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Found 4 results

  1. Lepralego

    MOC: Boulevard des Lumières

    I'm glad to introduce Boulevard des Lumières, my very first big 'Moc'! I started this project in march 2015 and abandoned it a few months later due to professional and family reasons. Then I restarted it again last September and finished it now in January 2020. The idea was to create a building inspired in the Haussmann style present in most of central Paris, without any piece count limit that would keep the modular compatibility and the minifig scale. So this is not a direct replica of any particular one. The street name is also fictional, there is no 'Boulevard des Lumières' in Paris, but its spirit is highly Parisian. Also, I'm adding some extra info and videos in the next days in my Instagram: Any suggestions, questions or comments are welcome. Cheers!
  2. SimonJC

    MOC Bookshop and Tailors

    Hello The Lego Modular Pet Shop (10218) is one of my favourite sets of all time, and so i built this MOC as something of a love-letter to that set. The bookshop is inspired by the buildings which line Collins St in Melbourne, AUS, and the Tailors is inspired by the Huntsman/ Kingsman Tailors in London. I really hope this MOC captures the essence of the Pet Shop, while standing on its own. Enjoy! More pictures at Bookshop and Tailors by simon crocker, on Flickr Bookshop by simon crocker, on Flickr Tailors by simon crocker, on Flickr 1st floor tailors by simon crocker, on Flickr 2nd floor bookshop by simon crocker, on Flickr
  3. sheo

    [MOC] Elephant Building

    This gorgeous tall building was once an architectural highlight of the city. It was also one of the centers of business activity, usually overcrowded by citizens. Everything changed when alien invaders suddenly came from the darkest depths of Earth. Giant drilling machines pierced the earth surface, and myriads of underground creatures flooded into the city, forcing its inhabitants to flee. Elephant Building sustained severe internal damage and now it is on the verge of destruction, although its facade and distinctive columns remain intact. Let us discover the interior of the building while it still stands. Ground floor hosts a media shop with very expressive shop windows. It used to be just a bookshop at first but later the assortment has been broaden with music and video. Ironically, the shop window dedicated to books was first to be destroyed. Above the bookshop we can find a private apartment where there is something going on. It was once owned by a respectable but stubborn family who refused to move when the building was being turned nonresidential. However, at some point the apartment was occupied by a group of dangerous criminals. Some said that this apartment became the very center of criminal activity in the city. Despite evil intentions of these people, let us hope that nobody was inside the bathroom when it was smashed. Coincidentally, there is a bank office right above the suspicious apartment. It is unclear whether it was a target of the criminals or their own organization. Anyway, it was not them who made the big hole in the floor. Also, there is a courtroom in the attic... ...And a shed on the roof. It is a perfectly ordinary shed, but who knows, maybe someone has been writing music inside of it? And here is some of the furniture used in the building. Model characteristics: 32 x 32 corner modular building. Building comprises 3 stories, an attic and a shed on the roof resulting in an overall height of 45 bricks. Model consists of over 8500 parts. Additional links: Photo album on flickr Building instructions are available on Rebrickable.
  4. kevin8

    (MOC)-Modular Bookshop

    Hello to everyone again. Let me introduce you for the first time my last MOC. It's a corner modular bookshop and it has been designed in the early 2013 and built. It's been yet displayed in some of the italian events a took part. It all started with the photo of a building placed in New York, initially I was trying to catch the curved facade and I spent many evenings trying to find the right inclination... As in many other modular building, it has a shop in the lower floor and a house in the higher. I decided to put my acronym in the rear like it was a graffity, actually I was looking for a more "flowing" sign, but it was the best I can obtain in such a narrow place. I created a watch for walkways... I'm satisfied with it, but I'm waiting TLG to produce some brackets in white... The book shop has its shelves with plenty of books and some displaying bench. In the rear there's a little bathroom. In the higher floors there's the house of the shop's owner, so we can see his wife going out on the terrace... At the first floor I've put a dining room and kitchen. Going upstair, there's a little hall with couch and TV, obviously a bookcase and a bathroom with a snotted bathtub . Trying to maximize the available space, I decided to add a floor as a loft where I put the bedroom. There's a narrow and steep staircase to reach it. On the roof I decided to draw a colored skylight ad I built a TV antenna.