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Found 37 results

  1. 1. Hi everyone. I’m new here but I have been building with LEGO-bricks for quite a long time. Hence this short story about my LEGO past. The theme, as far as you can call it a theme, what I’m working on is building buildings on a scale of 1:25. Why on that scale? Because it is indeed quite different from the general scale that is now called minifig scale. That is mainly due to the time I got my first LEGO as a child. That pretty much coincided with the moment LEGO sets were on sale for the first time in The Netherlands. The box I got was one of those boxes in which the bricks were neatly laid together as chocolates in a chocolates box. As a child, I found those doors and windows far too small and soon I made these door openings twice as wide and eight bricks high. This made my buildings far more playable. Later on, I found out that the width to height ratio of this self-made door opening 1:2.4 was, which corresponded reasonable well with real doors in real buildings. The height of the door was eight layers or 76.8 mm. Compared to the usual door height of 2 meters, that gives a ratio of 1:26. I made it 1:25 because that calculated a bit easier. Due to the limitations that the LEGO-parts give you, you sometimes have to ‘give and take’ when it comes to the exact scale of your MOC. The second reason of not building in minifig scale is that in those days minifigs simply did not exist. They came into play much later on, in a time I was in my so-called ‘dark ages’. I am regularly asked why I am not going to build on minifig scale. The only explanation is that I simply can’t handle the length/with ratio of the minifig. Take the height and then the width is not right. Take the width and then de length is not good. Keep the aspect ratio of the minifig and you get a distorted picture of your MOC. Nevertheless, I have seen very great and beautiful buildings and layouts on a minifig scale. Those builders then roughly holds a scale of 1:40. The minifig would in reality be 160 cm high and 64 cm wide. And it is accepted that medieval cottages have a ceiling of 4 meters in height. So, forget the ‘scale’ of minifig scale and look at the creativity of it… Miniland scale would be another alternative. There are some builders who are active on this scale and archive very nice results. The disadvantage is that you quickly have to deal with very large dimensions with buildings other than houses. The costs then will rise very quickly and transport to events will be an insurmountable problem. By the way, Miniland scale is also taken broadly, and often varies between 1:22 and 1:13, depending on the size of the real building. Easy to calculate if you count the layers of the door height. In the meantime, I’m so used to my “own” scale of 1:25 that I almost automatically feel whether the proportions are right or not. So, I’m not going to change that scale. I think, it is a good average between minifig scale and miniland scale. Maybe, it is a pity that I cannot use figures on my buildings. Certainly no minifigs. Normally, I don’t think those figurines are that important. But they do bring more liveliness and viewing pleasure, especially for the kids. And it gives a feel for the ratio and size of a building. The only LEGO-figurines that fit in in terms of proportion are the little dolls from the Belville series. With their height of 75 mm, they correspond reasonably to the human size. So that explains the presence of those figurines on some of my buildings on LEGO-events. Although there are also many visitors who do not recognize the little dolls as LEGO-figurines and sometimes even think that it is Playmobil. Anyway, then there is something to explain…
  2. sander1992

    [MOC] Pursuit in Russia

    Hi everyone, I just finished my next build. Batman is luring the Parademons away from the Mother Boxes. The Justice League can take on Steppenwolf to stop him from terraforming the planet. For more pictures, look into my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  3. CodyCorvetteZR1

    My LEGO City and Car MOCs

    Hey guys! CodyCorvetteZR1 here! I joined the Eurobricks because I want to make LEGO buildings and cars. I make MOC's because I want to experience building my own designs. I also make story models here to make short stories in here.
  4. I have two modular buildings: Palace Cinema and Brick Bank. Which modular would fit between the two?
  5. I'm Yves from Montreal city, Quebec province in Canada. While I don't consider myself a true AFOL as I don't build big mocs, I still love legos and I love to find out the unlimited creative talent of others. I'm not into castle, themes etc. I'm more into buildings, vehicles, technics (I have many technic sets... not the recent ones). I've been working in the industrial Automation fields (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller) for 30 years and I also own few mindstorms sets :) But I did not really "played" much with them yet. I've been off of the scene for about 10 years but recently, I stumbled on my old Lego Interface B (9751 - 70909) and had an Idea. 10 years ago or so, I did some VB.Net project to control this old baby. Was OK, certainly better than nothing but still lacking of some friendly programming language like we have in Automation. Then I had an idea to revive the Interface B. I'm going to share in the proper section if I can find it :) Here's my old brickshelf gallery:
  6. LegoModularFan

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Hey guys, I decided to create this topic and the main idea came from this and this post (so special thanks to @danth and @Digger of Bricks!). I would like to highlight three things before I start to post inspirational MOCs: I’ll post three staff picks everyday! Please feel free to post your favorite MOCs! Have fun admiring and taking inspiration from those great MOCs Top three MOC’s IMO in Baroque architecture: 1. This incredible Baroque Church by @Jellyeater! 2. This amazingly detailed MOC by @pj_bosman! 3. This greatly shaped modular by @cimddwc! Here are the three best Baroque MOC’s IMO! What do you think about them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG made? Here are the Steampunk ones: 1. This incredible layout made together by @castor-troy and @domino39 (they also made one MOD of the PR and the MS and two MOD’s of the CC included in this layout. But they look so different that they are more MOC then MOD). EB topic here and Flickr albums with more photos here, here, here and here. 2. These great Steampunk modulars by @adde51! 3. These very interesting modulars by @Zilmrud who as well made great MOD’s of the PC and the BB! Here are the three most gorgeous Steampunk MOC’s IMO! What do you think of them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG ever made?
  7. sdrnet

    MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    Here is my new MOC. After doing for 5 years with the winter season I wanted something summer! On the first day of Spring, however, this moc came to my mind. I imagined drinking a good coffee sitting at the coffee table at a seaside bar. So I decided to design this moc very different from my usual themes but just as fun to build. The moc is built on four 32x32 bases. As an inspiration I chose the Riviera Ligure where I occasionally make a turn, but all that was invented without relying on real scenes. The four colorful buildings you see in the background are (starting from the left): a bar, a souvenir shop, a grocery store, a florist. At first I wanted to do only the part of the facade and then I decided to make simple interior embellishments (as always) from the back. The cobblestone part is a classic walk through the seaside villages with benches, lanterns, flower beds ... The beach is still not crowded because I imagined a pre-summer period in which there are still few people around. The entire moc was built in 3 months (in time scraps) employing about 5,500 pieces. Hope you like it. Will be presented live in a few days in Italy - Lecco 2017. Hello everyone! Very welcome comments! Sandro Full gallery on Flickr:
  8. My entry for round 4 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, though I figured it fit quite well in Avalonia as well. I really enjoyed experimenting more with Elvish architecture with this build, as well as the colors and patterns. One of my main goals was to include as many non-square elements as I could, like the gardens, fountain and rounded base, which I think ended up turning out quite well. I’ll definitely be doing more elvish builds in the future, as it’s an incredibly fun style to build in and this ended up being one of my personal favorite builds of mine to date. Credit for how to fill in the rowboats goes to Simon NH, and Marcel V. and Vitreolum for the harp and lute respectively. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  9. BrickWorld_PL

    [MOC] Shopping Center

    Hello, I decided to praise my work. This is my first post, first photo sharing on such a large scale. I know that my building is not perfect, but I would like to hear your comments. I hope they will be useful in the future and help me lift my skills. Probably the shopping center looks better in reality. I have some problems with proper lighting. What's more, the center is relatively large, but the interior is quite cramped. I had some trouble shooting some of the shops. It's very hard to show all the features and details. Lego shopping center MOC by BrickWorld_PL, on Flickr Lego shopping center MOC by BrickWorld_PL, on Flickr Lego shopping center MOC - interrior by BrickWorld_PL, on Flickr More? See full album on Flickr
  10. soccerkid6

    Dwarven Trade in Dale

    My fourth entry into the 14th Colossal Castle Contest, for the Traveling Salesman Category. I was inspired by the architecture of Dale from The Hobbit, and also Legopard and The Brick Vader’s rendition of Venice. Every building has a full interior. The dwarves of Erebor sell many of their fine wares in Dale before continuing on their sales circuit to Mirkwood. Their skill in smithing and quarrying fine gems is well known. See all the pictures here. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  11. Hey! Welcome to the modular pedestrian street! It is not just a modular building! You are waiting for exciting adventures and search for hidden treasures! Let's try to find them first! More images of the project you can see here: project is fully compatible with the official Lego modular buildings.The set is made in three basic plates 16 * 32: two - for buildings, one for the pedestrian zone.In the buildings there are jewelry store with jeweler's office, hostel, souvenir shop, small bakery/cafe, and the secret room with treasure. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROJECT here:
  12. legophisto

    Various micro stuff

    Hi everybody, here are some pictures of micro creations and similar stuff I have built in the last week. Most of them are entries to the Rebrick microbuild contest. I had to come pretty much out of my comfort zone as I usually build just cars. It was great fun and I hope you like it. Rebrick Micro Compilation.lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Ancient Greek temple: Antiker Tempel(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Bumper cars: Auto Scooter.lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Light bulb: Glühbirne(2).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Dick Mack's Irish pub: Irish Pub(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Classic swing ride: Kettenkarussell(2).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Maya pyramid: May Pyramide(1) by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Mussenden Temple: Mussenden Temple(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Nelson's column: Nelson Column(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Ferris wheel: Riesenrad(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Scrabo Tower: Scrabo Tower(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Football stadium: Stadion(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal(3).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Classic red phone booth: Telephone Booth(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Thanks for watching!.
  13. Severus A

    Few pictures from my town layout

    I've uploaded few images and a short video from my town layout presented these days at one of my RLUG (Brickenburg) events. brickenburg 01 by Severus A, on Flickr brickenburg 02 by Severus A, on Flickr brickenburg 04 by Severus A, on Flickr brickenburg 05 by Severus A, on Flickr Train Journey @ Brickenburg Town by Severus A, on Flickr More pictures could be seen here:
  14. Hi Lego experts, I am planing to purchase this LEGO® Architecture Studio. Any one have play or use this before ? Mind to share your experience ? Thank you in advance.
  15. LittleJohn

    [A - G04] A Diminutive City

    Location: G04 - Fractor V Tags: Building, Vehicle While scouting out Fractor V, an Octan explorer came upon a tiny, yet highly advanced, alien civilization. He was going to get a closer look at some of the buildings when he noticed several hostile looking spaceships coming right towards him! Deciding a closer look could wait, he turned heel and ran. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt: Link Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  16. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    I started this massive project in the summer of 2014 but took a year-long hiatus to let it collect dust in my parents' house, only to finish it a year later. I had the most fun trying to fit all of the scenes I could into the buildings. It was challenging to light the whole thing, as well as finding a way to build it as tall as possible. In addition to inspiration I drew from the prequel trilogy, the Old Republic video games provided some neat ideas, mainly in the likeness of the citizens roaming the streets and a couple of the rooms. I tried to echo some of the classic visuals from Blade Runner and similar "cyber-slum" design motifs. Enjoy, leave feedback, and if you want to see more, hit that Flickr link! Cheers! Finn Yours truly!
  17. Hi everyone, I've recently finished one of my modular scale cars in real bricks, the Lamborghini Aventador. Currently, i have LDD files of a Mercedes, a BMW and also a Truck who will be finished soon. My scaling Trucks: 7-8 wide 15+ plates high maximum 2 minifigs in height Supercars: 6-7 wide 8 plates high below Minifig shoulders standard Cars: 6 wide 9 -10 plates high middle of Minifig head i dont use any of the availiable mudguards, so the width stays the exact width in total. I find Cars thinner than 6 wide unrealitsic - compared to the Minifigs and the Modular Buildings, that explains the wider than 'City' style scaling you see here. The wheel types i choose are also smaller than 'City' scale. Also, its possible to fit more than one minifig inside - or- to have it completly filled with bricks for windows etc. I thought, id share those pics with you guys, because i've read that some people are not all too happy with the City vehicles in their Modular Streets? I personally find this scaling and building detail more fitting to the modulars. What do you think? Watch the video below to see all the pics i've made of this model. Lamborghini Aventador for sale video by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr To show scale in front of a Modular (i frankly dont own any, so this has to do for starters). A bunch of fans waiting for their entry to the cinema. But before that, a special guest will arrive first. who will it be? an actor from the new Star Wars Film? possible autograph time? we dont know.... Modular Cars by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr The model ontop a brickbuild road Aventador roadster with figs by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Lamborghini Aventador by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Currently being worked on in LDD, i will make them 1 plate higher than shown on the photos, the rear must gain more height compared to my supercar scale. This is a replica of an AMG low tuned Mercedes E class. The windows can be taken out to fit 2 figs inside (leaning them figures back) Mercedes by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Mercedes by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr This BMW is on the same platform, still needs some more work. BMW Wip by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr many greets and thanks for stopping by, i will upload more pics to this thread once im done with the other cars. Until then, stay safe!
  18. _Galadriel_

    [MOC] Townhouses-Dollhouses

    I had an idea to build a town diorama, but with completely furnished interiors, so you could see the life of minifigs both outdoors and indoors. So these are the first two buildings I've made. There's an apartment on the first and second floor and a grocery store on the ground floor. I had to hurry up to finish this in time for our exhibition a few weeks ago and I didn't have enough time to furnish this building so I decided they just haven't moved in yet. :) The ground floor will be done soon. The second building is actually made of two semi-detached houses. There are two ladies living in these houses and as you can see from their apartments, they are quite different from each other. Higher resolution photo of the interior can be found here: https://c2.staticfli...441722c1c_o.jpg All suggestions are welcome. My Flickr page:
  19. Hello everyone! As promised, there are some pictures of my new version of my winter village (taken during the fair in Lecco 1 to 2 August 2015). An adventure born three years ago and still carry on with passion by adding new modules, buildings, scenes and details. Take pictures around the complete diorama begins to be complicated having arrived to 2.5 meters wide and 1 meter deep! I hope to be complete this long project by next year and exceeding 50,000 pieces and more than 200 minifigs. I invite you to visit the Flickr gallery to observe all the details of each module. Thanks for coming! Comments are welcome Sandro Complete Diorama: Winter Village part 1: Winter Village part 2: Winter Village part 3: Another view of diorama: A funny scene: The complete Gallery:
  20. Spud The Viking

    Histoire en Briques

    On my holiday to Germany/Netherlands I traveled three hours in the car to see the site of my favourite battle: Waterloo. In the town of Waterloo there was a small hall which had an event centred around captivating the period of Waterloo in Lego. Me being an avid Lego fan I pounced in and snapped up some photos for you lovely folks here at Eurobricks (Whether I was allowed to I am not sure but there were plenty of other people doing so and the staff looked careless anyway). Enough of my blethering, here's the link to my Flickr album. Thanks for looking!
  21. Hi, I have been looking at gameplay of the Lego Worlds game for PC on the web and wondered if it was possible to export vehicles/other models to lxf / lxfml files. I decided to try to build some models, starting with vehicles first, I have also noticed that some models are actually from official sets. So I opned those in LDD and checked the accuracy compared to in lego worlds, and it matched 100% Other (2 or 3) vehicles are partially based on existing sets I then decided it would be cool & useful to actually purchase Lego Worlds. The game is excellant however. you can only export basic bricks to a lxfml file currently (this is also the same story with imprting from LDD to the game). Assumably more brick support will be added in later versions of the game. Never the less, Here is the collection of models in the current progress Heres some examples of cood models: More to come shortly! Regards, Snipe
  22. LittleJohn

    Katoren City Hall

    My second module for a large collab with soccerkid6. The Katoren city hall collects taxes and issues licenses. A concealed compartment under the floor provides a secure location for the collected money. See a video of how the trapdoor works here: Link Credit goes to robuko's "King of Queenscross" build for inspiring the dark red parts on the city hall. More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C much apreciated
  23. andybear@hk

    MOC: Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant

    Hi all, lets share my new MOC, Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. A Chinese style modular house within 4 different surface. a small garden and small temple in left size and a kitchen build by stone in the back. front door a hawker selling some snacks A garden in left size with one table, and a small temple in the corner door open, go inside the kitchen and the Chinese style chef the woman is in cashier 2/F thats the end thanks for watching, also, many photo in my flickr ablum
  24. Recently I picked up the Lego Creator Family House 31012, which has hitherto been neglected by the experienced reviewing eurobrickers. So you all will need to suffer through my first attempt at making one of the set reviews that make this site so remarkable. Name: Family House Theme: Creator Year: 2013 Pieces: 756 Price: $70 US, 60 Euros, 60 BP Brickset Link Bricklink link Note that this is this set released in 2013, and is not the first set to bear the title "Family House." A quick review of the Brickset archives reveals the following sets that bear the name, or essentially the same name: 31012: Family House, Creator in 2013 (this set) 8403: Family Home, City in 2010, which is reviewed at this link 6754: Family Home, Creator in 2009, which is reviewed at this link 5639: Family House, Duplo in 2009 2602: Family Home, Duplo in 1997 So let's get started. Here's the box and its contents. A whopping 9 bags, unnumbered. The top flap has an inventory of the yummy pieces that lie within. The box really isn't that interesting, and this post is already really picture heavy, so I don't plan to talk much more about it. When you do pick it up, the weight is substantial. I suppose it should be for a set with an MSRP of $70, but it's more than I'm used to. If you want to see more of the box without going to the store, leave a comment to that effect and I'll write something up. There are supposedly 756 pieces there. It's quite a heap of parts. There appeared to be parts from the first few pages of the build in multiple bags, so it seemed only appropriate to open them all at once. It's nice when you can open the bags sequentially with a build, but of course that would only work for 1 of the 3 builds, so I guess it's understandable. The primary color is white, which is a terrific color to build with. Unless of course you are Batman and only build with black, and sometime very very dark gray. What makes a set like this is really the parts. Oh so many nice parts! I've never gotten a very good sense of scale from seeing them heaped, so here they are in a 5 quart ice cream container. That looks to me like about 3 liters of Lego pieces. There's even a brick separator in there. Those things are great for protecting Lego pieces from damage. I have to teach my 5 year old son, his friends, and anyone else who plays with anything Lego in my home how to use the separator, or else they will resort to using their teeth to get plates apart! There are a LOT of windows and doors in this build. All the frames are the beige color called "brick yellow." The white ones are occasionally available on Pick a Brick walls, but the beige are not easy to come by in quantity. These are the parts that seduced me into buying 2 sets. The roof is made entirely of these 25 degree slopes. I like seeing them all the same angle, but would have preferred they all be the same color. They are dark red in 2 and 4 wide, and reddish brown 3 wide. As best I can tell, this is the first time the 3X3 25 degree slope has been offered in reddish brown. If you are after the dark red slopes for a project, you should also look at the 31025 Mountain Hut. It has several 1X3 red and dark red slopes that would compliment these from the Family House nicely. The frames for the doors and windows even match. There are several large plates, making for a pretty respectable amount of acreage. I'll take these full plate thickness bases over the thin base plates. Being thicker they don't flex when the model is lifted and they hold up much better. Let's go ahead and get the Minifgure discussion out of the way so we can get on to the reason you buy Creator houses, the structures. The figures are nice, even if they are made from common components. You get a man and a woman as the members of the family for your "Family House." While it's understood that not all families have children, it strikes me as odd for a set that has "Ages 8-12" written in some overstated type face on the front of the box to leave the target demographic out of the family. A child or 2 would seem to fit with the theme. Short legs were not enough to overcome their mature features, either. Here you can see them with the ancillary builds. We'll discuss the car a bit more when we get to the garage. The remote control car (or whatever it is) just looks out of place to me. I can understand including a car with a garage, a banana with a monkey, or a fire engine with a fire station, but what value does this silly little thing bring to house build? Odd as it sounds, this diminutive vehicle is featured on the box as the "actual size" piece, as if a 1X2X2/3 "motor" piece with cheese slope and 4 round tiles would give a consumer a proper sense of scale to the typical consumer. Okay, enough petty ranting, on to the build! The instructions come flat packed on a piece of cardboard in their own bag. This is a "3-in-1" set so they include instructions for using the same set of pieces to build the house 3 different ways. There are 2 books for the primary build and 1 book each for the other 2 builds. Here's an example page. The house and base are hinged, so the instructions show the build being performed with a small gap between the main plates. This splits the 2 halves visually, making it easier to distinguish where the pieces go. That was a nice touch, Lego. Here's the house part way through the main build, surrounded in-work pieces. Again, there are a lot of great pieces. Note that the set includes only 1 separator tool even though an extra one slipped in for the photo op. Here's the finished main build. Those front windows are a pretty impressive design. As mentioned earlier, the house hinges open. You can see the arched bedroom entry at the top of the stairs. The second stories on each half easily lift off. This makes for a nice level of playability. You probably want to see the sides. The chimney is nice. I'm at a loss as to what the blue plate is supposed to represent. A pond, maybe? A blue tarp covering the hole where a tree will be planted soon? Feel free to speculate,'cause there are plenty of reasonable answers. There is a catch-like part on the garage side the interlocks the living room side. This allows the model to be lifted without coming apart at the hinge. The same feature is found on the back of the house. You can unfold the house into a facade and these mating parts also keep it from twisting apart. Here are the sides of the house, hinged flat to be the front. Perhaps this would be nice if you are trying to line a street with houses, or if you wanted to increased playability while assembled. The big windows would then be on the side of the house, perhaps making it an ideal house for a street corner maybe? Here's the furniture. I really like the swivel chair, which fits the architectural style of the house very well. So, about the light brick. How does it light up the interior space? The light brick is turned on by pushing on the switch at the end of the brick. An amber LED lights up on the opposite end of the light brick. (Batteries included) The light brick is built into a small assembly that mounts in the living room ceiling such that the LED points down at the light fixture. Here is the light fixture prior to installation. It's a nice enough assembly by itself. Here it is lit up. The light brick is switched on by pressing down on the vent pipe protruding from the roof. It works really well. That's my 5 year old son's hand, so don't get thrown off by the scale. It fills the living room with a nice warm glow that really suits the house well. The balcony is nice. There is a grill, complete with turkey leg. This design holds the turkey leg captive. If playability is important to you, this balcony is about as nice as it gets. My favorite parts (aside from the big window) is probably the garage door. The effect that the 1X1 clear bricks make just works for me. It's simple, elegant, and brick built. The car that comes with the set of course fits in the garage. Let's compare to another smallish car, like this one from the City theme 60017 Flatbed Truck. This car is designed to ride on the back of a flatbed that is the standard City vehicle width. While the car from the Flatbed set goes in the garage okay, it's too long for the door to close. If you find the included vehicle not to your fancy you could certainly park a 4 wheeler in there. Here's a close up of the robin perched in the tree. It seems most of these sets have a brick-built bird. These are the pieces I would qualify as "left over." It's not uncommon to have a fastener or 3 left over when performing a large car repair, so not all of these pieces will necessarily be in your pile after you build it. The only other Creator series house I have to compare is 7346 Seaside House. Here it is for scale, although not with the primary build. The primary Seaside House build would bring them a little bit closer, but the Family House would still be much larger. The Family House would probably hold up to play a little bit better, and seems to be a better value than the Seaside house. You can detect that with just the heft of the box. I've not done the analysis, but it seems that the difference in weight is greater than the difference in price. So, after daddy assembled the primary build, what do you think the 5 year old wanted to play with? The grownup Minifgures? The boxy yellow car? The house? Nope. He spent a good long while playing with the tiny, non-functional remote control car! The one with wheels that don't actually spin. I guess that the Lego people know what they are doing after all. This set is a "3-in-1" so now we're going to discuss the other 2 builds. They are a lot smaller, so my son is did much of the assembly. It's right at his limit for skill and way too much for his patience to do in one sitting. Build 2 So here's the second build we did, surrounded by leftover parts. Sorry about the lighting; I was having trouble with my flashes. Hinged open you can see an odd looking interior feature. What this piece of furniture is supposed to be is anybody's guess. You can see most of the interior here lit up bu the light brick. Speaking of the light brick, you can see it from the outside here. The switch is not camouflaged in this model. Also not how small the balcony is. The stairway doesn't quite work accessing it, either. This is the side with a garage door. The inside of the house is either house or garage, not both. I kind of imagine it being a bachelor pad of some kind, since very few women I know would share their living space with a car. A "family house" this model is not. If you do want to live in your house without sleeping in your car, you can park it on those grey tracks. I guess this vehicle is some kind of truck or SUV with a side-opening back gate? Whatever it is supposed to be, the vehicle in this second build just doesn't do it for me. The side with the hinges, and not much else. It does show the security camera. This is the other side. The wall has a window A/C unit with controls that your neighbors can change? The tracks on this side of the house are too short for the vehicle in this build. This second build doesn't fit the Minifigure scale in most respects. If you assume all the small windows are a second story above a large garage, maybe it could work if you completely ignore the awkward interior. Maybe. A business owner with a flat above the shop perhaps? This model did not stay together long and I was happy to be taking it apart. Update: as you will see i the comments below, this build was apparently supposed to be a factory. Thank you Moderator Rick. Build 3 Here is the 3rd build, surrounded by the leftover pieces, and the leftovers in a large PaB cup. Closeups of the side. That outdoor fireplace lights up with the light brick. You have to open the model to activate the light brick, which in not camouflaged. View of the other side and back. This model doesn't have the latch on the back, but at least there are some windows. That odd bley brick holds up the stairs. Note also how some of the top row of bricks stick out past the wall and terminate with cheese slopes. I'm not sure why the designers would do that. The model hinges open, and the roof comes off. There is a catch mechanism to hold it together as a closed unit, just not a a facade. The interior elements consist of this bed and light fixture that look a lot like those from the primary build. Installed. The light brick is tied up in the outdoor fireplace, and does not light up the interior this time. There are no cars, but instead you build a lawn mower. The handle is terribly awkward for a minifgure to hold, but it's a reasonable use of parts for a set a like this. And the lawn chair with brick-built tree. This model works. The scale is a bit on the small side, but it works. I guess this is supposed to be a Mediterranean Villa. Perhaps someone more familiar with architecture of that part of the world would want to weigh in, please do. My son wants to leave this one together for a while. Super Subjective Summary: Playability: 9/10. This is wonderful doll house to help play with your dolls Minifigures. If the Minifigures were better suited for age range and theme, I might have given it a 10. If you have a bucket of others to use, you won't do much better for playing in the Lego system. Unless of course you're into spaceships. Design: 10/10. This is the most believable Lego house I've seen that wasn't a Modular. It's lovely. Build: 5/10. I didn't discuss it much because it's pretty straight forward stuff. The box says it's for ages 8-12. If you are a multiple of 12 years of age (like I am), there isn't a lot to get excited about. Price: 9/10. There are a lot of nice pieces, but it's also a lot of money. Overall: 9/10. If you dig houses, you gotta get this one.
  25. Another of my Micropolis modules is this 32*32 block with three appartmentbuildings and a mixed use building. At it's ground level, you will find a toy store - THE place to buy your bricks . The module will be on display at LEGO Fan Weekend 2014, as a part of my Micropolis layout. Enjoy, and feel welcome to comment Micropolis - 3+1_2 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Micropolis - 3+1 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Micropolis - 3+1_3 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Micropolis - 3+1_4 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr