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  1. 18.02.624 It's a short trip from Myzectlan (Cascadia) to Jamestown (Celestia); from The eastern Prio Sea to The western New Haven Sea. Normally this is a quiet trade route for the Myzec; a calm sea with few dangers. Until 18.02.624... A group of Myzec, traveling with merchandise, were startled along the way. The normally calm sea suddenly became turbulent. A large amount of foaming, splashing water became visible around the ship. The crew of the traditional vessel look at each other in horror. What was going on here?! The boat was not far from the shore. The Myzec tried with all its might to change course towards land. There was no intention to wait for the impending, ominous danger. But alas... to no avail. At the speed of light, a number of dark red tentacles emerged from the clear blue water. And with unprecedented force the boat, including crew, was surrounded by this red force! The monster embraced the sailboat as if it were his beloved and pulled it all into the depths of the sea. As quickly as all this came about, everything became calm again... The sun shone peacefully on the New Haven Sea. A number of remarkable events have already taken place in recent days. This event was also recorded in this illustrious, apocalyptic list... What's going on?!
  2. 16.02.624 It started as a beautiful sunny day. Sir Peter Nash, Earl of Swanley, enjoyed his usual morning ritual: 9am = tea time. Peter was sitting at his 'own' table in the Tipsy Mermaid Pub in Wullham, Panarium. A small ray of sunshine fell through the window onto his face. "Hmm.. wonderful.., what a wonderful world." Unfortunately, this moment of enjoyment was short-lived. A thick, black cloud passed over the sun. Peter looked through the window and looked doubtful. "Hmm.. this looked strange." Sean McCasey sat at the bar and looked at Peter's troubled face. “Hi, are you okay?” he asked. "I don't know..., I'm seeing strange weather patterns," Peter replied. Sean came to stand next to Peter and also looked outside. “You're right, I haven't seen this before,” Sean said. Thick, black, curly clouds with menacing heads filled the sky. In the distance it started to thunder. Not just a little bit, but so intense that no one in Wullham had seen this before. “Come on, Peter!”, Sean said. "To the TIC!"* (*Tornado Intercept Carriage). Peter and Sean ran to the carriage, which was equipped with a full range of weather instruments. Sean urged the horses on and they rode at high speed through the open countryside. The wind blew harder and harder... After a while, Sean stopped the carriage. “Get on the roof!”, Sean shouted. Peter took his dowsing rods and climbed onto the roof of the coach. He had to make an effort to hold his own. The weather conditions deteriorated every minute. "And... what are the results??", Sean shouted over the sound of the storm. "Well, we've never had these wind speeds here before! Something big is going to happen!! We have to get out of here! Hurry!", Peter shouted back. There was no response. Peter looked around, but it was dark. He couldn't see anything in front of his eyes. Where was Sean? “Sean!!,” he shouted. But there was no response... "Sean..., no!!"
  3. Jeff of Clubs

    [CONTEST] A Storm Brewing

    Ahoy there! With our resident pirates roll-building-game, Brethren of the Brick Seas(BoBS) transitioning from Era Two into Era Three, the lusty leadership at BoBS' Brethren Court has decided to post three challenges for any fan of Pirates to join in! The first challenge has been posted in the BoBS forum and can be joined here! by @Kai NRG There is no need to join BoBS to participate as we are in the waning days of Era II at the moment. That said, contestants should keep the following in mind; 1.)All submissions are to take place in the world of Brethren of the Brick Seas. This is a fictional world, purpetually locked in the glory days of the Age of Sail. There are no steam engines or high fantasy elements to this world. 2.)As this is a BoBS challenge, more consideration may be paid to submissions that demonstrate some understanding of the rich world of BoBS. by @Bregir It isn't a pirate's way to have assigned reading (and BoBS has a fair share that can be read)so just know that well thought out and executed MOCs with generic subjects will do very well too. Whalers hauling in a catch, naturalists examining a volcano, soldiers marching about, merchants closing a deal, pirates doing, you know, 'pirate stuff', etc. by @Khorne The first challenge's prizes are four custom BoBS themed minifigs from Rocky Mountain Minifigs, see below! One each to the first and second prize winners in each catagory. Brethren of the Brick Seas is a brick building and role playing game where a series of mocs are built by players to establish their character's stories and the fictional world of Halos in which they live. With four playable factions, players can make themselves honest sod-busters, avaricious merchants, imperialist soldiers and unscrupulous pirates, of course. The world of Halos itself is large with many climates to build in, from windswept highlands, tropical paradises, searing deserts, the high seas and anywhere in between! We welcome all builds, digital and brick. By @Justsomebrix More info on BoBS can be found in the Master Index. by @evancelt We do hope you all will consider joining us in Era III which will have a more stream-lined means of interacting with the world than Era II but for now, why not join in our three challenges!?! For more scenes of our previous adventures, please check out the Era Three Promotionals thread! It is still being populated at the moment. Thanks, ♧ ps; join the best faction. Oleon.
  4. Right on the entry to the harbour alley new construction is srawling. /placeholder photo only better will be renderered this week :) The lime palace contains the biggest pearl and jewelry workshop in the whole Prio sea! Right behind the entry is a workshop where Gaffar prepares rare dyes from gemstones and exotic plants. Other half of the floor is dedicated for high-temperature work. And as such the furnace is its heart Through the stairs you can visit more workshops. Or hide you stuff under them as everyone else. First floor is focused on work with gems and pearls - stone-setting, enamelling, polishing etc. It's important to have good work-life balance and take a coffee break when your eyes are tired or hands shakey. Or occasionally flex some muscles and hammer operating skills to Karen from accountant's. Second floor accomodate bigger machines and workshop stations. Precise sheet roller for golden foils Gemcutter worshop ...and vase station. Rooftop is occupied by security service and the directors chambers. Do not disturb as he is just trying to strike a deal with local power couple!
  5. Just a regular day in the village of chief Kahuka It's just right temperature for the eel fishing under that big rock. Hopefully there will be some eel stew for today's supper. The double rope bridge is the main and only dry entrance to the village. Kahuka's daughter Kotuna is on the guard duty in the old tree fortress. Kahuka can properly take care of his chickens. After all two scrambled eggs for breakfast is the best start of the day!
  6. When the privateers arrived at Queenston, Edward and his men went ashore with the supplies before anchoring the frigate in a defencive position, protecting all entry to the bay. Colonel Dirk Allcock was absent from the colony while exploring the jungle, so Scarver took some liberties and ordered the construction of several properties. The first amongst them being a logging camp. As most privateers and other rough sailors are, these men were no strangers to logging, so the logging camp was up and running in no time. The camp will serve useful during the early stages of the settlement, as the palm trees proved to be effective construction materials. With the building material produced in this camp, small buildings and defencive walls can be constructed at a much faster rate. --- I thought it was fitting that Queenston's first licensed build was a logging camp, so here it is! I originally started to build it on as a 64x64 build, but I lost inspiration and decided to do one in real bricks instead. I would have loved to put more trees in the scene and I wanted to build a tent as well, but I was quickly reminded of my lack of parts... but I think it turned out good nonetheless Will be submited as a medium factory
  7. Name : Queenston Ownership : The Crown of Corrington Location : Arlintina, New Haven Sea Map : Coming soon Mayor : Edward Scarver (@Justsomebrix) Trade value : account summary Town Bank : account summary Town Income per turn / Town Expenses per turn : 184dbs / - Who can own property in Queenston : Anyone Who can freebuild in Queenston : Anyone Description : Coming Soon Official Information : Builds in Queenston Please help us out by posting the link to your Queenston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of Licence. Properties : 63/31 Size for EGS purposes - 'Large Town' Required for 'City' : x4 commerce, x3 residence Required for 'Large City' : x12 commerce, x6 factory, x11 residence, x4 educational, x1 cultural Required for 'Grand City' : x15 artisan, x28 commerce, x22 factory, x27 residence, x7 educational, x3 cultural Required for 'Capital City' : x47 artisan, x60 commerce, x52 factory, x59 residence, x12 educational, x6 cultural, 4 royal Planned Builds : - Large Fort, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) Artisans : 17 Blueberry Manor, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Tavern, Corrington (via Lmcpictures) (+10 settlement size) Armory, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Supply depot with military docks, Corrington (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Commerces : 4 Mayor's Office, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) ETTC Office, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Factories : 10 Logging Camp, Justsomebrix (+2 settlement size) Sawmill, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+2 settlement size) Sugar Windmill, Queenston (via lmcpicture) (+3 settlement size) Boiling House, Queenston (via lmcpicture) (+3 settlement size) Residences : 5 Grenadier Barracks, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Queenston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Corrington (via Justsomebrix) (+1 settlement size) Educational : 3 Primary School, Queenston (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Art and Culture : 4 Town Hall, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Guillotine, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+2 settlement size) Plantations : 21 Royal Sugar Cane Plantation, Corrington (via Bricksbypidy) (+10 settlement size) Royal Sugar Plantation, Queenston (via Lmcpictures) (+10 settlement size) Sugar Plantation, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+1 settlement size) Mines : 2 Clay Pit, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Forts : Troops : Company of ETTC sepoys, Justsomebrix Vessels stationed here : Other buildings : Other related builds : Arrival on Arlintina, Evancelt Edward Scarver's arrival on Arlintina, Justsomebrix The Reds and the Royals, Bricksbypidy The Parvus, Lmcpictures The Ranger, Justsomebrix
  8. After months of work, the Royal Navy’s newest ship set sail from Quinnsville ! The Cutter was commissioned by the Admiralty Board in order to increase patrols around Corrington shores. Frederick Chapman had worked for several private investors in the past, even some of high standing, but never had he been contacted by agents of the Crown. The day he received the commission was the happiest day of his life, the honor to have been entrusted with the task of creating a ship for the Royal Navy, was beyond measurable. He swore he would not disappoint them, in fact, he convinced himself that he would create the fastest ship the Royal Navy had ever seen ! He spent weeks in his office making dusins of drafts and sketches. He combined ship designs he had learned from both Oleon and Elsandolan designers, even a few interesting elements he had observed on a Sea Rat ship. He wished he knew more about their ships, but Sea Rats are after all not the most common visitors of Corrington… For good reasons. Once his design was done, he was ordered to Queensville where he would oversee her construction. People from around all of Quinsville gathered at the docks to celebrate her launch. The ship was so light and sleek that when the crew opened her sails, she was immediately picked up by the wind and flew right through the waves. The crowd simultaneously reacted in aw, while Frederick, overcome by joy, jumped around and celebrated right there on the docks. The representative who had taken the ship on her maiden voyage, later admitted that she was so fast he feared they would take off and join the birds in the sky. He decided then and there to christen her HMS Peregrine, the fastest ship on the Brick Seas. ------- A new class 4 Cutter for the Navy. She is armed with 12 4-pounders and 6 swivel guns. My recommendations for her stats are : R M G C $ H 3 6 4 2 0 3 The ship being the fastest in brick seas is obviously just for story purposes and can't affect any game outcome, so don't take it too seriously
  9. Samuel Scarver had been following Corringtons actions closely as the threat of the Lotii in New Haven grew bigger by the day... knowing that our leaders would never let them get away with it. When news of a planned invasion finally arrived, he knew he had to help. In his prime he would have taken a Letter of Marque and gone there himself, alas, his age would not allow him. However, retired from a successful trade company, Samuel owned a good handful of ships. So he had his best warship restored and ready for action. She was a Corvette he had captured on one of his trade expeditions all those years ago. The ship was fast and well armed, with a total of 18x 8-pounder guns, 4x 6-pounders : 2 bow chasers and 2 stern chasers, and to top it all off, 10 swivel guns to repel all boarders. She was the perfect escort, not a single piece of cargo was ever lost under her protection. In many ways she reminded him a lot of his mother, as she had always shielded him from danger, despite how hard he made it. So he named her, Alexandra, his mother's name, and had the figurehead represent her holding her favorite bird, the hummingbird. To tell the truth, he was sad to let her go… But he knew she would serve the Queen well, just like she had him. And to a man who bled the colors of Corrington, nothing meant more. He contacted an old friend of his from the Noble Parliament, whom he intrusted to find a suitable captain for the ship. With her Majesty's Navy having no shortage of experienced naval officers, the ship was immediatly assigned to an up-and-coming captain Foster. A mere 3 days later, Samuel Scarver stood at the docks of Belson, as he watched HMS Alexandra sail into the sunset. (There are actually 9 figures barely visible / invisible from the angle I took the image ) ----------- A new Cruiser for the Navy! She is a class 6 Corvette built for the Oaken Shield task, you are free to decide her stats, otherwise she is ready to be licenced. This ship is heavily inspired by one of "boeing_787_8_dreamliner" ships on instagram, he makes som very nice ships and was nice enough to send me the file for his ship "La Therese". I learned a lot of new technics from his ship and I borrowed 90% of his fantastic rigging as well as some other parts. (Samuel Scarver is Edward's father and was referred to in my character's introduction)
  10. Every city on the sea shore needs to have harbor and every harbor needs to have a place where sailors can ease their tensions after weeks crampend in the boats. Hilto is no exception. Right behing the harbor tower is inconspicuous house with big garden filled with sounds of girl laughs and glass clinks. The local speciality is an podium right above the cliffs. When tide is high there is a big chance that the working girl will get splashed by sea mist from top to shoes. This sight allready induced quite a big crowd of lonely sailors to pay extra for private session in upper floors and mere reminiscence couple weeks later to drink themself to oblivion or go to all night stroll on the board in the chilling winds. [ Just dont try the shrimps after midnight or you will end up like this sad pirateer. Pasha's have lot of benefits and pleasant surpires for their visitors but a good cook and fresh seafood are not on the list.
  11. Hilto's harbour, heart of every propper colony: One right corner proudly stands the tower of harbour administration. First couple floors are used for storage of more valuable goods, the top one is a nice openspace room for all accountants and harbor clerks with wiev to the whole harbour. On one end of the pier lives the fisherman/occasional warehouseman On the second one is the afforementioned warehouse for bulk goods: For some reason I totally forgot to make a topic about the build half year ago so better late than never. One question though - how to license harbor - is it commerce?
  12. Every flourishing town needs its backyard providing the food and other necessities. Couple miles upstream by the Green creek lies a the one feeding the Hilto. Small hill provides a good enough location for defence and as a bonus great view to the lake. Food itself is not a big concern for the town yet, as the island waters are rich on fish shoals and crabs but the growing industry needs some raw materials to work with. After couple mishaps with the varieties from Mokolei villagers gave up for a while and purchased the seedlings of the most popular strains in Prio sea and they finally started to spur. Fruit orchards are almost ready to ripe too. The fruit will add nice touch to available food palette and when fully grown they can be added to shisha tobacco for flavours. The future is bright on Sabre island! The town itself consist of couple cottages and sheds around small square dominated by the mosque of Eternal Flame and the home of mayor / local headquarters of the tobacco company. Couple levies and little more digging created a moat around the village to ease villagers ease with irrigation of ever hungry tobacco crops.
  13. Taking advantage of nearby coffee plantation - [SR - FB] Coffee Plantation, Hellion - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums Omni Al-Hash started his first step for a proper multi island commercial empire. Coffee is a favorite drink in Mokolei and the local strains are completly unknown down there so he hopes for a big splash with the new brand. Wagon with fresh badge of coffee beans just arrived to the yard. Right about time for the morning brew. Top view: Large factory microprice from [OKT] Annual Oktoberfest mini-challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED! - Brethren of the Brick Seas - Eurobricks Forums
  14. Overseeing transaction of goods --- As a privateer, in times of peace, Captain Scarver spends most of his time hunting sea rats. After his latest hunt around the southern coast of Celestia, Captain Scarver returned to Port Woodhouse with the captured pirate ships and their stolen goods. After most voyages Scarver donates the stolen cargo and ships to the local militias of Corrington settlements, except for certain goods that may prove useful to his endeavours. However on this voyage they fell upon a state of the art Oleon Cutter, flying the black. It is rare to see pirates sailing Royal Navy ships, so Edward and his crew were careful not to sink her. The battle was long and hard as both opponents fought like hell, but eventually Scarver and his crew managed to capture her. Upon returning to Port Woodhouse, Scarver and his crew voted to keep the ship and add her to the fleet. Thus, he handed her to his Quartermaster who is to see her be repaired and riffited with 4 additional guns. In the meanwhile, as per usual, Scarver went to oversee their donation to the garrison in Port Woodhouse. --- I made this little scene while waiting for parts to arrive for my Cutter ship. I wanted to try out @Ayrlego's architecture for Port Woodhouse, while I also thought it could be a good idea to make a little teaser for the ship. The scene is supposed to take place in the courtyard of a fortified warehouse (kind of like something you would see in the game Assassin's Creed Black Flag).
  15. Artisan: small Well, it’s funny, isn't it? As soon as Sanjeev and his melody boys started to work on harbor construction Uncle appeared. Nobody invited him nobody knew him he just simply appeared one day and started to barter tobacco for pickaxes and silver for lamp oil. In mere two weeks he already started to build his emporium and harbor workers tried to beat all silver from him twice. Placed on strategic corner right behind harbor warehouse and on the way to tavern Uncle was been able to exchange almost everything with booze-driven passersby. Sanjeev had to talk some sense to him and explained that for greater good of community it will be vise to leave sailors with at least enough coins to get some rum and sishkebabs for couple days. And here with surrounding builds:
  16. House: small Every proper settlement starts with a harbor and every proper harbor starts with harbormaster. Sanjeev was been our caravan clerk long before I was born and no-one is as fast as him when it comes to goods price evaluation or finding a place where to hide more expensive trinkets. As his knees aren't what they used to be (he took and arrow in one when he was on adventure) ha was more than happy to resettle and take care of harbor logs and bureaucracy in general. After years of travelling, he is enjoying the afternoons on his terrace checking the harbor traffic, his new pet kitten Sheitan and his wife soups with fresh herbs from their garden or just simply chilling on the bench.
  17. Name: Hilto Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sabre Island Mayor: Omni Al-Hash , ibn Ohnihash Who can own property in Hilto: Anyone. If you wanna build in modular system let me know to gather up-to date MOCs of surrounding builds. Who can freebuild in Hilto: Anyone. Description: The second settlement of Sabre-Island archipelago. Located in northern part of the Hade's bay on stripe of land between beach and mountains on slope of caldera of ancient submerged volcano. Settled by Molokei exiles in 621 AE. So far just a small harbour with couple buildings around it but as soon as new exiles arrive the city will shine high! *my attempt to create modular city with arabic feeling. Map: Cityscape: History: 1.) Island purchase Properties: 1.) Uncle's Pawnbroker's - small artisan 2.) Harbormaster home - small house 3.) Harbor -large commerc 4.) Forgers quarters - small artisan 5.) Pasha's house of the red petals - large artisan Outside the town: a.) Kahuna's swamp village -large residence b.) al-Obeidi village medium plantation - tabbaco, medium plantation - fruit orchand Vessels stationed here: Vengeance of the desert - attacked and captured by Queensville - Cannon fire in the fog Other related builds:
  18. Dear family! I am deeply sorry for delay in my letters but post service is quite scarce here. I hope my letter found you all in good state and shape. I have great news! We managed to acquire a small pristine island nearby. While Abdul and Yasmina are taking care of our base in Poppy Port we kept ourselves busy and sailed around the archipelago. After couple tries and small trades here and there, we finally got the tip. Grand uncle Yussuf, praise eternal Flame his name, outdrunked sailor straight to the floor. He won his dignity, two months wage and map of an old corsair hideout nearby. The treasure is all long time gone but the island itself is the price. Small in size but abundant in greenery and mineral riches. Modest tribe of fine native gentlemen lives nearby and use the island as their fishing base. We visited their settlement and talked with their chief in command - chief Kahuka. He was quite reluctant at first despite my best efforts to persuade him with finest goods and gifts. He tried to play me with the good old trick with exotic dinner. The fool wanted to scare me with a scorpion! Only scary part was the taste - even in the middle of the dunes after week without water you can do better. When I expressed my slight concern about cooker's taste half of the tribe took it as a sign of our sissyness. So I send grand uncle for fresh scorpion ti show them how it's done. They tried to argue about some poison but uncle Yussuf has his methods and since the clam accident sixteen years ago no thorn or sting is a match for his mahogany leg. After short successful hunt Yussuf started to prepare second course of our business dinner. He is keeping his waterproof spice bag by his side ever since we left Molokai. That crazy old fool even managed to get himself a proper dry camel turd, he is swearing it doesn't taste half as good on wooden fire. When chiefs wife saw Yussuf cooking proprieties she turned pale but then started to laugh and excused herself for some urgent matter for the rest of dinner. Chief and his guys tried Yussuf's scorpion and had to admit it's the best damn scorpion in their lives. Well they will not fool us, we all know the only reason for cook them is if the other option is sand and camel turd smoke is only thing able to make it taste as something different. When they found out what's our secret ingredient it looked like a massacre preparation for a moment but as I said above, chief is big gentleman and took it with smile. He said he liked our guts but next time we will try something like it he will show them to us with his battle-axe so we can admire them together. We promised no more wonky-ponkies and other funny businesses in forge-able future as the axe was quite mighty and chiefs face unreadable. At the end of the night, we struck a deal and got ourselves a right to settle a town on the island across the Hade's bay from the tribal village for mere ten sets of hookahs payable with first available delivery and two chests of gold, payable next year. Please send us the aforementioned hookahs and anybody willing to settle down here. Big opportunities awaits those who are willing to step from their shadows. Sincere goodbye till my next letter and let the Flame enlighten your paths!
  19. A surprising port extension Since the Terraversa troubles, the Shipyards in Elysabethtown had to fullfill a huge amount of commands. One of them being the confection of the Frigate The Applecid for Felipe de la Manzana in a record time ! It was necessary to extend the port but the shores are mainly unexplored and some sort of huge palm trees are growing in the area. Felipe decided to take advantage of suche trees... He ordered to convert an old smuggler cache situated in one of those trees into a thriving warehouse. A great place to protect fragile goods in the tree shanties. And a good spot to thread ropes and to prepare rigging and sails for the incoming vessels. Some artisans quickly regrouped around this surprising port extension to make it live. Now ropes and sails are ready to be sent to their ships. The development of Elysabethtown Felipe wanted is well engaged now ! Here is a fun build I have prepared for some time now. I will license it as a Large Artisan for Elysabethtown. I really enjoyed to transform the original tree into a huge palm tree full of life !
  20. The Ténotlaxcan hat maker It is well known the Ténotlaxcans are fans of bright tribal headdress. This is making some of their Artisans the best hat makers of the Colonial territory of Eslandola. Strong of this, Felipe de la Manzana invested in a Ténotlaxcan Hat Maker in Elysabethtown and formed him to the modern Eslandolan Millinery industry techniques. Thanks to that formation, now our Ténotlaxcan friend is also serving classic Eslandolan customers in addition to his native usual ones. Here is a little build I wanted to do a long time ago but didn't have the opportunity to do. Will be licensed as a small artisan for Elysabethtown.
  21. The 22 guns Frigate : The Applecid Felipe de la Manzana commands were top priority for the Elysabethtown shipyards. They achive in a time record a heavy Frigate for the Apple lord and baptised it the Applecid (an easy pun ) as it is a war ship made to kill (Cid...) and it's belonging to the Apple trade empire of Felipe... This ship will be licensed as a Class 6 Frigate. It is the fastest ship I ever made. That's why it's mainly built upon the new BSB style and plan just in order to spare me some headache in development and win me some time in building... And it's the best way to show my new green sails taken from the BSB red ones !
  22. Eddies and currents around Hellion's coast bring crabs to a small beach on the island. The locals have capitalized on this and they often use rowboats to force the crabs on shore and grab them with nets. A building has been built for the equipment and trades often occur near the premises. The boats force the crabs on shore.
  23. In Hellion, a new church had been built by the Quay so sailors arriving at Hellion can pray to Poseidon for there safety on their next voyage and thank him for protecting them on the voyage just passed.
  24. Hellion Greybeard was a clever man. He knew that Hellion couldn't import forever. And so he invested some Doubloons in a small Pig Farm. The farmers here knew how to take good care of the pigs, and with luck, they might just be delicious. Free small Artisan to be licenced in Hellion.
  25. The first big ship built by Greybeard, a Ketch, was given a strong name, Treasure of Poseidon, to help her on her voyages. A swift, strong raider-and-trader, the Treasure of Poseidon was built wide and sturdy to allow her to stand her own against ships much bigger than herself. She is armed with 12 12-pounders, viz, 10 on the gundeck, and 2 as stern chasers. Her sails were large to provide manoeuvrability and speed. The crew works unceasingly to make this ship as efficient as possible. The blunt, cat built bow is designed to provide minimal drag and has a small figurehead.