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  1. As Queenston's two Royal Plantations quickly let the world know that Queenston was to become a prominent figure in the sugar business. Both small and large investors have come to the settlement, wishing to get a piece of the land while they still can. Here you see the small plantation of a retired sailor, he had spent his whole life working on various merchant vessels, until he eventually gained enough trust and experience to be made captain of a his own fluyte. He earned a decent living as a merchant, but realised that he would need a quicker way to earn doubloons, if he were to become a land owner before he got to old. So when Corrington declared war on the Lotus, he decided now was the time and he sold his fluyte back to the company and bought himself a small sloop. He had managed to secure a "Letter of Marque" allowing him to harass Loti trade while keeping a large portion of the profits. He convinced some of his old crew to join him on his sloop and together they left for the New Heaven Sea as Privateers. For months they attacked the loti, capturing several merchant Junks and in one occasion even recapturing a previously lost Corrie brig. He eventually met up with Scarver and served in his squadron for a little while. As the allied invasion of El Oleonda took place, Loti shipping in the area drastically reduced, but his time as a privateer had been profitable. So he decided it was time to use his earnings as intended and purchase some land. When he returned to Corrie territory, he heard news that Scarver now served as Mayor of Corringtons first settlement on Arlintina, without a second thought he packed his belongings and brought his family to Queenston. He used his savings to buy a large patch of land and got to work on his soon to be sugar plantation. Now, fully in business, he rides through his fields of sugar cane every morning at sunrise, greeting his workers on their way to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Built this small plantation for the GoC task 14, Bastion of the East. However I severely underestimated how many tan spyglasses I'd need for the sugar cane, so I compensated with a ton of different palm trees to fill the space I spent well over an hour editing a white background behind the moc, but the file was too big to be posted on flickr so it was all for nothing Will be licenced as a small plantation for Queenston
  2. As piracy in the New World threatens both our shipping and settlements, Edward Scarver and Killian Goodwill has formed a squadron of privateers. The small squadron will be sent out to hunt Black Flaged vessels and any remnants of the Lotii that still dear roam our seas. The urge to take the helm, go back to sea and lead this squadron against the enemies of Corrington almost overtook Scarver. But he knew his duties as Mayor demanded his presence in Queenston. After all the young settlement has yet to complete it's Fortress. And if something were to happen to the settlement while he was away cruising the brick seas hunting pirates... well... let's just say his career as Mayor would be cut short... Instead he promoted his loyal friend and quartermaster, Sinbad, to captain of the Ranger. Sinbad was born in the Mokolei Empire as the son of a Corrie farmer. His father had worked as a sailor on a merchant ship that would regularly sail between the two Empires. One day he fell in love with the daughter of one of their Mokolei clients and they ran away together. They settled down in a small farm deep in Mokolei country, where they worked for years. Until they eventually had amassed enough money to buy their own fields and start their own little farm. Shortly after they had their first son, Sinbad. However, as he grew up it was clear the life of a modest farmer wouldn't be enough for the young Sinbad, and at 16 he left for the sea. After working on merchant ships and a few mokolei corsairs, he heard rumours of an up and coming Corrie privateer who was looking for new recruits to fill the ranks of his newly captured ship, The Muharib. Sinbad got the job and with his cunning charisma, he quickly grew popular with both the crew and his captain, Edward Scarver. He was eventually voted Quartmaster by the crew and has stayed loyal to his captain and his brothers in arms ever since. Even when Edward Scarver was made Mayor of the newly founded frontier settlement of Queenston, Sinbad stayed and helped out in the settlement, both by gathering supplies and building new structures. But also by keeping crime off the streets before the first troops were stationed. Here you can see Sinbad arriving with the rest of his crew. Here the Ranger's Quartermaster is seen waiting on deck. The Boatswain takes a last hit of his pipe before setting sail. The ship has been prepared and lays docked in the harbour, together with the rest of the squadron, the Andromache, The Parvus and the Delphinus Orca. And with that, the fleet is ready for a hunt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well with about 35 minutes to spare I managed to finish and post the last ship for @lmcpicture and I's squadron of Queenston Privateers! I am sorry about the bad pictures, I didn't manage to find a good setup for a scene this big. However I intend to take some new photos one day with rigging and unfurled sails. This will be both of us first time trying out the Tmrca, so let's hope we get some first timers luck this turn She will be licenced as a class 3 sloop
  3. Sitting on his favorite chair, smoking from his favorite pipe, the old Richard Haddock was enjoying the sunset from his small castle home on his land outside of Belson. Just like he has done every evening for the past several years since retiring from the Royal Navy. Once a highly decorated Rear-Admiral of Corrington, Haddock now spent his days walking across his land and entertaining his grandchildren with tales from his past. But one late evening, just as he had lit his pipe : "Sir, a letter from the capitol" "A letter ? At this hour? " Haddock answered after turning around to see his butler handing him the letter. "Yes sir, the messenger just left. He said it was quite urgent. Based on his uniform, I believe it might be from the Admiralty" "The Admiralty? What could they possibly want from me?" It had been years since he had retired from the Admiralty Board, and even longer since he had last commanded a ship. "Well, only one way to find out", he thought to himself as he ripped open the seal. ' Retired Rear-Admiral Richard Haddock, We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. We write you to humbly request your invaluable assistance in a matter of great importance to the defence of our colonies and to regain control of the Brick Seas. As You are well aware, Rear Admiral Fletcher has been leading a noble and effective war against our enemies fleets in the New World, but despite his courageous efforts, the notorious Dominance has yet to be subdued. Following the sacking of Mooreton Bay and the decimation of the ETTC Treasure Fleet by the ever growing Pirate Armadas, we fear that Fletcher's forces might be spread to thin if he were to fight on all fronts. And with our armies deep inside the jungles of Oleonda, we cannot risk the loss of our Terra Nova'n Fleet. For this reason, we have commissioned a Squadron of Man o Wars, with the task of once and for all capturing or sinking the Dominance, finally ridding the seas of the Lotii. We understand that you have retired from active service, and your time is precious. However the gravity of the threat posed by the Dominance and Sea Rat fleets, necessitates an extraordinary response. We hope you give this matter careful consideration, should you find it within your heart to heed this call, we would forever be in your debt. With upmost respect and admiration, we remain hopeful for your support in this noble cause. The Admiralty Board ' "They wan't me back on the sea" Haddock said... contemplating what he had just read. "What will you do sir?" His Butler answered "Well I'll be dammed If I ever let my country down! Prepare my carriage, we'll ride for Belson at Dawn!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After having met up with the Admiralty Board, Richard Haddock was given a detailed briefing on his mission and current position of the Royal Navy. The Terra Nova'n fleet has been in constant battle since the start of the War against the Lotii, with little support from the mainland. The Pirate war lord Kane "the Magnificent" took advantage of this when he raided the settlement of Mooreton Bay. In addition, the loss of the ETTC treasure fleet has also further weakened our control of the seas while further growing the pirate fleets as our frigates and Terramen undoubtedly will be used against us. If such acts go unpunished, we would invite even more chaos and savagery to our settlements. Letters of Marque have been handed out to privateers in order to increase our patrols and deal with some of the pirate threats in Terra Nova, but the presence of the Dominance still means the Lotii has the potential to inflict a devastating blow to our already weakened Navy. Richard Haddock is to serve as Rear-Admiral of the blue squadron, nicknamed the "Retribution" fleet, alongside Rear-Admiral Fletcher as his Advisor until the task is done. His primary objective is eliminating the Dominance along side the last remnants of the Lotii navy. Once the Dominance is no longer a threat, he is to rejoin the Terra Nova'n fleet and help them deal with any Pirates that might still be left. After his meetings with the admiralty, Richard Haddock was sent to the Parker Dockyards, where he was to meet his second in command, Commodore of the Acheron, alongside William Parker, the one who had been commissioned to prepare this squadron. Once he arrived Parker went through all the ship plans and described the characteristics of each ship in detail. First we have the Flagship, the HMS Leopard : (Class 9) She is a state of the art Portland Class, 4th rate ship of the line. With a crew of 400 and a top speed of 10 knots, her armament consists of 52 guns, which includes : 22 twenty four pounders, 22 eighteen pounders, 8 nine pounders and 2 twelve pound carronade. She started her construction along with the heavy frigate Acheron, in late February following the February raid of Mooreton Bay in 623. Despite the unrivalled productivity of the Parker Dockyard, we failed to predict the second raid of Mooreton Bay in March, and the ships were not finished in time to stop this tragedy from happening. But the time for Retribution has come, and with that, I present to you, The HMS Acheron : (Class 7) The Acheron is the second ship built and designed, in answer of the recent events in the New World. She is the smallest of the fleet, but that by no means make her less intimidating. With it's innovating hull and sleek design, this heavy frigate has been reported to sail at a speed up to 14 knots, all while carrying a whopping 42 guns! She has a standard crew of 320men and her 42 guns includes : 28 eighteen pounder cannons, 14 nine pounders and 6 twelve pounder carronades. Once the Dominance lays at the bottom of the ocean, all enemies of Corrington will learn how the Acheron gained her name, as once she's got you in her sight, no-one will escape her wrath. The two last ships are former ship of the lines, that have been modified into to heavy frigates, known as Razee Frigates. Our older ship of the lines have proven too slow and sluggish with time. So William Parker made the brilliant decision of cutting them down, reducing their gun decks, transforming outdated slow ship of the lines into fast and versatile heavy frigates. The HMS Immortalité : (class 8) The HMS Immortalité, better known as the Immortality for the Corries, was an Oleon built warship of the 49 years war. Under Oleon colours she had sunk a dusin corlander vessels and captured another twice as many. She was finally captured by the Royal Navy in 589 AE. She was repared and fought Oleon on a couple minor sea skirmishes until the war ended with the "Arlin's pact" the year later. She was active during the 49 year wars but was left ceveraly damaged. After the war, as the New World had become everyones primary objective, her slow and bulky stature made her ineffective for the naval warfare of Terra Nova, which demanded versatility more than fire power. She was left for years docked in Belson's harbour, serving as a relic of the past for who would see her. Until one day she was handed over to William Parker, who saw great potential in this so called "Immortal" ship, and he new exactly what to do. The former 62 gun 3rd rate ship of the line was cut down to 44 gun Razee Frigate. She is armed with 28 twenty four pounders, 12 nine pounders and 6 thirty two pounder carronades. With a crew of 350 men, the heavy frigate Indefatigable now has a speed of 11 knots, almost 4 knots more then she did as a ship of the line. The fourth and last ship of the squadron is the HMS Reliant : (Class 8) The Reliant, a former 4th rate ship of the line, now carries 26 twenty-four pounders, 16 nine pounders and 4 twelve pounder carronades, giving her a total of 42 guns with a broadside of 20 cannons. Her crew lays at 330men and she averages at a speed of 10 knots. The Razee frigates will hoepfully prove effective against the large pirate fleets, having a perfect combination of speed, bulk and fire power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rear-Admiral Haddock of the Leopard and Commodore Ledger of the Acheron, while waiting for the last preparations to be finished, spent the next few days planning their move once they arrive in Terra Nova. Rear-Admiral Fletcher had supplied letters containing every known move and detail of the Dominance and the ships that accompany her. In addition several companies of Royal Marines had been prepared to accompany the ships on their mission. If the opportunity to board showed herself, our Royal Marines will do quick work of any man who dare raise his sword at them. With the ships ready to sail, 400 Royal Marines marched down from the Fort and boarded the ships. Sunday July 30th 623, the Blue Squadron, nicknamed the "Retribution fleet", set sail from Belson under the command of Rear-Admiral Richard Haddock of the HMS Leopard, and Commodore William Ledger of the HMS Acheron. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, sorry for the long post guys @boeing_787_8_dreamliner and I started this collab in the end of June, right after reading the Kings Port Advertisement vol 8. We originally planned on posting several chapters, building up the story little by little. But life got in the way and the mocs took longer than expected. We originally planned to have 6 ships in the squadron, but if we were to add the additional Heavy frigate and Corvette, we never would have finished the post in time for the next tmcra. Massive round of applause to @boeing_787_8_dreamliner who managed to prepare this amazing fleet in time! I'll leave it to @Bregir and @Ayrlego to licence the 4 ships and fill out the Tmcra forms. The Leopard is of class 9, the Reliant and Indefatigable are class 8, the Acheron is class 7 (The two pictures that are not hidden, with english flags will be replaced asap. The hidden images will remain with english flags as even though the ships were made with this project in mind, Boeing posted them on instagram first and rendered the images with english flags)
  4. Like most settlers, the old scientist had moved into one of Queenstons many three stories townhouses. Every morning he would take his cane and go for strolls around the edge of town, observing and taking note of all the exotic lifeforms he could find. After a couple weeks, his neighbour had taken notice of the old man. And one day, as the scientist returned home, the young man intercepted him in the hallway and begged the man to teach him. After a good amount of convincing, the old man agreed to take him on as his assistant. Now that they're two, he may finally be able to venture deeper into the jungle. But first, the young man must learn the basics. --- This building is very much inspired by @Ayrlego's fantastic previous builds in Queenston. Will be licenced by the Crown (@Ayrlego) as a small residence in Queenston, completing GoC Bastion of the East task 1
  5. When Edward Scarver first arrived on the island, after having set up a logging camp, he organised the construction of a sawmill. Wooden logs from the camp were quickly made into planks and large boards, which enable the rapid expanse of the small hamlet in the form of cabins and various wooden buildings. Today, despite having grown to a Large Town, the sawmill is still being used everyday, making it the first permanent building in Queenston. ---- Will be licenced as a medium factory for Queenston, officially making the settlement a Large Town I started this build right after I posted the logging camp almost a year ago, but then I lost motivation and forgot about it. Yesterday I decided to just finish the darn moc, so that I could take it apart and start on something new. Hopefully it will take me less than 9 months to finish the next project
  6. It was a busy Friday evening at the Queenston harbour, the settlement had received a constant flow of new settlers, eager to start a new life on the frontier, but coutious enough to wait for the settlement to grow a bit before settling there. The Dockmaster was busy directing the merchants and collecting their docking fees. Meanwhile, the mailman’s son, Jim Hawkins, was running around town delivering mail for his sick father. He arrived at the Dockmasters office with a letter from his cousin in Port Raleigh, but when Jimmy knocked at the door he heard a large thud coming from the narrow alley next of the house. He went to inspect the sound, but what he found was a rough, strange looking man holding a sack of coins. The boy stood silently and looked in the eyes of the man, who himself had froze upon discovering he had been caught. Jimmy’s eyes slowly looked to the left where he could see the broken window the man had come out of. Now having realised what he had witnessed, frozen in fear, he watched as the man took his finger in front of his mouth, signalling the boy to stay silent. In a sudden and explosive move Jimmy turned around and shouted towards the main street : “THIEF!! THIEF!!!Thi..” But before he could run away, he was silenced by a knife to the back. But the commotion had caught the attention of some sailors on the docks, and before the thief could get away, the men caught up to him and beat him bloody. People gathered around the boy and the doctor was called in a hurry, but the boy was already gone. A jury was assembled and a trial was held at the Town Hall the next day. It was revealed that the thief, Jules Moche, had been a recruit of la Légion Etrangère, but was dishonourably discharged for disobedience and cowardice in battle. The jury’s decision was quick and final, for an attempted robbery and the murderer of Jim Hawkins, the coward Jules Moche was to be executed… by Guillotine. The next day, a guillotine was constructed next to the town hall and will stay there as a reminder to what awaits murderers in Queenston. On Monday the 20th of March 623, the public execution of Jules Moche took place. The crowd cheered and shouted in anger as the prosecutor mercilessly flayed the criminal for his crimes… After the deed was done, the townsfolk decided to have a statue of Jimmy built in the town center, so that everyone would remember the first Hero of Queenston. ---- This moc will be licenced for Queenston by me, as a medium art and cultural build. I originally tried to build a gallows, but I wasn't happy with how it turned out. So just for fun I made a Guillotine, I was quite happy with the design so I decided to use that instead. After the amount of figures I copy and pasted for the camp scene, it was really fun to experiment with the exaggerated minfigure posing on this build. It was also quite fun making decals for the Arlintinian Guards that will be introduced in the near future, as the protectors of Queenston and the Island of Arlintina. Hope you enjoy
  7. Prior to launching their attack on the Lotii, the Corlander forces on El Oleonda had amassed near Seawatch. The army had traveled to the island from the Corlander settlement of Spudkirk. Nearly 500 men in strength, the forces were a sight to behold. Regiments of light and heavy infantry, mounted hussars and dragoons, artillery, and sappers came together under the leadership of Brigadier Allcock. Brigadier Allcock ( @Ayrlego ) was the overall commander of the forces, with support from Colonel Wolf ( @Brickwolf ), Major Brickford ( @LM71Blackbird ), Major Brickleton ( @evancelt ), and Lord Spud ( @Spud The Viking ). Once the siege on Seawatch had been lifted, the commanders set about erecting a secure camp for the forces. Positioned outside the walls of Seawatch proper, they had engineers and sappers construct a sturdy palisade wall around an area large enough for hundreds of tents. Large guard towers were placed near entrances. Liaison officers from Oleon, Eslandola, and Carno looked on the camp with envy - the amount of discipline shown by the Corlander forces was impressive. A good force to have as allies instead of enemies, to be sure. The 47th Regiment of Foot "Ryebourg" Light Infantry drummers have all traded their drumsticks for a musket... The only sound we have to offer the Lotus is the sound of a thousand bullets piercing through their ranks. The 26th of Foot "Hawarden Regiment" follow closely behind the 47th. A company of regular light infantry are staying behind to secure the camp while they wait for the Carnite forces to relieve them. ---- Started this build ceveral months ago as a collab with @lmcpicture, we had designed and built ceveral elements for the project, but life happened and we ended up forgetting the moc. 2 weeks ago I decided to build the moc, but I had to make it much smaller than we originally planned. I build all the landscape, placed all the buildings and minifigures. I used the wall, guard tower and tents (tents are available on rebrickable, I highly recommend you check them out) that lmcpictures designed. The cannons are modified versions of michaelozzie2 's design on instagram and the bulk of the story was written by Evancelt. Hope you enjoy! This will serve as my third entry to the redcoats rule task
  8. As Queenston grew larger by the day, the need for certain materials were quickly becoming a problem. One of these materials was cotton, the settlement had welcomed a large amount of settlers these past months which led to a dire need for cotton with which to make cloth for clothes and sheets. Being the most isolated settlement of the Empire, the Mayor had to rely on long trade voyages for any material or product Queenston did not yet have the capabilities to produce itself. Thus the Fara and ETTC Muharib were sent in consort to Queenston, with their cargo holds filled with goods for the settlement. The Fara sailed all the way from Jameston, with supplies and large amounts of cotton and seeds, while the Muharib collected timber and wool from Wullhalm. The two ships met up in Spudkirk before setting off on their dangerous voyage to the Bastion of the East. The New Heaven Sea had been filled with privateers and raiders of the Lotus Empire, hungry wolves searching for riches and glory. As luck would have it, after a couple of days at sea, the small consort woke up to a large war Junk lurking on the horizon. Had they not been on such an important task for the Mayor, there is no doubt our men would have sailed right at the Junk with guns blazing and a sword in each hand. But the settlement could not afford to loose any of the cargo, so they kept course and sailed as fast as they could, while firing with everything they had at the Loti Junk. For each hour that passed, the large and heavy warship fell farther and farther behind, until it eventually cut the chase. The two brigs arrived safely and on schedule to a heart warming welcome at Queenstons docks, where Mayor Scarver offered them free food and rooms at the tavern. The Muharib ended up leaving shortly after with sugar from the settlements new Royal Plantation. But the crew of the Fara suffered some damage during the shootout with the Junk, so the ship stayed anchored in port while the wounded were treated. The crew of the Fara even received some new members, as a handful of ex-privateers joined their crew. These experienced sailors had been part of Edward Scarver’s crew before he became Mayor of the colony. They had stayed there for awhile and helped wherever they could, but their hearts yearned for the sea, so after a final feast with their old cremates and captain, they set sail with the Fara. As they sailed into the sunset, Amin Raza, one of the carpenters of Scarver’s old crew on the Andromache, climbed on to the ratlines and listened to how calm it was. Just a few months ago you couldn’t spend more than a few days at sea without crossing one or several Loti pirates. But now they had spent a week at sea, and they had seen… nothing… crossed no-one… During the time he had stayed in Queenston, the allied invasion of New Oleonda was in full swing. He deducted that they must have pulled away their forces back to the island, now that our foot soldiers are knocking at their door. Perhaps they reassembled their fleet, preparing for a counter attack, hoping to separate our army by hindering our fleets from supplying them. Perhaps they left, perhaps all the pirates and privateers scattered away in fear of fighting in a loosing war… ---- This is my first entry to the Merchant Marine task from the GoC. I originally built the ship months ago, for @Professor Thaum as the prize to his upcoming contest, but it was changed to a microlicence instead. So I reworked the the brig into the Fara, a merchant brig armed with 12 cannons and 4 swivel guns. To be licenced as a class 5 medium square rigged brig for the ETTC. PS: It was my first time using photoshop so please don't hesitate giving me advice if you have any!
  9. When the privateers arrived at Queenston, Edward and his men went ashore with the supplies before anchoring the frigate in a defencive position, protecting all entry to the bay. Colonel Dirk Allcock was absent from the colony while exploring the jungle, so Scarver took some liberties and ordered the construction of several properties. The first amongst them being a logging camp. As most privateers and other rough sailors are, these men were no strangers to logging, so the logging camp was up and running in no time. The camp will serve useful during the early stages of the settlement, as the palm trees proved to be effective construction materials. With the building material produced in this camp, small buildings and defencive walls can be constructed at a much faster rate. --- I thought it was fitting that Queenston's first licensed build was a logging camp, so here it is! I originally started to build it on as a 64x64 build, but I lost inspiration and decided to do one in real bricks instead. I would have loved to put more trees in the scene and I wanted to build a tent as well, but I was quickly reminded of my lack of parts... but I think it turned out good nonetheless Will be submited as a medium factory
  10. After months of work, the Royal Navy’s newest ship set sail from Quinnsville ! The Cutter was commissioned by the Admiralty Board in order to increase patrols around Corrington shores. Frederick Chapman had worked for several private investors in the past, even some of high standing, but never had he been contacted by agents of the Crown. The day he received the commission was the happiest day of his life, the honor to have been entrusted with the task of creating a ship for the Royal Navy, was beyond measurable. He swore he would not disappoint them, in fact, he convinced himself that he would create the fastest ship the Royal Navy had ever seen ! He spent weeks in his office making dusins of drafts and sketches. He combined ship designs he had learned from both Oleon and Elsandolan designers, even a few interesting elements he had observed on a Sea Rat ship. He wished he knew more about their ships, but Sea Rats are after all not the most common visitors of Corrington… For good reasons. Once his design was done, he was ordered to Queensville where he would oversee her construction. People from around all of Quinsville gathered at the docks to celebrate her launch. The ship was so light and sleek that when the crew opened her sails, she was immediately picked up by the wind and flew right through the waves. The crowd simultaneously reacted in aw, while Frederick, overcome by joy, jumped around and celebrated right there on the docks. The representative who had taken the ship on her maiden voyage, later admitted that she was so fast he feared they would take off and join the birds in the sky. He decided then and there to christen her HMS Peregrine, the fastest ship on the Brick Seas. ------- A new class 4 Cutter for the Navy. She is armed with 12 4-pounders and 6 swivel guns. My recommendations for her stats are : R M G C $ H 3 6 4 2 0 3 The ship being the fastest in brick seas is obviously just for story purposes and can't affect any game outcome, so don't take it too seriously
  11. Samuel Scarver had been following Corringtons actions closely as the threat of the Lotii in New Haven grew bigger by the day... knowing that our leaders would never let them get away with it. When news of a planned invasion finally arrived, he knew he had to help. In his prime he would have taken a Letter of Marque and gone there himself, alas, his age would not allow him. However, retired from a successful trade company, Samuel owned a good handful of ships. So he had his best warship restored and ready for action. She was a Corvette he had captured on one of his trade expeditions all those years ago. The ship was fast and well armed, with a total of 18x 8-pounder guns, 4x 6-pounders : 2 bow chasers and 2 stern chasers, and to top it all off, 10 swivel guns to repel all boarders. She was the perfect escort, not a single piece of cargo was ever lost under her protection. In many ways she reminded him a lot of his mother, as she had always shielded him from danger, despite how hard he made it. So he named her, Alexandra, his mother's name, and had the figurehead represent her holding her favorite bird, the hummingbird. To tell the truth, he was sad to let her go… But he knew she would serve the Queen well, just like she had him. And to a man who bled the colors of Corrington, nothing meant more. He contacted an old friend of his from the Noble Parliament, whom he intrusted to find a suitable captain for the ship. With her Majesty's Navy having no shortage of experienced naval officers, the ship was immediatly assigned to an up-and-coming captain Foster. A mere 3 days later, Samuel Scarver stood at the docks of Belson, as he watched HMS Alexandra sail into the sunset. (There are actually 9 figures barely visible / invisible from the angle I took the image ) ----------- A new Cruiser for the Navy! She is a class 6 Corvette built for the Oaken Shield task, you are free to decide her stats, otherwise she is ready to be licenced. This ship is heavily inspired by one of "boeing_787_8_dreamliner" ships on instagram, he makes som very nice ships and was nice enough to send me the file for his ship "La Therese". I learned a lot of new technics from his ship and I borrowed 90% of his fantastic rigging as well as some other parts. (Samuel Scarver is Edward's father and was referred to in my character's introduction)
  12. Overseeing transaction of goods --- As a privateer, in times of peace, Captain Scarver spends most of his time hunting sea rats. After his latest hunt around the southern coast of Celestia, Captain Scarver returned to Port Woodhouse with the captured pirate ships and their stolen goods. After most voyages Scarver donates the stolen cargo and ships to the local militias of Corrington settlements, except for certain goods that may prove useful to his endeavours. However on this voyage they fell upon a state of the art Oleon Cutter, flying the black. It is rare to see pirates sailing Royal Navy ships, so Edward and his crew were careful not to sink her. The battle was long and hard as both opponents fought like hell, but eventually Scarver and his crew managed to capture her. Upon returning to Port Woodhouse, Scarver and his crew voted to keep the ship and add her to the fleet. Thus, he handed her to his Quartermaster who is to see her be repaired and riffited with 4 additional guns. In the meanwhile, as per usual, Scarver went to oversee their donation to the garrison in Port Woodhouse. --- I made this little scene while waiting for parts to arrive for my Cutter ship. I wanted to try out @Ayrlego's architecture for Port Woodhouse, while I also thought it could be a good idea to make a little teaser for the ship. The scene is supposed to take place in the courtyard of a fortified warehouse (kind of like something you would see in the game Assassin's Creed Black Flag).
  13. Preamble: After finishing this build several months ago I had been growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to take 'ideal' shots with my limited photography set up. Coupled with reduced opportunity to take pictures during the festive period the build had grown quite dusty, which is noticeable in the photos presented. For this I apologise, but I have decided I would rather have pictures to post than continuously waiting until I have 'perfect' shots. And with that said, I now present the finished ship. Previous: The Bleak Angel: Prelude Heroes, Villains and Legends A Journey Through the Discoveries of the Age of Exploration: the Ships; the Captains; the People Volume Four: The Self-Styled and So-Called Sea Rats By Quentin Connors Chapter Thirteen: The Bleak Angel, continued... The next evening, all other affairs in order, I went to board the Bleak Angel. Upon sight of her I immediately knew how so many tales had sprung up around the ship. Tales of an immortal captain, an unsinkable ship dredged up by a dark force, of witches and heretics and all manner of things my Corrington upbringing left little room in the world for. My first introduction was to the bleak angel itself, the ship's figurehead and the two skulls that flanked it. I was informed the skulls were named Larry and Barry. Several crewmen offered explanations for the names and their presence. My favourite was that the skulls were the remains of two headstrong crew members who had once pledged to man the ship until it no longer sailed; following their untimely deaths in an ill-thought up venture Captain Dracken took them at their word and installed them as the ship's “spiritual advisers”. Mister Jakes greeted me as I boarded. I was swiftly introduced to Miss Abigail Kite, the ship's second officer and former gunnery master. Miss Kite now largely served as officer for the ship's marines. As with most Sea Rat vessels the marines were less a dedicated group of soldiers and simply the most violent and reliable actors in previous boarding actions. Perhaps they were best exemplified by Eleanor and Elizabeth, commonly known by the rest of the crew as “the Murder Twins” - though I should note only from a suitably safe distance. The twins had positioned themselves as Kite's left and right hands, when not hurting people. The last officer on the ship was Bartholomew Drake, the ship's quartermaster. A man surprisingly keen on bare knuckles pugilism, Drake often bore bruises from 'friendly' matches with other crew members. Somehow this did little to dull his mind, which remained consistently sharp despite the repeated head injuries he surely must have received on account of his hobby. “Old Man” O'malley was the Angel's cabin boy and errand runner. Whatever his given first name is, I never heard it used during my time on the vessel. After a few days of laborious sailing I was invited to meet with Captain Dracken himself in his cabin. Dracken revealed he had heard my tavern discussion with Mr. Jakes and was intrigued by my efforts to document the age of sail as it was happening. Dracken's cabin was, unsurprisingly, the largest, though it did also have to function as his private office and briefing room for his officers. My eyes were drawn to the numerous idols decorating the cabin. Here was quite a curious thing: that a man claiming to be an Oleonder officer, and therefore minor priest of Poseidon, on a ship named after the Angelic Heresy and living in a room filled with heathen idols. The antique but well maintained admiral's uniform Dracken had lying on his bed certainly failed to clarify anything. One of the more popular tales regarding Leon Dracken is the story of him being granted an extended lifespan by a witch for saving her life. I bring this up again for the unique interactions between Dracken and one of his crew make sense only with this context. Two young women serve on his ship. Liliana Vespwood, missing daughter of Lord Vespwood, is the ship's helmswoman and navigator. Her frequent – almost constant – companion went by the name Althea Holtzstein-Dracken and claimed to be the Captain's grand-daughter. If this was a charade it was one the two Drackens managed to perform and maintain for several years. If it was not, truly, the world is much stranger than I and my countrymen would ever admit. In any case I seldom witnessed the two young women far apart and heard some talk their relationship was closer than friendly. During the early stage of the voyage I caught frequent glimpses of the ship's most reclusive crew member, the one known as the witch: Iosefka. Several other tavern patrons in Bastion claimed the ship employed a witch to control the weather and turn it to the ships favour and I began to wonder which came first, the stories or Iosefka's presence on the ship. My only significant interaction with Iosefka came when accompanying another crew member, Boris, to seek medical assistance from her. She made her home in a large cabin at the back of the gun deck. Iosefka's appearance was striking; taller than most of the crew, skin nearly corpse-like white and almost unnaturally slender build. She bore all the characteristics associated with the victims of the Blackwater Massacre. Discovering this 'witch' served as a the crew's surgeon was a surprise and her book collection included several volumes I recognised as medical textbooks banned in several nations on account of how subjects for study were obtained. Like many pirate vessels, the Angel's gun deck was a cramped and noisy place, overloaded with larger cannons and leaving little space for cargo. I was told the ship traded, when the Captain was so inclined, in smaller high value items and so needed little space for trade goods. And as on most ships, the Sea Rats were joined by actual rats. That the crew kept a number of animals for the purpose of hunting those rats was unsurprising. Little did I realise at the time that I had joined the ship as the captain pursued the so called "Heretic's Hoard", a long rumoured treasure trove located on an unknown island. As fate would have it, my first journey on the Bleak Angel would by far be the least unusual. End of Chapter. Some more behind the spoiler button.