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Found 33 results

  1. Hi All, Just sharing a modification of the LEGO Bike Shop & Café set. My kid liked the original advanced build of the set but somehow it was a little too cramped even when opened up. We additionally tried the easy and medium builds to see how it felt but somehow it still lacked room to play. So we decided to revisit the whole concept of the Bike Shop & Café and modularize it. The concept of the modification is to merge the Bike shop and Café as one establishment allowing us to make a 2nd floor loft apartment, which meant more space across the board. We reused alot of the interior pieces from the original set which were really nice. We kept it to two floors to keep it relatively small, which gave us an opportunity to make a nice end lot to place with other modulars. Unfortunately we couldn't stick to just the original pieces so we had to use various additional pieces we had, a 32x32 baseplate and alot of 2x2 tiles for the pavement. My kid enjoys it and somehow prefers the removable floors vs the open-up approach. As there's alot more detail in this build and I can't put up too many images you can check it out here. Hope you guys like it.
  2. Apartment and Coffee Shop MOC by TopperTwist, on Flickr Hello all, this is my first MOC posted on Eurobricks! The exterior of the building is quite simple, and was inspired by old buildings around New York City. Minor SNOT techniques throughout, with the use of dark red as an accent and dark tan as the main color for the rest of the building. The bottom is a hipsteresque coffee shop, and the top two floors are an apartment. Exterior- Back by TopperTwist, on Flickr The back of the building (intentionally) looks dilapidated. Some texture details with exposed "pipes" and overgrown foliage. First Floor Interior by TopperTwist, on Flickr The interior of the coffeshop features a large main counter, with a whole row of flavor pumps beneath the windows. Other details include a coffee maker and decorative gas pump (from the Town Plan) and some paintings. Second Floor by TopperTwist, on Flickr The first floor of the apartment! My favorite part, for sure. Includes an open-concept kitchen, dining area, and living room. More details can be seen on Flickr, as well. Third Floor by TopperTwist, on Flickr The top level is the bedroom and bathroom. Bathroom is in the bottom left corner. There is also a large rug on the floor, and some furniture details. The painting above the bed was inspired by another Eurobricks user whose building skills I really admire, Kristel. She used a similar style painting in her beautiful Sand Blue Townhouse! Street View by TopperTwist, on Flickr The apartment next to some of the more recent official modulars for a size comparison. Thank you so much for viewing, feedback is always appreciated! Many more views and explanations can be found here:
  3. Ranger_Elegost

    Winter Village: Holiday Cafe

    My Entry for the "Winter Village" Contest. For my entry I decided to create a Holiday Cafe Moc for Santa's Village. People come from all around the world to experience the great tasting Coffees and Hot Chocolates from Santa's Village. More pictures will be available on my MocPages account; and my Flickr account; I hope you guys enjoy this, please leave a comment, Thanks :) Sorry, but I'm not sure how big the photos actually are, if this is a violation of the "Winter Village" rules please let me know and also please tell me how to identify how big a photo is.
  4. MichalPL

    Miami Beach

    Miami Beach Gallery Main Street Water attractions Yacht Rest Beach Hammock Melex Hotel Shops I invite you to comment :)
  5. eurotrash

    MOC: Soup Kitchen/Flop House

    My Lego Town is continuing it's economically downward trajectory with this addition of a Soup Kitchen/Flop House. It's in a run down part of town and it helps the locals who rely on it being open 24/7. Cheap wholesome food served hot! The facade is crumbling and there's some masonary in the sidewalk, the bricks are discolored (Yay for second hand bricks!), the drainpipes don't join in the middle, and the signwriters printer hasn't yet created a suitable sign ( ) From the rear Rickety steps leading up to the Flophouse entrance, the dumpster, and some graffiti artist admiring their work. Yep! It's a Banksy! Here's the ground floor Soda machine, bathroom, microwave, entrance lobby, bench seating, fully fitted kitchen - complete with big freezer, fridge, 6-ring burner, sink and storage. Wall mounted, large old-school TV tuned to a local station. Twin cup holders. Friendly service. The soda machine Upstairs the Flop House/Cheap Hotel Three bedrooms, one wash room, check in desk (complete with a dead rubber plant on top of some shelves). Here's the Soup Kitchen/Flop House next to my rundown Bar ( / Taco Truck ( I hope you like it and criticisms/suggestions/comments are welcome!
  6. Hi! This is my very first post, so I think I should give a short introduction to myself. When I was a kid I used to be a huge Lego lover and builder, but afterwards I haven't almost touched a brick for almost 20 years. Just recently the passion came back thanks to the modular buildings... I really love those models! I want to present here my very first MOC, the Comptoir Florian. The name come from my favorite tea house, located in Bruxelles (Rue Saint-Boniface 17) that I used as inspiration. Most of the bricks come from the Palace Cinema (10232) and the rest are parts I found in the brick wall in the nearest Lego Store... that's why sometime I was a bit too limited with the colors available. It's a half-size modular building composed by two floors: the ground one with the bar and the second one with the tea room. Here is the front view: And the back view: Detail of the entrance: Ground floor with the entrance, the bar, the stairs to the second floor and the door on the back side: From the back side: Detail of the bar, with a samovar, the tea boxes on the shelves and a chinese umbrella as decoration: Under the stair there is a small room used to store stuff: Back side, with a rubbish bin and some flowers: View of the first floor: Details with the fire place... I love the lamps hanging over the tables and the stairs :) : In the other corner there is a bookshelf with some books for the customers. On the walls there are a few modern paintings: The stairs with the lamps again: And now the top level with the facade and the roof: On the back there is a terrace with some flowers: So, what do you think? I would like to find some space for a small toilet (maybe in the room under the stairs) and a stair to access the top terrace.
  7. Hi! I'd like to present my latest MOC modular building, which I've called Black Velvet, after the cafe found on the ground floor. It's inspired by New York buildings. The owner has converted the space in the back alley into a little courtyard for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while they enjoy their coffee. The first and second floor houses an accountant office, with the reception and main meeting room on the first floor and the staff offices on the second floor. More images available on flickr. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!
  8. Kristel

    Winter Village: Cafe

    I am too clumsy to ski or snowboard, so when I do find myself in a winter village, the first thing I look for is a place to have a nice mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Hence, the natural choice for my entry to the Winter Village contest was a cafe! The footprint of the cafe is similar to the first three Winter Village sets. It has four subsets and 6 minifigures. Hope you like it. First up, a picture of the whole "set": The cafe itself: A view of the interior, with the guy who drinks eight cups of coffee a day because he has a crush on the pretty cafe owner: Another angle of the back to show some more of the detail: Final photo is a collage showing the details of the roof, the chimney and how the lightbrick lights up the transparent green and red plates above the front door: The lightbrick gives quite a nice effect. Unfortunately, my photography skills don't do it justice. Here is the flickr link for some more photos. C&C always welcome.