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Found 495 results

  1. "When something happens in the sea of storms, nothing happens, it's just another vessel lost" - intro to an old pirate song Prepare to repel boarders! A small Oleon brigantine enroute from LeBellan to Granoleon has come under attack from a pirate ship. The inexperienced Oleon captain has inadvertently allowed the pirate vessel to come withing boarding distance - grappling hooks were thrown, it seems there's no fleeing from this fight. The Oleon crew fiercely resists the attack, but it's clear they're outnumbered, outgunned, and no match for the bloodlusty pirates that eat a crew like this for breakfast, every day! The pirates are commanded by the vicious Guillaume "I'd rather cut in half than give quarter" DeBurgess. He is the kind of man people tell horrific tales about to scare kids and adults alike. The small Oleon marine complement knows - this is going to be a fight to the death, and honestly, their chances are slim. The Oleon gun crew has already been incapacitated - but their four cannon are no match for the large pirate ship's 14 guns anyway... Juan Gabriel de Companhia, a renown Oleon scholar and avid collector of... stuff... is travelling aboard the ship as a guest. Realising his predicament, he quietly opens the cabin window and prepares to lower his travel trunk into the water. Inside it is stored his most prized posession - and Juan Gabriel is determined to do everything to prevent this from falling into the wrong hands. And so the chest, with it's mysterious contents, is cast off, drifting in the Sea of Storms... while the unfortunate Oleon vessel is starting to burn, and will never reach it's port. So - here's the challenge. Post a picture of you BoBS character retrieving the chest from the sea, be it washed ashore or sighted while afloat in the water, and revealing it's contents! Is this a contest? No, I just thought it would be fun! Are there any prizes? No - well yes, whatever is in that chest. Could there be something in the chest that influences the game mechanics? Obviously not, this building challenge is unsanctioned. Can multiple BoBS characters recover this chest? Sure, why not, the more chests the merrier
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    [CH 1B] Brave New World

    After a dangerous journey Colonel Brickinson finally sets foot on a newly found island. For Eslandola, for King and Gold ... and Country ... and Gold! Aided by his biograph Bill Spillwine, Colonel Brickinson records every second of his first encounter with Huarriu, the leader of the strange islander tribe. Apparently the arriving Eslandolands had disturbed a secret ritual in which the strange statue was obviously involved. Bill Spillwine already had a title for the story: Brave New World. Would this island hold treasures for Eslandola? Better pictures can be found here.
  3. Captain Green Hair

    [SEARATS-FB] Bastion

    On the far corner of the Bastion harbour entrance lies this old Bastion. Left behind by colonists, the Sea Rats now us it to defend their port entrance. Every ship that tries to enter without permission, will have to answer to the 4 20pdr guns it houses. Originally I had built it for the Sea Rats introduction thread, butI though I'd just share some more picture for your viewing pleasure. I will not put it in the ESG, as I will be playing for Eslandola. Hope you like this build, thank you for looking!
  4. While the majority of the people are exploring newly discovered worlds the live in Bastion continues. As you can see this House is well visited, among all layers of society. Game wise does this count as commerce? there is trade, they sell a lot of beverages. @mod's this might be on the edge, please say so if it is over. I can change some or remove a picture.
  5. dr_spock

    The White Skull

    What's a Sea Rat without her ship? Susieh Cheng has the White Skull, a class 2A armed sloop. The White Skull by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Her cabin boy in the crow's nest has spotted something in the water. Is it more prey? The ship sailed towards the object in the water. They found a soldier adrift on a raft. "Please help me. I have been at seas for days without food or water. By the way, what happened to your eye?" The ship sailed on without rescuing the soldier. The soldier thought, "Hmpf, what just happened? Did I say something wrong?" This is my first attempt at making sails and rigging. I hope they are ok. Tying those tiny knots was hard without reading glasses. More pictures on the Brickshelf.
  6. Hello! This is my little farm, in my homeland oleon. I am Matthias, I worked as a soldier for 10 years in the army of orleon. I came as a migrant to orleon, so my grammar is not perfect. I was coming home to the cottage of my parents a week ago. My parents died while I was in the army, so that is now my home. I am planning to farm here and have a wonderful life. I wanted once to become a trader or have a farm on more fertile soil, but as long as the rats do not reach the hayloft and the wild pics, do not overcome the railings, my crop is save and I will stay. So I have to check that first, but I am sure everything will be all right.
  7. The Castillo de Nova Terreli is the largest structure errected on Nelisa so far. It sits on a hill overlooking the harbor of Nova Terrili and protects the settlement with it's heavy guns. Any assault on Eslandola's colonial capital would have to fail since nothing remains unseen from the eyes of those inhabiting the castle. (more pics later and more modules even later)
  8. Philip Janszen hurriedly made his way from the docks to the local offfice of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. His presence had been requested by the regional trade manager, Willem Guilder. Philip’s mind raced as he tried to figure out what this was all about. Was he in trouble? He couldn’t think of anything out of line. He’d served faithfully for years. Maybe he was being assigned to a new ship, he thought. The shipyards were busy as the discovery of islands to the east had the interest of all merchant factions. Maybe he was being assigned to one of the MCTC’s big class 5 trade ships. What captain would he serve under this time? What would his specific assignment be? Not all ship assignments were created equal… Philip snapped back to the real world as he reached Guilder’s office, a small but meticulously kept white stone building with ubiquitous red tile roof. Guilder’s door was closed but ajar. Philip knocked sharply on the door and it drifted open, revealing Guilder behind his desk. “Ah, Janszen, come in.” Philip strode in confidently, hiding the whirlwind of thoughts that flooded his mind. He had come straight from the dock; he hadn’t even stopped by the boarding house to put on his coat or hat. He hoped he was appropriately dressed for a meeting with the regional manager. “Janszen, I’ve been looking over your record with us. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you from Captain Reyngout.” Relief filled Philip. He had served with Captain Reyngout on several successful voyages. “As I’m sure you know,” Gulder continued, “we’re scrambling to put as many ships into service as we can. We want to beat the ETWC, not to mention those Oleon and Corrington scoundrels, to the new riches in the east. As such, I have new orders for you, assigning you the Lady of Madrice.” Gulder handed the officially signed and stamped papers to Philip. Philip’s heart sank. The Lady of Madrice was a class 2 sloop, one of the smallest ships in the MCTC’s fleet of trading vessels. Although it was consistently praised by its captains as having excellent sailing qualities, it was an aged vessel. And because it was such a small ship, the crew would be few in number, and in cramped quarters. If you drew some troublemakers in the crew, such an assignment could be aggravating. Then the light bulb went on over Philip’s head. “Sir, did you say you were assigning me to the ship, or assigning me the ship?” Guilder stepped out in front of his desk. “I am assigning you command of the Lady of Madrice. You are to see to her outfitting and fill out her crew. There are a few men assigned to her already, but you will need to find a first mate. Have her ready to sail this month. Refer to the orders for details.” Philip stood there dumbstruck for a moment, then regained his senses. “Thank you, sir!” Guilder reached out and shook Philip’s hand. “A successful voyage will be thanks enough for now. Congratulations, CAPTAIN Janszen.”
  9. Henri begins most of his days by surveying and visiting his domains and the homesteads he owns. The commoners appreciate their lord coming down from his castle and visit them, which creates a bond of loyalty and sense of community amongst the peasants and the beloved La Valette, de la Rocheforte family. Religious as Oleon is, the countryside and roads are littered with small wayshrines invoking the praise of one, or more, Saints and Deities, watching over travellers and protecting the land. Here, Henri Antoine pays his respect to a wayshrine of Zeus to invoke his blessings and guide him during his coming endeavors. This wayshrine was only recently build, commissioned by the La Valette family themselves. It's a very small MOC to sort of introduce my character. It's not really his natural habitat, but it is an important aspect of his (family's) life. The pictures are kind of crappy, though . I really need to get me some of those decent white lightbulbs. The ones I have always give off this yellow-ish lighting instead of white...
  10. Hi, Here is the continuation of my "full of apple" story. for the 1st chapter look here. A Story about a Forgotten Fruit... After the recon along the King's coast of Nellisa, Felipe De La Manzana and his crew returned to the little house Felipe and Basil managed to build when they first arrived in Nellisa. The crew was already at work by loading and un-loading cargo (most of it beeing apple seeds...) in order to prepare Felipe's plan : destroying the jungle and plant Apple-orchards and plantations ! With the last canoe arrived Juan Ponce de Hespérida, the former pirate castaway Felipe saved before. Basil welcomed him while Felipe De La Manzana is supervising the unloading cargo from his balcony. - Welcome my dear fellow ! - Hi Senor. I had to refresh me a bit, I know I am late... - Of course, that's fine, you shaved this awful beard ! - Yes. El Senor Felipe is awaiting me ? - Yes, yes... come with me and go tell us what is your "Fabulous Treasure" ! Basil lead Juan to the balcony to join Felipe. - Ha ! At last ! My favorite castaway ! Said Felipe welcoming Juan on his side. - Hi Senor Captain ! I had to shave my beard before seeing you and ... - Yes of course, but tell me, I'd like to know if you worth the apples you cost me... Tell me about your Fabulous Treasure ! Interrupted Felipe. - Yes. This is our deal... So... I have a map that is talking about the positions and strangely the non positions of an isle... - Yes. That is a bit unclear. How an Isle could have a position and not have one ?? Said doubtly Felipe. - Let me show you. Answered Juan de Hespérida while he put on the table the map. - Oh I don't understand anything to that. Said Basil. I leave you with those explanation and I am going to control this gem we found earlier on the beach. Saying that, Basil went upstairs and made check up the gem observer. It is a great tool but a bit fragile with all these lens into it, so it demands some care. Care that Basil is particularly awared of. Downstairs, Juan is explaining Felipe the map : - Senor, this map is more than a map ! It tells how and probably where to find the Fruit of Knowledge ! The Forbidden Fruit ! The Fruit Zeus made to share his power with his wife Hera ! The Fruit Hades cursed ! The Fruit that was Forgotten and lost, the Fruit... - Wait, wait, wait ! interrupt Felipe. What are you talking to me ?! It is a Legend ! Such a fruit doesn't exist ! - Of course it exists ! And I have the information that this Fruit is a Golden Apple ! and I have... - WHAT ! AN APPLE ! AND A GOLDEN ONE ! Yelled Felipe. why are you hiding such an important info ! Of course I want it ! - So we have a deal ? asked Juan Pnce de Hespérida. - Yes we have a deal ! Answered Felipe De La Manzana. And Juan Explained that the Golden Apple is in a lost orchard, the No-one's Orchard, itself hidden on an isle that no-one is capable of reaching because its position is strangely changing. He also tolds the map is the first map of the terrible pirate captain, old beard Caliquot, a dangerous fellow who is trying to find the island for himself. He his still searching it and has an other map of the possible positions of the island. So, it would be good to steal it from him... At last, Juan spoke of the curse of Hades : It is possible, by jealousing his brother marriage, Hades cursed the Fruit in order to prevent Hera to bite it. So it is not sure what it will do to a mortal... And the two men planned how to begin and how to find this Golden Apple. Ok, this is probably a bit long but I wanted to build a great leading quest for Felipe De La Manzana and what's a good quest without apple ? So I made this story... It will be in multiple parts of course, and it will be integrated in all the rest of the game of course. Hopefully, the development of the apple orchards will not be stopped by this quest. So thank you for reading this story and of course C&C is welcome.
  11. blackdeathgr

    Rough beaches

    Not everybody can make it at the seas of the New World... Thanks for viewing P.S: My camera and photographing skills suck big time!
  12. Here is my first participation for BoBs and the intro of my (full of apple...) story. The next chapter will not be too long to wait... A Fruitfull Recon After a good rest, Felipe and Basil hired some crewmen and decided to start their new idea : develop Apple Orchards in Novelli ! To do so, Felipe De La Manzana planned a recon trip along the King Coast of Novelli, the southest of it seeming to be promissing. But as he was checking the map to correct it with Basil, his faithfull First officer and navigator, the crow's nest man yelled : - Someone ! Someone on the shore Cap'tain ! Felipe grabbed his spyglass and saw an old man gesturing on the beach near as it seemed to be a former little pirate canoe with dead bodies. - Put my canot on sea ! Ordered Felipe. - I go with you. Said Basil. You'll save it, am I right ? - Yes, of course ! He probably had bad time near this dangerous jungle, I nead to bring him aboard, it could be free crewman. - But did you see the pirate flag ? If it was a trap ? - Yes you're right, take some armed crewmen with us and go on ! Saying that, Felipe grabbed a bag, put some apple in it and jumped onto the canot. Basil surprised by this asked : - Apples ? Why do you take apples ? - It is obvious ! This poor guy is probably starving ! I will bring him some healthy food ! yelled Felipe De La Manzana from the canot. Basil didn't reply, laughed and jumped onto the canot with two men. The canot did not make too long to board the rocky beach the castaway was. The old man welcomed warmly the rescuers. - Ah ! Thank you ! I am stuck in this beach for soo long ! I tried to pass through the forest but it is impossible, my friends here did not survive to it. Said the former pirate showing the skeletons. - You are welcome aboard, said Felipe De La Manzana, but as it seems to me you are a pirate. And he looked at the rest of Black Flag hanging on the shipwreck. - No ! No ! I am a castaway ! I was banished, and I am a former Eslandian citizen ! My name is Juan Ponce de Hespérida ! Please, don't hang me, I want to be forgiven ! - And how can I do that ? - You could not have seen this flag. Saying that Juan Ponce de Hespérida through the flag away. I can offer to you, for your help, an interesting information about a fabulous treasure me and my former pirate fellows heard of. I was banished for that, anyway it doesn't bother me to share it with you... - Ah ! Ok ! You are speaking to my Eslandian heart ! Good to hear that ! Welcome aboard sailor, take an apple ! Said Felipe with jewels in his eyes... So Felipe took Juan in the canot and brang him to the little residence he built in Novelli for futher informations.
  13. Mr. Townsend

    At the Docks

    After an uneventful day of sailing, Pierre has arrived at the ElTina docks. The hustle and bustle on the wharves doesn't stop as LeBellan is a vital way point for mariners traveling east into the Sea of Storms, or west towards their homeland.
  14. Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Rules Thread What is BoBS? Brethren of the Brick Seas is a building community on Eurobricks open to all who wish to join. This is a maritime-oriented world where the technology level is parallel with the historical Age of Sail. There are currently four factions. Each member joins a faction, and builds to win points for their faction and for themselves, and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges where a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes. On top of this, there is also a game mechanic that allows players to earn more gold and power for themselves and their faction. Check out the Master Index for links to the other rule threads. Building in BoBS Starting Off: Join a faction and get to work building and creating in the world of BoBS by posting a sig-fig in your chosen faction thread. You are not required to play the game mechanic (the EGS), but this is the way scores are kept for those who want to keep score. Nonparticipants in the EGS will still help their faction earn points. If you do choose to participate in the EGS, you will receive 25 DBs upon posting your sig-fig. If you build an introductory MOC, post that as a freebuild (see below). Freebuilds: A freebuild is a MOC that is not associated with any challenge. You may build as many of these as you wish! If you want the freebuild to count towards your and your faction’s score, then you will have to post it in its own thread, and a link to the build in the freebuild registration thread. Finally, to help the leadership keep score, you will report the build through a web form. See the Master Index for links. Challenge Builds: These are MOCs that have specific rules attached to them in order to participate in a challenge. These have their own type of reporting, depending on the challenge rules. Anyone is welcome to host a mini-challenge. However, to avoid too much overlap, we ask that you coordinate timing with leadership. A few basic limitations: 1) Fit in the time period. This would be the Age of Discovery to about 1830. Please, no steam ships! 2) You cannot infringe on another person’s story without their permission. IE: You can’t rob, plunder, and kill another player’s characters or property without first agreeing with the player to do so. There are plenty of resolution methods to help settle disputes or perhaps two or more builders want to plan out a story arc where some of their property is attacked by the other -- this is fine. Exceptions – MCRA results (see the MCRA Thread for more details), or squatting (see the Property Thread for more details). 3) MOCs should be appropriate for all of Eurobricks' audience and posts should comply with the TOS. 4) Digital building is permitted, but although you may enter challenges digitally, you will not be elegible for winning any physical prizes. Hints: 1) Life’s better with a mate(s)! Work with your team! Your faction has special rules, intricate politics, and claims on certain islands. Knowing how your team works and working on group projects, trade runs, and goals will help you get the most out of this roleplaying/building game. 2) I want to be Governor of the whole New World! Hold off on starting your own colonies for a little bit. It will be very tempting to start your own colony and get to work, but it might be more beneficial to work with a few other builders to build a colony. In the EGS your nations revenue is based upon how strong their colonial possessions are. In order to get earn more money, colonial settlements need lots of buildings. Trying to build a major settlement by oneself will be difficult. The Sea Rats are a little different here, and it may be in their best interest to create their own pirate nest early on. 3) It is only a game, and many people treat it as a roleplaying game. So don’t be mad at your fellow builders! Talk out your problems. Some people may just be “playing the role” of a dastardly and vile pirate, scum, or cheat, but in real life, they are probably pretty swell. Let’s keep it fun!
  15. [This system is part of a near expansion to BoBS, and is out of play for the first month] Character Development Skill Trees / Achievement System This system serves two roles: It is an achievement system for all players, even those who do not play in the Economic Game System (EGS). These are building challenges where you earn ranks in different fields. It will probably take most builders over a year to conquer every field. Part of the BoBS project is to help hone and improve builder’s talents, and this system is designed to do that. The lower levels of each tier are more thematic, while the higher levels require more advanced building techniques. Giving credit where credit is due, many of the building technique ideas have been borrowed from the Guilds of Historica University of Petraea Program. Each MOC for each part of each tree requires a certain amount of approvals. Approvals may come from any member of the BoBS community. A member gives approval through posting to the MOCs thread a “I approve” or a thumbs up to the MOC. Remember, if you are going to give an approval, make sure the MOC meets the requirements of the task the builder is completing. Each MOC that is built for a task in the Achievement System can also be used for free build points. The thread should clearly state what task you are attempting to fulfill, the requirements, and then the pictures and story behind the MOC. You should also put somewhere in the beginning of your text that you are seeking approval votes from the community so that people reading your post will know what is required of them. Once enough tasks are completed to earn a rank, you can start calling yourself by that rank! Please record your progress in the Achievement Recording thread. Also, Please only use one post in that thread, just edit it with your new achievements. If you are playing in the EGS, remember some of these achievements carry bonuses, such as the ability to build more revenue generating property per month, better combat skills, or more luck! Note: Unless your sig fig is Leonardo DiVinci and a renaissance man, most likely your sig fig is not the one working through every one of these achievement trees. It is ok to have “side characters” that work through the trees for story purposes. You still get any benefits from completing these achievements, even if you are using multiple characters to tell your story. Here is an index of the possible achievement trees. Some are not completed yet, and more may be added later. The Trees: Academic Adventurer Agriculturalist Architect Artisan Colonist Fisherman Industrialist Merchant Miner Sailor Shipwright Soldier Thief
  16. Economic Game System Brethren of the Brick Seas is not only an open building community story project, but also a series of games and challenges. One of the main games within BoBS is the Economic Game System, the everyday economy of the BoBS world. No one is obligated to participate in the Economics Game System, and free builds and challenge builds by a builder not participating in the EGS will still earn the faction DBs and FIPs. Likewise, hiring a privateer builder who does not participate in the EGS will still cost DBs, but these DBs will be removed from the game. Master Index By Land - Maps and Properties in the EGS By Sea - Ships and the Monthly Raiding and Commerce Action in the EGS Money 1) Doubloons (DBs), the basic currency, can be earned by both individuals and factions. Doubloons can be used to buy more entries into some challenges, to change factions, to buy “forgiveness” from other factions, to set up resource gathering operations, to buy ships, property, etc., and are the general currency for the individual builder. 2) Personal Influence Points (PIPs) are used to determine each individual builder’s score. For every one Gold Doubloon earned, a builder earns one PIP. Additionally, a builder can earn PIPs without earning DBs. PIPs are not lost when DBs are spent; the only way PIPs are subtracted is A) a gambling loss, B) buying extra entries into a contest, or C) a PIP reset. PIPs are used to determine “winners” for each cycle and other challenges. 3) Faction Influence Points (FIPs) are used by a faction to unlock certain events, seize territory, influence global elections, and other deeds as the project continues. A faction has as many FIPs as the total PIPs of all its members during a cycle. Left over FIPs are banked after the cycle is over, but do not count towards determining a winning faction for the next cycle. Note: Scores are kept by leadership in the account sheets, but you are welcome to keep track of your account on the side as well. Earning and Spending Money 1) Introduction – Posting your sig-fig will automatically earn you 25 DBs. If you build an introductory MOC to go along with it, you can submit this as a freebuild (see below). 1) Major Challenges – These are the main storyline challenges that will happen every 1-3 months. These are judged by the faction leaders and will result in the earning of FIPs, PIPs, and DBs. 2) Lesser Challenges – These are challenges that may be between two or three factions, or may be for one faction only. These are not major storyline changing events. These are usually created by the project leaders, but as the project progresses, others will be invited to create new challenges. Certain minor challenges will include DBs, FIPs, and PIPs. 3) Freebuilds – These are the everyday builds not associated with a challenge. Each freebuild earns points or DBs for your faction. These are calculated monthly by leadership. The first two freebuilds a month will earn a builder 10 DBs per build, the next two earn 5 DBs, and any more freebuilds during the same month will earn the builder 2 DBs. You must fill out a webform for your freebuild to be counted (see the Master Index). 4) Gambling – A builder may gamble against another builder over anything. Any amount of DBs can be gambled, but if lost, the builder also loses PIPs. Winner of the wager has the responsibility to report the gambling outcome to the administrators through the transaction forms. 5) Payments – A builder can receive a payment from another builder. These must be registered via the Transaction Form (see the Master Index). Any legal payment (on the books) is taxed by your faction. Remember, smugglers may be brought to court if caught! 6) Monthly Paycheck – This is the income through properties owned, titles and stipends, and the result of the Monthly Commerce Raiding Action. See the Land and Sea threads for more information. 7) Resolution -- Conflict Resolution may involve DB transfers. See the Conflict Resolution post for more details. Taxation Although it sounds like no fun, taxes are an important way of increasing your faction’s overall score. The money in your faction’s coffers can go to escorts ships, warships, fortresses, purchasing land, making treaties, etc. Taxes: Each faction can lower or raise its tax rate through its administrative body. The Sea Rats can levy taxes in this way on their members. Taxes will be automated so that they are automatically deducted from the players' account every month that the tax is in place. However, additional and more specific taxes must be paid for through the Transaction form (see the Master Index). For example, a nation could put a tax on shipwrights. Maybe it is a one-time tax, or a recurring tax. Failure to pay taxes will have different penalties per faction. Most often this will result in the suspension of your membership (no protection from faction forts/ships) until back-taxes are paid. Suspended members might not have a chance to participate in faction challenges, win prizes, etc. Trade Companies Participate in monopolies, joint stock ventures… and shape the future of the world. In the beginning, there are only two major Trade Companies, both Eslandian. Both carry their own membership requirements and rewards. Merchant companies will have greater income from some trade items - part of their monopoly. Unlike reality, a monopoly does not mean that other members of that faction cannot participate in that industry (unless your faction has more specific rules). The base rule for establishing a Trade Company requires the following MOCs: A Warehouse A Trade Headquarters A Trade Ship After these builds are complete, you can apply via your faction’s rules to your faction leaders. Each faction of the Brick Seas can grant three charters for trade companies. (NB: For story purposes, any player or group of players can create a trade company IC, although without the charter, it will not mechanically count as a chartered trade company)
  17. eurotrash

    MOC: Bob's Burgers Restaurant

    MOC: Bob's Burgers Restaurant I was challenged to build the restaurant from the TV show. It's been an excellent adventure into the deepest parts of teh interweb as I tried to grab as much source material as possible. Some of it was contradictory - indeed I found three different roof lines used in various episodes (I finally settled on the most frequently used one). Credit to Terry Akuna for the awesome graphics I still need to build the interior but I've already started constructing Mort's "It's your funeral" building next door. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome! #Beefsquatch
  18. SkaForHire

    BoBS ruleset poll

    Hello everyone, I am trying to hammer out the last of a working draft of the BoBS system this week. I have a question for you all though as I go through this. I spent a few hours making a very detailed system of property owning, squatting, raiding, trading, and other mechanisms, but it would take a little while to read and understand. In this version there is an economic engine that allows players to achieve new goals, new rights, and even their own colonies. It is a bit complex though. We also have a draft of basic economic rules without the property owning, raiding, or other ways to obtain gold other than simple free builds and challenge builds (and duels) . I think it is almost ready to use, but makes the project much more like Guilds of Historica than something entirely new. So, my question to you all is which would you rather see? A) A complex system from the start that will take some time to get used to B) A simple system, with basic gold gathering objectives, but not much depth beyond that. C) A tiered system, we start with the simple system, and every few months lay down another part of the rules scheme to make the game more complex over time. The disadvantage here is to newer players who start in the more complicated scheme later on after the veterans know it like the back of their hand. The other drawback is some of the features will not be available for some time. EDIT: I should mention that the whole system is designed that a builder could "play" outside the game mechanism if they wished. Their team would still receives points and gold for their builds, but they are not kept track of (or limited) by the game system with points and scores. They also can't achieve some of the achievements and positions in the game, but they are not limited as much by the game's currency, gold.
  19. 174C Well my 79008 Pirate ship was sailing alongside the IFS, BSB & QAR. Needless to say she was the silliest of them all without cannons. So it was time for a mod! Hereby I present you the 17 gun Corsair "Flying Arrow" Details: 12 side cannons 2 front cannons (chasers) 1 back cannon (defender) & 2 upper deck mini cannons It will be one of the ships I will use in the upcomming Brethren of the Brickseas! The Cpt. Matt Lenoir has the right to Privateer under the Eslandolian flag, permission granted by my upcomming main character, the governor of Stedor. So here is Cpt. Matt Lenoir: And the flag: C&C ofcourse welcome! note: to keep the atmosphere of the original ship, I did not touched the front and back :)