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Found 33 results

  1. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time posting. I came out of the dark ages (15yrs +) last year, saw all the amazing trains I'd missed (damn Maersk and EN) and decided to try my hand at a MOC - The new(?) pieces on offer these days are amazing! The following is all made up btw, it's loosely based on real engines and a bit of the LEGO Lone range train thrown in "The Persian Blue Express is one of the fastest in it's class, with almost unmatched speed for it's pulling power. Shown here is the model T version, which was used to carry the King and Queen through the Great Western plains. Following it's retirement in 1910, it has since made a comeback in 2015 with passengers from the city wanting to experience the regalia and nostalgia of the past." - Longer story is also WIP WIP, CC welcome please. I have a black clips and gold clips version. I'm learning towards the gold, although I haven't got any of those in my collection, but may well be brick-linked tonight! I've managed to build one side in bricks, have ordered all the blue bits I'm missing. I've also order enough parts to make an Emerald night carriage, so I'll hock that up when the parts arrive, before designing my own. Black Clips: Gold Version: Front: Cab: LDraw version, sometimes easier to see: And finally in real life! I built it in brick first, and then went to LDD, where I made some changes along the way..... I like the LDD file better than the brick built version now! The PF are in the tender, and it works well going round the track. (not with those Blue pegs though, annoying friction) - The T.C.R.R is from the Lone Ranger, I've yet to print my own stickers! Can anyone tell me how long the Engine of the EN is please? Mine is exactly two straight pieces long. Thanks Dylan
  2. Please note: this build was inspired by Whoward69's signal tower, (link: ) this enlarged version features two modular-style removable sections (the roof and second floor) and a staircase to the upper floor. This model was designed to go along with my 7997-style yellow train station (Topic here: ) to go on my Lego layout. The rear of the tower is not decorated, save for some blue grill bricks and 1 x 6 arches. The name "TOWER 22" will go on the exposed studs on both sides. The signal gantry splits at the same level as the building's second floor, and is held onto it's base by a black 2x2 jumper. The tower has a computer on the second floor for train signal / switch direction control. This floor also features a clock, rotary dial telephone and a table lamp. Please note: The signal gantry was inspired by the one at L's instructions section. LDD file: Here is the tower with the station, which I already have built. Comments, Questions & Complaints welcome!
  3. These are first the MOCs I am posting online since a hideous contest submission from years ago, so please critique both the MOCs and my photography (I'd like to improve at both). I made the dark blue speeder a couple of months ago, but i found it too bulky, so the other day i tried to make a slimmer, sleeker one and the sand blue speeder is the result. A Pair of Blue Speeders by ZimTD, on Flickr Dark Blue Speeder by ZimTD, on Flickr Sand Blue Speeder by ZimTD, on Flickr Thank you all!
  4. Legoboy22

    4.5 volt trains

    Hello everyone, i just unearthed some old 4.5 vilt trains from storage. Now I am not so sure what to build with them so could you please show some of your creations with 4.5 volt trains? One more thing is do 4.5 volt trains run on pf track as well as 4.5 volt track? Thx.
  5. Macsen Wledig

    Blue Minifig Head

    Hi there I'm trying to make a minifig with blue skin but am stuck on the head; the official Lego ones just don't have the right expressions. Does anyone know if there are any custom printed heads out there? Cheers MW
  6. soccerkid6

    Blue Palace

    I built this for the "Taste the Rainbow" contest on Classic-Castle, and figured it worked well for a Kaliphlin scene too. The idea of the contest is to build a castle mainly out of a bright color. I was originally going to build a red/dark bley or bley 'brick' castle. But decided that there had been plenty of those done before. So instead I used blue/tan and tried to capture more of a middle eastern feel. It was a bigger challenge than I expected, particularly because I'm not familiar with the pieces I have to use in blue and tan. I'm not that happy with how the castle turned out, but I do really like the landscape. As always there's a full interior. Credit for the cobble stone design goes to Wat_Tambor. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: life in Kaliphlin [Anthropology], and desert [Geology]= 2 credits Lord Nordan (Glorfindel's father) meets with a Kaliphlin noble to discuss a trade agreement... There are a few more pictures here: link C&C welcome
  7. Hello, I'm looking for replacement hands for a watto minifig (7186) The original medium blue hands are too expensive on bricklink I'm looking for an alternative, any tip ? Thanks
  8. niteangel

    MOD - Nick Fury's Flying Car

    This is more like a "mod" than MOC :) I have finally got the 76004 set with Nick Fury, Spider Man and Venom (I love Venom!), but the green car does not look right in my setup which contains the original Quinjet, original jeep and my MOC Avengers truck. So I just turned it back to the official blue color... And now everything is all good and ready for battle!