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Found 4 results

  1. Episodelist: Episode I ~ Samson Brody < you are here Episode 2 ~ Fonticulus Episode 3 ~ A Blessing in Duisguise Episode 4 ~ The grotto's Episode 5 ~ Captive of the Mardierians Main characters: Alfie Fraunces, Sea Rats Samson Brody, unaffiliated scientist Captain Le Faou & his comrades Corrington naturalist turned privateer, whom will be discovered in the coming episodes! "Gold? Here on the Crag? This is surely nonsense Samson. You came all this way to find.. to find what exactly?" A stern sea-rat coxswain told Samson Brody in Alfie's Place while drinking heavily: "How do you plan on finding this lake anyway? It'll take weeks to even map this dreadful rocky island." "What a pity, you are not the man nor do you have the stomach to lead an expedition.", Brody told the first mate irritated. "Gold?"~ Alfie Fraunces joined the two, who where enjoying themselves in his cafe. His men already told him about a Corrington-looking dandy who arrived in The Sereen Cay. "Alfie my name is. Welcome on the Crag. You where discussing?" Alfie spoke in Arlinsport dialect, the place Brody originated from as well. Hearing a fellow countrymen Brody answered: "A man of the fatherland, I hear! A fine establishment you run on this island sir. Very nice to meet a countrymen in a place so far from civilization indeed. I was just narrating the chances this island has to offer!" "Here we go again.." said the first mate before sipping his last bit of Trappist beer and leaving. Alfie was quickly interested and invited Brody to his office upstairs. There the two spoke about the legend of the Corrington Naturalist turned Privateer who was last seen on the Rock. The Naturalist was, according to Brody, and old friend of him years back on the university of Arlinsport. The story goes he left this earth and his treasure in a secret cave inside the Rock. A cave hard to find and harder to leave... Since the surface of the Rock was very difficult to enter and to investigate, Brody needed more men. "Hard to enter. Harder to exit. The perfect hiding place for a lifelong earned stash of gold mr. Fraunces! We will surely find whatever is on this island together!" smiled Brody. Little did they know, someone was eavesdropping... The uninvited guest of the conversation knew Alfie was up to something. And this particular pirate was know as capt. Le Faou. Le Faou and his crew where waiting for their ship: which was being repaired in The Sereen Cay after the tsunami in Mesabi Landing. "Listen up boys. We are bored out of our minds here. Today I passed by the cafe and overheard Alfie Fraunces talking to a real fancy lad. I swear they are up to find something and I intend to find out what it is. I say we we follow 'em, wait our time, and put them in the ground after stealing all valuables! Who's with me?" The End - For now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi all and I hoped you like the introduction to a story I tend to build up in the coming months. In this community I value the high regards to quality over quantity accompanied by a good story: and I want to contribute. Landscaping is not my talent and therefore I thought a story in the Rock would be a good place to train my Moccing skills. Architecture I like much more, and I want to try new things as well as good old nostalgic aspects of LEGO pirates, as some here know. So constructive criticism is always welcome and enjoy the story! Much more is coming! An overall view of the last vignette:
  2. If you want to read the first part of my characters story, read the introduction post. "Log of Captain Lothario Fraunces, 28th of June, 618 Me and my brothers Jacobo and Alfie spend some days together in the city of Breshaun. Me and my brother Jacobo came to Breshaun on board of the Fluyt 'The Octopus'. Together with Alfie we enlisted again and had plans to reach the new world to the east, when some of the Octopus' crew members came to me. Crew members: "Lothario, the captain died last night. He was ill since we left Holders Rock but he did not want to tell anyone. We need a new captain and we know your skills on the seas and don't trust the old quartermaster Cedric. He is egocentric and is very stubborn. Lead us in our mutiny!" And so we went to the ship. I challenged Cedric to a duel for the captaincy. Our cutlasses almost broke with every strike. Cedric fought like a bull but his anger prohibited him to foresee my moves and I was on the winning hand, what I did not know was that Cedric companion was below deck, ready to fill me with lead through the hatch. The blast just missed my forehead and blew my hat away. The cheat came out of the hatch to finish the job, but he did not count on my brother Alfie. With one smooth move Alfie threw the cheat overboard: "Go irritate Neptune" - he said. How I already love this guy. The duel with Cedric however, continued. It was not long before I took the upper hand and with a few slashes and thrusts I had him on the ground. We put Cedric on a rowing boat back to Breshaun, The Octopus crew chose me as their new captain. We buried our old captain on an empty beach in LeBellan, said goodbye to the girls in the brothel, took in fresh supplies and headed to the new world. Jacobo (the new quartermaster) convinced the me and the crew to head to île D'Or, for glory, adventure and gold was lurking on that island. What more does one need to convince a bunch of Sea Rats? And so we went." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys like my ship and the story. I checked the shipwright post for building tips and took my main motivation from the replica Dutch Fluyt 'de Batavia'. I will license her as a Class 5. My apologies for the bad photo-shopping, this is not my forte. The name derives from the bow spring: C&C is welcome.
  3. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 4 Chapter 1 : Embarking on towards Adventure. Chapter 2 : The Voyage of the Autumn Blossom. Chapter 3 : Rehearsal in Rassilon Character list in spoiler brackets. The Khan's Stallion was not the best tavern in Rassilon nor was it the loudest however, both those titles belonged to Marco's but what the Khan's Stallion was, was close it was very near to the bandstand where Satoshi, Ragnar and Calder had listened to the Weelond Players. "Well how does one find Labourers to hire?, ." "Rassilon is a place full of opportunities, we just have to hope we find one" "Well I doubt people will just show up out of nowhere and ask for a job." Two rough looking blokes came together in front of them, one of the had come from the concert, whereas the other had just exited the Khan's Stallion, yet the men stood together and clearly had ties. Ragnar headed closer to the men and they neared him, surprisingly eager to strike up a consersation with strangers on the street. "I saw you fellows down by the bandstand, did I not overhear you looking for workers?" "You did." "Me and my friend here would be willing to volunteer for such a position and for a very reasonable fee too" "Deal!" "What, are you just going the hire the first people, you see! No background checks or anything!" "You said We should get this over with quickly." "This was not quite what I had in mind." "Trust me chaps, you won't regret it." The other ASTG marines returned bringing with them a cannon from the local factory. "Lovely craftsmanship, that will do nicely." The marine turned to face Ragnar "Yiroe said we were to assist you with your studies whilst we waited for him and the doctor to finish their duties." "Splendid, why don't we start here, find out how a tree can grow simply from sand with little proper soil, exciting no?!" "It sounds great in theory but I think that the fine people of Rassilon probably don't want you laying your, uh whats it called...?" "Quadrat" "That's it, thank you laddie, yes , they probably don't want you laying your quadrat across the street." "Not the mention the city environment will probably have an affect on your results." "Ah yes, a fair argument, I suppose, We'll head away from civilisation to carry out our field work." "Good call" Out of earshot of the Laborers Calder again addressed his grievances to Ragnar, something Ragnar and now Satoshi were becoming used to. "Do those men not look like brigands to you?" "Calder, they are just men out for an honest living, no more dangerous than a simple insect like an ant." Calm down Laddie, you seem to think everyone in this town is some sort of pirate, which is quite plainly, absurd" "They did have a skull and crossbones as the flag on their fort!" "Fair point" Satoshi replied chuckling. Little did Ragnar know that the ants you find in Rassilon are the size of a man's head with venom that will paralyse you with one bite. "Argh Aiie, Ahh!!!!" OOC: Out of the Mocs I've built for BotBS so far (including some I haven't yet published") this one has to be my favourite. I think I'll start a list of the chapters in my signature, anyway thanks for looking I hope you had fun, and as always C and C are most welcome. Bonus pictures on Flickr and in the spoiler tag below.
  4. Hi everyone, I am creating this thread for anyone who might want a logo designed for the Bretheren of the Brick Seas role-play game. Just post your request in the comments section below, I will be glad to design and emblem or logo for you. You can check out my logo design work on my Flickr photo stream here: Feel free to PM me with any questions! Thanks, ~RBCustoms