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Found 12 results

  1. I have always had great admiration for Duesenberg; a small already long gone manufacturer named after the two brothers Duesenberg that was known for its performance and extreme luxury, packed in a beautiful design. Only few could afford a Duesenberg as the car was much more expensive than a regular car at the time. The type J and SJ (supercharged) could easily cost 15.000 USD, in a time a common car would cost 500 USD. The mid thirties SJ might be the best they made. The supercharged 419cu (6.8 liter) eight in line engine produced 320 hp and was capable taking the car to a topspeed of 205 km/h; a figure hard to imagine in 1935! Many famous people drove the SJ, including Hollywood stars like Clarck Gable. Only a couple of hundred Duesenberg were ever built before the company died, but as they were rare and collectable many survived till today. They come at a high pricetag though; Duesenbergs have been sold for up to ten million at auction. My LEGO model is based on the Dual Cowl Pheaton, by LaGrande. It is build in scale 1:8.5 (derived from the wheel size), and consists of roughly 5000 parts. I have put in a lot of detail, like the engine (it was always painted green in a Duesenberg), and added some retro-chromed parts as well. I made two roof setups to show the car open and closed. It has about 5200 bricks, including many truly chromed parts. This model will be on display at our scale modeling booth at Legoworld 2017, Utrecht Netherlands. Hope you like it!
  2. Currently I am working on a new Lego project (large scale Duesenberg SJ) and while waiting for a few exotic parts I decided to update my small Harley Davidson collection with a model I have had in mind for a while; a custom softail with classic springer frontend. The colors and plated parts are inspired by the Chicano style lowriders I often admire in Magazines. I just love these wild rides with an extreme attention to detail. These types of bikes can be seen with fantastic artwork and completely engraved engines and accessories. This 1:10 model has many customized parts as well. All Lego ABS parts are plated with true chrome and gold, at an industrial ‘plating on plastics’ factory. Some Lego parts cannot be electro-plated (non-ABS) and are therefor sprayed, like the Technic connectors and 75 mm front wheel. Silicone cables are used for the front brake and clutch cable. I nicknamed it “last of the wilds” as it will probably take a while before I have time to build a new one.
  3. Well, it is great to see a forum dedicated to scale modeling, so its not more then fitting to put my latest work here: A Peterbilt 379 with Polar tanktrailer. A large (1:13) scale Lego tanker combo had been on my list for a long time. I made a small 1:22 Kenworth cabover with milktrailer in the past, and had plans for a 1:16, but in the end started work on a full 1:13 scaled combo. My 2012 dumper combo was getting old, and I wanted something new to bring to shows as well. Now I wouldn’t be myself not to take a new build a bit further again, and this one should be extremely detailed, coloful, and fitted with lights. Once more I hooked up with my good friend Rob from, and this time we didn’t make compromises. We even added a custom controller/effect board, powered by a USB Varta 10400 mAh powerpack that is located in the sleeper! There are lights everywhere including over 60 driving / contour lights, but as a special feature the underside of the chassis of both tractor and trailer are equiped with over 180 RGB LEDs to simulate the glow effect seen on showtrucks. This really gives amazing effects. A custom remote control is split into two channels that control the contour lights and the underside seperatly. Effects include color changing and strobes. It took me 5 months to build this truck and some 9000 bricks went into this, including electro-plated chromed bricks by My buddy Jaap Kroon (Jaap Technic) printed the stickers for me, a job well done! And a shot in the dark: A video is on my flickr stream:
  4. My latest Harley Davidson model: a Street Glide custom. Like my other Harley's I made it in scale: 1/10, and out of genuine Lego. Some parts are aftermarket custom parts (based on Lego), like the chrome-gold wheels and engine parts. Others are chrome plated. Also added some custom brake and shifter cables. This bike also has a full lightset, including battery, housed in the sidebags. Main colors: Dark Red an Tan A big thanks to Rob at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for supporting me with his Lego lighting systems! Also thnx to Auri at chromeblock city for his support on this project! Hope you like it! Come check it out at Legoworld, Utrecht (NL)
  5. Most people know me as a truckbuilder, but it has been well over two years since I built my last one! So it was time to go oldschool again. On a lot of events our Dutch ensemble of Lego scale modelers always bring some remote controllable vehicles with us for demonstrations to the crowd. My models have been mostly static, so I decided to built some RC stuff myself. I started with the trains, and at last this truck now. After such a long time I had to built my favorite truck: a Peterbilt 379. Not too original, but thats what I wanted :-) I choose to combine it with a MAC tri-axle enddump trailer. The scale is 1:16. The tractor has a lot of retro-chromed bricks, but other than that all parts are standard Lego. The steering is achieved by the Power Functions Servo motor, and the rear axles are powered by two slightly geared-down Power Functions XL engines. A lot of power, especially as I wanted a true cardan to make it look real. But the thing runs smooth after some local reinforcements and its very strong. The trailer is heavily chromed and clocks over 500 chromed tiles to get the polished look some custom dumptrailers in reality have. It has a liftaxle and authentic tarp system with mesh. The trailer can be lifted as well. The total combination is 112 cm in length and weighs around 6 kg. The brickcount should be around 5000. Visit our group of Dutch scale modelers at Legoworld 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands. You can give this baby a testride!
  6. Hello friends, My 2nd locomotive here. The last for now. Time for some roadgoing stuff again. The German Class 41 steam locomotives were standard train engines operated by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRB) and built from 1937–1941. They were primarely designed to haul freight. A lot of the freight consisted of cattle, and therefore it had the nickname: Ochsenlok (cattle locomotive). A total of 366 were built by a number of manufacturers according to standardized specification. The one I built is nr. 41-241. It was manufactured by Borsig (AEG) from Hennigsdorf, Germany. It is now in possesion of the Dutch VSM and currently converted from an oil rebuilt back to coal again. This particular engine is called “Polarstern” as it crossed the polarcircle on a trip in Norway during the nineties. The engine is 23,905 mm (78 ft 5 in) in length (including tender). It has a service weight of just over 101 tons. The power is around 1870 hp, capable of bringing the engine upto 90 km/h (56 mph) topspeed. My Lego version is scaled 1:38 to correct Lego gauge. It is powered by two PF XL engines, and can be controlled by Lego’s PF IR Speed Remote Control Unit. Its all genuine Lego,except the valvetrain and wheels. The valvetrain is designed by myself and Jaap Kroon (, who 3D printed them in marvelous red and grey for me. This engine will be on display in October at the Legoworld event in Utrecht, Netherlands, and will be riding together with the UP Big Boy. Hope you like it!
  7. So I went to the LEGOWorld Copenhagen 2016 along with thousand´s of other people last weekend. It was a great event as usual for us fans of LEGO. As i could bore you with an insane amount of pictures of all of the event I will focus only on the Fan area. For now, most pictures are present. More will be added lateron! As I wen´t along with my sister twins, I had to somewhat rush through the event ( well, I didnt get the time to talk to everyone as you can imagine how eager 5year old kids behave ) Another thing that is really a shame is that I thought I had my camera all setup for the event. For some reason a lot of the pictures were overexposed ( I think is the right word in English ). I´ve been trying to the best of my ability to make all the pictures watchable afterall. Hope that you will enjoy as much as I did. Here we go: Ulrik Hansen came up with the information that its creator is Søren Johansen from Byggepladen (DK), and Cowboy Gibson from Brikkelauget (NO) A representation called Dragons Lair. As a kid I spend an awefull lot of coins playing a game named the same at the local Arcade, now I´ve just been told by Ulrik Hansen, that i´ts actually a representation of Smaug from LOTR. The creator is Sharon Vance from MichLUG (US). A gorgeous creation indeed ! JanetVanD were there as well. Her Awesome creation Fortress of solitude was also one of my favorites. Im so sad that my pictures of it turned out so bad. This is the best I could present to you. But check her creation out yall ! Transformers. These creations ( I know two are missing for now, will add pictures lateron ), can be transformed as the creator had an tablet showing the process. This scale and the way they were made was beyond my skills. Mindblowing to say the least. My god ! STARCRAFT !!!! These creations were also some of the best to me. I´ve been trying to build microscale Starcraft creations some years ago, but I only finished Terran and Protos. Zerg were the bane of my life. Those organic forms to me is just insanely har to accomplish. Cecilie is the woman who made these. I think she did it to what I think is the best that LEGO can offer for now with the part´s available. So well done ! You can watch all of her Starcraft creations Here on Flickr.And they are definatly worth checking out. Bricksonwheels were present. And while I´m mostly into Classic build´s or Historic themes, these just threw me of the floor. Seeing these creations in real life was just the best part of the day. So well build, so well presented. To top it Bricksonwheels is a really friendly guy. Check out his book: The Art of LEGO Scale modelling. Gulliver´s Island by Palle & Tina Haulrich of Byggepladen (DK). A fun MOC that I would have never thought of making. This was also a thing that draw the twins as they had recently been told the story. They enjoyed it as well as i did. An Rasmus Klump Diorama. Build by these people from Byggepladen (DK): Anne Mette Vestergaard, Lasse Vestergaard, Helgi Toftegaard, Henrik Kunz and Jakob Hestbæk. Again Ulrik Hansen came to help out telling us all who made this wonderful creation. I have no clue as to what, if these Child book´s even exist´s in English. If they do please tell what they are called. Another very well represented build with loads of awesome easily recognisable features from these kid´s stories. For now most of the pictures are here. Next step is to add text and so on. Im not quite done with the whole of the event. Busy busy. But will add more when I have some sparetime to spend on this post. I hope you got something out of it and enjoyed the pictures as well as the builds. If you know who made any of the MOC´s i havent yet named the creators of, please give me a hint so i can add proper links to the user, or at least link´s to their respective Flickr, or whatever they use to publish their creations. All C and C will be appreciated. Dont hold back. KlodsBrik
  8. Two years ago I made my first locomotive as a full Lego scale model, set to the relatively big scale of 1/16. It was an older type American Diesel-electric unit called SD40-2, made by EMD (Electro Motive Diesel). The warm response the model received encouraged me to build another one, and this time I aimed for a more modern type, also produced by EMD: The SD70ACe. This mighty machine is a six-axle, 4300- horsepower, AC-traction diesel-electric locomotive which was first introduced in 2004, and has been in production since 2005. The SD70 ACe is very representative for locomotives used by North American Railroads to transport heavy freights. The locomotive that I replicated is owned by Union Pacific; a freight railroad that operates nearly 8,500 locomotives, from which about 700 are SD70 Ace’s, and is the largest in the United States. This specific example is something special though. It is a so called Union Pacific "heritage unit". These are a total of six SD70Ace’s which are painted in unique commemorative schemes which are meant to designate former railroads which Union Pacific purchased or operated over former trackage. Locomotive ‘UP 1989’ is such a “Heritage Unit” and is exclusivly painted in the colors of “Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad”, which Union Pacific acquired in 1996. The Lego model consist of about 27.000 bricks, and was built in 4 months. It is about 143 cm in length (56,2 inch). The model was made from pictures and drawings found on the internet. It is fully detailed both, in, -and outside with modeled engine, electrical cabinets and cabin. All decals were self-made as vector files, and printed and pre-cut at a professional company. Some retrofitted chromebricks are used. This is also the first time I have used lighting in a model. Rob from made it possible for me to make a realistic lighting setup without sacrificing any space for detail due to the very thin wiring, and even the ditch effect is onboard. For the same detail space reason I used the small battery boxes inlcuding switches from Brickstuff, and there are now two main switches to operate the external and cabin lights. It really adds to the realism of a build, and it will definitly not be my last work with lights mounted! I hope you like it! And with my buddy Ingmar's Mack Vision with fresh tank trailer to show two models at same scale:
  9. Recently I have built a few custom Harley Davidsons and a Cadillac lowrider, all in bigger 1/10 scale. My latest addition in this scale is this 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod. It has suspension, steering, engine wiring and hosing, and a lot of retro-chromed parts and a few custom stickers as well. The model also has working doors, full interior and fully detailed chassis. This model and many others will be on display at Legoworld Utrecht 21 -27 October, in The Netherlands. Come by to shake hands! More on my Flickr pages:
  10. I love Harley Davidsons, especially the tricked out baggers. I have made a few of them as scale models, mostly heavily chromed and customized. After my last build I had some special chromed parts lying around for another bike, and decided to make a fresh one, but in a different style. I saw some nice new customs with special fairings, big front wheel, and low and agressive stand. I replicated this style into this bike, and it has a more ratted apeal, not being totally ratted. Hope you like it! It was build in 4 weeks, using a combination of retro-chromed parts, classic Lego parts and fresh ones. The scale is 1/10.
  11. I rarely build cars, but a tricked out Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet lowrider in 1/10 scale had been on my wishlist for a while. After some extensive research on lowrider technicalities and Cadillac 1980s frame design, I started work. This model is constructed out of 100% genuine Lego bricks; many retro-chromed with plating on plastics true chrome technology…. so actual true metal layers there. The gold parts however are sprayed. For the first time I used UV printing technology to apply a mural directly on the bricks on the trunk lid. The only non-Lego parts are some wires and the ‘Rollerz’ club logo, which is lasercut from Acrylic. All in all a lot of new technology to support this build. Hope you like it! Cadillac Lowrider Display in Lego 1:10 by bricksonwheels, on Flickr Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet 1&#x2F;10 in Lego by bricksonwheels, on Flickr Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet 1/10 in Lego by bricksonwheels, on Flickr Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet 1/10 in Lego by bricksonwheels, on Flickr Cadillac Lowrider V8 Engine by bricksonwheels, on Flickr Ice and Hydraulics. by bricksonwheels, on Flickr
  12. Hello Eurobrickers! It has been a while but now I am on a building rhythm again This is the third in a series of classic Scania’s i have build. They consist of two 80’s Scania 142 in the same color scheme based on classic Scandinavian design, and this build features a 90’s type 143 V8 Streamline. This series was introduced late 80’s as the successor to the 2-series. The Streamline was the last version being more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. Being a very popular truck amongst truck enthusiast, the versions with the famous V8 engine are the most cherished ones. This truck is a 1:13 V8 500hp version of the 143. I have tried to make it as detailed as possible following current trends in customizing this type of truck, as you see them on truckshows. It doesn’t carry the roofspoiler and sideskirts, but has an oldskool roofrack, and ladder. The big standing exhausts show American influences, where the side and chassis covers and are a truly Scandinavian feature originating from the 80’s but still very popular. The interior is made in more modern style, with brown and tan trim, to replicate the custom leather interiors seen a lot these days. The truck is in 6x2 (six wheels – excluding the inside rears, two driven) trim, with a liftable second axle. This model contains about 4000 Lego bricks, and uses a lot of classic parts like the old Technic 24x43 wheels which went out of production actually around the time the real truck went in production. For my standards there is only the necessary chrome applied, and I custom made the stickers myself. The chrome parts are as always electro-plated truly chromed bricks (to avoid answering all the questions, you can buy them at ). The rear mudflap is 1 mm genuine rubber to give it a more real appeal.