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Found 3 results

  1. Our paleontologist friend has decided a new career after a previous incident, but thing don't go well this time either... VIDEO
  2. Down a winding lane of Eubric, a large structure, made of hardened clay, emblazoned in the finest gold, is apparent, casting an imposing shadow on the other, pitiful buildings nearby. Inside the ebony double doors is a network of tunnels, both above and below ground. In the main hall sits the most important artifacts, not to mention a Rockling of Garnet and rock, wearing a silken top hat and with a maple cane stumping around the halls. He blinks hard at the new arrival, shuffling over to greet them, adjusting his hat, an air of flustered antiquity about him. ", well, welcome to the Eubric Treasury of Artifacts!...and some other stuff that people don't have anywhere else to put, but that's just for the..." cough " deduction...anyway! I'm Professor J'yod, that's pronounced Y-O-D-E. I have degrees in archaeology and artifact identification, magic and otherwise, from the Academy of Enlightenment, and am the owner and curator of this building. Allow me to take you on a tour..." Quests 1 - 47, 49, 51 Exhibit the First - Quest Items Exhibit the Second - Consumables Exhibit the Third - Equipment and Loot Exhibit the Fourth - Simple Weapons Exhibit the Fifth - Advanced Weapons Exhibit the Sixth - Artifacts
  3. Well, this isn't really a vignette or build (it's not a build, really), just a small scene I set up to try out the new white-background 'studio' for photographing bricks. Anyways, I made a small story out of it with some humor in it. Enjoy! The Rookie's First Investigation "Hmmm...I better get this artifact figured out quickly before Johnny gets back," the rookie archaeologist muttered to herself, walking towards the cluttered table where the Egyptian artifact lied. Two torches lit the area for her to see clearly, and it gave that ancient feel to the room that would help her get in tune with the artifact itself. The rookie grabbed a magnifying glass and studied the object closely. "Interesting..." she said, staring at the artifact while her mind picked our relevant information from the depths of her knowledge, a librarian choosing books from a library. The longer she searched, the more confusing it gets. The smell of the old artifact, dust particles and flickering flames overwhelmed her senses. This was too much for her! The rooie held her head and headbanged the table in despair. "This is impossible!" she screamed. "Something seems to be missing, and I just can't tell what it is!" All of a sudden, she heard approaching footsteps and turned to see Johnny Thunder! He came in confident and cool like his usual self, with his iconic sideburns, adventure-worn clothes and...a new hat? The rookie didn't recall seeing him in a hat that Either ways, he greeted her with a smile and handed out a new artifact. Her eyes wandered to the similar-looking artifact he had in his hand. Johnny had came back with a new clue to help her investigation. The rookie was delighted to see him, and couldn't wait to continue the investigation with a newfound energy now that a new clue is at hand. The two studied the artifacts closely, with Johnny on the other side of the table, in between the torches. "Uh, Mr. Thunder, aren't you a bit too close to the fire? You might get bur--" the rookie was cut off before she could finish. "Nonsense," Johnny thundered, "I need to be close to danger even when I'm standing still. That way we'll always be prepared. You see, 'Dangerous' is my middle name, from my mother's side." Johnny and the rookie discussed closely over the artifacts and coversed about pharaohs, tombs, skeletons and golden studs, linking clue after clue until..."I got it!" Johnny placed his hand on the two artifacts and declared out loud. "This, this is the answer to finding the treasure!" The flames flickered ever brighter between him, and his face formed a wide grin. "If we link both of these maps and consider the tombs we've investigated, it all becomes clear." Johnny traced his hand over the lines on the maps. "We need to follow this map and have both masks to reach the treasure. Kid, we've done it!" Both of them cheered upon the discovery of the answer. "I knew we needed the other artifact to find the answer!" the rookie said. After much joy, they contacted their teammates and discussed about extracting the treasure. It would be an all new adventure for the rookie, and just another day's work for Johnny Thunder; an exciting work filled with dangers and brick-monsters, of course. With the answers found, Johnny Thunder walked home to rest before the big search for the treasure. "Hmmm, that rookie could make a great assistant, or at least an archaeologist on her own," Johnny thought, when all of a sudden, a stranger stopped him in his tracks. "HEY!" the stranger, said. The stranger had quite the familiar face, like the one you'd see in movies. Johnny couldn't just stared at him dumbly. The man quickly snatched Johnny's hat and yelled, "Give me back my hat!" and walked away just like that. Johnny was left dumbfounded, wondering whether he made the right choice trading his old hat for the new one at a pawnshop in Cairo. A cold wind blew over Johnny's hatless head, and he really felt insecure without one. He kept figuring out what hat he would use for the treasure hunt. The end...?