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Found 53 results

  1. INTRODUCTION This set is part of a new birthday party sub-theme in the Friends line consisting of 5 individual sets and is the second largest, and only one of two that come with a mini-doll. All five sets include animals, a gift box and a party invitation. Other sets in this theme are: 41110 Birthday Party 41112 Party Cakes 41113 Party Gift Shop 41114 Party Styling TECHNICAL: Set Name: Party Train Set Number: 41111 Number of Pieces: 104 Theme: Friends Designer: unknown Availability: retail Year Released: 2016 Price: $ 9.99 / € 9.99 Stickers: 0 New elements: 2 Exclusive minifigures: 1/1 Brickset entry Bricklink Inventory PARTS SELECTION: The set gives us a lot of recolored pieces and two new elements, the little chipmunks, or hamsters as bricklink refers to them, and some party hats. They are both obviously Friends style items, but I am sure fans of minifigures will find a use for them. The set comes in a box with two unnumbered bags. One of my favorite parts here is the new colored bike element in Bright light orange. We had a yellow bike in one single old set, so this is as close as it gets to that if you missed out on the one from the 90's. That's a new print on that 1x2 tile, and I assume it's an invitation for a birthday (or other) party - useful piece for generic use.The trans-clear round tile with pin isn't new as we got it last year, but if you missed it, you can get two of them here plus one extra. I am not exactly sure what they represent in the set, but they are useful pieces, so I am not complaining. The party hats are completely new elements and are held with pins like all the other Friends hair accessories and you get them in 3 different colors and an extra of each. The bright light orange 2x2 tile with bow print is in fact an inverted tile, it has studs on the bottom to fit snugly between panels of a box - these tiles aren't very common in general, and this might be the first printed one. MINIFIGURES: The little animals have holes in their heads so they can also hold accessories. I am not sure if these hamsters would be of use in a non-Friends environment, but if you find them too "cartoony" you can just pretend they are stuffed toys. Stephanie comes with an exclusive torso print for this set, and her hair is one of my favorite hairpieces for use on minifigures. It's her birthday, but she doesn't look a day older. BUILD: We start off with a gift box containing a bow and a little postbox so Stephanie can mail the invitations to her friends. Mind you she only has one, so I guess she doesn't want to attract a crowd. The next build is what looks like a park slide for kids, not sure exactly what all the pieces represent, there is something that looks like a soap dispenser attached to the slide, but just use your imagination, I suppose it's part of the venue where the party will be held. And then the actual train is powered by a push-bike connected to the carts. This may be the reason Stephanie only invited one friend, she only has room for one other person with all the gifts and pets. The first car has one of those panels to hold a mini-doll, the others are just 2x2 jumper plates. The bike element was designed long before mini-dolls so they aren't really adapted for them. She can loosely be seated on the seat, but her hands can't hold the handlebars which is a bit awkward. Maybe the friend she invited isn't a mini-doll. Leftover parts: CONCLUSION: The set is a great template for your own imaginative play and building. I don't think anything here is set very firmly to any particular story. Most of it doesn't make much sense from a grown-up point of view, but it's a great selection of parts with lots of variety and I think it can go very far for the low size and price. I am not going to estimate brick value here because there is more to it than that, This will be someones first LEGO set, any they'll always remember that funky, hamster-powered bike train. Just to get some AFOL perspective here, This set will probably be appealing to most of us for the bike. This is the 8th re-color of the bike element since 1985. The mold changed once for both the frame and the wheels, but the design remains unchanged. It works a bit better with classic minifigures though. Overall Design: 5/10 - Little brick goes a long way here, and just enough context is given to know what's going on, but I would have liked more accessibility which is partly due to restrictions of the mini-doll design. Parts selection: 8/10 – Considering the size and cost of this set, you get many new, and unique elements and no stickers. Play features: 8/10 – This set is all about play. Challenging build: 5/10 - I should look at this from a child's perspective, and I think it's just the right ratio between interesting and easy. Minifigures: n/a – I am no expert on mini-dolls, and I'm slightly biased when it comes to Stephanie because I like her hair piece. There's one figure, and it has unique printing, so that must be a win. You will have to get at least one other set to have someone to actually join the party though. Overall: 6/10
  2. I have a soft spot for the original TRON movie, seeing as it's exactly as old as I am ;) So it was my goal for a long time to build the iconic Light Cycle, and with the help of some custom lighting I finally have a working model: Photos & some reading:
  3. To me Batman is the definite superhero ever since I was a child. Not only because of the Tim Burton film from 1989 was so much better than the Superman films (there wasn’t as much superhero-competition around back in the day!). I think what got me really hooked was the iconic animated series, which was launched a couple of years later, which picked up the tone of the film – and went off to give it its own and very distinctive feel. Oh, and it saw the first appearance of Harley Quinn, the mad psychiatrist, who fell for the Joker and became his hench-woman. One of the most iconic characters of the series, which leads us to today’s review of the Gotham City Cycle Chase, which features not only Batman and Deadshot, but also her in a prominent position! I happily admit that I didn’t really spent a thought on the bikes when getting this set. The character line-up was just too good for me to care about them. I wasn’t even sure if I would actually assemble them. I rather planned to use the parts for a proper batmobile instead (especially the tyres). But I figured, if I wanted to review the set, I should have at least assembled them once! When opening the box I was quite surprised to find the instructions in two volumes. I found that rather exotic for a relatively small set of 224 pieces, but it makes sense if you take into account that the pieces for the bikes come in different bags too. I think it is just meant to clarify the building process as much as possible and not mix up parts. As usual you start with putting together the minifigures. In this case its Batman and Harley Quinn. Deadshot follows in the second part of the instructions, together with the pieces for Batman’s bike. The characters seem to be modelled after the recent comics rather than the films, which works very well for me. I like Harley Quinn’s look in Suicide Squad, but I will never get used to stubby Batman ears. They just look as intimidating as cat-ears on a beanie-hat. Anyway, he looks pretty cool in this set and that’s the important thing here. The printing on his torso (back and front) is very neat. Just as you would expect it. It reminds me quite a lot on the 90s TV series. Sadly he doesn’t has dual-moulded legs or at least printing on them (yes, we are getting quite spoiled!). But he wears a new, soft fabric cape, which makes it easier to pose and sit him. Nice detail. The skin on his face is actually printed on a black head-piece. Quite unusual. It has a slightly more tanned look than other minifigures. Maybe Bruce Wayne is using spray tan to hide the lines of his mask? Harley features a lovely and quite extravagant blue and red outfit with corset and tiny metallic studs. It is really gorgeous to look at. No dual-moulding at the legs or the hair piece though. At least as far as I can tell as a non-injection-mould specialist. It at least appears to be painted rather, but looks very good and the colours are nicely separated.The little hole on top of her hair piece though just shouldn’t be there. But maybe it is an indicator that it was dual-moulded after all? Hard to tell. Her face is just perfect though. She looks cheerfully mad, which is just the right expressions for the character! Deadshot is a bit of an odd addition to the set. I would have expected a more classical villain from Gotham. Or maybe some random joker-henchman. He looks quite interesting though: His head and legs have a very cool metallic-colour, which gives the impression of a heavy armour suit. His torso and arms (he is the only character of this set who has printed arms) have some neat silver printing too. If you wouldn’t know better though, you would take him for a killer android instead of a guy in a metal suit. The only weirdness are the classic yellow hands, which look quite out of place on him. But since he has yellow gloves in the comics, that’s completely fine actually. Since he is the ony one in the set without a bike, he gets at least a quite impressive pair of gadgets for his job as sharpshooter: a king-sized bazooka-thing and a nice brick-build jetpack, which makes him not only very mobile, but also rather easy to hide and take the dark knight into his crosshair. The design of the bikes is relatively simple, with technic beams and connectors making up the frame. That makes them not only pretty lightweight, but also sturdy and quite modern and cyberpunk-looking. Not a bad thing at all. Building them is pretty straightforward too, as you would expect it. And thanks to the instructions and packaging it is almost impossible to pick the wrong pieces or the wrong places for them. The only part where I can imagine that inexperienced builders will have a moment of confusion or two will be putting the mounts for the wheels together. It’s not hard to do – just done in a pretty surprising way! All in all the bikes can’t quite meet the standards the minifigures, but at least they do a good job in matching the characters of their respective owners: Harley (perfect name for a biker btw!) Quinn’s bike is simply an odd thing with different sized wheels (big one front!) and an absurdly sized hammer mounted on a hinge, so that she can either punch down while passing by, or keep it tilted down and run people over with it. Not the most refined combat style, but simple and effective – and appropriately comical! Batman’s bike, on the other hand, is more refined and has some pretty nifty features: the rear fenders have stud-shooters and are mounted on ball-bearings, so they can be used quite effectively as gun turrets. Each of them also holds a clip for Batman’s gadgets, which are of course the typical batarang and a gun for shooting grappling hooks. Sadly it is mostly cosmetic though: it doesn’t has a rope or a shooting function. The overall appearance of the bike is more sleek and it looks really like something build for performance. Though, I am not quite sure what the rocket booster behind the driver seat is doing there. It is mounted about 45° upwards, so maybe it is supposed to create downforce – apart from not burning the tyre, as it would when pointing straight backwards! I am quite surprised what a lengthy review this became. Seems this set is a lot to talk about. I am quite happy that you get two of the most prominent characters of the franchise (and some other guy^^) at a comparably low price point. And they look indeed excellent. The bikes are pretty decent, too. Maybe a bit on the simple side, but they are totally fine for the price. I am very happy with the set and I’m sure it offers quite the play-value for kids too! Pieces: 224 Rating: 5/5 Also feel invited to check out my blog for more pictures!
  4. Joshua_Caley


    Hey guys im new here and i was looking a old/new lego sets - This is my moc/build of the republic speeder bike , there is no minifigers includes just the speeder bikes its self because of digital designer you can't get the decals on the minifigures Republic-speed_Bike-J_C.lxf
  5. Jonsson

    [Moc] Wasteland Roamer

    My take on what I might ride hence I would survive the apocalypse.. =) Most of the time I try to create builds that are somewhat stylistically pure in its asthetics. I'm very fussy about the correct colors for all the parts as I dont want the wrong areas fo the bike(usually) to stand out and attract attention from the details I want to highlight. You may have noticed that I took another route this time...=) To be able to make the bike look a bit ragged I've put alot of effort to find parts in; old grey, dark grey and brown and mixing them up with the newer colors. Sand green happens to be one of my favourite colors and I think it goes well with the rest! When I saw the shoulder piece from the new Star Wars figures I immediately new that I would like to us it as a housing for the headlamp. Finding the right technique to get it in place wasn't easy though... The engine is a parallell-twin with turbo and intercooler. Somekind of injectible gas/liquid (what might it be in the post-apocalyptic world?) container is also added for increased performance when needed! (I noticed when editing the pictures that the relief valve is a bit twisted though - bummer!) An extra petrol tank could also come in handy - dont you think? In the lst pictures I've added some other bits and bobs for surviving in the wasteland.. See you on the other side...;) You can find all of the images on my Flickr:
  6. Hi, this time I used some parts from MIXELS 41554-56 to create this motorcycle. Hope you all like my creation!
  7. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Cafe

    Hello everyone, I was Inspired by a couple of sets I had when I was a child - Breezeway Cafe - 6376 and Sand Dollar Cafe - 6411. The colour combinations used were cheerful and I always wished I had bricks using the colours of the Sand dollar baseplate in particular! Thanks to the 'friends' theme for bringing more choice of bricks in lighter colours I can create something I've had in mind for sometime now. The main part I wanted to use was the large curved window pieces which I purchased a while back. The ground floor houses a bicycle and surf board rental shop and the Paradisa cafe bar area, the upstairs lifts off in one piece and has more seating for a great sea view! No parrots included, although I have added the much loved seagull, a splash of pink and the usual palm-tree. I would have loved to have done a fully rendered background in the style of Paradisa but don't have the know how so I've simply used a couple of the typical colours. On with the 3 and only 3 pics (Hopefully Santa will bring me a new Camera!) You can view them on my flickr page here Any comments of feedback welcome! Best wishes for winter! Bring on summer
  8. bobabricks

    [MOC] Hover Bike

    I was messing around with some parts from an order of special color parts I just got from Germany the other day and I created this little hover bike. It has two main round hover pads to stay afloat and four jets for speed. the doors on the side swing open to let the driver out and there is a back part that comes down to keep him in. That's about it, really, ha ha. I haven't created real back stories for any of my sci-fi models yet and don't really plan to until I get my layout setup.
  9. Hi guys and gals! I'm fairly new to this forum and thought I would present myself alongside with my first moc after a very long dark age. 2,5 years ago I finally got my motorcycle licens at 30 years of age. I had accomplished one of my dreams. The first one and a half year I drove about 20000km on my Street Triple R and this year I traded it in for a brand new Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200. On that I went from Sweden through Europe to Croatia and back. I just love this bike, but I miss the simplicity of throwing my leg over a tiny and neat bike to go grab a coffea with my mates. So when my friend asked my if I wanted to buy his fathers bike that had been stored since he passed away eight years ago I instantly said yes. It is a simple but fairly good looking Kawasaki KZ400 from 1982.The perfect bike for a short ride downtown to the coffeashop. And since I always seem to customize my stuff I began to plan to convert it to a street/dirttracker just for the fun of it. So the fall came and I began to disassemble the bike and right now its in pieces on my livingroom floor... So how the heck did I get out from my dark age and started building this Lego-version of it? Well ther is this woman I met this summer. A fantastic girl with to children that just loves Lego - and bang!! It just hit me how fun it used to be.. So after some searching for my old collection and some Bricklink-orders later it is now finished. First some pictures for comparison:This blue bike is the one I bought and began to strip from "unnecessary" parts.. And this bike get to symbolise what kind of look I want... This is my KZ400 made out of lego: Since this is finished now, I'll guess I will continue with the next one - a chopper/bobber hardtail with shaft drive... Cheers! //Jonsson
  10. HONDA REPSOL is one of the most famous MotoGP team, and its color scheme is also the most noticeable one. Few people have oppotunities to ride there racing bike RC212V, but everyone is able to ride HONDA’s flagship production superbike, CBR1000RR. This LEGO creation takes me 2 years to build it. It’s about the size of Technic 8420, but weight more 50% as it’s about 900 pcs. (8420 got only 506 pcs). This bike’s skeleton is made by Technic method, and I insist all the basic functions of Technic should be remained. Rear wheel is geared to its engine and pistons. The fork is able to turn. Both front and rear suspension works fine. There’s no room for me to add more functions in it, like clutch, transmission system, but all it got so far are complex enough for me. At the outside, I covered the skeleton with model-team technique, and that’s the hardest part of this creation. I’m glad that I succeeded, even at the hardest part, the head light. There’s still a difficult job need to be done after all the LEGO creation is completed, the stickers. The process making a set of custom stickers for REPSOL is complicate and annoying. I spent months dealing with things I never touch before, such as picture and logo retouching, aligning, printing stickers, cutting stickers. I even paint the wheel rims into LEGO orange since there’s no orange LEGO rim. All these stuffs make me almost forgot I’m creating a LEGO work during these months. Happily, I finally got what I want. Let’s take a look of its outfit. The clutch staff and pedal can really move. CBR1000rr during 2004 to 2007 has single tail pipe under the back seat, and later versions have bottom right short exhaust pipe. I personally prefer later version. There’s a small trunk under the back seat, like real CBR1000rr do. The side stand. Back seat footrest can actually flipped and stretch. It is how suspension system works. Now let’s take a look of skeleton. The head is really complicated that no parts are combined in 90 degrees as normal. The rear suspension system of CBR1000RR is exclusive unit pro-link technique. Here are two pictures showing how it works. And this is how my LEGO bike works. Sadly there is no room to put entire exhaust pipe in this bike, so I can only tuck its head section in. I made a stand for it, which makes it more “racing” and also very convenient when I am “repairing” it (the side stand is not very stable). I also made a U-bolt for it, in case anyone ride it away. … such like this. LOL (it’s another color scheme, HRC version, I might public it later if I got time.) (This mighty IRON MAN is not my creation) This is where I work. I should find some times to paint my wall after finishing this. This bike takes me 2 years to build it, hope my next program won’t take me that long. Do you like it? Please drop me comments! This is the CUUSOO page of this work , please give me a support if you like this! And whoever likes this bike, thank you!
  11. Aether Fox

    [MOC] Wasteland Wraith

    I saw one of my motorbike parts the other day and decided to try using it as the base for a post-apocalyptic bike. Here is the result, which I call the "Wasteland Wraith" Thanks for viewing! Let me know what you think!
  12. Hi everybody! Today i present to you my new MOC - Supermoto bike (alternate build of 42036 Street Motorcycle). I hope you will like it!
  13. One more alternate build of 42036 Street Motorcycle... And LDD file is available for download Chopper.lxf
  14. This is my first attempt of building BMX bike..i was inspired by Jurss and Charbel...i only have limited parts...please do give comments and critics..thank you in advance
  15. TomatoSoup

    [MOC] Sawblade Speederbike

    "Whatever I cannot catch on foot, I will seize with the Sawblade." - Darth Cil Ah, finally, more time for MOCs! After seeing Bob's speeder, I just knew I had to make my dream of a single-column speeder be a reality! It's also heavily influenced by Darth Maul's Bloodfin, and I tried making it the slimmest I could Darth Cil is quite fond of the Sawblade, as he is with all fast traveling crafts.
  16. Its weird and out of proportions, but it was my first creation over 20 years pause of Lego. But its V8!!!
  17. Reekardoo


    My newest project on - Hope you like it! Hope you like it. Leave your feedback! Thanks!
  18. Specialized Mountain bike Story: As an obsessed cyclist and technic builder, I wanted to create a full suspension bike with real geometry and functions. The original model is the Specialized Safire MTB back from 2009. Parts count: 200 Functions: -front suspension -rear suspension -turning handlebar -moving pedals and gears -stand Desing elements: - valves - authentic colour - disc brakes It contains alltogether 200 pcs (including 36 chain link) You can watch the model in action on youtube: Please note that the video was made last year with 203 pcs. For my entry I have removed 3 pcs which were not needed. Now unfortunately I don't had the time to shoot, cut, edit the 200 pcs video version. These are the additional pcs on the video: - Black technic bush - 2 pcs - Light bluish grey technic bush 1/2 smooth - 1pc You can build the model by watching the .
  19. Hello everyone, here's my entry for the mini contest. Meet my Hubless bike! (looks like a mixture of tron bikes and ducati for me) 145 pieces in total Features: 1) hubless wheels! 2) double rear suspension 3) steering 4) rolling (not so smooth as I wanted) 5) adjustable seat I don't really hope for winning as I can see other miniprojects which are definitely outstanding, so let's say I've built this bike just for myself. I thought that building a truck or a jet is cool but typical, so I decided to construct something not very efficient but special (at least for me) and original instead. Also I know that I have a plenty of pieces left, but I admire the bike in the current state and don't want to change anything. But pieces of advice are totally acceptable :) Here's a demo of suspension More photos here
  20. Hi everyone, today I am going to present to you my most recent MOC, it's an inverted trike with an old design, and motorized with RC and servo-motor. I built it to improve the way how a small RC takes curves at high speed and accelerates. So it has two wheels on the front, with drive and steering and a single wheel on the back. It also has full independant suspension. I'll make a video soon, just need to find the time :)
  21. arvo

    Kaneda's Bike - the Book

    Hi there! We'd like to show you our last "work", based in one of our favorite models, the Kaneda's Bike. It's just a revision of the bike built 7 or 8 years ago but, also represents our new way to feel this hobby...we need to extend and to complete the experience. Not only we want/need to play, also we want to explain and show all the details of the process...and pay tribute to the creator of AKIRA, Katsuhiro Ōtomo. The best way we know...a Book! It's rare, we feel that we need more and more...but, at the same time, less and less... ...ummm,!!!, we mean more and more...BRICKSSSS!!!!! We hope you like it: More pictures here: Cheers, Arvo
  22. dikkie klijn

    42007 Overhauled

    Yesterday I received the 42007 Dirt bike, but after building it I felt it could be done better. So time for an overhaul :D. Before: After (click on the pictures for more):
  23. kosmas

    MOC: Chopper Bike mfig size

    The Dark Thunder by Kosmas Santosa, on Flickr This is my first moc post in EB, I have read the rules but still if I'm doing anything forbidden or wrong please let me know :) The Story: The rider's name is Chris aka Wrench, he is a brilliant mechanic and the one who made the bike. It was made a year after his wife and 5 years old only son died in a horrible event. He made this hoping to find new purpose and bury his deep torturing grieved by going to new places and finding new challenges. The bike itself are made to endure long journey and various terrain and made with a very strong yet light material main chassis which is great as the main based in case there will be needed custom necessity for the bike to be added in the future. The name 'Dark Thunder' came from the extremely loud and intimidating sound of the bike that you can recognize miles away, for sure it can be a good news for his friends and a very bad news for his enemy when they heard the sound of the Dark Thunder. === The Build: I build this actually for an entry of BrickFanatics moc MF Vehicle Madness, which you can find in here: It is build to fit a regular minifigure without any modification technique on the minifig to sit there. Since it's minifigs size so I still can reuse this moc to fit and fill my Lego city's street...yippeee :) === My Flickr Page: *still failed to insert links in my signature :(
  24. therealjustin

    8420 Street Bike

    I recently added one of my all-time favorite Technic sets ever, the 8420 Street Bike. The 8420 features many unique parts such as the rims and staggered width tires, printed windscreen, brake discs and rear shock. The overall look is that of an Italian superbike and the designers were obviously influenced by the Ducati 999 but also the Gilera CX as seen by the front and rear single sided wheel mounts. I added panels to the gas tank area to fill it in and a gas cap on top. I would do a full review but there is no way I could match the already excellent write-up by Starstreak found here. Having bought this set used I was curious if the set came with the rubber tires already on the rims in the box? I noticed the tires on my set are opposite of each other, with the tread pattern in different directions. It seems like a lot of 8420's have this same issue since many photos show the same thing.
  25. Legopard

    [MOC] Motorcycles

    Hello I tryed my hands on two motorcyles: the little yellow one: Actually a tablescrap from the meeting yesterday. Was challenged to use the Track Switch ;) And a moped: 100% Lego. The hole Scene. I hope you like them. Jonas