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  1. Concerning volcanoes and hot water springs Log of Fernando de la Izquierda : May the 10th 618 : Arlinsport, Tiberia. "We arrived in The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy of Corrington just a month after we received their kind invitation. The commitee asked me to present our first conclusions concerning the discovery of a volcano mouth and hot water springs along a river near Jameston. Of course, it is a privilege to be welcomed here and the pressure upon my shoulder is high. I hope this presentation will be a success..." Log of Fernando de la Izquierda, after the presentation : "I was very well welcomed by the chairman Don Isaac Montoya himself, and I saw Dirk Allcock sitting at the first rank. It was impressive to see the best scientists of our time listening my topographic survey and they seemed interested in my final conclusion speaking about a possible thermal spot we could exploit near Jameston... I was very pleased to see that those gentlemen were very open minded and ready to help me develop on this point. I will probably finally find a good way to finance my project here !"
  2. Dramatis Personae: Previously, A quiet day at the unsuspecting Oleon port... Little do they know that they are about to be pirates! Fortunately, not all is lost! The fortress fires its cannons! Or is it cannon? I can never tell when to put an "s" at the end of plural cannon(s). YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP!!! We're not playing that game! This is BrickseasHammer 1.8K! And what's with these unpainted grey models? I didn't have enough time to finish them before we arrived here...wherever this place is... Ahem...Currently, at The Naval Academy wargame store in Bastion... Who's that? I'm the narrator. No, you're a fake wanna be writer who is too stupid to realize you suck. Er...moving on...Suddenly, Oleon reinforcements show up! Wait! What happened to my turn? You deployed, then I got to move and fire. And now I'm deploying my dreadnought, which can move and attack the turn it arrives. What?! How's that fair?! can have a yellow cheese slope to represent how cheesy and overpowered this unit is. My dreadnought fires it's flame attack on the nearest sloop. Meanwhile, my Dreadnought's sorceror hero captain casts a time warp spell on the sloop that was already on fire from my fortress attack. There's magic in this game?! And flame attacks?! ship that got time warped...that's not a sloop...that's a Goliath class ship of the line with 84 cannon...or is it cannons? I was just using the sloop model. You're using a proxy model?!?! Hey, these models are expensive and I'm just a graduate student! Just be glad I didn't resort to using rocks and pebbles! Anyways, it got time warped and it's your only unit, so you lose a turn. Now, I summon a sea dragon which uses a freeze attack! Of course... And you've lost your last ship. Good game. Whatever. Hold on a second. Based on the previous post, weren't we supposed to be sailing somewhere so you can do some secret thing to win over that idiot, Alois? First, Alois is not an idiot! Second...that's true. I wonder why we stopped at Bastion to play this game? Because I felt like it. Aaaaand that is why you suck as a writer. The MOC for that story is even finished! You uploaded onto Flickr last month!, when did you grow a neckbeard? Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  3. Adventure time, y'all! Not yet really sure how exactly to do this, but let's give the A-MCRA a try! Mission to Mardier Following his appointment as the Oleander ambassador to Mardier, Guiscard Emery de Beauregard - Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon - had no choice but to accept His Majesty's command to conduct a diplomatic mission to the High Court in Londa, Mardier. A new monarch on the throne - the ongoing civil war - the rather surprising defeat against the alliance of Eslandola and Garvey - there surely was enough to talk about. Welcome aboard the Royal Philip, Your Grace - or should I rather say Your Excellency - it's an honor to finally be given the opportunity of meeting you. I assume you've already had the chance to see Capitaine Brighi? Yes, Amiral d'Ancios, the captain was so kind to receive me and have me shown to your quarters. And thank you, it's an honor meeting you, too, monsieur. But referring to my appointment as ambassador will hardly be necessary. This hopefully is a one-time mission, I have better things to do with my time than waste it on banquets and negotiations. Apologies, monsieur. I understand. Also, I would have received you myself, but as this mission was scheduled on such short notice, we haven't had the chance to go through all the necessary preparation procedures quite yet. Especially with such a prominent member of His Majesty's cabinet aboard, matters of security demand more attention. I understand, monsieur l'amiral, I was told that's why the King's Guards are on board... But... what's the Red Cloak doing here? Personal request by His Most Eminence Highness, Chancelier Calida himself. He wouldn't let you leave Granoleon without a formation of his own Guards. For... if things went south, he expressed himself. Hmm... now isn't that too kind of His Highness. And my guess is the chancellor insisted, didn't he?! Yes, monsieur - he did. Hmm... you have any idea how many Red Cloaks there are on board this ship? I'm afraid not, monsieur, I... lost count - they all seem to look alike. Never mind, don't bother yourself, admiral, finish your preparations! Meanwhile I'll have someone show me to my quarters. As soon as you can, have the men set sail, I want to get this mission over with as quickly as possible. Let's go to Londa! My only concern is... the chancellor is rarely wrong. Btw, this scene actually shows parts of the Royal Philip's interior - just had to delete the grand cabin's roof and the starboard side for better lighting.
  4. One of the more unusal exports from Isla del Diablo is the particularly potent venoms of the island's arachnid population. Of course, obtaining said venoms firstly requires finding the spiders, which means venturing out of Haven and into the dangerous wooded portions of the island. Quite a risk, but the hunter's patrons pay well... ...especially, of course, the House of Spiders.
  5. Settlement Name: Haven Owner: Sea Rats Location: Isla del Diablo (Challenge Island 11) Island Description: Located southeast of the Nest of Thieves, Isla del Diablo is named for the large bay and small peninsulas that, once a map way drawn, resembled nothing so much as the horns of a monster. The bay, however, provides an almost perfect natural harbor and a well defensible position. Unsurprisingly the island has already started to draw settlers, although some are scared away by talk of cannibals... Haven is one of the first new settlements. The inhabitants arrived in a small fleet to find clear beaches and dense jungle that provides plenty of material for building endeavors. Already the de facto leader, Roland Blaze, is drawing up plans for fortifications. After all, there are more than just Sea Rats out there. Mayor: Roland Blaze (kaiju) Size: Hamlet Who can own Property in Haven: Sea Rats Who can freebuild in Haven: Anyone Map: Here Fortifications: Fort Crimson - Small Fort Licensed Builds in Haven: Black Tower Lighthouse - Medium Commerce Haven Common House - Medium Residence The Shrines of Haven - Small Art & Cultural Tanith's House of Knowledge - Small Education Unlicensed/Other Builds: Hunting for Spiders About Haven
  6. Dramatis Personae: Previously, Currently, somewhere on the high seas... Yes...with The Alois Forever, the most advanced ship in the entire Olean navy, I will finally bring my precious Alois back to the Olean cause...and make him mine. It's just another stupid microbuild! The stupid face who writes these idiotic posts not only can't write, but doesn't seem capable of building a sailing ship at minifig scale! It's not just a microbuild! It's named after my dearest darling Alois, and has 100 points in every's the most powerful ship in the Olean navy! And wait...what are you doing here? Since nothing interesting happened in the latest Trade MRCA to my stupid advisor and her students, the stupid face pombe jerk wad writer decided to post something about your stupid quest for Alois. And for some moronic reason, he thought adding me to your story would be funny. I can't even explain how I'm in two places at once; I told you his writing sucks. And how is a ship with a 100 points in every stat even allowed in BoBS?! Ha ha! My true naval genius is revealed! I can use ships with whatever stats I wish, so long as I don't license them! Ha ha! You mean the ship is useless since it can't participate in the MRCA. A minor detail. Captain, shall I have her detained and moved to the brig? What?! No, Helmut, leave her be. We'll have her witness my master plan as it unfolds. She'll see when we arrive at our destination. Great. Where are we headed? I can't reveal that, yet. Why not? It's not like a single psychology graduate student is going to overwhelm your ship with 100 Crew points...though the max stats according to the rules is 12. No, it's a separate MOC and will be posted as a separate freebuild to maximize the doubloons we get. You'll see it then. I have no words. To be continued! And additional photos can be found under the spoiler, including how the base for the ship was constructed! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  7. Era 2 Chalenge 1 Cat B2: A Volcano Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda : "After a little ascension we managed to understand where the smoke was coming from. Our men helped us to build some little wooden platform (with, again, grumblings from Bernardo...) to reach the edge of what appeared to be a volcano mouth !" "The chimnea itself is not very high nor large and could be a small part of a bigger lava network running underground. It would explain the discovery of hot water pools in the vicinity... The lava is slowly running to the river downside through a breach at the south part of the chimnea and seems not very fluid. It is surely indicating a regular but somewhat calm activity. Well, for a volcano, of course... But no risk to see the island explode on a big eruption here..." Here is my 2nd entry on Cat B. It is linked to my first entry and they are built to be one next to another. In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds together :
  8. This is the continuation of Bodi's Capture of Gregory Decker. Comments and criticism are welcome. The capture of the infamous Gregory Decker resulted in a great hive of activity in La Royal. A variety of nations began requesting Gregory be extradited to face punishment for his crimes, each request requiring diplomatic poise less the denial result in a international incident. From there, the admirals had to determine where to hold Gregory’s trial and subsequent execution. Many proposed Porte du Tatarus, the notorious execution dock in Granoleon, but ultimately it was decided that Gregory’s death would receive more publicity in New Terra where his reputation was widespread (back in Halos, he would simply have been one criminal rotting away amongst many). Once these decisions were out of the way, the trial began. Each day for almost a week, Gregory was brought before a panel of captains where the evidence was presented, former shipmates confessed to their wrongdoings in hope of some semblance of mercy, and the full nature of Gregory’s crimes was officially recorded. Throughout it all, Gregory remained defiant, cursing and threating his crewmen who betrayed him and seemingly unaffected by the beatings he received for speaking out of turn. But all that was different now. Unsurprisingly, Gregory was found guilty on every charge, and the senior captain set a date for the hanging. To ensure enough time for the news to spread across the region, and more importantly to allow for the convoys to arrive so that their crews could witness the punishment, the date would be several weeks in the future. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Finally the day came. The courtyard of Mont Michael was crowed with civilians and sailors, officers and officials lining the terrace’s edge. The audience was eager, and they didn’t have to wait long. Soon after the commandant appeared a door opened, and a frail image of the once-feared Captain Gregory Decker appeared between two guards. He was weak, sickly, and retreating from the sun’s rays, dressed in nothing more than rags. Still, he remained defiant, spitting and cursing at the priest who offered one final chance to confess his crimes and perhaps be saved from the worst the afterlife had to offer. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr As Gregory was marched to his fate, the crowd became more enthusiastic. It wasn’t every day that a famous pirate was brought to justice, and Gregory’s notoriety resulted in all sorts of rumors. Some claimed that Gregory’s allies would mount a daring rescue and save him from the gallows at the last moment, others believed that Gregory had mystical powers that would save him from death, but the vast majority of the crowd was simply interested in seeing justice served. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The crowd became quiet Gregory climbed the gallows’ stairs. The noose was placed on the pirate, the hangman took his place, and an official read the verdict and sentence. Drummers began a drumroll, the hangman pulled the lever, and a loud cheer went up from the crowd. After a short while, the lifeless body was removed, once again to deafening cheers, and taken away to be branded with two P’s (one so the judges of the afterlife knew of his guilt, and the second so the judges knew he was unrepentant, as is Olean tradition). Almost as soon as Gregory’s body was removed, the door to the prison opened again and more pirates were lead out. A full third of Gregory’s crew had been sentenced to hang. It was an unusually high percent, but La Royal was looking for an example to be made, and no one in the crowd was complaining. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Additional Pictures can be seen in the spoiler:
  9. This is a build I made to explain what Genaro was doing in King's Harbour prior to arriving at the ball Bregir hosted. Comments and criticisms are welcome. I would also like to thank Bodi for his assistance with the French. Previously: Lavalette Inn An Offer Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr King’s Harbour was hardly the type of settlement a Oleander could feel at ease in. Though a Corrie might disagree, any Oleander could tell you immediately that the culture, if you could call it that, was lacking at best, architecture placing utility over beauty, and no Oleander would consider the settlement’s shrines to be a substitute for a proper temple to the gods. The culture, if you could call it that, was lacking at best, the architecture was focused on utility over beauty, and they didn’t even have a decent temple for mariners to thank Poseidon after a safe journey. But by far the most uncomfortable part was the lack of respect the Corries held for one’s rank. Oh, it isn’t as bad as those republican greenies, but Corries have some truly disturbing ideas about equality and fair treatment. Despite these shortcomings, Captain Anthony Genaro wasn’t too disappointed at being in the settlement. After all, the Corries were decent scientists and he was anxious to see the latest chronometers. Perhaps if he was lucky, Anthony would manage to find a few good books on history and archeology. But all that would have to wait for now since Captain Genaro was presently escorting a RNTC lieutenant-directeur to the workshop of Thomas Brickcomen. There really wasn’t any reason for Anthony to be there other than the fact that he was a naval officer and Capitaine de Frégate, and the RNTC official thought it would impress the Corries. Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony and the official approached the workshop and were quickly greeted by Thomas Brickcomen at the door. After a proper introduction and some pleasantries, they entered the workshop and went to a table buried under plans and papers. The official pulled some papers out of his coat and began opening them on the table while Anthony simply starred at the meaningless diagrams. Despite his best efforts to appear interested, Thomas quickly realized that Anthony wasn’t overly concerned by the discussion. Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Captain, I don’t believe we’ll be needing your assistance for some time, sir,” said Thomas, the RNTC official nodding in agreement. “Perhaps you would prefer to step outside? I always find the fresh air to be much-needed relief from the air in here.” “I certainly have no desire to be in your way, gentlemen,” Anthony replied a little too eagerly. “And I would be most interested in seeing that contraption in front.” Anthony stepped outside, relieved to be free from that dull technical chatter and smoked, filled air. He looked towards the strange contraption that the assistants were working on, and while Anthony couldn’t make out the words, he could tell that the men were struggling to get the device to work. Perhaps the idea was simply impossible or perhaps the fates decided the time was not yet right for such a machine, but before Anthony could ascertain the cause for the men’s frustration a Corrish officer rode up, dismounted, and headed directly for Anthony. Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Monsieur Capitán Anthony Genaro?” the officer inquired. Anthony paused for a brief moment, contemplating how to respond. "Et bien, monsieur, je m'appelle Anthony Genaro, je suis un capitaine de frégate, mais je ne vois pas pourquoi vous vous tenez à m’insulter, sashez que je ne suis pas un simple lieutenant. Peut être dans votre langage, ‘capitaine’ est un titre approprié, mais dans le mien, il serait plutôt ‘commandant’,” replied Anthony knowing full well that it was unlikely the Corrish officer would understand half of it. And although he was supposed to behave, Anthony simply couldn’t resist the urge to bedevil the Corrie. “Vou set Anthony Genaro, oui?” the Corrie replied hesitantly. “Oui.” “Si vous pley, Monsieur Capitán, eh, jay un lettre pour you de,” the officer said, stumbling and becoming more frustrated as he went on. “Perhaps, mister officer, you would allow me to practice my Corrish?” Anthony interrupted in a compassionate tone. He had his fun with the poor officer and couldn’t help but feeling a little sorry for the young man. But more importantly he had no idea what the man was attempting to say. A quick look of relief flashed across the Corrie’s face. “Yes, sir. Certainly, sir. If you please, sir, I am here to deliver a letter to you from Colonial Governor Johnathan Cooke.” Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony was surprised to hear this. He worked with Corries in the past, most recently while he commanded a joint anti-piracy squadron, but the name Cooke was unfamiliar to him. “Have I done something wrong, committed some offense?” he asked while he took the letter. “I do not know, sir.” Anthony took a quick look at the fine yet unfamiliar seal before opening the letter, the lieutenant standing at attention the whole time. Reading the letter, Anthony only became more confused and looked at the envelope to confirm that he was in fact the correct recipient. “But I do not even know your Governor-Captain. Are you quite certain this is correct?” Anthony asked the lieutenant. “Forgive me, sir, but I was simply ordered to deliver this letter to Captain Anthony Genaro of His Most Sacred Majesty’s Hired Ship Espirit Stephanique. I know nothing of the contents, but I would certainly convey any message you may have to my superiors, sir.” “No, no, that will not be necessary,” Anthony replied, looking at the letter once again. “I shall be most happy to attend.” “Yes, sir,” the lieutenant replied, remaining at attention. Anthony was about to return his gaze to the mechanical contraption when he realized the lieutenant was still standing there. “Is there something more, mister officer?” Anthony inquired. “No, sir.” Anthony looked at the officer with a quizzical expression before the officer continued. “Am I dismissed, sir?” “Ah, oui, of course, go, go mister officer.” The lieutenant gave a sharp salute that Anthony returned by slightly lifting the brim of his hat. After this, the lieutenant crisply turned, and remounted his horse before riding off. Oh well, Anthony thought to himself. This whole event was most confusing, but at least there was some comfort in the fact that at least one Corrie had a proper understanding of rank. Here are a few more pictures showing details of the build.
  10. On Bastion, there was a sculptor Then again no, he was an artist Making ABS paintings and stone It is not much but it's the best he can do Avast, a customer at last! Should I use my head or hammer? LEGO Engraver Workshop by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Pirates don't usually pay for artwork when they can just "pirate" it. How it was really made:
  11. The recent construction of Royal Arsenal of Astrapi has attracted more people from the old world to move to New Terra. The new-comers are full of spirit, for example, this young couple has opened a candy shop in the vicinity of the Arsenal, their patisserie is a great recomfort to the young cadets and soldiers who are thousands of miles away from their homeland. C&C are welcome!
  12. Captain Genaro

    Lavalette Inn

    I've decided it's about time I continue developing my naval character's story, and I'm very pleased with how the build turned out. As always, comments and criticism are welcome. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Captain Anthony Genaro walked down the road distressed. Once again, the only letter waiting for him at the port admiral's office was from his brother. Nothing from the admiralty, no news of a command, and to make matters worse there was still no word on when the payroll would arrive. At this point, he just wanted to return to his room without any further disappointment, but as he turned one last corner before reaching his inn, he saw that wouldn't be the case. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Captain Genaro!” Abigale Fisher shrieked, her bulky frame filling most of the door, when the young officer was a few steps away. “Do you have any idea what day it is?” “And a most good and holy day it is, no doubt,” the Captain replied, knowing full well what Abigale was after, but doing his best to avoid it. “Today marks six months, Captain, six months,” she continued, hands firmly planted on her hips, her stone-cold gaze unyielding. “Six months since I’ve seen a penny of rent out of you.” The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Good lord, has it really been that long? Well, I for one will be sure to write to the port admiral and complain about his inability to maintain a steady schedule for the payroll ship.” “Don’t you dare give me any of that today, Captain, I don’t want your jokes.” Anthony gulped as he began racking his brain for the right response. He could stare down a Ship of the Line in not more than a brig or be the first to board a galley of bloodthirsty corsairs, but none of that mattered now. “Well?” Abigale asked. “It’s just… well, you see times are tough for a poor officer on half pay,” Anthony meekly replied. “I’m barely scrapping by as is. But on my honor, as soon as the payroll arrives,” but Abigale interrupted him before he could finish. “Oh, good. I’m sure my creditors will be happy to take your good will and honor in lieu of gold. Oh, sure, I’m certain that’ll keep me out of debtors’ prison.” “But what would you have me do?” Anthony cried out, desperate for some way to pacify his landlady and get back to his room. “Surely your sword or medals would be worth a few month’s rent,” replied Abigale, her cold stare unchanged. “Why, an excellent idea, Mrs. Fisher. Let me just take a look in my trunk...” “Oh, no you don’t, Captain! I know you haven’t got anything in there!” Abigale exclaimed. “You’ve got a perfectly good medal on your hat and a perfectly good sword in your belt.” “Well, surely this can wait until tomorrow,” Anthony pleaded. “No!” “But it’s late! Surely you don’t intend to let me spend the night in the streets!” Abigale just stood in the doorway and stared at the captain. Then, without another word, she turned, entered the inn, and slammed the door shut, leaving Anthony alone, cursing his current situation. “Gen?” a familiar voice asked. “Anthony Genaro? By Zeus it is!” The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony turned to the voice and immediately cheered up. “Paul Laforge, you old devil!” he exclaimed upon seeing his old shipmate. They served together as midshipmen in the peace and both were commissioned as lieutenants on the Mars during the Juniper War, but Anthony hadn't seen Paul for years. He immediately ran over and kissed each cheek in the proper Olean greeting. “How have you been? How’s Marie?” “Fine, both of us just fine, thank you,” Paul replied. “But it appears that you’ve seen better.” "Ah, it's nothing, just waiting for my next assignment," Anthony said. "But what's this? Don't tell me you've sold out?" "Alas, I'm afraid I have" Paul chuckled. "Half pay simply didn't suit Marie, but I was able to get one of the company's ships. Nothing like serving the Crown, but by Zeus do they pay well." "And it appears you ate most of it" Anthony said with a playful jab at his friend's increasing gut. "Well, Marie is quite a cook. Speaking of which, perhaps you could join us for dinner?" "I'd hate to impose..." "Come, come! I won't take no for an answer!" "Well, if you insist," Anthony replied, not requiring much encouragement to enjoy a free meal with his old friend. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  13. Era 2, Challenge 1 Cat B 1 : Dangerous flora and new species Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda : "Our progression through the jungle of Celestia was difficult but we managed to follow the stream of a river for few miles now. It eased our walk for a while. Of course, Bernardo had found the way to grumble after every new plant or dangerous situation. His last recrimination was after a carnivorous plant that tryed to eat Sancho Panacea. Obviously, no need to worry for my man ! He swiftly unsheathe his sword and the carnivorous plant was no more than fresh wood for our next fire." "Suddenly, our scientist, el senor de la Verdad, took me appart of the carnivorous plant action to make me remark a strange flower. He said it was an authentic Cactae Purpurescens, a totally new variety of flower. The flower is a normal cacti bush at it start but with a solid appendice presenting a purple petal base toped by a florishing brilliant carmine head where the reproductive parts of the plant are. El senor de la Verdad decided to cut some samples from the flower and we continued our way to the high spot we've seen smoking earlier. We are expecting to discover the origin of this smoke on the top of the next highs..." This is the first part of a 2 entries build. The second part can be found at my Cat B2 entry ! I hope it is not against the rules, as each build is 32x32 and clearly shows 2 different features. In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds linked together :
  14. Name: Mesabi Landing Ownership: Wayfarer Trade Corporation, via The Crown of Corrington Location: Argentia, East Prio Sea Map: Cascadia by Ayrlego, on Flickr Mayor: Count Mesabi Trade Value: 62 Town Bank: 25 Who can own property in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Who can freebuild in Mesabi Landing: Anyone Description: After the whole Nova Malto incident, The Corrington Colonial Council decided to do something to about the troublesome Captain Mesabi. The solution was simple, send him to a faraway island. Isle 14, AKA Keep-Yer-Boots-On, AKA Argentia, was decidedly the right place. Littered with waste from passing ships, cacti, crabs with hats, and mysterious plants, Argentia is perhaps the most depressing of the Islands of the Prio Sea, and a perfect place to keep Mesabi from causing more trouble. Undeterred, Captain Mesabi established a settlement on the barren isle, naming it after himself. Newly ennobled, He seeks to make the settlement the greatest in the Prio seas, at all costs. Original Information: Builds in Mesabi Landing Please help us out by posting your a link to your builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 15/30 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 3- 'Large Town' 15 Residences: Mesabi Residence - Medium Factories: Artisans: Fallingwater Tavern Commerce: Art and Culture: Educational: Library of Learning - Large Plantations: Poppy Plantation- Small Mines: Forts: Fort Argavia - Medium Troops: Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Pax Crablandia
  15. The Order is using its Flagship in ensuring its followers do not waver in their faith. Those who have fallen astray will be met with the wrath Loyalty. The Pearl shuttles high officials of The Order such as a high priest show here. The best of Oleon's Royal Marines man the vessel to ensure its ready for action. Thanks for looking. If you're interested in a plain interior and want to see additional pictures my daughter helped with , check the spoiler.
  16. Dramatis Personae Part One It was just before dawn and the settlement was calm. Jessica Campell stood on the front step of the inn and surveyed what she could see of the settlement. In the pre-dawn light the settlement appeared calm. The smell of stale alcohol mingled in the air with what Jessica swore smelled like roast horse. In her pocket was her report for Governor Allcock. Carefully transcribed into a cipher known only to her and the governor, she went through the contents in her head. Mesabi Landing, 6 December 617AE As you instructed I arrived in the settlement of Mesabi Landing a month ago and it is indeed as bad as you feared. Soon after arriving I was able to find work as a bar keep in a small inn run by one of the few honest men I have met in this wretched place. Samuel Morris financed the 'Twin Palms' inn with one of your grants, with the hope that Mesabi Landing's reputation of heavy drinking would turn a neat profit. And indeed it would, were it not for the fact that the settlement is virtually lawless, and the WTC troops here come and take what they want, without the inconvenience of actually paying for anything. Indeed the entire settlement is characterised by drunken behaviour, throughout both day and night. Count Mesabi, the mayor, is absent - rumour has it that he is leading an expedition to the far south of Halos, his exit from the settlement hastened by rumours of debtors chasing him. His wife Agnes was assuming his duties, although it is said the majority of the actual management was done by a WTC officer named Pete Zanzibar, although both have apparently left for Jameston around the same time I arrived. So no one is appears in charge and the WTC troops have filled the void, their remaining officers either encouraging their behaviour or too weak to prevent it. The WTC troops are almost always drunk, and as mentioned make life impossible for honest citizens by their thievery and extortion. Rumours are that criminals of all kinds, including pirates, are free to use the settlement as long as the WTC is paid off and the WTC troops receive their cut. You may well at this point ask about the Corlander garrison under Major Mason. I have managed to befriend one of his junior officers, an officer by the name of Lieutenant Billsby. A young and impressionable officer, he paints a picture of a garrison with extremely low morale, frustrated by their apparent powerlessness to act. Major Mason has confined his men to the fort and spends most of his time muttering about blowing the settlement to Hades and beyond. Lieutenant Billsby is allowed out to buy supplies from the WTC, who of course charge exorbitant rates. I will await your instructions, although I must advise you that I am unable to intervene on my own. To restore Corlander order you will need to send a senior officer to deal with Major Mason, and I would go as far to recommend you back him with regular troops to handle the WTC. J ------------------------------------------------------- A quick build for Mesabi Landing - Governor Allcock has been worried about rumours from the settlement for sometime. I've tried to use the style Mesabi uses in most of his builds in the settlement but merged with my own. It's only a façade with no interior though! Part Two will be added to this thread soon, the build is just about finished and only the story needs writing.
  17. Special Elections for the Prio Sea Seat in the Colonial Council Recently, Mehit have seen the arrival of many Eslandolan vessels and men. It was finally time to launch the reconstruction works in the Native ruined village and Eslandola prepared a bunch of good workers to help the natives. It is here, in this buzzing activity that 3 characters stepped in front of the temporary house of the chief in charge of the reconstruction with a paper in hand. The holder of the paper was well known by the Mehuãtajir people because he is their actual Chief Apulo and now is fairly newly named Mayor of the Settlement of Mehit in name of the Crown of Eslandola. The lady dressed like an adventuress, is Lady Condora, an officer of the MAESTRO Green Messenger Agency in Trador and she just announced by letter the nomination of the Chief Apulo as Mayor of Mehit. Finally, the 3rd character is a man of science and is coming to helped the people in need here in Mehit : He is known as The Doctor Ayuda, a well reknown Doctor in Fuerte Unido. So, the 3 candidates took the time to speech to every worker in the Mehit construction site this morning. "Hear ye ! Hear ye ! By this present words, we, Chief Apulo, Doctor Ayuda and Lady Condora, are proud to announce our will to run for the Seat of the Colonial Council in the name of the Prio Sea Region ! We are here to offer you the best representation we can in the Colonial Council by : Firstly, making enter more natives in the Council, in order to encounter other tribes and create at term a Great Native Alliance inside the Eslandola Realm, the only Halosian realm that integrates New Terran Natives and treats them as Brothers and Equals. Secondly, develop the Mehit Settlement by speeding up the reconstruction. It will be by gaining more attention and more money from the Council. Thirdly, develop the communication routes the Green Messengers from MAESTRO are discovering to accelerate the in and out of important letters and news to the Council and to the Capital. This will be by building more fast ships and develop shipyards in our Region. And Finally, make sure that every citizen in Eslandola colonies, being New Terran native or Halosian, has a roof upon his head and good healthy conditions to live in our territory ! We are awared about the heavy task we will face and are ready to assume this responsibility ! Made in Mehit, the First of February 618." This is my build to officially present my mayor for Mehit and to present my team to the Special Elections for the Prio Sea Seat in the Colonial Council. Here is a better shot of the team itself :
  18. Challenge I Cat A : The Colonist Inn, Jameston Extract of the personal log of the Eslandolan explorer Don Fernando de la Izquierda : "When we arrived in Jameston after a terrible trip by boat where we nearly sunk by three times, the main reason we arrived so late in town by the way... Well, When we arrived in Jameston, we took our quarters in the fancy inn called the Colonist Inn. It is a very nice building with all the best Corlanders commodities and not frequented by smugglers and pirates of all kinds... The success of such a fancy arrival was due to our donator, el Senor de la Verdad. This Gentlemean scientist made his classes in a Corlander academy during some years and knew who to contact to prepare comfortably our arrival. I wished he had known also some good navigators, our trip would have been better... Anyway, We settled in this fancy Inn with our team composed of el Senor Diego de la Verdad, our scientist in chief, of Bernardo, his always grumpy servitor, of Sancho Panacea, my own first man, a veteran of the Mardieran war, very talented with a sword, and of course, Myself, Don Fernando de la Izquierda, Gentleman explorer." "Our arrival was marked by sailors songs and some drunken singing men... Strange fact for an Inn of this standing... We had to gather around little tables in front of the bar... once again, not what I was expecting of such establishment... And finally, Bernardo had to grumble against the owner to find a fourth chair available... We learnt by the owner that Jameston was invaded by too much adventurers and scientists in seach of the marvelous orchid, so he would not be able to give us all the attention he usually gives to gentlemen of our rank... Our delay made us begin on a bad starting point ! Well, at least, he had food and rooms for us to prepare our expedition." The Team : Don Fernando de la Izquierda : Noble man of Eslandola, faithful to the crown and Explorer in chief : El senor Diego de la Verdad : Man of science, formed in Eslandola and Corrington academies, he is interested in all kind of mysteries the Nature offers : Bernardo : The grumpy servitor of Diego de la Verdad. Fernando secretly wishes him to be tongueless, just to stop hearing his constant recriminations : Sancho Panacea : The first man of Fernando de la Izquierda. He is really skilled with a sword and his strenghth compensates his lack of judging : This is my entry for Cat A. I hope you'll like it ! And thank you Gamemasters for extending the deadline and for the good work !
  19. Dramatis Personae: Previously, At Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria, Eslandola... Capitan Larvey I was told your the go to man for large scale fermentation the new plant we discovered. Ferm ... T.. What are you going on about is this more of your science lady Glycol? Why yes it seems Im really on to something here the product seems to contain certain hallucinagantic properties that when yo... Let me stop you there I've got no use for your science just give me the sea. My Science has produced the next greatest liquor Capitan Larvey! Booze? Well why didn't you just say so ... I'll get started right away lil lady Glycol So after searching the Capitain Discovered a perfect location he bribed payed the local powers that be the licencing fees for his distillery production was soon underway. Here you see Hammond and Monty returning from the Jungle with more raw ingredients Larvey and his crew loiter around keeping away the riff raff ... Or are they the riff raff ... You can see even the local monkeys love this stuff. An overview of the distillery. The local powers that be are inspecting ... Well one is the other seems to be thirsty. Capitain Larvey added a contraption called a thumper. And two worms in cold water to speed up production. Here Cookie mixes up a new batch of mash Here you see matchstick tending to the boiler fire A toast gentlemen ... And err lady. Man I sure am thirsty.... OOC: this will be licenced as a medium factory this was a fun build ... Sadly i had to pul the stickers off my cement mixer but the effect was well worth it I think. To be continued ... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  20. TheCubbScout

    [ESL - AMRCA Dec]

    Journal Entry, Unknown day, second day in the jungle. After my unfortunate run in with that dreaded sea disease, scurvy (here). I left for Nova Terreli with my brother, Andrew. On our seventh day of journey, we encountered a furious storm, which blew us in all sorts of directions. Only after the storm had calmed down did we realize that our ship had begun to take in water. Our brave capitan ordered for repairs to be made but we had only just begun when another storm began, this one much worst than the former. The ship was torn apart, and only through sheer luck did Andrew and myself find ourselves together on the beach of some strange island, which I do not like in the slightest. I have the strange feeling we are being watched. I do hear that pineapple is good for those with scurvy, which I see plenty of on this island. I will continue to write when the appropriate time occurs. --Stephen This is a beginning build for my December AMRCA. Hopefully I did the title right. This is my first real build for BOBS. I don't have the largest piece count, let alone plant pieces, so I have to make do with what I have. I'm pretty happy with the turnout.
  21. Dramatis Personae: Previously, At Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria, Eslandola... And we've finished another MCRA. That's MRCA, you stupid professor! You know what I mean. Anyways, here we are aboard the Nerdy Mermaid's Sister, entering the Eslandolan port of Fuerte Unido. What in the @$%%^&$^#$%@$^%^&?!?!?!?! We built a microbuild of the Nerdy Mermaid MOC, which was already a microbuild! We've built a microbuild of a microbuild!!! NANOBUILD!!! You shut your face, Alois! The metric system doesn't exist, yet! This is ridiculous! Perhaps if we build a microbuild of this one, we can create a picobuild, and then a femtobuild, and so on. You shut up, too! Though, it seems we've skipped the millibuild. Hmm? We've just dropped anchor and it seems we are being boarded by Eslandolan soldiers. That's probably because we attacked an Eslandolan ship on our way into this port. What the?!?! WHAT THE?!?! You mean we attacked an Eslandolan ship and then just sailed into an Eslandolan port?!?!?! First, who does that?!?! Second, how can we attack anyone when we don't have any guns?!?!?! STRATEGY!!! I see. Our ship is being detained and we have been sentenced to community service for the provocation. We are to explore and map out part of the jungle surrounding Fuerto Unido. That sounds exciting! Exploring an unknown jungle, let's do it! There must be interesting scientific discoveries to be made! I hate you all, especially Willy. TO BE CONTINUED!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  22. Dramatis Personae: Previously, At Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria, Eslandola... What is this?! This is our chemical testing laboratory, which we are setting up here in Fuerte Unido. I figured we needed some place to test the fermentation of the plant we brought back with us from the jungle. We'll license this as a small factory. You stupid professor! You put the Jolly Roger right on the front of the building! We're Sea Rats! You might as well just advertise that this is a pirate hangout! Nonsense. Everyone knows that that is the universal warning symbol for poison. And given that this is a chemical testing laboratory, I think it makes perfect sense as a warning to others. Besides, we're not pirates. We're scientists. And do you think so little of the Eslandolans that they would confuse the Jolly Roger for the poison symbol? They look the same, you stupid professor!! Regardless, let's go in and set about fermenting the new plant. Hours later... THE FLOOR IS SO FLOORY!!! Hee hee hee. I hate my life so much. Hee hee hee. My life sucks so hard. Hee hee hee. Come back here, you stupid spider! I must harvest and sacrifice you! Hargoth the Destroyer demands a sacrifice or I will be cast into The Plane of Empty Loneliness! I don't want to be empty and lonely! Journal Entry, Ethylene Glycol January 31st, 618 AE. The subjects graduate students have consumed the first batch of the distilled fermented product from the Minifigurous failurous plant. All indications suggest that the plant contains hallucinogenic compounds, which have altered the states of mind of the subjects graduate students, though the effects vary. I think this product is highly marketable given these properties and I believe that the next step should be to scale up production. For that, I have been in contact with @Roadmonkeytj, who will oversee that process. The funds from the sales of this beverage should help fund my scientific endeavors for quite some time, provided that permanent damage has not occurred to the subjects graduate students. But even if that has occurred, it is not as if subjects graduate students are difficult to come by. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  23. Dramatis Personae: Previously, Near Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria, Eslandola... Did I mention I hate you all?! And did I mention I hate this jungle?! Anyways, are we done, yet?! My mosquito bites have mosquito bites! Almost, Lucy. We just need to check out that clearing up ahead. I've never seen a plant like this before. I think we've discovered a new species. Indeed. I shall name it Minifigurous failurous. I believe we have the scientific responsibility to bring it back. Once we've noted the characteristics and made an illustration, standard scientific protocol tells us that we must ferment, distill, and consume it. What scientific protocol?!?! Are you nuts?!?! Spoken by someone who spends all day listening to unhappy couples whine about their problems as part of her so-called science education. Tell me, do you ever offer any real advice or do you just nod your head, say mm-hmm, do nothing but ask questions, and always answer their questions with more questions? It's called active listening! It's called active B.S.. They came to you for answers not more questions. That's not how it works! Anyways, sorry to interrupt, but do we have a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that we'd like to use in the fermentation? BAKER'S YEAST!!! Okay, you are all stupid or something! Yeast has not been discovered as part of the fermentation process, yet! Nobody in BoBS is supposed to know that the reason they get the booze they love so much is because little microbes fall out of the air into their ingredients and produce ethanol as a metabolic byproduct! Lucy, I think you need to relax a bit. TO BE CONTINUED!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  24. "Look! There it is!", exclaimed Hugo as he has just seen the object of everybody's in the expedition desire. Mr B had given him the right directions after all. And the natives in their turn, had given him the right directions as well. Perched at a steep cliff by a waterfall, he was by no means there. He had to tackle the fast water that moved down the river and climb for quite some time. Not a small feat for anyone. But Hugo's eyes had focused on the exotic flower... About an hour later, he was finally holding the rarest flower of all. A true beauty, worthy of it's name. "Celestia’s Superb Orchid" ! It's scarlet colors, Its bushy appearance, all attributed to its beauty. But above all, its smell, was like incense to the pious. Something completely out of this world. And Hugo was holding it in his hands. He was to immediately put it in a glass full of water, for the natives explained Mr B that each branch you cut from this flower, grows roots almost immediately. Maybe this characteristic, always coupled with its smell, was the cause of its illustrious name. The King will be really happy upon his return! As I couldn't build a bigger moc in time for the competition, I decided to participate, simply for the fun of it. And since a flower is first and foremost a woman's subject, I asked my wife to help me The general idea is mostly hers, but it needed my touch mostly for stability reasons. Still, no matter how I've tried, it still remains a bit fragile as we speak. Anyway, thanks for watching and good luck to everybody!
  25. Buying A new Ship Licence Felipe de la Manazana being absent during his Pirate chase to obtain the second half of his treasure map, It was the captain of the Lady Hawk, el Senor Oliveira Da Manzao, who was commissioned by the fleet to buy more space for new ships. El Senor Oliveira Da Manzao used his stop by Elisabethtown to get an appointment in the Shipyards office. - Hello my dear Senor. Welcomed the shipyard master. - Hello, I am here to buy you a new spot to licence The Messenger and our next ships for felipe de la Manzana's fleet. - Alright, my dear senor,it will cost you 250 Dbs. - Here there are. And Oliveira Da Manzao paid the officer. - OK, Thank you ! Let's do this paperwork then... Here is just a little build in order to open me more ship space. Hope you'll like it.