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Found 5 results

  1. BrickPerfection

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Minerva

    Minerva is a fast frigate whose sole purpose is to keep the Oceans safe from those Pirates, and dare I may say a ship that has been sorely missing in the LEGO World. She comes with 12 Minifigures and one small cat to keep the food supplies safe from rats. Please Vote Now () at if you would like for her to be produced as part of the BrickLink Designer Program: Minerva is a highly efficient design, which is to say that it does a lot with its 4000 pieces. Although the design is ambitious, I have paid close attention to making it as buildable as possible. What I can definitely guarantee is that you’ll come across plenty of interesting techniques as well as those sweet moments where sections come together and fit just perfectly - just have a look at Minerva’s stern. Minerva has several features that make her highly playable and friendly to Minifigures, as demonstrated in this video: Please Vote (): Thanks a lot!
  2. _TLG_

    [MOC] School Bus

    Hello Speed Champions and City fans, It was my entry to Bricklink Designer Program Series 3 and 4. It has received many kind comments and support, but unfortunately it has not been selected, therefore I decided to make the instructions available here: I always loved American style school buses, therefore I decided to design one to Bricklink Designer Program Series 3. It is not actually based on a real one, but it contains many typical details: the black bumper rails and STOP arms on the sides, the crossing arm, the side and rear doors, the rearview and crossover mirrors, the mudguards, the warning lights etc.. The roof assembly can be removed as one piece and in this case the internal details are visible: there is a driver seat with steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift, passenger seats and even a fire extinguisher. It is 8 studs wide, studless build in minifigure scale and fits perfectly to Speed Champions cars or to a LEGO City. There are many working details: the front and rear doors, the STOP arms, the crossing arm and windshield wipers. I wanted to create a clean build and tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and hide unnecessary studs, therefore some tricky, but legal build techniques are used. The set includes three minifigures: a driver, a school girl with a pen and backpack and a school boy with a brick built backpack. The model has space for 17 minifigures: one driver and 16 passengers. If the passengers are kids with short, rigid legs, then they can stand on the seats. The building instructions guidelines have been followed. It is built from the palette "BDP Series 3", so there are some color and part restrictions. The color "Bright Light Orange" would be a bit more authentic, but the available parts are restricted, therefore I decided to use "Yellow" and I am satisfied with the result. The STOP sign is very rare part and it is not available in this palette, therefore it is replaced by a simple, white, circular sign with a sticker. The door 43967 is also not available in yellow, therefore it is replaced by a brick built one, however, in this case I was able to add some extra details: a black door handle, bottom window and red lights. I hope you like my design, I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 01 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 02 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 03 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 04 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 05 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 06 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 07 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 08 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 09 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 10 by László Torma, on Flickr
  3. Hello, I present my entry for BDP Series 5. A caravan with two wagons, one for selling products and the other for the creation of potions. A tree with a functional swing and a small island with an ancient statue. I have tried to add as many npus and strange techniques as possible. Opinions are welcome, if you like it and want to support it this is the link ->'s-Caravan. Thanks potion drinkers!
  4. BrickPerfection

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Concordia

    A 20-gun frigate assigned to hunting those pirates! Also carries a treasure chest, for those who dare... Or perhaps the appearance of a ship like this has forced the pirates into hiding? This is an extremely ambitious design with a smoothly curving hull built on a sturdy technic frame and a detailed, Minifigure-friendly, interior. I have built many sailing ships in LEGO before, and this is my best work so far, including all the techniques and features that I always wanted to include. Vote now if you want this design to be officially produced by LEGO as part of the BrickLink Designer Program: The 16 brick-built cannons on the gun deck can individually slide back and forth and all the gun ports can be closed when the cannons are in the back position. The capstan is also attached to a string reel and can be made working. Further details below deck include the galley, storage compartment and captain's cabin. Most of the top deck can be removed to access the gun deck. Minifigures can stand below deck and all gaps in the hull are filled. I also made a video to show the building experience, including the entirely brick-built & smoothly curving hull: More pictures can be found on the BrickLink submission page: VOTE NOW
  5. Ahoy seafarers, Introducing Pajaro Island Fort, my latest MOC submission to the Bricklink Designer Program Series 2. A great potential rival Naval power to compete with the Imperial soldiers in the recently released Eldorado Fortress set. Pajaro Island Fort, is a rocky tropical island, that is home to a small naval fort which guards the coast from pirates. The island is named after the birds which stop for rest during their annual migrations. The island is also home to the yellow tavern which provides food and fresh water to visitors. The white and red brick fort is 4 stories tall and protected by 3 canons. It contains a small garrison of 4 navy sailors, and 1 pirate prisoner in the dungeon. The yellow tavern has a basement storehouse with provisions of food for the islands inhabitants, and visitors. The cook is known for her fresh bread. In the center of the island shaded by the palm tree is the cistern which holds fresh water. On the pier is a small wooden crane for transferring supplies from passing ships. The pier is the favorite spot of the cook's husband who likes to sit and catch fish. I designed this set to be modular and all interior sections are accessible for play. There is a total of 2011 parts, including 7 minifigures, 3 canons, 3 birds, 1 fish, 1 crab, and 1 rat. Pajero Island Fort is currently entered in a Lego design competition called the Bricklink Designer Program, where it is competing against 190 other designs, until June 30th. The 5 designs with the most votes and comments will become exclusive limited edition Lego sets available next year.