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Found 500 results

  1. blackdeathgr

    BoBS CMF - Series 6

    Choo choo! The train has also passed from Breshaun, the colonial seat of power of Oleon. Picking up the glove and accepting the challenge (frankly I could build minifigs forever so thanκ you @Elostirion), we present you, BoBS CMF - Series 6 From left to right and front to back, we have: 1. Priest of Hades (OL) -> Many say Priests of Hades are the incarnation of all evil on earth. Probably they haven't met an Eslandian merchant yet. Nevertheless these priests' hands fall strong on the heathens. 2. Corlander noble child (COR) -> That spoilt little brat thinks he can take the whole world with his dad's money. Isn't he cute? (talking about the dog here, not the kid) 3. Bastion citizen (SR) -> The epitome of being cool and prepared while living on the "Den of thieves". He had his fair share of brawls so he is a survivor 4. Merchant (duuh ESL) -> The root of all evil in the BoBS universe. Despised by the Order, adored by his fellow countrymen. Call him whatever you like but one thing is for sure. He IS going to be rich regardless 5. Sailor (OL) -> A typical sailor of the Grand Fleet of Oleon. Disciplined, tidy, fearless. A true cog in a well oiled machine 6. Sailor (COR) -> Curious by nature but well disciplined, he is a true asset of Corrington's colonial fleet. Blunderbuss is his weapon of choice should things go wrong 7. Sailor (SR) -> The unruly type of sailor, the bane of each commodore and the blight of merchant ships in BoBS universe 8. Sailor (ESL) -> The greedy (and often drunk) type of sailor. If the enemies use gold coins to attack him, he is guaranteed to go after the money and not the enemy 9. King's dragoon (OL) -> The "knight" side of Oleon army, a formidable unit at the battlefield. Each dragoon is well versed in many warfare tactics and each one is capable of performing excellently as a captain of any other military unit in Oleon's army 10. Queen's dragoon (COR) -> Corrish dragoons have entirely different duties than those of Oleon's. Their the heavy hand of the Corrish queen, directly under her command and sometimes their leadership is borrowed to only the best generals of her army 11. Tavern owner (SR) -> She is literally a mother to Sea Rats, always scolding them when they drink too much and trying to prevent brawls before her tavern needs more time... 12 Gendarmere (ESL) -> Commonly known as the "golden thief" in many native languages, he is here to "befriend" natives and to plunder. Duties which he performs admirably...if paid 13. Order of Faith soldier (OL) -> The hands of the Order and the most pious people in Oleon (after the priests themselves). They are the true agents of the Order, be it for good deeds or not-so-good deeds. Regardless, they are true patriots and sometimes ears of the King... 14. Fisherman (COR) -> Ye olde fisherman one can find in each and every colony of the Brick Seas. Some say Corrish perform better at fishing than other nations but some dismiss these statements as rumors 15. Drunk Captain (SR) -> A typical captain of the Sea Rats lot. Drunk as a raisin but always capable of plundering and terrorizing a merchant fleet without a proper warship escort 16. Native (ESL) -> Don't be fooled. He is not an average native. He wears the famous Kahuna mask, a relic among the native tribes of the Brick Seas. Could he be the next "Tribe father" that will unite them all against the western nations? BoBS CMF - Series 6 front BoBS CMF - Series 6 side C&C always welcome (and wanted). Thanks for watching.
  2. Dramatis Personae: Previously, Somewhere on the high seas... Wait. What happened to the Absolutely Fabulous? What better way to start BoBS Era II than to sail around Terraversa on a new ship? Besides, the Absolutely Fabulous was a lame microbuild, anyway. It was built specifically for stupid gags in the story line. Hmm...there is nothing you just said that I want to argue against. Something is wrong. Behold, the Nerdy Mermaid! She's a Class 3, with a range of 4, manueverability of 4, 0 firepower, crew of 2, cargo of 3, and a hull of 2. It's still just a microbuild, you stupid professor! Just a microbuild?! Do you know how many dark tan jumper plates went into the Nerdy Mermaid's construction?! PICK-A-BRICK WALL!!! Shhh! Stop giving away our secrets. Besides, Willy spent a lot of time putting this ship together. While I am proud of it, it really didn't take that long. I estimate around 10 hours for just the ship. Wait. Willy put this thing together? Is it safe? Last time she built bunkers out of sand! It's safe. I browsed the internet forums and built her out of clay like other posters suggested. WHAT?!?! Just kidding. I have been wondering about something, though. There are no soldiers on board, but we have a crew rating of 2. How come? Unlike the casual Olean soldier, Alois was a hardcore raider. He's level capped and fully equipped with legendary items, which makes him count as 2 crew by himself. MAXIMUM DPS!!! You're both in the wrong forum! This isn't Heroica! Calm down. You're always so angry, Lucy. I hate you all. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  3. Tezclatipoca

    BoBS CMF - Series 7

    Hello guys ! After having seen those previous brilliant BoBSCMF Series, I thought it would be fun to build one myself. So here is my humble attempt to follow the BoBS CMF train. The BoBS CMF Serie 7 : Let me introduce the characters : The Juniper war veteran : "Show them no fear... Show them no pain..." One of the pride of Oleon is to parade with many flags, fanals, and "cotes d'armes" like they say in their language. This old veteran warrior have seen many of his comrades fall during the Juniper War and now is honouring them every year on the day of the "Mémoire" by hoisting his batallion flag. The Oleon Ship boy : "Seventh son of a seventh son" A poor child from a numerous family. He had no choice but entering at the service of a ship captain to earn his food. It was this life of servitude or a life of danger as a pirate. The Colonist : "A Brave new world... In a brave new world..." Oleon is not only a Navy power, but is also claiming land in the new world. It is by sending many groups of such colonists the Blue Realm is hoping to conquer land. The Corrington trader : "No more lies..." It is something to encounter an Eslandola merchant but a Corrington Trader can be more efficient and could earn good benefits from nearly anything thanks to their new techniques in economic science. The naturalist : "Caught on spiders web..." She is from a good family and tryed to go for adventure. But Adventure comes with little beasts and annoyances on the same way she wasn't expecting. The Royal guard : "We're blood brothers..." One of the most selected guards in all Corrington, this guy is the Elite of the Elite. The Eslandolan navigator : "I've seen the Ghosts of navigators..." This Navigator from the MAESTRO fleet is one of the finest you can encounter. His skills allowed his ship to sail safely and quickly between many dangerous waters. The Scholar : "Age of innocence" This young scholar is freshly entering in the ETWC to study the magic of Nature. He is secretly wishing to encounter hihs idol, George da Pontelli, the intelligent monkey ! The Mercenary : "Pay to kill, die to loose..." This skilled soldier is hired by the MCTC to protect their cargoes well packed in their warehouses. But, is this necessary ? Just to protect some cotton balls ? The Lady pirate : "Just another way the wild wind blows" She has sailed to many lands ands cut many throats. You should avoid her ! The Pirate Captain : "The wicker man" Despite his classical aspect with even a parrot, this skilled captain is able to empty your pockets in no time... The pirate cook : "Die with your boots on" What would be life on board without a cook ! Well, with this one, you should be warned that eating his meal could lead you to your instant death... The Shipmaker : "We are pleased to be yelled..." A wood plank and a hammer and this artisan can make all your repairs ! And for a good price ! The banana farmer : "Hey la banana... hey la banana..." The Ténotclaxcans are well known for their excellent bananas ! This made their pride, and even in the court of Corrington, their fruits are praised. The Alexport negociant : "The man who would be king" In Isla de Romantica, there are trading companies in development which are ready to sell and buy many products. This spirits negociant is one of the bests, and it is rumoured he could be richer than the Archduke of Alexport ! The Mardieran soldier : "Pashendale" This soldier miraculously escaped from Isla de Medio alive ! During the last battles he saw his company decimed and had to run through a ship from Nova Malto. Now he is safe and is waiting for his revenge... Here it is ! Hope you'll like it ! C&Cs are welcome !
  4. Just a small build to get extra ship limits. Paperwork by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr In order to modernize Oleon's shipping records, the Royal Office of the Navy developed brand new systems, requiring brand new paperwork. That's why, mere hours before the fleet is preparing to sail, some poor lieutenant is stuck in his room trying desperately to finish a pile of paperwork with instrucitions that even a lawyer would struggle with. "If the vessel is, for purposes of Section 243 D(2), a qualified non-coastal trader, then a qualifying dependent under Section 152 (A)1 shall not be limited by the aforementioned... quid pro quo, blah, blah, blah," the young officer muttered. Oh, if only he had listened to his father and become a lawyer. Then he wouldn't have these problems. Paperwork by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr At least it was still easier than figuring our Oleon's archaic tax code.
  5. Gentlefolks of the Brick Seas, here's another build - or actually two - ship-levels don't upgrade themselves, after all! Deadlines!!! No.1 - Next! Just a typical scene these days at the Department of Sailing Vehicles. People are paying literally any price to receive a shipping license - much to the liking of some rather greedy officials. No.2 - Ingredients Hull, Cargo, Guns, Crew... plus an able captain... I think I got my money's worth of ship ingredients - now back to the shipyards!! Does he realize those are actually field guns? I didn't realize we could talk! Oh, we can't. This is just a one-time thing for comic relief and story effect. This whole scene would be less funny if we didn't hint at at least one ridiculous flaw the Maker deliberately put into the setup of this MOC. ... This had to be done More ship-levels! Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  6. Hi mateys, just a small build to increase Oleon's ship-level limit. The Duke's Delightful Dream It's not clear if it was the huge impression the Royal Philip had made on him, or whether it was due to the gently rocking waves of the Merlonic Sea, but on his journey to Londa the Duc de Corban was sound asleep in his bunk. And he had the best dream in a long while - more ships for La Royale! More ships of all sizes and colors!! Just... more... ships!!! He was in heaven. Not much to say about it... the idea came to me, and just had to be translated into a MOC The hammock was the most annoying thing to build, the shopping cart was the most fun. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  7. The Lady Hawk To explore further to the Brick Seas, Felipe de la Manzana purchased a rapid Brig of War on the Elisabethtown Shipyards. In this new Era of Sailing and exploration a brand new -and well armed- vessel is welcome to protect Felipe's and MAESTRO's interests, in particular with its line of heavy carronades. The vessel is mainly designed to rapid recon missions and to escorts smaller merchant vessels. With this new ship, Felipe is hoping the old Raennette II will be well protected. Hi guys ! I am back with MRCAs in this new Era II to try out the new rules ! Adventures seem so attractive ! I cannot resist... Well, the Lady Hawk will not run on adventures, I will send The Brickwall Frigate instead. And I am keeping my old free Raenette ship in this new Era. I am keeping the Crowned Pigglet in dock this time, and will probably not license it for the moment. I hope it doesn't bother anyone and that my ships will have better luck than in Era I So the ship will be licensed as a class 3 Brig of War : Name Class Cost Stats Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Total The Lady Hawk 3 200 15 3 3 4 2 0 3 15 If you look closely to the Lady Hawk, you'll notice it is a strongly Eslandolanised Armada Flagship. I made the rigging simplier than my previous ships, to stay on the old feeling vibe. I added some length and equiped it with a motor ! Yes ! A MOTOR ! I decided to mount this ship on old blue train tracks and to make it run around an island at BMA this year in Belgium ! The ship is here, ready to run, and functilonal ! On the other hand, the island is not totally ready. You'll see it when ready ! Hope you'll like it ! C&Cs are welcome !
  8. After a couple of months fascinating and peaceful interlude in the ancient city of Myzectlan, the time has come for Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock to leave, and resume his duties as Colonial Governor from a more accessible location. Sir Dirk and Dr Brickingstone approach High Priestess Zia to announce Dirk's imminent departure. Dr Brickingstone wishes to remain with the Myzec for the time being, so Dirk has made him the Corlander representative. He has been instructed to continue working on a draft treaty which will make the valley of the Myzec a semi autonomous zone within the Corlander colony of Cascadia. "Colonel Allcock, I believe you will be leaving us shortly" said Zia through Dr Brickingstone as the interpreter. Although usually able to pick up languages quite fast, Dirk had yet to master Myzec. "That is correct your Highness, I must leave your beautiful city for a while, as pressing matters require my attention elsewhere. In my place, and with your permission, I will leave a small party with Dr Brickingstone." "That is acceptable Colonel. As you are aware, most Myzec have no desire to leave our hidden valley. Sometimes, rarely, individuals amongst us venture outside, most to never be heard of again. Indeed one of my most promising young apprentices has expressed a desire to explore the world beyond our domain. This is Cuxi" Zia said, indicating to a young women at the base of the throne. "I would ask you to take Cuxi and a small party of attendants with you as my representative, so she may learn of your world" "Of course your highness, it would be an honour." Soon the arrangements were made and Dirk was ready to depart. He would miss Myzectlan, however his responsibilities weighed heavily on him, and he needed to return to Port Woodhouse and Jameston. Also he was beginning to worry about the disappearance of his good friend Don Isaac Montoya, last seen heading to the Sea Rat haven of Tortuga to treat with the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan. He would depart in the morning for Camp Isaac, and seek information from the Royal Pioneers there before deciding on his next destination. One thing was sure, he could not help his friend from Myzectlan. An additional scene of the throne: A special thanks to all those who made suggestions/comments in the WIP thread for this build!
  9. Part 3 and final part of my entry, hope it's not too late. The day when sergent Eric and his men were arrived at Mesabi's Landing, they were invited to dinner by the Count Mesabi. At the table, Eric was petrified to find the saboteur! - " can it be...why he's here?" Asked sergent Eric. - "Relax, sergent, let me introduce you the King Carrot Karuta, his men have found in jungle this fellow, who was hidden under some leaves, they thought he was one of my marines, lost in the jungle, since I and Karuta are good friends, he made his men to bring this energumen to me." Said Count Mesabi. - And he said he is the saboteur? - Of course not, but I know the saboteur was hidding in the jungle, when Karuta and his men brought him to me, I immediately realized that he is the one we are looking for, and your reaction confirmed my suspicion. - Very well, looks you were luckier than us, thumbs up. - Now, mr.Saboteur, I'm offering you two choices, one, we continue to act like civilised men and you tell me who is behind the explosion, or the second choice, I'll let our sergent here to "interrogate" you, again.
  10. Hi mateys, last day to put the ship back into SHIPtember, so here goes: The 74-gun Ship-of-the-Line le Monarque Remind me again, Lieutenant Colonel, why did we have to sail to Eltina first? The timber convoy, Commodore, personal request by Seigneur Roseabeau. You know what they say about Eltinians... Yes, Eltinians... At least they did pick up the pace when we fired our chasers. Good times... Still, who does this Seigneur think he is. He's a royal Knight of the Realm after all, Sir. Isn't everyone these days?! Well, never mind. He better has some major progress to report tomorrow! Lieutenant Berneus, how far out from Breshaun? We'll make port within the hour, Sir. Excellent. Just in time to experience the city's famed nightlife... And one for size comparison: About: Well, this ship is loooong overdue for presentation, as it's been sitting on my digital shelf for quite a while now – some of you might even remember the origins. What's to say about le Monarque... maybe some numbers first: hull length is 111 studs, width 30 studs, number of bricks 9200+... and it should all be buildable. If I remember correctly, I started building this ship with some pictures of a French téméraire class ship-of-the-line for inspiration, but le Monarque is certainly not a historically accurate model. Still, could be worse Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome! Vive le Roi!
  11. Hi there, inhabitants of New Terra, pretty late, but here goes, presenting my first FB this month: The 'Royal Shipyards' in Breshaun With the ever growing demand for new ships in the waters of New Terra the naval yards in mainland Oleon alone cannot keep up. So some time ago already the 'Office Royal de la Marine' had decided to set up a branch of the 'Royal Shipyards' in the city of Breshaun, providing high-quality shipbuilding and ship maintenance expertise on-site. The compound is flourishing. It's constantly growing in size, and new buildings and installations are being added regularly, obvious proof of Oleon's expanding presence on the waves, as well as Breshaun's increasing importance for the Empire. Last month I presented a small peripheral facility to you, this time we're visiting the entrance of the 'Royal Shipyards' main compound situated directly at the mouth of Breshaun's harbor. about: Not much to say about it, could have been larger, but this month was pretty crowded. All is buildable, I'm kind of cool with the way the gate's arch turned out, the rest is rather regular business. The 'Crown-Wheel-Anchor'TM is the registered emblem of the 'Royal Shipyards' The architectural style is influenced by buildings I saw in Rochefort, France. It was a fun build, experienting with two colored walls and a SNOTed ceiling, but making the rider hold that letter was a real annoying job More of this shipyard is likely to follow. Thanks for watching, C&C as always very welcome! Vive le Roi!
  12. Kolonialbeamter

    Noble Houses of Oleon

    Introduction As an empire that centers around traditional values, where a vast cultural heritage is both obligation and source of pride, Oleon's society is dominated by the influence of her nobility. Noble houses offer prestige, noble titles open doors. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the establishment and expansion of one's house is a matter of heart and honor for every Oleander – and so it should be for you, too! Oleon grants you the possibility to establish and expand your own noble house, too, as the ultimate reward for long term commitment to His Majesty and the empire, for outstanding achievements and unprecedented acts of loyalty. In this thread you will find all relevant information regarding Oleon's nobility system. All Oleander noble houses will be listed and updated here, too. However, all changes and awards of all sorts will be announced in the Oleon Intro Thread, which will also be the place for the general discussion. Vive le Roi!
  13. A fast and maneuvrable cutter, initially built to transport and extract agents from hostile or occupied territories. She's been transferred recently to the colonial squad based to Eltina and rebaptised Jacinthe. She has a large gun (18pounder or 24 pounder) on the bow and two smaller guns amidship. Very well armed for a boat of her tonnage, this disposition means her crew should stick to the tactic of hit and run, to maximize her advantage and try to avoid to board ennemy ships. Here are the stats: Class 2 Cost 120 Range 3 Maneuver 4 Firepower 2 Crew 1 Cargo 0 Hull 2 C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  14. BoBS Map February 617 by -Mike S-, on Flickr With the advent of the Adventure MCRA, we really have some opportunities to open up the story of BoBS. So, before we all start filling out forms, and overwhelming the leadership, we should take a minute to talk about what we all want to do for the Adventure MCRA. Being secretive about it is going to get us nowhere, since we have to build MOCs throughout the adventure which would kinda reveal what's happening. So, what I plan to do, is to send the WTC Aurora around the south end of Rogan sea, possibly stopping in New Oleon to refuel, and explore. This might take several Adventure MCRAs, but that's the WTC's plans. Thoughts anyone?
  15. The colonial squadron of la Royale is ready to welcome a new member, a smaller one this time, designed for reconnaissance and escort missions. Here she is, the class 6 Licorne (unicorn),flying proudly the ensign of Oleander navy: Class Cost Stats Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum 6 560 24 5 4 6 4 0 5 24 The above is the proposed stats repartition, with emphasis put on range and maneuvrability, as we can expect from a frigate. The origin of this ship is unclear, the official story says she is a renovated warship, without further details, but some say there was a secret meeting and there's even an amateur artist who has drawn a sketch of a ship who ressembles vaguely to our Licorne. The photos are a bit dark, hope you can see the small guns from the hole. All the parts above the gun deck have been redone. Figurehead, the brown thingy is supposed to represent an unicorn. Thanks for viewing. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  16. Esteemed colleagues of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, It has been my privilege to spend the last few months in the majestic city of Myzectlan on the Isle of Cascadia. There is much here to interest the society, and indeed I have been able to devote some of my time to a study of the large feline species for which the island is known. I have attached some sketches with some preliminary notes for your review. I have identified what I believe are three unique species of cat, although I suspect that two are probably the same species, or at least a sub-species. Further study will be required on this point. I will begin with the two cats that I believe are endemic to the region. Firstly, there is the jaguar. This species is similar to the leopard of the old world, although the examples I have sighted appear larger and heavier and their behavioural and habitat characteristics more closely resemble those of the tigers found in the Mokolei Empire. Next is the panther, which like the panthers of the old world I suspect to actually be jaguars born without the distinctive spotted patterns and to have a uniform black coat. Lastly is the rarest but perhaps most interesting of the big cats, the tiger. Larger and more aggressive than the native jaguars and panthers, Myzec legend says this cat is not endemic to the island, but was introduced by traders from the west at the height of the feline cult that was perhaps ultimately responsible for the decline of their civilisation. I strongly suspect the examples I have seen are indeed introduced species, probably introduced from the Mokolei Empire hundreds of years ago. This theory if proven would indicate the Myzec parent civilisation were strong sailors and traders, and that contact between the New World and old pre-dated recent discoveries. ------------------------------------ Full MOCs: I had a heap of BoBS stuff I was meant to build on the weekend, but instead got distracted with something a bit different. I've been wanting to show off my cats, and as Dirk is about to leave Cascadia, decided that if he was ever going to produce a scientific paper, now should probably be the time! Enjoy!
  17. Announcement from the Corrington Era II main thread: "Chaotic, haphazard, piecemeal and plain disordered" stated Brigadier Howe. "All words used to describe the army's current dispositions in Terra Nova. A most un-Corlander state of affairs. It will not stand Captain. We must immediately bring order to the situation." Brigadier Howe and Captain Wolf strode past the assembled guard at one of Arlinsport's large forts. With a polite nod at the guard commander, Brigadier Howe continued "Our first priority shall be to carry out a compete audit of land based military units in the new world. Then we shall review their dispositions and ensure they are best placed to protect and defend our possessions and react to any situation. Each settlement the size of town and above should aim to have their own colonial militia for constabulary duties and immediate protection. Crown units will be dispersed where we judge them most needed. I wish to have two battalion sized forces at central locations ready for a rapid response to emerging threats or situations." "Aye Sir, I have a preliminary list for your review" replied Captain Wolf. "Excellent work. Our second priority will be a review of fortifications throughout our settlements." "Yes Sir. Additionally we have received correspondence from Colonel Allcock in the paradise isles. He is growing concerned over the disappearance of Don Isaac Montoya, who was last seen heading to Tortuga for discussions with the notorious Sea Rat Captain Benjamin Morgan" "Hmm, our nearest sizeable force will be Major Bradley's battalion in Port Woodhouse. Dispatch correspondence to Colonel Allcock and Major Bradley authorising Colonel Allcock's use of the battalion for recovery operations if deemed necessary. I will discuss the deployment of a naval force with Admiral Fletcher. For now I am not too concerned. But we must be ready to act. This is the perfect example of the need to better organise our military forces." With that the two officers went their separate ways to carry out the Queen's business. ------------------------------- A build for the appointment of land commanders for Corrington in Era II, a scene from this MOC was used in the new Corrington Thread. Heavily inspired by @Sebeus I's scene from the Oleon front page (I Need to order some bright light yellow bricks!!!). Placed in Arlinsport but will not be licensed.
  18. The Brickwall Memorial Park : The Tropical Garden As a part of the Brickwall Memorial, just next to the Courthouse there is an area left for the gardens to enjoy peace and tranquility. Through those gardens, the Tropical Garden has been designed to better the knowledge of the local Flora of Isla de Victoria. This is a place to chase some colourful butterflies flying around splendid flower beds. This is also a place to study some strange vegetal species the gardener in chief is commisionned to collect. But it's also a great place to rest and to enjoy its beauty and siting around the Brickwall statue is something the Eslandolan citizens are pleased to do. After this Tropical Garden there is an access to the Greenhouse and a short path is leading to the Flower Garden, also parts of the Brickwall memorial.
  19. The Empire of Eslandola Nickname: Cash Empire Colors: Green, Gold Flag: Although this is the official flag, you are welcome to create your own variations or stick with purist flags. Eslandola Summarized: Compared to the other nations, Eslandola boasts the best merchants, the most heavily protected treasure ships, and the largest and richest colonial possessions. Eslandians hold hard to their individualism and profit making. They accept adventurers and explorers, business folk, merchant sailors, agriculturalists, and artists. Membership: Want to pick up arms and join the army or militia to expand our land and extend our wealth? Fancy yourself as a tradesperson and want to set up a business or join a trading company to expand our land and extend our wealth? Or aspire to make a name for yourself in the New World and start a colony - to expand our land and extend our wealth, of course? We welcome anybody who agrees that they will be loyal to the land. For gold and country! Good Eslandians strive to show their pride by including one or more of the nation’s colors in each build, but if they slip up, no one will track them down. If you choose to be a member, there is a lot in store for you! Your first task will be to create your sig-fig and sign up in this thread with an intro post. Eslandola currently has two main trading companies, and one lesser company. If you wish, you are welcome to affiliate yourself with one of them. This affiliation may be changed at any time, but you are responsible to make sure leaders are notified of any changes. You are not required to join one of the trade groups and may even start your own; however, there are a few economic benefits to joining a Trade Company. More information about the trade groups can be found under point 5 below. Eslandola has a republican system of government, with a figurehead monarchy. More information about the government can be found under points 1 and 2 below. Did you get that far? If so, you’ve read all that you really need to know. The rest is just icing on the cake, so take it at your leisure, and enjoy the MOCs! A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslanola: (below) Trade Companies, Colonies, and Members: (second post) FAQs: (third post) A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola 1 – Leadership King Fernando - Augusto VII (NPC) Thanks to the independent minded merchants of Eslandola, the realm is fairly decentralized. The real power lies in the hands of the Continental Council and its daughter council, the Colonial Council. King Fernando used to command the empire through a High Council, but a bad political move led to his power being curtailed with the signing of the Magna Charta. Since then, he's been variously reported as begging in the backstreets, throwing nightcaps, gormandizing, or plotting a dramatic revenge. Continental Council The Continental Council consists of the leaders of Eslandola. The Continental Council grants charters, signs treaties, and supervises elections. Honorary members are members that have previously been on the Continental Council, but now take no part in its deliberations. Continental Council Member, Viceroy Renato Filamento (@kabel) and the Royal Colonies After his fortunate discovery of the island of Nelissa, Renato Filamento was knighted by King Fernando and proceeded to construct Nova Terreli as a royal colony. Sir Renato was kept home in Eslandola for some time, and earned the King’s trust. Now, he has been made Viceroy of all the royal colonies and is supposed to do his best to bring down the East Trade-Wind Company. Unfortunately for him, the ETWC capitalized on his discoveries and now controls the rest of the west coast of Nelissa. Sir Renato deeply respects King Fernando and wants to carry out his job well, but he is forced to comply with many of ETWC’s demands. His exasperation with the state of affairs leads him to take frequent therapeutic jungle expeditions, and he spends a good deal of his time lost in the woods. Continental Council Member, Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois (NPC @Garmadon) and the East Trade-Wind Company (ETWC) Sir E.T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois has headed the East Trade-Wind Company for, well, just about forever! Under his leadership, the company has greatly consolidated power, and it now has a virtual monopoly in Eslandola proper. However, as Wilkinson aged, so did his policies. Although it made an early start on the island of Nelissa, the ETWC began to lay back and became lethargic about colonization. So far, Wilkinson had more-or-less ignored his competitors, but voices are being heard that suggest that a little innovation might be necessary if ETWC wants to continue as the number one trading company. Continental Council Member, Governor Willem Guilder (@Capt Wolf) and the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company Willem Guilder is a career member of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, rising from dock agent to regional manager to mayor of the MCTC’s Weelond settlement to governor of the island of An Holli. With the retirement of Guy Wyndzon, Guilder now takes over as director of the MCTC. Guilder has continually sought ways to expand the MCTC’s trading base and influence, forging new trade relationships and aggressively defending Eslandola’s (and the MCTC’s) interests across the seas. Quick to join the push to get the king to sign the Magna Charta, Guilder hopes to help lead the MCTC (and thus Eslandola) to new heights in this blossoming era of colonial power. Honorary Member of the Continental Council, Guy K. Wyndzon (@Kai NRG) Colonial Council The Colonial Council governs Eslandola's New World. It consists of eight members - three appointed by the Trade Companies, three elected regionally, one elected by members not affiliated with a Trade Company, and one, the Admius Legistrad, elected by Eslandola at large. The Colonial Council has not yet had its first cycle. 2 - Official Documents Magna Charta: Although in the ages of barbarianism and serfdom a King was essential to secure Eslandola from ravages without, the time has now come to require assurances from the King against ravages within. The rights of a law-abiding citizen to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, demand that government be for the people; and to assure that, it must be by the people. To achieve such a government in New Eslandola a convention is hereby authorized, whose decisions will become law. In recognition of the validity of this document, I, King Augusto Fernando VIII, do hereby sign my name: Fernando Augusto Fernando Augusto VII, King, Eslandola Constitution: The Kingdom of Eslandola will be governed by two councils, the Continental Council and the Colonial Council. The Continental Council, Section I: a) The Continental Council will consist of the relevant BoBS leaders. b) The Continental Council determines locations for troops, ships, and forts, but may be overruled up to half of the force in dispute by the Colonial Council. c) The Continental Council alone has the prerogative to declare war, but may not do so without the express consent of the Colonial Council. d) The Continental Council alone may sign treaties, but they must be ratified by the Colonial Council prior to signing. e) The Continental Council may veto any monopoly. f) The Continental Council has as its sole prerogative the granting of charters, including but not necessarily limited to charters for Trade Companies, Settlements, and Royal Properties. A grant may be vetoed by the Colonial Council. g) The Continental Council must supervise elections to the Colonial Council and must insure that elections be completed in a timely fashion. Establishment of the Colonial Council, Section II: a) The Colonial Council shall consist of eight positions; one position shall be granted to each recognized Trade Company (at the time of signing, East Trade-Wind Company, Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, and Mpya-Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organization); one position shall be granted to independents; one position shall be granted to the representatives of each of the three regions; one position shall be reserved for the Admius Legistrad, elected by all citizens of Eslandola. b) Each Trade Company may decide internally how and when to appoint or elect a member to its position. c) The Independent Position shall be voted upon by all interested members of Eslandola not affiliated with a Trade Company. d) The Regional Positions shall be voted upon by members of a region. No member may vote in more than one region. No member holding a position as Governor or Mayor may vote in a region outside of that in which he exercises authority. No member may vote in a region in which he has not placed a build. Regional Positions may be added by vote of the Colonial Council. e) The Admius Legistrad shall be elected by all citizens of Eslandola. He shall be responsible for seeing bills through to their conclusion, for announcing the results of a vote, for communication with the Continental Council, and for keeping peace within the Colonial Council. f) Each position shall consist of three seats, equal to three votes, to be used as the member holding the position deems fit, except in the case of the Admius Legistrad who shall have one seat with three votes and the power of breaking any tie. g) Elections shall be held once every four months, except for the Admius Legistrad, which shall be held once every sixth months. h) Campaigns shall begin two weeks before the election begins. Campaigners must present a minifigure and a speech; further propaganda is left to each campaigner’s discretion. i) Council members may resign with two weeks of prior notice. Vacancies shall not be filled until the next election, except in the case of Trade Company positions, or in the case of Admius Legistrad, for whom a replacement shall be found by the remaining members of the Council from one of their number until the end of the term only. No member, after having resigned, may campaign in the following election. Operation of the Colonial Council, Section III: a) Each position shall be granted a salary of 25 DBs monthly, except in the case of Admius Legistrad, who will be granted 50 DBs a month. b) Any member who fails to register either a vote or an abstention, and has not sent a letter of excuse, shall be fined 100 DBs, except in the case of the Admius Legistrad, whose disappearance without a letter of excuse shall be penalized by 500 DBs. Two letters of excuse in succession from the Admius Legistrad shall result in a fine of 500 DBs. c) Any resolution shall be passed by a majority of 51% of votes cast, save in the case of veto upon the Continental Council, which shall be passed when relevant by a majority of 66% of votes cast. d) The Colonial Council shall hold its meetings in a designated thread, but may adjourn by vote to a private thread for a specific length of time. e) The Colonial Council shall vote openly, but may determine by vote upon a secret ballot at any time. Prerogatives of the Colonial Council, Section IV: a) The Colonial Council shall decide by vote when and how many troops, ships, or forts to build, raise, disband, or sell, above the automatic thresholds. b) The Colonial Council may overrule (up to half of the forces available) the disposition of forces made by the Continental Council by a veto vote. c) The Colonial Council may not declare war, but must approve for any war to be declared. d) The Colonial Council may not sign treaties, but must ratify prior to their signing. e) The Colonial Council may propose and vote upon new monopolies, but the Continental Council possesses veto power. f) The Colonial Council may veto any charter granted by the Continental Council. g) The Colonial Council may determine when to recognize a chartered Trade Company, admitting them to a permanent seat on the Colonial Council. h) The Colonial Council may raise or lower taxes by vote without let or hindrance. i) Veto upon the Continental Council may only be considered for one month subsequent to the Continental Council’s decision. j) The above provisions notwithstanding, the Colonial Council shall take no action disapproved by the leadership of the Brick Seas. Judicial System, Section V: a) All judicial cases will be decided by a jury randomly chosen from among active Eslandian members and presided over by a member of the Continental Council as judge. b) The jury shall determine guilt; the judge shall pronounce the sentence. c) Any citizen of Eslandola in good standing may bring a case to trial at the relevant time (quarterly). Bill of Rights: I. The right of each citizen of Eslandola to his own form of religion shall not be infringed. II. The right of each citizen of Eslandola to a free expression of his sentiments upon his own property or upon public property shall not be infringed. III. The right of each citizen of Eslandola to raise troops, establish forts, and license ships shall not be infringed. IV. Private property of Eslandian citizens shall not be taken for public use without the consent of the owner. V. This Bill of Rights notwithstanding, no member shall take action disapproved by the leadership of EuroBricks and/or the Brick Seas. 3 – Geography The Southeastern Coast: Major Ports and Capital This is where Eslandola's capital, Terreli, is located. This is the wealthiest region of the world, thus giving it the nickname Diamond Coast. It boasts the world's largest ports, with Terreli being the biggest. Most people live in the ports and towns, but some reside in the beautiful isolated countryside. The southeastern coast of Eslandola is the most populated region of with most citizens being traders, merchants, sailors, or nobles. Terreli is also the headquarters of the East Trade-Wind Company. Generally, buildings resemble Mediterranean and Western European styles. Eslandians prefer mud, brick, or rock structures over wood. The Northwestern Coast: Smaller Ports and Coastal Towns The northwestern coast is a quite different place. With the royal government and both trade companies focusing their effort on the eastern coast and the colonies, the western coast has been historically neglected – making it a hot spot for smugglers and the occasional pirate. Every man on the northwestern coast fends for himself, as the army's presence is virtually nil. The Colonies Since the signing of the Magna Charta, the colonies have been mostly left to govern themselves with the Colonial Council. The largest city in the New World, Nova Terreli, was established as a crown colony but took a leading part in dethroning the King. In size, it rivals most of the ports of the Old World. Its mayor sides with the MCTC and in good MCTC tradition is always ready to expand influence on the island, but the ETWC controls its own settlement here too. A couple other islands are in the hands of MAESTRO, but the majority are settled by the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. Adventurers head for the colonies to find income through trade or resource factories such as plantations, mining, or tanneries. Given the diverse backgrounds of settlers, just about every architectural style has been allowed to flourish in the colonies, with preference being given to those that are the simplest and quickest to build. 4 – Military Continental Army These men are directly loyal to the Councils and have no affiliation with the trade companies. Some regiments and commanding officers still wear armor, which they believe is a symbol of might, and it is not a rarity to see officers on horseback. The standard uniform color is green. Militias The majority of the troops of Eslandola are militia, financed and trained by the trade companies or local leaders. Their uniforms are usually quite diverse and depend mainly on the region they are in and their leader - though green is generally used as it is one of the official colors. East Trade-Wind Company These elite, elusive troops are fielded by the ETWC whenever the need arises - which it doesn't happen very often. By the law of the land, they are not a standing army, but they've still helped the nation out various times in a pinch. Among other things, they were sent out in the battles against Mardier on Isla de Victoria, and were instrumental in taking down the enemy forts on the island. Their colors are green and dark green. Nova Terreli The Golden Nellisei are elite troops and Román Fontonajo's personal guard unit in Nova Terreli MAESTRO MAESTRO maintains several militia units. Here are Royal MAESTRO Engineers under the command of General Whitedragon. Merchant's Colonial Trading Company White Glove Order The White Glove Order, headquartered in the MCTC settlement of Bardo, maintains its own troops. Here they are seen marching into Nova Malto. The Governor's Musketeers Willem Guilder, director of the MCTC and governor of An Holli, maintains an elite unit of musketeers, capable with musket and sword, on horse and on foot. Here they are seen on parade in front of Weelond's local militia unit. Others There are many other militia units in Eslandola. As you can see, some of these units can be very individualistic. Navy While the trade companies maintain a few heavily armed ships for escort duty, the majority of Eslandola's warships are owned and operated by the Councils. These ships have been used most often in the past for escort duty with large merchant convoys. Eslandola's navy currently consists of the following ships: Active MOC'd ships: The Dread Treasure II - Class 5HA (class 7) Oscuridad - Class 5HA (class 6) La Raya Venenosa - Class 5HA (class 6) Stormbringer II - Class 5A (class 6) Beluga II - Class 5HA (class 5) Golden Grasshopper (class 5) Victoria - Class 5LA (class 5) Firefly - Class 5LA (class 5) La Salamandra - Class 4A (class 4) Asesino II - Class 4A (class 4) The Gallant - Class 4A (class 4) Maiden of the Deep - Class 4A (class 4) Active un-MOC'd ships: Cannonball - Class 5HA Logan's Nightmare - Class 5LA Argenta - Class 5LA Inactive / licenses only: Blood Diamond - Class 4A Inflexible - Class 4A Long Beard - Class 4A Plump Patty - Class 4A 5 – History and Foreign Relations History Eslandians love their monarch, but they don’t like him bothering them. They are individualistic, and, especially in the colonies, tend to ignore royal orders. However, when the nation needs to defend itself, its large sprawling noble class is eager to respond. Honor is found in both war and business – but business is preferred. Fifty years ago the East Trade Wind Company foreclosed on much of the royal possessions due to excessive debt levels. To get them off his back, the King established Renato, a newly knighted explorer, as Viceroy of all the royal ports. Now Renato has to try to curb the ETWC’s power, no easy task! The ETWC dominates the High Council, and the aims of the empire are divided between the monarch’s ambitions and desires of those who control the purse strings. Recently, however, the fairly conservative and slow-to-expand ETWC has been challenged by the rapidly exploding Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, which has also managed to grab several seats in the council. For this reason, much of the foreign policy of Eslandola has been to acquire as many new territories in the resource rich New World as possible. Despite the large trading companies, smuggling is rampant and small competition abounds. The Eslandians are a romantic and freedom loving people, cherishing long and winding stories. Nobility still loves to dress in armor, even though those days are over. The horse is also a useful tool, especially when dealing with natives, and most Eslandians know how to ride a horse and shoot at the same time. Eslandola has no state religion, but leaves such matters entirely to the desires of its people. Foreign Relations Eslandola has excellent relationships with other nations both because it provides big trading partners and because it is not militaristic. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Hostile) Eslandola's relationship with... Pirates: Unfriendly Corrington: Friendly Oleon: Friendly Other nation’s relationship with Eslandola... Pirates: Indifferent Corrington: Friendly Oleon: Friendly Ready to expand Eslandola’s land and extend Eslandola’s wealth? Go ahead, let’s get bricking!
  20. The year is 617 AE (After Empire) and this is the dawn of the second era of colonialism. After two years of the factions discovering new lands beyond the Sea of Storms, they have started to consolidate their holdings. But there is more to discover, and adventure awaits! In game terms, Era II introduces the following: - New ship stats (which you've already seen here), allowing players to customize their ships. - A revamped MRCA (now called the Trade MRCA), in which ships have a limited range, can only stop at one port each month, and start the next month from the port they end at the previous month. Also, convoys of 6 or more ships need special leaders (such as a commodore or admiral) that will cost DBs and PIPs to employ each month. Additionally, ports being overserved or underserved will impact the revenue for ships calling on those ports. - A NEW Adventure MRCA, in which players can go forth into the unknown to be the first to discover new lands -- and exploit them! Additionally, a new BoBS Intro thread and updated faction threads have been posted to the front page of the BoBS forum (although the old threads are still accessible for reference, just no longer pinned to the front page). The new faction threads have updated histories for what happened in Era I and their current relations with the other factions as we head into Era II. Full rules for the Trade MRCA and Adventure MRCA should be posted in the next few days. Other new features will be unveiled in the coming months, but the above items are the big news for now. It’s time to sail into the brave new seas of BoBS Era II.
  21. [NTSC] Ténotclaxcan training Not every quay at Trador are strait to the sea and it's possible to find some nice sandy parts just next to the port. It is at such sandy place that the Ténotclaxcan Hunters, the great soccer team sent by King Azuma, decided to begin the training. They divided the team in half and launch a small friendly match on the beach. It is the best training they found, as it is known that running on the sand is really harder than running on the grass ! But another team seemed to have the same idea and while the leader of the Terraversa Rebels, the only team of the new Terraversa young Nation, tryed to negociate with the tavern tenant (a really too good Eslandolan Merchant...) his daughter, and co player, raged to the Ténotclaxcans who, according to her, have stolen their training beach. The teams : The Ténotclaxcan Hunters The Terraversa Rebels So the Quay can be licenced as a Large Commerce and allows me to bring 2 Soccer teams in the Challenge If I clearly understood the rules. I am leaving the right to @Maxim I to licence the build for him or for MAESTRO.
  22. Although he loathes the vile game, Colonel Dirk Allcock has sponsored a team in the New Terra Soccer Cup in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. Also his cousin Commander Matthew Allcock RN assures him that it is a great morale boast for the Royal Navy team that he is sponsoring. The team is drawn from the crew of the HMS Royal Oak, a 6th Rate frigate still fitting out and conducting sea trails in Mooreton Bay. Here members of the squad relax in a beer garden after arriving in Trador. Wow! so many great builds to see here this morning, I'll comment on them all throughout the day! Meanwhile here is my very modest entry in the NTSC as promised! Will be licensed as a small artisan in Trador as per the rules.
  23. Arthur Kellogg has put together some of the WETEC's best soccer players to enter into the New Terra Soccer Cup. Granted there are not a lot of soccer players among the WETEC as a new sport is taking hold, but there are still several. Thus he feels that he has put together a good enough team to make the WETEC proud. As they wait for the games to start, Arthur and several of the players decided to go see one of Trador's schools as all good Corrington minifigs would love to do. Education after all is the most paramount issue. Upon following the directions they received from the perplexed innkeeper, they have arrived at the school building at the end of a street of buildings. They were a little surprised to see the one of the pupils on recess busy selling candy for a profit. As the captain of the team noted, "The Eslandola spirit must be born into them. They do indeed start young." A little different angle: Note: This is licensed as a small education building. I attempted to mimic the style presented on the Merchant's Quay, which is why I left the roof studs exposed and only why one side of the building is visible. (The other side would be connected to an adjoining building.)
  24. A group of Eslandola musketeers relax outside the Falling Leaf Tavern in Hojaroja, on Otoño (The Autumn Isle). After a hard day of guard duty, the musketeers are enjoying some of the cider for which their nation is famous for. --------- The second of my promised Eslandolan builds on Otoño. I wanted to try something a bit different from my usual, the thatch roof started off as an experiment and the build grew from that! Anyway, hope you greenies like it, I'll license it as a medium artisan in the name of the settlement of Hojaroja. It's been a big freebuild month this month (4 I think?), this will be the last I promise (Well, I'm pretty sure it will be...)
  25. Major William Bradley sat astride his horse, next to an Eslandolan cavalier officer as pair watched Major Bradley's Corlander garrison march to the waiting Royal Navy ships in Nova Malto harbour. The last of the Mardierian refugees had been safely evacuated, and Eslandola had, somewhat begrudgingly, fulfilled their promises to fund the settlement of New Haven for them. With his mission complete, Major Bradley was determined he would be the last Corlander to leave. As his troops marched past, he could not help but be filled with pride at their neat, orderly ranks. Many of the men seemed cheerful and in high spirits, all held their heads high, their muskets resting on shoulders, brass polished to a high sheen, fresh flints tightly locked and scarlet coats well brushed. In fact he couldn't help but compare their disciplined ranks to the gaggle of Eslandolan musketeers and pikemen behind him. The Eslandolan cavalier cleared his throat. "Well Major, it would seem our duties are at an end. I wish you well on your journey, and caution you against any further adventurism into Eslandolan territory." Major Bradley turned to look at the immaculately dressed officer. He was tired of Eslandolan arrogance, their abject refusal to see any other point of view, their hypocritical stance here in Malto.... part of him almost wished that diplomacy had not prevailed.... his men would have shown these fops how a professional modern army fights.... but no, as glorious as that may have been, without substantial re-enforcements, it could have only eventually ended one way. Rather than reply straight away, he simply raised one eyebrow and turned back to his men. He tried to think how Don Montoya might respond, but alas he was a soldier, not a diplomat. So as a soldier, without turning to look at the officer, he replied, "Indeed my duty here is complete, so with that Sir, I bid you good day." Without further ceremony, he turned his horse, which chose this perfect moment to defecate, and attached himself to the rear of the column. He had heard it said that the conclusion of the Eslandolan/Garvey war against Mardier was the beginning of a new era. Part of him whole-heartedly agreed. When he had first set foot on the Isla de Medio, it was in solidarity with Eslandola, but now as he left the island for a second time, he could not help but feel those who once were considered friends were now almost considered enemies... Corrish armies had for generations adorned their practice targets with blue coats, but now he could not help but think those blue coats would be exchanged in the future for green. As they filed onto the waiting transports in the harbour, the sun set in the west - the following dawn would indeed promise a new era for all. ------- A quick build to wrap up the Nova Malto Saga. Alternate view: