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Found 99 results

  1. Being in a "Batmobile phase" for the last month or so, I thought I could try my hand at creating the Batmobile seen in Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995) TV show. I have the full series in a DVD collection and really enjoyed the style of drawing, that to my eyes had a noir look to it that reminded me of the classic Batman, before Warner Bros transformed (and ruined) the character into a children's cartoon. And I specially like that Batmobile, with it's 1930's locomotive look, with that huge bonnet and small cabin. So the idea was to make it look like the car seen on the show but in minifig scale, and swooshable - no, I don't go around playing with my models making "vroom vroom" noises but I have to make them swooshable (according to my wife, I have the mind of a 12 year old, and she's ALWAYS right) . It is too tall for a minifig, but it was just impossible to make it shorter in height and in minifig scale, since I wanted to make the bonnet with the taller middle section and with the exhaust manifold showing. I guess I could make it one plate shorter if I used the new Speed Champions tires and wheels, but then the wheels would have looked too small. In the end, as a real car it looks totally ridiculous and huge, but I think it's a half decent representation of what you saw on TV. What do you guys think? PS: Looking at the images now I think I'll swap those vertical 1×2 black slopes on the sides of the cabin for two regular 1×2 tiles...
  2. Willsy

    [MOC] The Batmobile

    (I apologise in advance if these pictures are not very good, I used a large folder as a makeshift 'lightbox' and my iPhone's camera, so lighting may look very off.) My first MOC here on Eurobricks! Recently I decided that I wanted to build my own original version of Batman's iconic car (that, of course, being The Batmobile), taking influence from many different iterations of the vehicle. Firstly, I decided that I wanted to use the Speed Champions wheels in some way. They aren't so big that they look massive compared to a minifigure but at the same time they aren't so small that they look ridiculous. I then decided that I wanted to take a Batman Vs Superman approach and have 'armour' covering the wheels, which went on to become the skirting that covers pretty much the entire sides of the car. For the rear I couldn't forget about the giant exhaust (a flame piece can simply attach into the 2x2 dish), and I wanted to have a curved backing to the cockpit, similar to the Arkham Knight Batmobile. I thought the 2x2 'sliders' provided some good effect, for armour so I used them for the back of the cockpit and to shield the rear wheels. The cockpit uses a Speed Champions windshield. I thought this fit the aesthetic of the car nicely and can be hinged open to place Batman inside. Bats has to lay back, but can still 'grasp' the controls of the car. In front of the cockpit, you can see a six cylinder engine with trans-light blue hues. I actually used these hues in a few places, as I wanted to make the aesthetic pop a bit without ruining the 'Batman' feel of it, and at the same time I wanted to have some of my own elements in there. For the front I took some inspiration from the Burton Batmobile, and included an intake at the front. I also played around with wedge plates so the protrusion of the front wheels and headlights isn't just a lanky one stud wide extension. It adds a bit more depth and a spent a while trying tomlerfect the front alone. Originally the I take was completely absent and was somewhat sloped, though I thought it looks a bit too bland for the direction I was trying to take. Anyway, I think I've yammered on enough at this point! Thanks for looking, and any constructive criticism and feedback is welcome. :)
  3. Recently modded control centre from the Batman and Superman vs Lex Luthor set from the Juniors range, including adding extra equipment, rotating chair, architectural details (finials etc), greebling and communications tech. Below a Ninjago vehicle modded quite some time ago including 'batmanning' it and giving it a jet ski.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just made my lego version of the batmobile from the arkham knight game. I tried to make as closer to design as possible giving the scale I choose. It is not the first creation based on the model, there are plenty out there. But I think the main difference from the others is that mine does transforms from battle to vehicle mode and it does allow the wheels to turn 360 degrees when in battle mode. It includes one batman figure, It does transforms from vehicle to battle mode with the help of ratchet pieces for each wheel and a technique (bionicle arm) for the guns on top. Please check it on lego ideas website, there are more pictures of it on the lego ideas page of my model illustrating how it looks from different angles and modes. Please let me know what do you think of it (and please support it if you like it!)
  5. Hey Guys, i recently finished the new "Rescue from Ra`s Al Ghul" Set. I really like the Minifigs and the Building,but i don`t really like the Batmobile in this Set. So i thought about "hey,why not designing your own Offroad Batmobile?" And a few Minutes later in LDD,the new Offroad Batmobile was born.Kinda looks like a Tank or an APC.I was inspired by the Hydra Tank from "Hydra Fortress Smash" but made the Vehicle smaller.The Design is very sleek but the Car still looks sturdy enough to burst through ancient Walls or Concrete. I reused the Stud Shooters from the Original Vehicle. So,what do you think of it?
  6. My take on the new batmobile. Tried to get it minifig scale. I replaced the door hinges with ball joints so the doors can open like the film (set photos). Decided not to add wheel guards because it doesn't look good on it and so it will more playable/functional. Lego Batman v Superman Batmobile by Simple1DEA, on Flickr Lego Batman v Superman Batmobile Cockpit by Simple1DEA, on Flickr Lego Batman v Superman Batmobile Front by Simple1DEA, on Flickr Lego Batman v Superman Batmobile Back by Simple1DEA, on Flickr Lego Batman and Batmobile by Simple1DEA, on Flickr
  7. Oky

    MOD: Bat-DeLorean

    Robin: "Jumping Jigowatts, Batman! Are you telling me that you built a Batmobile... out of a DeLorean time machine?" Batman: "The way I see it, if you're gonna to build a time machine into a Batmobile, why not do it with some style." Bat-DeLorean by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr This is an idea I had a while ago, but I didn't have time to build it with real bricks, so I did it in LDD instead. Apparently it traveled back in time to the wild west, before Gotham City was founded. Bat-DeLorean side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Aside from changing the colors, I didn't really do much. I only switched out the exhausts for bat wings, added the obligatory jet exhaust, and smoothed out the hood a bit. Bat-DeLorean back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvements in the comments. I might do an Ecto-1 Batmobile next. Thanks for your time. See what I did there?
  8. Hi, I would like to show you my latest creation - the arkham knight batmobile with battle mode action feature. Please find link to the video and some pics below. Thanks for watching! yt video -
  9. Seats: 1x Batman (Adam West.) My aim was to pack as much detail as possible whilst still having clarity and simplicity into the model without having additional weight to the model e.g. height and length. Two aspects of the model wouldn't have made the outcome as accurate those are the '6141554 - Plate 2X2 27 Deg' and '6141556 - Right Plate 2X2 27Deg' for the front and rear of the model. Additionally the featured stickers are from '75909 - McLaren P1' which add the iconic front details. Ironically they are perfectly shaped for this Batmobile. Batman, Classic TV Series - Batmobile (Mighty Micro) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  10. Hi Guys, Just wanted share my Classic TV Series Batcave MOD. After buying the set I felt it lacked a few finishing touches. These have been well documented in various reviews of the set. The main thing i wanted to to was make the outside feel like a complete Wayne Manor and the inside more 'cave' like I went on ebay and bought the 'Wayne Manor' section that was on sale split from the set. There are lots of these for sale, i picked mine up for about £25.00 and this had the majority of parts needed to cover the middle section. Plus i now have a second Wayne Manor study to use as a mini vignette. anyway let me know what you think, my plan is to change the hinges holding the middle roof section on to dark bluish grey and build up more cave to improve the aesthetics above the atomic pile.
  11. The visual language is inspired by the '30446 - The Batmobile' ploybag. Mini Batwing by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  12. tfcrafter

    Dark Knight Tumbler MOC

    With the highly anticipated Batman v Superman being released in a week, I decided to revamp some of my old Batmobile MOCs. The first one I decided to redo was the Tumbler. This is the fifth iteration of my MOC, and features seating for two, opening canopy, and 6 poseable flaps. I collectively used a lot of great ideas from other peoples' designs, mainly from Buggyirk's, so much of the credit goes to him. Please enjoy! And of course, an obligatory Batman v Superman style shot
  13. ToniMontana

    [Moc] Batmobiles and the Bat!

    Hello there, here are a few more of my mocs i made a while ago, this time, they're for batman! all are my own creation, but the bat is a heavily modified version of velociraptors(i believe, it's been a while since i made them) , and is a bit smaller and a lot sturdier. i can't remember who designed the bat pod.... More pics can be found on my flikr page: Enjoy! feedback is most welcome. ps, sorry about the poor photography, black is very hard to photograph... Classic Batmobile: Lego The Batmobile (60's tv show) moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego The Batmobile (60's tv show) moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Keaton inspired Batmobile: Lego batmobile moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego batmobile moc with better batwings by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego batmobile moc by toni lynam, on Flickr The Tumbler: Lego bat tumbler moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego bat tumbler moc by toni lynam, on Flickr The Bat: Lego The Bat moc #lego #batman #tdkr by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego The Bat moc #lego #batman #tdkr by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego The Bat moc #lego #batman #tdkr by toni lynam, on Flickr And finally, the family photo :) Lego batman mocs #lego #batman #legomocs by toni lynam, on Flickr
  14. Hi all together, some might remember me for building The Batwing last year and providing the PDF instructions Build your own Batwing! by Brickmasta Since nothing new from TLG is in sight for their precious TLM franchise, which is really disappointing for me since there is still so much stuff from TLM they could do, I decided to take matters in my own hands and continue on delivering some of the coolest movie creations. Next on my list: The Batmobile Lets get back to work then... by Brickmasta I learned quite a lot during reverse engineering The Batwing and fortunately I also required a lot of pieces I can now use for recreating The Batmobile. My goal for this build is to make it as professional as possible, sturdy but still with play features to make it attractive for children to drive it around without breaking apart. I started with the base structure and inside of it and already discovered a few changes I need to do to make it a reliable construction. WIP #1 - Lego Movie Batmobile by Brickmasta At the same time I am in progress of creating the digital PDF instruction manual, which enables me to experiment, build ahead and take a look what could work out and what not. WIP #2 - Lego Movie Batmobile Instruction by Brickmasta With all of this set I will hopefully be finished quicker than I was with The Batwing, with also being able to provide you the instruction PDF at the same time on my Brickmasta blog. Hope you enjoy it, next updates coming pretty soonish
  15. flailx

    [MOC] 1966 Batmobile

    I have always loved the 1966 Batmobile which is easily the best Batmobile of all time. I had the die-cast Corgi model when I was a kid and I just love this vehicle so I had to make one! I tried to capture the look and shape as close as possible to minifig scale. It's a 7-wide with a good amount of 1/2 stud offset throughout. I also added some custom stickers. I have a brick built front grill which I will probably share at some point but the stickers look better IMO. Pictures are here.
  16. Hey guys , after waiting two months to get all the parts , everything I need for my Classic Arkham Batmobile has arrived . In my mind I’m still calling this a WIP , as there still remain some changes to be made , but they are really small and subtle , so I decided to post it as it is ( and maybe post a V1.1 later ) . As I’m sure you can imagine , one of these changes is changing the colour of the two “road signs” on the roof of the car to black . Unfortunately , these parts don’t come in black , so I’ll paint them ( I don’t love the idea anymore than you do , but I think the parts fit in perfectly and they look inaccurate being grey and brown ). I am also playing with the idea of adding stickers to give the model that extra bit of accuracy , specifically on the "6005" parts in front of the rear wheels . Finally , what’s a Batmobile without Batman ? I knew , from the moment I started building this that I had to get a custom Arkham series Batman minifig to go along with it . And when I tumbled upon onlinesailin’s Arkham City Batman, I was amazed by the astonishing level of detail, the amazing resemblance to the iconic suit, everything . Thanks “onlinesailin”, for the best minifigure out there , this moc wouldn't be the same without it . Now, I’m sure you came here to see a Batmobile, not read boring details, so here are some pictures . Now let me get that explosive gel ... I really hope you liked my build , please comment your opinion and/or constructive criticism . Thanks for viewing :)
  17. Hello fellow LEGO gaming fans. I am here today to post a review of the new and exciting LEGO Dimensions! As I am still so last gen, this will be for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but gameplay isn't different across platforms when it comes to the exciting bits. I will readily admit, the only games I really play are the LEGO games and Disney Infinity, so Dimensions has given me the best of both worlds. I hope this is an informative review that will assist you in choosing to purchase this game for yourself as an AFOL or for your children as a parent. From the LEGO Shop website we have the usual excitement building blurb: The price list is pretty much what you would expect for a video game with added peripheral items. UK £89.99 US $99.99 Europe €99,99 It is hard to really tell you if it is worth the cost. A price-pre-piece judgement isn't going to cut it when you're buying an Xbox 360 game, three of the chipped figure stands and the base that reads them. It is really not the best way to get the particular figures either. By all the usual AFOL standards, it is a bit of an enigma. So on to the reviews proper: A nice big game box, that you may see on the shelf in store. All the usual information one expects of a box for a game that is a little more than just the disc. The back is a bit more exciting, just look at all the logos of popular franchises and themes that are involved! Though the build picture does not capture the truth. The repetitive truth... The box top has that all important list of items to collect and enhance the game with. Ready to tell the kids all the other goodies they need to get and for you completists to check against. Inside the box there is everything you need to play the game. Reader, Dimension Gate Building Set, Game Disc, a little booklet that directs you to help and FAQ's and a larger sheet that is a double sided tick list of everything there is to collect currently. It is actually quite similar to a sheet included in Disney Infinity 2.0. That has all the collectable power discs pictured, so you know exactly what else you need to purchase The base, quite pleasingly, is not only compatible to LEGO from the two sets of four studs that are part of the structure. It measures 24 studs on the longest side and 18 on the shorter. As it matches with stud measures there is opportunity to construct all kinds of exciting surrounds Here is a picture. Portal The box is printed with more of the same artwork and another tick-box picture list of the exciting other sets to collect. Exciting, action packed artwork and a photo of the built model. As you can see, this is only for sale with the base game and not designed for re-sale. Yup. That is what you can collect and what's coming soon. It fills space and reminds you what to buy. Here we have the contents of the box. All the parts you need to build a portal and a teeny tiny Batmobile. The portal/gate set box has three numbered bags, the special modified plate that fits over the game-base, an instruction booklet and the DDS. Though it is only a tiny one and has survived intact here. Batman is not quite the same figure as his other appearances. While he has the 2015 minifig batsuit torso, the headgear is still the old version of the cowl with the chin bar. The capes for Gandalf and Batman are not the 2015 cape fabric either, but the old stuff we're used to. Wyldstyle is the same figure that appears in the Bad Cop Car Chase set. This time she also has the relic detector, a printed tile. Gandalf is the same figure from the Lord of the Rings LEGO sets, though bricklink cites the cape as a new part and therefore making a new figure. What sets these apart are the attractively printed game piece figure stands, or tags. They are thicker than a plate as they have to contain the chip that the game base reads. The printing is unique for each character, so you can easily take the figures away and still play or amuse yourself endlessly by putting the wrong figure on the base but the game still playing the correct character. Once more we also have an orange new-style brick tool. This looks like it will get a lot of use for the fiddly mini-build vehicles, save your fingernails! Bag 2 And now on to the gateway itself. Bag two has all the parts you need to build the gate. This has some wonderful printed shields with enigmatic symbols upon them. Plenty of azure, dark blue and transparent light blue. As you can probably tell from the many multiples of parts there is a lot of repeated building. A lot. The Build: It is a reasonable build process, a few neat techniques for a SNOT result. However it is very, very same-y. With the steps obviously created with children in mind there are a few pages taken in placing the "A" plates into a circle and a few of the steps are just placing 14 of the same part onto the build. Of course, a symmetrical repetitive design was going to need that sort of parts placement, so it isn't a fault really. Just monotonous and a little boring. The result is a pleasing gate design, however. As you can see, the dimension stones (The printed shields) are not in place on the portal. They hook onto the back! (I took the base away for this shot, no point in having all that cable in the way!) Mysteriously, the book ends with the advice that further building instructions will arrive in-game... This also explains why the shields are placed at the back of the portal to begin with, which seemed a little wasteful on first glance until my brother suggested that it was probably a game objective to collect and place the symbols on the gate. On to interesting parts! Lots and lots of lovely azure. The "A" plates are particularly great. By no means is this set an economical way to get the colour though. However, for now there are parts that are only in Dimensions: The afore mentioned printed relic detector tile. I'm a sucker for printed tiles, loved them since I was a child, and this is a rather clever one. This plate might have a lot of uses for a clever MOCist. While the design clearly intends it to sit over the central "stud" of the reader, there are at least four ideas I have for uses in at least as many different themes. Printed shields! Who can dislike printed shields? This time in transparent purple. Surely these mystery symbols will mean something? The game will explain all. I can see fans of SciFi, Techno-castle and EB's own Heroica the RPG desiring these lovely parts. There are a handful of basic parts appearing in new colours in this set too. Nothing super exciting or rare though, I can see them repeating in a myriad others if that isn't already the case. Build - 4/10. Placing 14 of the same part, three times, was frustrating for me and would certainly bore any children. Parts - 10/10. The shields and azure bumped the score high. Batmobile This was the contents of bag 3. I had to wait for the game to start building it. A lot of little parts to build a little model and a spare Batarang too. After completing some tasks in-game you require a vehicle. An instruction manual pops up on screen and off you build. Again, I would say they are simplified instructions and this time without the ability to quickly flick through a booklet. It is a cute little model though, a lot like a mini-kit you would collect in the Batman games. A clever use of small parts for big details. The new part used here is so far only in sets that are part of the Dimensions theme. A most wonderful new element for fans of vehicles. It is something I know that I have wanted for quite a while. All in all, I'd rate this little one a 9/10. Clever parts usage, a nice model to finish off with and a new part too. I would recommend that you have a tray or a nice surface to work with while playing though, the little parts for the little model are easier to corral when building. The Bat Blaster This is an upgrade you unlock and then purchase using studs and gold bricks. It will overwrite the toy tag information to make this an option when playing. Like in the other LEGO games when a character has multiple abilities, there is an option to change which Batmobile power/version you are using. Building only uses the exact same parts as the batmobile, so you needn't worry about the spare parts that came in Bag 3. It is a neat little build, taking about the expected number of steps on-screen. The design is... interesting. It looks like any one of the unusual Bat-vehicles out there that may have appeared in the gadget heavy 60s comics or the hundreds of random action figure tie-in toys that turn up (Neon talking street luge anyone?). It was well done considering it could only use the same parts that also form the Batmobile. The Sonic Batray When I heard the name I wasn't impressed. But this is pretty darn cool as far as random Bat-vehicles go, design wise anyway. The build is once again an on-screen booklet that takes far too long to page through (I'm impatient...). But the result is a Bat Ray that if it was in shades of black and really really dark grey, wouldn't look out of place in the Nolan-Verse Batman's motor pool. I would rate the builds an 8/10. The designers had a tough job turning one Batmobile into two other useful things that still looked "bat" enough. Th end result came out well. Parts 10/10 purely for how well everything is used and how the vehicle is depicted in such a small scale. Gameplay Much like any other LEGO game, you are a minifigure character in a world made of a mixture of LEGO built items you can break and regular graphics that you can't. I'm not going to share plot spoilers or cutscene information because they are half the fun of a game after all! I have been having a lot of fun playing through it though and always have a willing player two in the queue. You start off, of course, with the three included characters and the events that lead them to team up. An interesting (and slightly confusing) new dynamic is the use of the base. Unlike other games that use a reader like this, there is a lot more than just placing the figure you want and playing. The base lights up in a number of colours and this is used initially as a puzzle to start the game. There are also instances where you have to move the figure around the base to activate powers, warp around puzzles or escape traps. The sections light up in different colours to clue you in on where to go, but it makes for a lot of moving around! I'd advise that this can easily be a three player game if you've got a lot of extra hands hanging around to watch! Two player like any other LEGO game and an extra set of hands to move the figures around for you. As my brother theorised, part of the game is collecting the printed shields in game, to stick to the gate as you progress. This involves a modification of the Master Builder feature of past games. This time an instruction manual appears on screen and you use this to build the physical model. Another thing to mention are the vehicle tags. The batmobile did not have a printed tag. Instead, once you complete the building steps during gameplay there is an option to save the model to the tag. So, while you can take the figures away and play elsewhere, I'd advise leaving the vehicles on the stands or it will get confusing fast. Try and have a tray or some other surface with edges so you can fiddle about building the vehicle /taking it apart/ building the new vehicle. It stops parts getting lost. Though, the tag and game won't know if you haven't rebuilt the physical model, so you could just keep your favourite one together Characters: The characters included in the game are not new to the world of LEGO Gaming. All three have appeared in other games. As I can't capture my own gaming, here are the character videos from the official LEGO Dimensions youtube channel. Gandalf Batman Wyldstyle Gameplay Comments On Characters. Just like every game, you switch characters to complete certain tasks or work as a team when playing two player mode. All three can drive the batmobile when it is used in the game. There are regular witty comments from the three as you play and sound effects when they interact with the game environment. Just as in other games, there are places and spaces you can only access with certain character abilities. Unlike the other LEGO games, this means actually purchasing some extras for real, or "Hiring" a hero using collected studs. The Hiring feature allows the player to borrow a character ability for thirty seconds, long enough to use it to unlock and access a hidden area or space. So you can complete it all without spending your money. A thoughtful inclusion. Final Comments LEGO Dimensions is fun to play. It took a little bit of getting used to with all the new things to take into account. However the new gameplay features meshed well with the old and familiar once you knew what was expected. There is a little more moving around than I'd like when videogaming but AFOLs and kids alike could easily corral a minion to assist. The storyline is entertaining and the humour that we have come to expect is present in the plot and the dialogue sound-bites while playing. It genuinely meshes the different universes well in the plot and gives gamers a chance to play LEGO versions of media franchises that would otherwise have not existed. The building is interactive with the game, which really is new and it will be interesting to see how it pans out in the long run. I wonder how many gamers will take to the idea. While yes, we are getting a lot more of the same when it comes to the game itself, that is always entertaining and the new dynamic just edges it over the more recent LEGO games simply for the novelty. Finally I'd like to thank EB and TLG for this fantastic opportunity. I love LEGO and I love both figure based gameplay and the LEGO Games, reviewing Dimensions has been a real treat.
  18. FTG Prime

    (MOC) Arkham Knight Batmobile

    Hello everyone. So first of all this model is design by Ninynuts which was based after TT's design used for Lego Batman 3.I say it's his design because he changed some pieces and well he build the hole thing. Nintynut's Arkham Knight Batmobile-Battle mode by FTG Prime (Customs MOC's and random stuff), en Flickr The only thing that i did was build the model IRL that included modding the thing to be a little more steady(the main body is really solid actually),unfortunaly i had to glue some parts of the vehicle it self in order to be sturdy because some of the parts are just connected by 1 stud. Something i found while building this beauty was that the windshield does not exist on Trans-Clear or Trans-Black which kinda sucks(if TLG releases one in those colors i'll update the photos). Also i would love to post this when the game was released but i had some issues to get the windshield. The car as you can see on the photos has a fully functional Pursuit Mode and Battle Mode,unfortunally she doesn´t roll because i added 2 2x4 Trans-Clear bricks to balance the wheight. Nintynut's Arkham Knight Batmobile-Pursuit mode. by FTG Prime (Customs MOC's and random stuff), en Flickr Nintynut's Arkham Knight Batmobile-Pursuit mode(Front) by FTG Prime (Customs MOC's and random stuff), en Flickr Nintynut's Arkham Knight Batmobile-Battle mode(360-wheel spin) by FTG Prime (Customs MOC's and random stuff), en Flickr Nintynut's Arkham Knight Batmobile-Battle mode(Back) by FTG Prime (Customs MOC's and random stuff), en Flickr Also i´m sorry if this post is kinda messy but this is my first time posting actuallly something here on Eurobricks. Here's the LEGO Ideas page if you want to show your support:"" I hope that you love this thing as much as i do,any type of feedback is welcome. Be the Batman.
  19. A couple of years ago, there was an assemblage of the live-action movie Batmobiles that made appearances at Warner Brothers Studios and the San Diego Comic-Con. This is a LEGO mini-scale recreation of those gatherings: To the Batmobile! by SPARKART!, on Flickr. It's funny to me how playing with LEGO sometimes leads you down creative paths you don't intend; At first, I didn't set out to make all these Batmobiles at this scale. It started with my acquisition of the Mattel Hot Wheels Batman Live Batmobile die-cast toy; I thought it would be fun and easy to recreate it in LEGO. Not that fun, not that easy, ultimately a failure, but what I learned from that exercise led to the creation of the Batman Forever mini-scale model design. After designing the Batman Forever model, I thought it would be a shame not to attempt the Batmobile designed by Anton Furst from Tim Burton's Batman. I re-used ideas from my Chibi Batmobile to make a more realistically proportioned mini-scale model. I really wanted a Christopher Nolan Tumbler to go along with these models, so I reworked the Tumbler design I already had, made it a little bigger and more accurately shaped. It's still undersized compared to the others, but close enough for me for now. The Futura Batmobile from the 1966 TV show and movie came next, and I laughed out loud with the creation of the little figures of Adam West and Burt Ward in their colorful, distinctive costumes. Isn't it amazing how just the suggestion of a few pieces of colorful plastic make pictures in the mind? That's one of the things I love about LEGO, that almost impressionistic appeal of suggesting something with a few colors and shapes, then relying on the audience to "get it". I kinda dreaded making the Batman and Robin version of the Batmobile because I don't like the movie, and I have habit of watching the source material for reference and inspiration while working on the models. You know, the quiet parts of Batman and Robin I really enjoy - those interactions between Alfred, Bruce, Barbara, and Dick - it's just the cartoony, loud, obnoxious parts of Batman and Robin that I find less than good. After all the practice with the other Batmobiles, this last one was designed pretty quickly; It's also the least accurate detail-wise and very simplified...but it comes from the movie I like the least, so...there. I've got the Tumbler and Batman Forever versions 99% done in real brick, and the Furst Batmobile is 80% done. I'm working on collecting the elements for the others. So, the project is very much WIP. Please feel free to give opinions on this ongoing effort, what you like/hate, what could be improved, etc.
  20. Hey guys , My first MOC when I came out of my late dark ages one and a half year ago was the Batmobile from the first two Arkham games ( well , technically it also cameos in "Origins" ) . It was ok for a first creation after years of absence I guess , but not that great . Some days ago I stumbled upon the LDD file , and I thought " Why not revisit it , make it great and actually build it with real bricks as well this time ". I'm posting this as a WIP because I've finished 80-85% of it but I'm kind of stuck and I need some opinions and suggestions . Here is what I have so far : The tooth piece is supposed to go between the 1x1 plate and 1x1 tile right behind the "tubes" , LDD won't let me put it there but I think I'll be able to squeeze it in there when I actually build it . The tubes / hoses will be flexed so that they're closer to each other and have the angle like the "real" model . As you can see ,the front part is complete , but the back , specifically behind the driver's seat is only a rough draft . So here comes the part where I need your help . I've created two versions of the back "afterburner" area as well as I need your opinion on which looks more accurate , and as many ideas and suggestions as possible for the part behind the driver's seat . Here is the second version of the back area . And , since 2D screenshots can never truly express the 3 dimensions , I'm attaching the LXF file . The one on the right with Batman next to it is what I've been showing so far , the one in the middle has the second version of the back area and the one on the left is the one on the right without the roof , whatever you see there is "complete" ( but of course can be changed if needed). Note : I know some parts don't exist in the colours I use , but I don't like to be limited by the colours TLG produces their parts in , so I'll probably paint them . Also , you may find some "silly " bits in the LXF file , like three 1x1 plates on top of each other instead of an 1x1 brick etc , obviously this won't be the case for the final model , just didn't pay attention to this kind of things and concentrated only in replicating the vehicle's look . Thanks for viewing and please leave a comment of your opinions/ suggestions , it will help a lot .
  21. sidekick2461

    My attempt at a 1966 Batmobile

    My Batmobile MOC I've created a Lego Ideas 1966 TV Batmobile including Bat Boat,Trailer and Batcopter. I came up with the idea of creating the Batmobile when I was looking for something to create using Lego Creator software, being a fan of the show I happen to have a diecast model of the Batmobile on my shelf. It is such an iconic TV vehicle probably the first non human TV star. The bricks that made the Batmobile work for me where the wheel arches, the arches in the centre of the car, the rear slopes and the nose brick at the front. The nose brick was particularly difficult to find in black, I eventually found it in a promotional Lego bag for Shell. I had no idea how popular batmobile MOC's were since I've only got back into Lego about 6 months ago. I later added the Bat Boat and trailer. I've also designed the Batcopter although that is just a computer design at the moment. I came up with this: Any comments much appreciated. Changed the rear fins and the windshields Please take a look. See Link:
  22. Legoagentboy123

    Batmobile (Custom)

    Hello! I am a new member to Eurobricks.I have been a flickr member for 2 years and just wanted to join this amazing eurobricks community.Some of you may know me.I would appreciate a "Hi" because i already posted this on flickr a while ago so you may know it. And here is my Custom Batmobile based on my imagination only.First i wanted to make a Batman V Superman batmobile then i decided to make my own version. Hope you like it!
  23. Hello Eurobricks . This is the build I made to showcase my Batpod , as well as replicate one of my favourite scenes from "The Dark Knight" ( probably my favourite movie , along with the rest of the trilogy ) . The lamp posts (which along with the batpod are the most " tricky " parts of the build to get right ) took a while to design , as I wanted them to actually light up , and I'm not a big fan of 3d-party lighting for Lego so I had to use the PF lights . The solution came from modding the lights by removing the covering so that they get "bar" (lightsaber blade) wide , so they can fit through pins ( you can find some tutorials online but it's not necessary , you can probably figure it out by yourself ) . The lamp posts are also designed to look exactly like the ones in the film . The batpod is probably one of the best things I've ever built ( at least in my opinion ) and I think it is the very , very close to the " real thing " , at least for mining scale . I wont't talk too much about it , since there is a post just for it right here , so head there for more details about it . The "road" part of the build is simple and somewhat plain, but I like how it looks , and I believe it should be plain as it is so that it doesn't distract from the main part of the build , the two rivals . Finally , the minifigure roster includes the "Tumbler" 's Joker , as well as my custom pad printed Batman ( Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises suit ) , one of the few Lego Batmen with regular ,non-cartoony-white eyes . So , enough with the boring talk , and on with the pictures : Here is a main shot with everything . you will notice the cables leading to the lamp posts . Again , yes those are modded PF lights and do actually light up , which is barely visible on these photos , as the light they produce is nothing in comparison to the flash of the camera used . A shot of the Dark Knight running full speed for Joker , considering breaking his "one rule" . Here is the lamp post again , sorry if the shadow is a bit distracting , I tried many things to avoid a shadow that can be confused with the build , but with no success . The cables go to the back of the lamp post , and are held there by a 1x1 brick with hole . The go all the way till the pavement , and there again they are held under it with another 1x1 brick with hole . Here is the Joker , equipped with a brickarms weapon ( I can't remember the exact model ) . He is , in my opinion , the best minifigure TLG has ever produced for the Superheroes Line , he looks just like he does ain the movie , and really stands out next to any minifigure . An above shot from Batman's POV , as he heads straight for the Joker . You can get a good perspective view of the whole thing here ( except from the street lights ) . The "set" , without the minifigs and batpod . Joker stands on the stud to the right , while Bats' bike just stands on its own ( it's kinda unstable but not too much ) . Also you can see the cables coming out from under the pavement . A final shot of Bats heading straight from the camera . Thank you all guys for viewing I hope you liked it . Please leave a comment , I want to hear as many opinions and suggestions as you guys can come up with . The Caped Crusader
  24. A few month's ago I've build Batman's Bat Hunter. It's not an official Batman vehicle Last week I've made some pictures of it (I am/was very busy with other LEGO mocs) I've created this MOC in 1,5 day. Short description of the moc: Batman use the Bat Hunter for keeping Gotham City safe. The Bat Hunter is a fast vehicle for patrolling around Gotham City. When riding the Bat Hunter, the wings are moving. The Bat Hunter is remote controlled by one PF medium motor, and for steering one PF medium motor. Some pictures: 01_Bat_Hunter by LegoMathijs, on Flickr I've used the IR receiver as cabin. 05_Bat_Hunter_backside_view by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Backside of the Bat Hunter 04_Bat_Hunter by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 02_Bat_Hunter by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures at my Flickr photostream: