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Found 62 results

  1. My build for the contest uses sets #8068 and #42020, which have 408 and 145 pieces respectively, for a total of 553 pieces. I used 490 on the ship and 14 on the stand. Leaving 34 and 29 pieces unused. The Leftovers by CleverNiftyDude, on Flickr Major pin and axle shortage with these two sets. VTOL Heli-plane by CleverNiftyDude, on Flickr The stand,...barely stands, but I was able to get some cool banking shots,... as it slowly fell over. VTOL with Pilot by CleverNiftyDude, on Flickr Just happen to have a matching Technic Fig for scale,..Nice! Unfortunately my entry post will be pilot-less, as he is not part of either set. VTOL Cockpit by CleverNiftyDude, on Flickr A close-up of the pit, with assorted NF controls and interface. VTOL Top view by CleverNiftyDude, on Flickr Functions incude: Manual 90 deg. swivel of wings/props/landing wheels Manual tail fin rotation HOG prop spin. HOG Ratcheted rescue basket I think I'm going to try to get a few more photos before I enter it. Cheers.
  2. C-MODEL CONTEST ENTRY TOPIC This is the entry topic for the Technic C-Model Contest. DESCRIPTION Build an alternate LEGO Model out of one or two existing LEGO Technic sets. The total part count for the set(s) you use can't exceed 600, so you can either use a single set containing 600 parts or less or use two (different) sets with a combined part count of 600 or less. You can't use 600 parts of a 1200 part set. Since 2005 is the year I came out of my dark ages, I am also imposing a release date limit. The set(s) need to be released in the year 2005 or later. DEADLINE Deadline date is November 30th, 2014. Contest will be closed on Monday the 1st, so you will have the entire Sunday to build. CONTEST INFORMATION More information about the contest can be found in the general discussion topic. WHAT DO I NEED TO ENTER? Please take a careful look at the rules before posting in this topic. Each participant is obliged to create a post in this entry topic. Posts need to follow the rules stated below. Posts not following the rules will be disqualified so please read them carefully. ENTRY POST The entry post should contain: Name of your model Picture(s) of the original model(s) Short summary of the functions/features One or more (max 5) pictures of your model Link to your [TC5] topic Optional picture of leftover parts Optional video of your model IMPORTANT This topic should be used for entries only, so commenting is prohibited. Please use the general discussion topic for comments on the entries.
  3. Don't MOC too much, but found I have set eligible for TC5 contest. So gave it a try. Here is what I came up with on a first try - Rat Rod. No specific copy, just basic similarities. Functions: 1. independent fron suspension 2. drag type rear suspension 3. steering controlled from driver place 4. working powerful V8 inline 4-cylinder fake engine, connected to rear wheels 5. openable suicide type doors Still, quite a lot of (good) spare parts left, but I'm tight on some very basic pins.
  4. Hello everyone, this is my C-model for set 9393. It was created for [TC5] Technic C-Model Contest. I've used 343 parts out of 362 (including spare parts). It is a pickup truck with dump cargo bed with V4 engine under the hood. There were high demands from the client (my 4 years old son) on the functionality. Features: HOG + steering wheel (working simultaneously) opening doors (simple "lock" - half of the axle 4 fits in the door case - a small force has to be applied) opening hood (simple "lock" - beam 2x4 is locked by cross block 1x3 - a small force has to be applied) opening cargo bed soft chassis to simulate independent suspension 2nd HOG for dumping cargo bed and/or rotating axle for attachable accessories (disable dumping by shifting gear 8 aside from the worm gear) large attachable winch special "parking feature" for overcrowded cities :-) HOG + steering wheel, doors, hood and cargo bed opening Soft chassis Dumping cargo bed Attachable accessories And finally - smart parking :-) additional info on my web pages: http://lego.vanecek....del=9393-pickup pet
  5. Hi there, This is my first post on Eurobricks, and my modest participation to TC5. I worked with the 8047 "Compact Excavator" from 2009: This set was my first lego technic after my dark age (I could not resist when I saw it in the supermarket). It is rather small (252 parts), but nicely packed with functions for its size. The original B-model (a compact log-loader) is rather cool as well, and uses 229 parts. Building a C-model for this set was therefore my personal dedication to this wonderful set. Here it goes, a snow groomer: Design: I tried to provide as much detail as I could. The blade is full thanks to the (only) two panels from the original set. We also have a front light and a beacon on top. There is a bit of blue inside the cabin to evoke some seats, but no more there, as the space is occupied by the lifting mechanism of the blade. The two exhaust pipes are (maybe) oversized, but this was a necessity for a good playability. Functions: There are three: Lift of blade (left exhaust pipe, worm gear, 24t crown, lift arms) Lift of tiller (right exhaust pipe, worm gear, 8t, lift arm) Working tiller, driven by the caterpillars (12t-12t, 2 times). In addition, the blade is manually steerable (pin with friction). Some view to see the mechanisms: And here is how the thing works: In blue is the lifting of the front blade, in green the lifting of the tiller, and in red the rotation of the tiller. Recycling of parts: The model uses 213 parts, that is a bit less than the original B-model. But well, this is a C-model :) We have three real functions, which is actually better than the A-model! Gears are all reused apart from the turntable (which was not used as a gear in the A-model anyway), and the 20t with peghole. Four 16t are here not used as gears (the ones on the tiller), but the two 12t double-bevel, which were used as knobs for moving the arm on the A-model, are here functional and part of the transmission of the tiller. That's it... any comment welcome. I can post more pictures if needed (although there is not much more to show I'm afraid :D). Instructions are available at rebrickable (Alter-Lego is my pseudo on rebrickable, login was already taken on Eurobricks).
  6. Hello everyone, this is my c-model for TC5 contest. It is made out of a Quad Bike (9392) and a Black Champion Racer (42026) parts. Dimensions: Length: 21.5-23.5cm/Width: 15cm/Height: 9.5cm. 326 pieces used out of 343 (spare parts included). Weight: 331g. Functions: Suspension: Independent front, dragged rear axle: Steering: Working steering wheel. Pull back motor (RWD) with a locking mechanism: Openable scissor doors: Extendable/retractable front part of the car: Adjustable rear wings. 17 leftover parts (spare parts included): Video: More photos: I really hope you’ll like it...
  7. G'day. This is my entry to the Technic C-model contest. I borrowed my sons lego set and created this helicopter loosely based on the Apache helicopter. I used the technic set 9394 Jet Plane 499 pcs, The biggest challenge was to make it different to other helicopters and with limited pieces, so I came up with the idea of a handle and trigger that the faster you pulled the trigger (lever) the faster the rotor would spin but still be able to be free spun. Then have removable weapons and be sturdy enough for kids. 4 days of play from 3 boys it still works. Free Rotating rotor blades. Removable swivel undercarriage gun. Removable rocket/missile wing store pylons. Retractable front main wheels. Retractable handle for one handed use to lever to spin main rotor blades. Geared and sprung lever to spin main rotor blades. Movable pilotage system. ​9394 C Model Helicopter by jono.rocky, on Flickr 9394 C Model Helicopter by jono.rocky, on Flickr 9394 C Model Helicopter by jono.rocky, on Flickr 9394 C Model Helicopter by jono.rocky, on Flickr 9394 Left over pieces by jono.rocky, on Flickr
  8. Hi fellow addicts. A word beforehand, if I call the mechanism wrong, please correct me. I am currently still developing some kind of hooklift container truck as a C-model of 42009. This is more challenging than I thought. At first I had the idea of building a hooklift mechanism as it is common on trucks. But what I came up with was either too unstable or too bulky. So I was thinking about this a lot, then laid it aside for a while. Now I am back at it and have a new idea. I saw some other container trucks, the work with a simple hoist mechanism, but that seems somewhat inapropriate and I will only consider this as last resort. And then I came up with a idea of some kind of a boom that can extend. My idea was, that the "platform" can extend by half and the "hook" travels the hole length so the tipped platform can take on the containers. Still super complicated and probably impossible with the given parts. Now I have this boom idea tha is basically a boom like on the crane, but instead of extending, I have a crab going the whole length. Containers will be put off and on through tilting the boom and the traveling crab. I have a prototype, but before continuing, I wanted to ask if someone has a brilliant idea to make the crab more stable or rigid. As it is now, it will probably fail under load. Here is a picture of the boom center: The boom itself will be wider later to provide good travel for the container and to secure the crab to the sides. And here is the prototype crab: The wheels roll on the side liftarms of the boom. The 32L axle drives the wormgear, which then lets the crab travel via the gear racks of the boom. I would have shown this combined, but LDD wouldn't let me. The question is: How can I improve the crab to be more stable? Also there is a height difference. So if the 32L axle would rest in the black 3L pin with center pinhole, that would be awesome. I know the height difference could be solved by driving a 8T gear through the worm gear which sits on the same axle with a 12T double bevel gear which drives the gear racks. Getting the 32L axle to the same level as the pinholes of the boom would be brilliant. Also, here is the LDD file! Thanks in advance for all the help!
  9. Hello! I noticed that with the pieces of the set 42008 is almost possible to build the fantastic 8052 container truck. After some changes here is the final result. I also added the tilting of the cab and some aesthetic side. I hope you like it! See you soon with an "original" c-model;)
  10. While watching the for the new Digital Building Instructions, I noticed an unfamiliar motorbike in the background. (I've added some images as attachment, does that work?).It looks like a café racer based on the 8051 set, but as far as I can work out, it has some additional parts. The top half of the motor for example appears to be brick-build with parts not included in the set, so it's not a true C-model. I would love to build it but can't figure out the frame and the mounting of the handle bars. Any ideas?
  11. Hi, it's actually my first post in this forum as I mostly build digitally in LDD and unfortunately Technic and LDD don't go to well together. However, I've recently come across an announcement about a competition held at Rebrickable. Each contestant should build his own alternative model of one of five sets. Incidentally I happened to own one - a 42004 Mini Backhoe. So I got right to building, and even though my first attempt was a failure, the second one turned out pretty well. I am sorry about using LDD screenshots, I don't have a camera, but what I do have is an .lxf of my MOC Comments are welcome)
  12. captainmib

    9396 C-model

    I had two weeks of holiday and took set 9396 with me to have some relaxing lego building. I wanted to build a C-model for 9396 and I think it worked out quite nice for the idea that I had. It features: - Cyclic control with one direction for each joystick and seat. These pilots need to cooperate! Frontseat controls forward/backward movement. Backseat controls left/right movement - Working landing gear, controlled by the black 20 tooth gear and one sLA. - Fuel probe in front for aerial refueling - One part that isn't actually from set 9396. I think it's a pitty this set doesn't come with one or two universal joints. Pictures: Building a C-model is interesting and difficult at the same time. As you can see I tried to use some parts in different ways than on the A and B models. The main rotor is quite a heavy part, and the control needed to be sturdy, so that it wouldn't fall over or something. For this I used as much blue friction pins, and an extra link as support. To stop it's movement and hitting the helicopter I used some towballs with pin. (see picture below) Attaching the front wheel was a puzzle as well, there wasnt much room with the link to the front joystick. With all the moving beams underneath it is quite packed, but movement is smooth. Thanks for reading, comments are welcome. All pictures on my brickshelf. (once moderated)