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Found 14 results

  1. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Antonio's Pizza-rama

    My latest modular. And no, this is not meant to be a TMNT build. I really need to start posting more MOCs here.... Enjoy; comments and critique very welcome and appreciated.
  2. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Hospital Room

    My goodness, life has become busy. Five months since I have posted here. Wow. Coming to that point of MOCing where I see that it is better to sometimes go not so much for a large-scale build, but for something smaller enhanced with details.
  3. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Good King Wenceslas

    This MOC depicts one of my favorite Christmas carols, 'Good King Wenceslas,' which has both a wonderful sound as well as a good moral within its lyrics. I've wanted to build this scene for quite a while now; glad to have finally done it! Hope you all enjoy!
  4. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] TIE and Falcon

    I've had these built for a few days now; thought I'd post them together. Currently there are plans to build several more micro-ships with some recognizable scenes.
  5. BrickBuilder7622

    Music Store Modular

    New creation just before the new year. This is my second modular: a music store and a recording studio. Packed with lots of details and opening panels, I think that this is perhaps my best build yet! My goal is to be able to build some more modulars (comprising of what will be known as Bricktropolis) for BrickWorld Chicago 2016. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
  6. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Rodgenhalian Monastery

    Rodgenhale is home to the unique Rodgenhalian monks, whose monastery is pictured below. Several years back, these pious monks encountered a severe attack, and were forced to make sturdy modifications to their abbey. Since peaceful times have returned to the countryside, the Rodgenhalian monks have been pioneers in agricultural technology as well as aid and support for the village community. Housing men from all walks of medieval life, Abbott Martin Owen attempts to preserve the traditions of the monastery and retain peace in Rodgenhale. Well, well, well... two months since I've posted a build? Honestly it feels like a year. I've been more busy than I have ever been in my entire life with school. work, and business in general. My guess is that this creation has about 15,000 pieces or more, and during its two month construction period, I came up with MANY more building ideas, so you'll see some more builds from me really soon hopefully.
  7. BrickBuilder7622

    Teak Wood Motor Boat

    Hey guys! Here is my latest creation, a teak wood motor boat! Complete with superb chrome decor, adjustable steering wheel and rudder, opening engine panel, detailed engine, this boat is sure to earn some double takes while cruising along the waters. ~Hope you guys enjoy!
  8. BrickBuilder7622

    Indiana Jones Contest Entry

    Hi guys! Quite the fun build, I have been wanting to build some Indiana Jones themed MOCs again for quite a while now... This was made for a 50 piece challenge on MOCpages. As always (hopefully) more builds coming soon...
  9. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Rodgenhale Forest Abode

    Somewhere in the tranquil swamp forests of Rodgenhale... This build was inspired by the background picture, taken a while back by me with my cellphone on a retreat I attended. Since taking the photo, I had this idea for a medieval house on stilts to be situated in the emerald green water. You might notice that some of the bricks seem to be "cut off;" this was done to create the effect of the supports and stairs being partially submerged in the water. Yet another medieval build for me; although it has been a while since I've last dabbled in a medieval MOC, I have rediscovered the joy of adding all sorts of little details and trinkets to a build, and so I will soon begin working on a MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger medieval build...
  10. BrickBuilder7622

    Bricks and Minifigs Modular

    Hi everybody! Ever since I began working at Bricks and Minifigs, I wanted to attempt to build a modular building of it; and so, to celebrate my first anniversary of working at Bricks and Minifigs, I built this. This is my first modular that I’ve built, and it was a ton of fun to construct. Maybe I’ll make more in the future… The First Story: Unlike any brick (pun intended) and mortar store that sells LEGO® products, Bricks and Minifigs offers a variety of new and used LEGO® products, varying from individually sold minifigures, to retired sets that you will no longer find in any store. We also offer a large selection of “bulk bricks,” that is, a whole tray table full of miscellaneous LEGO® bricks that one can purchase according to container sizes. It’s basically Pick-A-Brick, but with an astronomically larger variety. There are also little stations of tray tables where you can build your own minifigure. In addition to this, Bricks and Minifigs offers birthday parties, Mindstorms Robotics camps, as well as stop motion film camps. There are currently 11 Bricks and Minifigs locations throughout the United States, but we are constantly growing, so there will hopefully be more locations sometime in the near future. Feel free to find a store near you at <a href=</a> The Second Story: Obviously, the first story of this building is a Bricks and Minifigs but on the second story is Harold's Haberdashery. Harold's Haberdashery. The height of men's luxury fashion. The epitome and pinnacle of style and comfort. Here you can find all of the latest and greatest fashions available, tailored (yes pun intended) to your very needs and desires. It is a very exclusive store, and it isn't everyday that they'll let people in just to "look around." However, Harold's Haberdashery isn't all that strict, for today in the store one can see that the owner has just given a free suit away to the gentleman standing there. ;-) The Background of Bricks and Minifigs: Bricks and Minifigs not only offer a wide selection in LEGO® products, but there are also some really wonderful people that I get to work with. Adam: my boss and one of the best bosses the world will ever know. Preferring to canoe and be with nature in his free time, Adam’s favorite LEGO® theme is Star Wars; he is known to occasionally get into a debate with fellow employees and customers about the fall of the Galactic Republic. He greatly enjoys adding little trinkets and tidbits to our modular displays at work. Tracy: Adam’s wife and our minifigure specialist. Tracy loves to work with minifigures and always has super-creative ways to advertise for our store and is our biggest Facebook contributor/poster. She loves to assist customers with her cheerful attitude and was my mentor when I first began working at Bricks and Minifigs. Brock: Our Classic Space expert. Brock is the most knowledgeable person I know on anything and everything Classic Space, and everything having to do with LEGO® space themes for that matter. Appreciative of both the newer and older themes of LEGO®, I’ve learned quite a bit from his expertise. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his giant lunar-base MOC, which should be finished soon… Diane: Brock’s fiancée and our bookkeeper. Diane’s experience in scheduling and finances have truly helped us here at Bricks and Minifigs. While she is somewhat hesitant to learn everything about LEGO® all at once, she is a huge fan of Harry Potter and Harry Potter LEGO® products. John (me): Well what is there to say about me…? I am just a very lucky and blessed TFOL to be working with all these wonderful people. As you can see from my outfit, I obviously enjoy building ships and naval MOCs, though I am known to stretch out into many different genres as I often do. It's so incredible to be able to work with these awesome LEGO® fans. Noah: Our only other TFOL employee and perhaps the biggest fan of modern combat that I’ve ever seen. Noah is an overwhelmingly accomplished TFOL and is always ready to build something (mostly to do with modern combat of course). Noah and I greatly enjoy making puns about LEGO® and anything else we can think of to make each other groan with agony at the cheesiness of the puns we make. Tom: Our Mindstorms robotics and stop motion genius. Tom runs the camps that we offer and his knowledge as a teacher and expert in both fields of robotics and stop motion filming make him an asset to our team. In his spare time Tom enjoys working on bottle rockets with his son. When I first saw Bricks and Minifigs, it was really something of a God-send. Just getting back into LEGO®, it was great for me to see such a store. I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to work at this wonderful place and since then, it’s been a rollercoaster of only great and fun times. I’ve met some really remarkable people here; it’s such a blast. For the kindness, warmth, and generosity shown to me I am truly indebted; thank you, Bricks and Minifigs. More MOCs to come, that's for sure...
  11. BrickBuilder7622

    JG-95 Delta Tank

    With much of its design based off the M1 Abrams tank, the JG-95 also has some interesting additions that are unique to its design. The light wheel use, the front slope armor turret, and powerful engines all help to make this tank extremely efficient in all types of terrain. Hope you all enjoy.
  12. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Rodgenhale Farm

    Oh man, where to begin... Rodgenhale Farm is a small, but very productive farm that resides in the medieval countryside. The farmer, his wife, and three sons work hard everyday to keep their farm running, and on this day, they are paid a visit (which doesn't happen often as they are pretty far out in the country) by a merchant. The merchant's cart is filled with all sorts of things exotic to these farmers. I do plan on displaying this creation at Brickworld Chicago, so you might just see it there! :-) Well this creation is something that has been in the works for about two months now and I finally finally finally have finished it. There are a lot of techniques that I have used in this build (some of which I made up myself), which really hope to enhance the detail that brings out the agricultural side of this MOC. I do hope you all enjoy this MOC. :-)
  13. BrickBuilder7622

    Fighter Jet

    Hey, everyone! I have been meaning to getting around to build a fighter jet, but just never seemed to have the patience / know-how to do so. Well, I finally buckled down and built one. It has been a while since I last built an airplane, but I soon regained my familiarity with aircraft building. The scale I built this in is not a typical scale of craft that I usually build in. However, once I obtained the pilot LEGO figure, I knew I had to build some sort of plane for him . Perhaps the most challenging part of the model to build was the back wheel supports and the air intake assembly (or attaching the front nose cone without having the whole front fall apart) on the cockpit. More photos and higher resolution pics can be found here: (P.S. Being my only second MOC post here, still not totally sure if this is the best spot to post this, but since I saw that it included military MOCs, I decided to give it a go; if it should be moved somewhere else, do feel free to tell me. Thanks. )
  14. BrickBuilder7622

    The Ammonite

    171A The Ammonite is a whaling ship (its home port being somewhere in 19th century New Bedford). Primarily used to hunt certain types of whales for their valuable oil, this ship's crew has mastered the art of whaling, and their ship is the pride and joy of its company's business. Since I was fortunate enough to have a three day weekend, I decided to not let it go to waste and buckled down and built. Also, this is my first MOC post here on Eurobricks, so I hope I posted this in the best theme place possible and did all the post guidelines right. Please let me know if I need to change anything. More photos can be found on my Flickr: Happy building and God bless! :-) -BrickBuilder7622