate Island

    Hi, having seen vitreoleums reference to Monkey Island, I would like to present a Monkey Statue myself: I hope you like this - C&C welcome!
  7. Hello world! I would like to continue (and close) my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited part 5:MOC: Updating the Classics (5) - 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited) ) I think I have "updated" most of what could be found in 1980s and 1990s. So (drumroll) here it is, the final chapter: 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited) 6017 King's Oarsmen: This is a charming little boat, with two dragon heads. And with two brave knights. Sadly, I did not have any more of the originals. So I have chosen some of my oldest knights. The boat had a sail - so I could (once more) use my brickbuilt-sail-approach! 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited): This time I wanted to create something special... .... with a monkey in it... Monkey is sailing away happily... As you can see I have found a counterpart for the original two dragonheads. I am very happy to be able to close this with something funny. Thanks for watching!
  8. Hello world! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited) I am running out of original castle ships - but here is one more and one more will follow and close this series. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original & Revisited): 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original): As you can see I do not have the original knights. What is best about this boat is the dragon head as a gallion. That TLG designer at that time was really good. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited): So, it was key to keep the dragon head - I have only modified it slightly and changed the colours to have less contrasting colours. The new boat seems to come from Mitgardia. One more to come! I hope you enjoyed it. C&C welcome!
  9. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) This time I will try to do the "6049 Viking Voyager" some justice. The set goes back until 1987 (and I did not have it). 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited & Original): 6049 Viking Voyager: I have added Midgardian colours to distract from the key point that I do not have the original shield Also the "cover" for the treasure had been designed in white - I only have similar bricks in black. There they are, rowing away happily... 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited): A new model required the usage of the "real" vikings. The treasure "cover" was enhanced - and created in white. Overall colour scheme is meant to be close to the original. And then I thought that I need to do something special for the gallion (the original gallion is - frankly speaking - quite poor): .... and I think I was very successful! That was fun! I have used oars - they were not available when the original set came out (we are talking about pre-pirate times!). So, after this overhaul, the new vikings may row away in peace into the sunset! More to come - C&C welcome!
  10. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) Dubbadgrim has thankfully pointed me to 1752 Crossbow Boat (1996), a really small boat with one knight and two crossbows. I thought that the crossbow would have to be bigger for the new version. The set was also released as 1804 Crossbow Boat and and 2892 Thunder Boat. 1752 Crossbow Boat (Original & Revisited): 1752 Crossbow Boat: The original is one of the smallest boats put out by TLG. As I have run out of the correct black bricks I have rebuild the model using (old) dark grey. It possesses a certain charme: 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited: For the new version, a good crossbow was available I also thought it would be better to differentiate between the oarsmen and the crossbow men. So it got a bit bigger than the original. I could not stick to the colour scheme as I wanted to use some spare boat bricks. Then I was satisfied with the new edition. (No brick-built sail this time.) But still I think that TLG might have seen this as the "modern" version of the set: The series will continue! C&C welcome!
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Lighthouse (WIP)

    Ahoy, not sure whether I have posted this lighthouse already, well here it is to share and take a look: C&C welcome!
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Eagle - Space 1999

    Hello, as a kid I was a huge fan of Space 1999 (Mondbasis Alpha 1 in German). This led me to trying to build an Eagle out of bricks: The colours are not correct, as the enthusiasts will know, but my kids needed white & others so only red and blue were left for me at that time. Basically this was an exercise in stability & design, as I can lift the whole thing in the middle - and it does not fall apart. Also, it does not bend. These two modules are also not 100% like the original (there is only one module underneath an eagle) - I tried two for playability reasons. However, as you can see on the in- and outside they were never finished. Reason: My kids showed no interest in this model at all. So it went to sleep .... Still: I like those Eagles. Looking at the pictures right now I'd say the "legs" need some more improvement (too small). ... and the two modules look too bulky (but they can relatively easily be attached and taken off). The different parts of the Eagle are linked by sliding doors. Unfortunately for me, I have seen some other "Eagle-creations" here on the forum and I liked them much better than mine (both design & choice of colour). In any case: Your comments are welcome!
  13. Hello everyone, this is my first participation in a challenge. The MOC is part of the dwarf quest - A: Ancestors and Heroes. Three dwarves are visiting the statue of famous Bofur Silveraxe. They pray for strength in the battles to come. (One of them is the commander of the attack boats I presented recently) This is also the first time I have tried some mosaic technique for the floor. This is why the result is so "modest" - other builders are already much more experienced in this sector. All the best for you for 2015! edit: Can someone correct the typo in the headline?
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    Challenge III Cat C: Inventions

    Callenge III, Category C - Dwarves Side: The dwarf commander looked at the model of a fortress, deep in thoughts. Dwarfardo, the inventor, approached him: "Sir, I can present to you a model of a siege engine. It will bring us victory against the Drow." The commander turned, unconvinced: "You have come only with a model? How long will it take to build the real thing?" Dwarfanardo smiled: "Oh, the real thing was finished before the model. We can move it back in here in no time." This assistants helped to move the large siege engine. Dwarfanardo applied last touches. Then he was satisfied. So was the commander. "How do you call it?" he asked. "Well", said Dwarfanardo, "Wallbreaker came to my mind." "So be it". The next day saw the "Wallbreaker" in action against the Drow: (Ok, a bit of a "rush build" to make the deadline...) edit/addition: But Dwarfanardo had actually created two more deadly machines: The commander was impressed!
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Three Scientists Meet

    Hello, due to some miracle or very advanced future technologies three famous scientists (physisists) have managed to meet at some point in the Age of Discovery to discuss physics and personal matters: Question: Can you guess their names? (Well, if not, I need to redo the minifigs )
  16. Captain Braunsfeld

    New try at Steampunk Figbarf

    Hello out there. I would like to present my first Steampunk attempt - a figbarf: C&C welcome! Who is also interested in steampunk building? Captain Braunsfeld goes Steampunk: 1. New try at Steampunk Figbarf 2. [MOC] [steampunk] Sir Archibald's Mechanical Elephant 3. [MOC] [steampunk] Dr. Teslisons Airship
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Fortress on the Rocks

    Hi, here is some more of my work for our little dwarven friends: The Fortress on the Rocks (I am always bad at titles for my MOCs ) I hope you don't mind the black background, but as some snow has fallen, white wouldn't have worked out (and red would have been strange). This is the "left side" of the rather large MOC. My aim was to create a mountain which is inhabited below and on its top: The guards seem to be happy: There's a traveling salesman approaching: .. and a few guarded stairs lead up to a secret door There is the entrance to the fortress: .. .and the entrance to the mountain: A view from the right: Please don't pay attention to the landscape around the mountain. This was just added for the picture. The MOC is intended to be "just the mountain". And then this is all very modular: The mountain consists of three parts. The upper fortress is made up of four modules + draw bridge tower. I have included the Harry Potter secret door, to allow escape from the fortress' prison, but that is more on the funny side of things. I hope you like this and I am happy to receive your comments!
  18. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOD: 7036 Dwarves Mine

    Hi, I am about to modify my modification of the 7036 Dwarves Mine (I think I can do better now) which I have actually done some time back before all of the LOTR stuff started. Therefore I wanted to capture it before its gone. I was really fascinated when the dwarves mine came out. It was actually the first set which I bought several times. ... and now it needs some re-work
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Jungle Adventure

    Ahoy, I am still struggling to keep up to the goal of "one MOC per week", but I have something which is somewhat presentable: A Walk in the Park The Jungle Adventure! This is actually a part of the storyline I am working on. I fear I need to retake the pictures for that purpose - the lighting has not worked out as intended (and I probably shouldn't mention this not to spoil it for everyone... ) It has been quiet comment-wise on this forum, so I will be happy to read your comments! --- update ---