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Found 65 results

  1. Hi! Today I finished the 3d model of 42043-C Zetros, so the complete instruction files is on the way! ..... This is my very first Moc that I have published, but the project isn't 100% finished yet. Got the 42043 Set last year, and then decided to rebuild it into an alternative build [C-Model] This is how the model looks like now, it needs a touch before it's done. The model is based on the real life Mercedes Benz Zetros. Technical detail will come as soon as possible, but here is some picture of it. Like the 42043-A this model has a pneumatic crane without the buckets. the crane is build with one pneumatic hose going through the turnable, It allows the crane for turning 4x360 degrees without damaging the hose. 4 valves is mounted at the back of superstructure for controlling the 3 pneumatic cylinders. Crane lifting capacitet: 200 grams of lego[full exspanded] Outriggers been rebuild too, because those on 42043-A had some issue under load. these ones are build like those on 8110, But also allows to fold the outrigger-leg upsite for better clearence. Outriggers arms is controlled independ [2 functions]because of the missing feature with tilting the Flatbed. Battery Box mounted at the back of the cab. with a openable cover. Steering is build like on 42043, and controlled by the 2 beacons. the cabin was hard to build with the few white parts in the 42043 set, but I think i maded i pretty good. UPDATE will come soon! Some facts Lenght: 64 studs ( 52 cm) Wide: 19 studs ( 15 cm) Hight: 26 studs ( 20 cm) [folded crane] Ground Clearence: 3 studs ( 2.4 cm) Weight: will come today Pieces in use: 2399 6x4 Full suspension on all axles Parts: 2300~2500 Openable doors and hood Foldable outriggers Single pneumatic hoses connection ( making the crane rotate 1020 degrees) 3 valve 1 input valve Crane lifting capacitet: 100~200 grams of lego Steering from the ledt beacon on the Roof Model is RC ready
  2. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOCS] 42043 C-model collection!

    A collection of c-models! These are all c-models that I designed for 42043, 2 of which have instructions (FREE!) and the third's are in the making. Here are the videos (note that the mobile crane was released in august and is not IN ANY WAY inspired by M1Longer's): The pneumatic tubes in this one were wrongly arranged... this is fixed in the instructions. This is why it was not entered for the contest. Thank you! ENJOY!!!! BrickbyBrick
  3. On August 8, 2016, I said I've had the set on display for a couple months, but I finally made a C-Model. And it's actually a monster truck. The body is completely my own design. And it uses something I saw in a rock crawler, by the builder "Max Lego." When one turntable turns one way, the other one turns the opposite way. There have to be obstacles of the same size for each axle, or the body tilts. Please tell me what you think, and have a great day.
  4. Lance's Plane & Trike My 3rd alternate model of Lance's Mecha Horse. The plane features a spinning propeller, working missiles, opening cockpit and detachable shield. The trike rolls on the ground and uses Flamethrower's mohawk for aiming the arrow gun. Both the models are surprisingly solid.
  5. Searching the web I stumbled upon this nice creation. The 42000 proves to be a nice model for C-Models. More picture can be found on Brickshelf. More information can be found on And the LDD File is available! Here's the original from the game:
  6. Hello I want to present my first "BIG" C-Model and one of my first MOC. It is a C-Model based on 42043 (Arocs Truck) I see that 80% of all MOC's are Cars so i decided to build an Transport Airplane. I used parts only from 42043 Set. About 60% of parts were used. The Model is 65cm long and 55cm wide. Features: - 2x Engine, 2 cylinder with rotating propeller powered by electric motor - can be swithed on/off via gearbox - Pneumatic folding front suspension - Pneumatic adjustable wing flaps - Pneumatic adjustable rear flap Thank You.
  7. They call those who ride them "rednecks". But while you may ponder whether the setup like this is an overkill or not, a pickup mounted on 10' wheels is a thing to remember no matter the circumstances. Features: ► forward/reverse drive ► separately-driven L6 turbocharged Diesel engine with moving pistons and cooling fan ► steering ► differential and gearing for speed ► simplified cockpit with steering wheel and IR-receiver seats. ► opening cab doors and hood ► exhaust stack ► details such as radiator with grille, front and rear lights, bull bar and reinforced bumpers, roof rack with extra floodlights, rear view mirrors, desert safety flag and fenders 42030 C-model, uses more than 80% of set's parts (loose assumption). 42 studs long and heavy. Despite its weight and only one XL motor as means of propulsion, it has a quite decent speed - it picks up (pun intended) a huge momentum - and an impressive turning radius. Engine is separately powered by L motor. Steering is much like in a video game, where both reverse and brakes are controlled by the same button. Unsuspected bonus: by accident, the bed is perfectly shaped to hold the RC control unit which consists of two RC pilots with a standard RC-car additions. The set's M motor lies dormant, waiting to be used on some extra function I can't currently come up with. It'd be hard to craft the instructions in LDD, but I'll try one day.
  8. Hi there, Just discovered the C-Model index, and realized that I have a few creations I could add to the list... 'cause I love C models :) Here is one I did some time ago with the 42035 set. Instructions are available on rebrickable. This is a small quad, featuring a fake engine driven by the rear wheels. The rear axle is also pendular, and the steering works. Here are a few more pictures: Any comment welcome :)
  9. I took my oldest set out of closet week ago. It's Designer set 4884 - Wild Hunters. ...and started building something cute out of it. I began with boobs, continued with body, arms, head and finally legs. I wanted her to be totally naked but I had to dress her little bit as I was lacking in tan bricks. Even she is not as curvy as I would like her to be she looks good and features good posability. So let me introduce you Woman in Bikini and High Boots. Do you like her?
  10. Since C-model contest began I was thinking about building something BIG but I wasn't sure if I finish it in time. So I've built this little pull-back trike to get "plan B" and then immediatelly began working on my second alternative model out of set 9394. I wanted to be the first who rebuilds this jet plane into boat but izorn was bit faster... So my alternate is hovercraft. Its main feature is quite unique steering. It turns just pair of rudders instead of whole propeller as you can see among official hovercraft models. This is list of all functions: three wheels chassis front axle drives propeller rear axle "HOG" steering that also turns pair of rudders opening windscreen steering wheel and adjustable seat in cab This is mechanism inside - green is steering and red is drive for propeller 41 left over parts And there are few pictures from building process bellow: I began with prototype of rear axle to check steering performance. Then I built the most difficult part of model - crossing of drive and steering axles. And this was first prototype of model. More pictures
  11. All of a sudden while at work, this idea came to me and I got so interested. Objectives: Bus as 42008 C Model Good looking as much as I can include bus details as much as I can pneumatic door and baggage driven by pump compressor motorized drive as a 3rd function (what else a bus has to offer?) manual steering easily removable battery Parts: approximately 930 parts out of 1276 Build time: around 3 weeks Limitations C Model, hence no parts outside 42008 allowed 42008 presents the folloing challenges: not enough lift arms to build a floor in the passenger area managing the available quantities of Green and Red beams to build the bus body and make a good choice where green and where red goes. weak pneumatics I'm new and this is my 1st serious try, I only built 42008 before this. In general I'm satisfied by the end product. Next are things I think could be better: hiding the pneumatic hoses, got lazy at that. sliding baggage door, (couldn't figure out how to do that) more sturdy/smooth steering two doors rather than one using the white gear I may try to enhance this later (as a free MOC), but for now I will go to build some car sets to learn more about vehicle functions. I will start with 42029. Thank you for having a look. Remaining parts (around 340)
  12. Thrill of a chase or laid back touring? Here's your powerful kustom chariot. Flamboyant, sleek and fast, this street rod is a perfect machine for touring or racing. Powered by a boosted V8 engine adorned with velocity stacks, this automobile with a getaway car vibe has a dangerous stance and even more dangerous exhaust manifolds. Features: ► V8 engine with rotating pulley and velocity stacks-adorned intake manifold (no cylinders) ► rigid transmission (three Cardan joints; without differential) ► steering with working steering wheel and a HOG ► rear hinged ("suicide") door ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats ► "winged-boat-tail" design body with coupé roof, spoiler-mudguards and two straight, quadruple exhaust pipes ► details such as doubled rear wheels, fake brake discs and brakes, floodlights, rear lights, turn lights and suicide bumper 42024 C-Model
  13. Hi, Everyone Here is my very first Technic MOC 42038 C-Model - Snow Buggy Hope you like it Features - Front and Rear Suspension (Live Axle) (I used the same design of main model) - HOG attached to the rear axle, (It moves acording Suspension) - Adjustable and Working Steering Wheel - Adjustable Seat via MiniLA - Winch with simple lock system (Using another 8T gear fixed) - Exhaust Pipes, Front and Roof Lights Pics Leftover Parts (Around 220) More Pics
  14. Hello , I finally bring the instructions of the last alternative to 42022, the truck. Remember that the original idea is not mine, at the end of the post is the video of his creator The original video Instructions: 42022.lxf
  15. Hello Eurobrickers!!! Here is the C-Model of 42009 Mobile Crane General specifications: - 2100 pieces - Size: 61x20x17 cm - Weight: 2,1 Kg Manual functions: - HOG steering - Wheel lift raise/lower - Fake v8 engine - Winch Gearbox for operating motorized functions: - Wheel lift extension - Wheel lift opening - Tilting bed - Sliding bed Extra features: - Opening doors - Interiors with some details - Toolbox - Different system On/Off Power Pack Some pics: Full Tilt Side View I hope You like it!!! Thanks again for your priceless support! Youtube Video: Building instructions are Work in Progress
  16. Good day! Today I would like to present my 42022 c-model - Custom Motorcycle. It features: Steering, front and rear lamps,suspesion because of some flexibility in the chassis , detailed fuel tank ,exhaust pipe , and some minor details . Foto gallery: Istructions(LDD file): Small video: Thanks for reading ,comment and rate!
  17. Hello Technic Folks! Here is the C-Model of 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader. It's a telehandler, inspired by Caterpillar TH514C. General specifications: - 1520 pieces - Size: 57x21x19 cm - Weight: 1,9 Kg Motorized functions: - Drive - Four wheel counter-phase steering - Boom (Up - Down) - Tele (In - Out) Manual functions: - Bucket (Dump - Crowd) - Outriggers Other features: - Fake Four-straight engine - Engine access Some pics: Boom Side View Front Lights Engine Bucket Youtube Video: I hope You like it! Have a nice weekend!
  18. I made a C-Model out of the Customized Pickup Truck set. The details are posted here. I will add a video this weekend. Video now available.
  19. Hello Eurobrickers!!! This is my C-Model of 42008 Service truck General specifications: - 1210 pieces - Size: 35x13x17 cm - Weight: 1,18 Kg - Time for design & construction: ≈ 1 month Manual functions: - HOG steering - Crane rotation - Openable doors - Winch - Openable side walls Gearbox for operating motorized functions: - Crane raising - Outriggers - Tilting bed - Pump compressor Pneumatic functions: - Second axle wheel lift - Opening arm Little description: Initially I thought of doing a completely different front, but in the end I preferred to use the one of the main model (with minor modifications). This allowed me to save beams and axles, the latter used to implement other functions. A big problem has been to design the rotation of the crane, not so much for the system, but for the arrangement in the cabin (under the seats is quite intricate because of HOG, crane rotation and stabilizer functions). Some pics: Outriggers Crane Back View Leftover parts Hope You like it!!! Thanks again for your support! Youtube Video:
  20. BusterHaus

    42032 C-Model

    This is the smallest C-Model I've built to date. It's a futuristic snow mobile made with parts from the 42032 Compact Tracked Loader. There height of the rear suspension is adjustable and it has a small 4 cylinder engine in the rear. Here are some pictures: A couple of other pictures:
  21. In anticipation of the Technic crawler crane which will be released in 2015 by Lego, here is an alternate model for the 42038 set. It's the first MOC I've built using tracks, and I quite enjoyed the process. It has 3 functions (rotating superstructure, tilting boom and hook/string) and a bogey suspension. There are a few more pictures in this blog entry. * * * Update: Instructions are now available.
  22. iam starting an other alternate for 42008. this time is the goal a dragster truck like the iconic Super boss from Tyrone Malone this is actual what i have 100_0600 von efferman auf Flickr
  23. I use only parts from lego 42029, since I only have this set at the time.It might not be perfect, but with limited parts this is the best I can made out of it. Check out the video here: If you interested to build one I got a simple photo instruction at link below: It is an easy modification, it has the same chassis as A-model but shortened. same gearing mechanism as well, but back tipping mechanism was not use.
  24. Hi! I would like to present you my TC5 competition entry: I named her The Dawnbreaker She's built out of 9392 Quad Bike and 42026 Black Champion Racer. She features independant front axle and dragged rear axle suspension, RWD by a pull-back motor, chain driven single cylinder fake engine, automatic return-to-centre steering provided by a huge caster angle (steering is done by the steering wheel in the cab) and manualy adjustable rear wing. I used all the stickers from 42026, which are the best looking stickers LEGO ever made, and none from 9392. Some more photos... I have a leftover of 54 from 343 pieces including spare parts (13 of those are chain links). I am really satisfied how it turned out and I think there won't be any more changes to it. I hope you like it as much as I do. I thank you in advance for your comment and constructive criticism. Building instructions available on, enjoy Best regards, Miha
  25. TECHNIC C-MODEL CONTEST - RESULTS Lots of people like building C-Models. Working with a limited set of parts brings out the creativity. This resulted in 46 contestants participating in this contest. A lot of cool and original entries, so as usual the voting proved to be hard. Except for the 1st place, that much is clear! Here are the results of the Eurobricks Jury! 1st Wheeled Excavator by TGBDZ Entry Topic - Discussion Topic Our new Latvian member TGBDZ came, saw and conquered! What a way to join the forum. He turned the otherwise mediocre (debatable) 8071 Bucket Truck into a great looking excavator, with lots of functions! 2nd The Dawnbreaker by MajklSpajkl Entry Topic - Discussion Topic From the moment MajklSpajkl posted his Dawn Breaker, it was clear that his entry would end up on the podium. He only had one problem...TGBDZ. Great work nonetheless! 3rd Hybrid Rocket Off-Roader by Doc_Brown Entry Topic - Discussion Topic Oops, he did it again! After a gold and silver medal, Doc_Brown is the first to collect (all) three medals. Maybe it's time to ban Doc. Traveling back and forth to the future seems like cheating Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for joining this great contest I will contact the winners via PM to handle their prizes. CONTEST INFORMATION Name: Technic C-Model Contest Start Date: 17-10-2014 Entries: 46 Valid voters: 135 Total points: 3510 Members participating (building and/or voting): 154 WINNERS 1. Wheeled Excavator - 462 Points (73 votes) TGBDZ (entry 9) 2. The Dawnbreaker - 266 Points (50 votes) MajklSpajkl (entry 6) 3. Hybrid Rocket Off-Roader - 238 Points (42 votes) Doc_Brown (entry 27) CONTEST RESULTS 1. Wheeled Excavator - 462 Points (73 votes) TGBDZ (entry 9) 2. The Dawnbreaker - 266 Points (50 votes) MajklSpajkl (entry 6) 3. Hybrid Rocket Off-Roader - 238 Points (42 votes) Doc_Brown (entry 27) 4. Foxy - 225 Points (49 votes) Zblj (entry 33) 5. Clock - 200 Points (43 votes) torso (entry 28) 6. Ornithopter - 191 Points (31 votes) Baelyrn (entry 37) 7. Pull-Back & Go-Kart - 174 Points (39 votes) rumpletump (entry 3) 8. The Rare Red Grader - 168 Points (49 votes) Jeroen Ottens (entry 21) 9. Road Roller - 149 Points (35 votes) Mbmc (entry 25) 10. Mars Rover - 141 Points (27 votes) mescalinum (entry 1) 11. VTOL Heli-Plane - 135 Points (38 votes) Dohed44 (entry 36) 12. Bobcat Compact Loader - 125 Points (27 votes) farmer bodo (entry 43) 13. Beach buggy - 108 Points (31 votes) MrTekneex (entry 5) 14. Tiltcabin Off-Road Racer - 103 Points (26 votes) erelender (entry 45) 15. Log Loader - 96 Points (21 votes) Wiseman_2 (entry 20) 16. Snow Groomer - 77 Points (28 votes) jyd80 (entry 15) 17. Hovercraft - 68 Points (19 votes) Tomik (entry 40) 18. Eagle 9394-LK Helicopter - 66 Points (20 votes) jono.rocky (entry 4) 19. Rat Rod - 60 Points (19 votes) zux (entry 41) 20. Ye Olde Race Car - 59 Points (12 votes) kennywest (entry 30) 21. Daydream - 42 Points (12 votes) sm (entry 17) 22. Civilian Batpod - 41 Points (13 votes) BigCatBoy (entry 11) 23. Sidecar Motorcycle - 40 Points (15 votes) ms09 (entry 2) 24. Crane Truck - 33 Points (8 votes) LegoDejc (entry 35) 25. Logging Truck - 27 Points (5 votes) PETI00 (entry 42) 26. Vintage Motorcycle - 24 Points (6 votes) pint14 (entry 8) 27. Helix - Intermeshing Police Helicopter - 24 Points (11 votes) captainmib (entry 26) 28. Pickup Truck with Dump Cargo Bed - 23 Points (8 votes) petcz (entry 22) 29. Ferrari 458 - 21 Points (5 votes) CharlieBravo (entry 16) 30. Irish Rover - 16 Points (4 votes) BusterHaus (entry 10) 31. Kirovec K700 - 15 Points (5 votes) Renamed99 (entry 7) 32. Snorky - 15 Points (7 votes) 326 (entry 24) 33. Orange Buggy - 14 Points (2 votes) miguev (entry 23) 34. Mississippi Powerboat - 14 Points (7 votes) Appie (entry 38) 35. Yellow Mars Rover - 11 Points (7 votes) deehtha (entry 46) 36. Motorboat - 10 Points (4 votes) izorn (entry 14) 37. Front Engine Buggy - 9 Points (4 votes) Dalafik (entry 13) 38. Tow Truck 8071C - 7 Points (2 votes) GaBika (entry 39) 39. Dune Buggy - 6 Points (1 votes) veryrusty (entry 18) 40. Can-Am Style Race Car - 4 Points (3 votes) Seasider (entry 19) 41. Viper Pod - 2 Points (1 votes) veryhappy (entry 29) 42. Dakar Truck - 1 Points (1 votes) Lauris (entry 44) 43. Half-Tracked Grass Cutter - 0 Points (0 votes) robertdeartois (entry 12) 44. Big-Light Buggy - 0 Points (0 votes) jeanska79 (entry 31) 45. Monster Truck - 0 Points (0 votes) Dapper (entry 32) 46. Ultra Racer - 0 Points (0 votes) cgg199 (entry 34) Total Points: 3510 VOTERS 1. _Cookie_ (Joined: 29-06-2014) 2. 2-Cold_Technica (Joined: 12-03-2014) 3. 326 (Joined: 27-08-2014) 4. 5imon (Joined: 26-11-2014) 5. a_h_adl (Joined: 08-10-2014) 6. activiapeche (Joined: 18-10-2012) 7. Adolfo (Joined: 07-07-2014) 8. aol000xw (Joined: 13-08-2013) 9. Appie (Joined: 21-04-2014) 10. arik (Joined: 16-07-2013) 11. AxelKang (Joined: 12-01-2014) 12. 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